Ed Dale’s Frank Kern CoxPorn Challenge


Ed Dale has seen Frank Kern “go hard and go often — very off — much …” :: in a sexual way. He even has a t-shirt about it that got him a two minute standing ovation at the The Anthony’s

… or something.

Many people :: like Bob Proctor :: have assumed {in their dark and disturbing sexual fantasies} that FrankKernSexTapeDotCom is Ed Dale and Frank Kern underachieving with each other {not in a gay way because Ed Dale is rumored to be an underdeveloped female … or possibly an overdeveloped baboon}. It’s not an unreasonable assumption considering how far back Frank Kern and Mrs. Dale go …

… like pre-fake-surfer and everything.

However :: independent research {and/or baseless speculation} by the sleuths over at my newly formed “Peace & Love Investigative Blogging #1 Ladies Detective Agency™” :: seems to indicate that CoxPorn™ … and Crystal Cox herself … had something to do with Frank Kern getting off very much :: and hard :: on FrankKernSexTapeDotCom. The misunderstanding is understandable what with Cox & Dale being virtually identical in their semi-ladyish mutual unattractiveness.

If you’re not comfortable relying on P&LIB#1LDA™ for your research :: then just compare Ed Dale’s face in his 700 YouTube videos all featuring Ed Dale … to Crystal Cox’s flickr page featuring exclusively pictures of Crystal Cox … as represented here in a piece of investigative blogging pop art that I’m calling …

Cox on Balls {again … not in a gay way}.

Crystal CoxPorn™ was going to publish my “death threats” :: but then she didn’t … you know cause of how belligerent bullies are afraid of fake robots and stuff. So I guess I’ll publish them …

CoxPorn™ says this to me …

“i have been evicted, its 10 degrees and the main media is trying to set me up for a crime
life is pretty hard right now..”

And then I’m all like :: “I’m gonna kill this bitch” … and I say …


I wonder … if things are bad for you right now … then why are you escalating and compounding your attacks? I don’t fancy that’s a very good idea.

Before I was an “investigative blogger” as you say, I was a lawyer. I think it is quite shocking that the court didn’t apply the New York Times v. Sullivan standard in your case. It freaked me out when I first saw it … but once I looked at the details I understood.

Crystal I think there’s a very, very, good chance this will end with you going to jail. Having “Reputation Manager” and “Investigative Blogger” both in your signature line kinda tells the whole story. Those two jobs are opposites … doing them both is hell-a like extortion. Add that to the fact that you’re attacking members of the bar … a court appointed member of the bar no less … and the fact that your case got all this press that didn’t tell the whole story and made the court system look silly … things are prolly much worse for you right now than you think. You’re going to force them {the government} to do something {the only way they ever do anything is when they’re forced}.

You should stop not helping yourself as soon as possible.

Any chance you’d want to negotiate the end of this fiasco? You take down all your sites about Kevin and Obsidian and walk away into the sunset … live to fight another day. Then they turn around and walk away as well without pressing the judgement or giving you any further issues … avoiding establishing such a horrible precedent for free speech. I don’t know if they’d do that but if you offered and they refused they’d look unreasonable.

I’m going to be inserting myself into this situation one way or another … negotiating peace by pressuring both parties would be my first choice … but there are other choices.

After hearing these obvious threats of violence :: CoxPorn™ vowed never to speak to the fake robot again. But that didn’t take :: and a couple of days ago she sent me a pdf of her lastest opus …

Kevin PaDrick is The DeVil anD Eats YOUR BABIES

… which I’ll publish out of a sense of faux fairness … but which I couldn’t read out of sense of sanity. Here’s the last sentence though {do not attempt to read in a single breath} …

“Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox is dedicated to exposing Kevin Padrick and Obsidian Finance Group, as she believe they have created a trail of victims, of which she believes she fights for by using the power of Internet marketing to get top search engine placement and get these victims, these creditors and investors that are at the mercy of a corrupt and nontransparent bankruptcy court system, found in the search engines in hopes of getting them justice and providing transparency and accountability where there is none.”

Glory Hallelujah! And liberty and justice for all … etc. etc. etc.

Says me …

I thought you were done emailing me?

Hows come you never posted my “threats”? So disappointing … so so disappointing.

As far as I’m concerned this has ZERO to do with Kevin Padrick.

Says CoxPorn™ …

whatever, then your not fighting for corruption, i am

Oh for fuck sake … SERENITY NOW!

