Transformational Leadership Council … of Death


The Transformational Leadership Council was founded so leaders of personal and organizational transformation could support each other in their contributions to the world.”

… says the Transformational Leadership Council on their website about the Transformational Leadership Council. Sure it’s a shit sentence to use as a tagline :: but understand that many of the world’s most transformational leaders were barely able to complete high school … or totally weren’t able to after getting hung up on the complexities of the 8th grade.

According to an early version of the TLC website …

“The Transformational Leadership Council was established in July of 2004. The group was originally created by Jack Canfield. Jack’s vision was to establish a group of people who are true leaders in the field of personal transformation. The group would get together to share ideas, successes and challenges, supporting each other in making a greater impact with their work.”

Working together :: backrubs :: french for trade unions … shit like that. “True leaders” deciding which other “true leaders” are truly the truest …

“Membership to the group is through a nomination process by one of the existing members, followed by an approval process by the executive committee. New memberships are limited to a certain number of members each year.”

You don’t want too many unqualified “true leaders” flooding the fake market for unqualified true leadership … or nobody wins.

Here’s a photo from their first meeting {horrible face pasting original} …

D-bags already tagged here include James Arthur Ray and Jack Canfield {center} :: John Assaraf and Bill Harris {right}.

In January 2006 :: just a few months before the release {and fluke success} of The Secret :: Rhonda Byrne was listed as a member on the group’s original website. Her name was removed shortly thereafter :: but James Arthur Ray remained listed as a TLC Founding Member :: displaying this profile …

… until a few months after three people died in his faux sweat lodge :: and he walked off to calmly eat a sandwich. Death Ray’s TLC profile came down without a single word from the “true leaders” about how one of their founders was a completely unqualified fraud who led people to their deaths. Oops! Maybe they’ll get around to issuing an explanation about that some other year. Mutual stroke-off endorsements :: like this one from Bill Harris …

… or this one from Jack Canfield {last 30 sec} …

… both filmed during TLC events :: come with big fat commissions … whereas the truth is nothing but an inconveniently expensive expense.

In 2005 the Transformational Leadership Council met in Aspen. Rhonda Byrne brought a tiny film crew so she could film some of her “true leader” friends jibber-jabbering on and on about unicorns. They didn’t get paid for their jabbering contributions because they’re all so fucking kind and generous :: or because things that are good for the group … are good for the group.

In 2007 James Arthur Ray explained to Kelly Howell how many Law of Attraction miracles were required to turn the random mouth turds of the TLC :: into the total piece of crap that was The Secret …

The Secret of Transformational MasterMinding

… later to be mindlessly jammed down the throats of women everywhere by the reckless and foolish Oprah Winfrey.

Because the unicorn babble in The Secret was the off-the-shelf unicorn babble that nearly all self-help gurus were spewing … it attracted a series of ownership disputes almost immediately. The $55 million lawsuit brought by the film’s director was defended by Munger Tolles & Olson attorneys Brad Brian and Luis Li …

“Ms. Byrne is relieved to put this lawsuit behind her and is vindicated that a jury found these allegations to be meritless,” said Brian in a statement. “The world’s response to The Secret and its explosive success are due to Ms. Byrne’s vision and authorship; we are pleased to have helped her defeat the copyright claims alleged against her.”

Oh but Messrs. Brian and Li were only just getting started with their … um … helping.

>> bleep bloop

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    1. @Eric G. ::

      It is unfortunate. He was doing them at this time too … the lodge the year of The Secret filming was particularly bad. Well … bad for the victims … not bad for James Ray or the TLC since they couldn’t give two shits about other people’s lives.

  1. do you know your site is being blocked, or at least was down most of the morning this morning? I couldn’t access it on my laptop….:-)

  2. i used to believe this… SHIT! !!!..gawd how dumb was I. I think they will drop like flies one by one.

      1. @Bryan Neuman, Thanks Bryan. At least I am not in denial, and can see these people for what they are. I also thank Salty for it too because I really would not have known better.
        Thanks Salty!!!!

      2. @Bryan Neuman, with all due respect, Oprah falls for everything in the most shallow of ways. That is fine for her because she’s quickly on to the next thing, but she should and never will take more responsibility for the influence she wields. At least she’s not on the television every day anymore so long as I know. It used to drive me nuts when my mother-in-law would talk about things she saw on Oprah using Oprah’s endorsement of this or that as some sort of trusted authority.

        1. @Anna,

          And who knows if she really falls for these things or if she just says what sounds good in the moment?

          Oprah has been so rich for so long, she has lost tough with regular people. One of my daughters’ high-school teachers has a vacation home next door to Oprah’s vacation home in Hawaii, and she says that Oprah goes jogging, followed by a chauffeur, so she can just get in the car when she’s tired of running.

          On one of Oprah’s shows, they were discussing dust mites, and Oprah commented that she had her sheets changed every other day, and could not understand why her audience members did not do the same.

          I too am glad that Oprah is not on TV every day, screwing with people’s minds, but she still wields way too much influence.

        2. @Anna,the whole Oprah thing is a lie. She may have been born into poverty but her wealthy uncle “rescued” her at a young age . So much for that story.

            1. @Jack, I have to take that back… I saw a tv program about her, but apparently my memory or the info is wrong. After some undeniably terrible stuff, she went to live with her biological father, and then ended up in a school in an affluent suburb and won beauty pageants, etc. So it was unfair for me to make that post.
              I guess one of the things what bothers me about the whole Oprah thing is that they make it sound like she was in grinding poverty as an adult, and then magically burst onto the scene as an adult. That could be just my misinterpretation. For example, another famous woman came from a terible background in which her mother worked to jobs in order to send her and her sister to the best schools, but I often wonder, how was that a “deprived childhood”. I started working at 14, so what do I know .
              In any case, I’ll try to find that program.

            2. @Jack, and sorry for the misspelled stuff. Can I use the excuse that I’m still asleep (in more ways than one) ?

          1. @syd, Wait, somebody is coming and apologizing to me about over mispelling. ;-)

            Oprah seems to be master of shilling fraud, so would have been interesting for that story you said to be true.

            1. @Jack, it’s possible that the story I’m thinking of (and have misinterpreted and misremembered to a degree) was on the Bio channel. I’m not a tv person really so I don’t have an account to see it again. I do remember being shocked that she wasn’t someone who had bravely pulled herself out of poverty while working 3 crappy jobs or something. I’m not sure where I got that idea. I suppose I was just never interested enough to pay attention. What’s really interesting too is how/why a guy like Dr Oz, who had a brilliant career in his own right, sold out to the snake oil folk.

          2. @syd,

            The bio on Wikipedia is consistent with the story I’ve heard from long-time fans and friends of people who work with Oprah since the late 90s:

            Her childhood wasn’t great, but it’s pretty similar to the childhoods of a lot of middle-class African Americans I’ve met in Chicago – shuttled between Mississippi and northern cities, between mom, grandma and other relatives. She’s said she was sexually abused by relatives. I wish that was unusual.

            Once she started working, she incredibily became a TV news anchor at a very young age, and it was very unusual at that time for a black woman to be an anchor. Oh, and she was chubby and – at that time – had African American looks, not European looks. From what I’ve heard, everyone was expecting her luck to run out. Instead, after anchoring in Nashville and Baltimore, she landed a job in Chicago – a big market – but was hosting one of the lowest-rated talk shows. Within a few months, it was the highest-rated talk show in the city. Then she was offered a syndication deal, and her income went from whatever a local anchor/talk-show host makes to whatever a nationally syndicated, top-rated talk-show host makes. Roger Ebert estimated it as 20 times what his syndicated movie-review show made at the same time:

            So her rise to wealth and fame was pretty extreme. In three years, instead of failing or hitting the glass ceiling as expected, she went from a talk-show cohost and “Dialing for Dollars” host in Baltimore to the sole host of a nationally syndicated talk show.

            Unfortunately, despite running a tight ship (I’ve heard show crew aren’t allowed to give birth during the months the show is taped – gotta schedule it during the break.), Oprah’s promoted a lot of dangerous B.S. without doing any research on it, asking critical questions, or giving airtime to a qualified professional with a conflicting view.

            Eventually I want to get around to reading about the ridiculousness of the Year of Living Oprah:

    1. @Elaine B., Me too! The James Ray debacle opened up my eyes big time..My sister still believes though..It is hard for us to have conversations now..

      1. @Wondering Why,

        It opened up my eyes big time too, and I already thought they were all a bunch of totally evil crims and no hopers. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had to drastically lower my opinion of them since October 2009.

        The Secret is a strange but successful mix

        – it polarizes people, so believers are practically isolated (kind of an open-form cult)

        – people who don’t buy any of it are repelled by it almost instantly (I lasted only 20 seconds the first time, and have only managed the first 5 minutes), effectively filtering out all critics from the coalition of the willing

        – it was deliberately planned to pump people up to market it to their friends with no consideration of its merit, (several women sent me links to it when it first came out, hinting that they might marry me if I used the LoA to get rich first)

        – none of the fans have read enough physics to know that the Secret’s version of quantum physics is worse than laughable, and thanks to the polarizing effect such people will probably be too disgusted by the whole thing to want even want to talk to any fans, who won’t want to listen anyway

        – anyone who seriously tries it out will of course attribute all successes to the LoA, and blame themselves for any failures. I know several people who gave birth to a handicapped child and have since spent years in therapy trying to find and “release” the negative thoughts that “caused” it, leading them to hate themselves and see their child as some kind of horrible distortion of his “true self”

        – it hits all the greed, narcissism and infantile centers in the brain, and dresses it up as spiritual while masking a fear and hatred of “losers” and all forms of failure

        – it divides the entire universe up into “positive and negative” in the most absurdly egocentric and simplistic manner, as if any event can be labeled as such, and claims this is quantum physics (and magnetism)

        …I knew all that even before the movie came out, and I remember thinking “no good will come of this”, but I wasn’t expecting anything as low and as horrifying as what the Death Ray finished up doing.

        I would dig around a bit in Beckwith’s closet too, if just the mere sight of him didn’t make my skin crawl.

        1. @Yakaru, Speaking of the evil of the secret, I’ve lost a newborn (stillbirth) and was told by a Secret/Abrahams Hicks devotee that it was probably because of a “negative thought”

          This was the worst thing i’ve heard. So fucking mean

          But it was also total b.s. As in fact I did not worry at all

          needless to say I erased this woman from my life… (who fancies herself as a coach helping people!)

          Here’s a negative thought: all Secret devotees I feel sorry for you because you create around a heartless view of life that can only lead to misery and loneliness.

          You can’t control life. Just live it the best you can.

          Btw we had another child and worried sick for her (lots of negative thoughts)… She’s perfectly healthy,.

          Conclusion: the Secret is a big scam

          Not only it doesn’t work, but it transform its devotees into heartless bastards… Good luck with that

          1. @Wide Eyes,

            Speaking of the evil of the secret, I’ve lost a newborn (stillbirth) and was told by a Secret/Abrahams Hicks devotee that it was probably because of a “negative thought”

            I’m very sorry that happened to you.

          2. @Wide Eyes, you said it yourself… a devote (which could mean anything from a casual to serious student of human potential) not from the source itself. Niether Nicks nor ANYONE in The Secret would suggest that a negative thought caused a child to be still born. They did not (as you have indicated) and would not do that. To do so would be even more sick that your twisted attempt to blame them for someone else’s word.

            Chicken Soup — for example — is nothing but a collection of heart-warming stories. There is no scam. There is no con. Just a nice hearty read.

            But then, from the look of this page (and the comments herein) there is little point in wasting my time with a bunch of people who are apparently trying to distract themselves from their own empty existence by ripping down others. Good luck with that.

            1. @Veritas,

              Huh. Try Googling “Joe Vitale” with “Jessica Lunsford” sometime. Jessica being the child abduction/rape/murder story du jour back when “The Secret” first hit it big. Interesting discussion.

              Don’t worry, Vitale isn’t blaming a 9 year old for her rape and murder. He did not and would not do that. To do so would be even more sick that certain other people’s twisted attempts to blame him for someone else’s word. Look, he clarifies his position right here:


              “…if the Law of Attraction is truly a law, then there are no exceptions to it. None. Not even for a little girl.

              “I don’t like it any better than you, but if you want this to be a Law, then face reality. No loopholes here to make you feel better.”

              See? Veritas is right. Nothing at all about a child being stillborn. Case closed.

            2. @Veritas,

              “Chicken Soup — for example — is nothing but a collection of heart-warming stories.”

              …that can then made to bolster up the credibility of the bizop-scammers like mr. Morrison where people get Chicken-soup-bizop scammed night after night after night – even ClickBank couldn’t get themselve Chicken-soup scammed and <a href=" out Scammer-Morrison.

              It must be bad to go around with the name like “Veritas” while still being too stupid to know the truth.

            3. @Veritas,

              Excuse me, but you’re a complete fucking idiot. How dare you say “Niether Nicks [sic] nor ANYONE in The Secret would suggest that a negative thought caused a child to be still born” — immediately after someone someone has said exactly happened to them personally.

              And you call me a liar too by denying what I said I’ve heard – that I personally know several people who have experienced exactly that.

              And I’ll add one – my former girlfriend who was a big fan of The Secret told me that a child I know with muscular dystrophy created it himself because he had been thinking negative thoughts in the womb, AND she also said that he could heal it too because his positive thoughts could change his DNA and replace the 300 trillion missing copies of the dystrophin gene.

              I’ll also add a psychologist who believes in The Secret who told me this same child brought it on by retreating from arguments his parents were have while he was in the womb.

              Think I’m making it up? Any more insults to my character you want to throw at me, Dumb Fuck?

            4. @Veritas, you wrote, “Niether Nicks nor ANYONE in The Secret would suggest that a negative thought caused a child to be still born. They did not (as you have indicated) and would not do that. To do so would be even more sick that your twisted attempt to blame them for someone else’s word.”

              I wish that were so, but that is not the case. At an Abraham-Hicks workshop in May of this year (Washington, D.C.) Esther Hicks playing Abraham on stage told a woman who had lost ten children that she was the reason that had happened. She (Esther) said, and I paraphrase, “you think you’re saying yes, but you’re really saying no” and went on to point out to the woman that she had been focusing on lack of baby so much, that’s why she had gotten pregnant TEN TIMES but never carried a child to term. She then spoke of the physical manifestation of a child, and told the woman if she wanted to see a child, just go look at one, there are plenty. Cruel beyond words.

            5. Hi, Mariah! It’s good to see you here. Everyone, Mariah’s blog is an excellent place to read about the inanities of Abraham-Hicks, whose version of the Law of Attraction (LOA) formed much of the inspiration for the original DVD of The Secret. And even though Esther Hicks got cut out of the revised version, the Abe-Hicks LOA legacy lives on in The Secret, and in the “teachings” of all of the crap-slingers who starred in The Secret and are still using their Secret creds in their marketing. As for the merry widow Esther, apparently she hasn’t become any more compassionate — or less inane — after Jerry got sucked into The Vortex.

              Whether framed in LOA and the idea of “attracting” everything that happens, or in the New-Agey concept that “you create your own reality,” there’s a lot of what amounts to victim-blaming going on in the world of the conspicuously enlightened. It’s everywhere. Of course they don’t call it “blaming. They call it “assigning responsibility.”

        2. @Yakaru,

          none of the fans have read enough physics to know that the Secret’s version of quantum physics is worse than laughable,

          That specific point, and most of the other stuff in your post, makes me think The Secret is a lot like What the Bleep Do We Know except that What the Bleep was just all sorts of feel-good, you-can-do-anything-if-you-think-hard whereas The Secret, I guess, is more like: go-do-“powerful”-things-and-believe-powerful-things-and-then-you’ll-get-rich.

          I really hate What the Bleep Do We Know a lot.

          It would be interesting to (try to) watch The Secret and then make a website with a review pointing out all the movie’s flaws. But I don’t know that I’m ready for the amount of hate mail I’d probably receive.

          Furry cows moo and decompress.

          1. @Wyrd,

            And the two films have created a ton of people who will tell you that they ‘hobby in quantum physics’ with a straight face.

            …strangely enough though, if you ask them some pretty basic questions about stuff like differential resistance they don’t seem to have a clue what you’re talking about.

          2. @Wyrd, In the years since they were first released (2004 for What The Bleep and 2006 for The Secret), there have been numerous sites, blogs, and articles criticizing both the “science” and the cultural implications of both of these New-Wage moviemercials. As I recall, the blogger who goes by the name of Skeptico (I’m glad to see his blog is active again) got so much hate mail from his reasoned criticism of What the Bleep that he finally began moderating comments, which up until then he hadn’t been doing. Many others have received hate mail and death threats for criticizing The Secret.

            That said, I’m certainly not trying to discourage you from adding your critical voice just because so many others have done it previously. It seems that the critics are still in the minority, and so every voice is important.

            1. @Cosmic Connie,

              I remember my boyfriend dragging me to What the Bleep! He’d seen it, he liked it, he wanted to share the joy with me. We were one of the first people at the theatre on a late Sunday morning and I thought the theatre would stay empty, but it filled up, to my surprise. Then came the movie. I was irritated because they wouldn’t tell you who the people were who were speaking in the movie. How could I judge what they were saying, if I had no idea who they were? (I know what they were trying to do and I was annoyed.) My boyfriend got an earful when the credits played and the woman with the husky voice was revealed to be JZ Knight aka Ramtha. I was furious, felt like I’d been ripped off and was giving my boyfriend a piece of my mind in a low voice when we walked out of the movie theatre, and I saw the line for the next showing. And it wrapped around the corner and into the parking lot next door. Oh.My.God.

              I don’t recall what attracted M. to the movie as he’s very science-based (he’s the kind of guy who would pay a professional telescope maker $10K to grind him a 24 inch mirror for his telescope). However, even though my science and math skills aren’t all that great (which is why I went to law school hahahaha), I do know when I’m being taken for a ride. And What the Bleep was a ride I didn’t want to be on.

          3. @Wyrd,

            I actually set out once to “blog” The Secret and point out each lie, but I stopped about 5 mins in, at the bit where they show the rocket taking off and Bob Proctor starts frothing at the mouth.

            The film consists of a constant barrage of assertions presented as fact, absolutely none of which are the slightest bit true. To unpack each of them would require a text 1000 times longer than the script for the film.

            And of course, why spend all that time “being negative”, when I “could be using it to get rich instead”?

            As Connie mentioned above, Skeptico has a good article on What the Bleep

            1. @Yakaru,

              That’s why I’ve been reading the fake robot blog for so long. Sometimes it helps to show how ridiculous things are in a way that makes people laugh.

              It would be cool if everyone realized that being rich has zero to do with money.

          4. @Wyrd,

            Regarding “What The Bleep Do We Know,” one of my daughters was taken to see that film by a New Age friend, and she didn’t like it and asked me what I thought.

            I was uneasy about this material, but at the time, I could not put my feelings into words. However, I was able to look up reviews written by ACTUAL PHYSICISTS who said it was nonsense.

            Both my daughter and I were greatly relieved to get some sensible scientific information from people who knew what they were talking about.

          5. @Wyrd, yeah the downline or whatever you call it of that movie is incredible. I saw it at a real negative time of my life at the behest of a friend, and I thought well this stuff is weird but for a brief second it made me feel a little more “positive” Then I had to ask, positive about what? haha.

            Hey , if I want to be eternally young and beautiful and live forever in Paradise on Earth, I’ll just become a Jehovah’s Witness.

      2. @Wondering Why,
        If your sister can’t speak with you then it appears to me, on screen value, that she’s not fully following the laws of the universe and you are. Odd how that happens: those that, evidently, say “live and let live” (or whatever) are the first to castigate the lot of us who really question, verify, and only then move ahead but with a light tread.
        Her loss.

        1. @GV, That is awful. I wouldn`t normally care, except, like many people here, I have paid good money for nothing, because they are good at selling you pregnant unicorns. And then people die and justice is not served. Who would want to be that reckless?

          @Wondering Why and @Yakaru It always amazes me how hypnotizing they can be. Yes being positive has it perks, but it doesn`t pull millions of $$ out of thin air.

          1. @Elaine B.,

            It always amazes me how hypnotizing they can be.

            That’s a good point. And it’s one that’s often missed. It gets lost in the shuffle with the “blame the victims” attitude and the thought that this sort of thing can only happen to “stupid” people.

            But I know this crap can be hypnotizing. I know it is possible to be taken in and fooled. While I have not even fallen for true, proper MLM or IM-MMO, I’ve been duped by my share of cons and paid the price, either monetarily or otherwise. It is possible that I could have fallen for an IM-MMO con at some point if I hadn’t ran across @SD via Naomi Dunford’s “help! help! I’m being death threated!” shenanigans.

            Thanks, Naomi!

            Another satisfied non-customer.

            Furry cows moo and decompress.

        2. @GV, Yes, my sister gave me a copy of an Abraham/Hicks book once for my birthday..I’m like..okay…geez..thanks, I guess…whatever..I threw it away when I got home..

    2. @Elaine B., Well, I never believed in “the secret,” but for 8 years when I was young, I believed in a guy that only showed up once a year, when I was asleep. Today, I’d kick myself for falling for that, if it wasn’t for the toys.

    1. @what’s wrong with you,

      Or they could throw all those photos into a not-so-hidden character book and call it “Where’s Lucifer?”

  3. I would love to hear their explanation for silently removing James Ray from their list of leaders. I would love to hear from Oprah Winfrey as well, but she just keeps deleting my questions from her website.

    1. @Bryan Neuman, Yeah, I think many of us have been awaiting some sort of official statement from the TLC about Death Ray, but so far they don’t seem to have said anything — at least not publicly. And good luck getting Oprah to say anything about JAR.

      1. @Cosmic Connie ::

        So culpable are they in his actions that they can’t even make a cop-out statement. Maybe they should just be honest and say something like …

        “We are him.”

    2. @Bryan Neuman, He was removed because he had been warned by the group on a number of issues, not the least of which was the irresponsible way he was running sweat lodges.

  4. “People who ask confidently get more than those who are hesitant and uncertain. When you’ve figured out what you want to ask for, do it with certainty, boldness and confidence.”

    – Jack Canfield

    It’s good advice for the boiler-room people.

      1. @Peter, It was scary to see just how many iterations there are of “Chicken Soup for This or That Soul” at a book sale at the Washburn, WI library some time last year. The good news is that someone didn’t feel like keeping that tripe. The bad news is no one saw fit to just light those books on fire.

