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Salty Droid

New Year’s Wedding

happy couple

The Salty Droid is happy to announce the recent nuptials of quantum physics expert James Arthur Ray :: and grumpy old man and mediocre clarinetist William Bill Harris.

What started as a mutual interest in conning nice folks out of their money :: quickly turned into a passionate love affair. The grass scented oils … the sweaty back hair … and the madness of tongue exploration … none shall be forgotten soon.

He loves lies and pretending to be God :: She loves spankings and being called Cleopatra. He took money from people who died in a Death Lodge :: She took money from people who died in a Death Lodge. He likes giving people herpes :: She sees sexual disease as a sign of virility.

And the sex … oh my god the sex … would be great if either was capable of a non-pharmaceutical erection. But they can still “squish tinies” :: as they like to call it :: and if they’re happy … I’m happy.

May 2010 be the best year of their love!!!!

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