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Mike Dillard’s Suicide Book Club

You’ve probably heard the devastating news :: maybe from a tiny classified ad backending to a boiler room :: that Don Lapre is dead. Don was struck down too soon :: by Don Lapre … after only having time to commit hundreds of millions of dollars worth of fucking obvious fraud. How many more lives and families could Don have ruined if only he had more time? We’ll never know now … and it’s fucking tragic.

Mike Dillard knows what I’m talking about {which is kinda unusual for him}.

Mike left a comment on the fake robot blog back in 2009 :: it seems brave … but he was likely under the impression that I was Ben Mack. Once “The Salty Droid is Ben Mack” turned out to be just as stupid as every other opinion ever held by Andy Jenkins … Mikey was far less willing to chit-chat …

Man, I honestly can’t believe you can sit in your grandmothers basement typing this B.S. All the guys you are knocking are successful marketers. Without them, you would NOT EVEN HAVE A WEBSITE. Masking your presence as some sort of “consumer superhero” is creative, but pathetically inaccurate. If all you can do is knock guys that have worked their asses off to create successful businesses that provide REAL VALUE to clients, then maybe it’s not LEGIT marketers that needs an articulate pseudo-blogger pissing sarcasm all over their products and reputations. If you can “bleep bloop” your sorry retrofitted special-ed processors into seeing that without their success, you would have NOTHING. That’s not robotic – that’s how a certain living organism operates – a PARASITE.

It’s quite a wannabe-Randian remark as well :: parasites and heros and stuff … maybe it’s like the only book that Mike Dillard has ever started to read.

Around this same time I heard a recording of Jimmy Davis telling someone that Mike Dillard {his upline} had hired a private investigator to find out who I was. Probably just because he wanted to talk with me about Objectivism vs. Austrian Economics … and nothing to do with what commenter Randal said just below Mike’s comment …

BUT there is more to consider than being the person with the spot light shining on these people. 1. they have money, 2. they can hire a PI or hacker or whatever to find you and finally (the worst part IMO) 3. they can come personally or hire someone to KILL YOU. Maybe this is more of the same kind of thing our government does in propaganda of terrorists coming to get us, but the simple fact is once these semi-smart people figure this out, you are not just pointing out their past bad ways or present idiocies, but putting yourself (and family?) in the crosshairs of a very real physical threat.

Here’s how I think Atlas Shrugged went :: tell me if I’m wrong {no don’t!} …

Dagny Taggart is a diamond-level seller of an opportunity to sell others on the opportunity to make a motherfucking mint by day-trading railroad futures. Hank Rearden develops a whole new way to market a pyramid scheme by pretending to sell useless “steel vitamins” … see because it’s based on a product so it’s not a pyramid scheme like if you just called something Wealth Masters International and then pretended that if people paid for the M1 M2 and M3 they’d somehow become magically rich. Dagny and Hank have sex :: it’s rough and somewhat misogynistic but they both like it … it’s complicated. Francisco d’AnKernia was rich as a child :: then later he forms a French for Trade Union so that he can keep being rich without doing any work. He has rough sex with Dagny too … it’s complicated.

Anywayz :: our heroes decide that enough is enough and they move to a private island :: away from the parasites and the looters … shielded from the world by some of North Korea’s top technologies … where they can live free … hold seminars … and pledge not to criticize the MLM delusion.

Then they all die immediately from hunger and amphetamine withdrawal.

The End.

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