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Not Naming Names :: Eric Graham

Is Internet Marketing on Life Support? Ryan Healy thinks maybe it is :: But I fucking hope that it is NOT. I’ve given clear instructions to the nursing staff that IM is to be strictly DNR. Let it suffocate while we eat ice cream and giggle.

but but but :: says you {cries :: groans :: screeching}

Silence! Get over yourselves already. “Internet Marketing” is just a useless us vs. them label that isn’t doing anyone any favors. Are you individualist entrepreneurs? Or are you group think :: huddled up :: fragile little posers? Huh? Ask yourself that :: ALL of you :: not just the bad guys. Why the group? Why the emphasis on cross testimonials & promotionals :: back scratching :: networking :: and masterminding? Are those things necessary to sell legit :: need satisfying :: products? Because they are easily exploited by bad guys to do mega harm.

Anywayz …

Ryan Healy is brave :: he comments here using his real name {imagine that!} :: and he has linked to this rogue site in the past. But his recent post seriously fanned the flames of the Fire/Shit Storm that those StomperNet documents had already started. BrAndy were lying :: and stealing :: and conniving … and they left a trail of sworn statements to prove it. Brilliant! I’m not sure Ryan understands how dangerous linking to The Droid is for one’s career ambitions inside this festering “industry” :: but it was pretty brave none the less.

Ryan also named a mo-fucking name {another very bad “career” move} :: calling out Eric Graham for non-delivery. Eric Graham? :: scanning scanning :: SOLD! Definite d-bag scammer :: and as an added bonus :: he’s awkwardly misshapen.

Eric {for some totally obvious reason} doesn’t accept credit cards for his “high end” services. He explains

“Second, it helps me make sure that my clients can actually AFFORD my services. (If you have to borrow the money to hire me from your credit card, you probably are not ready for my help yet.)”

Fantastic! How virtuous :: an excellent example of the “good Mormon family man” Mr. Graham proclaims himself to be. But when Fred Black was feeling desperate :: and approached Eric about trading his Taylor guitar for Eric’s $5,000 change-your-life consulting package :: BlockHead Eric jumped at the chance :: as he explained in his victim bashing comments on Ryan’s post …

“Since I don’t play the guitar, my initial reaction was to politely tell him “no”, but because I really did want to figure out a way I could help him out of his mess, and because my father plays the guitar (and since this was right before Christmas, I thought it would make a nice gift for my dad), I decided to accept his guitar …”

Using a credit card = not ready for Eric the Great’s help. Trading away personal possessions = totally ready for Eric the Great.


And David and Caramia Hartley were also NOT ready for $5,000 worth of epic fail consulting …

“PLEASE refund the money we sent you. That would see us through to January with a zero expenditure Christmas, which would buy us enough time for a fighting chance of generating income via As we have said before, once we actually have a business again, and can eat, we would love to work with you. and the subsequent MS dating site can be a very good business, and help a lot of people, but right now our very basic survival is at stake. The return of the money we sent you is the best chance we have. Please return it.”

Holy sadness!

Eric’s basic operation pattern seems to be this ::

  1. He takes your money.

  2. There is no two.

Eric Graham’s “high end” “high demand” consulting doesn’t seem to come with any consulting. He will ignore client emails for weeks or months at a time :: something he justified to the satisfaction of NO ONE on Ryan’s post …

“But something Fred IS right in being upset with me about is my poor email communication with him. I take full responsibility for that, and I admit that I’m probably one of the hardest people on earth to get in touch with via email or phone.

Originally the system was designed to simply help me protect my time and help me focus on my family and my high ROI activities.

But on occasion these intentional barriers and systems I have in place to protect my time, (and sanity) do a disservice to one of my clients (on in Fred’s case, someone I’m trying to help out.)”

Funny how little that sounds like the sales copy

“I’ll answer all your conversion, testing, traffic generation, marketing or other business questions personally. Just shoot me an email, and I’ll get back to you within 1 business day (often within a few hours) with my best advice.”

It’s not all bad though :: Cathi Adams of gave him this glowing testimonial {which is on his YouTube account} …

Quoting from the last 10 seconds :: “He’s god in my eyes.” Interesting sentiment :: I should think god would be less dumpy … and maybe have fuller {less hair sprayed} hair … but I don’t know for certain. Eric has helped Cathi build a great site that is probably going to solve most of her financial problems. Her sales page proclaims ::

“Who Else Wants to Discover The Secret Step-by-Step Plan a Happily Divorced Woman Used to Escape Her Unhappy Marriage Without Losing Her Home, Her Son or Her Lifestyle?”

…and She Shows You Step-By-Step How You Can Too!

Nope … nothing sad about that either. Totally normal.

And Eric gives Cathi the courtesy of a reach around testimonial that is sure to propel this product to the top of the “plan your divorce before it’s time” niche …

“I have 3 daughters and Divorce Secrets will be required reading for them before getting married. Not because I want them to get a divorce, but simply because your book is the best resource I have ever seen for protecting women from the financial devastation they will face from a divorce.”

Also totally normal. “Honey, congratulations on your super secret, believers only, temple marriage … please accept this valuable PDF about plotting your divorce as a precautionary measure. Mazel Tov!”

And now here is Cathi on the Complaints Board ::

“Do not do business with Eric Graham. I hurts me to have to say this but he is NOT someone you should do business with. I am shocked by his actions - or actually lack of action. Do not do business with Eric Graham!!”

Oops. “God” is dead. So much for that testimonial :: now it’s just as useless as this one that Fred Black gave to Eric BEFORE he’d seen any results.

Eric has been doing some “soul searching” about how to manifest better clients who don’t complain about his lack of service and ability. He’d get a higher ROI by searching for his soul :: it seems to have been misplaced.

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