Silencing of the Lambs

Therapist Threats

Therapist Threats

A lot of citizens say that Bill Harris {product of The Secret Turd Factory} looks like the classic stereotype of a sleazy used car salesman.  He’s bald but still uses a blow dryer :: his fat fat puffiness has been concentrated by rage into rock like density :: his breath stinks of coffee and pig balls :: he looks older than he is … bedraggled … worn out from years of hustling old ladies into Chevy’s that died as soon as they left the lot.  Okay :: fair enough.  But he could also pass as an unsuccessful evangelical revivalist who has been forced to take a job stocking shelves at Wal-Mart after an incident with a 16 year old boy and a Honda Civic.

Used-Car Bill sells a big sack full of shit called Holosync :: James Arthur Ray made Holosync a “mandatory” part of many of his seminars {and took a huge piece of the profits I’m sure}.  Holosync is all over the schedule of the Spiritual Warrior DeathLodge event.  The frauduct fits a depressing pattern that should be sounding all too familiar to readers of The Droid. Unqualified twat holds himself out as an expert :: offers a $2000+ product that will change your useless life overnight :: product is specifically aimed at a vulnerable demographic :: manipulative and aggressive marketing :: circle jerk {probably antitrust violating} cross promotions with other self proclaimed “gurus” :: aggressive suppression of dissent.

Bill Hairless meets ALL of my targeting standards :: and is just the sort of pretty lady I’m out hunting :: but he finds himself on the brink of a VERY FUCKING SERIOUS situation today because of his disgusting and unmanly repression of reasonable dissent.

Friend of the blog Duff McDuffee wrote a post about Bill Harris and Holosync this past November.  It’s a great post :: and I recommended you read it.  Bill “What’s it going to take to get you into this 2002 Chevy Tahoe today?” Harris certainly read it.  He was so impressed that he decided :: as a first step :: to have his lawyer threaten to sue Duff if he didn’t take the post down.

Here’s the letter in all of its speech repressing non-glory …

Bad Lawyering

… not cool {or ethical}.  They demand that the post be removed :: a prominent retraction be posted to the first page of the site :: and “written assurance” be provided to the “law firm” that Duff will sin no more against Bill.

The King of Dicks followed up with this PURE THREAT email ::


You have recently been served with a cease and desist letter regarding your defamatory and untrue post about me, Centerpointe, and Centerpointe’s products. My lead attorney has been in Europe and has just returned this morning and is waiting for my go-ahead to file a Federal suit against you for defamation. I’m sending you this email as a courtesy since we know each other, at least through correspondence.

Perhaps you do not realize the severity of the consequences for the defamatory statements you have made and how a Federal lawsuit to enforce those rights would work. The costs of such a suit will be huge, both financially and also in terms of time and stress. Legal fees for such a lawsuit can be, at minimum, over $150,000, the time commitment will be extensive, and the stress will be enormous. It will change your life in a way I suspect you will not like.

I am not itching to sue you, or anyone else. However, I can’t let you post untrue, scurrilous, and defamatory comments about me or my business. Some naive readers might believe you, and that effects my reputation, and it effects the livelihood of my employees.

I understand that for reasons of your own you don’t like me and you believe that Centerpointe products don’t work. You are welcome to your opinion, and you are certainly entitled to post your opinions online. However, you are not legally allowed to defame me or lie about me which you have done in a most egregious way.

So think this over, Duff. If you want to pursue this, we can. Such a legal action, however, is quite likely to consume your life and your bank account, and will be highly stressful. My reputation is important to me, and if I am forced to defend it in court , you’ll leave me no choice but to take this matter to the finish line. I respectfully suggest that you comply with the letter you received, put this behind you, and go on with your life.

My attorney is standing by awaiting my call. At this point you have a short time to decide what you want to do with the next several years of your life.

Look before you leap.

Be well.

Bill Harris CEO, Centerpointe Research Institute, Inc.

I’m not even going to address how ignorant and stupid that is until my “lead lawyer” gets back from awaiting my calls in London.

Notice that the threats are about how inconvenient :: stressful :: and life altering a lawsuit can be.  There is absolutely ZERO substance :: they don’t even point to the facts or statements that they consider defamatory.  That’s because he doesn’t give two shits about the merits of the case … his bogus practices couldn’t stand the scrutiny of the discovery process … and he has no intention of actually suing {if he did he’d go to a litigation firm and not some no-name corporate IP firm whose website still uses fucking frames}.  He’s counting on the fact that 90% of people will back down from a legal threat … no matter how baseless it might be.

So far Duff has admirably refused to back down as Bill impolitely counted down his false deadline via a series of rude emails.  The deadline of fake doom is set to run at end of business today.  Will Duff take down the post?  I hope not … but I’m going to make it irrelevant.

I issue the following open letter to Bill Harris :: CEO :: Centerpointe Research Institute

Dear Bill,

It has come to my attention that you royally suck.  You have issued hollow and limp legal threats to a former customer {and genuinely nice guy} who had the audacity to suggest that people should think critically before dropping more than two thousand dollars on a bunch of useless 1980’s CD’s that are done cheaper {and better} by almost everyone else.

