Mike Dillard’s Suicide Book Club

Atlas Smirks

You’ve probably heard the devastating news :: maybe from a tiny classified ad backending to a boiler room :: that Don Lapre is dead. Don was struck down too soon :: by Don Lapre … after only having time to commit hundreds of millions of dollars worth of fucking obvious fraud. How many more lives and families could Don have ruined if only he had more time?  We’ll never know now … and it’s fucking tragic.

Mike Dillard knows what I’m talking about {which is kinda unusual for him}.

Mike left a comment on the fake robot blog back in 2009 :: it seems brave … but he was likely under the impression that I was Ben Mack. Once “The Salty Droid is Ben Mack” turned out to be just as stupid as every other opinion ever held by Andy Jenkins … Mikey was far less willing to chit-chat …

Man, I honestly can’t believe you can sit in your grandmothers basement typing this B.S. All the guys you are knocking are successful marketers. Without them, you would NOT EVEN HAVE A WEBSITE. Masking your presence as some sort of “consumer superhero” is creative, but pathetically inaccurate. If all you can do is knock guys that have worked their asses off to create successful businesses that provide REAL VALUE to clients, then maybe it’s not LEGIT marketers that needs an articulate pseudo-blogger pissing sarcasm all over their products and reputations. If you can “bleep bloop” your sorry retrofitted special-ed processors into seeing that without their success, you would have NOTHING. That’s not robotic – that’s how a certain living organism operates – a PARASITE.

It’s quite a wannabe-Randian remark as well :: parasites and heros and stuff … maybe it’s like the only book that Mike Dillard has ever started to read.

Around this same time I heard a recording of Jimmy Davis telling someone that Mike Dillard {his upline} had hired a private investigator to find out who I was. Probably just because he wanted to talk with me about Objectivism vs. Austrian Economics … and nothing to do with what commenter Randal said just below Mike’s comment …

BUT there is more to consider than being the person with the spot light shining on these people. 1. they have money, 2. they can hire a PI or hacker or whatever to find you and finally (the worst part IMO) 3. they can come personally or hire someone to KILL YOU. Maybe this is more of the same kind of thing our government does in propaganda of terrorists coming to get us, but the simple fact is once these semi-smart people figure this out, you are not just pointing out their past bad ways or present idiocies, but putting yourself (and family?) in the crosshairs of a very real physical threat.

Here’s how I think Atlas Shrugged went :: tell me if I’m wrong {no don’t!} …

Dagny Taggart is a diamond-level seller of an opportunity to sell others on the opportunity to make a motherfucking mint by day-trading railroad futures. Hank Rearden develops a whole new way to market a pyramid scheme by pretending to sell useless “steel vitamins” … see because it’s based on a product so it’s not a pyramid scheme like if you just called something Wealth Masters International and then pretended that if people paid for the M1 M2 and M3 they’d somehow become magically rich. Dagny and Hank have sex :: it’s rough and somewhat misogynistic but they both like it … it’s complicated. Francisco d’AnKernia was rich as a child :: then later he forms a French for Trade Union so that he can keep being rich without doing any work. He has rough sex with Dagny too … it’s complicated.

Anywayz :: our heroes decide that enough is enough and they move to a private island :: away from the parasites and the looters … shielded from the world by some of North Korea’s top technologies … where they can live free … hold seminars … and pledge not to criticize the MLM delusion.

Then they all die immediately from hunger and amphetamine withdrawal.

The End.

>> bleep bloop

70 thoughts on “Mike Dillard’s Suicide Book Club”

  1. LOL. Mike Dillard…it’s the man who shows the world about how he can do the trick to make MLM go and get worse than it already is. Miracle worker!

    1. @Jack, A homeless man once tried to sign me up for that MLM stuff. As far as I could tell, it would be like having some strangers going shopping with you at the grocery store. When you all got to the checkout, you would pay them twice whatever the cash register says. Then they would split up the difference, and you would get to sit in lots of meetings where they would have free shouting.

