Russell Brunson Rocks the Kasbah

brunson dot con

brunson dot con

It’s a bird :: it’s a plane :: it’s a scamming Mormon turd.

“Russell Brunson is an Internet scammer!” :: Type that shit into Google to find out all the hundreds {maybe thousands} of reasons why it’s not true.  Russell might just take home “the gold” for fake review sites :: he’s shown a real commitment to hiring people in the developing world to ruin in the Internet for everyone else {Disclosure: “the gold” in this category is likely not made of actual gold (I’m suggesting defecant to the committee :: for obvious reasons) [WARNING: Triple-parenthetical-nesting is a technique for advanced bloggers only]}.

Bishop Brunson recently attended Sir Richard Branson’s uber-expensive Rocking the Kasbah celebrity fund raising shindig in Los Angles.  According to insider reports :: both Charlize Theron and Natalie Imbruglia showed up in :: get this :: DRESSES!  Yeah. I know.  Unfortunately for children in poverty :: Natalie “got it wrong with a glittery red gown and two-toned haircut.” {link} Exactly!  How could she have been any more wrong?

Along with all the wrong dresses :: the festivities included an auction.  At the top of the block was the opportunity to name one of the new Virgin America A320 airplanes. Russell Brunson {Internet Scammer!} :: was the winning bidder at $50,000.  Shaazam!  … and also … WTF? Where did this puffy headed mother fucker get that kind of money?

Brunson’s company {which he claims is an eight figure operation} is called DotComSecrets :: making his website :: which is clearly stupid.  If you :: like The Droid :: think that Mike Filsaime is a vicious little garden gnome who needs to get his … then you may already recognize this madness.  Mike’s “flagship” site is :: Oy Vey!

Mike and Russell have lots of things in common :: They give each other pedicures :: Lovingly touch bald foreheads :: Oh and this …

not humming loud enough

Gentlemen Please! There could be children reading this {maybe your own!}. Save the bedroom talk for your criminal circle jerk.

Brunson is currently pushing this stinking ball of waste :: MicroContinuity :: in it he explains his super secret method for creating Internet Millions …

1.  Tell people your product is FREE {then you’re not “selling” :: because “selling” is hard}.

2.  Start billing their credit card every month.

… that’s pretty much it.  This gem of a program debuted at $2500.  A scandalous fucking rip off.  Now you can get it “free” on a “free” iPod shuffle :: and then Russell will bill you $97 per month until you die {or pretend to die}.

That scammy crap is bad enough.  But it’s NOT really so much what Russell Brunson is about. Russell the Mormon has actual meat space offices in Boise Idaho with a “coaching floor” responsible for making hyper-agressive sales calls.  Many of the top “gurus” dump leads into Brunson’s Boiler Room and let his people try and make the conversions.  High level sources tell me that in order to stay profitable the feeding frenzy floor requires at least 1000 leads per day.

On a Droid post this past September :: a commenter {who is known to me but not to you} detailed a horribly abusive and disgusting sales call for one of Mike Filsaime’s frauducts.  The call came from Brunson’s boiler room :: as many of the calls for Mike’s BullShit have over these past years ::

Quoting from that comment:

“Mike’s salespeople have a particularly questionable technique. First they phone you after you order some shitty free stuff from him, then in the course of conversation say something like:

“Lots of the people interested in our programs are in a bunch of debt right now, and been affected badly by the recession… Do you feel you’re struggling with that? What kind of debts do you have?”

(It goes without saying that I lied here, but was interested to see what they were getting at)

They then, under the same premise, enquire innocently about your total credit limit. They continue to ramble on for a while about the great results…satisfied clients…but we’re very busy here…can’t deal with timewasters…lots of clients come for personal coaching…you’re a decision-maker right?…on and on and on.

Then, out of the blue, it transpires that the ‘coaching program’ (which you’ll have heard no actual details of by this point: such as what it coaches you in; who teaches it; how it’s taught; etc) is priced thus:

(Your Credit Limit) minus (Your ‘debts you’re struggling with’) = Price of Filsaime’s coaching!

Yep, to the penny – even by Mike’s standards that’s just fucking magnificent! Mike really does care about the burden of your debts – that’s why he’ll only take every OTHER dollar.