I understand that you’ve become accustomed to using threats to maintain absolute control over your completely contrived reputation.  But the times … they are a changin’.

You have 24hrs to notify Andrew McDuffee that you have decided not to pursue legal action against him :: or you are going to have a MUCH more serious problem than one measly post by a mild mannered and fair minded gentleman.  I WILL END YOU and your transparent fucking scam Bill Harris :: with elegance and ease.  It will consume your life :: your bank account :: and it will be HIGHLY stressful {ask around}.  Your deep {and probably intimate} connection to Bringer of Death of James Arthur Ray :: the obviousness of your swindle {including new FTC reg violating testimonial based sales} :: and the surface ugliness of your soul make you a low hanging fruit for an anti-scammer on a roll.  Don’t fucking temp me … don’t.

Think this over Bill.  Look before you leap.

24 hours.

You’ve got to ask yourself one question :: Do I feel lucky? :: Well … do ya punk?

Be well.

Droid, Esq.

>> bleep bleep

105 thoughts on “Silencing of the Lambs”

  1. I think I got an email from Russel Brunson early in 2009 pimping this “Hollow sink” stuff.

    They were pushing a free sample and some other crap, so I ordered it and never even listened to it. By the time I got the free sample I’d forgotten what it was and what it was supposed to be used for so I used the CD as a coaster for a few months until I threw it away.

    So, in Bill’s defense, the CD is very useful. It makes a great coaster.


  2. Too funny. Talk about a mixed message. Nasty nasty, vague threats finished off with “Be well”. That kind of behavior will get you lots of new customers.

    Will William the Great threaten to sue The Google The Internets for shining the light of knowledge and information on him?

    Will he shrivel up into a cowering blob of quivering flesh while mumbling “blood, I just need a little blood”?

    Will he attend a plastic sweat lodge hosted by his buddy DeathRay?

  3. Here’s James Ray’s custom affiliate page, right on’s servers still:

    And here is Bill Harris in The Secret, in the infamous scene where he implies that victims of hate crimes “attracted” the abuse with negative thinking:

    I wonder if Harris thinks that the sweat lodge victims attracted their fate as well? If only they would have thought more positively.

  4. I just found out that Holosync comes with instructions to not use more than 2x/day, except at a live seminar with Bill Harris. Did Harris approve or disapprove of James Arthur Ray using Holosync 3x/day at the Spiritual Warrior Event?

  5. gonna miss ya, dude.

    you have, apparently randomly, picked the one guy in the whole self-help industry who can and will kick your ass.

    get out if you can. you are way outta your league.

    1. He’d better bring a double barrel shotgun and a grenade launcher … because I could care less about him and his cheese-dick two person “law firm.” I write about speech repressing assholes … a pester suit against me would be useful fodder for my awesomeness.

      If he is actually making money off of this Hollow Stink {and people tell me he is} :: then he should be having a massive case of diarrhea today. I can {and will} cut his revenue by 20% within 3 weeks :: and over the course of a year … he can be eliminated … just like any other scammer.

      Lies can’t fight the truth … it’s never even a contest.

      1. @SD,
        5-6 months later…
        thanks for putting a dent into this scam, guys. i was actually honestly thinking of ordering this crap some time ago. life’s been tough and i started looking into meditation again. (i will always believe pure simple silent meditation is helpful – not magical, not easy, and one of the subtlest and gradual forms, but it still has effect – after years of practice, and at cost of Zero Dollars, Zero Cents) can’t believe i was almost bought by their sweet sales talk.
        just the fact that it’s a TM and not a patent technology should have the warning bells going off all over the place.
        so i go to their website, find the buried article quoting “science” – and read it. fragmented, out of context, pseudo-sophisticated phrases taken from 20-30 years ago scientific magazines. with similar effort one could justify anything else a human ever conceived of.
        wow. what a load stink. and still sells.
        btw, whoever still believes it – don’t be passive – get their free disk, get on the ceaseless marketing list for all of self-betterment heavy industry – they need to eat and wear that 3-piece suit too.
        thanks guys for reinforcing my scepticism and awareness.

        1. @collow shtink ::

          You’re most welcome :: one point for the good guys!

          … oh and Bill Harris :: BiteMe!

    2. @completely nameless,

      This is so funny! I love looking through Salty’s archives and finding the many comments in which fiercely righteous anonymous bad guys and their ass-lickers say things like “See ya, Droid – your days are over!” and “You’re done for now, son! You picked on the wrong man this time! We are so going to kick your skinny little ass!”

      And then I look at the dates on the comments. The one I’m looking at right now, for example, defending ASSHOLE BILL HARRIS and his BULLSHIT HOLOSYNC CRAP is dated, let’s see….December 2009. Why, that’s…that’s…one hell of a long time ago. And Salty’s still here. And Harris hasn’t kicked his ass yet! I guess he’s still waiting for that “lawyer” to return from “London”.

        1. @SD, DEElighted to make his fat acquaintance! And OMFG I’m laughing like hell looking at his website which features this priceless literary prize: “The Lost Art of Pelmanism”. Sounds like something I would discuss with my gynecologist in hushed tones.