>> bleep bloop

58 thoughts on “Ed Dale’s Frank Kern CoxPorn Challenge”

  1. I read the pdf too. Well, I tried to. Now, I’m not a lawyer, but I can tell when someone is trying to be one. Also, the grammar/usage/punctuation catastrophes… I need an advil now.

    I’m shallow and wondering also what runway shows the Models of Corruption walk- sounds cool.

  2. It appears that the Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox was p0wned by the Passive Voice.

    Astonishingly, it appears that the Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox was absent from basic English classes at the local grade school of her choosing.

  3. 1. She obviously wears underpants with dick holes in them.

    2. Somebody….anybody teach this stupid crack whore how to punctuate and capitalize. It’s painful to see a grown “it” write that badly.

    1. @Jack, Hi Jack, maybe she felt sorry for corruption since it doesn’t have anyone standing up for it. I guess she is fighting for something she believes in. Kind of like how I believe in butter on my popcorn. Except I wouldn’t fight for it unless maybe I got drafted, but I’m too old to be drafted so probably not. I was thinking also since she was evicted and it is 10 degrees, it would be better for her to believe in a warm coat, maybe.

      1. @Luther, I think the fight for butter makes more sense, because for ms. Cox I think it’s more that she’s gone ahead to use the advice from my neighbor, Jack Handey:

        “Sometimes I think you have to march right in and demand your rights, even if you don’t know what your rights are, or who the person is you’re talking to. Then on the way out, slam the door.”

  4. I tried to read the pdf, and in the first paragraph, she actually used a Harvard comma, but beyond that the warped view, the nonsensical capitalization, the attempts at sounding “lawyerish”…I just couldn’t stand it. I confess I only made it to the third page. I was afraid I would die of stupid before I made it to the end.

  5. she is fucking wiley and delusional. It really doesn’t matter what you say or do, she thinks in her pointy little head she’s Right! Cut yo loses crazy lady and move on. The droid spelled it out fo’ you, you have two professions that tantamount to meth lab owner and police officer all in one. Stop sucking your high Horse’s cock and get a real job. Like window washer at a stop light or sumthing.

  6. I get ALL my baseless speculation from the P&LIB#1LDA. They seem really stupid…but there’s a #1 in their name, so they must be good.

    I wonder why nobody left any comments on her flickr page. Like ‘Please! Make it stop!’

  7. You know who Cox reminds me of?

    You know in the Calvin and Hobbes comics when Calvin becomes Tracer Bullet, Private Eye? She is… INVESTIGATIVE BLOGGER Crystal Cox! Both are rude, selfish, and ill-tempered {all those adjectives come from the Wikipedia article on Calvin}. The only difference is that Calvin has a much, much better vocabulary. And he looks sexier.

  8. I’ll give these guys 3 years before they are either in jail, or just irrelevant because everyone finally realizes they don’t deliver anything except overhyped ego-cult horseshit.

    When I look at Dale’s videos, apart from his ugly visage, what is there? OK, if you are desperately lonely and you like to pretend he likes you, maybe there is some value delivered. Apart from that, what is there?


  9. Hey, speaking of wannabe studs – I’m detoxing from the bas-turds, just got an email from E.D. (erectile dysfunction) dude with those initials, after I had already unsubscribed. Unsubscribed early this AM. Just went to junk mail and had to delete my (suddenly goin’) into 2 pages of junk,
    over 30 emails from different docs for stuff like Viagra. Revenge of the bas-turds, huh? Or maybe they got me mixed up with some old wannabe stud who could get in trouble if he mixes coke with his lil’ blue pills. Hope he gets a carrot where the sun don’t shine.

  10. This seemed like the right place to point out that Ed Dale’s 30DC Inc stock hit a history low of 5 cents a share last week, down from a peak of 60. They’re back up to 8 cents at the moment, but I, for one, am shocked to see that savvy business minds aren’t confident in his business acumen.

    1. @Sundog,

      Bloomberg says their “core business is providing a free online e-commerce training program year round.” I’m sure nothing gets investors excited like a no-name company that gives away its core product.

      @ballsack provided some interesting intel on “Ed Dale and his boyfriend Clinton Carey” and “grateful, gullible Dan Raine.”

  11. Does anyone have any real contact details for Ed Dale? I have been taken in my his latest Magcast scam (in which Ed Dale and Dan Raine and John Bass all sell you thousands of dollars worth of crap that promises to get your magazine into the app store but doesn’t) and I want to get some payback.