        1. @Anna, Wow. You are adding some great energy to the world. Oh, wait.. no, you are a negative person who probably couldn’t complete a paper let alone create books enjoyed by millions of people all over the world.

          Man.. this group…. well, now I know why America is in the shit its in.

  5. Good on you, @SD. It’s about time the Training Liars Council got the full Salty treatment. The timing is right, since the TLC is getting ready to hold their semi-annual seekrit meeting. This year it will be January 18-22. They are always very hush-hush about where their meetings are going to be, but I understand this one will be in Hawaii. I’m not sure exactly where, but I have a feeling that’s one of the things our little robot can easily find out. One of the featured speakers will be a Dr. Mark Hyman, who will be speaking on January 19 about virginity…I mean, about health. He specializes in something called diabesity, which is a combination of diabetes and obesity.

    The TLC’s summer meeting will begin July 25, the third anniversary of Colleen Conaway’s death at a James Arthur Ray event.

    By the way, although The Secret’s original director (Drew Heriot) lost his lawsuit, the original web marketing strategist (Dan Hollings), who also got screwed by Rhonda and company, apparently got some sort of settlement.

    1. @Cosmic Connie, I thought you had to make it up, but there it is, the diabesity, right below the:

      Creating Fulfillment for a Whole Life

      12-week teleseminar featuring 24 top thought leaders from around the world
      hosted by Anne Pustil, Certified Therapist and Coach
      November 4, 2010 2:00 p.m.

      which made me wonder about how they decided which one to go first?

      1. @Jack, The first thing I wondered was why the TLC-ers would want an expert on diabetes and obesity to be their keynote speaker. But then I remembered how obsessed many of them are with health issues (James Ray was quite the health nut, as indicated by this HuffPost piece about personal responsibility, published nearly one month after Colleen Conaway died at one of his events ).

        And I further realized that the good Dr. Hyman is a Dr. Oz in the making — a true media whore who will probably come to the TLC confab bearing lucrative joint-venture ops. Besides, Dr. Oz and Deeprik Chumpra are probably too expensive for the TLC (whose days are probably numbered anyway), so they had to settle for a rising star instead of an established Celebridoc.

        1. Re my comment above: “Keynote speaker” is probably not accurate, but the fact that Dr. H. will apparently be a featured speaker at the TLC meeting is still significant, I think. Either that, or he’s simply a member who will be attending, although I didn’t see his name in the current membership directory.

    2. @Cosmic Connie,

      You reminded me of that scene in “So, I married and axe murderer” where the dad starts talking about the secret society and how they hold secret meetings to decide how to run the world, every spring, in Aspen, at a mansion called The Meadows.

  6. Maybe they could all gather at James Ray’s new place for the next meeting. And then stay there.

    1. @chick confused, ]

      Or they could join Mike Filsaime’s internet marketing cruise, which is taking place about that time.

      If Salty could organise a well placed robot torpedo, the internet could instantly become a much better place.

  7. I’m just glad the fake robot live tweeted James Ray’s entire trial…it was 8 hours a day for how many months? Thanks for that, SD!

    There was a hilarious girl tweeting too.

    P.S. Oh, you were funny too, fake robot!

    1. @Bumpinthenight, I’ve been a fan of Christopher Locke’s Mystic Bourgeoisie blog for years. Beyond the snarks and the intelligent and sometimes wickedly clever writing, Chris does some interesting historical dot-connecting between New Thought/New Age and Nazism/Fascism (particularly eugenics). And no, it’s not just garden-variety Godwin’s law stuff. I’ve been nagging Chris for years to finish his Mystic B book. Meanwhile, even though he hasn’t updated his blog since some time in 2010, there is a lot to feast on, as you noted.

  8. Salty, thanks for taking on these dark merchants . . .

    I ‘m really looking forward to read this new investigation/expose

    This is important work

  9. I think the best way to describe the TLC is as a “wretched hive of scum and villainy.” Obi Wan, is still good for a quote here and there.

    On a slightly different note, I remember reading, or hearing somewhere (probably from Malinchak or a similar forum) that Canfield and his partner didn’t even write the original chicken soup book. They did a survey and asked people for inspirational thoughts and quotes and whatever, then they compiled them all into a book and slapped their names on it.

    1. @Rafael Marquez,

      I think Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen did that with “all” the Chicken Soup books — have people send in their individual personal stories and then sit back and get rich off of them. I have an acqaintance who was “ecstatic” when her story appeared in one of the Chicken Soup books — she struggled to make ends meet and feed her kids and even keep the house warm, and still struggles to this day, while the not-authors are living the high life. Do you think they would bail her out from her troubles with all the millions they have made off of people like her if they knew of her plight? I don’t think so.

    2. @Rafael Marquez, Well, I think that was their intention from the beginning: let other folks write the book(s) for them and cash in on the brand. I don’t think they ever tried to take credit for the individual stories; that wasn’t where the money was.

      Here’s the story that currently appears on their web site:

      “Internationally known speakers Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield knew the power of a good story long before Chicken Soup for the Soul was published. Each had built their speaking careers by telling inspirational, motivational and uplifting stories that their audiences could use to discover, experience and retain key concepts and approaches. After years of continuous audience requests that they put their stories into book form, Hansen & Canfield finally agreed. Rather than focusing only on their stories, they decided to reach out to others and seek contributions of powerful tales of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. After rounding up the 101 most inspirational submissions, they were left with an untitled book they both knew had the potential to make quite an impact.

      “As they searched for a winning title, Jack & Mark each agreed to meditate on the subject for one hour a day. Jack visualized the image of his grandmother’s chicken soup and remembered how she told him it would cure anything. The book would have the same healing powers as that soup, but not for the body—for the soul. Thus, the now famous title was born…Chicken Soup for the Soul…”


      Even so, they apparently had trouble getting their project published by someone else so they self-published. Since they were both such good promoters, and the whole Chicken Soup thing was an attractive gimmick, it took off. And they’ve been happily and lucratively crowdsourcing ever since then.

      1. @Cosmic Connie,

        I guess they will never be writing “Chicken Soup For All the Scammed and Bleeding Souls”.

        1. @Bonnie, They would compile that one in a heartbeat if there were even a remote possibility that there was money in it for them. Of course they’d do it in a way to make it seem as if all the scams and bloodletting are coming from the anti-New-Wage forces who are poor, broke, envious losers and don’t want others to be happy.

  10. @SD

    Did you see that TLC even has regional groups? I suspect most of them are just one person periodically updating a blog feed, but still… just adds to the disturbing-ness to know that the thing has “children”.

    It’s particularly disturbing for me because organizations with names and websites that look kind of like this one sometimes donate to the place I work at. (Thankfully, this particular entity has not as far as I can tell.)

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

  11. Over the past couple years…I’ve been double checking behind the fake robot in case he isn’t as smart as he looks. A lot of reading…and looking at evidence…and thinking.

    Apparently Mr. Look-At-Me-I’m-A-Fancy-Robot really is as smart as he looks. I just have more comment made by him to double check. But, as soon as I find evidence as to whether he really has or has not listened to a Lady Gaga song…I’ll let you know.

  12. Um, I listened to the audio of DeathRay talking to the sexy voice lady… and I hafta ask: what is a “MoMMunt” ??

  13. Oh, Good Goddess, ANOTHER hustledork moviemercial (and derivative of “The Secret”): “The Truth: The Journey Within.” It apparently had its world premiere yesterday at the TLC meeting in Hawaii. The big news is that we can forget “The Secret.” Turns out that “There is no secret, begin the journey and discovery of your lifetime…”

    Do follow the IMDB link and watch the trailer. If you follow the “Cast” link ( ) you’ll see that the project includes many of the usual suspects: Beckwith, Braden, Lipton, Canfield, Byron Katie… But no Mr. Fire, apparently.

    Meanwhile, the TLC remains pretty hush-hush about exactly where they’re meeting and exactly what they’re doing. Even our pal Pervlina is keeping the Twitter boasting to a minimum…

    One has to wonder if they’re having seekrit strategy meetings about damage control and what to do about those pesky hater blogs.

    1. @Cosmic Connie, The trailer told me that mr. Beckwith is a visionary, but maybe not a thought leader I think, but also then found out he’s a leader in the New Thought Movement, so i’m getting confused about which of all of them take precedence over each other.

      1. @Jack,

        Interesting to “learn” from Bruce Lipton that we only consciously use 5% of the brain, and other 95% of it is unconscious and therefore constantly plotting our downfall unless we watch the movie and learn how to stop it.

        I’m sure he’s not just making that up. I’m sure he’s done the research that measured brain activity, learned to distinguish between conscious and unconscious, and found that a mere 15 billion of the brains neurons were involved in the conscious part, and then checked people who had done his training and found of course that, just like him, they have managed to occupy vast new swathes of brainly terrritory which were previously unconscious. And that this has brought them prosperity and happiness and freed them from having to do humiliating work like lying to people and talking rubbish for a living.

        And Greggggg Braden is now a “scholar” as well as a “scientist”. Congrats, Gregggggg. Of course he really is a scientist too. He’s got (he claims) a bachelor’s degree in science, therefore he counts as a scientist, therefore everything he says is scientific and can be trusted.

        1. @Yakaru, I keep getting Bruce Lipton ( and Gregg Braden ( confused.

          Lipton is the one with a background in cell biology. Braden’s background is apparently in computers. But both have found more lucrative careers pandering to the conspicuously enlightened who want a little scientifical woo to help lend an air of sophistication and authority to their spiritual woo.

        2. @Yakaru, Bruce Lipton the guy who claims to know everything about the mind and how ‘problems’ are created and then openly admits in Biology of Belief he hasn’t got a f’kin clue how to remove them. That’s essentially where we are right now with psychology and problems (and all the self improvement bollox). No f’kin idea! hypnosis, meditation, eft, tft, timeline therapy, pshch-k, blah, blah, blah. All good for some people, some of the time… temporarily!

    2. Hey everybody, the IMDB message board for this “schmovie” is virgin, and waiting for some corrective “enlightenment.”

      Go hither, asap, scroll down to the bottom and click on the link that says, “Discuss The Truth: The Journey Within (2011) on the IMDb message boards.”

    3. @Cosmic Connie, Ha! “Pervlina”… what a great moniker for one Steve Pavlina. Do you think he’s Newt Gingrich’s life coach? Sure seems that way.

  14. Danger Will Robinson! Bleep-Bleep!

    One of the members of the secret transformational society hall of shame is pushing a 4 day TM love fest. See the group photo above, (2nd row, from the left, first humanoid after the two masks).

    The promo has started, kicks off full blast on Wednesday. Visit here for the number to call for prices:

    Even the big O is mentioned. Why is this not a surprise?

    As I recall/understand it, Herbert Benson, M.D., author of The Relaxation Response, found that meditating 20 minutes twice daily repeating the word “one”, evokes the same response/benefit as the $1500 version. I believe this was associated with The Framingham Study, a legitimate, long-term study.

    Back to the future. No doubt, other enlightened gurus are free to charge more than $1500, as much as their expanded, evolved, collective consciousness-es will allow and/or the credit card limits of their devotees will bear.

    It is likely any non-emotionally charged one syllable word would serve the same purpose as saying “one” or “om”. You don’t have to pay for lessons, incur travel and hotel expenses, nor pay additional fees to rub elbows with the hall-of-shamers…unless you really want to or simply have that much disposable income to spare.

    In which case, I’ll gladly give you lessons over the phone, 20 minutes twice a day, for 30 days, om, one, or even the sentence, “If I give I wantz 2B rich the money, at least I am doing good.”, because I wantz 2 and I needz 2 buy a new heat pump/ac unit fer-real, and I promise I won’t spend it on airfare to India unless I am going to take up Mother Teresa’s work. Fer-real.

    Hell. I’d even do it fer half price.

    1. @I wantz 2B rich, Looking at that link you provided to Janet Attwood’s site reminds me that “Passion” is another word that once meant something but was long ago stripped of all meaning — thanks to the New-Wage/motivational industry. I have to wonder how (or if) anyone can possibly take writing such as this seriously:

      “Janet Attwood came to our campus and created a space in which so many individuals were able to deepen their spiritual awareness due to realizing their passion. Janet offered an incredible technique which allowed each participant to not only grow spiritually but to grow as an individual.”

      Hall of Shame, indeed. I’d dismiss it as the Hall of Yawns if it weren’t for the fact that, hopeless cliches and meaningless blather notwithstanding, the luminaries in this industry are still wreaking emotional, physical, spiritual and financial damage all over the world.

  15. OK – last comment, b/c even I’m getting sick of listening to me. I’m getting a little (you think?) manic over these people. Was disappointed to see Daniel Amen, MD on the roster of the Scam-formational Leadership Council. It’s a testament to the ability of these people to suck in individuals who have made a genuine contribution to society to add an air of legitimacy to their upleveled syndicate.

    If we’re really lucky Dr. Amen is flying under the radar and he’s going to do SPECT analysis of all of their brains and will post a profile of the sociopath brain on his website. An even greater contribution to society.

    1. @I wantz 2B rich,

      Dood, SPECT analysis is a scam and Dr. Amen is a douche snake oil salesman who uses his medical degree to give his quack diagnostic tests an air of legitimacy.

      1. @Shorty, Are you suggesting we should doubt “The Brain Doctor’s [Trophy] Wife Cookbook and Coaching Guide?”

        Next you’ll probably say that Dr. Amen’s “Neutraceutical Solutions” are just common supplements that you can purchase at any corner drugstore for a fraction of the price.

        Well, maybe you just need a case of “Brain on Joy” bars:

        A good old, everyday brain scan might help you stop being so “worried and rigid”:

        1. @Billy Ray Bolderdash, lol! Yes, please inject me with a radioactive tracer so you can run a SPECT scan and draw unproven conclusions about what’s going on in my noggin. I’ll try not to be too concerned about the sucking sound the test makes around my wallet.

        2. @Billy Ray Bolderdash,

          I’m sure anything you made using Paula Dean’s cookbook will taste a lot better, wouldn’t take any bets on controlling cholesterol.

          Amen wasn’t always pushing cookbooks, vitamins, and granola bars:

          I guess if I owned the equipment, I could do whatever I wanted – in conjunction with the informed consent of the patient or volunteer, to include capturing the image the brain of someone described as worried and rigid. I didn’t get the impression the description was either a medical diagnosis or a conclusion, but I’m not too sophisticated, so I’m more than happy to receive some more free enlightment. Maybe Fowler or Broussais have done research in this area…

      2. @Shorty,

        it’s doodette to you, Bub. Girlz rock! I hate to see the doc pushing vitamins and healthy eating, too, but no one’z agonna take my SPECT away from me. I wanna see all those sociopathic brains in a rogues’ gallery all their own.

      3. @Shorty,

        SPECT analysis is a useful examinationif you want to look at the patterns of blood flow in the brain to differentiate between different types of dementia, or patterns of neuronal loss in Parkinson’s disease. It’s often used by both physicians & psychiatrists who specialise in working with older people; (there are other uses, too, I just happen to know these ones best).

        I haven’t looked into how the “good” doc will be using this with the TLC, but one does suspect this use could charitably be described as “nebulous”. Just wanted to clear SPECT scanning in the above cases, rather than absolve the doctor.

        1. @It could happen to anyone,

          Absolutely agree. SPECT has legitimate uses. I don’t mean to imply it doesn’t, only that Dr. Amen’s application is completely geared towards making him money and not furthering good scientific research.

        2. I’ll consider using the good doctor for a SPECT if he ever upgrades it to incorporate numerology. I want to know the impact of certain numbers on my brain. In the meantime, maybe I’ll buy one of the “Mrs. Brain Doctor’s” cookbooks and ‘SPECT some appetizers.

  16. Newsflash! Dr. Amen is as much a sociopath as any of his fellow council members and SPECT analysis is his main con. Ever heard of phrenology? Don’t fall for it’s updated version.

    1. @Shorty, Gee, no. Would you be kind enough to explain the intricacies of SPECT imaging and how it differs from phrenology? I sure could stand a little more enlightenment, especially when I don’t have to pay for it.

      1. @, BTW, I accidentally posted as anonymous, even did an accidental double post. Would hate that anyone might think I was an anonymous troll.

    2. @Shorty, Phrenology, lol. Sure, phrenology might be quackery, but you’ve gotta admit, cool name. It sounds like just the kind of concept that Ryan Deiss could spin, repackage and present as a new way to drive traffic using only your brain (and your credit card).

      1. @Billy Ray Bolderdash, @Shorty

        I’m offering my services as “Prachettian Retrophrenologist”. For only $3997, and with judicious application of a large stone (or “Grandfather” as I like to call them), I can place lumps & bumps in precisely the areas needed to ensure luck, intelligence and success with the opposite sex.

        Anyone interested?




        Although the Doctor in question ,AY be using SPECT in a scam, the technology itself isn’t. It’s the “gold standard” when investigating causes of dementia, or the underlying cause of Parkinsonism. It’s used extensively in the NHS, where evidence basis rules all (the benefit of using central funding, rather than insurance $).

  17. Well, glad you never said it wasn’t useful, ‘specially after I posted the link to the Brain Atlas. I’m a little confused, Shorty, and Billy Ray. You guys don’t seem to have a beef with any of the other Transformers, or anyone else, just Daniel Amen. I looked through over 600 posts, couldn’t find your names anywhere.

    There’s no freakkin way I’m going the entire archive here – it simply doesn’t mean enough to me.

    But…{she sniffs}…do I smell cat pee?

    1. @I wantz 2B rich, if you can’t be bothered to search out my witty past posts, I’m certainly not going to care whether or not you have my complete beef list. Moo! (as Wyrd might say :p)

      1. I’m only up to 800 posts. I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little cow, too, hehe. (We are on the same side, y’know – after the bad guys).

  18. Comparing SPECT imaging to phrenology makes for great entertainment value. For something a little more substantial, there’s this:

    When discussing costs associated with supplements, imaging, or any other product or service, it’s a free market. And there’s a difference between free market and fraud.

    You can go to a boutique and find a $50 t-shirt, then go to Walmart and find a comparable t-shirt for $5, $3 if it’s on clearance. Under any scenario imaginable, SPECT imaging is going to be costly. You ain’t gonna find it for $3 at WalMart.

    Can Rolls Royces be sold for less? Probably, and it looks like most of us have already voted with our dollars there. Lucky thing, too, in light of the flamin’ phantom…hope the unlucky got their money back.

    Need chocolate? You can buy a great big Hershey special dark bar for under a $1.50, or you can buy a little 3.5oz 90% cacao bar with lots of antioxidants for $8.95.

    Supplements? Are there differences in the quality-potency-purity of ingredients and cost? Of course there are.

    Dr. Amen isn’t the first doc to sell vitamins or nutriceuticals. If you dispute the purity, the potency, the appropriateness, and/or the effectiveness of the supplements and the nutriceuticals he sells, file the complaint, file your proof, and hold him accountable. If you just don’t like the price, you’re free to educate yourself, evaluate the variables, complain about the cost, and vote with your dollars.

    Andrew Weil, MD sells vitamins. Several years ago, a problem was found with the potency or purity of at least one of the supplements he was selling. It didn‘t meet the claims. He addressed the problem. I’ll bet he’s a lot more involved with QC these days. Nicholas Perricone, MD, sells prohibitively expensive nutriceuticals for the skin, maybe supplements, too. Just because they’re expensive doesn’t mean they bear the unicorn army label.

    Do I hate to see Amen affiliated with the Scamformational Leadership Council? Absolutely. Is he the first doc to get sucked in by these people? You already know the answer to that. You’ve read about Brother Death Ray. Maybe someone would be willing to contact Dr. Amen and discuss these concerns with him.

    Detractors aside, I’m convinced of the merits of SPECT imaging. Short of something a bit more invasive and far less specific – say a surgical probe – a radioactive isotope in conjunction with PET is about the best we’ve got, and I believe we’ll be reading more about this technology and utilizing it more frequently in the future.

    Me? I’m off to find a doc that does boob jobs and laser hair removal on a sliding fee scale. Then I’m going to moo and decompress. Before I explode from methane. (My take on decompress is slightly different, Wryd. Hope you don’t mind me borrowing a little from you.)

    1. @I wantz 2B rich,

      Hmmm, where else have I heard scammers justify charging little Debbies thousands of $$ by claiming “it’s a free market”? If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and is in league with tons of other ducks, it’s probably a quack doc named Amen.

      Thanks for the totally irrelevant links. My point is not that SPECT analysis is fake…I think I pretty clearly stated it is useful, such as in the ways outlined by ICHTA. My point is that Dr. Amen is selling SPECT scans and making claims for it that have not been substantiated by the current body of research (you might want to read that third link of yous a little more carefully). Why would the good doctor do that if he wasn’t a sleazy con artist? I especially like the way he makes claims like Mother Theresa and Ghandi had perfect brain scans and Hitler had “faulty wiring”. I wonder how he got their SPECT scans to make such conclusions. If that’s any indication of the type of science Doc Amen does, I’ll take ICHTA’s head bonks.

      1. @Shorty,

        I’ve been through the third link. How about some links to those Mother Theresa and Ghandi scans? Mebbe they’re in one of your other posts?

        1. @I_wantz_2b_rich, wow such impatience! Do you work for Dr. Amen or something? Exactly what is your stake in this? You seem quite desperate to keep the doc on his pedestal.

          Anywayz, it seems you haven’t read Dr. Amen’s book “The Brain Is the Soul’s Fragile Dwelling Place: The Feedback Loop Between the Brain and the Soul Offers New Answer”? Tsk, Tsk. You apparently know little what you defend. If you enjoy New Wage, you’ll find it fascinating. Me, I barfed a little in my mouth.

    2. @I wantz 2B rich,

      Yeah, PubMed has some cool published brain research done using SPECT scans, too. But they’re trying to compare big batches of people with autism spectrum disorders to big batches of control participants to see if they can spot consistent differences that might guide them toward effective treatments. Amen has made this audacious leap to diagnosing individuals based on technology that, as your NIMH article says, isn’t ready for prime time.

      Amen would like for us to think he’s on the forefront of medicine, but really he’s just using the SPECT scan and the treatment with nutraceuticals and prayer as money-making sleight-of-hand while he applies the same tried-and-true symptom inventories and questionnaires to make the diagnosis and then prescribing past-their-prime heavy-duty drugs to make the symptoms go away.

