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Sinking Stinking StomperNet

Sinking Stinking StomperNet StomperNet :: the unlegendary turd hauling cargo ship :: is about to be swallowed whole by the ocean. The ocean fucking hates bad karma :: and StomperNet has three years worth of karma plaque build up from :: Lies :: Fraud :: and Exploitation. Brad and The Boys haven’t been paying their affiliates :: Don’t get me wrong :: They’ve wanted to … just not badly enough to actually do it. Here’s an email that Bradley Clifford Fallon sent to affiliates the night before the pathetic StomperNet 9/9/09 relaunch :: He still wants affiliates to promote his uselessly lame {WAY overpriced} product even though he hasn’t paid them for the sales they’ve already made.

Subject: our commitment to pay you (personal from Brad)


Brad here.

This email is going out to a limited number of partners, and I would appreciate you keeping this between us.

Since I bought out Andy’s interest in StomperNet, I might have spoken to you on the phone and you know what’s going in. If I haven’t, my apologies.

If you were on the webinar last Thursday night, you heard directly from me about our commitment to get you paid up.

There are a number of reasons why we are here at this point, but it doesn’t help solve the issue to get into it.

Here’s what IS important: we are committed to getting past due commissions paid off as quickly as possible.

Here’s the plan:

1) Regardless of whether you promote for us again we will do our level best to get completely caught up by the end of this year.

2) If you take the time to look at this offer, whether or not you have mailed for us recently, and regardless what you have ever thought about StomperNet, Brad or Andy – you WILL want to mail on this one.

But just to make sure, we are going to give you a little extra incentive: we are going to DOUBLE your commissions at the rate you’ve earned for continuity bundles for the 1st month and apply that doubled amount toward paying back what we owe you.

If you make more than we currently owe you, you get to keep it!

For example, if you sell enough monthly StomperNet memberships to earn a 27% commission, we’ll double that in the first month and give you 27% more AND we’ll pay that “payback” 27% on September 28th (rather than October 28th, which would be the normal payout date for September transactions).

So you’ll get paid before we do, as it should be.

3) If you don’t promote for this launch, we’ll still start the payback process for you on September 28th as well.

Look, this is a tough message to deliver – “if you help us, you get more” – but the fact is, we NEED your help.

Successful affiliate partners like you have made StomperNet what it is, but we recognize that we cannot be successful without acknowledging this ‘elephant in the room’.

We’re not happy that we find ourselves in this situation, and I’m sure you’re frustrated with this too.

All I ask is that you give us a chance to fix this, and an opportunity to restore confidence in us.

I’m extremely confident that StomperNet has a lot of good things in its future, but it’s a lot tougher road without your help.

Talk soon.


P.S. Under separate cover, you’ll be getting the email from Tom Ham about all the different levels of StomperNet that we’ll be offering, and how the accelerators work.

Do not hesitate to contact him directly on his cell at (678) 560-6688 if you have any questions about this payback plan or the launch.

Oy vey! :: What a schmuck!

I tried to redact Tom’s cell number … but I think I accidentally placed it in bold instead. Please tell Tom I’m really sorry about that when you call him pretending to be Sarah Palin.

:: Begin Numbered Paragraphs ::

1. If Brad just bought out Andy with a big pile of cash :: then why didn’t any of that money go to affiliates and partners? Andy takes the money and RUNS … leaving the people who actually made the sales with nothing but Brad and Ross Goldberg? Real nice …

2. Remember that just a few months ago Brad and Andy were suing each other {link}. StomperNet is in crisis … people aren’t being paid … and both of these dipshits hire massively expensive lawyers to moderate their little cat fight. Andy :: being the classless .. tasteless .. d-bag that he is :: actually bragged about his needless wasting of OTHER PEOPLE’S money {link} ::

“So like, lets pretend that I’ve got a good Biz Dev and Corporate Litigation lawyer (Not one, but TWO) from the 3rd largest law firm in the world. Heh. And if you act now for the low price of $645.00 per hour you can too! Just click the button below and…”

Hilarious. That’s just like a joke I would tell … except it’s NOT FUCKING FUNNY.

