Giving It Up

naming virgins

naming virgins

Quick shout out to the Hypocrite Saint Russell Brunson. Recently Russell “generously” donated $50,000 of the money his boiler room hustled off of unsuspecting victims :: in order to name one of the Virgin America planes {whoopty fuckin’ doo}.  I thought maybe he could use some help coming up with something original {dot com}.

Russell gives {venereal diseases to glasses of milk} :: and gives {‘kay?} :: and gives {the only thing he does more is take}.  This past August he took part in an effort to raise money for the Just Like My Child foundation by selling people on his useless bullshit hussle.  The event was called Paid for Life :: because if you act now you can be “paid for life” :: I guess :: I don’t know :: Let’s face the facts :: The Koenigs/Glyck family totally sucks at nomenclature.

Speaking of the Von Doofuldorfs :: I mentioned them in last week’s Monday post :: quite charmingly titled Just Like My Party.  Often Droid posts have many words {most of them cruel and foul .. ftw!} :: but very simple messages.  The messages are usually missed {because you people really are stupid}.  If you were following along with the crypto-decoder ring … you would have read the Just Like My Party post like this …

Dear Andy Jenkins,

My wife?  Really?  I mean are you fucking seriously?  Start thinking of a nice way to apologize :: and let it not be false flattery and cheese dick attempts to manipulate :: cause me no likey that either.

Go with God,


P.S. Don’t invite Andy to any of your parties :: especially if you are doing something that smells “fishy.”  Unless :: of course :: you’re a fan of white hot heat crawling right up your ass.

But no :: ya’ll heard it like this …

Dear World {and President Obama},

Just Like My Child is a complete scam.  Burn everyone involved as a witch.


The reaction was unpleasant :: not awash in the spirit of caring.  A very unusual number of people were interested :: and the post shot into the Top 10 all time in three days.

Well isn’t that interesting?  I had no idea it was such a big deal.  Thanks for telling me by unreasonably freaking out!

Some snooping says they have been effective fund raisers :: numbers like 600k – 800k being thrown around.  Holy shit! Can that be possible?  And most of that money sounds like it comes from people inside of the Internet Marketing community.  Because contrary to the views of the majority of outsiders :: the Internet Marketing community does have lots and lots of genuinely caring and decent people.

And yet ::

COME ON YOU GUYS!! Give me a fucking break!  You are Internet Marketers … you KNOW what your world is like.  Why … why oh why … would you route your charity money through another Internet Marketer?  Do you just love to suffer or something?

But maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe there is nothing “fishy” going on after all.  Maybe the overreaction was due to all the innocence.

This screen capture from the Paid for Life promo video did help put me at ease.

old fashioned way

“Every single transaction is painstakingly maintained. We know where every penny goes, and ALL the money goes to the people there.  This is a very very tightly run ship.” ~ Mike Koenigs

It’s the Giant Pin-up Board method of accounting.  G.P.B. is considered “too transparent” by many of the stodgy old accounting elite.  Buy JLMC is cutting edge in all of its practices.  No expense is to small to get pinned to the board :: and/or placed onto a pink tablecloth.

It seems the claim is made {regularly} in promotions that 100% of the funds go toward the charitable activities. Thing is :: that’s impossible.  Sorry.  But that’s impossible.  Quit telling me that.  If “100%” of the funds pass through :: then I’ll do shots from Harlan Kilstein’s scum infested navel.

So what percentage is passing through? I’m prepared to accept the bulletin board full of receipts as conclusive evidence that it’s not 0%.  And we’ll all agree to rule out 100% because this is a site about scammers.  So what’s the actual number?

In the spirit of Christmas :: I offer the Just Like My Child foundation one day of free consulting.  Let The Droid take a tiny little peak at these “painstakingly maintained” books.  I’ll calculate the data for you {becuase math is hard}.

If I was wrong and there is no fishiness :: then I was wrong.  I will tell myself to go fuck myself :: and give Just Like My Child my coveted Not A Scam {probably .. right at this moment at least} Seal of Tepid Acceptance. Just because everyone involved looks like total bull crap :: that doesn’t have to mean that the opaque charity they hold absolute power over is also total bull crap.

Does it?