      Well, like most people, I decided it wasn’t for me, and so did the overdraft department at my bank. It is a lot cheaper just to go to the grocery store alone and shout to yourself.

      1. This is the next installment of Mike Dillard, Robert Hirsch, Elevation Group news.

        Follow this string:


        Make sure to get past the first couple of pages.

        It appears they recommended an investment opportunity through a guy named Senen Pousa (and received a nice affiliate check). Then the group lost everyone’s money even after Elevation Group claimed they had done due diligence. Just read the string, it is incredible.

    2. @Jack, Dillard, sounds like a duck.

      IM and MLM go hand in hand. ‘Gurus’ creating ‘Gurus’ creating ‘Gurus’. All of them as useless as each other.

      What makes me laugh about all these morons is that they bang on about being “successful” and “I make $x million per annum”. Please f*ck off, you’re not successful you’re a Thief!

      Thing is, are they creating happy customers or victims? That money isn’t coming from the magic tree at the end of Eben Pagan’s bell-end, its coming from someone’s pocket.

      For anyone who can access it go to iPlayer.co.uk (or DL the iPlayer app) and listen to Radio 4’s “The Internet Millionaires’ Club” podcast. Worth a listen.

          1. @Jack, Within few minutes I already get the good money-making ideas from mr. Cobb.

            Make fake research site like

            “Below are the TOP 3 ranked business and work from home opportunities we have discovered from our extensive research of online systems and packages.

            → Try all 3 sites for your best chance for success! ←”


            Which then lists:
            #1) Automatic Income Systems at link:

            #2) Income Elite Team

            #3) Passive Package Profit

            Probably it’s just coincidence top3opportunity.com has same whois as as sites it tells people it made so much research for.

            all are:
            AIS Systems
            AIS Systems ()
            63 East 11400 South
            Suite 203
            Sandy, UT 84070

      1. @Juice ::

        It’s dumb that I can’t embed that iplayer … but that story was amazing. Spot on!

        If Radio 4 would have shot me an email … I’d have told them that people are always telling me that I should start writing about the “Manchester Mafia” … cause it’s not a proper mutual endorsement society without a lamely sinister name.

        1. @SD, What is the best software for recording audio? I’m sorted on video, but never record audio.


  2. I found out about Mike Dillard giving one piece of good advice:

    Sept 8th, 2010 he told people in blog post:

    If I Had To Start All Over Again, I’d Use Robots

    Finally the people can come here and use his advice.

  3. Well, something old and something new-ish. Your synopsis of the Atlas Shrugged makes as much sense if not way more sense than the real one. I have a feeling you’re not close to done with this. “Who is John Galt?”

  4. 2009? I bet someone is seriously wishing they would not have commented here.

    RE: Atlas Shrugged is not a bad read. Rand had sort of a cultish following but she wasn’t completely off base.

    Bailouts, NDAA, SOPA … where does it end?

    Getting back to Dillard: Looking forward to the upcoming stories. I really hope one of the upcoming targets comes here to defend themselves. It makes the comment thread so much more entertaining :)

  5. Just as an aside Seth Godins “All marketers are Liars” makes for some really interesting reading.
    As a Not particularly successful internet marketer myself( I think I imply that creating wealth is actually hard work and that it involves creating value for others)I found this book as well as Robert Cialdini The Psychology of influence of influence to be fascinating reading. Perhaps we(yep I’ve fallen for the instant riches stuff-was a long while back tho..)keep telling ourselves “those sweet little lies” as the song says. But just like”instant weight loss products” Yo David Shirmer you listening? the sheeple keep believing that “this is the one true path/solution to instant fame/riches/attraction/..insert your choice here”
    Come to think of it the greatest con of all runs perpetually its called politics-just look the other way and bend over this won’t hurt a bit.
    Trust me.

  6. That was hard to follow.

    I get the basic point: an MLM scammer of note has apparently committed suicide. So we should not be too broken up about that. And I’m not.

    Further, the MLMer tweeting about Mr. Lapre’s untimely, though not unfortunate, demise blames it all on some Randian thing.

