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StomperNet LIVE 11 DEAD

I hope you enjoyed StomperNet LIVE 11 :: it was the best LIVE event ever! Because it was canceled six days before it was scheduled to happen.

{tears of infinite sadness}

Gosh :: I’m going to miss printing incredibly lame StomperNet emails … it’s like a fake robot family tradition.

Hello ,

We know how much you were looking forward to StomperNet LIVE 11 next week in Phoenix. But regrettably and due to circumstances beyond our control we are canceling StomperNet LIVE 11 and the SEO Pro Bonus Days in Phoenix next week June 21-25, 2011.

We were looking forward to it too.

Just as you asked the event was to be 100% content-driven (did you see our amazing speaker line-up?) with no pitching allowed from stage. We had some killer workshops planned. The hotseats would be scorching (just like the desert heat) and help take your business to a new level with lovingly gentle kicks in the pants if and when you needed them.

StomperNet LIVE 11, like the company as a whole, is dedicated completely to your success. Because your success is our success.

Now I know you have questions, so we have provided some answers below. Honestly, this should answer 99% of your concerns.

If we can help you in any way, just ask. That’s why we are here.

Talk soon, Lee Collins Managing Director StomperNet, LLC

PS: If you have additional questions please contact me by phone at 810.938.2481 or our wonderful customer support team by emailing or by calling 1.888.325.7845.

PPS: This should answer 99% of your questions:

Why are you canceling?

It’s not unusual for events to be canceled if certain goals aren’t reached. If you don’t know this you should: putting on these large events is VERY expensive. And because StomperNet LIVE is about YOUR success we’d rather cancel the event and plan it for later than to not give you the very best we can.

Will LIVE be re-scheduled?

We will let you know when LIVE is re-scheduled.

Will I be refunded?

Because several people have asked for this, we’re giving you an option. If you purchased a ticket you can either 1) request a refund or 2) exchange the price of your seat for any product up to $997 in value from our catalog of products (this does not include coaching or other live events). Just contact Support at or call 1.888.325.7845 with your choice. If we don’t hear from you within 7 business days we will simply refund your ticket price.

What about my airfare that I already paid for?

Well, remember you can always re-use your ticket cost for another flight to most any destination with the same airline. When you re-use your ticket just send us two things and we will happily reimburse any ticket change fees you incur up to $100. Here’s what we will need to see: 1) your original ticket receipt to fly to Phoenix for LIVE 11 June 23-25 and 2) your receipt for the change fee.

Will SEO Bonus Days will be rescheduled?

We will let you know when SEO Bonus Days is re-scheduled.

Is StomperNet going under?

The company is growing stronger than ever and that’s part of the reason for our decision to cancel. Running a viable business is about making smart choices for long-term growth and success. As a business owner, you will have to make hard choices in your own business at some point, and hopefully seeing that everyone has these tough decisions to make will help give you the courage to know it doesn’t have to be so scary.

It’s really nice how they can make them failing into a condescending and patronizing “life lesson” for you.

StomperNet is strong and is making $25 million per hour :: just like always :: and if you think that’s bullshit :: and that it’s all always been bullshit :: then you’re wrong. And that should answer 99% of your questions :: shove the other 1% up your ass.

I hate to be put in a postion where I’m forced to agree with Andy Jenkins :: but Brad really shouldn’t have disrespected The Syndicate. Of course :: I don’t think you should have a blood sucking cartel whose sole purpose is ripping people off. But if you are going to have a blood sucking cartel whose sole purpose is ripping people off … then you should respect it.

I’m mean not reading your Syndicate emails Brad? Pathetic! Why even set-up a separate LISTSERV for The Syndicate if you’re not going to use it?

Good luck out there on your own big guy :: I’m sure it’ll be fine … just fine.

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