>> bleep bleep

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  1. Well, to their credit, they are using hazy wording like, “100% of all proceeds from this event will be donated to the Just Like My Child Foundation.” That is to say, once they pay the expense of the speakers, event, cocaine, and rolled up 100s as snort tubes, the REST goes to the operation, which is then divided up after paying employee salaries, operating costs, etc. There’s a government site (I forget which one at the moment, FTC probably) that outlines the wording they use *exactly* and say to be wary of these for this very purpose. And to be clear, I’m not insinuating they really snort cocaine with 100s. 1s work just as well.

  2. There was a video Russell posted on his site before where he spoke about how his internet business was failing big time, and he was paying his staff with his credit cards. Then he decided to start phoning his customers and charging them $1000’s for coaching.

    He just blatantly admitted on camera that his business was a failure until he started selling NOTHING for thousands of dollars.

    Hunted for the video there but couldn’t find it.

    He should look into teaching people how to fly helicopters, that’s a very lucrative industry, he shouldn’t let the fact that he has no idea how to fly a helicopter get in the way.

  3. There is a secreteer attempting to sell nothing for tens of thousands of dollars too. Just ask a few or 10 or however many it takes to just know your gut was so right of his previous clients and you soon realise that as the desparation and debt grows so do his fees. It is comical to watch because while they are screwing you they are also screwing themselves over hoping that they make enough to make it through to the next round and keep up appearances while their audience of pissed off customers grows and grows. That is not living that is surviving and it seems that the spruikers who spruik the most frequently are really spruiking about their own shit lives.

  4. So you are flat out calling Andy Jenkins the culprit in the wife-bashing, sorry I meant wife-firing, attempt.

    Has there been any response?

    1. @FannySpanker

      He wasn’t alone :: but I’m putting the majority of the blame on him.

      If by “response” you mean continued plotting to stop me from writing at all costs … then yes … there has been a response.

  5. Um…did someone take over this blog and start writing under the guise of Salty? I ask because, keeeeyriiiiiiiiist, the quality of posts has dropped dramatically. For some reason, they’ve become disjointed, rambling, often incoherent.

    You start off with what seems to be a post on kind douchebag Brunson, but then slip into another slam about this foundation. You run your mouth about being “tuned into” all kinds of shit, and are always offering up “just wait till I fire my guns,” and now here you are posting about nothing but a gut feeling. Is this foundation ineffient and wasteful? Most likely. But, your posts on it have been a big bag of steaming nothing. Nothing but empty conjecture.

    And, I got news for you, Salty, you shouldn’t be holding up ANYTHING connected with the the grand daddy of all unbelievably corrupt organizations–uh…that’s the U-fucking-N–as an example of a better use of donations.

    Get fucking real, and do your homework. The UN is sickeningly political (read “anti-US, and completely fucking anti-semetic), and unimaginatively corrupt.

    These past couple of posts have been pretty lame, Salty. “Give to Unicef (or any UN organization).” Good fucking lord, man…I’d rather cut a check to Perry Belcher with a message…”enjoy!!” than piss my money away stuffing the pockets of corrupt UN beaurocrats.

    Unless you have something concrete to offer up–instead of just “it’s the wife of an internet marketer, so it’s gotta be a scam–shut your trap.

    Thousands of foundations are started every year in America. Even that scumbag Tiger Woods has a foundation (and no, like most foundations, it’s not just a check writing organization).

    Seriously, Salty, if you have evidence, then step up. If you don’t (and so far you’re indicating you do not), then train your guns back on scams, and the scumbags running them, that you can prove.

    Oh, and the paid for life is just a run of the mill “how to set up a continuity business model.” Nothing new in the seminar (neither the original one offered up by Koenigs and Kern, or the second one with the usual assortment of IMers–I’ve looked at them both).

    1. @GayTray

      Do you notice how I consistently ignore your useless advice?


      One of the early comments on the first post about Colleen ::

      “Dealing with a suicide or death is a matter for the law and if found guilty, I whole heartedly back what you are saying. However, you cannot start accusing James Ray of being part of some sort of murder without facts and your information is mostly speculation (i.e. the twitter messages).
      For all we know, he could be completely innocent (of playing a part in Coleens death that is) so why not wait to see how this plays out in the courts etc.”

      All investigations start with speculation :: Get used to it.

    2. Clap. Clap. Clap to franksgaycousintrey. It’s good to see someone here is awake.

      The UN is an NGO (i.e. Non Governmental Office). Most (if not all) NGOs are just front groups for the criminal, global elite. They use a “charity” as a guise to loot us dry. No different than the gurus. Same deal. Control the masses by promising them the American Dream… get it… it’s a dream for most.

