Jeff Johnson Goes Down the {You}Tubes

Jeff Johnson :: best known for having a fanged vagina face :: has been banned from YouTube for reasons that Jeff Johnson can’t possibly imagine with what little brains Jeff Johnson has inside of the oddly shaped head that helps attach Jeff Johnson’s lying mouth to Jeff Johnson’s turd blackened heart.

That was a really long sentence :: so Jeff Johnson is probably done reading this post even though it’s about Jeff Johnson.

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Syndicate Shit Storm

2010 started off with so much fake hope :: not to mention a beautiful wedding between two sick old pricks smelling of rot. Oh the memories … it’s costing me so much to have them removed. Things got a little out of hand that night … and I shouldn’t have been yelling “SPANK HER!” like I was … I’m afraid it helped get things going in the wrong direction. Totally my bad.

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Picture of Jeff Johnson’s Traffic Voodoo 2.0 Vagina

Part 2 in my vacation series of award winning non-posts …

In Part 1 we explored how Frank Kern was dead inside … but still oozing green pus … or something.

In Part 2 we examine how Jeff Johnson :: whose “Traffic Voodoo 2.0: Unstoppable Traffic” frauduct launch is up next for The Syndicate :: wears a pretty flower on his fanged face vagina …

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The Syndicated Comments

{smoke still clearing}

Hi again!

So badguys … how you like me now?

The Internet Marketing Syndicate post {plus comments} currently has a word count of 54,000. The first 1500 words are fucking priceless {natch!}. The quality of the remaining 52,500 is … let’s say … highly variable. So :: for the second time :: the comments are the post.

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The Internet Marketing Syndicate

The Syndicate.

That’s what they call themselves.  The Syndicate.  Like if they built a fucking tree house {which they probably did} :: then they used a wood burner to carve that name over the extra wide door. The Syndicate. “Look Mom we named our club! It’s a name and a description … we’re super smart like that.”

The Syndicate is a cartel at the center of the get rich quick world of Internet Marketing.

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