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Ed Dale’s Frank Kern CoxPorn Challenge

Ed Dale has seen Frank Kern “go hard and go often – very off – much …” :: in a sexual way. He even has a t-shirt about it that got him a two minute standing ovation at the The Anthony’s

… or something.

Many people :: like Bob Proctor :: have assumed {in their dark and disturbing sexual fantasies} that FrankKernSexTapeDotCom is Ed Dale and Frank Kern underachieving with each other {not in a gay way because Ed Dale is rumored to be an underdeveloped female … or possibly an overdeveloped baboon}. It’s not an unreasonable assumption considering how far back Frank Kern and Mrs. Dale go …

… like pre-fake-surfer and everything.

However :: independent research {and/or baseless speculation} by the sleuths over at my newly formed “Peace & Love Investigative Blogging #1 Ladies Detective Agency™” :: seems to indicate that CoxPorn™ … and Crystal Cox herself … had something to do with Frank Kern getting off very much :: and hard :: on FrankKernSexTapeDotCom. The misunderstanding is understandable what with Cox & Dale being virtually identical in their semi-ladyish mutual unattractiveness.

If you’re not comfortable relying on P&LIB#1LDA™ for your research :: then just compare Ed Dale’s face in his 700 YouTube videos all featuring Ed Dale … to Crystal Cox’s flickr page featuring exclusively pictures of Crystal Cox … as represented here in a piece of investigative blogging pop art that I’m calling …

Cox on Balls {again … not in a gay way}.

Crystal CoxPorn™ was going to publish my “death threats” :: but then she didn’t … you know cause of how belligerent bullies are afraid of fake robots and stuff. So I guess I’ll publish them …

CoxPorn™ says this to me …

“i have been evicted, its 10 degrees and the main media is trying to set me up for a crime life is pretty hard right now..”

And then I’m all like :: “I’m gonna kill this bitch” … and I say …


I wonder … if things are bad for you right now … then why are you escalating and compounding your attacks? I don’t fancy that’s a very good idea.

Before I was an “investigative blogger” as you say, I was a lawyer. I think it is quite shocking that the court didn’t apply the New York Times v. Sullivan standard in your case. It freaked me out when I first saw it … but once I looked at the details I understood.

Crystal I think there’s a very, very, good chance this will end with you going to jail. Having “Reputation Manager” and “Investigative Blogger” both in your signature line kinda tells the whole story. Those two jobs are opposites … doing them both is hell-a like extortion. Add that to the fact that you’re attacking members of the bar … a court appointed member of the bar no less … and the fact that your case got all this press that didn’t tell the whole story and made the court system look silly … things are prolly much worse for you right now than you think. You’re going to force them {the government} to do something {the only way they ever do anything is when they’re forced}.

You should stop not helping yourself as soon as possible.

Any chance you’d want to negotiate the end of this fiasco? You take down all your sites about Kevin and Obsidian and walk away into the sunset … live to fight another day. Then they turn around and walk away as well without pressing the judgement or giving you any further issues … avoiding establishing such a horrible precedent for free speech. I don’t know if they’d do that but if you offered and they refused they’d look unreasonable.

I’m going to be inserting myself into this situation one way or another … negotiating peace by pressuring both parties would be my first choice … but there are other choices.

After hearing these obvious threats of violence :: CoxPorn™ vowed never to speak to the fake robot again. But that didn’t take :: and a couple of days ago she sent me a pdf of her lastest opus …

Kevin PaDrick is The DeVil anD Eats YOUR BABIES

… which I’ll publish out of a sense of faux fairness … but which I couldn’t read out of sense of sanity. Here’s the last sentence though {do not attempt to read in a single breath} …

“Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox is dedicated to exposing Kevin Padrick and Obsidian Finance Group, as she believe they have created a trail of victims, of which she believes she fights for by using the power of Internet marketing to get top search engine placement and get these victims, these creditors and investors that are at the mercy of a corrupt and nontransparent bankruptcy court system, found in the search engines in hopes of getting them justice and providing transparency and accountability where there is none.”

Glory Hallelujah! And liberty and justice for all … etc. etc. etc.

Says me …

I thought you were done emailing me?

Hows come you never posted my “threats”? So disappointing … so so disappointing.

As far as I’m concerned this has ZERO to do with Kevin Padrick.

Says CoxPorn™ …

whatever, then your not fighting for corruption, i am

Oh for fuck sake … SERENITY NOW!

>> bleep bloop