The Internet Marketing Syndicate

Frank and Irwin

The Syndicate.

That’s what they call themselves.  The Syndicate.  Like if they built a fucking tree house {which they probably did} :: then they used a wood burner to carve that name over the extra wide door. The Syndicate. “Look Mom we named our club! It’s a name and a description … we’re super smart like that.”

The Syndicate is a cartel at the center of the get rich quick world of Internet Marketing. Each of the members tries to pass himself off as a freewheeling entrepreneur. An individual rising above :: a rogue :: fighting back against the workaday ways of our corpo-centric suburbanized society. Each sells a version of this easy freedom in a bottle to seekers … the sadder the seeker … the better. But the dream :: like the cake :: is a lie. Success in “the industry” correlates not with value :: individuality :: or effort … but with proximity to a toxic core whose basic operations constitute a serious felony and moral failing.

The Syndicate keeps prices high :: and dissent low. The Syndicate all but eliminates marketplace competition. Individuals or businesses inside of Internet Marketing who act against the interests of The Syndicate risk their financial futures. The Syndicate uses tough :: tasteless :: and intimidating tactics to defend against what it sees as threats to its unrightful domain. Many know about The Syndicate but are afraid to speak for fear of reprisals. Most do not know … but are never the less deeply affected by the cultural tone set by the group.

The Droid has known about The Syndicate for more than a year. Readers who have found my targeting system perplexing can now bask in the sweet light of understanding.  Most of my actions have been in some way calculated to damage and/or undermine the cohesion and effectiveness of this nasty little club of cheater cheater pumpkin eaters. And while publicly exposing :: and naming the names :: of individuals involved in a secret crime is a tricky and risky business {even for a badass robot} … I have long been sowing the seeds of social disturbance in private.

The delay in printing the story was about caution :: detail accumulation and verification :: and various still secret strategies. But mostly it was about me knowing that you wouldn’t believe me. I’m just a success hater on a witch hunt … blah blah blah. I needed someone reputable who had first hand knowledge to go on the record :: rather than my normal accumulation of publicly available evidence. There haven’t been any takers for my “Hey :: why not shoot yourself in the face?” offer.

Meanwhile :: The Syndicate knows I know … because I told them. Lots of times :: and in lots of fun {for me!} and spunky ways. They likely don’t understand the full gravity of the situation … but sleep has been lost … and many a plan has been changed. Perhaps it was this unsettling fear of my knowledge … and the growing sense of mutiny {which I have been seeding!} … that led Frank Kern to make a horrible mistake … or maybe his narcissism has fully consumed his intelligence. I don’t know :: but whatever the cause :: Frank Kern and The Syndicate fucked up massively.

Here :: from the last “module” of List Control :: is Frank Kern’s own description of The Syndicate.  It’s inexplicably packaged as advice you should apply to your own business! If you know anything about antitrust law … your jaw is about to hit the fucking floor.  And if you don’t know anything about antitrust law … don’t worry … cause after the video I’m gonna splain it to ya.

Thanks Irwin Frank Kern :: that really made my job a hell of a lot easier.

America’s antitrust laws :: aka “competition laws” :: are old :: broad :: and vicious. The Sherman Antitrust Act :: still the governing statute :: was passed in 1890. Here is the language of its main provision :: 15 U.S.C. § 1

“Every contract, combination in the form of trust or otherwise, or conspiracy, in restraint of trade or commerce among the several States, or with foreign nations, is declared to be illegal. Every person who shall make any contract or engage in any combination or conspiracy hereby declared to be illegal shall be deemed guilty of a felony, and, on conviction thereof, shall be punished by fine not exceeding $100,000,000 if a corporation, or, if any other person, $1,000,000, or by imprisonment not exceeding 10 years, or by both said punishments, in the discretion of the court.”

