Sold Out {or not}


Dean Graziosi named his recent frauduct flop Rock Bottom :: and gave it an “it’s all downhill from here suckers” logo. It would be funny if it was intended to be ironical :: but comic irony is so clearly out of Scammy Smurf’s intellectual range … so it’s just an example of massive stupidity and terrible marketing.

Still :: after a slow start {and middle} Dean managed to “sell-out” of rock bottoms {emphasis original}…

“I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about how many people are jumping in with the Rock Bottom Blueprint, but if I don’t keep you updated, I couldn’t forgive myself.

As I mentioned in an earlier email, we spent some of Sunday and early this morning, reconciling the orders. We found we had some duplicate orders, some canceled orders and to top it off, emotional (and honest) pleas from folks that wanted in but missed the deadline.

So we found a way to squeeze a few more people in and today I opened up some new spots for the Rock Bottom Blueprint.


That’s right! Until those slots are filled, or until midnight, whatever comes first, you have a second chance to get in if you missed the first time around.

But you really have to act now. This isn’t a dress rehearsal.

Seriously people :: if you don’t get screwed out of $2000 RIGHT NOW! :: then you’re losing out on the opportunity to get boiler roomed for even more fake success later.

Think about it …

And the real estate market really is at Rock Bottom … so there’s never been a better time for beginners to start buying properties on heavy leverage. Sure :: the irresponsible country that is home to the global reserve currency almost defaulted :: and had its credit downgraded by one of the shitty rating companies partially responsible for the ongoing collapse. And yes the stock market is taking a dive :: and yes it looks like another recession is beginning :: and yes this recession {like the last one} could easily slide into a depression :: and yes there is still a massive glut of unsold bank owned properties :: and yes new home sales are at historic lows :: and yes a Democratic President has talked about unwinding Fannie and Freddie and the government mortgage incentive system that helped to create and support a 60 year old real estate bubble …

But these are all good signs if you’re a clueless :: uneducated :: little shit stain like Dean Graziosi.

Here’s what Dean had to say to affiliates about “selling out” …

“We are doing a re-open today and that is going very well. It is 10:35 a.m. as I write this and we are well over 100 orders.

If you haven’t yet, take the swipe copy from yesterday and let your list know we are open just until tonight. I’ll do something really special for the winner of the re-open as well. So you may want to shoot one more out.”

Only a few/infinite slots left!

You can’t lie to your customers like this. You can’t.

Yet the culture of lying is so pervasive that d-bags feel comfortable creating a written record of their duplicitous :: and unlawful :: tactics.

Sometimes the re-open is bigger than the launch itself :: as the mouth breather and the poison launcher remind us on this now {thanks to @_cartman_} counter-claimed video …

Good times.

Thanks to everyone who helped Dean Graziosi change lives for the worser …

And the winners are…

1st Place: Greg Habstritt- Winner of an American Classic car or American muscle car or the American Dream. The American Dream being your own 30 minute infomercial, tv ready with testing budget.

2nd Place: Mike Koenigs- Winner of 10 hours on private jet “as if it was yours.”

3rd Place: Brendon Burchard- Winner of Napa Valley Dream tour consisting of private tour of fleury winery from owners, private catered lunch in the vineyard, private chauffer, 5 star dinner and spa treatments for two, stay at the best hotel in all of wine country.

4th Place: Don Fowler/Greg Clement- Winners of fly fishing trip at the legendary Snake River in Idaho or a fully produced, HD 1 minute tv or web spot.

5th Place: Rick Dawson- Winner of Sony internet TV

6th Place: Brian Tracy- Winner of Macbook Air

7th Place: Philip Tirone- Winner of $1,000 cash

8th Place: David Bach- Winner of 46” Bravia EX500 HDTV

9th Place: Kevin Thompson- Winner of Gucci Men’s watch

10th Place: Adam Black- Winner of Apple iPad 2

11th Place: Carol Stinson- Winner of Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera

12th Place: Roland Frasier- Winner of Louis Vuitton Men’s wallet

13th Place: Shinichi Sasaki- Winner of Sky diving session or iPhone 4

14th Place: Joe Polish- Winner of 2 bottles from Dean’s wine collection or $250 cash

15th Place: Chris Howard- Winner of men’s messenger bag or 1 bottle from Dean’s wine collection

16th Place: Linda Reilly- Peak Potentials- Winner of polished stainless steel iPod shuffle

17th Place: Ron Tager- Winner of Poker set

18th Place: Nathaniel- Winner of Android watch

19th Place: Mark Zuckerberg- Winner of on-ear fanny wang headphones

20th Place: Andy Jenkins- Winner of iPod shuffle or $50.00 American Express gift card

As a surprise BONUS … everyone on the leader-board just received their own tag on a totally awesome fake robot blog!

