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a man and his flow

Question :: Who is Jeff “Herschy” Schwerdt?

Answer :: Nobody.

That is technically the correct answer :: but it’s a bit short :: expandification required …

Jeff “SkidMark” Schwerdt is the Father {aka non-vaginal birth giver} of the Cash Flow Funnel. This is an “Extremely Limited Offer” :: in that almost nothing is on offer.  Get in NOW before it flows the rest of the way down Jeff’s leg and on to the ground :: wisdom lost forever!

But Jeff is not just about funnels and regulating his flow.  He also describes himself as a member of Frank Kern’s “mastermind” {minds not required} :: where he learned everything he doesn’t know.  And he helps “raise money for charity” :: specifically he spoke at the last Paid for Life event to raise money for the Just Like My Child Foundation {tax write off not included}.  How magnificent of him.

SkidMark describes his own journey here :: I think you’ll find he has a gift for sucking at words …

“His biggest childhood dream was to become a pilot.. He was promised by his parents that if it was still a goal by the time he reached age 17, he could begin flying lessons. True to their word, he started flying training, and working toward his pilot’s license shortly after his 17th birthday.”

Thanks Mom for making my biggest big-boy dreams come true!

Jeff was on his way to becoming an F-16 pilot … but then … oh god … brace yourselves …

“… he began experiencing minor back pain. Ever the determined one, He continued to fly. Unfortunately, only a few flighs later, he found himself unable to sit for more than a few moments, and his pain was multiplied, augmented by the inability to sleep.”

Ruined :: like so many others :: by multiplied and augmented minor back pain.  But still ever the determined one :: SkidMark decided to make up a new big-boy dream {and this time he wouldn’t need Mommy’s help … probably}.  It was time to teach the world what he knows best :: marketing!  Wait … what?  What the fuck does Jeff Schwerdt know about marketing?

Working side-by-side and attaining secrets from some of the best marketers in the business has kept him motivated. (Not to mention the great levels of success he was realizing.) Jeff describes the experience”like a two-year Master’s program in marketing crammed into a few short months.”

The Droid describes Jeff’s description of Jeff’s “Master’s program” as being “borderline rotten broccoli :: lying somewhere between LOL and the outskirts of LMFAO.”

Sign up for Herschy’s email list and get gems like this delivered directly to your loins {or wherever you keep your iPhone} …

Subject: I’m giving Free Money Plus Copy Paste Success

Yes, you read that correctly.

Not only are we working with you over the next 8 weeks, providing Live Webinar Training, but I’m also giving you Turn Key Success.

With Unlimited Direct Access!

Here’s How:

We’re handing you a proven business model, live support, training, and we’ll do all the work on the back end to fulfill your orders. It can’t get any easier.

And of course :: you’ll also get an email for EVERY piece of shit product that the circle jerks are promoting.  Jeff’s never seen an offer that he’s not willing to mail. $3,000 goat rape kits?  Sure … why not? As long one of his “close personal friends” is behind the deal :: money is money :: and most goats are just asking for it with all of their limiting beliefs.

SkidMark must not be a fan of The Salty Droid :: and he must not have ANY friends in Internet Marketing :: or he would have known that mailing for Not-Doctor Kilstein was the best way to get the attention of the “worst fucking thing that has ever happened to us.”  Almost no one mailed for Shitstein’s multi-thousand dollar frauduct launch {your welcome!} :: but Jeff and his Master’s in Marketing did.  Oops!  Well you got my attention :: /congrats

Step One :: Prove this d-bag isn’t now :: nor ever was :: a USAF fighter pilot.  I mean come on!  How could this little turd ball manage such a thing. Operation Investigation –> {it’s harder than you think … and time passes}.  Oh Snap!  Turns out there is a Captain Jeff Schwerdt on non-flight status at Luke AFB in Arizona.

OMG! He’s still on Active Duty. Well isn’t that interesting …

Hey Jeff :: you’re not still on Active are you?  What are you fucking nuts?!?  Guess what … your Mommy wanted me to tell you that you are finished in Internet Marketing.  Yep Yep!  Pack up your shit and leave.  I know that this comes as a surprise to you :: what with all the success you’ve been having building “Five 6 figure business in just 6 months” :: and having “made 250k in just 6 weeks” :: but I’ve been doing some reading.  Did you know that the military has its own laws :: which it enforces in its own courts?  Yep :: it’s true.  And then they handle the punishment as well … have their own prisons and everything.  It’s crazy … almost like being a sub-citizen.  You sure wouldn’t want to violate any of the laws of the Uniform Code of Military Justice like …

Mutiny or Sedition :: not good … punishable by death.