At this point I finally tired of the guy on the phone and said I wasn’t interested. He immediately confronted me with 2 arguments: (1) You said you were starting an online business earlier in the call, and (2) You have enough free cash on your credit card to afford it.”

That’s just pillage.  Plain and simple … and it’s how fat bastard Russell Brunson has been making his money during The Great Credit Card Bubble.

Now the bubble is popping :: and The Droid is guessing that Papa Mormon Smurf is in some trouble.  Leads are harder and harder to find … and closing has become almost impossible.  And then there is that whole thing with The Droid {little ol’ me}.  Russell has been sweating me for months now.  He likes to boast publicly that I won’t be able to hurt him because he has so many “SEO specialists” at his disposable.  Keep on thinkin’ that fat boy :: right up until the point where you are vacuuming what’s left of your life up off the floor.  You stupid bitches fight SEO Wars :: The Droid fights War Wars.  They’re different.  Or to put it in a language that you might understand :: ::

The Priest of Mormon Hypocrisy says he’s taking a step back from Internet Marketing to focus on his farcical dream of being a wrestler! That’s NOT a joke … and this too good to be true YouTube video proves it.  Russell Brunson’s unthoughtful emotional tribute to Russell Brunson’s immature dreams …

Rumor has it that Russell is trying to sell the company :: But there aren’t any takers for a hyped up scam company that does NOTHING but cause harm to society.  Another rumor has it that Russell would freak if the rumor got out he was trying to sell the company. Oops.

>> bleep bleep

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  1. Funny how everyone seems to be “taking a step back” now that the FTC is dropping the hammer on Dec. 1st.
    I’ve studied under and met all of these guys over the past year. I’ve learned a lot, and nothing at the same time.
    I picked up a couple books while I was stuck at an airport recently. Business and Marketing books. Written by business and marketing people.
    I learned more in those 2 hours than I have all year. And guess what… magically… I’m all of a sudden making money. ;)
    The best part: Books are $15, and you can pay in cash.

        1. @nate thanks those are some very interesting books holy cow The Tipping Point has to be in my hands  by tonight! Thanx again

    1. are you serious? you’re making money from Goldratt’s Tipping Point? That’s a scam if i’ve ever heard one… and yes I’ve read it too.

      1. Gladwell wrote The Tipping Point
        Goldratt wrote The Goal
        Both great books for theory. You must figure oput how they apply to you and your business for tyhem to help you make money.
        Also- Not a big fan of Brunsons.

      2. @Frank

        Sorry, I just noticed your reply. To answer your question (which is in line with what Great Scott just said), it is business theory that helps you think outside the box. I’m not “making money from Tipping Point”, but I did successfully expand my market reach through testing and implementation from some of the *ideas* outlined in the book.

        Give it another critical read through the lens of your market.