3. The “irresistible offer” they are making here is to pay you back for work you’ve already done with work you’ll do in the future. It’s sick … and I seriously doubt it’s legal.

4. The commissions they owe are on $800 per month subscriptions :: How are they going to pay that back with $200 per month subscriptions {which aren’t selling well}? I know you marketers aren’t good at math … but that’s an easy one … try to work out why it’s impossible without asking your nine year old for help.

5. If StomperNet owes you money :: You better get it RIGHT NOW :: It’s bank run time bitches! Start making calls … don’t take no for an answer. They are obligated to pay you NOW … you don’t need to wait for some arbitrary day of their choosing. If the ship sinks … only the precious few who show some bravery RIGHT NOW will get paid :: Everyone who waits will just get fucked … and not in the good way.

>> bleep bleep

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  1. Isn't there a name for when you pay off older investor's with money from the newer ones? Didn't a guy just go to jail for doing something like that? What's that name?


    No wait…


    No, that's not it either…

    I remember now PONZI SCHEME, aka Pyramid Scheme.

    I dunno, maybe I've been reading the forums over at too much, but this whole "recruit new people so we can pay you" plan with "levels" and whatnot sounds a bit too MLM/ Pyramid/ Ponzi-esque to me. So sad to see.

  2. Hee hee. Great post. As a former Stompernet member (1st year member … was smart enuf not to renew when they announced that it would be $800/month foreva…), it makes me ill as to what this disintegrated into. The boys drank their own Kool-aid and convinced themselves that they were geniuses on ANY topic. Stompernet just turned into a massive list to blast worthless and scammy IM products at.

  3. most of the talented "faculty members", are now off doing their own programs, Dan Thies & Leslie Rohde, Jerry West — that makes it quite clear that the ship is sinking.

  4. Interest thing about this… that letter didn't go to ALL affiliate partners… I use the term "partner" loosely..

    So if you are BIG enough to mail 100,000 plus (and do it).. they'll pay you back… if your a little guy that trashed your list promoting SN or PPC'ed to a couple of sales.. no promises

    so while I haven't seen a big push by the "Syndicate" yet.. many are allowing SN to use their name, given silly quotes like "You'd be crazy not to join", and allowed their own products to be used as bonuses…

    guess the big guys want to get paid

  5. Hi Chris… the big guys did get paid (17 days late if I remember correctly)… to not pay would be StomperSuicide =0>

    Sadly, Yes, the little guy without much "voice or volume" did get StomperStung and I heartily feel sorry for them as a LOT whopped masses on the credit card to PPC it.


    Only (approx. of course) 3-5% of all affiliates make the moolah… sad but true!

    People will read/watch your reviews… and then go to the big dog with the best bonus to get it… sad but true!

    And for God sake… if you are tempted to PPC on a launch, make sure there is NO AFFILIATE SIGN UP LINK ON THE PAGES… or you just paid to get them there for absolutely ZILCH return.

    I stopped putting out for Stomper the minute they sneakily put an aff link on the bottom of their pages… this was a good while ago… when the shipwreck that is… was merely a tiny hole.

    Heed these words =0>

  6. Some ethical affiliate marketers include an affiliate link do one of two things:

    1. The affiliate agreement states that buying the product through your own affiliate link gets you banned as an affiliate and you lose your commissions (and the marketer enforces this term).


    2. The affiliate link goes to a page that makes it clear that only purchasers of the product are offered the chance to become an affiliate after buying and trying the product. This doesn't work well if Jeff Walker's PL but does work with rolling launches. Best suited for evergreen products.

  7. StomperNet :: Now offering a 6 week course on cardiopulmonary trauma surgery :: Including two special bonuses ::

    Mike Filssaime's most recent webinar :: "Shunting an Aortic Collapse" :: FREE!

    and …

    Perry Belcher's latest sketched masterpiece :: "Counter Indications for Chest Tube Insertion: A flow chart."

  8. Great points!

    Droid Guess :: Once any sane pair of eyes takes a look at the books :: ALL recent transfers will be voided {and clawed back?}.

    Get together people! Even if your claims are small individually …

    The sooner a trustee takes over from useless asshole Brad … the fairer the tragic outcome will be.