Being a Spy :: pretty cool … but still bad … punishable by death.

Dueling :: forget about it.

Raping a lady that is not your wife :: you definitely shouldn’t … “however slight” a penetration you were planing.

oh and then there’s this …

Article 121 :: Larceny and Wrongful Appropriation

(a) Any person subject to this chapter who wrongfully takes, obtains, or withholds, by any means, from the possession of the owner or of any other person any money, personal property, or article of value of any kind–

(1) with intent permanently to deprive or defraud another person of the use and benefit of property or to appropriate it to his won use or the use of any person other than the owner, steals that property and is guilty of larceny;

Winner!  I sure hope that Captain Fantastic wasn’t lying about all the massive financial success he’s had online in order to sell his expensive BS products … that would not be good.

And don’t forget about DoD Directive 1344.1 :: Wearing of the Uniform :: which strictly prohibits the use of the uniform in private commercial activities.

Or the Joint Ethics Regulation :: DoD 5500.7-R :: subsections 3-209306 :: which prohibits the use of uniforms :: pictures of personnel in action :: or anything else that may imply an endorsement of a non-Federal entity.  It also requires that DoD employees get prior approval for outside employment and business activities.

I don’t doubt that Jeff “SkidMark” Schwerdt filed all the proper paperwork with the USAF and got permission to use all the kick ass military stuff to sell the Cash Flow Funnel.  I also don’t doubt that he’s reported his dubious associations :: and the “MILLIONS” of dollars worth of secondary income that he claims to be collecting.  But just in case he hasn’t :: and because I’m such a fucking giver :: I’m officially volunteering to make sure all the proper reports have been filed.

No need to thank me Jeff :: as you’d know if you were a regular reader :: the pale faced editor’s only sister just so happens to be a lawyer in the USAF JAG Core :: so getting “on the horn” with the Public Affairs office at Luke AFB will hardly even be an inconvience.

Or maybe Jeff is packing up his shit and moving out of ScamTown {within the next two weeks} :: maybe all of his sites and squeeze pages are a being eradicated like the plagues they are :: maybe Jeff just remembered that some things are more important to him than taking money and promoting Harlan Kilstein.


>> bleep bleep

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  1. Holy Turd Buckets Batman!!! Seems like old “Hershey Squirts” got the right call sign anyway, or maybe that describes the sudden 50 pound gut bomb that will go off when his CO calls him in to read him his article 32 rights.

    Man-o-man, I’d like to be a fly on the wall.

    Light the fires and kick the tires Goose, I think Maverick is in a little bit of hot JP-8.

  2. “Ever the determined one, He continued to fly.” Is that a typo, or does Jeff think he’s, like, God or Somebody?

    Here’s a slightly newer profile, with another lovely photo:

    I found that piece via the Austin Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs Network site:

    You’ll see some other familiar names on that site as well.

    1. @Connie :: his whole life is a fucking typo.

      So he spoke at the AIMEN event :: funny. Dave and I have similar taste in d-bags … Belcher made a beautiful speech about me from that stage last year.

      Of course the video isn’t available due to constant DMCA shenanigans :: lame!

      Here is the promotional email for Herschy Squirt’s appearance …

      TONITE (June 9th) is the Austin Internet Marketing Party at
      SIX Lounge.

      Our speaker tonight will prove that it IS possible to make tens of
      thousands of dollars while laying sick in bed, armed with just a
      laptop (and some ambition and a bit of knowledge)!

      And NO, he will not be selling you anything…

      he’s just sharing his story because he has a few good buddies in
      Austin who also happen to be successful internet marketers… so it
      gave him a good excuse to visit Austin (and give back to others)!

      Our VERY, VERY special guest is someone who I am confident you will
      enjoy meeting & learning some key success components from his talk.

      About “Herschey”

      Jeff “Herschey” Schwerdt is only 31 years old, but he thought he’d
      be dead by now…or still flying F-16 Fighter Jets with the US Air

      We are glad he’s not dead because he is flying in from Phoenix,
      Arizona to share with you what he discovered after a disabling injury
      left him unable to continue his lifelong dream of flying fighter

      This discovery has created massive wealth for himself and his clients
      using the Holy Grail of internet marketing.

      Zero Investment… Massive Results… FAST!