      On that Wayback Machine of 2002’s, it says Amen treated patients with Adderall, which was approved by the FDA in 1960, 1968’s Tegretol, 1976’s Dexedrine, 1974’s Clonidine, 1983’s Depakote, 1989’s Anafranil, 1993’s Risperdal and 1996’s Zyprexa. Using forty-year-old drugs and nothing approved in the past five years is far from cutting edge.

      And the progressive stuff he prescribed back then doesn’t work. St. John’s Wort “shows no benefit over placebo” and there’s no evidence EMDR (which makes me think of finger healing) “is a treatment of choice over other approaches.”

      The fact that he’s prescribing his own nutraceutical blends is a conflict of interest. People are concerned about doctors prescribing this drug or that drug because the pharmaceutical company took them on cruises or bought them lunch. What about when the doctor owns the company making the product?

      On his Success Stories page, “A grateful mother” writes, “After her appointment at your clinic, she is now taking 4 Neurolinks 2x a day, plus the medication the doctor recommended.” Neurolink capsules are available in Amen’s store for $40 for 180 capsules. At eight capsules a day, that patient’s good for $40 every 22.5 days. I’m curious what the “medication” was. Adderall?

      I mean, I could tell you to take four Valium and one banana a day for anxiety, and, gosh darn it, that one banana would mellow you right the fuck out!

      There’s nothing inherent in SPECT scans or their use in neurology or psychiatry that’s analogous to phrenology, but after looking into Amen’s 2002 book, I definitely see the resemblance. The book is actually called “Healing the Hardware of the Soul: How Making the Brain-Soul Connection Can Optimize Your Life, Love, and Spiritual Growth.”

      Chapters three, four and five are just like a 21st century phrenology map:

      Three: The Thoughtful, Compassionate Brain – The Prefrontal Cortex (PFC)
      Four: The Flexible, Growth-Oriented Brain – The Anterior Cingulate Gyrus and Basal Ganglia
      Five: The Spiritual and Passionate Brain – The Temporal Lobes and Deep Limbic System

      Amen titled the first chapter “The Brain Is the Soul’s Fragile Dwelling Place,” which he claims is a quote from William Shakespeare. Despite the wealth of websites with full versions of The Bard’s work and the wealth of quote websites, I can’t find that quote, so I think it must be from a less-famous William Shakespeare.

      That first chapter is subtitled “The Feedback Loop Between the Brain and the Soul Offers New Answers” and includes the Mother Teresa and Gandhi assertions. You can read it right on page 7 in the Google books and 2002 and 2008 paperback Amazon Look Inside versions. He never saw their scans, he just audaciously leaped to those conclusions, too.

      Amen writes:

      A healthy soul actually enhances brain function, and a healthy brain is essential to a healthy soul.

      I’m not quite sure what to make of that. I’m fully immersed in New Age thinking, with the mind-body connection and all that, but Amen seems dangerously close to the New Wage Law of Attraction you-attracted-your-illness crap. Is he saying that you won’t get to heaven unless you take your anti-depressants? That if you have a brain tumor, it’s because your soul is ugly? That sounds like a two-hundred-year step backwards for mental health advocacy. Amen says his SPECT scans help people see that their brain problems are a medical issue and not a personal failure, but then he’s saying if they don’t get medical help it’s a spiritual failure?

      I’m also questioning Amen’s credentials. He got his M.D. at Oral Roberts University, which lacks accreditation by the AMA’s Liaison Committee on Medical Education. They’re in charge of “the accreditation of medical education programs within the United States leading to the M.D. degree.” He’s not a member of the AMA, and he’s not board certified by either of the boards for M.D.s.

      1. @Lanna, Just trying reading thru about EMDR to play catchup as my taking from the 2001 report isn’t that it doesn’t work but it’s no better than other exposure therapy/other therapy combos.

        On the next hand, Scott O. Lilienfeld updated the Quackwatch EMDR page on April 17, 2011 to say the same and has some helpful things to tell people about EMDR:

        “In the words of Harvard psychologist Richard McNally, “What is effective in EMDR is not new, and what is new is not effective.” Importantly, controlled data do not support the use of EMDR for anxiety disorders other than PTSD (e.g., phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder), mood disorders, sexual disorders, eating disorders, or psychotic disorders, although it is commonly used to treat the symptoms of these and other conditions.”

        Although, another place in the update-box at bottom of the page says:

        “Moreover, studies consistently show that the eye movements—or other forms of lateralized stimulation—of EMDR are irrelevant to its therapeutic effects (Davidson & Parker, 2001; Herbert et al., 2000). That is, the treatment works just as well without as with eye movements.”

        So, EMDR without the “E”? It’s sounds like finger-healing without fingers.

        Best warning I saw on the page was, watch out for overally-excited EMDR-people.

        1. @Jack,

          OK, OK, you and @I wantz 2B rich caught me. I exaggerated a little bit to prove that St. John’s Wort and EMDR were not the best choices. I am busy writing nutraceutical copy right now; I can’t provide a balanced review of every little thing!

          Normally I don’t read Quackwatch. First, they have a poorly researched article by Stephen Barrett bashing my absolute most favorite CAM therapy. Then you told me about Barrett’s career problems, which led me to learn about his legal problems, which I semi-confirmed with this PDF.

          But I see this article is by Scott, not Stephen, and Scott is a real professor. He’s reviewed a bunch of EMDR research, and he’s trying to catch the psychopaths more accurately. So I’ll give Scott a chance. His conclusions make sense.

          I think when the EMDR works, it probably works because of the mix of exposure-therapy type remembering followed by the Tetris-like visuospatial cognitive task of following the therapist’s finger. (I knew it reminded me of finger healing!)

          I like that Scott mentions NLP in the second paragraph and then has that warning about overally-excited EMDR-people at the bottom. Everybody gets interested in the latest treatment, but beware the people who latch onto one thing that turns out not to work very well.

            1. @Jack, @Lanna, @Iwantztoberich, @Shorty,

              Great detective work. It’s clear the “good” doctor is. Othing of the sort. Not good, and probably not a doctor.

              The uses of Spect scan I’ve outlined are very different from what Dr (can I get an) Amen is postulating. SPECT scanning in dementia and Parkinsonism is used AFTER diagnosis of either condition to ascertain the under,going cause. Dr Amen’s claim he can “read” your brain via SPECT sounds rather suSPECT, if you’ll pardon the pun. It’s miles away from conventional medical thinking.

              St John’s Wort may vary in efficacy…but so do traditional antidepressants. Follow up studies tend to show less of an effect, a pattern commonly seen with many drugs.

              All drugs potentially have side effects. The art of prescribing is minimising these effects, and holding off prescribing anything until the condition is significantly impacting the patient’s quality of life (a point which will vary from person to person) or there is clear survival benefit. And remembering to stop certain meds.

            2. @Jack,

              Yeah, he says he’s “Board Certified, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology,” but Wikipedia doesn’t list that board in their entry on board certification – at least not for M.D.s, a degree which he holds. If somebody who knows more about psychiatrists can tell me the ABPN is a real board, great. Until then, I have to think it’s a made-up thing for people who didn’t qualify for (or want to uphold the ethics of) a real board, like how the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools is a fake accrediting organization set up so your locksmith correspondence course can say it’s accredited.

              If you click all the way through to the supplement product pages, he has all the required information, including the FDA disclaimer. My only complaint about the supplements is the conflict of interest of him using his authority as an M.D. to sell patients on his own products.

  19. Shorty,

    I really do appreciate you directing me to Amen’s latest book. We have different takes on the doc. – I think I may have a better grasp on his work than you do. I’m somewhat familiar with his earlier work. If you read his book on ADD, you might develop a greater understanding of what he does, not just the value in his work, but a bigger picture. I‘m less familiar with his book, “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life“, haven‘t read it cover to cover.

    I took a quick look at the book you refer to on Amazon – my take on it was that this book is addressing the impact the spiritual dimension may have on brain health – and I‘m not referring to mediums and seances. It really isn’t a stretch. A broken spirit can affect the brain. Ongoing emotional trauma in children can lead to permanent changes in the brain. Stress hormones, or the metabolites from stress hormones, can actually damage the brain and kill brain cells. The concept is somewhat akin to psychoneuroimmunology, but instead of the immune system, the impact is reflected in the organ known as the brain – think toxins and inflammation.

    Nutrition exerts more of an impact on the brain than you may realize – and I’d be the first to have a Ding-Dong over a brain bar, even though I know which is better for me. In “The Perricone Prescription”, Nicholas Perricone, MD writes about nutrition, metabolism and the brain – ignore the stuff about the skin if it‘s annoying to you. To get an overview on vitamins, the book, “Life Extension”, from the 80’s, is a good primer. These aren’t textbooks. Then watch “Sweet Misery” – on Sugar is bad for you. Aspartame is worse.

    I didn’t get the impression that latest Amen book was meant to be clinical, either. Yeah. It’s amusing to to (inaccurately) paraphrase a couple of statements taken out of context. To me, it’s unfair to Amen and a disservice to the readers here to present a distorted picture with such an air of authority. Maybe I don’t give people enough credit – they’re capable of looking this stuff up, but probably less inclined to after reading that Amen said Mother Teresa and Gandhi had perfect brains – which he didn’t say. And Hitler probably was wired differently – sez me. You don’t need to be a doctor to figure that one out.

    Bernie Siegle, MD, can explain more about prayer and visualization and healing.

    I don’t know how familiar you are with brain anatomy and function, with the hormonal influences on the brain, or the impact of nutrition on the brain, beyond the electrical/chemical stuff. It’s not an area of interest for most people. I’m not being condescending. I concede that you are witty. You’re also bright. I don’t doubt you would be a quick study if the area did interest you.

    In the Brain Atlas, you can see examples of differences in the brain before and after the treatment for different conditions. Differences between individuals don’t account for the changes within an individual, and some of the images of the same condition in different individuals show the same traits, whether it’s clearly understood or not. It is clear to see that some areas are more or less active, and that there are marked differences in the surfaces.

    I think this is significant. I don’t think the study that was funded in December 2011 would have been funded if the technology wasn’t becoming more widely accepted. I included the third link you referred to because there isn’t a consensus. That doesn‘t mean that Amen‘s a fraud. I don’t work for Amen. I have a little teeny non-IM home business. I just hate to see Amen trashed. I was surprised to see him on the roster of the TLC, and I hate it that he’s associated with them.

    I don’t see this guy selling non existent business opportunities with promises – or even the implication – of wealth beyond your wildest dreams. Just because SPECT imaging is costly doesn’t mean there aren’t people who wouldn’t like to have it done to help rule in or rule out some condition – it may not be definitive by itself, but in conjunction with other symptoms or observations, it’s a piece of the puzzle and can contribute to a diagnosis. And if they can afford it, God bless ‘em.

    Insurance companies aren’t going to want to pay for SPECT imaging because it’s so expensive and because it does only give a piece of the picture. It won’t ever be the standard for some conditions, and for others it just isn’t the standard – yet. Twenty five years ago, I couldn’t get an insurance company to pay for an MRI because of the expense, and because it wasn‘t considered the standard for diagnosing a particular health issue. Today I can get one for the same condition, and they don’t blink.

    1. @I wantz 2B rich, You may have a better (almost desperate) grasp of Dr. Amen’s work than I, but if you seriously can’t recognize the major scam he’s pulling (thank you Lanna for explicating beautifully), then maybe you better focus more on rational thinking, less on magical thinking.

  20. @Lanna,

    Hi Lanna – there are studies on both sides for St. John’s Wort – it is effective for many people, which is exactly what happens with prescription medications for depression. There isn’t one medication that works for everyone, and it can be really difficult for the person who’s going through the laundry list in effort to alleviate severe depression.

    Head meds can be brutal. Haldol and Thorazine and Stelazine left a lot of people contorted and twitching, and it was the best that was available at the time. Mellaril was found to cause heart damage and I believe it was taken off the market 15 or 20 years ago.

    Many of the more recent psychotropics – risperdal, zyprexa, geodon – cause rapid, massive weight gain. What does that tell you? That it fucks with your metabolism, your liver, your pancreas. You see fewer ticks and tardive dyskinesia with those drugs, but they are bad, bad, bad. If there is anything you can do to safely reduce their use or the dosage, along with many of the other head meds, it’s a good thing.

    I mean, sure, it can’t be much fun to hear voices, and taking these drugs would be better than spending your life in jail. They’re better than killing someone. Or yourself. They’re still bad, and hopefully in another 20 years, there will be better drugs. Even amphetamines are better than having a kid wind up in jail.

    I was very anti-amphetamines-for kids until I saw the difference they made. I still don’t like them, and if something can be done behaviorally and/or through nutrition, supplements, and vitamins as an intervention to reduce the use of ADD drugs, I’m all for it. SPECT imaging isn’t a treatment, but at least the information there can be used to form a piece of the picture. (BTW, Dexedrine happens to be a lot cheaper than Adderall. And since the patent expired, now there’s Adderal XL or ER – a time released form, so big bucks can be charged from the makers of Adderal for another 10 or 20 years, whatever it is.)

    Tegretol and Depakote both can cause liver damage, if my recollection is correct. They are inexpensive compared to other drugs. Neurontin and lamotrigine are used for mood stabilization, as is lithium. Lamotrigine can (infrequently) cause a serious/lethal skin/respiratory reaction. Lithium can cause cardiotoxicity, neurotoxicity, and kidney damage. And it’s cheap.

    Neurontin literally, physically soothes the nerves. Omega 3s help keep brain/nerve tissue healthy. I can’t tell you if they reduce the need for mood stabilizers, but it isn’t a stretch to say that helping the tissue is good.

    Some of the newer antidepressant are OK, but some drugs have problems, too, and I know there are docs who don’t trust them. They want to wait longer to see more data come in. There are a lot of whores in the FDA who push bad drugs into the marketplace and then go work for big pharma companies as highly paid consultants. When the good guys go after the bad guys, they get squeezed out for being whistleblowers.

    And ultimately, money is a factor with rx drugs. Depends on your insurance or your HMO. You might get the shit drug that’s going to kill you because of the cost factors.

    There are a lot of variables regarding the whole supplement thing. I took 800mg of SAMe and 400mg of 5htp a day at a cost of $50 per month. These weren’t from a fancy, boutique vitamin store. I just stopped because I can’t afford it anymore, am taking a generic rx with a $5 copay. I’d rather take the supplements – for me, the efficacy was comparable without the side effects. For me, and it isn’t a placebo effect. I don’t know what the studies have to say about it.

    The only reason the supplements were that cheap was that I shopped smart and when they were on sale, from a well-established, reputable company. Multivitamins, calcium, b vitamins, c, d, omega 3s aren’t included in that price. If I were to add a couple of really specific amino acids to the mix, I could easily hit $90 a month.

    The point I’m trying to make is that just because you spend money on supplements, it doesn’t mean you’re being ripped off. It also doesn’t mean that because an individual doesn’t respond to supplements, or doesn’t have a condition that can be helped by using supplements, that supplements aren’t helpful to some people.

    Good for a doc who is promoting the appropriate use of non prescription interventions, be it as a primary treatment or as an adjunct. I’m not going to look out in the woods for foxglove if I should be prescribed digitalis for a heart condition, but when/if it’s appropriate and affordable and safe to use something else, I choose to do so, and other people are free to choose for themselves.

    Doesn’t make vitamin and prayers and meditation hooey.

  21. @my new mental gymnastic partners who keep me away from evil IM predators & opt-in email videos

    Not looking to bust anyone. Amen’s credentialed, certified by American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. (Unlike Mr. Roast Duck aka Dr. Fire )

    Is assistant Clinical Professor at UC Irvine school of medicine – accredited by AMA’s Liaison Committee on Medical Education (unlike Oral Roberts)

    No dings with Medical Board of California

    “…amassed the world’s largest databases of functional brain (SPECT) scans related to behavioral problems.” Wish there was a meta-study of brain imaging & SPECT. Amen acknowledges it’s experimental.

    Look at *rotating* image of “worried and rigid” brain. Pretty please. Then look at rotating image of normal brain:
    Wonder what else’s going on with worried brain. Doesn’t look good.

    21st century brain map: doesn’t tell you where soul is, links on page show brain anatomy & location of many functions.
    Influence of emotions on medical conditions – really not blaming patient.
    Meditation changing brain structure (fMRI imaging used)
    Omega 3
    Fish & brain health

    EMDR studied in 2001, findings might not have been processed by 2002.
    VA on EMDR 7-27-2010: “In addition to cognitive behavioral therapies, EMDR is recommended in most practice guidelines.“ Goes on, includes eye movement appraisal. CBT prolly better, anyway.

    Supplements – not problem, price similar to some combos in vitamin/health food stores. Would research ingredients to decide if right for me or kid with problem. If helpful, would shop price.

    Amen doesn’t have wings, doesn’t have horns & tail or carry pitchfork, either. Really don’t like a couple things now. Might bring joy to your brain?

    Ain’t buying no $2.75 1.5oz bar of anything, except precious metals. No $8.95 chocolate bar, either. Even if I’m stuck in an airport.

    Don’t like psychiatrist coach on membership site including NLP & Byron Katie techniques. Should use bonafide stuff. Hate Amen’s association with piece of work Katie & blinders re: TLC.

    So thank you for getting me to go through his site, stubborn as I am. Now also think TLC crowd exerting bad influence on good doctor. If he posts images of sociopath TLC brains, I will give him one redemption point for each image. If he leaves TLC, I will buy him a lap dance. Maybe.

    Pls look at brain images. You might even recognize someone. Jenkings, Irwin, Jenkins, gnomes, charity robbers, etc. Don’t need to be doc to see some jus’ ain’t right. Believe SPECT will gain more acceptance in the future. Unlike tinfoil hats.

    I apologizes for cat pee comment. Put little pisser tomcat outside.
    I can haz nice checkmarks now? No? I can haz cheezburger?

    1. @I wantz 2B rich, One thing that still gets my eye is that he won honors in Persuasive Oratory which would seem to make it a cincher for him to know TLC is a scam-body.

      1. @Jack,

        Can’t say one way or the other about oratory stuff – don’t know a thing about it. Starting to have doubts for other reasons – he’s moving in the direction of IM.

        Still a staunch supporter of SPECT imaging, believe there are legitimate uses for it. (fMRI is awesome, too. Would love to see a view of one image superimposed on the other.) When Amen was doing SPECT years ago, he only had the clinic, had the ADD book (don’t know if there were others, but that’s the one I’m familiar with).

        When I saw NLP & Byron Katie mentioned on his site in association with the psychologist who coaches on the paid member site, that was a red flag. NLP is junk science.

        Member site doesn’t seem overpriced – if you need a cheerleader & support for weight loss, it appears legit. Stuff you might be able to get for free somewhere else, but at least no one should be calling you names on a supervised specialty forum. Don’t need junk science for that, need someone with appropriate training.

        Wonder if the paid member site is a set up for costly private coaching. Believe they’re getting ready to move into private coaching – will check site again – a really big red flag. Coaching is a trend with IM predators. A blank check. I mean, like how much money is enough?

        Think it would be hard to prove a coaching scam if there are no stated claims. People I’ve seen doing it don’t deserve the fees they charge unless you want to enroll in coaching to learn how to scam other people.

        Sad. There could be legitimate place for ethical reasonably priced 1:1 coaching by knowledgable people. Some people need encouragement & a little direction, don’t have a support system. Which also makes them the perfect target for people with no integrity.

        Will look up the price & legit sources for some of the vitamin ingredients for a more informed commentary on his blends. Don’t know if Amen tests his ingredients independently – it’s important. Was a company shipping something from China – maybe Milk Thistle – content wasn’t even an herb – a deliberate deception.

        Weil had a problem with vitamin potency, don’t think it was intentional, but a scientist selling vitamins should know enough to check potency of stuff before buying. Even dope dealers know that.

        So the vitamins & the psychologist who works on the coaching site warrant further investigation. I will look up the psychologist’s license, look a little deeper into vitamin ingredients when I have time – can’t afford to have them lab test….

        Will keep watching for new developments.

  22. @my new mental gymnastic partners who keep me away from evil IM predators & opt-in email videos

    Not looking to bust anyone. Amen’s credentialed, certified by American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. (Unlike Mr. Roast Duck aka Dr. Fire )

    Is assistant Clinical Professor at UC Irvine school of medicine – accredited by AMA’s Liaison Committee on Medical Education (unlike Oral Roberts)

    No dings with Medical Board of California

    “…amassed the world’s largest databases of functional brain (SPECT) scans related to behavioral problems.” Wish there was a meta-study of brain imaging & SPECT. Amen acknowledges it’s experimental.

    Look at *rotating* image of “worried and rigid” brain. Pretty please. Then look at rotating image of normal brain:
    Wonder what else’s going on with worried brain. Doesn’t look good.

    21st century brain map: doesn’t tell you where soul is, links on page show brain anatomy & location of many functions.
    Influence of emotions on medical conditions – really not blaming patient.
    Meditation changing brain structure (fMRI imaging used)
    Omega 3
    Fish & brain health

    EMDR studied in 2001, findings might not have been processed by 2002.
    VA on EMDR 7-27-2010: “In addition to cognitive behavioral therapies, EMDR is recommended in most practice guidelines.“ Goes on, includes eye movement appraisal. CBT prolly better, anyway.

    Supplements – not problem, price similar to some combos in vitamin/health food stores. Would research ingredients to decide if right for me or kid with problem. If helpful, would shop price.

    Amen doesn’t have wings, doesn’t have horns & tail or carry pitchfork, either. Really don’t like a couple things now. Might bring joy to your brain?

    Ain’t buying no $2.75 1.5oz bar of anything, except precious metals. No $8.95 chocolate bar, either. Even if I’m stuck in an airport.

    Don’t like psychiatrist coach on membership site including NLP & Byron Katie techniques. Should use bonafide stuff. Hate Amen’s association with piece of work Katie & blinders re: TLC.

    So thank you for getting me to go through his site, stubborn as I am. Now also think TLC crowd exerting bad influence on good doctor. If he posts images of sociopath TLC brains, I will give him one redemption point for each image. If he leaves TLC, I will buy him a lap dance. Maybe.

    Pls look at brain images. You might even recognize someone. Jenkins, Irwin, Walker, gnomes, charity robbers, etc. Don’t need to be doc to see some jus’ ain’t right. Believe SPECT will gain more acceptance in the future. Unlike tinfoil hats.