  9. I hoped you'd work your way up to the unbearably slimy Mike Filsaime eventually. Watching you take apart Perry and Harlan has been fun, and they aren't to be forgotten about, but the droid needs a bigger challenge.

    Mike's salespeople have a particularly questionable technique. First they phone you after you order some shitty free stuff from him, then in the course of conversation say something like:

    "Lots of the people interested in our programs are in a bunch of debt right now, and been affected badly by the recession… Do you feel you're struggling with that? What kind of debts do you have?"

    (It goes without saying that I lied here, but was interested to see what they were getting at)

    They then, under the same premise, enquire innocently about your total credit limit. They continue to ramble on for a while about the great results…satisfied clients…but we're very busy here…can't deal with timewasters…lots of clients come for personal coaching…you're a decision-maker right?…on and on and on.

    Then, out of the blue, it transpires that the 'coaching program' (which you'll have heard no actual details of by this point: such as what it coaches you in; who teaches it; how it's taught; etc) is priced thus:

    (Your Credit Limit) minus (Your 'debts you're struggling with') = Price of Filsaime's coaching!

    Yep, to the penny – even by Mike's standards that's just fucking magnificent! Mike really does care about the burden of your debts – that's why he'll only take every OTHER dollar.

    At this point I finally tired of the guy on the phone and said I wasn't interested. He immediately confronted me with 2 arguments: (1) You said you were starting an online business earlier in the call, and (2) You have enough free cash on your credit card to afford it.

    Then they actually expect you to buy right then and there, for a program they've given you NO details on – you think Belcher's bad, but at least he pretends it's about Social Media. I mean NO details. But they're 'busy guys', right? And they only want 'decision-makers'. I was offered a one-time price of just $5000. I hung up.

    What's sickening is that I'm sure that bastard does get sales this way, and we can be 100% sure that he's maxing out another credit card each time he does.

    I named myself after the phone number his call centre uses – I wasn't feeling imaginative.

  10. Doesn’t all this with the huge price reduction fly in the face of a program that StomperNet was recently pushing called Formula 5 by Paul Lemberg or something like that?

    I mean the whole premise of it was to charge higher prices and develop more programs at higher prices? They aren’t even practicing what they teach!

    Oh that midget used car saleman Mike Filsaime, don’t get me started? How can people fall for this garbage? Really desperate or really stupid?

    That scammer’s last frauduct was Affiliate Jump, a cpa training program where you paid him to join his crappy affiliate network and not only that, but you use his web sites and pay for traffic but allow him to capture the leads before they’re passed on to the offer? Who are these retards who fall for these scams?

    1. Some real desperate, but most are really naive. The really stupid, are the ones who after seeing undeniable facts disclosed to them, fail to act on the warnings but make comments about being haters, etc. (or my personal favorite…jealousy attacks excellence….umm thats what they were saying to the individuals decrying enron and madoff before anyone knew what was going on….where are they now…).

      When people want to believe something, then they will believe it (and convince themselves it is true), regardless of all the data to the contrary. If any "critical" thinker takes a look at these clowns (Maria Andros, Mike Filsaime, Belcher, Harlin Philistine) and asks themselves why their friends and family are never involved (or doing the same thing), if these programs make so much money. Why do they have to teach stranger Bob how to make money, rather then teach uncle Bob. Ask any of them what there families do (siblings, cousins, etc), and why they are not capitalizing on these grand riches. Why does the Maria Andros the Video Queer, not involve her brothers? Why? Because "reality" speaks louder then bullshit they espouse.

      They sell lies, and people buy lies (sorry they call them "dreams"…but in the end they are nothing but nightmares). If you want to identify them, they all share one thing, their "hatred" of school. Why? Because school not only teaches "empirical knowledge", but for the most part it imparts critical thinking, which keeps people from just handing over their money like zombies (that's the role of governments). Which is why these "gurus" have to resort to fraud (not advertising genius), but downright unadulterated actionable fraud.

      Of course now you have the "charity" distraction. Gurus claiming to make so much money, that they will give you one of their crappy outdated programs, if you donate the money to charity. Why? Psychologically this does two things….