Many cool kids think this statute is shit because it could be read to include almost anything. But for more than a hundred years these cool kids have been ignored … as amendments to The Act tended to make it even more powerful. The statute has civil provisions which enables individuals {like harmed consumers} to sue with the possibility of triple damages and attorney’s fees.  Additionally :: each State has its own laws broadly prohibiting anti-competitive behavior … and the FTC has special enforcement and rule making powers.

Capitalism CANNOT tolerate non-competition :: and the consequences are correspondingly severe.

Frank’s explanation of The Syndicate is a textbook description of anti-competitive behavior! Set up a meeting in a hotel room with your main competitors and think of ways you can help each other make more money? Why in fucks name would you say that into a camera?

At one point in his confession Frank says you shouldn’t use your little anti-competitive club for things like price fixing or market division. Cause that would be wrong. And he’s right about that … you shouldn’t do those things.  Those are considered “per se” violations of the law … and it makes the plaintiff or government’s case a breeze.

Market division usually refers to dividing customers by geography. I’ll take Brazil … you take Rwanda. Such arrangements keep supply low :: competition low :: and prices high.

Another way to divide a market is over time … like making sure your product launches and advertising messages don’t overlap … something Frank says you should be doing. The Syndicate keeps a “launch calendar” :: it’s made out well in advance at one of their many meetings. Each member launches a product over an unnaturally short period … keeping supply artificially low. Other members agree not to compete during that time … and to heavily cross promote regardless of the quality of the product.

It looks like this on an Alexa graph …

These are the traffic spikes from the launches of five recent Syndicate frauducts. Andy Jenkins :: Frank Kern :: John Reese :: Jeff Walker :: and Ryan Deiss.  This same precise pattern can be traced back to 2005{ish} … no competition allowed!

But what about price fixing? She’s the mother of all bad things. If you’re price fixing … you’re fucked! Period. Even if you only control a small part of a small market … if you get caught agreeing with your competitors to keep prices high … you’re fucked. Out one side of his stupid mouth Frank says “don’t do anything crazy like fix prices” … out the other stupid side he says the whole point of The Syndicate is making lots of money over a short period … and being able to charge “premium” prices.

Unfortunately for Frank and the rest of The Syndicate d-bags … no matter what they may say … the price fixing is so blatantly obvious as to be laughable. If you’ve been around this blog for more than a couple of weeks you already know the current price point … $2000.

Mike Filsaime is next up on The Syndicate launch calendar.  Here’s a bit from a recent email he sent out promoting his launch to potential JV’s …

“It will follow the launch style, price point, and course delivery of:

– List Control
– Video Boss
– PLF 2.0
– Outsource Force
– Mike Koenigs last crushing launch.

All of the launches had the same thing in commons.

TOP LEVEL need. Easy message. Similar price Point,
and a need for the marketer to know the information etc.”

First :: that’s not English … it must be a rough translation from garbled Gnome.

Second :: sounds like price fixing to me!

But this situation isn’t just about violations of law. It’s a moral and ethical betrayal of the highest order. The Syndicate :: the “A-Team” :: makes ALL the money. The affiliates :: the “B-Team” {also the primary customers} are led to believe that they too can walk a path to easy riches … but the members of the A-Team know that members of the B-Team only exist to amplify the hype … and to open up their wallets to pay extremely high prices for goods of little to no value.

{word limit exceeded}

… much more to follow.

It’s time for a change.

>> bleep bloop

PS – There are no ladies in The Syndicate.

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  1. I just followed a link to this article from the Warrior Forum. It didn’t surprise me that the Warrior Forum thread that linked to this article was deleted within about 10 minutes of me finding it.

    1. @Muck Rucking Fun, Of course, the WF deletes any link or information that might be genuinely helpful or useful, or that would help protect you from scams.

      Be sure to check out this site, which exposes the hypocrisy and crap that takes place on the Warrior Forum:

      1. @Warrior Forum Sucks,

        Thanks, I actually found out about that (yours?) site a couple days ago.

        I especially enjoyed the piece about Kevin Riley. That dude is a tool.