    I haven’t ever actually read Atlas Shrugged or anything else by Rand. I’m kind of afraid to. In South Park, Officer Barbrady learned how to read, then read that book and said he’d never read again. In Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler, she talks about how Rand’s characters do bizarre things like salute smoke stacks and claim that smoking cigarettes is a citizens duty to help keep the economy going. In a book by noted skeptic Michael Shermer he talks about the Objectivism movement and, IIRC, points out some of the big flaws. Or at least, he had something to say about its brief fad-like moment in the lime light before some Bad Thing happened that caused a scandal. I forget the details, but I’ve no doubt my compulsive mind will be googling it after I post this.

    So yeah. Ayn Rand and Objectivism. Kinda scary. Sort of like: “hey what would happen if you took skepticism to its illogical extreme* and honestly believed that you could never go wrong?” Answer: see the Objectivism movement.

    * Any ideology becomes illogical when taken to the extreme. Actually, for that matter ideologies themselves are a really bad idea. I think we humans just keep inventing them because we’re addicted to easy solutions that make it so we don’t have to think so hard. (Just because I’m a skeptic doesn’t mean I can’t acknowledge that the whole thing–T-shirts and all–is ridiculous. Check my sig again.)

    Furry cows moo and decompress.


      I’m not quite sure what these apronyms stand for, but they seem to have as much to do with their referent as the PATRIOT act has to do with patriotism.

      1. @Clark,

        Sorry, I screwed that one up, that wasn’t meant as a reply. But while I’m at it:

        Sort of like: “hey what would happen if you took skepticism to its illogical extreme* and honestly believed that you could never go wrong?” Answer: see the Objectivism movement.

        I’m kinda surprised by the amount of “objectivists” in skeptic groups. I used to joke about Randians following their ideology because they missed negative externalities in Econ101, but then I met one guy who actually did and another who claimed I made the term up, which I found more sad than humorous.

        Imo, an important part of skepticism is to acknowledge one’s own propensity to fall for confirmation bias and work against it by educating oneself…which most Randians I’ve met tend not to do, sadly. But then, if I had read Atlas Shrugged completely, I’d probably be too scarred to read again, too.

        1. @Wyrd & @Clark, Yeah, there do seem to be some ardent Rand fans amongst the skeptics, which I too find a little disturbing. Of course many right-wingers adore her too (can you say “Tea Party,” anyone?), despite her atheism. But she seems to really be the darling of a significant faction of New-Wage hustledorks and hucksters. So many of the latter group apparently view “Atlas Shrugged” as their bible, using it either to prop up their lame defenses of their scheming ways (“In business we keep score with dollars. Go read ‘Atlas Shrugged’ if you don’t understand this. I’ll wait”), or as enforcement of their martyr act when one of their number gets in real trouble (e.g., Dullard’s tweet about Lapre). Oh, those wicked forces that would crush the entrepreneurial spirit: they destroyed Don Lapre, they got James Ray, and they are constantly in pursuit of Kevin True-dough.

          And speaking of the entrepreneurial spirit, what a ruckus there’s been at trendy New-Wage workout-wear peddler Lululemon for selling Randbags. http://tinyurl.com/6v5jpek Lululemon has long been on my sh-t list because of *their* worship of notorious LGAT Landmark Forum (which we dare not call a cult, lest they sue us). And so it goes…

  7. Call me crazy, but putting a “sad smiley face” after talking about someone committing a suicide is just wrong.

    1. @Glad I Was Broke, I think maybe that is just how some people show their emotions, maybe. What I mean by “some people” is, Mike Dillard.

      If it was someone he knew, he might also send the family one of those animated musical e-cards with an even bigger sad smiley face. And maybe under that it might say, sorry about your misfortune, but if you want to get a real fortune, check out my website.

    2. @Glad I Was Broke,

      Well yeah you could say that the frownie face trivializes the whole thing or makes it seem less important.

      But on reflection… maybe that’s accurate?