  2. Excellent post salty dude..I like the way I got to learn about 2 scammers for the price of one read, it’s a high ROTI (Return Of Time Investment)…apparently by making shit up (be it metrics official sounding terms or acronyms)…makes me a good candidate to be a top notch internet marketer.
    “In fact, just a few months back one of our top affiliates won a 2 year lease on a brand new H2 Hummer!!! Check it out:”
    Wow…what a prize…a two year hummer lease…a give back prize….my favorite kind!!
    It gives me an idea….dinner for four at a fancy restaurant…you get to enjoy the food for 4 hours and have to give it back….wait a minute….I don’t think I have this give back prize thing down….that’s probably why I am not making a hi sics figger incum on the greatest country in the world…the internet….
    Okay…..thank you for stopping by….and welcome to my post….your prayers have been answered….I’m going to be giving away my 1989 yugo….that’s right….give….you get to keep it….if you are the highest….. affiliate you will win my 1989 yugo….
    Imagine your joy when you get a knock on the door….I’ll get it honey; Yes, can I help you….
    your eyes light up as you realize that the tow truck guy standing in front of you, is there to deliver your dream….a 1989 yugo…with a clear and marketable title…. your wife and the kids come outside..and all the neighbors join in to see what is going on….
    you have a sense of accomplishment…as the tow guy brings down your car….your kids are screaming in shear joy….your wife is looking at you with glossy eyes….as she realizes what a great man you are….her eyes are welling with tears….the neighbors are clapping…you fall to your knees with tears in your eyes… it’s at that moment you realize….there is a god…..
    you look at your new baby in the driveway, and can’t wait to take your wife and kids out for their first drive….butt first you must reflect…..and you think this would not have been possible if you did not buy “the _cartman_ guide to immensifical wealth”….
    everytime you get into your brand new used car….your gratitudinals will really mean something now…the universal was listening to you…and you finally let in great success by listening to me…..
    “I am so happy and grateful now that I own the most revolutionary success product on the greatest internet in the world”
    something is wrong…your stomach churns…..a nagging voice in the background…far and distant….stay here…stay here …stay here….it gets closer and more clear…..
    hey buddy… can’t stay here….it was a dream…you wake to find yourself sleeping on the park bench…being prodded by the local beat cop….your back in reality….you realize that your wife is gone….your kids won’t talk to you…they are living the good life….they own “the _cartman_ guide to immensifical wealth”….
    while you and everyone else suffers the economy…those in the know are living the good life…with “the _cartman_ guide to immensifical wealth”….
    the problem is…you have garbage people in your phone…you don’t listen to those who want to help you…you only listen to those that want to keep you down…..
    lawyers…doctors….economists….analysts…researchers…scientists… (they don’t even know the law of attraction…the unifying field principle that explains the universal at its most fundamental premise)…the list goes on and on…. what do they know….
    Can these individuals guarantee you anything….NO….butt I can….I can guarantee you that “the _cartman_ guide to immensifical wealth” is the most revolutionary program you have ever seen….so why not take the time to see it….
    I know some of you are saying….butt _cartman_…you can’t guarantee me anything…and you’re right….and Doctors can’t guarantee you anything and you trust them….so you should trust me…in essence…i’m like a Doctor….
    I want you to try “the Dr. _Cartman_ guide to immensifical wealth”….if after 30 days I don’t feel…that you aren’t truly unhappy with your purchase….I will give you your money back….an unconditional…without reservation….offer….so why not not try it…
    Reserve your copy of “the Dr. _Carman_ guide to immensifical wealth” today…and start living my best life today…remember…the universal has sent you to me for a reason…

  3. oh my….. salty dude…you have to give intense debate a second chance…using firefox is removing the lines from my post…making them a harder to read mess then they already are…testing <this is a strikeout….
    And I am not sure if it was IE or firefox in which strikeout doesn’t work. This is a firefox test.
    BTW….I don’t use IE much…does anyone know if it has a spell check feature….cuz I have been conjuring up some nasty things…. :)

    1.  Yeah, I’ve had the same problem w/ FF here…it removed the blank lines between paragraphs and wouldn’t allow me to edit…but I keep both browsers open so I just use IE.

      Oh please, I don’t want to see ID again…that was such a mess w/ both browsers.  Is it possible part of the issues w/ it were server related?

      I’m about ready to try Chrome anyhow.

  4. cartman – use Chrome…  provides spell check, and allows you to put line breaks in.
    I’m just sayin’…

    1. Man my browers are being wonky….

      Thanks Dave, I did download Google’s chrome, I’ll attempt a post to try it when I don’t have to respond directly to someone….I do like the fact that it is “clean” on top. However, it suffers the same problem as firefoxy…it won’t allow a direct response (at least not through gravatar blogs).

      Otherwise it appears to be a pretty good browser…the only thing I don’t like, is it doesn’t allow you to save cached videos….at least I haven’t searched yet to see where they are stored…but since this is Google….I’m assuming they aren’t as nice as the fox in that regards….I now have to see if they have a UPEK plug-in…as firefoxy has been crashing like crazy whenever I swipe my finger (maybe I need finger healing)….my system is driving me insane….

        1. Thanks yep…

          I will give replay media catcher a try…I tried a few other programs but the resolution was really low…and it must have been losing data from the stream, as the replay quality was extremely low.

          I usually use firefox, but it has a hard coded limit of 60 odd megs that can’t be changed by settings…and on ocassion I get those nasty videos bigger then 60 meg…

          Thanks again….