      These NGOs take our donations and funnel them to the same people who control us from behind the scenes.

      Wanna connect the dots and break the code? Simple, anytime someone claims to be a philanthropist, drop EVERYTHING and check that person out. The dictionary says, “A philanthropist is someone who freely gives money and help to people who need it.” Give me a freakin’ break. No one likes to give money away for nothin’. No one. Philanthropy is the biggest con going. “A sucker born every minute” — he’s so right that carnival guy.

      It’s just Public Relations. How soon we forget that the robber barons who looted us dry decades ago are now honored — DuPonts and Rockefellers and thousands of other scum criminals.. I want to puck when I see their names honored on buildings. It’s sick when I visit Longwood Gardens and see the sheeple toss coins into the various fountains… slaves who continue to make the outrageously rich richer.

      And those who are knighted… yikes you have no idea the real reason behind it. Again, when I hear about someone who is knighted, get ready to find lots of dirt on that person.

      Speaking of philanthropists and being knighted… Sir Richard Branson is a criminal. Bet you won’t see the ‘droid’ busting this guy. Just look who hangs with this guy (hint: Yanik Silver and “friends”). All of the IM “gurus” at the top are connected to Branson and Tony Robbins.

      And that includes Yanik Silver.

      Yes, I hung out with Yanik about 10 years ago. I can’t believe the path he took… that’s why I USED to hang out with him. Seriously, check into every “friend” of his and you’ll see they’re all psychopaths. Filsaime and Brunson and Bill Glazer and the rest of the criminal guru bunch. It’s a shame because Yanik is VERY talented, hard working and dedicated. Don’t be fooled by his “Internet Lifestyle” — he worked all kinds of crazy hours when we hung out. I used to look up to Yanik. I admired his business savvy. I thought he was different. I was very wrong.

      So who are the people that control us and rule us from behind the scenes… hiding behind puppet politicians and NGOs? Hint:

      -The Farnese family
      -The Aldobrandini family
      -The Orsini family
      -The Breakspear family
      -The Medici family
      -The Borgia family

      And for extra credit, you might want to inspect this wonderful lady:
      Maria Camilla Pallavicini

      Anyone who donates to a major charity deserves what they get. I don’t feel sorry for these idiots anymore. I’ve tried to warn them for years, but instead they call me crazy. Fine. Your loss. The pirates are laughing at you. Over 90% of your hard-earned money is funneled to criminals instead of the needy. I know this first hand as a person I knew was the top fundraiser for those who called you at dinner on behalf of your local fire chiefs. His marketing company kept over 95 cents of every dollar donated. When I asked why the fire companies would accept pennies on the dollar, he laughed and said, “Because it’s way better than nothing.” Sick. Absolutely sick.

      It’s becoming painfully obvious that this SaltyDroid site is a gatekeeping operation. S/he busts a few low level perps and protects the higher ups.

      Lenin said it best, if you want to lead the opposition, you control it. Mission accomplished. You’re all falling for this dog and pony show.

      And don’t forget. I know who the SaltyDroid is. I’ll give it some time to see how this fleshes out. Hint: The windy city.

      By the way, I’m certain I’ll be flamed here for this post. I don’t care. I’m doing this post as link bait. These criminals need to be outed. I’m tired of keeping quiet.

      Hopefully, you won’t stay quiet, either.

      1. Anal Me Lurks says: “Lenin said it best, if you want to lead the opposition, you control it. Mission accomplished. You’re all falling for this dog and pony show.”

        And that is why no one should trust a word written by Markus Allen. He is leading the opposition in order to control it. Mission accomplished. Don’t fall for his dog and pony show. Every time you see a Markus post, assume it is written by the same people he pretends to oppose. Until he can prove otherwise, you must assume that he is acting on behalf of those he claims to attack.

        Skeptical? Markus claims that 9/11 was a con job by the U.S. government. He claims the freemasons and the jesuits are running covert ops online as Internet marketers. This includes Tellman Knudson running past masonic statues. He likes to swear upon his children’s testicles in multiple Internet forums.

        What better way to discredit opposition than to pretend to be the head of the opposition while acting crazy?

        If Markus isn’t two tacos short of a Mexican combo platter, ask yourself what he has to gain by coming here to attack successful Internet marketers while writing nonsensical rants about conspiracies?