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

  8. Dullard is out of the mlm training space. Started the Elevation Group to teach the potentially rich how to hide their money. Some sleazy guy with a fake resume named Robert Hirsch is running the freakshow.

  9. Heh. The Universe inspired me to write about “Atlas Shrugged” last April, when the giant bomb-of-a-movie came out.


    For those too lazy to click, the link notes that the “Atlas Shrugged” fantasy of the world grinding to a halt just because *YOU* decide not to participate is essentially that: a fantasy. That, and the simple personal observation that most of the fans who are such avid proponents of joining Galt’s Gulch are such humdrum mediocre nonproductive nobodies they would never once be asked to join. (In my less charitable moments, I see Dagny actively spitting on some of them.)

    “Productive” meaning, of course, producing something of actual WORTH to society, and not merely filling an arbitrary bucket with busy work.

    It ends with Seth Godin’s observation that “Defending mediocrity is exhausting.” A pithy quote that comes to mind quite often when reading the particularly shrieky responses to sites such as this.

    1. @mojo, Oh, I’m so sorry I’d missed that gem earlier, but I have since made up for it. Excellent work, as usual. And you made such a good point about dueling mediocrities. Certain critical bloggers I know have often been told that they critically blog only because they are profoundly mediocre and deeply envious of the ultra-achievers of whom they write. And yes, the Einstein quotation has been used more than once to support that argument. Invoking Einstein to defend hustledorks is as predictable as the h-dorks’ and wannabes’ usage of “Who else wants to…?” in the headlines on their sales pages.

      Nearly two years ago a snarget who has been written about here and on my blog announced a venture called “Project New Galt’s Gulch,” apparently an exclusive deal only for the richly deserving whose goal was to be deservedly rich. I haven’t seen any recent mentions of this earth-shattering venture, but then again, maybe that’s because it really is exclooooosive and seekrit and closed to the mediocracy.

      1. @Cosmic Connie & @mojo-

        Heard about Seasteading? Sort of like Galt’s Gulch meets Waterworld meets Burning Man with a whole bunch of VC monies thrown at it. See also: Freedom Ship (good piece here: http://www.inthesetimes.com/article/3328/ ) and Future Cities Development, Inc., which has plans to set up a “charter city” in Honduras,

        “…which aims to create new cities from scratch (on land this time) governed by “cutting-edge legal systems.”


        Hey! Know who knows legal systems? Robots! Here’s more:

        “One potential model is something Friedman calls Appletopia: A corporation, such as Apple, “starts a country as a business. The more desirable the country, the more valuable the real estate,” Friedman says.
        Future Cities follows this approach, describing its mission as bringing “Silicon Valley’s spirit of innovation to the implementation of cutting-edge legal systems in new cities,” most likely in the role of the cities’ master developer. Citing laissez-faire entrepots such as Hong Kong and Singapore as examples, the company’s founders believe that strong property rights and business-friendly regulation are key to creating jobs, stimulating investment, and lifting millions out of poverty, a la China’s special economic zones.”

        Don’t know if any of these Utopias for Captains of Industry are the ones your snarget was working on, but this shows how many are out there and how well-funded they are.

        1. @Silver Agave, Oh, Good Goddess, another Utopian scheme. If the world were really run according to the principles of the Seasteaders, all of the poor and middle-class people would live in truly crappy places and only very rich people would live in the pretty places.

          However, I don’t think that the particular snarget to whom I was referring was involved in anything so lofty. I think his was just another IM scheme, with the Rand-ish reference being nothing more than a marketing ploy.

    2. @mojo ::

      “For, interesting political philosophies aside, Ayn Rand is a pretty terrible writer.”

      My sentiments exactly!

      I read some of her non-fiction and found it much more competent … but her fiction is truly atrocious. I think Atlas Shrugged is probably the worst book I’ve ever finished.

      The way the people in scam land abuse her is quite highlarious though. She :: like Dagny :: would instantly stab Mike Dillard in the neck … hating every single thing about him and his pathetic fucking existence.