  5. Thank you for targeting this douche bag! Finally, someone is exposing this Mormon FuCkTarD for exactly what he does: Crush the bank accounts and dreams of people pressured into their crime syndicate.
    All Russel does is take a $15.oo Idiots Guide to (fill in the blank)… Rewrites it (poorly)… Then uses his boiler room of white collar criminal goons to gang rape the hell out of anyone who simply types their email address into their digital bear trap.
    The only ‘internet success’ this mother fucker has ever had is scamming people into bogus get rich quick schemes. This of course means that he has no understanding or perception of what it ACTUALLY takes to run and operate a legitimate online business.
    The WORST part about Russel and his little band of like minded hell spawns that he calls employees is that many of them are now shooting off to become little Russel clones (think <em>Aliens</em>). I hope that the Droid brings this criminal to his knees and avenges all the people who have had their lives destroyed by
    That sweaty, singlet wearing, false god worshiping, criminal is going to burn… One way or another.

    1. I totally agree with you man..but Who is considered good. I mean I can see over paying people for something is a rip off….but when some people want education I think 30- 50 a month for some training isn’t that bad.. I cannot afford 2k 0r 3k..but a small feel to learn something isn’t that bad. Or is this site dedicated to all business. So I am not sure if my comment makes sense..but who is recommended to learn internet marketing…not just raping people?? Who do you guys recommend vs. going to a barnes and noble??

      1. @Lahknish :: I don’t like to answer the “who is good” question. I’m an expert in no-good bastards … not marketing. Marketing … internet or otherwise … is totally boring.

        I’m all for paying reasonable prices for valuable services. I pay for lots of things on the web … including training. {like for instance … where I’ve learned lots of cool shit}. I could go get it from the torrents because that’s free and easy … but I don’t. People need to get paid.

      2. @Lahknish,

        I know I’ll get slammed for this, but micro-continuity was actually pretty good and had some great concepts, put some of the stuff in it to use, part of over-all knowledge base of how to do marketing, and internet marketing… I’m making good money now in a non-internetmarketing niche… offering a quality product. It CAN be done but instead of DO-ing seems everybody just wants to slam others… Been reading this blog, cool to call people out when they deserve it, but what about some personal responsibility… nobody makes you take out your card and buy these products. Personal Responsibility. If it doesn’t come with a money back guarantee… don’t buy it. ALL big GURU products come with get your money back… if not satisfied. So what’s the problem? Forced continuity… please… Ever hear of the Sports Illustrated Football Phone offer? Anybody here ever buy a book and not finish it? Not put it to use? I don’t see now internet marketing products are any different, the majority of people buy, and then don’t use… how is this the publishers problem… they SHOULD profit from it, its the American way. Everybody here finished every book they ever bought about how to do something… and implemented the training to the finish? Ever buy a how to play guitar book, how to weave baskets, get half way through and move on to something else? Personal Responsibility. If they aren’t lying, and you can get your money back. That’s called… business…

  6. Wow. How can what Russell Brunson is selling even remotely be worth the money he asks for it? Like Nate says, you can get real world knowledge much less expensively. And with no ongoing payments!

    I guess if you call something a “secret” it is supposed to be worth much, much more. What people fail to realize is that with the internet, there really aren’t any “secrets.” There is just rehash and spin. That doesn’t seem worth emptying your bank account for.

  7. Sounds like another fake market expert we’ve read about before.  That guy who claimed to have won “Information Marketer of The Year” for 2006 for an event he put on with Bob Proctor.  I get the feeling that it was Proctor who pulled in the crowd because it was straight after that that Proctor took him to court, so I’m thinking that Proctor discovered the fake too. These guys are so up themselves theres no room for anyone else in their lives.

  8. UGH!!! I also got a stupid email and call from one of Mike’s dudes.

    Now they’re into – oh, what’ s missing is  mentor. I fell for that supid one with My Internet Business – another scam – because they target people who don’t know what it is…

    So I write Mike’s guy  – Adam Kaye – and I tell him – look, isn’t there a real program out there. They have marketing degree programs or MBA’s where people can learn a skill. So why can’t the gurus have an actual skill based, reasonably priced, program that actually teaches something useful…

    After all, there IS an internet, people DO advertise on it. There are marketing needs out there…

    Anyway – I’m so glad droid is out there hunting them down one by one, because they’re all shitheads and fucktards, excuse my language, (I’m a Rabbi and should know better…)

    The only thing to fear is STUPIDITY ITSELF, which is yes, unfortunately, there IS another sucker born every minute. I’m one of them – but no more!