        The answer is obvious. Markus Allen, a.k.a. Anal Me Lurks, IS part of the same group he pretends to oppose.

    1. “A sockpuppet is an online identity used for purposes of deception within an online community. In its earliest usage, a sockpuppet was a false identity through which a member of an Internet community speaks with or about himself or herself, pretending to be a different person, like a ventriloquist manipulating a hand puppet.”

      I’m guessing 9 out of every 10 comments here are the same person/team.

      Same writing style.

      Hello Sock Puppet.

      This is a gatekeeping operation.

      bleep, blop.

      1. Markus, is there anything in your world that isn’t connected to a conspiracy? Justified or not, doesn’t that level of paranoia just make daily functioning a chore? Your intensity has to be exhausting and stifling, even to you. You’re clearly intelligent, but your relentless desire to attach so much to supposed “master plans” is a bit over the top, even to people with non-stop imagination. Not trying to be insulting, just wondering if you’ve ever relaxed and smelled the roses for a day in your life.

        1. Oh lord, this place just gets more interesting! I’ve tried to stop reading this blog and now I just can’t help myself and have to post.

          Thank the stars GayTrey showed up again ’cause I just love this character! Plus add Marcus to the mix and what a show! I’ve seen Marcus over a A Blake Forum.

          You both make good points but I’m not convinced about either of your arguments.

          Isn’t the point of this post about whether or not Vivian and Koenig’s Just Like My Child Foundation is a scam, a front to further their marketing efforts, programs and Vivian’s PR business?

        1. Geez, people! Who is the “Pink Mafia?”

          Wouldn’t it be better to start to expose Vivian and Koenigs for who they really are and see what kind of dirt we can dig up on these two?

          And see where that takes us?

          I know that Koenigs has gone through a radical physical transformation from his days back in Minneapolis making ad specialty games for cpg companies.

          His business partner is Arielle Ford, a self proclaimed witch and mystic, (does it get any weirder than this?) and her sister is Debbie Ford. Both are publicists, authors and new age gurus.

          Here’s a little blurb from a 2002 article about these two:

          “In the world of self-help and spiritual thinking, sisters Arielle and Debbie Ford are making big names for themselves. Debbie, 45, was hooked on drugs from age 13 to 28. Now she’s a best-selling author and an Oprah Winfrey Show veteran who regularly speaks to packed seminars. Arielle, 48, is a self-proclaimed witch, mystic and publicist who is largely responsible for introducing Dr. Deepak Chopra, M.D. to this country and Chicken Soup authors, Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield.”

        1. I loved that movie and the addendum too…although I don’t believe it quite the way they put it…I’m skeptical of everything damn thing.

  6. And people continue… to ask…

    “How could YOU Support THAT Karin?”

    “Where is the value, WHAT is the point of all of THIS?”

    Why bother? WHO cares… what a bunch of Haters… blah -blah…YET…SO MANY people come, read, comment…wish they ‘could comment’- comment behind fake names..WHATEVER…

    again…”How could YOU …Support THIS Karin?”

    Well, HERE it is Folks; It’s EDUCATIONAL. I support education…and obviously AWARENESS…

    it’s interactive here… people read, they TALK … IT’S thought provoking…wouldn’t YOU say? … most enlightening, and entertaining as well…

    I would say it is VERY social…so far… The ULTIMATE SOCIAL Networking Experience…everything that you have been learning or teaching here it is…transparency, credibility, EXPOSURE, recognition…and I get BASHED and questioned. Hell, I have been JUDGED… who cares we all are … no matter WHAT.

    This PLACE allows people to use their voice, its about ‘expression and
    “impressions” …

    Respect. Admiration. People. Current Events ~
    I can’t think of a better place to be… to get ALL THAT!

    It’s an experience. and a positive one. guess it just depends on how you look at it.

    hey, anyone wanna buy a painting? … See how I just did that? possibilities are endless ;p

    p.s. I need help with stuff…any takers? going once, going twice…

  7. Is Just Like My Child a scam? What are the odds the Droid will tell himself to go fuck himself and give the Just Like My Child Foundation the Seal of Approval?

    For starters…let’s take a look at Vivian’s Just Like My Child Twitter account and select posts from the past?