      … yada yada yada

  3. Me thinks Jeff would do well to check his 6 as there seems to be a Driod hot on his tail. If it were a drone, he might have a chance, however, he had no such luck. All we can say is:

    “Son, your body is writing checks your ego can’t cash!”

    Just checked his Twitter feed as well as searching Twitter and don’t yet see any mention of this post. I’m sure it will happen.

  4. I don’t know what Mikey thinks now of the herchsy but I know what Mikey thought about him two years ago. Mikey watches all the little internet markerts who dream of riches pop up and so does the whole syndicate so they can control the market. Build people up, make some money off of them and destroy their lives.

    Two years ago Mikey saw the Herchsy and in his words was a “frank kern peon.” Yeah you see some of the gurus don’t always like each other as much as they put on and think even less of the guru groupies and peons.

    Herschey went to the Mass Control seminar and wanted to buy his way into riches. He filled out a form and paid the money to become a part of the Frank KErn mastermind. Then Kern and a few of his friends mailed for Herchsy’s quick video marketing.

    The Herschy made a few crumbs but never made the big dough. No more mailings for Herschy. He didn’t get deep into those inside and was just a press button money making one day laugh for the syndicate. So the Herschy has gotten desperate and his promotions have gotten more desperate. The need for money drives some to desperate acts and as their promotions get more desperate you can read into it and figure it out.

    Herschy could have been a contender. But he never advanced past being a Frank Kern peon as Mikey said. He just thought he could build a little list and mail when told and that would be enough.

    If he has some of the assets and abilities of Maria now he may have gotten a little bit more on the inside, but he is a male peon and not female.

    The Herschy is a sad story of a dreamer who wanted to be a part of the syndicate but just only got a crumb. So now it seems he is getting caught up in the crossfire.


    1. @InsideFilsaime :: that’s pretty much my read of the situation too. Kern Peon … already used up and spit out. {which is why he should take me up on the offer to walk away RIGHT NOW}

      I don’t think Maria was ever a contender either … just a sad {and vicious} little toy.

      1. maria wanted to become an eban pagan groupie but didn’t get in with him. Got closer to Mikey but not close enough for his liking. Only one she got in with is Kilstein.

  5. I got an email about this side funnel thing from someone else. I looked it over and couldn’t make heads or tails of the offer. It just seemed way too scammy for me. Too much talk about how much money I could make if I only knew the 1 secret that he had or something like that. Smelled of Killstein type copy.

    Did y’all see the “new” blogging to the bank mails from Ben Robswell? Yikes. I gave that guy a Douchebag Award for his efforts.

      1. The dude’s name is Rob Benwell, but I read somewhere that people call him Ben Robswell. I know of a few of his other pen names. Mike Worthington is one, but there’s also my personal favorite “Jacobo Benitez” who is a VW mechanic in Mexico that makes $4000 a month from adsense and wants to teach you how to do the same thing or something like that.

  6. I had the great “fortune” of having Mr. Jeff “Herschey” Schwerdt actually stay in my home last year. (Also being a former member of the US Air Force and 2 year football player for USAFA I welcomed a fellow veteran into my home. I’m checking references next time!)

    On the recommendation of a good guy I agreed to do a little one day workshop in my local community on social marketing as a test bed upon which we would build out a more detailed, multi-city program teaching sales, internet marketing and social media marketing to small business owners.

    Thank God we only charged $97 and thank God I was able to wrestle control of the event in the afternoon to give attendees at least $97 worth of material with my friend who recommended Mr. Jeff “Herschey” Schwerdt.

    (We then volunteered an extra couple of one hour follow up calls the following weeks to answer questions as attendees were implementing what we attempted to cover after Mr. Jeff “Herschey” Schwerdt was through selling his still-unknown-program that one lady bought and returned after being disgusted with him. I have her emails if you’d like a good (sad) laugh but at least he returned her $1,497 for some crap he himself can’t explain.)

    Mind you, these were mostly people I knew personally or were friends of friends in this little community of SoCal. Out of 24 attendees Mr. Jeff “Herschey” Schwerdt signed up a whopping ONE SINGLE ATTENDEE. And we felt so bad for what Mr. Jeff “Herschey” Schwerdt charged him that two of us, more than 6 months later, are still helping that gentleman build an online social media presence.

    In a nutshell, I located and found the venue, bought the food, my wife and daughter catered, I secured a videographer and photographer (paid them), put Mr. Jeff “Herschey” Schwerdt up in my home (and fed him), reduced the price of the event because he couldn’t market it, and 6 weeks after the fact he estimated his share of the event was $175 and he demanded payment, which I tendered via PayPal with a nice little love note…which I now gladly add to here.