          Direct quote regarding this work of genius: “If you’re the kind of person who wants to break free from limited thinkin and finally get whatever you want in life these 12 long lost astonishing e-books written in the 1920’s will set you free.”

          ‘Cuz those e-books that were written in the 1920’s were AWEsome, that’s what I’m thinkin. LMAO! What a moron!

          1. @2LateSmart, And don’t forget to check out Hoshun, the blind Russian Wish Dolly — and, oh, yeah, Psychic Demand. Not to mention the series of “clearing” audios, including one that was supposed to help clean up the BP oil spill. There’s also a “clearing” audio that will help you lose weight without dieting, exercise, or willpower. Have fun!

            1. @Cosmic Connie, And hilarity ensues! Thank you so much – I can see there are countless hours of entertainment value in Fat O’Lyin’ and his sidekick Secret Joe. Do people really go for this? Don’t answer, please. Leave me some of my illusions!

          2. @2LateSmart, For more fabulously hilarious (as SD might put it) fun, see the exchange on another SD post, if you haven’t already (link is below). In this conversation, I received a good lecture from Pat O, using the moniker “absolutely nameless,” although he identified himself in the body of the comment. And Pat O got lectured right back. Just start at the beginning of the comments and read down.


  6. Wow…that is VERY aggressive. Ordering someone to cease “disparaging remarks” and demanding that a negative article be removed? This is NOT the 1950s, and McCarthy is not in charge.

    You have to wonder if he spent much time considering the massive negative publicity this could quickly erupt into.

    Have fun with the droid, Bill.

    And more power to you, Duff!

  7. So, that lawyer, Christy O. King (who actually signed that letter) is the author of “First Amendment and Censorship” as noted in her bio here:

    The firm’s bio includes this notation: “The DuBoff Law Group is a small law firm based in Portland, Oregon.”

    Now that Bill has the droid on his pants leg, he might want want to add at least a couple of zeros to his legal budget next year (which, if I understand accounting correctly, can simply be deducted from the profit column).

  8. Damn Salty, hang those big brass ones out on the door frame…

    If he does bring a grenade launcher and shotgun, lemme know. I’ll fly home for a good scrap.

    By the way, Death-Ray’s link to Holosync is still alive, even though the video testiMOANial (sorry _cartman_) is gone. Found this site with a glowing e-mail:

    You know, my third career is going to be actively helping folks deal with ass-wipes like this. Baseless threats, inflated ego, penis envy, etc…

    Hang in there Duff, you guys are fighting the good fight.

  9. Something tells me that William the Great is restricting his market to those who do not know how to use The Google. Could he threaten to sue himself for causing himself to lose market share?

    Maybe he should chill out, listen to some holosync ™ a few times a day or something. Have heard that it like totally Zen, or something.

  10. Bill Hairis’ web site actually refers to his “product” as: “The lazy man’s way to meditate.”

    I’d contend that if you’re lazy, you’re ALREADY meditating! And for FREE!

  11. What the hell is on with the people who were included in the pathetic movie the secret. The lot of them are a bloody disgrace to society. That guy in Australia who is supposed to be a wealth expert is apparently really deep in shit right now and no doubt its only just starting. What sort of idiot would crap on about being a wealth creation expert when he cant even pay his basic debts when its clear as dogs balls that he is so NOT wealthy. Now they are crapping on about having faith and trying to make people believe they are God on earth. The only people needing to study faith are these idiots who know they have done so much wrong that they are going to need to understand what faith is to make it through the scrutiny and expose due on them. They irritate me and I am visualising massive debts and horror for the new year for all of these people. They are evil minded greedy bastards who prey on innocent people and that deserves royal treatment.

    1. Pathetic for sure … outrageous, insidious and conspiratorial as well … the legal shenanigans such as the Bill Harris threats are predictable. Ultimately they are just going to self-combust while we all watch it go down.

      David Schirmer exerts some legal maneuver and successfully pulls all videos of expose by Australian TV’s ‘A Current Affair’ off of youtube, etc and replaces them with his own propaganda. This guy is beyond bizarre and you can still see them here:

      Bob Proctor sues David Schirmer to distance himself from the bad press … doesn’t want to soil himself with Schirmer’s shit …. court document here:

      Joe Vitale’s dangerous group hypnotic marketing detailed in the book by South African author Newton Fortuin discussed in detail (pages 5-7) including multiple references to James Ray, Oprah and other pariah. See the book here:

      Jack Canfield founder of ‘Transformation Leadership Council’ quietly removed James Ray from their membership … another case of …. hmmm … a bit like hogs in a pen trying to stay clear of the dirty hogs lest they get any dirtier themselves. See the announcement here:

      This is just some of the public info on the net … really interesting and utterly sick move that Ray made was promoting and selling his ‘Spiritual Warrior 2010’ gig to his $60K a year audience at his ‘World Wealth Society’ get-together 2 weeks after the death-sweat event!!!

      1. Thanks for the Schirmer stuff!!! I was looking all over for another copy of it after he got it deleted from you tube.

        The same bloke who put those up also posted the video I was especially looking for – the classic one where Schirmer locks himself in the toilet to evade questions about his scamming.