      1) The person thinks, without being told (except by Dennis Kargorilla..who states he has enough money…then again he was never the brightest bulb in the box) that wow this shit must work, since they can give (or not take) the money (ie. Andros African Red Carpet Scam, required you to give her the money, and she would donate some phantom amount if any, while Kargorilla stated to donate to your charity and show proof…some want you to give to a "charity" of their choice).

      2) Thought process #2 – If they care about helping those in need, then they want to help me (this is one of the oldest psychological tricks….just using a new medium).

      As far as assfiliate jump goes, well there was a nasty thread on Warrior Forum, and whoever runs that site took it down…nothing like freedom of speech. I think it's time to replace warrior forum. If they want to side with (protect) unethical marketers, the site is worthless for everyone.

  11. Classic! Classic!

    Classic Val Smyth some No -One I knew for a short time said, and taught this… word for word…

    Ahhhh, the many "greats" WE have heard this from…No more names mentioned…

    Catch on…catch up…sooooo old school…only a car salesman could do it as well…

    ; )

    at least be original…like Frank Kern- just say "buy my shit or Fuk Off"

    {OK, I put in the F Off Part!} Frank would say that? no???

    The phone just rang…it was a cruise ship…and some marketer telling me to quickly call him back so I could learn more?????????

  12. What can I order that is "free" that they won't ask for a credit card number (for one of their forced continuity programs), that will lead to one of those calls? I'd love to publish such a call. I mean what a blow to what's left of his "stellar" reputation. Willing to take a persons last dollar.

  13. And I'm loving the approach some stomper folks are taking… such as Dan Thies and Leslie Rhode… their new marketing emails manage to trash stompernet while still selling it .. and oh by the way, selling their own new coaching program too. These guys had pretty good reps pre-Stomper, but they got greedy and believed they were gonna make a killing with stomper so they threw their lot in with them. …. and sold out their reputation with it. Now, with the bubble burst and their stoopid greedy bet a loser, they're trying a new pathetic approach ("Yeah, Stompernet is sleazy but still worth it if you buy through my affiliate link.") puts them in the same class as Andy and Brad.

  14. Yeah, that's pretty weird. I got one of those emails also. Just like you said, it really had a negative tone but at the same time, still pitched the product. Weird! With that kind of thinking they might be better off getting day jobs. I'm sure not buying their stuff.

  15. I'm afraid a lot of people Sold their sole to the Fallon.. er.. I mean devil..
    Once you've gone there, it's is tough to go back..

    the SN faculty is like a den of thieves.. no one trusts anyone, and no one is willing share their little stash of knowledge.. for fear it will be stolen.. (some don't even have a stash, just pretend)

    Every single one of the SN faculty.. carries around the hope that someday they'll break away and turn their little stash of knowledge into a pile of gold..

    Thies has been "phoning it in" for so long.. I don't know if he could put forth the effort to produce anything worthwhile, Rhode is a "one-hit-wonder" clinging to the belief the Google algorithm has not changed in 7 years..

    Even Andy was a better person (not a great person) in pre-stompernet days…

    but alas.. while riches and fame are fleeting.. being a SN whore is forever. Fallon has their souls and he's not giving them back

  16. Don’t worry folks, Brad is gearing up again for a second launch of the famous Arbitrage Conspiracy starring Aymen and Emmanuel. He won’t suffer for money.

    They’ve already begun sending out emails for webinars to explain away all the criticism and problems of the last launch and convince a new set of noobs to the industry to fork over 2 or 3k for the promises of making 6 figures a day as they allege that they do.

    Remember the first launch from last December? It’s the one that caused Andy to announce publicly that he was against it and occurred around the time the StomperNet Andy and Brad spat problems began. It caused a BIG ruckus among the members over there in that cesspool of misinformation and stupidity called Warrior Forum.

    If needed, Brad will call old Shawn Casey for help with the close like he did last year along with his other fellow gurus in he’ll and make up the Stompernet shortfall before the end of the year. Bank on it. There’s always the Warrior Forum of stupidity with c.c.’s in hand.