    Revenge is a plate best served cold.

    1. @Wes ::

      Thanks for that beautiful testimonial.

      You don’t get to the “top” without burning bridges for $175. Not like he needed the money :: of course :: what with his multiple streams of massive income. It was just principle of the thing … you hosted him … he sucked ass and tried to screw your meat space friends … the least you could do was pay him for it.

      1. Thanks, Steve. I’ve been working with two Filipino programmers that are outstanding (as far as service and support) but I think one of them has a gap in their anti-virus and this thing got in.
        They are reformatting their machines from scratch to fix this for sure. I’m on a Mac with two anti-virus programs so it’s not sneaking in through me. Thanks for the heads up.

  7. Wow! 5 comments only so far?

    This guy is totally screwed. It seems like this guy was trying to be an insider and instead is going to be left to crash and burn all by himself.

    Subcitizen… hell yeah. The military can do what they want. Forget the FTC, I would not want to mess with the military justice system.

  8. Not that I have any great attachment to my own comments, but when I checked earlier, I had a +2, and now I’m down to zero. Oh, well, I’m told that reaching “zero state” is a good thing. If it gets any lower, I guess my comment will get hidden. I have a feeling I know who’s doing some voting here…

        1. That, and what can be described as a paranoid, nervous affliction of those awaiting their own final moments of notoriety on this blog prior to the abrupt conclusion of their current “careers.”

  9. the comments will come.

    The herschey is small beans and that is his problem he never sprouted. Just joining a plastermind is not enough to make the riches or get inside the inner workings of the syndicate. But his story is a good tale a good way for you to know how the syndicate works. You see they bring up a herschey and let him make a little and they make a little like 50% of all of what he makes since he need the emails they have. But you see they like the herschey because it gives them something to email and then becomes a dependent create. But he cna’t make people money he can’t get on the inside he brings nothing to the table for anyone so once the once day promo happens he is dumped. He doesn’t know it at the time he thinks he is making it big time he thinks he is in he thinks he is rich. But he is nothing.

    Then when no one promotes again and his cash flow turns into a trickle he becomes desperate. No filsaime/walker/reese never males for the herschey. So the herschey needs somet new way to make money. Some new way to pay the bills. A new cash flow.

    Then this happens. He schemes. He plans. He mails. We laugh. Droid attacks. Herschey blows up.

    But the story of herserchey is a story of a boy who got caught up and burned and churned by the syndicate.

    This the cult of internet marketing. The drones like herschey who want to get in and want to get rich and get psycho manipulated and have their lives destryoed.

    If onley herschey has some of the assets of Maria he then may have been able to stay around for a little whle longer.


  10. Hi gang,

    Pleased to have found you! Something about the Hersh didn’t sit right, but it was mostly the idea of any all-in-one solution that got my antennae up. Its hard to not “believe the hype” because thats what all internet marketers do. So, who has, and what are the good products?

    I’m guessing you maybe cant say because then everyones advantage will dilute, right? So, is the answer to experiment with the bigger names, and learn by experience (buy a lot) like everyone else who succeeds has done?

    Thats a bit like a poorly raised parent passing on their lack isnt it, or just a necessary evil?

    Appreciate your input!

    1. Nobody’s going to recommend any “good products” here, because they can’t. What is a good product anyway? Some pseudo-“system” that purports to teach you how to sell systems to other people who want systems?

      Not sure what you mean by “everybody’s advantage will dilute.” You must be talking about the circular, incestuous private club sometimes called just “internet marketing.” A dubious generic if ever there was one. That is, people selling pie-in-the-sky intangibles to teach other people how to do the same. Few at the bottom are really making any significant money, and the few at the top are in CAHOOTS with each other to keep the new lackeys out (while at the same time still selling them hope and promises at ridiculous prices). It’s all worthy of government investigation followed by shackles, chains, and many years of limited-freedom reflection. (That’s going to happen, by the way, and soon.)

      Those guys have back room get-togethers where they figure out “who’s going to mail to who’s list, pitching what, and for what commission.” Most of this is just reselling pumped-up versions of re-spun content that you can get from inexpensive books or for free online anyway. It’s all orchestrated and packaged for the gullible, touchy-feely crowd that wants to believe in Santa Claus and have everything “delivered” to them in nice packages wrapped in enticing but impossible promises.

      Follow and study this blog and you’ll discover the reality.