        And here’s a link suggesting that Schirmer’s brother (and former “business partner”) seems to be even more disturbed than he is. Quite a family.

  12. Adding the “e” at the end of the word “centerpointe” makes the word and center “center” look and seem like something high class and legitimate.

    If they had called the place “Bull’s Eye, where I’ve placed your wallet Research Institute” it gives the “center” a totally different allure.

  13. Looks like times up! How sad :: and so it begins.

    I think my first post about him will have him marrying James Ray :: he’ll be in the dress of course :: since he’s so obviously the bitch.

  14. Let’s take bets.

    I’m betting on Bill Harris powering down your motor.

    We will see you crying for mama soon enough.

    Go for it little robot.

    Give it your best shot.

    1. What you’re forgetting, loudmouth, is this:

      The Droid is cunning, has a law degree, lots of time and energy, and a driving mission. He also has a following and a platform. The smart bet is on that, over even a whole team of overpaid attorneys draining their client’s bank account, any day.

      Let’s see if Bill Harris really wants to push the exascerbate button.

      1. You should’a done your due diligence on the guy first, J. Or asked around.

        All Bill’s got is several million bucks, a private jet, all the time in the world and a mean disposition.

        Unlike you, I’ve hung out with the guy.

        He’s scary.

        I mean, like real-life scary. Not silly pictures and false bravado scary.

        Gonna miss ya, dude.

        1. People with “several million bucks” typically prefer to not needlessly give up a hunk of that several million bucks. Certainly not for nothing in return but a big pile of negative publicity that might linger for years and impair their future income potential. And you’ve “hung out with the guy?” Is your name Renfield? Obviously, you don’t know the Droid very well. Threats are like vitamins to him.

        2. @nameless ::

          Things not useful in a PR War against a truth teller ::

          1. A million bucks.
          2. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.
          3. Meanness

          The silly pictures and bravado are as real-life as it gets. I’m going to use them to expose him as a mean and vile charlatan who had a long and profitable partnership with a homicidal maniac :: and as a disgusting hypocrite whose products should never be purchased … by anyone … anywhere … at any price. All of his fake money … every mother fucking thing about his fake life … all on the line.

          What’s he going to do to me? Breathe on me? Pull my pigtails? Take a big mean bite out of my $0 revenue stream? Make it so I forget how to tell jokes?

          So best of the luck to the fat :: bald :: liar. I’ll take all bets … and I’ll give 10/1

        3. I’ll take those odds.

          but i doubt if i’ll collect. you’d have to do something actionable to get his attention. i suspect you’ll skate just this side of libel per se.

          if he’s smart, he’ll just forward your blog archive to the bar ethics committee.

        4. @nameless ::

          You’re mostly wrong again.

          1. You won’t collect.

          2. Of course I’d have to do something actionable … and I won’t. Defamation means I report something as fact that I KNOW to be untrue … which would be wrong and stupid of me for all sorts of reasons that have nothing to do with defamation.

          3. I’m not “skating just this side” :: I’m intentionally getting nowhere near. I point :: almost exclusively :: to facts that can be proved based on info available to everyone at the time of the writing. I have lots of good stories :: confirmed by multiple reliable sources :: that I refuse to run because no public evidence is available. It’s daft fucking cunning :: and I’ve been doing it since day one.

          4. He’s obviously NOT smart. Once your ego gets to size X-Large :: you go blind to reason :: and your core intelligence level becomes irrelevant.

          5. The ethics committee would decline to evaluate my blog :: because my license is in “inactive” status :: and I haven’t paid my dues in four years. Jason is a world class lawyer for The Salty Droid project :: otherwise he wants nothing to do with lawyers and their bullshit.

    2. For anyone wondering, the commenters on this page, “bye droid” and “absolutely nameless” as well as “completely nameless” are almost certainly one person: Pat O’Bryan (Joe Vitale’s little pet grubworm). I don’t want to reveal the reasons why I’m 99.999999999% certain of it, but I’d BANK on it.

      1. @Pat O’Bryan OUTED, thanks good to know. Lots of pissed off cunts. PatRunPatRun while you still have a chance. I know the 3 gigs a week for beer money, living in a run down trailor, with a car hanging on for deer life LIFE sucked, but it BEATS being Big Earl’s bitch in prison!

  15. Check out these forum comments. Someone commented that last year “Centerpointe” was projecting a net profit of “$18 million” for this year, and Bill Harris was at that time “currently in Tibet being initiated as a Buddist Monk.”

    If that is true, one has to ask: is that letter above (from Harris) something that anyone could EVER imagine being written by someone with the mindset and belief system of a Buddhist monk?

    Here’s the cached forum page (read and grab it while it’s still available):

    Original page (not currently available):

    1. According to Markus Allen, Harris was being initiated into the Jebbie Masonic Trilateral Commission of Bilderbergers at the Bohemian Grove. The Buddhist monk story was just a cover.

  16. SD,

    Thanks for staying with both the James Ray & Bill Harris stories.

    I saw the picture you posted on the James Ray schedule, above. Would you post more pics from the Yavapai County Sheriff’s James Ray investigation? For a guy who tells participants to stop their medications, he travels with what looks like a fully stocked pharmacy.