Super special congrats to Carol Stinson. Carol was the primary success testimonial for the product :: and oh look she’s also selling it … how convenient.

If the prizes are real and not just a charade intended to trick the B-team into mailing {as is often the case} :: then I hope everyone remembers to pay their taxes on the value as required by law. No need to worry about reporting The Droid BONUS though … that tax tends to levy itself.

>> bleep bloop

64 thoughts on “Sold Out {or not}”

  1. Can someone ask Mark Zuckerberg about when the FaceBook slots will be sold out now?

    At first I thought I should be surprised when I saw him on the list, but then I started to remember that probably he needds to raise some money to beat the Google Plus people.

    And David Bach is starting to give his brothers Johann Sebastian, and P.D.Q. a bad name.

  2. It’s so thoughtful of you to give the winners such an awesome bonus prize. I’m sure they’re all really psyched about it.

    1. @what??, Probably mr. Graziosi accidently switched the launch-prize list with the “call now” bonuses for the infomercials.

  3. Looks like Andy Jenkins’ video skills have really helped him hit the big time. An iPod shuffle. WoW. And I’ll pay him $1997 for that $50 gift card.

    Who’s da boss?

      1. @Martypants,
        All them TVs and iPods, he nipped over here to London for a bit of looting, the new alternative shopping.

    1. @Dave,

      Well “he” couldn’t go back to birthday presents much further because, as a kid, they were surely barbie dolls, cute pink dresses and stuff pink animals.. if ya know what i mean :)


  4. The only true words spoken were “I couldn’t forgive myself”.

    We can’t forgive you either Dean, and God called…he hates you too.

  5. Theoretical gains are always nice…but theory and reality differ…real life example….$20K loss on what should have been a $50K profit…

    On a homicider real estate note…..

    Speaking about falling “rock bottom” prices…the homicider’s house has been slashed another $365,000 [[that’s now $670K below his purchase price…+ $130K in commission losses if it does end up selling at that price]].

    800K loss on investment….the homiciders harmonic wealth is fucking broken

    08/05/2011 Price change $3,330,000
    05/27/2011 Listed for sale $3,695,000

    1. @_cartman_, Homicider knows he’ll be needing money for Twinkies and Doritos (and maybe lip gloss) from the prison canteen, and time’s a wastin’.

    2. @_cartman_, Yeah, James Ray’s real estate agent added this to the description of that real estate property listing:

      “Bank Short sale approved at this price.”

    3. @_cartman_,

      Unfortunately, none of it was ever the homicider’s money anyway. It was all stolen, unfair and unsquare.

  6. fucking no-ethic-or-morale scammers, I hate that fucking J.Walker voice – trying to sound humble and shit – and Kern with his fucking wannabe surfer style- looks like a bum. Goofy ass fuckers

  7. Oh please, PLEASE let number 19 (mark zuckerberg) on that list be fake…or a typo…or some piece of shit asshole who just happens to unfortunately have the same name. I wanted to believe that successful billionaires would have better things to do than help snakes scam the vulnerable. Any info on that Salty??

    1. @Vendetta ::

      Well I didn’t do it … that’s what was on the JV email.

      It’s not Zuckerberg obviously … I’d assume some piece of shit asshole giving a BS name.

      He didn’t get his own tag cause of this fake name shenanigans … so opportunity lost!

    1. @987,

      Now that’s funny — I just came back to say that he put his name on the list just to make people “think” the opportunity was legitimate and worthy, but you beat me to it!