    If I can find a real address I can take his sorry ass to court. But finding Ed Dale’s address isn’t easy – so please help if you want to see this scammer get into some legal hot water.

    1. @Magcast Scam, Maybe you can contact the police and ask that it be treated as a criminal matter. The police can probably sniff him out.

    2. @Magcast Scam,

      If you go to ewhois.com (thanks @Jack for that one!), look up 30dcinc.com, and click on the “Whois Record” tab, you will get an address for Ed Dale in Australia that Google Maps shows as being a house (which is why I’m not pasting it in here).

      New York
      80 Broad St., 5th Fl., New York, NY 10004. This is a Regus Business Centre, but it is the address on 30DC, Inc.’s SEC filings (go to the OTC Bulletin Board, search “TDCH,” and click the “Filings” tab) and on their registration as a Maryland Corporation (ignore the Charles St. address of the original resident agent for Infinity Capital Group who resigned 02/10/2012; click the “Personal Property” tab to see the Broad St. mailing address). Perhaps you can serve him at that address via certified mail?

    3. @Magcast Scam, have you even asked for a refund?

      Or are you that eddalescam blog guy that gets all frothy and tried to do a SD sans facts, brains and class? You sure read like him.

  12. Here he is, Ed Dale, the scamming bastard, the liar, the cheat, the fraud.

    {CENSORED :: by order of the censorship committee}

    Why not give him a call and say hello?

    1. @Magcast Scam,

      Well, you went and did the classy thing I was specifically avoiding doing. I’ll let @SD decide whether that stays up or not. I sincerely hope you get your money back and some justice to boot, but let’s not encourage the Internet crazies to harass Ed or his family at home.

        1. @Magcast Scam,

          <emHe might deserve it (don’t know enough about Mr Dale, but SD’s scum detection radar is pretty efficient) but do his kids? I doubt it. And yeah, the scammers might’ve posted Mr Jones’ address, which was undoubtedly despicable…

          …but you seem to have missed the memo which states We’re better than them?

        2. @Magcast Scam ::

          That kind of stupid talk :: mixed with things like posting people’s home addresses … is how you lose … not how you win.

          I don’t plan to lose.

          1. @SD, Ok, your house your rules. It does seem a little funny that Ed Dale gets a pass though, doesn’t it? For someone as high up the scammer food chain, and someone who is now probably raking it in after his company of frauducts went public, he seems to get off very lightly around here.

            Why would posting his home address cause you to lose?

            Simple question – With Frank Kern and Brad Fallon getting such a beating here how come Ed Dale has escaped unscathed? Brian Clarke (a low level scumbag, nowhere near as big as Ed Dale) gets regularly thrown under the bus (and rightly so) so how come Ed Dale continues to get away with his scams and cons.

            Hopefully the simple answer is “don’t worry, Ed Dale’s day will come”. I’ll keep hoping.

            1. @Magcast Scam,

              I know that’s the address on his whois registrations but that house doesn’t match the videos Dale has posted that were supposed to have been shot at his home.

              Either he has moved, or he uses that little house as an office but he lives elsewhere.

            2. @Magcast Scam ::

              I don’t think I’ll bother to explain how …

              “He deserves everything he gets.”

              … is an unacceptable follow-up remark to posting someone’s address on a site where highly emotional … recently duped … individuals often lurk during dark times.

              Ed Dale is not getting off “unscathed” :: but even if he was … who fucking cares? There are 50 other dirtbags bigger and worser than him who have yet to be named at all :: I’m not working from {or creating} a list … and this isn’t a coin operated vengeance machine.

              The little sharks are used to illustrate the story of life in the shark tank. The shark tank is a huge & horrible place that needs to shrink so that fewer nice people will have the opportunity to fall in and die. The faintest of faint outlines is all I can sketch … because I’m just the one fake robot.

              But if you don’t want to understand the big story :: and just want to obsess about getting revenge via the proxy of my supposed authority … then there’s really only one good way to do that.

              Send me incontrovertible :: irresistibly illustrative … evidence.

              Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins sued each other stupid. I saw a bunch of StomperNet insider documents. I got a tape of AJ planning a launch with Walker. Irwin Frank Kern confessed to The Syndicate on video … twice!

              What has Ed Dale done for me lately?

  13. Wow, SD, that sounds exactly like “Ed Dale gets a pass”.

    What about the Immediate Edge? A $97 a month membership scam

    Magcast – a scam that promises riches from magazine publishing via Apple’s newstand app.