  17. It’s fascinating that this Christy King of the Duboff Law Firm appears to have worked for the very litigious Applied Kinesiology promoter and Columbia Pacific Diploma Mill alumnus David Hawkins.

    I first learned of Hawkins when Wayne Dyer pimped him on PBS. I’m surprised litigiousness ranks so highly on the Consciousness Scale. Haven’t heard of that? David Hawkins invented it.

    Info about Hawkins’s antics on Wikipedia and King’s involvement (“Did you write nasty things about me on Wikipedia? Well, remove them! I mean, if you wrote those things. You kind of write like the person who did.”)

    A very illuminating thread about Hawkins the Cult Education Forum:,13156,page=1

  18. Bill Harris –

    Wow that name brings back bad memories. About 15 years ago, I bought one of his “The End” tapes from an ad in Psychology Today magazine.

    With that purchase came “phone support.”

    When I called Bill Harris for phone support, he was abusive. Then when I returned his product, the SOB charged me a restocking fee just to piss me off. He claimed it was because he wasted time on the phone with me.

    Even after 15+ years I have never forgotten what an outright jerk Bill Harris was and how badly I, as a customer, was treated.

    Bad kharma, Harris. Glad to see others are on to this guy.

  19. Hmmmm….do you suppose the poor victims in Haiti attracted the devastating earthquake?

    Had they bought The Secret or Harris’ products, then maybe no earthquake???

  20. I was served by his legal twats, The Duboff Law Group, twice upon a time.

    I said fuck off Bill and then I told Duboff to fuck off too.

    And you know what? They fucked off.

    Then I fucked them some more, but I’m not sayin’ how. ;-)

    Love the picture SD.

  21. so if someone says they will sue you and they do this in writting, would this then be a contract, and if they failed to even attempt the suit, couldn ‘t you sue them for breach of contract?

    just a thought,

  22. I am also an ex customer and I agree with every thing you are stating and admire your stance. So far it looks that every (actor) of the secret are scammers, they first do the movie the call it a documentary then they try to rope in as many people as possible with the help of google in finding ” the missing ingredient” bill has gone way far by making so many false claims and using his cohesive techniques to get repeat business, and get all his friends to solicit business with the address that you used when signing up. And what about the “silent affirmations” I am generally not one to fall for these things but I guess you could say I got scammed pretty good since I went back three times and only after ” the second deeper level” I figured out is was a scam and went back to my primordial sound meditation which cost $0 which provide all the benefits of meditation that holosync claims to provide and clearly just robs your pockets. Thanks for providing a forum to vent. Peace

  23. Hi,

    Yeah he’s greedy and it just shows that he still has issues.

    I’ve been using Holosync now for 14 months since July 2009 (on the third level now) and I have to say that it’s a kick-ass product. It’s transformed my life, and chronic depression is a thing of the past.

    Part of my recovery was due to the excellent free 4-part online course that came with Awakening Prologue.

    Great blog btw.

    1. @Ollie ::


      If you suffer from chronic depression … then it probably isn’t “in the past” … that’s not how it works. Be careful how you treat yourself.

      Bill Harris is an unqualified hack … and his products suck a river of mud. If you have serious depression issues … then you must seek professional medical care. If :: god forbid :: you can’t afford medical care … then you absolutely :: posi-fucking-tively should not be giving Bill Harris your money.

      Many a vulnerable soul has lost their life over a short and expensive dalliance with a false prophet.

      I hope you feel better … and I hope you demand a full refund from Bill Harris.

      PS If you add an affilate link to Harris on that backlink … then I’ll delete your whole comment … and come lookin for ya.

  24. I have benefitted from using holosync and have 3 levels (including Awakening Prologue). I have completed 2 of them and am happy with the results. I am calmer and feel I am dealing a lot better with emotional and mental problems that plagued me in the past. However I started the 3rd level I had a month ago (Awakening Level 2) and for some reason have just stopped using it and I think it is a subconscious reason why. I think I am starting to take more ownership and responsibility. I might finish it eventually but I might not even though it cost me a lot. I do think he is greedy and I don’t think one needs to do the whole 12 levels. A few a re fine just to help you release yourself from chronic emotions and states.
    I don’t believe it is a scam but I do think they are trying to milk you for all you are worth and this sucks and goes against the supposed nature of the self help field.
    Good article though and I can see both sides. I guess he wants to protect his reputation but I don’t believe trying to shut someone up is a good idea either.

    1. @Tyler Simpson,

      I have a friend that has been using it for over 4 years and has had nothing but good results. I just started it a month ago and already seeing positive results.

      A few facts:

      The technology behind holosync was NOT developed by Bill Harris. So I guess you’ll have to find the guy that started it all and beat up on him.

      Holosync was developed in the 80’s. So it’s been around a long time.

      That being said I tink they loose credibility with the heavy handed marketing they do.