  17. Do you know what shits me most about all of these people, it is the way they USE everyone to make money for themselves and when they are challenged they start fighting like kids. Then when it all gets too tough they run for the holy book and start preaching their own words of wisdom just to make everyone feel really really really bloody guilty about hating them. Hasn't that dude from Australia started doing that? As if any wanker cant see through the fog. And they make is even more obvious by deleting nasty comments about themselves, blaming everyone but themselves and editing places like wiki to pretend as long as possible that they actually love themselves. The only people who give a rats arse about what is said about them are themselves and it shows who they really are when they get their backs up.

  18. Yea coco a lot of the internet fags and bitches are mad about that side wiki lol lol Seriously, I have a few websites up and I welcome comments. Those serve as testimonials, and much like Amazon and Ebay, you can compare how many negative comments there are to how many positive ones. You can also see the loon bags from the normal people. That in of itself is actually a valuable tool for legitimate marketers. Now there won't be any doubt in the prospect's mind about your value, integrity and that you'll do him right. That's a 100% Conversion rate.

  19. You rock Salty Droid … going to read more.
    I look forward to your assessment of other *gurus* not yet discussed on your site.  Too many desperate people with blinders on, thinking *this* has GOT to be the next big money maker – only to discover it’s even worse than they feared it could be.

  20. Interesting info in Civil Action File No. 09A-04910-6 filed in the Superior Court of Gwinnett County, GA., C. Brad Fallon – Plaintiff V. Smart Marketing, Inc., DSJB Holdings, LLC, Dongjie Meng, Shirley X. Wang, and Jennifer Fallon – Defendants.

    Paragraph #11 – “When Plaintiff formed SMI, he placed 100% of the stock in his wife’s name because he had poor credit as a result of the failure of a prior business venture. J. Fallon’s credit rating was very good, and Plaintiff and J. Fallon believed it would be beneficial for the business venture to have stock solely in her name for several business purposes, including obtaining a business checking account and a merchant account for processing credit card transactions.”

    Several other references to Brad Fallon’s poor credit history throughout the document.

    Page 12 paragraph #50: “In 2007 and 2008, Plaintiff caused StomperNet to make loans to SMI which SMI needed in order to make payroll. The loans were made pursuant to a written loan agreement as a demand note at an interest rate that was higher than what StomperNet was making on its money in the bank, and lower than SMI’s existing line of credit…. Over a period of time, the loans grew to a total indebtedness of approximately $675,000.”

    Paragraph #51: “In 2008, SMI paid back exactly one-half of the $675,000 loan, or $375,000. …it was understood that StomperNet would be repaid half of the amount owed to it by SMI, and then StomperNet would pay all of that anount ($375,000) to Andy Jenkins as a distribution….”

    Interesting that this was going on while StomperNet was doing a relaunch in 2008, launching SMARTS and Formula 5, all without paying affiliates. As of August 2009 they owed affiliates $891,000.

      1. [email protected] says:

        *The official records are maintained by the Gwinnett County Clerk of Courts office and can be obtained from that office during regular working hours, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

        1. [email protected] says:
      2. Yep Yep! Said documents are in my possession :: and I’ll be posting them forthwith.

        Congrats to Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins on their successful fleecing of the entire IM world.

    1. “Paragraph #11 – “When Plaintiff formed SMI, he placed 100% of the stock in his wife’s name because he had poor credit as a result of the failure of a prior business venture. J. Fallon’s credit rating was very good”

      So let me get this straight. Brad (the Plaintiff) is basically stating “on record” that he “deceived” creditors by allowing his wife to hold “financial” ownership of the corporate entity, so he could legally deny having any “assets” which may otherwise have been subject to forfeiture to pay off any past creditors; And now he wants that money back?

      Okay then…and he states it for the record…what am I missing?

      Why is this in court? What happened to the cleans hand doctrine? I mean in what “ethical” way can you interpret that paragraph?

      1. Ouch! That is VERY, VERY interesting.

        I guess we might also assume that Bradley and Jennifer are no longer an “item.”

        1. Hallmark announces its new line of romantic cards :: The Twelve Count Complaint Series :: Take a minute and tell that special someone that you love them.