    From Vivian’s tweets, we can see that she sent hugs and kisses to Perry Belcher while complimenting him on his Mass Control Presentation before his retirement. From her Twitter:

    @perrybelcher awesome presentation at MC2 tonight. Can’t wait to get my hands on your stuff to use for nonprofit fundraising. xo Vivian 9:14 PM Apr 26th from web in reply to PerryBelcher

    She’s got tweets to Frank Kern, Maria Assaraf and a bunch of others.

    But hey, anyone sending hugs and kisses to Belcher???????????? Just one scammer to another in a one big incestuous happy extended family?

    1. Awesome :: A certain Not-Jedi Not-Doctor Kilstein was also on the MC2 stage :: Along with our friend “Lady Princess of the Video Inspiring” :: Maria A. Andros. Kisses all around.

      Look how Vivian was Twitter stalking Nick Kristof :: and now his account is deleted :: was it murder? Let’s have Markus decide.

      1. I noticed that. Remember, Vivian is a publicist and marketer at heart.

        Now, who’s going to help me start exposing this chic for who is really is?

        I have lot to say but will need to do it tomorrow when I have time. I think it will be very interesting and informative – but I need some help here.

        Anyone interested?

    2. Perry Belcher that CON MAN CONVICTED FELON? Vivian Koenigs is sending this CRIMINAL who sold fake meds to sick and desperate people her love with hugs and kisses?

      Vivian Koenigs of Just Like My Child Foundation praising FELON PERRY BELCHER’S social media materials and looking forward to using them in her non – profit fund raising efforts?

      I am just sick. Excuse me while go throw up.

  8. Smack, smack, smack for Markus Allen. Go stump yourself conspiracy man. You make ME want to puck [sic] every time I see your name appear on here.

    You have proven beyond a shadow of doubt (or certainty) that you are an idiot. You deserved to be flamed for your lame-brained conjecture. Every time you open your cake-hole, garbage spews out.

    For GayTrey – scams are scams. Get over it. So many scams, only so much time in the day. Especially for someone working for a living and trying to fight the good fight in their free time, there’s not enough hours in the day to do it all. Only if you live in your mother’s basement and don’t have a life at all could you possibly be able to tackle it all. If you want so bad to expose someone, get your own blog and get your own followers.

    1. Hey “Dave” I mean “Salty”.

      Yep. Sock Puppet.

      Folks, “Dave” posted this reply about me exactly 10 minutes after visiting my site. And s/he’s the same visitor as the SaltyDroid (Mac OSX 10.6… and upgrade since your last visit from 10.5) and same IP address of (in Chicago — SpeakEasy ISP).

      See how this works? The Droid is having a conversation with him/herself and you think a bunch of people here are outraged by the low-level scam artists. It’s not a bunch of people. It’s mostly the same person.

      Internet marketers call this scheme “Social Proof.” I just call it what it is: lies.

      1. Absolutely ridiculous, Markus. You really are “out there.”

        I first thought you might just be overzealous. Now I think you are probably related to the pecan.

      2. Kinda funny, Markus. I believe I’ve heard from Speakeasy ISP and they don’t service my geographic area.

        Won’t talk about for the moment since I’m biting the bullet on this one for now.

        This shit just gets stranger and stranger.

    1. Becky Robbins is on the board of directors? Becky Robbins as in Tony Robbins wife?

      Anyways, I don’t make a habit of reading legal documents, but on Part IV (pg 12), what’s the difference between 11a (checked) and 12? I feel like I’m drawing a bad conclusion somewhere between those lines.

      ….and no it has nothing to do with the government. :p

      1. yeah….Becky is the wife he divorced in 2001….but yeah…she is on the board of directors….she mentions it on the Misterroti monthly page.

        Now this isn’t the “wife” that sounds close to “Paige” (but it’s the thought that counts) that Maria Andros claims to have gone to elementary school with , but she is the Misterroti girl.

        When I thought Andros mentioned her fictional elementary school friend “Paige” wife of Anthony Robbins (I assumed she meant “sage” (name of robbins current wife), but hell it could have been misterroti girl (when you create reality…you can be flexible like that).

        Exsqueeze me there Beck…can Andros borrow your cars trident (that she likes to call a crown), she would like to see if sticking it in her head will stimulate any new neural pathways.

      2. Vivian Glyck is the former marketing head for Tony Robbins (in addition to being a Perry Belcher friend and fan)according to her Twitter profile.