        The reason I visit the Warrior Forum these days is mainly for the LULZ.

        1. @Buck Kanton, It’s not my site, but I like to help get the word out about the WF cesspool, and would encourage you and others to do the same. Plus, “warriorforumsucks” is pretty darn funny (although the “subjects” unintentionally do a great job of contributing to the hilarity).

  2. You guys marketing is done like this all the time. How do you think businesses make money? If you know of another way I would certainly like to hear it. Oh, and I mean one that works!

    1. @tinyfry, yes this is common across so many industries but it is easier to catch out when there’s an insider with a snitch and the Internet makes anything spread more easily these days. They will simply work through other characters doing exactly the same stuff behind the scenes. There will be a lot of puppets willing to be the face of the new wave of IM gurus and there will always be IM gurus as there have been from the start.

      1. @Hal, it’s getting harder and harder to pull the veil over people’s eyes. Yes, things still need to go a long way before any of us can really sit back and say “wow, things have changed drastically”, but you do have to admit, there is something going on, on a mass conscious scale. It’s getting harder and harder for dbags to fool people.

        1. @, It will certainly get harder for some people to fool some of the people some of the time but there will always be others who will fool enough people enough of the time to make a lot of money just like these people have been doing.
          SD is targeting a small part of the community as one person can only do.

          The problem I see is there are two many people on both sides of the fence commenting on this blog now with comments that are actually taking away some of it’s power.

          When those for and against start filling this place up with slinging matches or posting just to be a part of the community without adding value the whole site goes backwards.

          It’s catch 22 – remove the crap (moderation) or let everyone have free for all and risk it turning to crap.

          I guess it’s like anything that gets bigger where control becomes a problem.

            1. @SD, OK will do.

              Good luck with whatever you hope to achieve.

              One thing I did take home from this is to make sure all the permissions on my Amazon S3 files are correct and the files are safe from thieves.

              They won’t turn up here but I don’t like people stealing stuff from me even though what goes around will eventually come around to both sides of every fence :)

            2. @Hal,

              One thing I did take home from this is to make sure all the permissions on my Amazon S3 files are correct and the files are safe from thieves.

              Ummm…buckets are by default set as private, and ACL file settings default to bucket settings. Anyone with an amazon s3 account would know that.

              Not really sure what you or Fleeceme are saying by this “thieves” thing, but it’s misleading, since files aren’t set to “public” by default.

              And furthermore, I found some of these buckets, and have yet to find one that isn’t protected. I trace back all their idiotic s3 hosted videos, but nothing. So Mike is full of shit.

            3. Here, I found it.

              “Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) Security

              With any shared storage system, the biggest question is whether unauthorized users can access information either intentionally or by mistake. To ensure that customers have the utmost in flexibility to determine how, when, and to whom they wish to expose the information they store in AWS,

              Amazon S3 APIs provide both bucket- and object-level access controls, with defaults that only permit authenticated access by the bucket and/or object creator.

              Write and Delete permission is controlled by an Access Control List (ACL) associated with the bucket. Permission to modify the bucket ACLs is itself controlled by an ACL, and it defaults to creator-only access. Therefore, the customer maintains full control over who has access to their data. Amazon S3 access can be granted based on AWS Account ID, DevPay Product ID, or open to everyone.”

  3. I have to say that this post is truly eye opening. I have been following Andy Jenkins since he was with Stomper Net and Kern for over a year. I was always amazed at how much they charged and continue to charge for their products. Who can spend 2k-5k on an informational product? Apparently enough people to make those guys wealthy.

    Isn’t this Syndicate just fueled by pure greed? If these guys just stuck to their own email lists and their affiliate’s lists without coordinating cycles or creating a calendar of launches wouldn’t they make “enough” money? $50k or $100k just doesn’t cut it, instead they need $400k or $1 million plus per launch?

    This post is truly stunning in its openness and access, and I haven’t even read another post yet. The Syndicate may have met its match.