  8. OMG, Greg Habstritt (#1) is tied in with this guy? Habstritt is a Canuck who lives in my city and is a real estate/wealth guru type. I paid for one of his commercial real estate seminars in my city a few years ago – he actually seemed legit at the time but I remember seeing red flags even then – and sure enough he has gone completely to the dark side by aligning himself with this douche bag. Wow. Just wow. Depressing.

  9. Latest email from him:

    Unless my figures are wrong, you were not able to
    get involved in the Rock Bottom Blueprint.

    If you were, congratulations once again, you made an
    awesome choice…

    But, if you didn’t, this is a very special email just for you.

    If you have three $10 dollar bills floating around, I have
    something VERY special as a consolation for you.

    I even want to send you my brand new book, “30 Day’s to
    Real Estate Cash”! Before you can even buy it in

    Let me explain…

    Many people who didn’t get the entire system, asked if
    I could “break up the system and just offer the EDGE
    home study course.”

    Well, I thought about it, and since I have sold it
    separately, in previous years, I decided to do it again
    to make sure NO-ONE feels left out.

    BUT – much, much better. I made it so everyone can get
    it in their home and see the power of those presentations
    and training for less than $30?

    Yes, you read it right. Under $30…

    Go watch the special video I created just for YOU and learn
    about my hot new book, how you can have it for free and get
    the amazing EDGE home study course in your hands for peanuts…


    But, there’s a catch…I only have 311 available, so
    move fast!


    Dean Graziosi
    Real Estate Expert

    P.S. If you were not able to get the Rock Bottom
    Blueprint… If you didn’t win my income property or the day with
    me, then right here, right now is your chance to be a winner
    with the most amazing information, teaching and strategies in
    real estate, sent right to your home for a test drive for under $30.

    Go fast before they are gone;-)

    1. @realestateguru, That’s good. And if I’m reading this right that means anyone who just paid through the ass just got it through the ass because this $30 offer most likely holds as much useful info as what they just ass-paid for.


      Not saying any of it is any good. This is the first I’ve heard that much about this guy short of flipping by him on TV to see something a rational human might actually watch. I just know most of the time you can get as much value out of anyone from their book — good or bad. Everything else is usually a cooked-up upsell.

      If you can read, study a bit and apply what you learn — you can do anything. That over-simplification doesn’t mean it’s easy. It’s HARD. @SD is so right about that it can’t be repeated enough.

      Marketing the right way is hard work because the right way means no trickery, no “woo-woo” hypnosis shit, no lying.

      And none of that is required when you market something of real value for a reasonable price.

      If you just get the book (if you must) — it’s $20-30. You could still waste it but that’s a damned site better than $2000!

    2. @realestateguru,

      But, there’s a catch…I only have 311 available, so
      move fast!

      There is more of a catch….

      What is missing from that email [[and only explained in the video]] is that the $29 is a “30 day trial” price…if you keep the frauduct, you will be AUTOMATICALLY billed for an additional $594 [[three “easy” payments of $197.00]]…if you send it back, you only lost $29.00 [[maybe, maybe not]]…

  10. Deans launch was a complete bomb. The only reason all the internet guys promoted it is because they think Dean is going to lead them to stardom like he did his puppet Anthony Morrison. Dean Graziosi is a true scam artist/puppetmaster. The funniest thing is that the guys in the real estate industry refuse to promote Dean or his fradulent products. They all know he has no real estate experience, just trying to sell outdated rehashed information. Sad but true!

    The people in the infomercial world think Dean is the biggest douchebag. His first infomercial he did he promised the company that produced it 10% of all revenue. When the informercial took off, he bankrupted the company and never paid them! That is how he operates. I don’t know how this guy sleeps at night!

    Bill Zanker

    1. @Salty Fan, there’s no way this guy is not a scam. Inspiring millions to share their voice and wisdom?! Please. Like real experts ever have any problem giving an opinion on their field! Donuts to dollars says this guy’s credentials are thinner than my wedding night negligee, as will be his connections to any Fortune 500 company. Anyone who exaggerates his accomplishments (NYT Best Seller, but only #11,800 on Amazon? Weird!) and uses overblown terms like “legendary” and “life changing” is a flat out liar. What the f is PBS doing airing this drivel?