      1. Wow! Thanks Austin, I love that kind of bubble-bursting, mind you, mine wasn’t too big to begin with. I can totally see what you’re saying and why it has to be like that (probably would have elicited a big DUH from me eventually).

        What about the concept of catering to niche markets, ie tapping into what people are searching for. Are there smaller players that dont run with the big pigdogs, but do offer help to someone who aactually wants to help those people find a solution (assuming it matches an existing “passion”).

        Thanks for your reply! And I will study the blog, any other good sources of the right info?

        1. What legitimate, successful, money-earning marketer has the time or inclination to step away from what they are doing to substantially and meaningfully help a total stranger?

          Here’s the reality:

          Truly successful, engaged marketers aren’t going to interrupt YOU with an “offer” of assistance (for a price). You’re going to have to interrupt THEM.

          If you want to start or expand a business online, selling legitimate products to a legitimate market, you need to break down the business requirements/functions into components. Then research those individual components separately online. The answers are out there and knowledge is plentiful.

          You just need to avoid the “one stop guru shop.”

        2. And continuing on what Austin was saying….One real world example, “Armando Montelongo” (self professed real estate expert)…who is willing to sell his knowledge, because making money on a defunct theoretical business construct is easier then making money selling a home.

          In case you don’t know, Armando Montelongo was that fuckwad on flip this house, who claimed to be successful. So successful in fact, that there are allegations of Mortgage fraud, unpaid appraisal services and unpaid engineering services, and his homes were/are in foreclosure. If you search his names, you will see that people are not to happy with the “knowledge” he’s selling either, and there are further allegations that he is billing multiple times, not cancelling, not refunding, and unauthorized billing (funny this guy was on the “Internet Marketers” cruise). Yet this clown (of “high moral integrity”) is going to teach you how to purchase property with little to no money down, flip it, and make 10’s of 1000’s.

          Can you do such a thing in a buyers market….sure…one small (small being relative) problem though….the “dilapidated” houses you would have to buy that have enough margin (once “proper” repairs have been made) to actually make a profit, will require “cash” and/or very “unconventional” financing which will further eat into any profits.

          Then you have the added problem that when you are finally ready to sell, demand and your profit margin are now falling due to all the new inventory that came on the market because of foreclosures.

          Hey, if someone reads here and still chooses to believe a pipe dream, well good luck.

          Now no time for this. I have an entrepreverbial spirit. I asked Andros what she thinks of my 24hr lube and pizza shop (and she thought it was brilliant), so I am going to pay her to teach me how to open a youtube account and put up a video and sell to the “I can’t sleep and always dreamed of getting my car lubed and a slice of pepperoni pizza at 3am in the morning niche! And leverage that with youtube, twitter and facebook (the holy trinity of social media, and the sub-micro niche). :)

          sing…I’ve got the brain…do …do…I’ve got the do….i’ll make lots of money….do do….

        3. Pete,
          Austin has some great advice and I love reading it over and over because it confirms I’m not some dumbass punk for not (yet) making millions pushing over-priced, repackaged junk to people.

          I’ve built up a nice following and good clients (that sometimes embarrass me with their appreciation) and what I provide are proven systems – some I’ve created and some I’ve developed – and a neutral, 3rd party eye and viewpoint that helps my clients grow.

          I have “expensive” consulting programs and services for several thousand a month and “affordable” group programs at just $77/mo and I’ve developed them all via trial and error.

          Building your own business is not easy. I’m up at 4 am almost every writing my weekly newsletter, blogging, submitting articles, giving instructions to my programmers, proof-reading copy, mapping out my next workshops, etc.

          And after several years it is all paying off. People are calling me. They are paying what I quote them without haggling. They are paying up front. And I am busting my ass to make sure they agree that retaining my team and me was the best decision they ever made.

          Sometimes I lose sleep if a program isn’t producing the results we hoped/planned for but that happens. None of us have crystal balls but I’ve found that the business owners/salespeople have to apply themselves and listen and take action and seek guidance during the process in order to succeed.

          If they want truly turnkey they have to hire you/me as an employee. Otherwise, they’re investing in our tools and our experience and our guidance and our support to keep them on track.

          Most of business growth can be attributed to doing 1,000 little things right and often. That can be boring to an entrepreneur. But it’s also the path to business and life freedom.

          Keep searching. Keep testing. Don’t be afraid to take the scumbags up on their money back guarantees if you buy something that sucks ass. That’s how you learn.

          Good luck.