  4. PT Barnum said “There’s a sucker born every minute”.

    What’s sad is that these “IM Gurus” are fucking over the consumer with products that don’t work.

    I hope that the FTC will eventually come in and do more than just making these guys put disclaimers on their sites and actually go after guys that sell products that have no chance of actually working.

    Hopefully consumers will find sites like these and start to realize that these guys are more interested in lining their pockets than creating products that actually work.

  5. OMG…when I saw how Frank drew one person in the middle and 10 circles outside the first thing that came to mind was like a pack of wolves circling a prey with no chance of escape. This is not syndicate marketing. I got another word for him “Gangrape”. They are literally gang-rapping the gullible and the desperate.

  6. Well…I have an Idea,
    see what you think.

    On the Next big Launch,
    go on Twitter, Facebook etc
    and act AS IF you are now
    promoting the next big product,
    which looks like Mike Filsaime.

    When they click on the Link
    about Mike, the Product name, etc,
    make sure that the link you send
    them to is…THIS POST!

    THIS might have a POSITIVE impact
    on what people begin to think about
    that product, that pitch and that price!

    Kinda Deliciously Devious, don’t you agree?

    Let’s let ’em know what the “B” Team
    is REALLY all about!

  7. What about Dan Kennedy – who all these guys are loosely connected to – and his protege Ali Brown? Speaking of Ali, wouldn’t you consider her to have built her own female syndicate when either she didn’t want to tarnish her reputation by running with the guys OR they didn’t let her play?

    You’d better believe Ali’s $100,000 mastermind (and Lisa Sasevich’s) are all promoting each other’s businesses on a timed calendar – it’s the same model Frank just outlined. I don’t think Ali or Lisa promote anyone not in their masterminds.

    Seems like you’ve gotta pay the ones with market reach to play. I don’t know if that’s illegal or not, but it’s definitely buying your way into the market.

    1. @Red Woman, Sure there are other syndicates and mini-cartels. They’ll all get their time in the spotlight in due time. SD can’t be everywhere, although you never know when he’s going to pop up.

      No need to prompt SD with “What about…” because you and the other billion people on this planet are all capable of putting in their 2 cents to help oust the bad apples. The question is, why is Salty expected to do all the work?

      Get on your blog, go to a forum, and speak up.

  8. The sad thing about industries like productivity, self-help, and making-money-online is that if one product truly helped you, you would have no need for any other products. Thus it seems like it’s actually in their best interest to feed you content that works just enough to get you hooked, but keep you feeling you need more.

    I don’t think it’s that sinister with a lot of guys out there (I’m sure it is with some), but at some point you just have to take the tools you have and work with them. You can keep paying for and absorbing new information forever, but until you actually get out there and do something, you’re not going to see any results.

    But yes, I’m tired of internet marketers who send you a new email every week pushing some new product like it’s the greatest thing since toasting sliced bread. Too.. much… information…

  9. This is quite the post. At the top tho it says there are now girls in the syndicate. Oh contraire… I believe there is one Ms. Maria Andros who I see has just come out with a pretty good sounding on paper 1997.00 video course. Filsaime is one of her professed good friends and her background I read everywhere to be seeped in fraud.

  10. Yes, a Jedi’s strength flows from the Force. But beware of the dark side. Anger, fear, aggression; the dark side of the Force are they. Easily they flow, quick to join you in a fight. If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will.

  11. Jimmy Hoffa wound up with a shiny new cement overcoat for holding hands/dicks with the Genovese’s, one of the notorious 5 Families owning/controlling huge criminal and “legit” business enterprises across North America and around the world. Anyone who’s been involved in a real investigation into The Mob knows how under-exaggerated are the Hollywood escapades of these miscreants & ne’er do wells. Vlad The Impaler and The Grand Inquisitor would avoid them.

    Hmmmm…”Big Trade Union Exec Rubbed Out By Own Mob Partners”, suffice it to say, anyone inside such an “enterprise” has more to fear from his friends than any law enforcement. Jail/witness protection is a hell of lot cleaner & safer than The Pine Barrens of NJ.