    I apologizes for cat pee comment. Put little pisser tomcat outside.
    I can haz nice checkmarks now? No? I can haz cheezburger?

    1. @I wantz 2B rich,

      Well I am looking to bust Dr. Amen! I notice he conveniently left off the Volunteer part of his UC Irvine title. UCI’s accreditation doesn’t apply to him since he is 1) not a graduate of their med program and 2) not on the tenured faculty of their med school. He is merely a Volunteer Assistant Clinical Professor which is fancy university speak for unpaid, non-tenured practitioner loosely affiliated. I’m told there are over 1000 of these titles at UCI alone.

      By the way, UCI does have a Brain Imaging Center. I wonder why Dr. Amen, a supposedly pre-eminent expert in this area isn’t allowed to touch their state-of-the-art scanners? Surely the Center’s director (who is apparently so smart he skipped finishing his undergraduate degree to go straight into Washington University’s med school–currently ranked 4th in the nation) would want to work with anyone who is on the cutting edge of this type of research. Unless of course, he (Dr. Amen) is totally not.

      I hope someone else will have time to dig further into Dr. Amen’s other so-called credentials as tonight I have work to do. Ta for now!

      1. @Shorty, & all

        Sorry on duplicate posts – they were delayed b/c of the links, didn’t know that was why they didn’t go through.

        Was referring not targeting my peers here – we may disagree on some things, but as possessed as I get, I don’t have the need to scrutinize every point – not suggesting that others do, either.

        Do find the volunteer status interesting, though, and can’t speak to the scanner issue at UC – mebbe he just uses his own, or mebbe they don’t let volunteers play with their big toys, I’m not there, don’t know anyone there, just can’t say.

        I’m off to do other stuff, too, anyway (I think), had the opportunity to say what I had to say, need to focus on things away from computers, will watch for new developments. If there’s dirt, someone will root out the truffles of truth.

  23. Meanwhile, I’m keeping my eye on another M.D. in the above-mentioned Dr. Mark Hyman, one of the featured speakers at the recent TLC seekrit meeting. His name seems to be popping up more and more in the media. Definitely another celebdoc in the making, and it seems he’s gravitating towards the woo crowd b/c that’s where the money is. Don’t get me wrong. It can be a great thing when docs are willing to consider something besides Rx drugs and surgery. But when the big money machine calls, too many of ’em go over to the Dark Side.

      1. @I wantz 2B rich, I don’t see anything antagonistic about your question (at least you’re not being antagonistic to me). If you’re talking about Dr. Mark Hyman, his web site indicates that he is involved in “a groundbreaking whole-systems medicine approach called Functional Medicine.” It also says he is a family physician.

        He seems to be focusing on the nutritional side of things, making extra dough through books, supplements, and of course speaking ops. He is apparently considered some sort of authority now, since as I said his name is popping up in various media, including on TV and in mainstream mags such as the Readers’ Digest.

        The quotation at the top of his web site, which is accompanied by a pic of the good doctor in a dreamy celebridoc pose, says, “The fork is your most powerful tool to change your health and the planet; food is the most powerful medicine to heal Chronic illness.”

        I imagine that the fork is also a powerful tool for a hustledork’s career development, as in, “Fork it over, suckers.” Maybe I am just biased, but as I indicated earlier, if Dr. H. is hanging around with the TLC, that’s a big red flag. He has an M.D. after his name, but I’m thinking he needs to add another credential: F.W. for Fame Whore. Chopra and Oz earned their own F.W.s long ago.

        1. @Cosmic Connie,

          Nah, not into being antagonistic, just stand my ground when I think I have a valid reason to believe something. And when I’m shown otherwise, I bend.

          Reading your post, just got a flash as you described FW’s photo – think these guys belong to the celebridoc posse. Now there’s another name for them.

          Thanks for the brief on H.

  24. As far as I’m concerned, anything with the word “transformational” in it is suspect. And here’s evidence of yet another unholy alliance between Hollyweird and the hustledorks. They’ve long been in bed together, but this holds the potential to take their romance to dazzling new levels:

    1. @Cosmic Connie,

      GATE sure puts the “con” in StoryCon. They put on a whole event about stories and there’s no professional storytellers in sight. (Well, good for them for keeping away.)

      1. @Lanna, LOL. Actually, storytelling has been revered in the New-Wage movement (particularly the Mythopoetic faction) for years and years. Entire New-Wage/McSpirituality franchises have been built around myths and stories. Of course New-Wage gurus are pretty good storytellers themselves. Apropos of that, here’s a very good piece from a few years back on Chris Locke’s Mystic B blog:

        “Is the artist’s purpose to somehow touch the heart and mind, or merely to appear to be doing that? As art exists and works within the very domain of appearances, it is the best place, bar none, to practice deception as divulgence. Assemble a collection of abstruse icons, symbols, semaphores. Arrange them on a carefully prepared palimpsest of partially excavated previous attempts. Annotate the lot with animal familiars, arcane alphabets, phases of the moon. Is it real or is it Memorex? Pay close attention: my fingers never leave my hand!

        “I would argue that this kind of artistic sophistry — making The Bogus appear The Profound — has a special allure for the Mystic Bourgeoisie. I would say it almost constitutes a definition. And they construct themselves this way as well. …”

        Yeah. What Chris said.

        1. @Cosmic Connie,

          Chris hooked me with the word “palimpsest” and I had to read the whole article! But I was actually thinking more along the lines of the Healing Story Alliance, which is composed of actual psychologists and LCSWs using storytelling as a form of art therapy.

    2. @Cosmic Connie,

      Christ, just took a look at the first page of the site. Made me think of Heaven’s Gate.

      1. @I wantz 2B rich,

        ‘Cuz I’m a total nerd and bit snarky, I looked at the source of the Gate site.

        It looks like the WordPress theme they have installed is called “Karma.”

        I’ve actually used it on one occasion, and it’s a nice one.

        However, for all the suppose Hollywood money and support, they sure didn’t seem to hire a quality designer/developer.

        They didn’t even take the time to actually make a semi-original design out of the theme. It’s almost straight out of the box.



        I also noticed that the Karma theme as been purchased … let’s see … 7811 times.


        So this site looks almost identical to literally 1000s of other sites out there.

        For all their “shift is happening!” BS, it sure seems like the same old “shift” to me.

          1. @I wantz 2B rich,

            Unfortunately, I do remember Heaven’s Gate, the Hale-Bopp, and that wacked-out look in the eyes of their “leader”. Definitely creepy stuff.

            I also found it interesting that the name of the theme they used for the site was called Karma. Seems like a touch of irony in there, but I’m not English enough to make a good joke out of it.

            1. @,zipnar, yes, remember the dude with the manifesto that kept playing over and over again on the news – think people who fall for that are even worse off than those of us who’ve been separated from our $$$ from the IM predators – of course, they may have been raised by Scientologists. Who also are good at parting people from their money. Anyway, I hope anyone who’s contemplating joining the gate community has a moment of sanity and comes across this site.

  25. PSI Seminars co-founder Jane C. Willhite is also a founding member of TLC.
    Word has it that bank accounts are cleaned out and divorces happen right and left after people get involved?

    PSI facilitators are know for busting up marriages, conning people into signing up for the next expensive course with slick high pressure sales tactics, group sex with the groupies, and can’t make it on their own so they run back to PSI with their tails between their legs under big momma Jane’s skirt.

    The next generation is taking over ownership of PSI with daughter Jennessa Helene Willhite Meyers and her husband Jeffrey Widdecombe Meyers scheduling Assuraf, Canfield, Hansen, Prudden, Joe Vitalie, Annie Yoder, Shelli Hunt, Pat Allen, and Bob Proctor as speakers at Principia. Old lady Fischer has been put out to pasture.

  26. Had an epiphany. There is a true transformation that takes place with the Transformational Leadership Council. They transform your money into their money. Like magic.

  27. John Assaraf spoke at PSI Seminars Principia last year. Ever since OneCoach went belly up, their marketing man, Scott Allen, moved over to PSI Seminars and is now the vice-president of marketing.

    Scott Allen wrote, or the truth about PSI Seminars. The principals, Jane Willhite, her daughter Jenessa Helene Willhite Meyers, and old lady Ernestine Fischer, all donate to the Democratic Party, Barbara Boxer, and Hillary Clinton. Since this is public knowledge on the Huffington Post, PSI is trying to back peddle by saying that the money made from the seminars doesn’t just go to the Democrats. I don’t care which party they donate to but I think people who spend their hard earned money with this group ought to know where their money goes.

    Tom Willhite’s tutor, William Penn Patrick, owner of pyramid scheme Holiday Magic Cosmetics made an unsuccessful run for the Republian nomination for the govenor of CA being beat by Ronald Reagan in 1966. My how the world has turned with the PSI brass assuaging their guilt and donating to the Democrats over the millions they make from their profit making venue known as PSI Seminars.

    Jane Willhite sent out a personal message to all PSI graduates urging them to sign up for PSI7 graduate Lanny Morton’s Six Minutes to Success. Many were roped into this. Now people are losing their shirts from being involved with this crap. Lanny and Deena Morton are being sued by Bob Proctor who ownes “Six Minutes to Success” leaving the graduates holding the bag.

    John Assaraf of The Secret speaks at PSI Seminars Principia. It costs $25,000 to take all of the PSI classes: The Basic, PSI 7, Men’s or Women’s Leadership Seminars, PLD (Pacesetter Leadership Dynamics) seminar, and Principia (where all of the top brass from the new thought crowd speaks).

    Check out Pissed Consumer for the PSI Seminar complaints. Rick Ross too. Jane Willhite and Shirley Hunt’s little money making scheme is being exposed.

    Bob Proctor blathers on and on about vibrations every Principia too. you’d think he’d get a new shtick.

    1. @Lori, Thanks for filling in some of the historical details as well as the current ones. Boy, that William Penn Patrick really did get around, didn’t he? I have some half-finished blog posts about some of the pre-Internet pyramid scammers, such as one Glenn Turner, hustledork extraordinaire of the 1970s, who did prison time for his own scams (of course, he and his fans claim he was framed). Maybe I’ll finish it some day.

      But for now, here’s a Time capsule from 1973…

      “William Penn Patrick, a former mentor of Turner’s, was charged last month by the Securities and Exchange Commission with bilking some 80,000 people out of more than $250 million through his Holiday Magic cosmetics and soap empire. Shortly after the charges were made, Patrick was killed when he piloted a plane into a mountain; the case against the company goes to trial this week in a San Francisco federal court. Last month the Federal Trade Commission found Holiday Magic guilty of deceptive trade practices and is demanding full restitution to Holiday Magic investors…

      “The battle is far from over. Pyramid operations seem to have an irresistible attraction for people with low incomes and high expectations. ‘The real tragedy is that Holiday Magic appeals to minority people who want to get rich,’ says SEC Staff Lawyer Louis F. Burke. ‘It’s the little guy who can’t read who gets ripped off.’ Pyramiders also have a knack for forming new companies as soon as the old ones come under fire. Despite a pending FTC cease-and-desist order and numerous state injunctions, Bestline last week was still doing business in all 50 states and several foreign countries. Laments the SEC’s Burke: ‘If Holiday Magic flounders here, they can still rape Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Far East.'”

      ~from Time Magazine, Monday, July 16, 1973

      That was nearly 40 years ago. The more things change…

  28. Tom Willhite, co-owner of PSI Seminars along with his wife Jane, was born on January 10, 1940 in Oklahoma. His parents were Jim Willhite and Lorene Wakefield Willhite of Oklahoma. His sons are Thomas Dale Willhite Jr., born in 1958 currently from Eureka CA and Kevin Dewayne Willhite of Broken Arrow OK. Tomas D. Willhite Jr. is married to Jennifer K. Willhite. Kevin D. Willhite is now a single dad, divorced from Lorinda. Tom’s daughter is Valerie Ruth Willhite House, from Gilbert /Tucson AZ. Valerie Ruth Willhite House is married to Terry House. These adult children are from his first wife Bertha Ruth Willhite of Broken Arrow OK. Jenessa Helene Willhite Meyers is the daughter from his second wife, Jane Corwin Willhite from Worcester MA. Jane’s best friend, Shirley Hunt is from Worcester MA too. Jenessa was married to Jeff Widdecombe Meyers, her highschool sweetheart, (a vinter family) on May 31,2004, by a Catholic priest, at High Valley Ranch in Clearlake Oaks CA, and they now have a little girl named Jenevieve, and two twin toddlers. Jenessa went to Terra Linda High School in San Rafael CA and then onto USC where she majored in theater. Jenessa is an essential executive with her mom Jane in the PSI Siminars, PSI World organizations. Other exectives are Shirley Hunt, of Syrian descent, a life-long friend of Jane’s from Worcester MA, along with a 1988 grad, now PSI executive Kathy Quinlan-Perez. Ron Newman owner of defunct Red Onion Restaurant which had numerous racial discriminatory offenses and now owns new restaurant Sharkeez restaurant, is on the PSI World Board. Bob Sikora, owner of Bobby McGees restaurant, is on the PSI World board. Tom’s brother Ron Willhite, is a pentecostal minister in Roswell GA. Ron is now retired. How a Christian minister, such as Tom’s brother Ron, can tolerate the biblical blasphemy of Tom’s philosophy . . . who knows? Tom grew up fairly poor in the Redondo Beach-Torrance CA area and rode with the Hells Angles motorcycle gang as a young man. His life turned around when he met his tutor, William Penn Patrick, the owner of Holiday Magic Cosmetics. Tom met and married Jane Corwin then from Worcester/Boston MA at Holiday Magic company. Jane is a Roman Catholic and Tom became a Catholic when he married Jane. Tom studied under Alexander Everett, who was a Unity ministerial student and Jose Silva student became a facilitator of Alexander Everett’s Mind Dynamics Seminars. William Penn Patrick bought Mind Dynamics in 1970 to add to his Leadership Dynamics sales training courses. Mind Dynamics was created by Alexander Everett in 1968. Tom and Jane attended the MD courses plus the instructors’ course. Personal success could be achieved through the conscious use of the subconscious mind. Everett came from the UK for study to become a Unity minister after growing up in the Unity Movement in England. Tom would implement subconscious mind techniques along with WPP’s philosophy as a sales trainer for Holiday Magic. The budding seeds of PSI World began here.
    Tom admits in his manuscripts that his tutor, William Penn Patrick, of the Leadership Dynamics Institute’s seminars contained acts of humiliation, verbal abuse, physical assault, and sleep deprivation. Leadership Dynamics Seminars were created to help underperforming salesmen sell more Holiday Magic product. Read Gene Church’s book The Pit for more info. Tom told those of us in the early days about WPP physically assaulting LDI seminar participants. WPP even physically slapped his wife Marie until she couldn’t stand it any longer and divorced him. Marie then physically slapped her female Leadership Dynamics students during the Leadership Dynamics Women’s Seminar. WPP studied the Bible every day. WPP’s reaction to the Federal Trade Commission’s investigation of Holiday Magic in late 1969 resulted in a screaming and table pounding match while he espoused the fact that he would never compromise with the F.T.C. Ben Gay III, an executive tried to persuade WPP to make the changes the F.T.C. wanted stating that he was trying to build a company that would be here 20 years from now. WPP said, “Let’s get something straight; I can steal more money in the next two years than you can make building an organization. It is going to take the Federal Trade Commission at least two years to get us and we are going to proceed on that line.” Salesmen were not paid commissions on plan enrollments and garages were loaded up with unsaleable-nonrefundable Holiday Magic products. Zig Ziglar was a corporate trainer for WPP in the Holiday Magic Company and left in disgust when he was stiffed on his rightly due commissions from WPP. Tom understated it when he said, “He did a lot of wrong things,” in his manuscripts.
    Eventually Holiday Magic was found to be a pyramid scheme by the F.T.C and filed for bankrupcy. Tom’s tutor, William Penn Patrick, was killed on Saturday, June 9, 1973 at 43 years old on a steep ridge near his Clearlake Oaks Ranch House (High Valley Ranch). Also killed in the plane was Christian Hagert, 30, of Helsinki, Finland, the director of Holiday Magic. Soil samples taken at the crash site and an intensive investigation indicated that the P 51 Mustang plane ran out of gas, which cleared a mechanic of allegedly performing faulty repair work before the flight. High Valley Ranch was auctioned off by the government and was bought by Thomas and Jane Willhite in 1973.
    The seminars have ebbed and flowed throughout the years with PSI 1 for Kids, PSI 3 for Teens, PSI 4, PSI 7, PLD, PSI 9 (Women’s Leadership Seminar), PSI 10 (Men’s Leadership Seminar), and Principia. PSI 5 is no longer held and has been incorporated into PSI 4 and PSI 7. PSI 2 (Communications) and PSI 6 (Business) Seminars are no longer held. They also have been incorporated into PSI 4 and PSI 7. Front and Center has been added to teach the art of giving presentations and to reap a new crop of seminar facilitators.
    Tom’s vision, which came to him from a sound sleep as recorded in the Book of Visions, [so he says in his manuscripts] is straight out of Hermetic philosophy which can be summarized by seven basic principles: mentalism, correspondence, vibration, polarity, rhythm, cause and effect, and gender. See The Kybalion ~ Hermetic Philosophy by Three Initiates.
    Tom states “You are God” on page 166 in his manuscripts, the PSI bible. This is omitted from PSI’s spoken word CDs narrated by Tom’s nephew, Jimmie McMahon. There is an obvious gap of silence when “you are the universe . . . you are god” are read from the missing verbal version. Jimmie McMahon mispronounces many words on the CDs in his Oakie accent. Jimmie now hosts “Camp Be It” at the ranch every summer for singer-songwriter wannabes who pay thousands of dollars to go.
    PSI Seminars was hit with a labor lawsuit in Denver from not paying overtime to staff members. People are so dumb! They get duped into working for this organization which is just a vehicle for making Jane, Jenessa, and Shirley rich. Staffers get mimimum wage $25,000 a year for 80 hours+ work weeks and think they are giving back and that the Willhites will love them and make them family . . . Not!
    Jane and Jenessa preach “World Peace One Mind At A Time” with balance of the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual sides of the Peace Of Mind Square yet they cannot controll their weight. They are both obese. Like people don’t notice?

    Jane has railed in Tim O’Kelly, who was married to Shelli Hunt(convicted of a hit-and-run in Lucerne CA in 2003 after killing a man with her car after spending a night at the Boathouse Bar and Grill at Clearlake CA with two male friends) after she divorced his ass from making nucky behind the barn at PSI7 with some other blonde in a red dress. Shelli Hunt was a PSI Executive and PSI7 and Women’s Leadership facilitator. There are many articles in the Lake County CA Record Bee newspaper about the trial and the favoritism of a “rich PSI woman” over a “dead Mexican man”. Shelli reported in to the Lake County Sheriffs Station the next day 12 hours after the fact after she though she “hit something last night.” Brett Williams (facilatator) was canned June 2011 for being forclosed on for his condo in Phoenix AZ and Jeff Rogers (facilitator) went out on his own wanting all of the seminar money for himself. George (facilitator) was in and out of rehab while teaching the PSI Basic the whole time. Carson Johns facilitates the PSI Basic in San Francisco and has a bevy of groupies throwing their panties at him. Dan Gibbons now the area coordinator for Denver expects his office staff to work overtime for free since they are “giving back.” Facilitator Paul Skok said that he “speaks for God.” Right! Mark Shearson has had a trail of groupies he fornicated with constantly until Jane put her foot down and said that it was making PSI look bad. Courtland Warren facilitates the Basic in New York and Florida in his “blacklish” accent. That’s gut . . . That’s gut. No, let me axe you a quession . . . isn’t it, “That’s good?”

    Giving Back means free labor for PSI Seminars. They solicit help in running the seminars from the ranks of the PSI Basic students.

    What a lovely bunch to pattern one’s life after.

    Sadly Tom was taken from us on a Wednesday morning, at 9:19 a.m. September 21, 1983 when he was 43 years old. He crashed his Kecskes Der Jager D-1X plane at High Valley Ranch in Clearlake Oaks, CA while performing aerobatics before a group of PSI 7 students. About 40 students witnessed this tragic event. After performing rolls, loops, pull-ups and a final wing over, he crashed into the ground.

    He transitioned from this life by way of an intrathoracic hemorrhage, laceration of the heart, and a crushing injury of the chest. The Jones & Lewis Clear Lake Memorial Chapel mortuary in Lower Lake CA handled the transition. Tom was buried on Tuesday, September 27, 1983 in the Mount Olivet Catholic Cemetery at 270 Los Ranchitos Road, San Rafael CA 94903. May he rest in peace.

    PSI continues on with Jane and Jenessa at the helm of PSI World Seminars. Bob Proctor shows up every year touting the latest scheme in which PSI Grads pay through the nose. It was Six Minutes to Success last year as touted by PSI Grad Lanny Morton now ran by Bob Proctor and it will be something else in this coming year. Whatever Jane is foisting upon the sycophant PSI Grads . . . it will cost thousands upon thousands of dollars!