  11. I think you guys are awesome. Can you indulge my newbie brainfreeze (rapidly thawing) a little more? For example, do you see anything wrong with affiliate marketing, or some of the people who teach that method? The goal then being to affiliate with the right products as far away from the circle jerkers as possible.

    1. If it’s a legitimate product and you’ve done your due diligence on the source, then you ‘could’ try affiliate marketing simply for the experience. However, from a practical standpoint, you aren’t going to make a ton of money selling someone else’s products…especially since EVERYONE ELSE can easily do the same, and that creates a very low barrier to entry. Aside from that, you’ll have a reduced margin which makes compeition even more difficult.

      I’m assuming you’re talking about information-based products. There is a whole new world beyond that. Think outside the box, start with what you know, and never assume you can’t make a go in business without paying some “look at me” expert to do it all for you.

      For the benefit of anyone else stumbling in here: AVOID PACKAGED BUSINESS “SYSTEMS.” If it says (or implies) “turn key” what they really mean is “turn screw” as in “turning the screw on you.” Nobody gives away the farm or reveals the full working details of something that is currently making them a lot of money. Instead, they would simply scale it out and keep all the money!

      If you want a business, piece it together yourself by studying the individual fundamentals (customer, product, traffic, sales/fulfillment). All of this can be easily researched online.

      1. But how can you do reliable due diligence? Some of these guys make so much money that they can effectively plug up any reviews of themselves. And of course they mostly made it from their “how to” product compared to their own affiliations. This is not true for Rosalind Gardner (Canadian) who wrote her AffiliateHandbook after making her chunk of change…or maybe thats just the way that was spun?

        No I am not talking about information based products, or paying anyone to do it for me. I agree completely with, and appreciate your comments about putting the pieces together individually. Having said that, it still costs some money to learn these individual components, so to repeat my question, how can you do the reliable due diligence?

  12. “Some of these guys make so much money” sounds like a “guru” red flag to me.

    “Gurus” = no due-diligence needed (because you avoid them)

    In summary: the typical “guru” is, at best, simply a pricey re-packager. At worst, they are an expensive lesson in misinformation. That makes them unnecessary in a world of Google, and online business forums, all of which are more cost-effective and productive uses of your time.

    This isn’t really a business advice forum, and you sound wise enough to find your way to one that is. Just hang on to your credit cards when you get there.

  13. Well one guy I’m thinking of is doing very well (ok three actually), so the red flags are waving there. One of them had a low price point, but is likely a bait & switch candidate. I have also seen two others who sell the same info, also at reasonable prices. I did buy in at the low end on one of these, will learn it, and check for holes.

    I am thinking that a reasonable price point combined with a “reasonable” unhyped marketing approach is a way to seperate the “worth it” from the “worthless”.

    Thanks for your patience.

  14. Isn’t salty like that friend that everyone has in school (or wish they had) that if you ever got in a fight you were glad to have on your side?

    That post was ruthless.

    Why don’t you actively practice law? You are bad ass!

    1. @TrainWreck

      Law is not a place for badasses. It’s a place for risk adverse :: Aspenger syndrome having :: conformist pussies.

      1. “Law is not a place for badasses. It’s a place for risk adverse :: Aspenger syndrome having :: conformist pussies.”

        Well put

  15. Google Jeff Schwerdt :: or better yet Jeff Schwerdt Scam

    Yep! One week. Suck on that SEO whores.

    What ya gonna do Schwerdt? It’s time to be the decider …

    1. I am betting that all his sites are up in 2 weeks, at least I hope they are. Curious to see what step 2 is. I am sure it is not going to be pretty given that you pretty much went straight for the jugular on the first strike.

      What happened to Drayton? He prompted the post and then no comments? Come on Drayton. Join the conversation. Anyone else you want taken out with a missle strike?

      I didn’t think any of the marketing types would comment as themselves here. Took guts. Any backlash in the near future for Sir Drayton from “within” the cult… I mean community in the near future?

  16. @Trainwreck

    I guess you were talking about me. Sure, I’m pretty new to current online marketing tactics, but I do know when to step off the tracks.

    I realize this isnt a business forum, so I’ll follow up on Austins good advice there, and continue to follow this blog too.

    1. @SD

      I realize my last comment misses out on the (now obvious) bigger picture, vs my relatively puny concerns. Feel free to delete it, as well as this one.

      You’re a sorely needed port in the storm.

  17. Here’s a webinar with Jeff Schwerdt and Daniel Levis (aka Mr. Supremely Boring) pushing the “Cash Flow Funnel.” Of course Schwerdt goes right into the military bragging and pics right away in order to build himself up.