    That a guy with the middle name “Riddle” should disappear without any trace at the hands of “The Syndicate” he worked with is poignant irony. Even better, Hoffa got started diverting Union funds to The Mob back when they were turning Las Vegas from sand to Grand.

    Now we have this IM “Syndicate” pulling any number of cheap tricks on unsuspecting masses, with;

    Frank Kern, Mr “I don’t need no 12-steps” himself, doing an on-camera training session about his “Trade Union as a Syndicate” and describing how it sets, controls and manipulates prices among its competitor members, complete with a diagram of the poor consumer surrounded by multiple, coordinated marketing attacks,

    Andy Jenkins & Jeff Walker on the phone discussing how to pull huge profits by selling something that isn’t what they claim it is or does to poor saps who will jump at the chance to throw $2,500-5,000 af something they think is a joke,

    and dozens, hundreds of reports of similar behavior by the IM gang calling itself The Syndicate.

    RICO violations, Felony Conspiracies, Wire Fraud, Anti-Trust collusion, False Advertising, Criminal Solicitation, the list of nefarious acts and plans would make a District Attorney running for re-election experience premature infatuation.

    But back to Jimmy Hoffa.

    He got nabbed & tanked for jury tampering, bribery and fraud, did 5 years of his 13 year federal vacation & was granted “clemency” by Richard Nixon. Richard Nixon’s good buddy Bebe Rebozo pulled off a bank fraud, returned the money and walked away. Rebozo was a bagman between Nixon & J. Paul Getty (on & off, richest man on earth) for secret campaign funds used in the ’70 & ’72 elections. Richard Nixon was impeached & then pardoned for, well, being a dick AND committing all kinds of indiscretions as part of Watergate & it’s cover-up. Ross Perot, PepsiCo, Howard Hughes and some other “businessman” friends of Nixon were part of the illegal slush fund, none of them saw a courtroom.

    Anyone who wonders why The Syndicate is still walking around Las Vegas selling crap that doesn’t work using false promises made to thousands of middle-class desperate mom & pop entrepreneur wanna-be’s has only to look back in time.

    History repeats, the huddled masses get The Shaft, a couple of un-pretty scumbags are sacrificed, and The Big Boys who own/control/contribute wisely get on a plane for The Bahama’s.

    Organized crime is hugely profitable. With IM being a real-time, instant PayPal money pump for the top 1-2%, and no one knowing just how many gigabucks are changing hands every day, there’s gotta be some hidden players getting even richer behind the scene by keeping these ugly bump-up fuckers out of federal court.

    1. @HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM THE SYNDICATE, Thank you! Now I am filled with the Christmas spirit. Who knew they were such good dancers?

  12. There is no way the FTC is going to jump in here and make things right. That is, unless WE make it a priority for them. The FTC has a lot on its hands and they don’t know crimes are being committed unless the world tells them.

  13. Thank you SaltyDroid for sharing home truths.

    However, is there a UK version of the SaltyDog… or are there any details on {dubious villains} based in the UK as many of them target the North American market?

  14. The Salty Droid is clearly a property of the syndacate “the little group a small idiots” with the only purpose of creating buzz, curiosity and a lame myth …
    The internet is way way bigger guys!!

    1. Us and them boys… the reality is there is no us in the first place and the wall you see is only imaginary. Just jump the whole small fucking thing and do your own stuff… create your reality, Nobody is any rung higher than you ever, it’s only a perception well fuled by this website!

  15. you are right wake up! thank you for waking me up!
    This site is just another marketing strategy and a way to try to control the all game but the truth is this market is fucking cooked! already

  16. I’ve read what you have to say. Then I watched your videos. A lady friend of mine in Canada who knows you and considers you a friend told me that she is good friends with Frank Kern also. Are you a lawyer out east as she has told me? Peace out droidroid.