        I didn’t know this. Perhaps I missed it. Guess that helps explain the Koenigs Kern Robbins recent deal.

        * Name Vivian Glyck
        * Location San Diego
        * Web http://www.JustLi
        * Bio Founder Creating change for women + girls in developing world. Former marketing head for Deepak Chopra/Tony Robbins. @MikeKoenigs’ wife.

    1. That’s VERY “interesting.”

      Maybe just be some, uh, “oversight,” what with all the distraction of counting all those tax-deductible donations and so forth.

      1. was created and registered to Just Like My Child Vivian Glyck’s husband Mike Koenigs on Aug. 11, 2005. Suspect Koenigs used his own name because it’s believed that sites who are not registered anonymously fair better in the serps.


        PO Box 22745
        San Diego, California 92192
        United States

        Registered through:, Inc. (
        Domain Name: SMARTMAMMA.COM
        Created on: 11-Aug-05
        Expires on: 11-Aug-10
        Last Updated on: 29-Jun-09

        1. Hey guess what Google Video turned up? From over 3 years ago…a promotion for Mother’s Day 2006? Not quite a year after Koenigs registered that site for Vivian.

          Vivian Glyck, Smart Momma herself, wants to show anyone looking for a mother’s day gift (and also promote her site and book, the Tao of Poop) what a bargain she can offer them…plus how to make it into a gift basket too! Just like a Mother’s day gift you’d purchase right of the shelf of a local store. Except it looks like some pretty tacky self promotional shit to me.

          Yep, Vivian shows you how to create this tacky gift basket,
          and “beef it up” as she says by throwing in a frame and her book, Tao of Poop, along with printing out a bunch of e-books on colored paper.

          But the biggest bonus of all from ordering her book for this basket? Why it’s the $500 value of the FREE DOWNLOADABLE gifts she’s offering that she instructs you to print out on colored paper to include in her tacky gift basket! All from her “sought out” expert friends like Arielle and Debbie Ford plus other marketers.

          Things like: bible on potty training; 50% off coupon travel with kids; how to write a book by Arielle Ford, world renouned book publicist; a book on energy by Jon Gordon, the #1 energy coach ebook author; fertility medical intuitive visualizations; clutter and kitchen reorganization tips; super sites for kids; a Debbie Ford visualization from parenting cd program; a meditation and now to breathe; the mojo mom party kit; 10 ways to keep passion in marriage.

          Sounds like Vivian’s really desperate to promote that site and book. Here’s the link to the video again and be sure to pay close attention at 4:12 in the video when she shows you how to put the basket together:

        2. Wow, I certainly question where Vivian got such a fucking creative idea – showing those looking for Mother’s Day gifts how to create their own gift baskets filled with $500 worth of e-books created by her marketer friends?

          Could it be from her husband Mike Koenigs who has a background in that type of thing? See, Mike had a promotional company that preceded his internet marketing career.

          You can read all about it on his trumped up accomplishments on his site bio:

          I sure hope this Just Like My Child isn’t another one of Koenigs’ marketing gimmicks – because it looks like that foundation was created several months later:

          Fiscal Begin: 01-JUL-06
          Fiscal End: 31-DEC-06
          Total Assets: $11,921.00
          Gross Annual Revenue: $40,025.00
          RRF Received: 25-MAY-07
          Returned Date: 03-JUL-07
          990 Attached: N
          Status: Accepted

        3. That basket looks like the perfect gift for Harlan Kilstein. He loves ebooks, and since it’s “worth $500” it should be right up his alley.

        4. Are you fucking kidding me?

          I betcha Kilstein’s got his own books in that basket too! Maybe he’s got the yoga golf Christian sex series in there but Vivian’s girlfriends got the promo spot.

          I don’t think Vivian listed them all in her promo spiel. For $500 worth, she didn’t have time to list all that value. Poor Kilstein.

  9. Just to set the record straight, the ‘droid’ does in fact moderate the comments here…

    … S/he changed my website URL from to sites like and Funny.

    And it’s even funnier how more than 9 out of every 10 posters here don’t link to a website. Strange since this blog is dofollow. Most nofollow blogs have 9 out of every 10 posters lovingly posting a link to their site. What’s up with that?

    Welcome to sock puppet land.

    bleep blop

    1. Markus Allen you aren’t real bright are you? Looks like you may have a virus on your system. Why would SaltyDroid change your site links when he can change your LIFE ? ? ? Think before you type idiot.

