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Eben Pagan :: Self-Made PROBLEMS

Seems wrong to talk about anything other than Egypt right now :: but that’s not the sort of thing I talk about. Fake robotics is only in its infancy :: and global politics is a highly advanced function. Still :: I’ve prepared a few words …

"Fuck you Hosni Mubarak :: you fucking fuck!

Go away ...

... twenty years ago.

I fart in your general direction!


Okay then :: I think I handled that situation with grace and distinction. Now on to something only slightly less important …

Who stole Eben Pagan’s balls? Or was he just born without any?

This is the final week of Eben Pagan’s “Self-Made WEALTH” launch :: and word on the street is that it’s sucking some serious ass {like many other recent launches}. Good times!

According to Eben …

The Self-Made WEALTH launch is coming right along, and we have “pretty good” sales… but pretty good isn’t going to cut it!

We’re 2 days in, and our top partner has sold 19… which isn’t bad for just 48 hours of being open.

But as they say, “Good Enough… ISN’T.”

Good Enough just isn’t good enough for Eben Pagan and his GED :: he has a higher set of lower standards.

Self-Made WEALTH …

Self-Made == French for syndicate

WEALTH == unsustainable short term gains with the possibility of jail time

Eben Pagan’s Self-Made WEALTH is the perfect frauduct for that special someone in your life who has two thousand too many dollars.

Let’s take a look at the sales leaders/heroes …

  1. Brendon Burchard
  2. Jeff Johnson
  3. Blair Gorman
  4. Robert MacNaughton
  5. Mark Ling
  6. Alex Van Dyne
  7. Greg Habstritt
  8. Jeff Walker
  9. Dan Murphy
  10. Frank Kern
  11. Quincy Beeker
  12. Furst Four
  13. Mike Koenigs (All these guys have 4 each - anything could happen!)
  14. Yanik Silver
  15. Scot McKay
  16. Jason Fielder
  17. Greg Jacobs
  18. Jim Katsoulis
  19. Christian Mickelsen
  20. Steve Little

Impressive names & numbers {ha!}.

Thanks to all y’all for all your hard work hurting people.


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