    2. @Salty Fan, He’s just another self-manufactured poser trying to get your money by showing you how to be a self-manufactured poser. Nobody needs to pay anyone to be someone they are not. Becoming a bullshitter has no entrance cost, but the exit costs can be astronomical. Just ask Frank Kern.

    3. @Salty Fan,

      Brendon has decided to degrade any value he may have brought to the world by getting into bed with the INternet Marketing crew.

      Pimp your frauduct through the pimp network and make lots of money

      YES stay away from him

    4. @Salty Fan,

      Look at 1:39 on the video where he air quotes the word “expert”, and listen to the tone of his voice. Burchard is under no illusion that he isn’t anything but a fucking idiot, and the only reason he is where he is [[if he is at all that is]] is because of his co-conspirators Robbins and Branson.

    5. @Salty Fan,

      Great question; I’ve pondered it at length. Much of Brendon Burchard’s content is well-produced and some of it useful…but he’s really selling a dream instead of results. I look forward to the day Salty gives Burchard a featured post and all his ills come pouring forth in the comments. In the meantime, you can read a bit about his dark deeds in the comments from other posts. Quick summary…it appears in my opinion and research that Brendon Burchard:

      1) Plagiarized his whole 3-questions message from Robin Sharma. ( He follows a dozen-ish people on Twitter and Sharma’s one of them. What are the odds they got the same idea independently?!
      2) Pulled deceptive stunts to game his way onto the New York Times Bestseller list in order to brag about it forever. (
      3) Charges excessive prices for sponsorship training when superior materials are available at a fraction of the cost from the sponsorship authority: IEG (I bought their webinar subscription; great stuff).
      4) Provides 100% false/dangerous tax advice that any real speaker knows is bogus (
      5) Vastly inflates what you can expect to earn as an expert. See the real data on speaker income from the NSA here ( The average is a bit over $100K–after being in the biz for an average of 11+ years!
      6) Plugs tons of known frauducts on his email list–Graziosi, Main Street Marketing Machines, it goes on and on and on.

      Be wary of Burchard. If you want to build a business as an “expert,” read a lot of real, honest-to-goodness books on speaking, writing, video-production, marketing, etc. There’s plenty of good materials out there in the free-$30 range. Anything above that should sound alarm bells. Get (FREE) mentors and ask them dozens of questions. Keep developing your skills, and don’t quit your day job before you’ve got the bankroll and client momentum to keep you going. The “expert” industry takes as much upfront work and risk as a traditional business unless you happen to get crazy lucky. Anyone telling you otherwise is usually trying to sell you something bogus.

  11. > the prizes are real and not just a charade intended to trick the B-team into mailing {as is often the case}

    Have not heard/read here about this one. You got to tell the story!

  12. The A listers con the wannabe B team into abusing their lists and pimping the A team frauducts. It’s an incestual circle jerk and the last performer has to eat the ookie cookie. Yum.

  13. One of the most used quotes by those gurus is:

    Most men live lives of quiet desperation.

    Ironicaly It was Thoreau who said that. A man that lived in the woods. and despised luxury.

    Also, I remember a seminar where James Ray quoted the movie RAzor’s Edge in order to pitch the audience to think fast and join his upsold program.

    Ironicaly, RAzor’s Edge has an opposite message of what most self-help gurus think It is.

  14. This email just came out 3 minutes ago…

    “I’ll make this short and sweet. ;-)

    Tomorrow we will be back to normal. You will get
    a great email from me letting you know my weekly
    video blog is up with great information to keep
    you on the path to real estate success.

    But also, tomorrow will be too late for you to get
    the “Gain The EDGE” home study course, the VIP
    brainstorm and my brand new “30 Days To Real Estate
    Cash” book in your home for just $29.00.

    That’s right… I created a killer offer for those who
    didn’t have the money or were hesitant to get involved
    with the entire Rock Bottom Blueprint.

    An offer so incredible that I CAN’T keep it available
    after midnight tonight. And it is one of those offers
    that you will kick yourself in the back side if you miss.

    Go watch the short video and get this powerhouse
    information in your hands ASAP. No kidding, the offer
    goes away in just a few hours so go now.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend. ;-)


    Dean Graziosi
    Real Estate Expert

    P.S. You are going to love what you learn in these
    powerful DVD’s so go now.