    So yes, Salty: Kill Kill Kill !!!!Make them Die Die Die!!!! (okay figuratively, except for the douchebag secret guy Ray whatever is name is….evil creature)…

    And push truth! Charity! Being Like OUR CREATOR! Loving, helping, honest. Meaning in life.
    That’s where it’s at…

    And then, when you get a chance…USASEO PROS…they are truly evil. evil. evil. Because they’re more than just internet scammers…they really and truly prey on innocent business owners. THEY LIE, they misrepresent…etc…

    Go Salty! Pray for evil people to change or leave this world. Pray Hard.
    And be smart, dummies.
    Friends don’t let friends drive. Drunk.

  9. He’s got a direct response background so he’ll be pushing other things…supplements, durable goods – think the QVC/HSN of internet tv.  Just a hunch.

    I’ve had the opportunity to visit in person some of those “boiler room” type operations – very successful ones who have other products in other distribution channels – and the heart of the operation, called the “bull pen” in their terminology, is a site to behold. 

    Rapidly changing numbers and updated targets on computer screens on the wall, supervisors roaming the bullpen and listening in on calls, very high pressure environment with constantly changing and confusing deals/pricing depending on current trends, and horror stories from others in the company of how even the bull pen phone reps are left negotiating their commissions/pay come paycheck time.

    But, in this economy, I’m sure there is no trouble finding motivated employees who can close…and there’s always someone ready to buy whatever the scam or useless piece of junk product.  Russell will survive…just my guess.  Wrestling and all.

  10. “I’m enjoying the hummer I won in your affiliate contest!” (-Mike Filsaime)

    Oh, that made me laugh, hard.

    Seems kind of weird that they’d be playing up what they’re doing with the “little people’s” money when they want to get their hands on even more of the “little people’s” money.

  11. I am so happy to see you taking on douche bag Brunson and his scammy,  spammy shenanigans. Even more though, I loved it that you called Filsaime “a vicious little garden gnome”  … Hysterically accurate description!
    Lovin’ da Droid.

  12. To get a good idea of what Mormons actually believe, read Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer — same guy who wrote Into the Wild and Into Thin Air.
    Also: Mormons are generally high achievers because their religion is based on salvation through good works. Many who can’t live up to the religion’s expectations either rebel against Mormonism or commit suicide. (Mormonism has a high suicide rate among its members.)

    1. Interesting thing about so many of these scammers…regardless of their religion…so many use it in their pitches. 

      I heard Ryan Deiss say/use as the excuse that people criticize him is because he’s a Christian.  Belcher tweeted gospel tunes, tweeted about attending church and having a church picnic at his house.  Belcher BFF Carrie Wilkerson usually mentions her religion in her materials, and refers to her friend, some niche profit guy Paul as a fellow minister’s kid.  Stephen Pierce uses it and there’s a minister named Beck and his wife out there in that crowd as well.  The list goes on….I’m not familiar with them all.

      Clearly, they all have found something the rest of us haven’t…and their God is on their side.  Of course, for those of us who choose to step into this profanity laced “hate” site…I’m sure we’re going straight to their God’s hell.

      I think I prefer to read/believe the gospel of the Salty Droid right here.

    2. @Ryan Healy,

      Actually, to get a better idea of what Mormons believe, go to and get it from the source you dumb fuck. All this unbased flaming is entertaining and misguided.

      1. @Frank Jones, Hi Frank – Are you LDS? Because if you are, then that’s not very nice language. Furthermore, you assume far too much.

        FYI – I’ve toured the LDS headquarters in downtown Salt Lake City, read parts of the Book of Mormon as well as Doctrine and Convenants (D&C), have Mormon friends (and a Mormon landlord), and read books/commentary written by third parties and ex-Mormons about their own religion.

        I think I have a pretty good idea of what Mormons believe.

        Krakauer’s book Under the Banner of Heaven isn’t necessarily about what Mormons believe, but more about the history of Mormonism. The history is well-documented.


  13. Awesome, this fat fucking slug is one of the biggest slime scumbags in the internet marketing world.  Might even be the poser child for the fantasy that “if a big dumb cornfed inbred like me can make it, anyone can.”

    I’ve ripped all this ass clowns products (along with all the other gurus), and this Brunson really is in a class all by himself.  His newest latest scam, microcontinuity, is a true obsenity. 

    “I’m changing everything I do over to forced continuity.  It’s way easier than selling stuff.  Selling stufff is hard.  Giving stuff away is easy.”