  17. As a tech that operates the Audio Visual for many of these “syndicates” mastermind meetings and live events for the past 4 years, these men are not as maniacal as they are portrayed in this Article. Id like to start by saying, I understand internet marketing, but have no real interest in the level that these guys want to achieve.

    I have no personal desire to acquire as much markets and wealth as these guys do. I enjoy the average income I make through audio visual and the small business I own to make me and my family happy.

    That being said, having had personal conversations with each one of the men listed as a part of this syndicate and listening to these unrecorded mastermind meetings while I am physically in the room, I can say that Greed is a real problem amongst all human beings but doesn’t not drive ANY of the men listed to scam customers or find loopholes around the law.

    I realize that my connection can potentially fog my credibility, but if you are first to immediately disregard my honest opinion then you are no better than the people who base their life on the belief of the Illuminati or other massive control groups.

    I stumbled upon this article by researching internet marketing outside of what the “syndicate” has told me, because as my father taught me, “research anything yourself and come to an honest conclusion yourself.”

    I felt obligated to share my story and experience after reading this. This article has no real except to harm other people and that is always wrong in my opinion.

    If you structure your website around gathering traffic and emails (you are doing the same thing as they are Mr. Droid) by the destruction of the image of these internet marketers than you are no different then what you are saying about them.

    Scamming someone is hurting the customer and I will always be against dishonest marketing and products. By pumping this content out as truth without even discussing if their products help people or not, is putting yourself in the same boat as these alleged scammers.

    Maybe I have drank to much of the coolaid by being so close to this industry, but I consider myself to be a very reasonable human being.

    People who own their own businesses will be the average citizen of the world in the future, these men want to make the most money possible and have begun to see this trend with the internet.

    EVERY LARGE COMPANY GLOBALLY is directing their marketing and attention towards small business owners, in the attempt to hold on to market share as a leader. ALL of these “syndicate” men all create products for business owners now, they all do consulting, and they all create masterminds in order to get business owners in the same room to help each other make more money.

    What happens when small business owners start making money? They spend more money on software, information and support for their business which all of the “syndicate” has made a priority.

    Its all about being on the leading edge, and if you think business owners being in a room together automatically makes them conspire to work together against their customers, then you are ridiculous.

    Everyone is only seeing the world from their single perspective. Having the luxury to bounce ideas and opinions off other people around your income level helps with the whole growth of everyones business.

    I am just rambling now because theres a lot of things I could say and still want to, but for now I will leave it with this:

    Even if these men are the worst internet scammers in the world, this approach and providing no real proof is just harming as many people. Some of the products these guys make are actually very good products, some people may disagree on a pricepoint, but these products can help with making more money than the initial pricepoint. If you want to PROVE that these men are as maniacal as you say they are, pick a part their products and show how customers don’t have real support or help from their products. If you can’t, then it appears they are making good products and you, Mr. Robot, are wrong.

    You, Mr. Droid, need to go back to the drawing board with this one.

  18. Who are you guys and why do you care? All business owners I have been a part of and worked for have been thought of as rotten, greedy, cheaters, slave drivers etc… All this has been around way before you were born. From the foundations of this country, it has been scammed, raped and stolen or taken from somebody, with force, brutally. How many American Indian business owners do you see out there or Native American Indian Families…?? Father, Mother and kids… I see zero, cause it was taken away from them! Is that fair..? No, cause they didn’t have a choice. Black America suffers much too in the same way.
    But the mafias were cool, when they were Italian, jewish or irish lol They only went legal when their chips were stacked. This is free enterprise America right? Since you can’t get into their little click you try to defame them. I say let the syndicate go right to the line if it’s legal. If you’re too smart to buy, just change the channel and buy a snuggie on the shoppers network, nice and fuzzy ahahahaha what a buncha nonsense!!

    1. Everything’s a scam therefore nobody should care about scams?

      I can’t decide whether you’re merely pessimistic, fatalistic, or nihilistic.

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