      1. @Ted, I don’t wish to beat up on the creator o0f the holosync technology. I do vaguely remember some scientist who came up with it. I can’t condemn holosync from a personal point of view as during my time using it I felt a difference in my state of mind and believe I somehow “raised my threshold”. I don’t use it anymore mainly because I can’t afford spending loads of money on it which is what you’ll end up doing if you do the whole 12 levels (excluding Awakening Prologue). With holosync they try to get you to buy all sorts of other products and other products they are affiliate with or have made, but I would have thought that holosync alone would be the elixir given what they say and bang on about. Funny that. That is the problem with the self help industry. They promote a certain product as being all you need to succeed or develop and then bombard you with a barrage of other products you should buy as well.
        So basically I believe what you say and if you read my comment you can see I had good experiences with using holosync. But as I wrote below I am open to the other side of the argument that claims it is a placebo effect and always am interested to hear the other side as of course Mr Harris is going to sing the praises of his product all day long.

  25. to Tyler Simpson, seriously, what you are experiencing is the placebo effect. THere is no science behind what Bill Harris does with Holosync. He is a marketer, and a pretty good one at that. I subscribed to his plan, and frankly, its ingenious. His hard costs are almost nothing; his technology is simple; the subscription is exponentially profitable. And when it doesn’t work for you, there is an undercurrent of: “you probably fucked up somewhere”: you didn’t do what he told you to do in the program. You missed some days (which you inevitably will) etc. etc.

    He uses big sciencey words – the book you get with the program “Thresholds of the Mind” is very well done in that sense – but if you took it to a neuroscientist – she would probably laugh in your face. He relates some studies and a bunch of new agey bull shit together and makes a great case for his product. I bought into it, hook line and sinker.

    This is a scam, pure and simple and it will cost you. Dearly. First in cash, and second in false hope and third in self blame. Get out of it while you can. Seriously.

    SD: seriously, you are the man…errr….droid…err…whatev. Next beers on me (or motor oil??? what do droids even drink?; do they drink? – shite, this is so complicated).

    1. @Ron, You could be right. But “Thresholds of the Mind” is supposed to contain scientific data on the brain and details how we are an “open system” and how holosync increases the capacity for us to handle more than we were capable of handling before. I don’t know if it is 100 percent solid, but it was interesting. I take your point though and am open to the other side of the argument. I just haven’t heard that apart from what you have said.
      I agree with you that he is a marketer and a pretty good one at that. I have now revised my opinion of him a bit because I feel the products are way overpriced and I spent a lot of money on them and I didn’t really have the money. I am happy with the changes though and still have to work on stuff but I feel I can hold the fort a lot better now. Maybe it is indeed a placebo effect. It is possible.
      I have Awakening Level 2 and started it 2 months ago and stopped after about 4/5 weeks and haven’t continued since. I know I won’t be buying other levels because I believe once you can “handle” what is coming at you and can hold the fort you need to take more ownership for your own development.
      I like your post and found it amusing.

  26. Tyler,

    Again, my point about Holosync, which I’m not sure you really got is that it is pure pseudoscience. Nothing more and nothing less so that any benefits you think you are getting are really just placebo. You are wasting your money. The improvements they claim you will receive are extraordinary and as Carl Sagan would say, “Extraordinary claims require extra ordinary evidence”. If Holosync did what it claimed and was actually based in science, Harris would not be using tricky dicky marketing to sell his product. He wouldn’t need to.

    1. I’ll add this to what Ron is saying. Some people think a positive placebo effect is somehow “ok.” It’s not, long term. If you’re paying for it, then there is a cost, possibly ongoing. An unneccessary cost. On top of that, you are developing a dependency to something that you don’t need and that costs you. You would be better off finding that pivot point in yourself that you attributed to the placebo, and figuring out what you need to say, do, or think to yourself to trigger that on your own.

      1. @Terrance,
        Hi Terrance. I think your comment is spot on and I agree fully. I couldn’t stomach the cost any longer so I decided not to continue with it. I am in Australia and Harris has an Australian distributor of holosync products and I really don’t like his approach as it is quite aggressive marketing and very off putting. I no longer will buy from Centerpointe as I wish to help myself and not be dependent on the technology (whether it works or is a placebo effect).

    2. @Ron,

      Hi Ron. I understand your point. I am just letting you know my experience and I what I have learnt so far. I even said I was open to looking at the other side of the story about holosync. I need to have more of a look before I can make that kind of judgement. I even said it could be a placebo but I don’t know for sure. Again I acknowledge your post is a good one and certainly food for thought.

  27. Tyler,

    If you want to check into the scientific research on “neuroplasticity” check out Ginger Campbell’s Brain Science podcast/website. I think that will get you started. She does a lot of interviews with people who are experts in neuroscience. Bill Harris is not one of them.

    1. @Ron,

      Ok. I am interested in it. I am simple man so a lot of it will probably go over my head but I am always one for learning. You make some good points and are obviously well informed. I on the other hand am not but am keen to delve deeper into this whole issue.

  28. Oh, I should also add that you could meditate without Holosync or any other “assistance” and probably get the same benefits. If anything, Holosync forces you to sit for an hour and you know when your time is up. A cheap alarm clock and some buddha lounge music can do the same for a lot less.

    1. @Ron,
      You are right. There are other effective methods. I guess one can try observing the breath, listening to music and just sitting there and allowing the experience to unfold and remain present (like Tolle says). I find NLP very useful and when I am dilligent enough to apply its techniques it can help.