      1. @realestateguru, This video, at precisely 2:59 in, tells it ALL. That’s where Dean says “I did this TO my people…”. Not FOR. TO. It’s a helluva Fruedian slip, if you ask me. HUGE.

        I understood why you didn’t put up the real links and loved your alternatives. But the link itself is ultimately damning in this case, if you ask me.

      2. @realestateguru, I tried to watch that video, but couldn’t watch more than 20 seconds of it. If anyone is going to be “pounding me” it’s gonna be my girlfriend and not that douchebag.

  15. @salty

    What happened to injun samurai? He had some crazy good comments on the Malinchak post?

    @injun samurai — are you still here?

  16. @RT,

    Thanks for the shout,
    it’s nice to be thought of…

    I’m still here, I’ve just been quiet…

    1. @Injun Samurai,

      Glad you are still around. You obviously have some unique experience and insight that is valuable here. Hopefully a future post will strike a chord and we may get to experience some more of it. :-)

    2. @Injun Samurai :: Yeah, for real, I looked up a bunch of Supreme Court cases & related historical events that went into shaping the U.S. fiscal policies in the early 1900’s that de-humanized citizens in the eyes of the law.

      Fascinating & crazy stuff. Bunch of real weirdos to collaboratively all think like that … way worse than these scammers … way scarier too.

      “chattel” & “human capital” … classic.

      Still — Dean Graziosi is a walking talking sperm of Satan. I hope his wife Lorena Bobbitts his tiny devil-spawn penis into a rehabbed house right before it gets foreclosed on. I’m surprised this infomercial goober even survived his first POS frauducts.

      Judging by that logo, he obviously doesn’t even how to read a line graph. Downward trajectory = Best time to buy … like … everrrr!

      Ok Dean. Fuckin n00b. I’m sure your life is about to get repo’d anywayz

  17. It has been a week since the close of the Rock Bottom Blueprint. We
    thank you once again for your participation and support. We feel the
    success of the launch will bring even more success to those that got
    involved. We delivered a great product and are continuing to
    over-deliver. Our support staff is beyond amazing and have responded
    to client’s needs in a timely fashion. We have several stick
    mechanisms in place and are confident we will have a low refund rate
    as a result.

    We will be paying you on or before Friday, September 9. We are
    waiting to pay-out commissions 30 days post launch to allow time for
    accurate reporting. As you know, refunds and cancellations typically
    occur within the first 30 days.

    We have received several questions in regards to various commission
    amounts, so we want to clarify pricepoint options and commission
    amounts. Below is a breakdown for your review.

    Affiliate Commission: 46%
    Full Pay $1997.00= $918.62
    5-Pay $419.40= $192.92
    10-Pay option (1st payment) $297.00= $136.62
    10-Pay Recurring charges for 9 months $199.90= $91.95

    Up Sell commission= $100.00

    Second Tier Referral Affiliate Commission: 5% of tier 1 affiliate
    Full Pay $1997=$918.62x .05= $45.93
    5-Pay $419.40=$192.92 x .05= $20.97
    10-Pay $297.00= 136.62x .05= $6.83
    10- Pay Recurring charges for 9 months $199.90= 91.95x .05= $4.60

    Upsell referral commission= $10.00

    NOTE: You may also be seeing the following sale amounts in your
    affiliate account. We offered the EDGE Home Study Course as a
    stand-alone product this past week. We didn’t do an affiliate
    push/promotion, but still tracked and captured sales via last cookie.
    You may see a few more sales trickle in as this campaign has been very

    EDGE stand-alone: $29.00 up front, $197.00/month x3

    Affiliate Commission: 46%
    First payment $29.00= $13.34
    Recurring payments $197.00×3= $90.62

    Second Tier Referral Affiliate Commission: 5% of tier 1 affiliate
    First payment $29.00= $0.67
    Recurring payments $197.00×3= $4.53

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Megan
    Fenrick at

    Take care.

    Megan Fenrick
    Dean Enterprises

    3901 E. Roeser Rd
    Phoenix, AZ

  18. i happen to be a girl hiding her identity to post this but my fear is – so is “DEAN” grazioso. Do you really think “he” was born a dude” I’m just waiting for him to pop out his vagina one day and say I HAVE TO REVEAL IT!