  10. Markus, I just visited your site, several time in a row, for two reasons:

    1) You can look at your logs and determine whether or not I’m Spartacus Salty. (I’m not.)

    2) You can feel fuzzy thinking your “link bait” had an impact. (That was bait?)

    Listen, I know how frustrating it is when you’ve got a bunch of sites and they’re not getting a lot of traffic, but this isn’t the way to gain credibility or viewers. You should know that. I realize you probably think your target market is hanging out behind the sock puppet theater here (otherwise, why would you be preaching to them with a bunch of IM buzzwords), but stirring the pot here isn’t going to get you what you want. “9 out of 10” of them don’t link anywhere because they’ve already been burned and don’t want to draw negative attention to their sites. And they are certainly past the point of thinking your $100 eBook will do anything for them.

    Do you know why I link to my personal blog? I want people to know I make money online, practice SEO, and “internet marketing”, all while not selling an eBook (also known as marketing to marketers… you know about that right?) or using AdSense on my site. Do you know why I don’t post on my blog that often? Because I think Internet Marketing is hilarious. I would NEVER give out my money-making secrets, so I keep my mouth shut a lot. I will be implementing them until they dry up.

    Lastly Markus, I have never seen an Internet Marketer come across a dofollow blog and encourage more people to post links. haha <–I typed that because I really just did that out loud.

    Salty, this was nofo for a long time wasn't it? Why the change?

    1. That Nate guy is my hero!


      see how cool people do it…

      always giving value (UN-intentionally and INTENTionally) not methodically… no agenda … just sharing … and the best part?

      it’s THE REAL Deal…PEOPLE REALLY DO want to inform, communicate and HELP.
      In no *particular order…

      p.s. Thank YOU for ALL of the OFFERS to help!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

  11. Dear SD,

    You ARE abolutely hilarious! I love how you waste my time with the wrotten filth that spews from your circuits. It’s hate at it’s best, and I LOVE hate.

    In addition to being so funny, you are genius to get all these people on board. All you need to do is add a few more IM’ers to your hit list and then you’ll be able to package all this stuff up and sell it like the very people you are shitting on.

    Fantabulous! Please let me eat your shit all the time. It tastes sooo sparkily nice. Droid Shit is better than IM Shit any day of the week, but it’s still SHIT!

  12. Well… I ain’t been around for a while but Markus “dipshit” Allen has made me do a mind fart!

    His domain is “”… can you actually imagine what he was thinking when he was searching for a domain name?

    Markus you silly boy… you have ben ranting for a LONG time in a lot of places… BUT… it’s only for the traffic to your site… you know that now don’t you?

    A lot of marketers say that if you cause controversy on blogs (or anywhere) then the effect is traffic… yes people get intrigued… but your a fuckin ass hole my friend.

    I know Michael Fortin was SO bored with you… thats how I found out about you… all those moons ago.

    Now go have a shit, shave and a shower and see if you can’t find a nice boy on the streets to take it out on… as your not welcome here.

    If you want to continue… I will dig up ALL “YOUR” shit and put it on here…

    Be good


    1. Hey JJ, how do you know copywriter Michael Fortin?

      Taken any of his classes? How are they? Is he a friend or enemy of fellow copywriter Kilstein?

      I’m not a copywriter. Just curious.

      1. Fortin closed his copywriters board for good reasons, mostly to distance himself from all the baby drama infecting the internet.

        So, the answer to your question is a resounding NO, he his neither friend nor foe to any of them.

    2. Now mr/mrs/miss anonynous… I will not disclose my level of communication with Mr Fortin… that is strictly private information… and you should at least give yourself a fake username… but I will tell you that of all the Copy Artists out there, Mr Fortin has proved to deliver for many of my clients… I will not tar him with the brushof satan or anything like that… and his wife is an incredible woman.

      During a meeting with the late Gary Halbert I was very impressed by the comments he made about Michael… this is what put me onto him… and up to now… have never been let down.