      But I don’t really see Jesus cuddling with David Schirmer or Ryan Deiss either.

    1. @Jack, At first I thought she climbed all the way over the fence quick-fast during the video, but now I figured out about the camera-person just coming to other side of her, because I can still see tennis court in back.

      1. @Jack,

        It’s tragic; looking at their site, they’re more exploited (exploitee?) than exploiter. They’re paying money hand over fist because they believe “…and YOU can too”, when it looks almost certain they can’t.

        The amateurish tone of their first video (how did they manage to shoot with so many planes flying overhead?) sets the tone for their whole site…more sad than bad.

        1. @It could happen to anyone, It’s an idea covered here on SD sometimes before…how victims get acclimated to being exploited while also learning to be the exploiters and becoming acclimated to it, too.

          Also, I do miss the WWII sound effects from original video in vid SD posted.

      1. @Glad I Was Broke, Probably most videos like hers on YouTube with undisclosed affiliate links going on to violate FTC disclosure requirements are OK.

      2. @Glad I Was Broke, I have my confession about the video now…

        …every time I go and watch it I see Kristin Wiig doing a parody-version for it.

    2. @Jack,

      Initially I thought their location was awful and that they had obviously misinterpreted the advice that must be on Warrior Forum to shoot video outside if your shitty house doesn’t correspond to the wealth you’re lying about having. I mean, it’s a sound strategy, but the location should not only be less shitty than your house, it should be appealing to the target audience, like Andy Jenkins and Brendon Burchard’s ocean, Mindie Kniss’ river and desert, Sean Stephenson and Joe Polish’s waterfall, and Harlan Kilstein’s beach.

      Then I realized a place that looks like the inside of a prison is probably appealing to some people. The beach may say “vacation” to my yuppie ass, but maybe the Berniers’ target audience equates a lockup exercise yard with “bein’ home.”

      I still don’t get why she didn’t have time to pull her jacket down on the right side, or why she’s turned sideways like an adult services ad in the first video.

      1. @Lanna,

        “Then I realized a place that looks like the inside of a prison”

        I was hoping for it to be foreshadowing for the mlm-fake-wealth-people.

        1. @Jack,

          Maybe it’s doing that, too. Maybe that’s the brand promise:

          If you attend Mike Dillard & Ann Sieg’s ‘Great Wealth Transfer’ workshop, you are guaranteed to go to prison within the next 12 months. If you don’t go to prison, we’ll give you a 100% refund plus $100, no questions asked.

          (*Refund requests must be received in writing between 12:20 and 12:23 p.m. on the final day of the workshop.)

    3. @Jack,

      I’m glad @SD posted that other video below. The one you linked to is so very depressing I can’t even laugh at.

  10. Thanks to Jeff Walker, we can all now get in on the Interwebz (not for that ridiculously high-priced $1,997-$16,400). He just emailed me a great offer where I can be one of the few Charter Members…


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    1. @James, Hopefully this young boy will finally beat the Guinness kick-self-in-head world record soon so he can help people to combat the PLF-Product invasion (start at 2’30”)

    2. @James ::

      Sounds desperate and pathetic. He should get a preggers mistress or a divorce or something … sexy up the brand.

      1. @SD,

        He is getting a divorce so you’re in luck (or he’s in luck) or someone is… (maybe she is)

  11. I’m planning on starting an “Occupy Internet Marketers” protest. Our slogan will be “Make Love, Not Auto-Responders.” Anybody with a maxed-out Visa card is welcome to join us. Here’s our disorientation video:

  12. Done and done.

    I’ve read them all. Front to back. I hope this means I get a cardboard cut out of Mike ‘the gnome’ Filsaime or something.

    Nah, fuck that. I want a cardboard cut out of you, Droid. Autographed by Jason.

    It should say something like, “Now even Bossier.” or “When is now the time to be harmonic fake robot? And YOU can too!”

    Or something completely different.