      1. @Tyler Simpson,
        I hate to tell you this, but “remaining present like Tolle says” is impossible. It just takes you out of the present. He’s already convinced millions of people to associate silence and presence with him, which is a actually hindrance to self awareness.

        Ok, sorry for the interruption….Carry on….!

        1. @Yakaru,
          LOL. Yeah no problem. Interesting perspective. The book helped me a bit though. I have had times where I am fully aware and not thinking and that is a great feeling.

          1. @Tyler Simpson, How do you know that you were fully aware? Because you were focused on observing that? If so, you couldn’t have been in the present (and fully aware), for that exact reason. Yakaru is right.

            1. @David,

              Because I could look back at that moment/moments and recall the clarity of what I experienced at that time if you know what I mean. I can remember times when I sat alone and listened to a piece of music (I like trance music) and how it made me feel and how ti uplifted me and made me forget about my problems and what was going to happen and what happened before.

  29. @Tyler

    Glad to hear you stopped using Holosync. I think I missed that in a previous post. As to self help stuff – the reason I found SD was via a guy named Steve Salerno who has a blog called Shamblog. He has written extensively about the self help industry and I believe in particular about Ekhart Tolle. I would check it out. Best!

    1. @Ron,
      It’s all good. Something told me to stop. I don’t know exactly but I just started to feel like I couldn’t be bothered doing it anymore. I know I can develop myself without it. I just need to practise other methods consistently otherwise I’ll stagnate.
      I think I might check out shamblog. I’d be interested to hear his commentary on Tolle as I have some doubts about him, mainly his sincerity. He seems to be attached to making lots of money and he charges a bucket load for his seminars/talks.

  30. I have been using Holosync for a while. Currently, I am on (**gets up to check what CD it is**) Awakening lvl 2. According to the program, I have been ready to move on to lvl 3 for quite some time. I just have not done it. While I feel that Holosync does SOMETHING, I am not quite sure what it does and if it is really beneficial.

    I don’t know if I buy the “placebo effect” story. When I get a new CD, I almost feel high while listening to it. After listening to the CD for a month or so, it does not cause me to feel the way I felt when first listening to it. Then, after I’d buy a “stronger” lvl, it would feel the same all over again. Others that I have let listen to them feel the “high” as well, despite not being exposed to his marketing.

    Regardless, I have decided to stop purchasing the CD’s. Traditional sitting meditation is good enough, I am no longer in a rush to get to where ever I am going. Spending $200 for “meditation on steroids” does not appeal to me anymore. Especially if I can not quantify what I am actually experiencing, I’d hate to realize that I haven’t been meditating this whole time! Also, I do not fit into his “target market” as I do not have any depression problems or anything like that.


    1. @Miles, the CD’s are your permission slip. Any of this stuff, books, CD’s, DVD, seminars, courses, they are all just permission slips. The magic happens inside you, and you are doing the work, not the celebs selling these things to you.

      You can just as easily put on a bunch of your favorite tunes and let your imagination run wild as you jam.

  31. Miles,

    With all due respect, don’t listen to or believe me. Go and do the research by checking out the science blogs or skeptics blogs that deal with this or topics like it. I recommend Dr Steven Novella at neurologica blog. You may even be able to email him and ask him about this, I don’t know. I think what you’ll find is that Bill Harris’ Holosync product has no basis in reality. It has no basis in science. It is pure psuedoscience. If it was based on real science, then he would subject his products to rigorous scientific testing, which he hasn’t done.

    A million testimonials do not constitute evidence for effectiveness – ask any scientist. Testimonials are the back bone of most effective marketing which is what Centrepointe is all about.

    In any case, I am glad you have stopped the program. It is a waste of money and provides nothing of value to your mental health. In fact, I would say it does quite the opposite.

  32. @Miles,

    To add to what Ron said above, the whole new age industry is based on avoiding any thorough checks on whether something works and getting people to “see for themselves”. But in reality all an individual can check is “do I like it” “am I happy after using it” “do I want to keep using it” etc.

    An individual is rarely in the position to be able to determine whether or not something actually works because there are just too many variables in normal daily life and we also have only a subjective instead of an objective measure for (the claimed) effectiveness.

    The best way to find out if something works is in a randomised blinded controlled trial. New age salesmen always say that their products “can’t be tested like that” but that’s bullshit. They usually make very concrete and testable claims for their products. If there’s no way of verifying those claims, then on what grounds do the make them?

    Also, compare the product with the person. How credible is it for an aggressive, litigious loud mouth twit like Bill Harris to be selling Buddha-like depths of peace and silence?

    As a rule, avoid ANYTHING with the word “quantum”, anything with testimonials, and if it’s claimed that “studies have shown…” find out which studies. (The studies don’t exist, or they actually show the opposite result, or they were improperly run.)

    Other good blogs for this are quackwatch, quackometer and respectful insolence – search the sites for the product.

    It’s a bit of work at the start, but the entire new age industry is based on the same half dozen tricks. With a bit of reading you can spot em a mile off.

  33. I’m a bit ashamed at you guys for not checking out the website of “Tyler Simpson”. Basically it’s selling a toothpaste that contains Hydrogen Peroxide (also known as bleach.)

