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Syndicate Shit Storm

2010 started off with so much fake hope :: not to mention a beautiful wedding between two sick old pricks smelling of rot. Oh the memories … it’s costing me so much to have them removed. Things got a little out of hand that night … and I shouldn’t have been yelling “SPANK HER!” like I was … I’m afraid it helped get things going in the wrong direction. Totally my bad. I’ll never stop feeling guilty about what happened to that poor chicken …

But never-mind all that … 20ten also started off with a telephone call between Andy Jenkins and Jeff Walker about the upcoming launch of :: The Video Boss :: Cuzin Andy’s February Syndicate frauduct launch. That’s what we’re going to be talking about today … and for many days to come … because I have the audio of that call. Surprise bitches!!

OMG how much do you hate me right now?


If it makes you feel any better :: I know exactly how much you hate me … and I delight in it like a British schoolgirl at a luxury tea party. Wait :: that probably makes you feel worse … oh well.

In January :: Andy had just left sinking StomperNet with Brad after a bunch of catty bitch fights. The ownership of the StomperNet mailing list was with Brad … so Andy was a half-man alone. No list … no income. Without a list you can’t do anyone any favors. If you can’t do favors :: you can’t get favors. Confucius said that :: I’m pretty sure.

Andy should be screwed blue. He has to start all over :: and now he has the baggage of the StomperNet implosion hanging over his head. Good thing {for him} he’s in a cartel …

The call lasted more than 90 mins :: and it’s a total shocker start to finish! In today’s episode …

  • price fixing – Here is the price fixing :: not the rumors of it :: not my hateful accusations about the rumors of it :: here it fucking is … this is EXACTLY what it sounds like.

  • me {natch!} – Cause why press “record” if you’re not going to talk shit about The Droid?

  • the syndicate – The whole conversation was rich in the use of the plural pronouns “us” and “we”. Names are named … shock is awed.

  • anti-competitive behavior – Jeff Walker names several marketplace competitors who are a “threat” to the “them”. One is part of an oft told Syndicate origin story. Yummy!

… and so much more.

The Syndicate packages up the same useless bullshit and sells it to you over and over again. As is clear from the video … they KNOW that’s what they’re doing. Now so do you …

>> bleep bloop