    30DC / 30 Day Challenge – an email spam trap that promises business advice but just pitches other scams via email.

    Kajabi – Remember that? It was one of Ed Dale’s new products.

    WordPress Silo – A wordpress plugin scam by Ed Dale and Dan Raine.

    Those are just a handful of recent ones.

    What has he done for you lately? He’s taken his scams and flipped them into a public company. He’s won. He’s walked away with the money and got away with it. Isn’t that enough?

    With respect, SD, you’ve got an Ed Dale blind spot.

    Are we at least agreed that Ed Dale is a con man and a scammer?

    1. @Magcast Scam,

      [quote]Send me incontrovertible :: irresistibly illustrative … evidence.[/quote]

      Do your homework

  14. Salty,

    After you’re done with Ed Dale, I want you to come over my house and rake leaves.

    It would be swell if you could sing Cole Porter’s “Begin the Beguine” while you’re doing yardwork, so long as it’s kinda a “swingy” tempo and not slow and dirgelike. I suppose in a pinch I could settle for Gershwin. But hey, I’m cool; I’ll leave the music up to you.

    What the HELL, Salty??? I STILL SEE LEAVES!!!

    1. @mojo, I could be wrong but, I don’t think a rake attachment came standard for Salty’s model line … which may explain why the leaves aren’t gone.

      Luckily, I recently saw a T.V. offer for the new “Rakie” (patent pending). Only $19.95 and claims to be approved for every make of droid.

      AND, if he ACTS NOW … because they can’t do this forever … they’ll send him a second one FREE (just pay $100 S&H).

      If he gets his ORDER in TODAY, Salty should be able to clear up your leaf situation within six to eight weeks (and if not, you can just follow the tried and true method of envisioning them all blowing onto your neighbour’s property … which should see them gone forthwith.).

      Salty can probably get the job done before mid-day, leaving the afternoon to close down these folks http://top1000marketers.blogspot.ca/2012/05/top-1000-marketers-contacts-list.html#!/2012/05/top-1000-marketers-contacts-list.html and maybe zap all the scam enabler “Warrior Forum” type cockroach sites off the web.

      Then he can head off for a well earned power down.

      I wonder if androids dream of electric sheeple?

      1. @DGR, I never knew these guys gave out phone numbers. Rather than watching their videos, I could have been speaking with them on a one to one basis! I could have talked about lots of great stuff before buying it. Too late now, as you have set SD onto them. Damn. However the email list still must be pretty great – these guys being so rich and all – I could sell them everything they need to make themselves even richer!

  15. @magcast Scam I am willing to bet dollars to donuts that you have not even bought Ed Dale’s hugely expensive Mag Cast product. You surely are the same vitriolic nitwit who was posting here as eddalescam whatever a while back. Get a life. Move on. As someone else said, if you really bought it – ask for a refund. My bet is that you haven’t and you are still out for revenge for something you bought years ago. Time to get over it, sure it pisses you off. I am still pissed off about a stupid Michael Cheney thing I bought 4 years ago and I hope he trips on his weenie and chokes but hey….this is the first time I have ever actually written about it. Probably because I am embarrassed that I was so gullible and bought into a well written sales letter. shhhh don’t tell anyone……you should do the same. GET A LIFE….

    1. @EC, You still don’t seem to get it do you, retard? Ed Dale is scamming people right now. Every minute of every day and he’s getting away with it. Of all of the high level scammers he is the only one who has so far escaped a major SD takedown.

      Frank Kern and Ed Dale are 2 peas from the same pod. Kern gets smashed to pieces (rightly so) but Dale runs around like a saint.

      Regardless of how much you think I should get over it I can’t see why more people aren’t gunning for Dale.

      Simply question for you, and anyone else. Is Ed Dale a con man? Yes or no.

      1. @Magcast Scam, Not all marketers deserve to be caught in Salty’s net, and certainly not in my view Ed Dale. Both he and Dan Raine earned money at internet marketing outside “make money”, before deigning to teach it (not true of most) and “make money” is still a smaller part of what they do: they teach in essence what they do for a day job. Immediate Edge remains a great and timely source of information. Magcast is exactly as it is billed – a cheap and effective way of getting (otherwise vary expensive) apps into newstand. It would also help if you researched facts. Kajabi is not a Dale product, but is an Andy Jenkins product (with others).Ed’shome details are not a hard secret to unearth, but I will not help you do it!

        1. @Ed Dale fan, Nice way to shill for Ed Dale loser. Ed Dale and Dan Raine ARE con men. Period.