    How many times did he get to post that link?

    1. @Name, I for one already knew about Tyler’s site, he or she added somewhat to the discussion, so if he or she needs the links that bad let them have it. It’s obvious that they don’t know what they are doing if they were just link baiting on this blog and pretending to be interested. On the other hand, there’s no rule that says you cannot advertise your toothpaste business in a marketing scam exposing blog.

      Would be a little too much for my comfort, but whatever floats your boat. Tyler Simpson could coincidentally have been a victim as well as running a toothpaste site or whatever. Stranger things exist.

      1. @, Thankyou anonymous for your fair judgement. I have been a victim of scams in the past yes but it was through my own stupidity. I got sucked into a usueless coaching program that i paid over $4,500 for. I do like this site and yes I have actually used holosync. I had a proper discussion with someone above. I thankyou for giving me the benefit of the doubt. As for the other guy his opinion doesn’t matter a bit to me. If you guys don’t want me to comment on here and suspect my motives I can leave. It is all good. Wouldn’t want to be putting anyone out. regards

    2. @Name, check your science:

      Hydrogen peroxide is commonly used as an oral debriding agent in its weaker forms. No, you can’t drink it, but yes, it’s perfectly safe to swish in the mouth or use to disinfect wounds. I use it as a mouthwash. I think you’re confusing it with sodium hypochlorite, the bleaching agent in Chlorox that will kill you dead if you look at it wrong.

      That is no endorsement of Tyler’s product or inept linkbuilding, and hopefully the last time I will ever think about toothpaste for more than a second. And for what it’s worth, SD’s comments are (mainly) unmoderated and do-follow as it says in the comment form.

      1. @Slowly Waking, What is your problem dude? I like this site. I agree mostly with what saltydroid is saying. Do you want me to stop commenting here? I can if it please you.

      2. @Slowly Waking, Yeah, what is your problem? Are you anti-toothpaste or were you once a toothless extra on the Benny Hill show? There is nothing wrong with pearly white teeth which glimmer enough to outshine distant lighthouses, if I do say so myself, or with the aid of a teleprompter. And I don’t want to hear anything condescending about Floss either, because I know her well and her girls can also sew.

    3. @Name, Are you a warriorforum member by any chance? I have been on that site and I have found a lot of people who suspect others’ motives just because they have a link in their signature. Tnhey are treated as spammers for using a signature. You are treating me as a spammer because I dared to fill in my website address. I’m not actively promoting my products so what is the problem?

  34. I remember when I was a teenager and one of my friends turned against me. She brought other friends together and they verbally ‘gangbanged’ against me. I didn’t think people still did this in their adulthood and to people they don’t know personally, I guess some people never grow up.

    Weather or not you feel just in your cause, it really isn’t going to do you any good.

    1. @V,

      Did you scam this person somehow? Do her wrong? Cheat or steal something from her? Was she warning people about you because of this? If not, then it’s not the same. Lastly, if it still bothers you that she turned on you
      and convince others of doing the same, then have you considered therapy for

  35. It’s really sad, that people will go on this forum, and bitch about the only guy that actually did something about what Bill Harris is doing. I am a 5 yr meditator, I still do it and I love it. Bill Harris in my opinion is a fraud, a snake oil sales man. I used his product for about 1 1/2 hrs tree levels and It did nothing for me exept waste 600$ pluss and a lot of time.
    Please if you like holosink products go brag about it on another site. I found this site by googling (Bill Harris is a fraud) and that he is. A total joke just like the secret. Dom a true ex holosink customer

  36. @V, not sure what you’re referring to, but firstly, if you are equating this blog with “bullying” like that which you’ve described, you are completely wrong – take from someone else who was bullied as a kid. Secondly, the fact that you don’t think adults are capable of bullying like that which you describe, tells me that you are super naive. I’ve worked for a couple of CEO’s who liked nothing more than to bully their employees, particularly if those employees didn’t agree with them. Bullying like that which you describe happens all the time in business. It is very different from what is found on this blog. Seriously. Very different.

    And Domenic, amen brutha.

  37. Hi droid! It’s Dec 2011and thank God for the Internet and concerned citizens that exposes scammers like Bill Harris! I almost got sucked into his oily world and was taken with all the promises! I’m a student and trying to get my degree part time and looking for information on how to improve information retention during and after studying when I stumbled across his website. I ordered the free Cd and was shocked at the cost of the initial cd. I decided to do a bit of research on Bill and typed in ‘how legitimate is Bill Harris?’ in google and man, am I glad I did! Thank you for saving me a lot of money and dashed hopes based on fruitless promises! Great work! Grateful from south africa

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  39. If Mr. Harris focused on what he wanted then this action of his wouldn’t be necessary because his detractors would simply go away, no ? He must have attracted it to himself, i think, from what i saw on his own video. Better look inside Bill. I’m just trying to help.

  40. Bill Harris is a thug and a gangster. For years Centerpointe has been attacking eBay sellers by taking down their listings using VERO. This is ironic considering they claim to want to help people. They say you have no right to resell your original CDs that you paid a huge amount of money for.

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