      2. Cartman has a really strong point. That is one heck of a declaration to put into a legal document!

        People/entities who would be interested (or have a right to know) about such an ownership/control “arrangement” could include: creditors, banks, merchant service providers, etc. If there were any losses to these people/entities, they might possibly have serious claims, given the circumstances. Perhaps more than just civil claims.

        Maybe if he reads this, internet attorney par excellence Mike Young can weigh in on the risks of just such an arrangement.

  21. Will they have always used fuzzy math in their finances. For example, Clifford Brad Fallon gave a presentation in Orlando about FreeIQ and described the StomperNet launch as largest in IM history at $12 million in first 12 hours. Here is how they got that:
    $800 x 12 months = $9600 per sale
    1450 sales in 12 hours
    $12 million in Sales in 12 hours (OK I know it should be $13.92M but that’s Fallon’s math.)

    How many membership sites retain 100% of members for 12 months?

    Fallon sees that as real money on launch day and spent it all. At time of 999 launch they had about 268 remaining members. His “easy to achieve” goal for new members on 999 was 5000, they got just under 2000 and lost over 300 of those in first 2 months. He still claims to be best in business.

  22. Dear All,

    StomperNet Copywriting Experience:
    Recently I was employed by Stompernet’s Andy (THE Other Andy – in Publications) to write copy for the new Stompernet launch. (fall 2009)

    I wrote the copy for a landing page, and delivered it. But before Andy (THE OTHER ANDY IN PUBLICATIONS) could present it to Brad, Andy was told Brad had decided to hire a new hot shot copywriter. So I was out additional work on the current project, plus the new work for the magazine that was promised by Andy. This was through no fault of Andy’s, he was an honest person.

    Since the project was escrow and run through, Andy (from Publications) did pay it, he was true to his word. But after reading the comments above… now I know the rest of the story…

    StomperNet Membership Experience:
    I was a proud member of StomperNet in the very beginning at the $800 rate. My experience as a StomperNet member for 2 months was exceptional, the training and videos were excellent. At the time I was doing SEO too, so the experience was worth it for me.

    Several of my clients who are still members of StomperNet, they say the reason they are, is because they “love the feeling of fellowship” at StomperNet and they help each other stay on track with their business goals.

    Affiliate Marketing Experience:
    On my first real affiliate payday, I was burned by as they do not guarantee commissions. The marketer took the money from about 20 affiliates (tune of about 10 grand), and he did not pay anyone. hung me out to dry, they were NO help in getting my commissions, and I had over $500 in commissions due. The culprit’s website was Even was burned for fees when he switched to a fraudulent credit card.

    Needless to say that ended my love affair with affiliate marketing.

    My business is copywriting and sales letter template design on I
    signed up with about 18 months ago, and hold the # 1 ranking for “copywriter” and “copywriting” and have a great rep there. My goals for 2010 are to continute to build my copywriting business from the successes I have had at elance. You would be amazed at the businesses and hot-shot gurus that you can work for on elance. I was.

    My heart goes out to all of you who have lost commissions, it hurts.

    My 2 cents is… It’s best to build your own products (which I do for clients) and create your own HONEST launches. You can make money through your own products and marketing channels. Experience has show me, this is the only proven way to put “Money in My Bank Account!”

    Good luck to all in 2010!

    Jennie Heckel

  23. @Jennie,

    Thanks for the interesting post. I have worked with Brad Fallon and can tell you he has no concept of what it means to make a promise and commitment. He has caused many people to waste time and money on his “latest great idea.” Glad to hear that you did get paid. Count yourself lucky!!

  24. Tom Porky, have you seen this gentleman’s video where he says Brad Fallon stole his company from him?


    1. Yeah, that was a merger between One Wedding Source, Inc. and Creative Web Ventures. The guy in videos is Adam Rocco.

      In the merger the shares were
      Brad Fallon 275
      Jason Hennessey 250
      Adam Rocco 250
      Roger J. Poon 50

      This is Fallon’s standard mode of operation. Many of the “tool suppliers” in his latest launch of stompernet learned that. Fallon, via of mafia like attorney/president of stompernet Gary Shmerling, write agreements that typically result in them owning the tools.

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