    Daniel Levis says in his email plugging it:

    “This is perfect for beginners,
    or anyone struggling to make a
    profit online.

    If you’re looking for a
    straight-forward path to online
    cash, check it out”

    Straight-forward path to online cash????

    This kind of stuff pretty much cancels out any credibility Daniel Levis ever had, if any, IMO.

  18. In this video, Jeff Schwerdt actually refers to his ‘office’ as a “hideout/headquarters.” (It’s really upstairs in a HOUSE.)


    1. He just pulled this video :: that’s the right idea SkidMark :: now just pull down ALL the rest of your crap and we’ll be all good.

      1. Here’s a couple out of the dozens more he missed (best get crackin’)…

        Pimpin’ his military connection (note the strategically placed helmet and framed fighter jet image behind him):


        Hangin’ with his (and Filsaime’s) pal, Amish (note the strategically placed beach and palm trees behind him)…


  19. Maybe Jeff Schwerdt doesn’t fully realize how serious Salty is about filing a well-documented complaint with the military. According to the date on the top of this post, Salty’s stated deadline is just a little over a week away. Tick, tock.

  20. In this video, Jeff Schwerdt shoots his missile off. (Can’t tell if it’s premature or not.) I wonder if the Pentagon has any more promotional videos for the “Cash Flow Funnel.” Let’s all write and ask.


  21. Two weeks are up and is still live. Listen. Can you hear it coming??

    “Ding! Ding! Ding! Woooo…. Wooooo!!”

    That’s the sound of the “Pain Train” rolling up on ‘Herschey’ which just may cause him to Schwerdt his pants.

    From TopGun:
    Iceman: The plaque for the alternates is down in the ladies room.

    1. I think I spotted that train! Looks to be driven by a robot. I think there were even dual cannons down each side, but it was barreling along so fast I couldn’t tell for certain. Maybe old Herschy can describe it better when it gets to his neck of the woods. Won’t be long now! Woooo! Woooo!

  22. It doesn’t look like ole Hershey is to worried about anything. It looks like it is business as usual to me.

  23. I actually thought he would take the out … seemed crazy not to.

    No one ever wants to do things the easy way … oh well.

    1. Looks like the Pentagon is soon going to be receiving official documentation from Droid Central (D.C.). The only jet Hershey will be piloting in the future will probably be one of those little ones kids sit in for a quarter outside of shopping malls.

    2. Hey Salty,

      Just wondering if there are any new developments here? Seems like this would be considered low hanging fruit.

      Knock this one down and it makes a good case study of the other IM gurus.


    3. Ole Herschy ain’t skeerd. This dipshit is got something going on with those two clowns Adeel and Bobby of WSO fame. I have to wonder if the droid dug up another enlistee of the same name that was showing as active duty.

  24. This has got to be the best blog I’ve ever shat through. Feel like a total D-Bag that it took me this long to find it.

  25. SD,

    Thanks for exposing this guy and I hope more and more comes to the forefront. I can promise you in my lifetime I have never met a more arrogant and cocky person. I think it’s a sad case where he began to believe his own B.S. copy that was manufactured to expose the greatness of Jeff….. NOT

    I knew eventually this guy would get exposed. Being a master of deception will carry you so far until the light shines on YOU Jeffrey.

    This guys ego would make Tiger Woods scratch his head!! I only wish we could set up a press conference and have him answer the tough questions.

    I wonder if he would say… I did not think the normal rules applied to me because obviously he doesn’t.

    and so it begins……………….

  26. Jeff Schwerdt is a parasite as I knew him before he was a full parasite. I just knew him when he was a parasite in training. His ego is annoying and he is obnoxious and will throw his mother under the bus to reach his objectives. Actually he will throw his mother, brothers, sister and son to reach his objectives.

    I hate liars and lazy people, Jeff Schwerdt is a known liar. He is not lazy as he works hard at being a liar, so I give credit where credit is due.

    Someone needs to knock some sense into this boy and make him understand that when you treat people like crap, the crap will eventually fall on your head. How does it feel Jeff Schwerdt to have a pile of crap loaded on you, feel good? Feel nice? Kind of smells like the pile of crap that you are.

    hmmm… Revenge is a bitch!! Could not have happened to a nicer person- lol

  27. Hi,

    My name is Jeff Schwerdt and I’m a loser!! I state for the record that I’m a perfect example of a scam artist and I’m proud to be an american with the right to do as I wish.