  29. Here’s an article from Time Magazine, Monday, July 16, 1973 about the William Penn Patrick Holiday Magic Cosmetics fraud. Glen (Date to Be Great who was indicted in Miami FL) Turner, Thomas (PSI World Seminars) Willhite, John (Lifespring) Hanley, and Werner (Landmark Education/Forum/EST) Erhard were all tutored under William Penn Patrick!
    “William Penn Patrick, a former mentor of Glen Turner’s, was charged last month by the Securities and Exchange Commission with bilking some 80,000 people out of more than $250 million through his Holiday Magic cosmetics and soap empire. Shortly after the charges were made, Patrick was killed when he piloted a plane into a mountain; the case against the company goes to trial this week in a San Francisco federal court. Last month the Federal Trade Commission found Holiday Magic guilty of deceptive trade practices and is demanding full restitution to Holiday Magic investors…
    “The battle is far from over. Pyramid operations seem to have an irresistible attraction for people with low incomes and high expectations. ‘The real tragedy is that Holiday Magic appeals to minority people who want to get rich,’ says SEC Staff Lawyer Louis F. Burke. ‘It’s the little guy who can’t read who gets ripped off.’ Pyramiders also have a knack for forming new companies as soon as the old ones come under fire. Despite a pending FTC cease-and-desist order and numerous state injunctions, Bestline last week was still doing business in all 50 states and several foreign countries. Laments the SEC’s Burke: ‘If Holiday Magic flounders here, they can still rape Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Far East.’”
    Fast foward a few years . . . Holiday Magic techniques are now masquerading as the self-help, self-growth awareness seminars listed above. Things never change. The simpletons still get roped into taking the “next higher” class for more life-success information without ever questioning why the organizations charge so much for free information in the first place.
    If you really notice, all of the money goes to the owners at the top. Jane Willhite is raking in millions of dollars at the poor saps’ expense. All of the Willhite are living high on the hog. They all live in expensive neighborhoods, have big screen TVs, every conceivable gadget known to humanity, and pay below minimum wage to their office help who are duped into “giving back through ‘Givers Gain.'” After a while they get fed up with the low wages and float away. Tim O’Kelley can’t keep his pecker in his pants. Jane keeps him on a short leash. He has fantastic skills in front of the classroom on the stage but get him to a dinner party to observe his behavior? Mr. Glib turns mute and exhibits no interpersonal skills. Other guests have to “pry” conversation out of him by asking him prodding questions about himself. You’d think he’d turn on the charm to rope more of ’em into the PSI fold. Talk about non-networking!!!
    If you notice, only the real needy and wannabes take the courses. Hell, in fact, most of these people can’t decide whether to eat Chinese or Japanese for dinner.
    Real entrepreneurial types just “Go For It” and do the thing they fear in the face of it anyway. They don’t pay $25,000 to be placated and told “you’re great” in the first place. Real innovators don’t worry about being “great” and are great because they are not posers . . . as the PSI participants are.
    Bob Proctor, Lanny Morton, John Assaraf, and Mat Boggs also hide in the PSI barn and rake in the dough from poor PSI saps urged on by Jane Willhite herself.
    If you really want to get in touch with your inner self or fears . . . do something out of your comfort zone. If the intentions are clear . . . the mechanism appears! You’ll figure out a way to achieve your goal no matter what. You don’t need Carson (Frat Boy) Johns, Kathy (raspy voice from too many cigarettes) Quinlan-Perez, Dan (I can’t make it on my own and need to hide under the PSI skirt) Gibbons, or Mr. PSI-Marketing-Director-fired-from-bankrupt-John Assaraf of-Coach-One, Scott (I’m trying to beat Jane weight wise on the scale) Allen to tell you this . . . unless you’re a wannabe PSI sap.

    1. @PSI Knowledge is Free, Looks like you were reading the very same issue of Time Magazine I was reading (February 22nd, 2012 at 10:01 am, above). Some of the stuff we’re talking about here today has its roots in the 1970s (and even earlier, of course). But overall, people don’t seem to learn much from history.

  30. Here is the complete PSI bible they hand out at PSI 7 at the ranch. It is referred to as the Life Success Manuscripts. PSI 7 is the after The Basic where screen of the mind (see the perfect end result as you fulfil your desires), workshop (a mental workshop to work things out to your perfection), are leanded and the Black-Black game is played. If everyone votes “. Enjoy!

    Dear PSI VII Students,
    I want to personally welcome you to PSI VII and congratulate you on taking this most important step in your life. Your being here is an indication that you value your future and that you are already a leader.

    PSI VII is the result of many years of study and experience. In fact, one could say PSI VII is the result of thousands of years of study about
    the philosophy of mankind: Who we are, how we have what we have and how we can be what we want to become. When my late husband, Thomas, and I created PSI World and the PSI Seminars, we had been searching for many years for a better way of life. During this search we were tutored by many people. We found truths so simple that most people overlook them. We found validity in the saying, “nothing is new except the ancient truths that we have not yet become aware of”.

    These manuscripts are a series of keys that will unlock the doors to anything you want. Thomas called them “his war chest”. He knew he could win any battle in life with this knowledge, and he did. Always he strove to live in a win-win way. His life rested on the foundation that all human beings had been given a gift – THE LAW OF CHOICE – and each man or woman was free to create their life on how they daily applied this law. You and I are no exception. What we have, where we go, what we do and who we are is the result of our individual choosing.

    If you will dare to choose a path of greatness, you will create a great and magnificent life for you to experience. These manuscripts are here to assist you in making wise choices. Use what is here for you today. Apply these keys now. Look to yourself for responsibility. Dream big. Find goodness in those around you.

    See the world as a place of abundance. Be committed to your word.
    Live each day to the fullest. Express the joy that is within you. Know that we believe in you and your dreams. Share yourself with others.
    Finally, I want you to know that I am here and PSI World is here to serve you. We want you to have your dreams.

    Peace through love,
    Jane C. Willhite
    President and Co-founder

    The Manuscripts ofThomas D. Willhite This book is dedicated to THOSE I LOVE My family, friends, associates, and students
    These manuscripts are the result of the love and support of many people. To these I owe
    a debt more than words can pay . . .
    TO MY PARENTS, who have always given advice, encouragement and, most of all, love.
    TO MY WIFE, JANE, who is my strongest supporter and dearest friend.
    TO DALE, KEVIN, VALERIE AND JENESSA, my four beautiful children, whose vitality and love keep me forever young.
    TO MY TUTOR, who inspired me to be all that I could be, and to do all that I could do.
    TO MY COLLEAGUE, DR. ELIZABETH B. BUCK, who has spent many, many hours researching and assisting in the preparation of these manuscripts.
    TO MY ASSISTANT, HELEN SHAW, who has seen the details of not only these manuscripts but other projects as I devoted energy here.
    TO MY SECRETARY, LINDA LIFSCHULTZ, who has given many hours to the typing of these manuscripts.
    TO MY ASSOCIATES IN PSI, whose ideas and support are found throughout.
    TO MY BROTHERS IN PRISON, whose love sustains me.
    TO MY STUDENTS, who have given endless support and love.
    To you all I say, THANK YOU.
    c. Copyright 1978 by Thomas D. Willhite. Revised 1982. Published by PSI World. High Valley Ranch. Clearlake Oaks, California 95423. All rights reserved.

    January 1, 1978
    Dear PSI Students:
    Nothing in this world is new . . . not this book . . . nor the paper on which it is written.
    The very atoms which comprise my body and yours are ancient. Though the atoms them-selves are old, the arrangement, that is the way they are combined, is new. Similarly, there are no new truths. The Truth is, and always has been and always will be. I can neither add to nor take away from the truth. All I can do is to present it in a different way. Present it my way, as I understand it and as I see it applying to the NOW.

    All truths are universal. I cannot teach them; no one can. You already have access to them. Instead of teaching I “educate,” which means literally “to draw out.” I “draw out” what is already there. This is the function of PSI  to draw out truths. PSI is not a religion; therefore, it cannot be in conflict with any religious beliefs. PSI is a vehicle . . . a means of seeing truths . . . which can be used to deliver the reality of peace of mind, liberty, love and wisdom to the world of today.

    The gift of being human is the ability to separate the past, present and future. The wise person distinguishes the past from the future and chooses to be here now. NOW is the key. That is what these manuscripts are about. By controlling the NOW, you control the future. By controlling the future, you control the past. Thus, each person has the ability to chart his life, to control his whole lifepast, present and futureby simply controlling the NOW. Disraeli* said it simply: “Every man crucifies himself between two thieves: one the regret of yesterday and the other the fear of what tomorrow might bring.” In other words, most men are living in the past or the future rather than living in the NOW. When you find a person who controls the NOW, you have found a leader . . . a leader of self.

    Being a leader of self does not mean neglecting everything else. You must be aware of what you leave behind. Think of yourself as a large ship. Have you ever seen a ship that didn’t make waves? The larger the ship, the larger the waves, or wake. The wake is what is left behind. It is the past. The wake is going to affect something: it could tip over a small boat . . . or cause damage on shore. The law of the sea says you are responsible for your wake. So a captain of a ship is constantly watching where he is, versus the effect his wake is going to have after he is gone. The law of life says you are responsible for the waves in life that you create. You are liable for your wake! A leader understands that. He makes waves and accepts the responsibility for those waves.

    This manual is about leadership personal leadership. It is definitely not a course in how to lead the masses nor a short cut to making a million dollars nor a road to fame. It is, instead, about how to take control of the NOW . . . all else is a side effect, a result of your taking control. To illustrate the “how to” I will need to talk of “results” . . . both mine and other leaders’. Keep in mind the process, for it is the process, more than the results, which is important. If you lose sight of the process, you will be like a ship that loses its bearings. Not knowing where you are, how can you know what effect your wake will have?

    The only real requirement for understanding and achieving personal leadership is the ability to distinguish the NOW from the past and the future. College degrees, years of experience, even the ability to read and write are not necessary. These things are great, and you may have or desire them; but they are not essential. The Truth is simple, or it is not the Truth. Do you really think God (or that SUPREME POWER, whatever it is) would create a man so complex that only theologians or intellectuals could comprehend mankind? . . . or hide the Truth so deep that only a handful in the history of the world could ever understand? God is not a bigot. The Truth is simple . . . so simple that every living man, woman and child can understand . . . or it is not the Truth.

    The Truth is: you are your thoughts. You are as you know yourself to be in your heart . . . your soul . . . your being NOW. This is the basic concept-the secret of life and success. All I say or write is but an expounding on this one simple Truth. You are your thoughts.

    In this letter I have given you the sum total of the entire manuscripts. I did this purposely: first, to illustrate the simplicity of the Truth and, secondly, to give you a tool to measure your own growth. After you have finished reading the manuscripts, and periodically thereafter, come back and reread this letter. The message is the same, but you will hear it differently each time.

    Look within yourself now: you will see that I am with you though not present physically.
    I am individually with each of you as you read these manuscripts. Be with me . . . Thomas D. Willhite
    *Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881) Prime Minister of England. Born Jewish in a time of anti-Semitism, he rose to the
    highest position in England and earned the respect of his countrymen.

    THE BOOK OF BEGINNINGS “My business is not to remake myself, but to make the absolute best of what God made.” Robert Browning
    THE BOOK OF ATTITUDE “There is nothing by which men display their character so much as in what they consider ridiculous.” J. W. Goethe
    THE BOOK OF DESIRE “A life without a purpose is a languid, drifting thing.” Thomas a Kempis
    THE BOOK OF CONSCIOUSNESS“Happiness grows at our firesides, and is not to be picked in strangers’ gardens.” Douglas Jerrold
    THE BOOK OF MASTERMIND “It is impossible for that man to despair who remembers that his helper is omnipotent.” Jeremy Taylor
    THE BOOK OF WEALTH “Joy is not in things; it is in us.” W. R. Wagner
    THE BOOK OF WISDOM “The greatest prayer is patience.” Buddha
    THE BOOK OF FEARS “A man’s venom poisons himself more than his victim” Charles Buxton
    THE BOOK OF LEADERSHIP “The man who would lift others must be uplifted himself,and he who would command others must learn to obey.” Charles K. Ober
    THE BOOK OF POWER “To have what we want is riches, but to be able to do without is power.” Donald Granat
    THE BOOK OF LIBERTY “Obedience to law is liberty” (Inscription over the entrance to the courthouse in Cleveland, Ohio)
    THE BOOK OF VISIONS “Mystery is but another name for our ignorance; if we were omniscient, all would be perfectly plain.” Tryon Edwards
    The Book of Beginnings
    “Part of the price you must pay for any knowledge is to discover it for yourself.” Thomas D. Willhite Beginnings
    “Every man’s life is a fairy tale written by God’s Fingers.” Hans Christian Andersen
    SUMMARY: This is my story. The story of my beginnings, my youth, and my years of growth. It is not all happy, or it is all sad. It is life. . . . MY LIFE. And you may be surprised to find in my life a lot of you. . . . for you see, we really are very much the same.
    My name is Thomas D. Willhite. I am the Founder of PSI WORLD, a non profit service
    and research oriented corporation. PSI WORLD owns itself . . . it is not owned by me or anyone. I serve it as best I can. Currently I am Chairman of its Board of Trustees. I am also President and owner of a company called P.S.I. Inc. (People Synergistically Involved, Inc.)*. (*The Manuscripts were written in the fall of 1977 and the first months of 1978. In June of 1978, P. S. I. Inc. ceased operation and turned over all rights and materials to PSI World, the non-profit educational corporation. Since that time, all programs have been under PSI World.
    P.S.I. Inc. is a profit-making corporation which teaches and markets a variety of self-improvement courses to the public, industry, business world, government and various other institutions. The P. S. I. courses you have taken are taught by this profit-making corporation.)

    Voluntarily, out of profits, P. S. I. Inc. supports the non-profit corporation to the maximum extent allowed under the laws of the United States. P. S. I. Inc. is PSI WORLD’S principal source of revenue at the present time. I and many of the other executives also personally give to PSI WORLD. Many people mistakenly think PSI WORLD supports me. This is not so. Through P. S. I. Inc., other corporations and investments, I SUPPORT PSI WORLD. PSI WORLD does not in any monetary way support me or my family. In return for P. S. I. Inc.’s support, PSI WORLD develops materials and conducts research relevant to courses taught. In addition, PSI WORLD sponsors numerous projects to serve man-kind.

    PSI WORLD has a very small staff. Thus, nearly all of its resources go directly to produce results: developing materials; supporting an orphanage; research and development of prison rehabilitation programs; energy conservation; developing new energy sources; research into human potential; and development and support of educational programs. Between these two – PSI WORLD and P. S. I. Inc. – there is synergy. P. S. I. Inc. offers avenues for individual growth and prosperity based on individual results, while PSI WORLD offers ways to serve humanity through giving with no thought of return. Both share the goal of peace, liberty and prosperity for mankind. One approaches the goal through the free enterprise system and individual initiative; the other, by lending a helping hand where needed. I tell you this now, at the very beginning, so you can better understand how you, I and the various PSI staff members fit together. I want you to understand clearly that my lifestyle is NOT accomplished at the sacrifice of the PSI dream and cause. Rather, the PSI dream moves ahead because I and others support that dream with our money, effort and love. Every donation made, every hour volunteered, even every positive word spoken about PSI help create the dream. You have helped, or you would not be reading these words. You are part of the PSI dream. You are the PSI dream! Thank you.

    The above paragraphs really are the end of my story – they reveal where I am now. I have wealth, power and most importantly, liberty. I have most of the things most people would like. I did not start with any of these things . . . I did not inherit any of these things . . . I was not given any of these things. I CREATED THEM. I created them with my mind . . . with the thoughts I chose to think. I created them by conscious choice. My future, likewise, will be the result of conscious choice. To think is to create. This is the essence of the message, not only in this book but in all the books that comprise these manuscripts. I use my life story as an illustration, to demonstrate the power each person holds to create his life in the way of his choice.

    You might be thinking to yourself at this point, “Well, I’m a bit too old to change a whole lot” or “I’m not the right sex or color or physical build to really make it big.” The truth is that these are excuses – excuses to avoid responsibility. You are the right age, color, IQ, sex and physical build to create an exciting, happy successful and wonderful life. You are right to make it big, and to make it great. NOW, you are as right as you will ever be. You create your life as you choose, both now and in the future. Know you can have a life of liberty, like mine, if you choose. Look at my life and see your life. Look at what I did and see what you can do . . .

    If I can create wealth, you can create wealth. If I can create liberty, you can create liberty. If I can create happiness, you can create happiness. YOU CAN . . . AND YOU CAN DO IT NOW.

    Fifteen years ago I was flat out broke. I had lost everything, and my prospects for success looked rather slim. Even as late as eight years ago (1970), I did not own much more than the clothes on my back and a well used car. But wait . . . I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me start at the beginning.

    I was born on January 10, 1940. That makes me just thirty-eight as I write these words. Somehow, it seems longer ago than that, but perhaps that is only because my surroundings now are so different from then. I was born in a small, old farm house – my maternal grandmother’s home – during a raging blizzard in southeast Oklahoma. There was no phone to call the doctor, so my dad and grandfather drove the old truck through deep snowdrifts to the nearest town. They even made it back with the doctor in time, so I am told. Anyway, I arrived safely and became one more mouth to feed. Life was truly hard at that time – food was scarce, jobs even more scarce. Both my parents had come from large rural families- miners and sharecroppers. Both knew work early. At the age of six, my mother took over the care of younger brothers and sisters, cooking for and “mothering” the little ones as they arrived. Even after she married my father at eighteen, she continued to do the weekly washing for her parents, brothers and sisters. Washing then, by the way, was done on a scrub board. In a poor family of nine children, everyone works! My dad and his twin brother were the youngest of seven children. Having been born and raised on a small farm, he also knew work well. I admire my parents for the courage and strength with which they faced hardships. A man who would walk eighteen miles to court a girl; a woman who willingly scrubbed by hand five loads of clothes a week to help her family. Somehow, in all the disadvantages and hardships, they made life meaningful and beautiful. Amid the work and poverty they found joy, laughter and spiritual strength. This is the environment into which I came and grew.

    My parents gave up farming before I was even a year old, moving to California in search of a better life. We settled in the Torrance-Redondo Beach section of Los Angeles. Here I would spend all my youth and teen years. Both my parents worked long, hard hours to make ends meet. My most vivid memories are those of being teased . . . of being called an “Okie” . . . of feeling “less than” . . . of wearing second-hand clothes. I remember vividly one incident of sitting in the car, which was definitely old even then, waiting for my mother. An old man, probably a drunkard, burst out laughing when he saw my sister and me sitting in that old jalopy. A pair of “ragamuffins,” he called us. I can still feel the shame I felt then – the sense of helplessness and anger. There were good memories, too. . . the time Mom did not have even a dime until payday, so I prayed for a dime for ice cream – and found one . . . the happiness of getting a bike even though it was used and came three weeks after Christmas . . . the thrill of my first car, bought and paid for with money I had earned myself.

    Shortly after my eighteenth birthday, my youth ended. Life became abruptly more serious with marriage and then the arrival of a son. I held a variety of jobs . . . ambulance driver, store salesman, gas jockey . . . anything I could get. I had a poor self-image at this time. I lacked confidence and self-esteem. I had barely made it through high school only to emerge into a world where I was qualified to do nothing but the most menial tasks. To top it off, I moved my family into the only place I could afford – the old run-down house in which my parents had lived when they moved from Oklahoma. I hated that place . . . it made me feel poor, helpless and alone. Negative thoughts welled up inside me. I had, indeed, hit the bottom, and it would be a long time until I would find the strength and knowledge to pull myself up.

    Perhaps in defiance . . . or perhaps in desperation . . . I turned to a heavier involvement with motorcycle gangs. Drinking, smoking, violence and women became a common occurrence. This is a time I do not like to talk about . . . and yet you need to know that I have been there. Maybe you have been there, too. I was lucky enough to avoid serving time, though perhaps I deserved it; but I could not avoid the prison into which I had placed my mind. I was a prisoner of poverty, bad luck, circumstance . . . and the words, “I can’t.”

    It is hard to say when the picture started to change. I tried night school – and didn’t make it. I tried working as a salesman in a sporting goods store, and made it to manager. I tried car racing, and injured my back. I tried to buy and run a filling station – and lost everything. I tried “Toastmasters” and discovered I could speak in public. I went to Bible college and was politely asked to leave after one year. My marriage fell apart. In the divorce, I lost custody of my three children. Ups and downs; one step forward and then two back. My life had little direction, but I knew one thing for sure: I would not live forever in poverty. I would not knuckle under and say, “That’s life.” I would not accept things as they were. I would, instead, fight. I would keep at it until I found a way. At this point in my life, I met a man who totally changed my way of thinking. This man was my tutor.* He was a man who came from humble beginnings, as I did; a man who applied many of the basic concepts taught in PSI to achieve a personal and corporate growth rarely matched in this world. Although he was controversial in many aspects, his ability to recognize and communicate the concepts helped enrich thousands of lives.

    When I first met my tutor, I hated him. I looked at him and said to myself, “I am smarter than he is; I am younger; I’ve got a higher IQ and just as good an education . . . but that S.O.B. has everything that I want, and he did it on his own.” That really made me mad: he had what I wanted and didn’t know how to get. I was jealous of him. For many months I remained bitter and wrapped up in my own bruised ego. Finally, I got far enough away from my ego that I decided I would learn his secret. I would be successful. And this is what I did: I learned his philosophy; then I lived it. I checked the validity of his philosophy in my own life.

    Now I find that I am the one who agitates and angers people. I dress expensively, fly planes, own expensive cars and live outlandishly (to some people’s taste). Why? I do this, and must do this, to validate the concept: TO THINK IS TO CREATE. If that concept is true, and if there is any validity to desiring liberty, then should I not create the best? Why create a tent when you can create a mansion? If I am, indeed, a master of the techniques, then should I not demonstrate them? “For the tree is known by his fruits” (Matthew 12:33), said the great master; and I agree. Talk is cheap. I believe that if I am going to talk about “to think is to create,” I had better produce the results. I will demonstrate the concepts so that you know for sure that you can, also.
    *For those of you who seek to know more of my tutor, you will find his story in Chapter 10 of Succeed and Grow Rich Through Persuasion by Napoleon Hill.

    At the time I met my tutor, I was working for a large direct sales organization. As I grew to understand my tutor, I started doing much better . . . I made money . . . quite a bit of money, to my way of thinking at the time. I moved up in the company and gained responsibilities. Around me were men and women who mouthed the philosophy of my tutor but did not practice it. I did not understand. Why were they there? Why weren’t they fired? I thought the higher they were – the closer to my tutor – the more perfect they should be. I expected perfection, and I was shocked when I discovered there was no perfection . . . not even in my tutor. But he understood . . . he understood that if a company is to grow, it must start with people where they are. Then they will either grow and change, or they will eventually leave. It is still that way. It is that way now with PSI. The PSI staff is not perfect . . . rather they are growing and changing. I am not perfect either. Sometimes I have negative thoughts and make mistakes. The truth is that I am still learning. And I always will be.

    My success in sales, my rapid growth in the company and my “perfectionist” attitude did not help me win a popularity contest. In fact, I made many very powerful enemies. The result was a scandal involving dozens of people with me as the fall guy. I tried to get my tutor to intervene. He would not even see me. I later heard his reaction was, “Let’s see how he handles this one.” If a man has commitment and courage, he will fight his way out. My tutor knew this . . . and he knew also that the only way I could grow strong was to fight my own battle. If you are a leader, you may lose a battle; but you will win the war. I lost the battle . . . but good. I crawled home and did nothing for a month.

    During this period I met and later was to marry a dynamic woman from Boston: Jane Corwin. That she stood by me and supported me through these battles was a measure of her strength, commitment and love.