      Michael Fortin is not your “pushy salesman” type… of course he wants to make sales… for God sake he’s a business man… I cannot speak of his training… as you should know… you don’t get trained to be successful… you pay through the bloody nose and get that part handled… just like taking your car for a service… but many don’t think of it this way… now do they! :-)

      @ our SD… dunny worry bout all the “copywriters board” thingy… we can’t get into there now… but it was a place where the one and only Frank Kern got a bit stressed and was posting… shame it’s gone though… we could have a field-day :-)

      Markus Allen is REKNOWNED for being a whining bitch all around the boards… simply for the links and traffic… btu he has bored many of the creme-de-la-creme for mucho time… thats tween me and you of course… don’t tell anyone will ya! :-)

      Peace, love and a bloody good Christmas…


        1. Well Viv… behind all this is the master of disguise… In a world where scum purports to be King… we were finally blessed with a robot renegade cop… sent from the 4th dimension to eradicate tits, scam artists and PEOPLE WHO WRITE IN CAPITAL LETTERS!

          Be careful out there…


  13. This is Africa! :: You don’t know how hard is here :: For Vivian!


    When niggaz is just fried chicken like Tuesday
    Oh you from the hood huh, who say?
    My Nigerian niggaz would call you Pussy
    My Somali niggaz are quick to grab the uzi

    Around here we only bumping Fela Kuti
    Tupac, or Bob Marley, Lucky Dube.
    So we don’t really give a fuck about your groupies
    This Is Africa, Hooray.

    1. SD whatchu’ know ’bout Fela Kuti!??!???Damn you are quite cool .. you like the bro too? Femi Kuti? I’m sure Vivian and Mike have no idea who Fela Kuti is, guess they don’t know the first thing about Africans. Otherwise they’d know the Kutis are very famous in that part of the world. They probably don’t even know that Africa is a continent and NOT a country LMAO!

  14. Markus – You are a number one genius. Does my mug in any way look like a droid to you? You better get your IP tracer fixed before you try to tell people who’s who. For the record, I posted my riposte to you from Kabul, Afghanistan, and our ISP is out of Singapore.

    Suck on that, sock puppet lover…

    Guess where I am posting this one from?

    1. Sheesh. It took me less than 5 minutes to confirm that Dave is exactly who he says he is. And that’s without any access to IPs or logs or the like.

  15. I have been fooled, had, taken, i am an idiot. and I am also very hurt.

    I thought I would Come share with you all here first.

    for now, that’s all I have in me to share.


    1. Tell us when you’re ready Karin… but that sounds bad! And we don’t like that!

      I don’t think we have communicated directly before, but I do keep an eye out :-)

      Let us know if there is anything we can do to assist… and by the power of the interwebs… it shall be done! ;-)


      1. @Stealth Stinger

        First off- It is great to see you here again, you have been missed.

        it is nice to hear that you have been watching, and especially nice to know that you care. Thanks for the comment and the “take your time” it means a lot…


        A comment here would turn into a blog post, and even a blog post would extend past the “recommended amount of words” suggested for a post.

        Maybe an e book- or a book would be a good idea…great suggestion…

        I could “give away” the first few chapters for free (something of great VALUE) and then charge 997.00 for the remainder of the other valuable informative content…heck…I could even do a field trip or do a seminar and charge 4K + ~
        But that’s a little over the top, and unethical for me…

        I’ll stick to working with the droid…or at least to consulting with him.
        The truth ALWAYS comes out in the end…more people ought to take notice of that fact.

        You know…sometimes I wish I would have never found the the Internet…
        but then there are times like this that I feel blessed for having found it…especially for finding you guys…

        what I have to share won’t be easy…in fact it will be very difficult…

        1. “what I have to share won’t be easy…in fact it will be very difficult…”

          Now I am tapping my talons… and am sure I can feel my fangs protruding… however I shall go take my medication like my court appointed therapist told me to :-)

          All in your own good time… and… it’s lovely to touch base with you Karin… I didn’t know you’d seen any of my previous montages of madness :-)

          Keep well… keep strong… and keep it to yourself until your ready… we won’t be far behind you ;-)

            1. @Stealth Stinger: for the love of god, don’t even think about it. Karin’s always got her friend Frank Kern if she needs a hug or paypal.

  16. I’d just like to say how very glad I am for this site; and how I wish I’d found it much earlier. I’ve wasted way too many dollars trying to get things done.

    Mostly I paid to suffer. Now on the other side of that it is remarkable how much good, free-or-low cost, information is out there.

    Stick it to them SD. …don’t give any tepid approval of NGO’s though. They really do suck (a lot). There are some good people in them, but like the IM world, we’d definitely be better off if they all went and supported our ice packs… by holding them up from the bottom.

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