    I’m a viper and like a viper, I will bite your ass and perhaps enjoy it.

    okay.. I’m not really Jeff Schwerdt but if I was Jeff Schwerdt then I would say this because I’m an %&*. I remember the days when I was respected which really dates me as it was in my mommas womb. I was a hotshot even then as I was the fastest swimmer in the race. I had to throw a few of my fellow sperms under the cervic but that’s me, always throwing someone under something to reach my objectives.

    Remember me, I’m Jeff Schwerdt and love the smell of bs in the morning. hmmmm.. smells like my reputation. I digress, thanks to all those that stood by me and allowed me to throw you under the bus. I thank you all.

  28. Ole Top Gun isn’t going anywhere. I just received an email from him today. He was promoting something. It might have even been a new product of his own. I don’t know as I didn’t read.

  29. This has not been forgotten by me :: the machinations of the real world are slow moving and tedious.

    1. @SD, does that mean you’re having to deal with Jawas?


      Looking forward to an update…

  30. wow, lots of sour grapes here. do i sense just a “hint” of jealously here? well hershey is alive and well, despite all of your piss ant comments. so the guy has a better resume that you? get over it. i found this by accident and how many people really read this crap anyway? i say eat shit and die. get on with you life……

    1. @macattack,
      We don’t go for sour grapes here, we prefer the magical properties of mango and acai berries to deliver us from all things nasty and make us internet gazillionaires in our underpants.

      A home-made fruit-powered cannon is also a handy implement to keep around the house to repel those who are after our moronic wealth or even, heaven forfend, our underpants.

    2. @macattack ::

      Do you sense a “hint” of jealousy? If you do :: then your senses are as poor as your grammar. I have zero desire to add “punk ass bitch” to my resume :: SkidMark’s sole resume bullet point.

  31. Seems this boondoggle has fizzled out.

    Could have swore if I read it on the Internet, it must be true.

  32. No Jeff is definitely back in the market. He is launching the Localizer Tool and the pricing is going to be ridiculous. Don’t be fooled. Jeff is back in the market and releasing this new tool. And he is still pitching his “ex F-16 fighter pilot”. He is saying he is retired. Look into this Salty!

  33. Hey SD,

    Looks like your efforts paid off to some degree. “Herschy” isn’t using his military background on his site any longer. His sales page is drastically shortened as a result.

    Any background as to when this all took place?

      1. @MazeMan, LOL. Isn’t it really funny how “macattack” so quickly popped in here again after so much time had passed, and just as soon as you mentioned Schwerdt again?

        Who would be so fanatical about that? Hmmm…

  34. @Schwerdt Sucks

    I hear ya. Kinda makes me want to keep posting to these comments to see who else it might attract.

    It begs the question that if macattack really believes no one cares, then why even bother posting a comment? By his line of reasoning, my posted comment should have generated zero attention and therefore been ignored.

    We can now see that is not the case. SOMEONE does give a “rat’s a$$” and the more that SOMEONE responds here, the more often these post comments will pop up in this blogs right navigation bar. And of course that means more people see this and more interest is generated. We might even end up hip deep in “rat’s a$$’s” so bring your hip waders.

  35. Now he’s got a new product out, and claiming to be a Marine fighter pilot. Did he previously claim to be an Air Force pilot? What’s the real deal with this guy? Apparently, he now has a lead gathering tool, and a huge upsell, is now doing local marketing.

  36. file_links[D:\xr_p\product-a.txt,1,SP] , random[a..z]random[A..Z]random[0..9]random[a..z]random[a..z]random[A..Z]random[a..z]random[A..Z]random[A..Z]random[a..z] file_links[D:\xr_p\product-a.txt,1,SP] , random[A..Z]random[a..z]random[A..Z]random[A..Z]random[0..9]random[a..z]random[A..Z]random[a..z]random[0..9]random[a..z]random[A..Z] file_links[D:\xr_p\product-a.txt,1,SP] , random[a..z]random[A..Z]random[a..z]random[a..z]random[A..Z]random[0..9]random[a..z]random[A..Z]random[A..Z]random[a..z] file_links[D:\xr_p\product-a.txt,1,SP] , random[A..Z]random[a..z]random[A..Z]random[0..9]random[A..Z]random[a..z]random[A..Z]random[a..z]random[a..z]random[A..Z] file_links[D:\xr_p\product-a.txt,1,SP] , random[a..z]random[A..Z]random[a..z]random[a..z]random[A..Z]random[a..z]random[A..Z]random[A..Z]random[a..z] file_links[D:\xr_p\product-a.txt,1

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