    Then an opportunity came, in a roundabout way from my tutor, to attend a consciousness-raising seminar taught by a company in which he had an interest. Jane and I went there together. We had never before attended anything like that. It was freaky and far out. In fact, I slept through at least half of the class. I knew my tutor also wanted me to attend the instructor’s class for this seminar (which, in my opinion, had done absolutely nothing for me). I did not understand why, but I did attend. Two weeks later I still did not understand what the whole thing was about, or why I was there. “The reason why you are there is not important for you to know now,” was the message I got. That was typical of messages from my tutor. He never sent a kind word, never a word of encouragement, never a stroke. He understood that I needed more than strokes. I needed challenge, for only through confrontation and challenge could I obtain rapid growth. So every time I saw him, he challenged me; he dared me, and he nailed me to the wall. He nailed me on my personal life, on my divorce and remarriage. He nailed me on my spiritual understanding. He nailed me on my business practices. HE NAILED ME ON THE CONCEPTS WITH THE CONCEPTS.

    Two weeks after I had completed the instructor’s training, I put together, totally by myself, a class of twenty and taught the class according to the set plan. The lectures were short – I didn’t have much to say about the outlined topics of reincarnation and psychic phenomena – and the breaks were long. Sunday night I went home and became very, very ill. Gradually, I understood that I had violated the principles. I had stolen from those people. I had given them meaningless lectures. They had come in feeling “less than,” and I had sent them out feeling “better than.” That day I made the commitment to myself that I would never teach that class again.

    When I saw my tutor, I told him what I have just told you. He responded that he felt there was a great deal of good in the class but could understand how I felt, also. “What would you do to improve that class?” he asked. So I suggested some changes: mainly adding his philosophy into the lectures, then tailoring the cycles to the philosophy and the realistic problems of the students. I also suggested including some type of tests to show people where they really were in understanding the philosophy. He said, “That sounds good.” Then he asked, “Do you believe in the philosophy?” I said, “Yeah.” “Well,” he continued, “what do you do with the concept ‘if you don’t like something, change it?’” I was nailed to the wall again. “Be sure you understand that one so when you write it, you write it right. If you know a better, a more positive way that is synergistic and win-win for everybody, it is your responsibility to change it. Now, be clear, this has nothing to do with your likes or dislikes, your ego, your programs or personal tastes. This concept is much deeper than that. It has to do with what is right. It has to do with what is synergistic.”

    I understood and said I would try to put together a new course . . . and I assumed from the way the conversation had gone that I had my tutor’s full backing and support. I went off on top of the world, thinking I had it made. I taught workshops, trying a few new ideas, and in all my spare time would work on the new class. Finally, after about six months, I was ready to try it out. I presented the idea to the management and was very politely told where to go. How could I – an unknown, uneducated, “uneverything” – have the audacity to suggest an entirely new class? They wouldn’t consider trying it . . . so I ran back to my tutor, asking for his intervention. “Nope,” he said, “I ain’t about to endorse it. If it is Truth, it will survive; and if it is not, then it won’t.” I was crestfallen, to say the least. “To be proven, that class needs to meet resistance . . . and I am going to help you by giving you resistance. I won’t even acknowledge I know anything about it.” So it was back to pleading and bargaining until, finally, I got permission to test the class.

    And test it I did. I went to the lowest sales area in the direct sales company for which I had previously worked and gathered thirty “bust-outs” – thirty of the lowest sales people. If the class were going to work it had to work for those who needed it most. I had to show those people who were at the very bottom the “how to” of getting to the top. If those people understood and were motivated to apply the concepts in their lives . . . if they actually produced the results in their own lives . . . then, and only then, the class could be termed a success. And nobody could deny the validity of either the concepts or the class . . . I thought. To make a long story short, the class was a tremendous success.
    But I was not a tremendous success with management. Sometimes you can do every- thing right, and they still do not like it. Instead of letting me continue in the test area and expand from there, management assigned me a new territory out in the boondocks. Nevertheless, the class succeeded there, too! Then another assignment to a failing area . . . and the struggle to build up again. It seemed that just when things started going well, they squashed me. Later, I would learn that my class and I were producing the most students and the biggest successes in the entire company. Why did they resist the class so? Why would they fail to acknowledge my successes? Why? I don’t know. Not all things can be explained by logic and reason!

    In June of 1973, my tutor was killed in an accident. I mourned his loss, but I did not and do not miss him. How could I? Using my levels and workshop, everything continues – conferences, meetings, rapping back and forth daily. These still take place, only not on the physical plane. People ask, “Is it imagination? . . . or talking to spirits?” I don’t know. Does it really matter? From using my levels and workshop, I gain strength, peace and in- sights . . . and that’s what is important to me.
    With the death of my tutor, most of the ties that held me to the company with which I was working were broken. We were still going in different directions. It was time for a parting. To have proselytized other employees or to have stirred up the field by publicizing my resignation would have been a violation of the principles. That I could not do. I could not take, even when I had been taken so many times. By taking, I knew I would lose. You cannot steal from a thief and justify it. Givers gain and takers lose – that is the law. If you steal from a thief, you will lose just as much as if you steal from an honest man. So I quietly left . . . simply disappeared.

    Three weeks later, PSI (originally called PSI MIND DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE) was formed. Over the dining room table in my home, PSI became a reality. It consisted of two people (my wife and myself), $200 capital and a dream . . . a dream of the way people could live; a dream of the way a company could be. I began building and teaching classes while Jane handled the business end. Later, she would become a fantastic instructor in her own right. But, in the meantime, she was my chief writer, organizer and doer of odd jobs . . . not to mention also being a wife and mother. We were a team . . . a synergistic one. Very soon others joined us. PSI was on its way! We did pretty well the first year. We did very well the second year, and even better the third. And the fourth year was incredible. Each year the growth has been phenomenal. But what pleases me most is not the number of employees PSI now claims . . . but instead a simple little thing. Many of the people who started with us are still with us. Through all the ups and downs, and we have had our share, they have been able to perceive the Truth in the concepts and apply it to their lives. PSI is a better way of life. It works! I get so excited when I think about that, that I want to shout! IT WORKS! Even after five years, IT STILL WORKS!

    In the first few years everything Jane and I made moneywise was ploughed back into the corporation. This was the only way to keep up with PSI’s growth and to assure that PSI WORLD, the nonprofit corporation, could stand on its own. That is now achieved – PSI WORLD owns and governs itself. It has outside investments, interests, activities . . . and continues to work synergistically with P.S.I. Inc. P.S.I. Inc. continues to give a portion of everything it makes, a portion of every class fee, to PSI WORLD for the furthering of peace, prosperity and liberty for mankind. As P.S.I. Inc. grew and prospered over the years, gradually my lifestyle became gracious, very, very gracious. I have gained liberty; access to travel, freedom to do the work I choose, greater areas for creativity and lack of worry. I do not worry about losing everything I have, even the corporations, because I know that if I lost all today, I would just build it again. LIBERTY IS FIRST OF ALL, AND MOST OF ALL, A STATE OF MIND. However, we do have concerns and problems . . . challenges. Without these PSI could not grow.

    Two PSI WORLD projects have had special meaning for me, and I would like to share them with you. These are the prison project and the orphanage. First, the prison.

    The prison program began with the idea that all men can know freedom and liberty if only they can free their minds. To give freedom to men in prison would seem impossible to many. I choose to see it as a challenge. The target of the challenge was Hawaii State Prison, one of the most violent, hard-core prisons in this country. This prison made the newspapers almost every week with violence and corruption. In fact, it became so bad that the National Guard had to be brought in to control the situation. Here was a challenge . . . a real test of the concepts and the class. It was also an opportunity to pay back a debt. You see, I owe my tutor a lot . . . and the only way to pay him back is to serve others as he served me . . . to free others from their mental prison bonds.

    I can really relate to those men in prison. I played a pretty violent game when I was a teenager and in my twenties. I did a lot of wrong things and things of which I am not proud. Those men in prison got caught, and I didn’t . . . that’s the truth. They are serving time in a physical prison . . . I served years and years in my own mental prison. I had to free myself from mental bonds, and so must they.

    PSI began in Hawaii State Prison in the spring of 1976. It began with a class of the twenty-four roughest men the prison could offer. Were they tough . . . and they still are tough! Just try to slide by or overlook a concept, and you will see. They will nail you to the wall! From the first class developed a second . . . and a third . . . then advanced classes. To date, over two hundred inmates have participated in one or more of the PSI programs. The results are history . . . printed in black-and-white in newspapers, in legislative committee reports and in testimonials. Hawaii State Prison has changed. Gone is most of the violence . . . in its place is communication. Gone is the frustration, hostility . . . in its place is self-esteem, commitment and direction. That’s hard to conceive, isn’t it? That is very hard to conceive, and yet it exists today. You can see it yourself. The prison superintendent, Antone Olim, expressed it this way: “PSI has had one of the most positive effects on Hawaii State Prison that I have seen in my thirty-six years at the Institution, including the last ten years as superintendent.” The men of the prison program are very special to me. They are truly my brothers. I love them very much.

    It is my desire and hope that the prison program can be expanded into other prisons, juvenile homes and correctional institutions. There is tremendous interest, but the problem is funding. So far, PSI WORLD has had to carry the burden. PSI WORLD has completely financed the expenses for all the prison classes – instructors fees, travel expenses and materials. Requests have been made for state and federal funding, but it has not been forthcoming. At times it reminds me of that situation I had years ago: you can do everything right, and still they won’t support you! In time the prison program will expand . . . I can see it clearly in my mind . . . and because I can see it, I know it will happen. “To think is to create” is a Truth.

    The prison program has a special message for you . . . even if you never step inside a prison nor meet an inmate. It has significance for each person in PSI. That significance is this: if these men who have touched the bottom can pull themselves up, you can. If those who are confined can find liberty, then you can. IF THEY CAN, YOU CAN. Do it!
    The second of the PSI WORLD projects which is so dear to my heart is the Casa Hogar Alegre Orphanage. The orphanage is not owned, run nor in any way controlled by PSI WORLD. We just support it by sending as much money and materials as we can. The orphanage is in a rural and mountainous area of Mexico and is run by American missionaries. They are beautiful people with a beautiful dream. That dream is to take all abandoned and mistreated children of the world and turn them into healthy, self-sufficient, happy children. If you ever get a change to visit the orphanage, you will get to see the dream in action. Many of the children are special – mongoloids, mentally retarded, physically handicapped or emotionally disturbed. They are special because they need a special love, care and devotion. I am proud to be able to say I support such work . . . and you can be proud, too, because whether or not you know it, every time you supported PSI classes or activities . . . every time you recommended PSI to a friend . . . you have helped . . . helped with the orphanage project, with the prison project and with every PSI WORLD project.

    Today (in 1978) as I write these words, PSI classes are taught in major cities on both east and west coasts and in Hawaii. Classes are also taught in Canada under the name of Willhite Success Seminars. (Due to a name conflict with another company, we are unable to use the name PSI in Canada.) Soon, other areas of the world will be opening PSI classes. Already, PSI materials have been translated into Spanish, German and Japanese. New PSI classes are being developed, and old ones are being upgraded. It is an exciting and thrilling time . . . and there is more to come. The story of PSI has just begun!

    Time is, indeed, relative. For my first thirty years I barely lived; I mostly existed. I had everything going against me . . . yet now I have a great degree of liberty, and I have everything going for me. In just a few short years, everything turned around. I have lived more in the past few years than most men live in a lifetime. It is not the quantity of years but the quality of years that counts. Will this be a quality year for you? It will be for me.

    I want you to think about something . . . something that I had to learn the long and hard way. For the first half year or so, I put my tutor on a pedestal. Everything he did I saw as perfect. I tried to be like him in every way. I almost made a god of him. Then, one day, I saw he was just another man. He put his pants on one leg at a time. He did a lot of wrong things. So I totally blew him right off that pedestal. I became disillusioned, negative and sometimes even hostile. My production (I was in direct sales at the time) dropped drastically. After a few weeks of being down, I started thinking of what the man did right . . . and he did a tremendous amount right. I blocked the negative things, the wrong things, from my mind because they did not matter. The mistakes did not matter. It was the right things that mattered. I asked him once why he let these mistakes be known . . . why he didn’t cover them up. “Wouldn’t you be more effective,” I asked, “if you had a more clean-cut image?” “I am who I am,” he responded, “and I am not creating an image just for you.” I had to take a look at that. I had to come to grips with that. It forced me to do some wrestling with me, to think about my image. What should it be or not be? Finally I came to realize who I am . . . and where I was. Next I looked at where I was versus where I could be. My life gained perspective. With perspective came insight. I realized that I must always continue to grow and be constantly changing. Now I find myself changing and becoming more positive every day. I just keep working on me, and I do not worry about what has approval out there. I do not try to hide my mistakes. It was just as wrong to put my tutor on a pedestal as it was to downgrade him for his mistakes and for personal habits which I disliked. So now I try to see other people as they are and for the good they do. This was a hard lesson I had to learn.

    There is a price for all things. There is a price for every PSI class . . . there is a price for every success. I have never had anything free in my life. Not ever! Nor have you. Wisdom is being able to determine what the price is when it comes. Sometimes the prices are absolutely astounding. If you read carefully this chapter, my life story, you will see that I have paid some very high prices . . . it is between the lines and behind the successes. I have not told you everything explicitly. Part of the price you must pay for any knowledge is to discover it for yourself. I cannot do it for you . . . I cannot pay your price. You must learn your own lessons . . . you must make your own mistakes . . . you must pay your own prices. . .

    The Book of Attitude
    “If you don’t like the way you feel, change it. It is your responsibility.” Thomas D. Willhite
    Attitude — “It would be no great overstatement of the truth if we said that mental attitude is EVERYTHING.” Napoleon Hill

    SUMMARY: Attitude is the key to all behavior. . . the key to action. In this book we look at how attitudes are formed and changed. What does it mean to take responsibility for our attitude? How do we create positive attitude habits? What is the price you must pay for success? These are the questions we seek to answer.

    Life need not be a forty hour per week job and television in the evenings. Life does not have to be just enough money to pay the bills . . . if you really watch it. Life is more than a two-week vacation, once a year. Life is magnificent. . . . for those who understand the rules. It is and can be exactly what you want it to be. THERE ARE NO LIMITS, except those you put on yourself. The world is yours! When I was a kid, I used to think the greatest things in the world would be to have meat every night (we had it only once a week, if that often), and to have always new clothes (not someone’s hand-me-downs). Life was hard; it was work; it was a struggle. Most of my life I had an attitude of poverty and failure: I lost jobs, couldn’t pay bills and went through a broken marriage. I even managed to fail out of college the first year. I HAD AN ATTITUDE OF POVERTY AND FAILURE. It was not until my late twenties that I began to understand . . . and take control of my life. First, I had to change, to control my attitude. The rest was easier after that.

    Before we get started, I want you to be very clear on one point. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE SICK TO GET BETTER! You don’t have to have a bad attitude to get a better one. All too often we resist a change because we assume change means that we were “not OK,” which hurts our self-image. It is like saying we are “less than” someone else. So, to protect that self-image, we resist suggestions of change. If you go out and ask the man on the street about change, he will tell you “I don’t need to change . . . the wife does . . . or the children do . . . or the boss does . . . but not me.” Your attitude may be great right now . . . and it can get even better. Why not get better? Why not do more, be more? Why not extend those limits? If you agree . . . WHY NOT. . . then you have already begun to change your attitude. Already your attitude has gotten better.
    Within each of us lie values. Symbolically speaking, these values lie at the center of our being. Examples of values are love of life, integrity, good health, peace of mind, love . . . all positive things. Values are positive and natural. They are positive growth ideas which exist in our deepest core . . . the essence of each one of us. Outside these values, close to but not at our center, are programs. Programs are automatic responses. They are similar to putting a plane on autopilot: press the button, and the automatic control mechanism takes over. Basically, programs are designed to help us achieve the values we hold. At birth we have about 2,000 programs designed for instinct, living, functioning and positive growth. Soon after birth, we begin to adopt other programs based on the society in which we live and our immediate environment. We accept (usually unconsciously) those programs which we perceive as being necessary for achieving our values or which we perceive as Truth. Whether or not those programs actually reflect our values or represent Truth is immaterial . . . it is our perception at the time we accept a program that matters.

    A child who is led to believe by word or action that he is stupid will develop a program of failure. A child who is led to believe he has worth will develop a program of success.

    By the time a child is in his middle teens, he has adopted most of his major life programs. That is to say, he is already functioning on autopilot. Can you see, now, how it is possible to end up with a lot of negative programs . . . that is, programs that are working contrary to your values? Take a little boy who is told, “Men don’t cry.” Does he stop and say, “No, you’re wrong”? Of course not! He thinks instead, “This big person, whom I love and whom I want to be like, says ‘men don’t cry.’ So I better not cry if I want to grow up and be big and strong.” He buys the program . . . and it doesn’t matter that the big person may be unhappy or lonely because the child doesn’t perceive and understand that un- happiness and loneliness.

    The development of programs is not limited to childhood. Any self-concept accepted, even if based merely on a momentary off-handed comment, can be the foundation of a program.

    Surrounding programs, we have attitudes. Attitudes are the way we feel. They are the feeling sides of programs. Someone comes along and pushes one of our program buttons . . . out erupts a feeling. The feeling may be one of happiness and joy ― one of those positive, good feelings ― or it may be hate or envy ― something negative.

    Finally, on the surface, observable to everyone is our behavior. Behavior is simply the way we act. It is the specific things we do or say. Facial expressions, hand gestures, phrases and words we say are the ingredients of behavior. Generally speaking, behavior is a reflection of attitude. You feel good, and there is a smile on your face; you say happy-type words; you laugh. People know you are happy by your behavior. Conversely, if you feel rotten, everyone knows that, too: downcast eyes, listless movements, a tense or drawn look, a sigh. Can you picture that person? Consistency between behavior and attitude is normal. Generally, WE BEHAVE THE WAY WE FEEL. Occasionally, it is necessary to control behavior, that is to behave in a way which is inconsistent with our attitude or feel- ings. On that first date, a girl is going to behave happy, charming and witty no matter how bad she may feel. Or the businessman, meeting for the first time with a million dollar account, is going to be alert and attentive to his client, regardless of how hard his head is pounding or his back is aching. I am sure you have experienced a similar happening at some point in your life. This is a very important discovery: you have the ability to control your behavior independent of your attitude. We do not have to behave the way we feel. The conscious mind chooses how to act. Now, the amazing thing is that by controlling the behavior, we can control the attitude. We can choose how we want to feel, by choosing how we behave. WE FEEL THE WAY WE BEHAVE. So if you don’t like the way you feel, then change your behavior.

    Attitude Affects Behavior; Behavior Affects Attitude.
    The above statement implies there are two ways to change an attitude or feeling you do not like, as illustrated in the drawing on page 16A. The first is to work from the inside of the circle outward; values, programs, attitude, to behavior. To change an attitude this way, you would start with programs and say, “I don’t like that program; it doesn’t represent my values. I don’t like the way I feel when that program gets punched.” Then you have to consciously choose to change the program and to eliminate certain troublesome attitudes when they come up. “I choose to feel better . . . I choose to feel more positive . . . I choose to feel successful.” By choosing to think positively, by choosing a winning attitude, you will begin to feel this way and then behave this way. As you do this over and over again, your behavior will, indeed, change. You will begin to act like a happy person, a successful person. Others will begin to see you this new way. This process of changing programs and attitudes by controlling your thinking can be a lengthy one. “There are days when I have a hard time controlling my thinking, much as I want to,” I hear you say. “I’m really trying – but those negative thoughts just keep popping in when I am not looking.” That is the way it seems as you change thoughts. It will take a while, and you might not know in advance exactly what new behaviors will emerge; but change will happen. I think of this as the “reactive way” of changing behavior. Behavior is changed as a reaction to (as a result of) changes in programs and attitudes.

    Going the other direction is easier. The other direction is the second way to change attitudes. I may have trouble controlling my thinking some days, but I know I can control my behavior. That is the “active way” of taking control. Controlling behavior is going at the circles from the other direction . . . outside in. I choose my behavior. Then, the miraculous thing is that my attitude will change to reflect the new behavior. Now keep at this new behavior and new attitude for a while, and lo and behold, a new program has replaced the old. My autopilot program has a new set of directions . . . ones I have consciously chosen. Isn’t this the easier way of the two? It certainly is for me.

    Would you like to experience this way . . . the outside-in-way. . . of changing right now? It is easy to do. I just want you to jump up from your chair, arms waving in the air, and shout, “I’M EXCITED.” Be sure to get all the motion, all the thrill, of a kid jumping for joy at the thought of going to Disneyland for the first time into your action. Do this exercise NOW. I dare you to really do it . . . right now! And I double dare you to do it if you are in a public place.

    How do you feel? Can you sense the energy, the excitement? If you got up each morning for 30 days and did this exercise, the changes in your life would be phenomenal! I challenge you to do exactly that. I challenge you to do this exercise every day for one month and experience the power under your control. “Aha,” you say, “it can’t do all that much.” Then, I challenge you to prove me wrong! Put everything you have into this exercise for one month; then write and tell me I am wrong. It works, it really works. I know it works . . . I have done it.

    If you don’t like the way you feel, change it. It is your responsibility.
    On the next page there is a chart which illustrates the relationship between specific attitudes and specific behaviors. Let us suppose you often feel frustration. It could be in your work or at home . . . or perhaps you don’t know why, you just feel that feeling. Locate “frustration” on the feeling side of the chart. Next, look across the behavior side. Most likely, you are exhibiting one of those behaviors listed across from frustration. Are you hating yourself, putting yourself down? Being envious of someone else? Or, perhaps, exhibiting dissatisfaction with your environment and all those around you? One of those behaviors will fit. Find it. Now you have a choice. You can change the behavior, or you can change the feeling. You can change it from inside out or outside in. Either way, you will shift from the top of the chart to the bottom . . . to the positive, happy attitudes. The responsibility is yours. You will find that you no longer need crutches. Crutches are aspirin, cigarettes, coffee or whatever you use to “get you through” the day. Do it yourself; stay off your crutches. Think of all the money you can save! Think about how great it feels to be in control, in total control, of this thing we call attitude.

    YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU. Assuming a responsibility means changing a wrong into a right. In other words, if the way you feel is not right, then assuming responsibility means changing it. Responsibility means “to take care of.” Let me give you an example of the meaning of responsibility. Awhile back, right when I was getting PSI started, a business venture was proposed. One of the executives brought an idea to me which looked pretty good. He had it well laid out and game-planned . . . the whole thing looked like it could work. I had some reservations about the project, but I felt these could be my own negative programs, so I did not veto the plan. A lot of other people agreed with the plan; they wanted to make it go. So I set my personal feelings aside and said to him “I believe in you; you make it go.” In other words, I gave him the authorization and the responsibility to go ahead. The program was launched, and eleven weeks later already $70,000 net had been lost. Back for an executive meeting, I was sitting at the conference table when he sat down and said, “Well, I really goofed this time; I really laid an egg . . . and a square one at that. BUT I accept the responsibility . . . I really want you to know that I take total responsibility.”

    I said, “That’s great . . . that’s incredible. This is the first time I have ever, ever had an executive who would accept the responsibility. Where’s the check?”
    “What check?”
    “The check for the $70,000.”
    “Oh, I didn’t mean that.”
    I said, “Wait a minute, you said you accepted the responsibility. That means if some- thing is wrong, you make it right. ‘Making this right’ means giving me the $70,000 that was lost.”
    “I didn’t mean quite that.”
    “Oh, you mean that if there is going to be anyone bad-mouthed . . . anyone gets lip service . . . you accept THAT responsibility.”
    “Big deal. That doesn’t count.”
    Who was really accepting the responsibility? I was. I was because I saw it as my $70,000. I was the one who had to come up with the $70,000 to make it right.
    Now take this story and relate it to your personal life, your family and your business life. Understand what the word RESPONSIBILITY means. Throughout these manuscripts, and all my other writings and teachings, I keep saying, ACCEPT THE RESPONSIBILITY. Accept the responsibility for your attitude . . . for your behavior . . . for your success . . . for where you are right now . . . for your life.

    A lot of young people come up to me and say, “I’m 13 . . . or I’m, 16 . . . and I am able to accept responsibility for myself.” Are they? I feel they are talking about authority, not responsibility. Authority means the right to make a decision, the right to do something . . . the right to act. Taking authority is simply making a decision regardless of the outcome. To take responsibility, on the other hand, is to guarantee the outcome of your actions. In a negative situation responsibility means to make it positive . . . to make it better.

    Any time there is an imbalance between authority and responsibility, there is destruct- tion and failure. When you have a balance, generally you will have success. The most striking imbalance between authority and responsibility during this century was the Nazi regime. Haven’t you ever wondered how Hitler got so many thousands of people to do so many inhuman atrocities against their fellow human beings? He did it this way: he gave people the authority and then, in effect, said, “You don’t have to take the responsibility. This is your job, it is your authority to open that valve; the responsibility is ours . . . the state’s.” And so the people went ahead and did those things . . . without accepting the responsibility. If you have a business, or are running one, watch out for that balance. People who have too much authority and not enough responsibility destroy. They are not produc- tive. There should always be at least as much responsibility as authority. When you have that balance, you are moving in the direction of success. People will eagerly accept authority; they resist the acceptance of responsibility. Maturity is accepting the responsibility and totally understanding what that responsibility means. So when I say, ACCEPT THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ATTITUDE, I mean (1) become aware of how you think and how you feel and (2) if there is any negativity, or if it is not as you want, then change it to make it right!

    There is one attitude that I cannot tolerate around me . . . an attitude that is totally destructive both to the individual having the attitude and to everyone with whom he comes in contact. That attitude is COMPLACENCY. Complacency . . . the attitude of being neither hot nor cold . . . neither for nor against . . . neither here nor there. Surely you know someone who fits this description: Mr. and Mrs. John T. Average, age around 35, 2.3 children, middle of the road politically, somewhat interested in local affairs, in the middle tax bracket, etc., etc. Middle age, middle income, middle of the road. And totally DEAD emotionally. They are dead to life . . . not buried yet, but dead nonetheless. Do you know what it takes to get John T. Average off his rock of complacency? It takes a full scale atomic blast . . . which may come in the form of a massive coronary . . . a serious automobile accident . . . the loss of a dear one . . . the destruction of all his material goods. It is far, far easier to turn the hater into a lover than to move the complacent. Why? . . . because the complacent person is afraid of change, afraid to take a risk. He has so much insecurity and fear that he is stuck dead center. The hater, on the other hand, is moving . . . but in the wrong direction. So all you have to do is redirect him. If you have ever ridden a motorcycle, you will understand what I mean. Going along at a good clip, it is very easy to change direction even if that new direction is uphill . . . you just head that way. It’s no big deal. On the other hand, when you are stopped cold and attempt to push that bike up even a slight hill, it’s a job. It is hard, hot, dirty work! If you don’t believe me, try it sometime.

    Most people have an attitude of tolerance about their work. They put up with it but do not really like it. It is just a means of keeping food on the table and clothes on their backs. That attitude is almost . . . not quite, but almost . . . as bad as complacency. Who is responsible for your attitude and where you are? YOU ARE! That person who really wants to get ahead in life, to be great or to have great happiness is the person who learns to work. Learns to enjoy every aspect of his work. This is the person who sees himself working, sees himself enjoying that work and sees himself having fun at work. He makes work a pleasure by choosing to see the excitement in his work. He gets turned on about the ordinary agonies and frustrations because he realizes the role these play in his life. He can see these pains as stepping stones towards his goals. Such a person is not a schemer . . . he does not have to wriggle out of work and try for every short cut. He can be honest with himself. Hard work is a cornerstone of the laws of success. And it is primarily an attitude.

    I have known many men who were brilliant and who were total failures. These men felt they were too smart for work. They were lazy, shiftless and refused to apply their abilities. Always they were searching for a short cut . . . a “get rich instantly” powder to sprinkle on themselves. There is none. I will tell you that now.

    Do you want happiness and success? I am sure you do. So if you do not like work, and you do not enjoy making decisions or getting down into the dingy dark corner of details, then you had better start liking it. Start wanting to go to work early . . . and to leave late. Start getting engrossed in whatever it is that you must do. Start looking for ways to do it better. Put away the watches and the clocks, and you will create an attitude of liking your work. You will become a success.

    Now I would like to spend some time looking at attitude habits and, particularly, at how to create them. “Attitude habits” is just another way of saying “attitude programs,” or automatic response patterns. Habits, or programs, are performed under the direction of the subconscious, rather than the conscious, mind. Most of your daily physical activities fall in this category. Writing a letter, eating a piece of toast, even just getting out of bed in the morning are all habit actions. The muscular movements are under direction of the sub- conscious. You simple do it automatically. As a child, through practice and repetition of these movements, you became proficient. The skill became easier and easier. As this hap- pened, you gradually became less and less conscious of the details of movement until you reached the point where there was no conscious effort. The movement had become a habit. The task of performing a given activity has been transferred from the conscious to the sub- conscious. You are still totally in control, but at a different level of mind. Now the same thing has to happen with the new attitudes you choose to develop. They must move from being a conscious effort to a subconscious habit.

    Those actions which are done through habit are completed with great efficiency . . . maximum performance with a minimum of conscious attention. I

    1. @Compete PSI bible, I attended all psi seminars including Principia. I really liked them. The total cost was $12,000 for the Basic, psi7, women’s leadership and principia. I did these courses over a period of about three years. I got tremendous value from their programs. They weren’t cult-like and they taught me how to commit, how to let go of a lot of past baggage, how to show up with more presence and energy and how to be happy with who I am among other things. The people who attended came from all kinds of backgrounds and experiences. To this day I keep in touch with many of them as they became friends and a great support system when the chips get down.

      This is a saying that I think relates to this conversation:
      “Don’t get too close to the sausage factory.”
      What does this mean? Well, if you like sausage then you really don’t want to see how sausage is made. You will very likely end up not eating sausage. Scandals and creeps dwell in just about every organization human beings create. Some organizations are truly evil and create terror and horror and great suffering to mankind. This most certainly not one of them. Psi seminars is basically a benevolent organization. It may not be perfect and it may not be perfect for the people on this board but my experience of it has been excellent. It’s a frickin’ self-help program. That’s it. Some people need a push to get them moving in the direction of what they want. I certainly did. And I moved. Maybe I would have done the same thing without them but I do believe they accelerated my taking action. I have no regrets even after reading these comments.

      1. @Mel ::

        You’re as wrong as you could be.

        Do you know who was willing to testify that James Arthur Ray’s programs were not cult-like even after four people were dead?

        Every person in the group.

        Recognizing coercive groups is a skill that must be learned :: you don’t learn it by joining coercive groups … or ignoring what’s in the sausage.

        1. @SD, Look. I had a really good experience with psi seminars. I have gone on with my life with more direction and passion without going to psi seminars again and again. I took the lessons and moved on with my life. It’s not a cult. James Ray has nothing to do with the business of psi’s organization. I’m giving a different opinion than what is being said in this forum. That is all. I have every right to my experience. I actually helped a person develop a website called Freedom of Mind as they were an ex-cult member and wanted a safe place for people to share their grievances. Psi doesn’t even come close to having cult status. Why don’t you pick on the scientologists? Those cats are the scariest dudes going.

          1. @Mel ::

            So it’s cool if they’re hurting others as long as you didn’t get hurt?


            It’s not about you :: or your subjective personal experiences … it’s about objective reality.

            PS :: If you want me to pick on them … then go ahead and keep shilling for them. And maybe you should use your super PSI powers to note that there aren’t any posts about PSI Seminar yet … but there are $cientology posts. Is speaking before researching one of the things that you learned from the fake principia {cause the real principia is about maths}?

            1. @SD, They are not hurting others. I’m glad you gave me an opportunity to say good things about psi. My subjective personal experience is worth a lot. And so I will continue with my subjective personal experience and have made a decision to to outside in the sunshine and enjoy today then come back home and return to doing the work that I love doing because psi gave me the boost I needed to face my fears and create meaningful work for myself. I will also think of the people in my life that I love a whole lot and call a few of them to let them know I love them. Psi reminded me of that too. It’s that simple… really.

            2. @Mel

              Indeed. If …

              “It’s that simple… really.”

              … then why did you have to pay $12,000 total through multiple courses to learn that “simple” life lesson?

              Do you know that the majority of these “techniques” are pretty much a straight up “copy and paste” job from a variety of spiritual-based teachings that have been around for 1000s of years?

              Unfortunately, much of it is repeated out of context to only address the parts that are desired and jive with the “narrative” of the “feel good” self-help group.

              Seldom are these traditions or the lessons respected enough to be presented in their entirety (good and bad).

              What if I told you that there are resources where you could get access to the masters who have a direct lineage to these original ancient techniques that have been practiced and refined?

              What would that be worth to you?

              What if I told you that you wouldn’t have to pay $12,000?

              What if I said you wouldn’t even have to pay $5000…

              … or even $1000?

              You probably won’t believe me when I say that you won’t even have to pay $100 to get access to these teachings…

              There are only 27 copies left, but I promise that you can find books on written by REAL Buddhist lamas for less than $20.

              Heck, you can even get some used for about $5!

              If you act now, they will even ship them directly to your door!

              But you had better hurry… supplies are (not) running out!

          2. @Mel,

            When you come back from the sunshine, can you tell me what made you want to sign up for the other three seminars after the first one? Were you asked at the end of each seminar to commit to the next one? Did you feel under any pressure to continue? Or did you just decide you’d accomplished all you could with your current PSI training and wanted more?

            1. @Lanna, Thanks for asking if by asking you are really curious. Or if you are asking so you can bash psi based on my response then I will retract the Thank you at the beginning of this comment.

              I am an artist, musician and web designer. All my life I’ve found it difficult to balance money, art and work. After attending the basic seminar I started to get clear on how I could manage my life and my talent and make it work. So I signed up for psi7 several months after attending the basic. I never committed to any of the courses right away. Nobody called me after my first course. I was asked if I wanted to sign up for the next level up at the end of the Basic. Yes, they try to sell people the advanced courses at the basic and other classes. Yes, I sell people more services after giving them a website. Yes, I sell more paintings after someone purchases one. Yes, I sell people a second CD after they have purchased a first CD.

              People have the right to say “no” to psi courses. It is a series of self-help and personal growth courses. I got value for what I paid for. Each course I attended was worth the time and money I invested in them. And especially at that time I didn’t have a lot of either to spare but I chose to enroll in these classes after much consideration and still benefit from what I learned and experienced on the ranch.

            2. @Mel,

              Thanks for your answer. I was genuinely curious. I don’t know much about PSI.

              I saw other people saying it’s bad because it costs so much. I know that people don’t value stuff they get for free, though, and people feel indebted when they get something from someone else and don’t give anything in return. That’s why psychologists and social workers charge, even if they’re just charging $3 and billing the rest to Medicaid. If you had the money and found value, I don’t see anything wrong with that. It’s when you don’t have the money and they tell you you’re gonna miss your only opportunity for spiritual enlightenment that it’s bad.

              And I know some people don’t learn as well from reading books as from doing hands-on stuff (especially artist/musician/Web designer types). And going on a modern-day vision-quest usually leaves a bigger impression than thumbing through a book a couple pages at a time.

              So it sounds like you had a good experience. However, from what @Ex-PSI Shill said, it sounds like your experience may have been different from and better than the average PSI experience.

              I’m drawing the conclusion that PSI delivered the experience you needed, at the time and price you needed, in the format you needed, to further you on your personal journey. But I’m keeping my mind open to the (strong) possibility that the people in charge at PSI are NNGs (not nice guys).

          3. @Mel, You bought into the hard sell at the end of The PSI Basic. It’s not your fault. They are professionals who sell by “get that deal now or it’s gone” mode and you couldn’t help yourself as you were mesmerized into submitting your credit card for PSI 7/ The Life Success Seminar and the Women’s Leadership Seminar, plus Principia.

            I speak from experience. I have staffed many Basics, PSI7s and WLSs and here’s how it works: get the room ramped up with fast paced pulsating music, 2) have the facilitator present the idea that there is more to learn, 3) close the doors to the seminar room so people can’t go out to the lobby to think about it or get a drink of water, 4) make it an only one-time offer that will go poof after the “graduation”, and lastly 5) if all of that doesn’t work, we’ll take you to the bar and buy you a couple of drinks so your frontal lobe will loosen and you’ll loosen your credit card out of your wallet to our CC swiper. Facilitator Tim O’Kelley is a master at this.

            After working my arse off and getting used up, it dawned on me that I could continue my self-awareness growth for free instead of paying right and left for psudo-growth.

            Some people who gave and gave of their time and talents finally gave up after they realized that Jane Willhite and her daughter Jenessa Helene Willhite Meyers will never relinquish control of their empire. It is not an employee owned organization and never will be.

            Zipnar is correct. All of the Buddhist lamas teach all of these concepts for free.
            Read what Tom writes in his book, the PSI bible on page 163-164: “WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP? The next step is YOU. Eagerly students ask, “What is the next class I take? Where do I go from here? What do I study next?” If you are still seeking the answers to your questions and problems in a class or a teacher or a book, you have missed the point. The answer is not outside; it is within. You already have the answers to your own questions and solutions to your own problems. In fact, too heavy a reliance on classes, books or teachers can be detrimental . . . for they keep you from doing the one thing you must do . . . which is to make permanent mental changes. To be successful, you must change your thought pattern from what it is now to that of success; to be healthy you must replace the illness thought patterns permanently with healthy ones. TO KEEP LOOKING FOR THE ANSWER IS TO AFFIRM THAT YOU HAVE NOT MADE THE CHANGE. When the change is made permanently, there is no need to look.”
            Even the facilitators say, “It’s all in The Basic. After you make your PSI 7, WLS/MLS, and Principia journeys and go back to re-audit the basic, you’ll realize the Basic is really the advanced class.
            PSI Seminars has taken basic Buddhist teachings, mixed some Christianity in it, swirled it around in some Large Group Awareness Trainings goop from the 1970s, and presented it on a platter to needy, wanna-get-rich-and-make-a-difference gullible people. And, they eat it up like candy because people want to be told what to do and need a fire cracker placed under their butt because they are not self starters in the first place . . . otherwise, they’d be up in the front of the room passing the hat like Jane Willhite and Shirley (money gal) Hunt do.

            1. @Ex-PSI Shill, Well this is getting very interesting here. The last two years I have meditated with a local Buddhist teacher. You are correct. Much of psi is a synthesis of non-dualistic teachings combined with new age principles. I appreciate how they designed some of the classes for sure. It was well thought out and well constructed and it worked.

              I completely respect where you are coming from. Not only were you close to the sausage factory but you, in fact, were making the sausages. Whoa! That’s intense.

              Your comments remind me of a quote “SEEK BUT DO NOT FIND.” This is basically how the ego works and psi is no different than most other systems. We have to figure out this on our own for sure. They were a great jumping board for me but I am taking in your experience with them

              I have my own path of service to the world and it does not involve the children of Clear Lake (at least as of yet). I was born in the ghetto on the east coast and I have seen injustice to children firsthand. I get it. I really do.

              Thanks for being so honest and exposing yourself. I hope you are doing something really great with the skills you received as a psi facilitator. They are excellent trainers and teachers for sure.

      2. @Mel, The one thing I find a bit strange about your comment of having done a few courses and then moved on from psi, is the fact that you ended up on this site talking about psi. Do/have you regularly read this site? How did you come to be commenting here?

        1. @, A complete fluke. I was searching for affiliate scams because I want to make digital media products to sell for myself and my clients and I wanted to see what the negatives were with working with affiliates. And voila! saltrydroid. I was reading a posting on Brandon Burchard I think then noticed on right column the thread for psi ripoff.

          1. @Mel,

            How’s that whole sellin’ digital media products and workin’ with affiliates workin’ for ya?

            1. @Lanna, Well, it’s helped me get out of the porn industry (ha ha). I’m just learning about affiliate marketing. I had a couple web clients ask me about selling and/or creating ebooks. It’s quite a world that clickbank place. I feel kind of dirty when I view some of the products.

          2. @Mel,

            Mel, you seem to be a decent person. With that in mind, please let me give you some advice: for the love of God, please get out of the IM/MMO scene. You may be doing it for all the right reasons, but it will chew you up and spit you out and you won’t be the same decent person afterwards.

            You offered Salty your subjective viewpoint on PSI; allow me to offer you mine on “affiliate marketing”: you will become a cog in a much larger machine that seems simple to understand and easy to implement but at the end of the day will become all you think about. You’ll ask yourself, “How do I optimize this? How can I squeeze a little more money out? Who has done this before that I can follow?” You’ll find all sorts of information out there that seems amusing and easy-to-follow but is ultimately empty and soulless. You’ll be pleased at the money that comes in but you’ll find that you need to spend more and more time at making it. When someone well-meaning asks you to tally up the hours versus the profit, you’ll find reasons to justify doing what you do even when you see that it isn’t worth it.

            My husband started with ebooks and affiliate marketing. He started out intending to help others – he started out with the best of intentions and even that caused strife between us. Five years later, all he could think about was the money. How much could he bring in this month doing affiliate work? How much could his affiliates bring him? What product could he churn out quickly to cover the next few months’ bills? It went from an honest desire to help others to “I want to work for myself because I don’t like authority.”

            No matter how noble your intentions, there’s only one of three ways this’ll go for you: you’ll fail after spending too much money and time trying to succeed; you’ll succeed, but at great cost to your intentions/self/those who love you; you’ll be stuck in one place for so long that you’ll wake up and quit before you’re eaten alive.

            There are a lot of folks here who can give you better-articulated advice, but it will be the same advice for many of the same reasons. Get out, Mel. Take a look through some of the comments here at SD’s site and see what others who’ve “tried affiliate links” for “clients” have to say about the cost of IM/MMO.

            When you think about “succeeding” remember that someone has to pay for that. I’m paying for my husband’s “success” – my kids are too. You can say that it’s different, that what you’re doing/learning is worth it; you’ll justify anything if it pays enough (emotionally/financially/spiritually), but that doesn’t mean it’s worthwhile.

            A lot of folks who come to this site are natural skeptics, but there are also those of us who’ve seen the ultimate cost of this way of life. I’m an optimist – not a Pollyanna by any means, but I tend to look for the good in anyone/situation. Although you don’t know me, please trust me when I say there’s no good to be found in IM/MMO. Forget affiliate marketing. Forget self-help style ebooks. If you must write (and I know for some it’s a calling, I respect that), then write about what you know. Turn your journals into stories, or whatever – there are plenty of online publishers that have credibility; you don’t have to sell yourself for $37 a copy.

            That’s my advice, and it’s worth more than what you paid for it. :) I hope you’ll take it, but if you don’t, at least read the comments section of this site’s posts before you shrug it off. Slowly Waking’s story alone is worth sticking around for.

            Take care, and good luck.

            1. @Mel, if you don’t listen to anyone else here, listen to @Alison, who, as she noted, learned all of these lessons the hard way. And Alison, thank you again for sharing your experiences with Salty and the rest of us.

            2. @Alison, I can’t thank you enough Alison for sharing your story. I have been reading saltydroid the last couple days. I completely get it. I am just getting out of a failed start-up in Silicon Valley area and I know the burn of years of labor for a dead dream.
              I had to revive my web design business and add on video production and social media marketing. My clients are small business professionals – like one client works with autistic children; another is an organizational development consultant; another is a journalist. Affiliate marketing as I have recently come to understand it is inappropriate for them… hugely inappropriate. Like I said. I was doing research on it and thankfully this website popped up. However, I am still a fan of self-help and spiritual growth literature. I love the term used on this website “unicorn babble.” Sadly, a lot of the genre is not just unicorn babble but unicorn pellets. But then again the same holds true with the music industry. There’s some real crappy music being sold and there’s also some brilliant and moving stuff too. Just have to do a lot of sifting and listening.
              I am sorry you had to endure 5 years of financial struggle. Especially with kids involved. I hope things are better for you nowadays. Thanks again.

            3. @Alison,
              Thanks for not only sharing your personal story but continuing to talk one-on-one with commenters here.

              I just wanted to mention that there is a real thing called affiliate marketing, and real services – not Clickbank – that manage it, such as:

              However, it’s still wildly inappropriate for your small service-provider clients. If they’re willing to pay commissions, they’re better off bringing on outside sales staff they can get to know and trust. Sometimes you have to tell clients, “No,” and maybe your refusal will make them think twice about doing it at all.