          Immediate edge is a massive membership scam designed to sell other products to the gullible while charging a monthly fee and magcast is the latest in a long line of frauducts that those two use to scam their way to riches. Plus they are both members of the syndicate and therefore need to be exposed for the frauds they truly are.

          1. @Des, Not a single argument to make your case.

            It is sad how the web allows anonymous people to defame others – As Salty says fact do matter. The comment on Dan Raine’s membership of syndicate indeed proves a point against you.

            @Salty, Hardly your journalistic best, in calling Ed a “bag of shit”. You are slipping. I respected you more when you produced evidence. It kind of matters if you want people to believe you. So other than membership of the Syndicate what is your case against Ed? I have never seen you comment on him directly?

            1. @Ed Dale Fan, Oh I would think the promotion of syndicate member crap to his list would be a good place to start as evidence.

            2. @Ed Dale Fan,

              Hmmmm….agreed “bag of shit”?…c’mon SD, you can better than that….I think Lois CK’s line of :”suck a bag of dicks” is much funnier. I like how he explains what the imagery of that might actually be. It allows for so many levels to the joke. It’s like a joke with continuity billing as you keep imagining more hilarious scenarios for what it might look like! Except of course you don’t get billed you get more laughs!

              SD! I expect more from your journalisticness!

              (Comment paid for by people who think Ed Dale is a bag of shit. I’m What the what, and I approve the sarcasm in this comment).

        2. @Ed Dale fan ::

          … eat a bag of shit … which is what Ed Dale is.

          @Des ::

          Dan Raine is in The Syndicate?

          That’s news to me :: I guess you are more informed than I … must be nice.

          Just because people are bastards … doesn’t mean that the facts aren’t important.

          @Magcast Scam ::

          Of all of the high level scammers he is the only one who has so far escaped a major SD takedown.

          How about Armand Morin :: Jack Canfield :: John Reese :: Dean Jackson :: Kevin Trudeau :: Tim Ferris :: Dan Kennedy :: Byron Katie :: Esther Hicks :: John Assarf :: John Carlton :: Rick Sheffron :: Brendon Bruchard … yada fuckin’ yada?

          You know shit about shit … trying listening more and talking less.

          1. @SD, Interesting point of view, but it still doesn’t explain why Ed Dal gets a pass. And no, you don’t HAVE to explain why he gets a pass… Sure looks odd though.

            1. @Magcast Scam, Nobody “gets a pass” simply because they haven’t gotten attention here. That’s an ignorant statement. This is a one man (volunteer) operation, time is limited, and there will always be shifting priorities.

              If you have something to say about Ed Dale, why don’t you pick up that torch and run with it? You can sign up for a free blog in less than 5 minutes. Then you can come back here and link to it.

              In fact, if you have time to comment here, you could just as easily have that blog up and running and getting the word out. Maybe you could call it, “No Free Pass.”

          1. @Anon, Not a single piece of evidence offered.

            I think what salty does is extremeley valuable, so valuable indeed that he must make the arrows stick in. Which means shooting at the targets for which he has compelling evidence.

            In another sphere, the problem with the armstrong vs tygart case is not the guilt or otherwise of armstrong it was in how it was done. No hearing, no statement of evidence, no opportunity to contest, just a declaration of guilt by tygart and his cronies, with tygart trying to play judge jury and executioner. As a process it smells.

            So Salty ought to limit his attacks to those in which he has the slamdunk evidence other than guilt by association – so before beating Ed around the head – he should in my view present a case as he has against others such as pierce and johnson.

            Otherwise it just starts looking more like a rant than an expose.

          2. @Anon, Not a single piece of evidence offered.

            I think what salty does is extremeley valuable, so valuable indeed that he must make the arrows stick in. Which means shooting at the targets for which he has compelling evidence.

            In another sphere, the problem with the armstrong vs tygart case is not the guilt or otherwise of armstrong it was in how it was done. No hearing, no statement of evidence, no opportunity to contest, just a declaration of guilt by tygart and his cronies, with tygart trying to play judge jury and executioner. As a process it smells.

            So Salty ought to limit his attacks to those in which he has the slamdunk evidence other than guilt by association – so before beating Ed around the head – he should in my view present a case as he has against others such as pierce and johnson.

            Otherwise it just starts looking more like a rant than an expose.

            1. @Ed Dale Fan,

              Not a single piece of evidence offered.

              One could say the same thing about the claims made to validate them.

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