    By the say SD – still love you for exposing Maria Mandros (who I am still not convinced was born a woman- her height and that nose and adam’s apple and dean’s shortness and girliness. they’d make a great couple.

    Add James arthur ray and Joe Polish into the mix (the two I find to be the sleaziest of all) and you have the perfect ingredients for a scam sandwich. I hate them ALL but LOVE you Salty!

  19. I work for one of the companies in the winners list. The prizes are real. Many of us are under no illusions that these are scams, but even more believe we’re selling the American dream.

    1. @TopSekret,

      Since you refer to the plural 1st person with “many of us,” I am assuming that you are part of the crowd that has no illusions about these things being scams.

      So… why exactly are you still working for one of the companies on this list?

      Since you harbor no illusions about your complicity in perpetuating a scam, do you think it might be time to tap into that last shred of humanity in your cold, numb heart and find something else to do with your life?

      I sure did when I finally saw the damage being caused.

  20. I think maybe $1,997 and $5,000 isn’t OK anymore, because I found out here about how I can get

    “Lifetime membership to the world’s most elite community of entrepreneurs doing this business model to interact, grow, and partner with for incredibly fast and lucrative results”


    “DISCOUNT: 1 Payment of $3497. Pay in full today and save $491 instantly!

    4 Payments of $997. Just 1 Payment Today and 3 Additional Monthly Payments.”

    So fast and also lucrative that a 10 year old can be used to sell the idea!

    mr. John Jonas told me about:

    “Meet Austin, my 10-year-old entrepreneur.

    [Video link removed because…it’s not Austin’s fault this
    one happened]

    Not only is he starting a business selling
    products on Amazon, but he has started making money
    selling products locally using classified ads.

    I had someone ask me if this is real? If I actually
    have Amazing Selling Machine and if I’ve actually
    been through it.

    I hope you’ll see from this video, YES I HAVE!

    I’m sharing this with you because I believe
    if my son can do this and succeed, you can too.

    So let me share what I believe are the
    THREE elements to his success:

    1. ASM helped him find what to sell.
    It was amazingly easy to figure out what to sell
    with their instruction. He found multiple products,
    narrowed them down, and picked the best one.

    For his “local classifieds” business, they taught
    him how to find it overseas, and how to import it.

    2. They taught him how to sell it.
    They teach a technique called “white labeling” or “private labeling”.
    This technique is the big money maker because it allows
    you to take someone else’s product and then add all
    the marketing knowledge you’ve ever learned.
    You decide the price point.
    You decide the “value” of the product.
    You create the USP.
    You say why it’s better than everyone else’s…
    ASM teaches how.

    3. He had my help.
    He came to me with questions, and
    I coached him through the process.
    There were multiple times when he didn’t know what
    to do and I had to push him in the right direction.

    With a little of my help, he went from making $0
    to making $1275 (and let me tell you, he is ITCHING to
    start spending some of his money…):”

    So I want to know about if Austin made $1,275…or did he maybe
    really LOSE

    $3,497 + (inventory cost) – $1,275?

    1. @Jack, Jerry West says for inventory here:

      “For start up costs, I would recommend having at least $5k available in order to really do this right.”

      So now we get up to at least:

      $5,000 (probably more if actually you want to compete)
      $8,497 (or much more)


      1. @Jack,
        That’s a good math problem, Jack. I wish they would use some math story problems like that in our schools to teach 12 year olds. That way the 12 year olds could learn about Math, Skepticism, Accounting, Money Management, How Not to Fall for Scams, and Ethics, all at the same time. That would be a better thing for 12 year olds to learn, I think, than How to Sell Fraud-ucts.

  21. Yeh. Also I forgot about that the Child-Prop Jonas has went on to use is actually 10 years old and not the 12 years I said above. I think the horrificness factor goes up exponentially as we see the Child-Prop age go down.

    1. @Jack, Educate kids about scams and cults when they’re 10, when they’re 12, when they’re 9, 11, 13 and 14 too. Review it every year. Could do a lot of good. According to reports, Vemma in particular is focusing on recruiting the young and naive, not 10 year olds, but high school and college aged people.

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