    Hey fucking retard…you’re not giving “stuff” away.  You’re sneaking fine print bullshit into your sales letters and crossing your fingers hoping people don’t see it.  What a sick, ridiculous thing to do.  Forced fucking continuity is the bane of the internet.  An absolute disgrace.

    Brunson has to hide behind forced continuity mentioned fast and brief, because he damn well knows that a big chunk of people with no interest in his monthyly product will take a couple of months to realize what’s happened before cancelling.

    Fry this disgusting slug waste of space, Salty.  He’s an absolute disgrace and needs/deserves to be “saltied.”

  14. Oh, but society will be getting the last laugh on this asshole…anyone throwing his money around this retardedly is destined to be broke.  $50K to name an airplane?  You dumb dipshit.  Keep on spending your money like Michael Jackson spent his, moron.
    And yeah, I also noticed a lot of these gurus have decided to “take a step back” since the FTC has announced their new laws.
    Salty, you say it’s not a big deal because the real issue is enforcement, and since these guys are making up their endorsements (and the FTC hasn’t done anything about it), they’re not going to be worried about abiding by the new rules.

    You’re missing the point.  Before, the FTC would have to spend a fortune in man hours building a case against these scammers if they wanted to go after them on the basis that their endorsements were fake (and thus their claims).  These new rules now make is ultra easy to bitch slap these guys into oblivion. 

    Let these gurus ignore the FTC.  Fine.  The FTC probably won’t be pro-actively laying the hammer down.  But now, if enough complaints kick these scammers onto the radar, all the FTC has to do is pull up their sales letters, see the lack of balance (the site stating that the endorsements are fantasies and the normal person can expect to make NOTHING), and bam, they got ’em on that.  They don’t need to investigate the factualness of the claims. 

    If they don’t have that “you aren’t going to make any money, much less as much as the guys in our testimonials,” the FTC can crush them.

    That’s the real beauty in this.  I’d like to see–maybe someone such as yourself–maybe even me, if I can find the time–someone put up a site devoted to putting these scammers out of business by making it easy to report violators to the FTC.  A simple form that floods the FTC with complaints about guys like lard ass Brunson not complying.  A few hundred complaints (complaints that are as easy to file as a pasting a form email and sending it to some contact email address to the FTC) and these assholes will show up on the FTC radar.

    Nope, Salty, the new rules are a big deal indeed.  Theres a very good reason why so many gurus are “stepping back”–they realize the danger in trying to ignore the rules.  And, they know that if they comply, they are DONE.

    Read the regulations, if you aren’t up to speed on the magnitude.  Point blank, the FTC is saying the old “results are not typical” is absolutely NOT acceptable, anymore. 

    1. Absolutely right. Now, the FTC has incredible power (without the hassles of detailed investigation) to nail these guys virtually on the spot for violations. So the IM guys who keep doing it the “old way” are playing major russian roulette.

      It will be funny to see some of them lose EVERYTHING they’ve earned over the years. And it won’t matter how they “structure” their business or ownership, ’cause the FTC can reach out and dig deep to freeze and seize assets.

      It’s gonna be GAME OVER for many of these guys. Hope they didn’t skip Hamburger Prep 101 when they were younger. That education could be valuable again.

    2. I like your idea, and I am willing to pay to host and register a site to help out…if you get salty a name you want registered (he can pass it to me via my email…cuz these guys read here and they will take the name), and I can register and host the site, and give you and salty C panel login information.

      I think the online FTC form can be displayed in a frame on the site…check the description in either of the Andros videos…there is a link to the form….I believe I put it in my channel as well… amazinglienow

      I think the most important thing is to have the contact information for each of these scammers on the site….so when someone clicks on “scammed by” …and they chose a scammer….it gives them company names…contact names…website addresses…contact address…etc…and frames the complaint form just above the information so they can fill it with ease for the information required by the FTC to take action.

      Anyways…break over…back to work…

  15. And yeah…$50,000 to name an airplane? I’m sure he’ll rationalize it as (possibly) a tax deduction…but that’s still some outrageous spending. One day, if the well runs dry, he’ll look back on that and think, “what was I thinking?”

