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Kim and Sandy :: Episode 1

Andy Jenkins really wishes that he was Frank Kern. He wishes that he was 6 inches taller. He wishes that he was twenty years younger. He wishes that he had three less necks. But sometimes wishes don’t come true. Sometimes we just keep getting older and more unattractive {no matter how stupidly we brush our gay hair} :: and we’re slowly forced to realize that we are NOTHING. That we have no true friends :: that we are not loved because we are not capable of love. Well not me of course … or you … but most definitely shitty little scum bag Andy Jenkins.

Andy was at Ed Dale’s Coming Home event last week sporting an all new look {probably trying to make up for this sham of a look}. Ed captured it and posted to his Flickr page … where you can also see MANY pictures of his children. Mixing your kids up with your marketing hype :: NEVER acceptable. Have some fucking shame pigs :: gosh!

Anywayz :: Andy needs a new partner to match his new mid-life crisis hair style. Things with Brad didn’t work out so well … so this time he’s hooking up with someone who never wears a suit.

Oh the places they’ll go {to hell}

Oh the people they’ll meet {and exploit}

Oh the humanity!

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