    If anyone is interested in learning how to successfully read the entire Salty Droid archives in a week, just email me, I’m starting a Master Mind group to go over the details pretty soon. Yes, there will be webinars. No, there will not be refunds.

    1. @Peter, oh, my! After all this time? The archives were a lot shorter when I read them a couple of years ago. Of course my husband thought I was going insane, particularly when I laughed uncontrollably through many of _cartman_’s comments. Quite an undertaking now, reading through all the posts, especially if you went through all the comments.

      1. @Anna,

        I don’t really know what to do with myself now that I’ve read it all. I have laughed until their were tears in my eyes from many of Droid’s posts, as well as _cartman_’s comments and videos. A lot of really funny comments.

        And then there’s that anti religious nutbag and his anti religious nutbag troll spammers. They were a pretty entertaining read.

          1. @Jack,

            Wonder where he is…probably playing with a ball of yarn somewhere.

            Where are you, _cartman_?

    2. @Peter ::

      Maybe now you can tell me what’s happening here … cause I’m confused. Like why do I do the thing with the double colons? And what does Narnia have to do with anything?

      It’s all very perplexing.

      1. @SD,

        Oh, those are easy questions.

        The double colons are because you’re a money hating socialist who wants nothing more than to crack down on the honest, hardworking con artists who are just living out the American Dream. On several occasions they’ve even gone out of their way to explain that they’re actually the good guys and that they hate scammers as much as you do. Surely you recall those heartfelt emails. I mean these guys take the time out of their long, cocaine filled days to direct you towards the real scammers and explain that they’re really just helping elderly ladies rid their credit cards of all that unneeded credit. That’s why they call them investment cards, Salty!

        Okay, and on to Narnia:
        Brian Clark is the White Witch.
        David Navarro is Tumnus.
        Droid is Aslan.
        And saltydroid.info is the proverbial wardrobe that leads you into Narnia.

        Did you enjoy this comment? Then you would love my six part email series How Salty Droid is Like Narnia. Just leave your name, social security number, email address, and mother’s maiden name in the opt-in form and I’ll hook up you up with all kinds of Narnian upsells. See you on the inside.


  13. I don’t really get why people use the term “Randian”. The thing is, the philosophy put forth by Ayn Rand and others who agreed with her is called “objectivism”. I realize the thing was spearheaded by Rand, but I don’t think it’s fair to give her all the credit. “Randian” is a term that implies a less universal and more cult-of-personality idea. It’s not the end of the world when someone calls it that. But I think it’s note worth taking.

    And of course, the world bids Dan Lapre a Johnson&Johnson’s goodbye- tearfree.

    1. @STella ::

      That’s a good point.

      Personally :: I’m using that term in a disparaging manner … referring to people not intellectually serious enough to be considered students of Objectivism. People who have read maybe one Harry Potter book and and the SparkNotes for the first half of Atlas Shrugged …


      The d-bags latch on to the fictional … not the philosophical.

  14. Hi Salty

    I’ve missed you :) Rumor on the street is that Mike and his lovely OLDer wife Michell are getting divorced. The ink is barely dry on the marriage certif but she had her baby and again just RUMOR has it- they’re no longer together. Of course with the big monthly allowance she demanded (or so I’ve heard) I’m sure she wasn’t/isn’t a money grubbing gold digging (and short and ugly for the record) fat whore and is a really nice old lady who loved him and just split after a matter of months because, well, it just wasn’t working out. She’s been divorced before (not sure how many times) On to the next sucker is what someone said to me. YIKES!

    Maria Mandros (nick name after the biggest nosed pig face of them all but promise I’m not :)

  15. I’ve been reading a lot of reviews about his MLM products and don’t even had the idea that it was all fraud. I mean, Mike Dillard reviews are very realistic and convincing! “If I Had To Start All Over Again, I’d Use Robots” Insane!

    1. @Rica Mae,

      Well, that’s how they get ya.

      Maybe before paying any money to someone offering an MLM you should do a search here first? It wouldn’t take long, and it might save you a lot of money and grief.

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