  31. Mel,
    You added to Jane, Jenessa, and Shirley’s bank account. You got a deal with only paying 12K. Most people spend 25K to take The Basis, PSI7, MLS, Principia, PLD, PLD2, Front and Center, the book publishing seminar, and The Mastery Seminar. All of the PSI classes should be FREE and be funded by donations from those who learned and implemented the concepts if they want to have the label of a benevolent organization. Period!

    Maybe you had some ethical facilitators. Jane has condoned and employed unscrupulous facilitators who have solicited the young women with their guile.

    Real go getters get off of their duffs and do it anyway. They don’t have to pay 12K/25K in the first place to help them make a decision. Only the weak and gullible pay that.

    Shelli Hunt no longer associates with PSI Seminars due to their greedy reputation. She has a lot of baggage on her plate with the hit-and-run in 2003 but she finally realized that PSI was hurting her more than helping her be a “trainer” in the international business world.

    PSI Seminars is not a benevolent organization. Jane and Jenessa are raking in the dough hand over fist. If they were a benevolent organization they would work with the Lake County Public School District to teach the concepts that are taught in PSI Kids to the poor drug-babies who really need a chance to better themselves.

    When it is seen that Jane and Jenessa are practicing “Givers Gain” and have implemented programs to help the poor and the drug-ridden in Lake County for FREE, then it can be stated that they are a benevolent organization.

    Tom Willhite would have already done this, as he did in the Prisons of Hawaii, but Jane and Jenessa choose to spend their time and money on themselves rather than help the poor little kids of Lake County.

    Don’t the poor kids of Lake County deserve a chance? If PSI was smart, they’d teach the concepts to the kids of Lake County for FREE starting at the Kindergarten level and really make a difference. But no! Only the rich, wealthy, white, Marin County and Honolulu residents can afford this for their kids. They do this so they can feel good about themselves and they don’t give a hoot about the poor kids of Lake County. Why should only the wealthy afford to send their kids to PSI Kids? PSI Seminars i.e. Jane and Jenessa are all about making money for themselves . . . not really making a difference in the county where the ranch is located.

    In fact, they would make great names for themselves by actually igniting the little kids of Lake County to make a difference in their wretched methamphetamine homes to not voluntarily fall into their parent’s lifestyles. Tom made a difference in the Prisons of Hawaii . . . now it’s time for Jane and Jenessa to make a difference in the poor schools of Lake County California.

    PSI Kids for all will make one healthy little kid at a time. That healthy little kid who will say “No” to drugs and get excited about their school work will become a healthy functional adult. That’s how the world will be changed.

    1. @Fed up with PSI’s Hypocrisy, The principal of the middle school in Clearlake was a WLS psi graduate. I was part of a team of women that repainted and landscaped the derelict grounds during the summer. That was a project I was engaged with that was psi related. I know they do other projects in town as well. Psi also does a lot of outreach programs in cities too. I’m sure it is not enough… ever … but it’s not like they completely sit in an ivory tower. They also do a psi7 program for at-risk youth from poor neighborhoods in San Francisco every summer for free.

      1. @Mel ::

        Why don’t you come back here and tell me all about PSI’s benevolence and charity after they’re done taking money for nothing.

        Charity as a facade is much worse than no charity at all.

      2. @Mel, Have you ever noticed that Jane gets people to do all of the work under the idea of giving back? All of the seminars are run by using free labor. This makes pure profit for Jane and her daughter.

        If you really want to give back, help the Sierra Club with trail maintenance or volunteer at a school. There are many ways to fulfill your altruistic endeavors, but to do so during a week at The PSI Ranch is PSI stealing people’s personal identities under the PSI banner.

        PSI isn’t a cult per se, but there is a cultish atmosphere in the organization. The hours in the classroom at the Basic are deliberate to wear and tear you down and then take you to a euphoric high so you are more apt to sign up for the next course. That’s where the cultic nature comes in.
        If you notice, PSI goes through facilitators and free student labor like crap through a goose. And the folks in the office get burnt out making minimum wage for 80 hours plus a week. They are controlled like robots.

        Glad you had a nice experience. Now, when you think one of your family members or friends should go, either pay for them to go (Basic through Principia) or teach them for free with your PSI notes and bible. But, under no circumstances, make anyone pay for something that is free knowledge. And, then have them give back by raking up all the leaves up in your yard and put in a retaining wall. Think win-win!

      3. @Mel, So much for the effect of Camp Choice for the poor urchins of Oakland. One of them was bumped off for a joint (marijuana cigarette) after attending the summer camp. That happened a couple of years ago. Kathy Quinlan-Perez knows all about this.

        Either the kid didn’t get the concept that “everything we need is inside of us” or he deliberately chose to be near-do-well on purpose. If he had gotten the concept that one doesn’t need “joints, cigarettes, drinks, aspirin, etc.” he would be alive today.

        See what I mean with it’s better to catch them very early at the Kindergarten level? By the time they are in Middle School, it’s too late. They are already thugs. But, if you can catch them early, they’ll stand a chance, even if their drugged-up parents are a negative influence on their lives.

        So please go and make a difference by teaching the PSI concepts at the very early level in Lake County. There, you may really do some good and not just fulfill a “feel-good” mode of being about yourself by executing Camp Choice. Camp Choice is just a band-aid on an already festering sore.

        The real difference can be made at the pre-school and Kindergarten level in Lake County. It needs to be repeated by constant repetition year after year so the concepts stick. There’s where Jane and Jenessa can really make the rubber meat the road.

        Fund the operation so it is completely FREE for the kids. Do it. Do it Now!

        Go talk to Jane and Jenessa about it and make it happen so the PSI grads and Jane and Jenessa really do some good. You and the Willhites really can make a difference when you actually implement the concepts into the classroom on a daily level. Do Jane and Jenessa care about the Lake County kids? It appears that they only care about the rich Marin County and Honolulu kids. The results are often harsh, but always fair.

        The worse thing to ever happen to the poor kids from Oakland is THEIR PARENTS. Their parents poison them against society, whitey, and themselves. By the time they make it to Camp Choice, they are practically hardened criminals. Otherwise, how will they ever make it to Camp Be It?

  32. The outreach project was for a continuation school in Clearlake CA. Just after PSI rubbed elbows with the continuation school, one of the students was busted for meth and fighting. A lot of influence PSI had on that environment!

    PSI owners Jane and Jenessa need to get out of the nail salon and physically help where it’s really needed . . . at the Kindergarten level where the poor drug-raised kids really need it. Waiting until they are practically hardened criminals is way too late. The Junior High (Middle School) level is way too late.

    Have you ever noticed that they send their PSI Students to do all of the work under the guise of “Giving Back?” Jane and Jenessa never really get their hands dirty unless they get thousands-and-thousands of dollars put into their bank accounts. They never do anything altruistic just for the sake of doing good for good’s sake. Money always has to change hands and it always goes into the palms of Jane and Jenessa.

    If Jane and Jenessa really wanted to make a difference, they would have PSI Kids as part of the curriculum starting in Kindergarten going through elementary school. That is when young minds are impressionable where real good can be done.

    Lake County Schools would be the only exceptional schools in the state of California because of PSI teachings from the ground up in servicing poor folks who could never afford The Basic for themselves and PSI Kids for their children.

    Are Jane and Jenessa helping parents practice better parenting skills in the Lake County School District? . . . They could start by teaching the PSI concepts to families and the little kids such as: To Think is to Create, Givers Gain, Win-Win, Synergy: 1+1=3, Peace of Mind, You are Your Thoughts, Do What Feels Good Tomorrow, Find a Need and Fill It, Go the Extra Mile, Take Responsibility for All Outcomes, Power is the Servant, Be of Service, The Power of I AMs, Alignment of the Molecules, Oneness, Positive Thought Vibrations, World Peace One Mind at a Time through skits, games, and songs for FREE!

    Oh no. Jane and Jenessa want to make a buck off of everything they exude. They don’t care about the little kids in Lake County because they cannot put big bucks into their Nordstrom accounts.

    So Mel, please put your PSI concepts to practice and facilitate the teachings to the elementary school kids in Lake County with Jane and Jenessa at your side. Double dare ya! Set a goal that makes the hair rise up off of the back of your neck and do it.

    The only way to judge is by results . . . though they are often harsh, they are always fair. When Jane and Jenessa produce results to help the little kids of Lake County learn all of these concepts for FREE, the result will be obvious. As it stands, they are sending a message of “if you can’t pay . . . screw you!”

  33. Interesting conversation. I too attended all of the PSI classes, staffed the Basic, coached PLD and staffed at The Ranch over a dozen times. Is PSI a cult? Yes, but so are many other organizations. ‘Cult’ is a derivation of the word ‘Culture’. Any organization you belong to has a culture, and is therefore a cult. All organized religions, political parties and even rabid sports fans (derived from ‘fanatic’) are cults. Read Eric Hoffer’s book “The True Believer” to understand this further.

    Can you learn this information in other places? Of course. I’d suggest you start with everything from Dr. Wayne Dyer. The Bible teaches all the same techniques, as does A Course In Miracles, along with a myriad of spiritual leaders.

    When I was 19 I joined the Army. You want ‘cult’ type training. You’ll get it there. Sleep deprivation – all you want. Being yelled at and not being able to leave – the military defines that. I spent many years attached to a unit where we trained drill sergeants. I learned why the instructors were so tough on the enlistees. The Drill Sergeants had one job – to teach these young men how to stay alive when in combat. They didn’t enjoy the discipline, the yelling and mind-numbing drills, but they did it because they knew how important their job was.

    I have also spent 20+ years in direct sales and have spent a lot of time studying the best marketers in the world. Are the PSI techniques any better or worse than any others I have seen in the ‘real’ world. Most of the time they are poor, ham-handed excuses for salemanship, executed by people who are sorely ill-prepared and always untrained. I’ve had harder sales pitches at the local deli.

    So I had spent my entire life before PSI living in the world that some of you claim is ‘mind-control’ and ‘brain-washing’, but still at the Basic I had my credit card out to pay for PSI7 and MLS long before the sales pitch came, because, with my background, I saw the incredible value of these classes. And I was not disappointed. The experiential nature of the classes is what allowed me to lower my defenses for the first time in my life and ‘vomit’ out a ton a pain and anger. It also taught me to be hyper-aware of what I do everyday and more importantly what I think about, what ‘I make up’ about my daily experience.

    So, is the teaching good – damn right it is. Are the people at the top rotten? All organizations have bad people in them – get over it. If people are dumb enough to work for minimum wage because someone tells them they have to ‘give back’, well then I’d say they didn’t open up and learn anything in the class. Above all, quit whining. I got what I paid for and now I use it everyday.

    1. @Dan ::

      So while you were in the military did you get your fucking paychecks … or did you pay them?

      The other people you recommend are crap :: and everything you say is wrong. Maybe somebody taught you to replace reason with self-delusion?


      This is from a little something called “the dictionary” … which I guess they didn’t teach you about in all your super value add ra ra unicornian trainings …

      Cult —

      “ORIGIN early 17th cent. (originally denoting homage paid to a divinity): from French culte or Latin cultus ‘worship,’ from cult- ‘inhabited, cultivated, worshiped,’ from the verb colere.”


      “ORIGIN Middle English (denoting a cultivated piece of land): the noun from French culture or directly from Latin cultura ‘growing, cultivation’”

      Or maybe cult is French for trade union?

      Pull your head out Dan … before your ass eats your brain.

      1. @SD,

        Apparently you live in the land of ‘no contrary opinion’ where ad hominem attacks rein supreme. Using 17th century French and Old English dictionaries is such an old carnard (look it up in your dictionary) used everyday by the leftists that you and your readers apparently hang out with. Anything you don’t understand you must attack.

        I feel sorry for you, hiding behind your keyboard, festering with hatred. Why not go outside and enjoy the sunshine, listen to the birds chirp and just smile and be happy for a change. You might enjoy it.

        Have a nice day.

        1. @Dan,

          I was going to ask for more details, but that post offered so many fallacies that I kinda lost interest.

          – You disagree with me, so you must think all opinions that aren’t your own are wrong!
          – You disagree with me because you’re a leftist who just want to attack things! (optionally: …right wing nut who wants everyone to be blindly obedient!)
          – You disagree with me, because you’re hateful. I look down on you from my throne of smug, peaceful superiority.

          – I’m going to add a nice phrase to fake the impression that I’m not actually pissed: Dan, may your life be an endless fountain of bliss, fortune, and unicorns.

        2. @Dan ::

          Gosh :: you’re ALL wrong some more … and once again I’ve been left unimpressed by the results of this PSI Education.

          I’m not using old dictionaries you ding dong :: it’s from the New Oxford American Dictionary … it’s called etymology {look it up!}. You know like you tried to do with cult & culture … but you just pulled it out of your ass to support your position … and you were completely wrong.

          Then you found yourself unable to react to your error with any emotional maturity. It’s not a good sign about where your mind is at Dan.

          I did look up “carnard” in my New Oxford American Dictionary … and I found that it wasn’t a word. I could forgive the typo and look up “canard” instead … but I already know what it means and it doesn’t apply to using etymology to counter a false etymological argument. Maybe you should look it up though :: then you’d know how to spell it … and use it properly in a sentence.

          Zippity do da … have a nice day.

    2. @Dan,
      The teachings of PSI Seminars, Thomas D. Willhite and his Co-Founder wife Jane are pure plagiarism from previous self-help, money-snatching frauds. Jane C. Willhite, or JC as she refers to herself, is a founding member of the Transformational Leadership Council.
      Tom Willhite didn’t have a single original thought: his experience on the Golden Gate Bridge of having a vision of “First Day – Last Day) described in his First Day-Last Day lecture, was stolen from Werner (John Paul Rosenberg-EST-Forum-Landmark Education) Erhard.
      The sign that Ernestine Fisher held up at the end of PSI V that exclaimed “So What” was stolen straight out of the money-grubbing EST seminars from the 1970s.
      Tom writes on page 9 in the PSI bible: “I began building and teaching classes while Jane handled the business end. Later, she would become a fantastic instructor in her own right. But, in the meantime, she was my chief writer, organizer and doer of odd jobs.” By Jane becoming a fantastic instructor “in her own right” meant that she was learning how to teach the self-help-let’s-fleece-‘em-now presentations.
      The Vision he describes in his last chapter of his manuscripts (the PSI bible) is stolen straight out of the Hermetic Philosophy. I guess he thought his minions would never research into his written words and compare them with academic papers.
      His blasphemous use of claiming “one is God” is contrary to the Holy Bible. This is mysteriously omitted from the verbal reading of his phony PSI bible by his nephew Jimmie McMahon. Why? Jimmie McMahon reads the words in a phony “Oakie” accent and mispronounces many words from our every day vernacular.
      We’ve already discussed this previously in the blog, but here is Tom’s blasphemous words again. See page 55 in his PSI bible . . . I have said that this concept . . . the I AM concept . . . is the foundation of all the concepts. — I AM is God’s personal name. See Exodus 3:13-15. How arrogant to spew out “I am God.” Of course you can learn these secret tips to for $25,000.
      Tom writes on page 95 in is PSI bible . . . HOW DO YOU GET MORE WISDOM? . . . BY USING WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE. — See Psalm 119:97-104. How do you get more wisdom: Reading the Bible (God’s word) makes us wise and applying the knowledge in a win-win way. See Proverbs 1:23-28. Wisdom is obtained by listening to God (reading his word) and not letting our own self generated highly valued wisdom and desires take the place of God’s direction. NOT BY USING WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE. We are finite beings and only grow and expand when we study the words of Jesus. But, if you think you are God like Tom Willhite though he was, and Jane Willhite thinks she is, and Werner (Jack Rosenberg) Erhard believes his is, and Jack Canfield knows he is . . . then you tap into yourself and spew it out for others to learn at exorbitant prices!
      Tom writes on page 98 in his PSI bible: “He had to have years of preparation, until he was thirty, before he became a wise man.” — See Luke 2:46-47. During Passover, the great rabbis gathered together to discuss great truths among themselves. Jesus, at 12 years old, sat in with them, listened, and asked probing questions. The rabbis (teachers) were astounded by his depth of wisdom. – Jesus, God manifested in the flesh, was always wise because he was there in the beginning of the creation of the heavens with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Tom Willhite is “Oh so wrong” with his mental-midget interpretation! That statement Tom makes on page 98 is downright blasphemous!
      And the granddaddy of them all is found on page 166 . . .” YOU ARE INFINITE POWER. YOU ARE GOD. YOU ARE THE I AM.” Need we discuss this blasphemous craap any further?
      That’s why Jane (JC) Willhite of PSI Seminars is being discussed here: she is a founding member of Jack’s inner I’m-better-than-you and can charge you exorbitant amounts of money so you will feel good about yourself Transformational (phony) Leadership Council.
      All of the “TLC” people are in bed together and have been for years. Stewart Emery, a friend of Jane’s, was the President of EST way-back-when. At the end of Stephen Pressman’s book, he stated that EST was “all about nothing . . . the emperor had no clothes.” Nothing for poor paying saps and everything for Werner and Jane.
      PSI Seminars are way overpriced . . . if they were really interested in “transforming people” they would give it away!
      Someone outed her on her lack of compassion for the kids in her own backyard of Lake County CA.
      So Dan, old buddy, you got taken for a ride by the manipulative expert, JC Willhite. Funny thing is . . . the real JC as in Jesus Christ, is the real transformer of people into Godly leaders. And, I’m not talking about “religion” or “money-grubbing-churches-priests-pastors-ministers” . . . I’m talking about getting to know The Lord in your private space, by yourself and studying his teachings yourself. I’m talking about clearing out your bullshit and getting rid of your past actions that “hang you up” so you can’t move forward . . . lay them at the foot of the cross and let The Lord love you, forgive you, and die for you so you won’t beat yourself up any longer! Isn’t it funny that people can pray, worship, create, and perform positive acts in His name and it doesn’t cost them $25,000?

    3. @Dan,
      The value of the PSI classes was for the fattening of Jane Willhite and Shirley Hunt’s wallets. You had to pay $25,000 to be told to get off of your rear end and do something with your life?

      All of this “Transformational Leadership Council” stuff is phoney. Bob Proctor, Ariel Ford, Debbie Ford, Barbara (convoluted philosophies) Marx Hubbard, John Assaraf etc. are all in it for the MONEY!

      It’s a sad day when someone whips out their credit card to pay for fluff and phoney stuff that is all for free in Dale Carnegie’s How To Win Friends and Influence People book.

      I got all of the lessons taught in PSI for free. Too bad you had to pay.

      If you want an experiential experience, so something that is out of your comfort zone. You don’t have to pay Jane Willhite to be told this.

      Yes, the people at the top have major man-hater problems. Lance Giroux, Dan Dorr, and other men bailed of of this rotten “man-hater” environment that Jane, Shirley, Ernestine, Kathy, and Jenessa are creating. Why would males put money into the pockets of “man-haters?”

      The only men left in that organization are castrated eunuchs!

      If PSI seminars was really, really interested (they’re not) in “rendering service to mankind” to help them “transform themselves,” they’d offer all of their classes for FREE!

      Why are you on this site anyway? Especially defending PSI?

  34. Did anyone notice that the PSI brass had all of the manuscript chapters deleted from the PSI is a copy of EST and the Forum thread at Pissed

    What are they afraid of? Tom Willhite clearly writes “You are God” on the last page numbered 166.

    Read the Book of Job and ask yourself the same question God asked Job: Where were you when I created the heavens and the earth?

    Job did not create the heavens and the earth and we can’t either. Only God can. We are not God. Tom Willhite was terribly misguided.
    Tom was foolishly disrespecting the risen Lord Jesus Christ when he wrote these blasphemous words.

    At the annual convention of the Assemblies of God church last year, PSI Seminars was discussed and the TDW PSI manuscript was brought to light and analyzed. It was decided that believers in Jesus Christ should not partake of this hypocrisy.

  35. The summer 2012 meeting of the Transformational Leadership Council, aka the Trained Liars Council, has come and gone. This year, as I’ve mentioned previously, opening day was July 25, which as most of us are all too painfully aware was the 3rd anniversary of Colleen Conaway’s death at the James Arthur “Death” Ray event in San Diego. I had wondered what sort of attendance there would be this year, in light of the growing negative press about TLC members and the industry of which they are a part, but if the video of Joe “Mr. Fire” Vitale’s presentation is any indication, there was quite a crowd. If you choose to watch it, it’s 45 minutes you’ll never get back, but then again, Colleen Conaway, James Shore, Kirby Brown, and Liz Neuman will never get their whole lives back.

    PS ~ In his blog post Joe, using an “advanced” Law of Attraction technique in which one “remembers” the future, writes that he “remembers” that I loved the track from his new CD, which he played at the end of his presentation while he wiped sweat off of his pate and tried to look spiritual and profound. His future memory is apparently not so good.

  36. Hi everyone

    Sorry but I have to say that Jack Canfield is a wonderful human being. He’s very warm an caring and kind and focused on the health and well being of us all. I just can’t stand to see the slander in this site about him. I’ve met him many times and he is a true leader.

    1. @Jeff,

      Quoting Jack Canfield from the last 30 sec of the video: “I truly recommend James Ray… he will take your life to the next level.”

      So there Jack Canfield is, as a true leader, telling the truth, that James Ray will take your life to the next level: death in a sweat lodge.

      There is no slander on this site: just well researched facts, put there by a robot with a swearing functionality.

      Your comment is hardly warm, caring, or kind with regard to the families of the victims of James Ray, and by proxy, the victims of Jack Canfield who provides testimonials for James Ray.

      James Ray is a sociopath:

      You might want to double check Jack Canfield’s personality traits, as you know him well, with the check list in the link above.

      1. Jeff seems to be yet another believer in benevolent dictatorships, albeit a spiritual one in this case. Learn some self respect, Jeff!

    2. @Jeff, there is little point in conversing with these people… most are narrow- and closed minded and they like it that way. Yes, James was a flake and went too far… but Jack and many others in the group are good people doing good work.

      I on the other hand, am curious about the SaltyDroids probably unlicensed use of the trademarked term DROID. Lucasfilm (now Disney) will probably put a stop to that eventually… but in the mean time, it shows us the character of the.. character.

      It is so easy to assassinate from the shadows… SaltyDroid appears to be a spineless wimp hiding behind a stolen trademark.

      1. @Vertitas,

        What does ver-tit-as come from?

        I can bet that’s no stolen trademark.

        Well done!

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