  16. Buried Comment: Show

    Hello my Salty Droid and friends!
    I was going to post this under Carbon Copy Crap blog post here but opted for a more current read on scum…
    I have google “alerts” set up to alert me on various posts etc. on all things “Stompernet” –
    Yesterday an email alert came in and it was linked to a crap sales page that ultimately after opting in and so on …took me to some Derek guy- and then to Jay KubaSUCK Carbon Copy Pro Page
    The link in the video on this page that is a clickable link “online business” in the description part of my vid will take you to these various people/pages/ and pissy promotions for their pathetic little programs…
    Be forewarned if you are interested in joining them you need to pay for an application form- they don’t just take “anyone” into their program!
    Annnnnnnny way- to me…it makes it appear as if I am partnered with them in some way…
    can someone explain how they can and do…do this sort of thing?
    I by no way endorse or am a part of, or have EVER been a part of this Carbon Copy Crappolla!
    I did email twice after “opting in” to see where and who this link goes to- I even twittered “@maxresidual” about it after not hearing back from him in a pleasant email…
    no response- figured I might get a response if I brought it up here…
    : )
    i figure these bad boys read here more so than anywhere else…including their own email!
    Maybe now I might get a response and they will remove anything remotely related to my name…
    it was on page one yesterday…they made the word -online business- a link to their pages

    1. Hi Karin,

      I read your post…I noticed they gave you your own tag to a page also

      On a side note…all the pages (basically carbon copies of each other…for lack of a more fitting term) are coded so badly…they look and function like crap in firefox…stop and volume video controls do NOT function in firefoxy …close messages don’t function (in firefoxy)…and the list goes on and on… but…back on topic…

      I did notice that on each (and every page)…top right corner (it depends if you look through firefoxy, which looks like a little kid created the page….IE handles it slightly better) there is a link to a page which has your video embedded, from your youtube  channel….

      I viewed the video…it appears that you endorse the stompernet conference…which is why they are using your name, and your video endorsement of the stompernet conference”.

      1. I just realized that my post while very clear to me…will not be clear to most….in an attempt to get to the point….I sometimes eliminate to much detail… as I did above

        They appear to be attempting to “SEO” their links to show up in searches which use the term stompernet…which is why their page url(the one I included above), is the exact title of your video…and why they use your name…etc…

        Second thing I wasn’t to clear on …..while in “IE” the sidebar displays correctly….when that same page is viewed in Firefox (and google chrome)…it “dumps” both the videos and the tags in the body of the code (they created such a gawd damn mess with the code…it isn’t funny)…rather then creating a sidebar…this dump makes your video look like it is embedded in the body…which it actually is…but only if you view it through IE (since their CSS style sheet does define a sidebar with IE)….which would indicate they did it on purpose….

        hopefully I make a little more sense now….

        man…I have been acting so stupid entering “Andros Head”….I’m actually becoming more stupid….

      2. Hi Karin,

        My name is Derek.  My lack of response was due to me being away this week.

        I use a program called WordPress direct that auto feeds content into my blog based on certain keywords.  A plugin makes other keywords in my blog clickable to a target pre-chosen.

        I was in no way implying you were part of anything or endorsing anything.

        I have responded to you directly by e-mail and by phone and I have removed your video and article from my blog.

        I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.  You may want to see if there is a way WordPress direct can prevent this from happening to you again in the future.

        I wish you all the best in your endeavors



    2. Lol nice site and I like the IP based dynamic sales letter.

      “We’re global, though Sweden is one of our key growth areas right now!”

      Oh yes Sweden is quite the market.

  17. Look on the bright side Karin…
    For 8 payments of $1,997  (every 21 days) you can get in on Maria A. Andros diamond program
    For 8 payments of $997 (every 21 days) you can get in on Maria A. Andros plutonium program
    That’s right….Andros just announced her new program…and I am still shaking my head in disbelief…the video…is a must listen (…she is behind the scenes it’s just a screen capture video…she’s protecting her identity from the Federal Trade Commission ….bureau of consumer protection).
    Maria A. Andros rehashed the same 3 income stories (actually make that 2….since she removed Oliver turner conpletely)…and is only featuring Tania Gabrielle and Brian Williams as exact income claims{….that said…brian williams went from the $300K she mentioned privately to her students [as seen in my video] down to the original $75K she started with…how strange… she no longer proud of the figure she created…oh right….Brian only brought out the $75K lie…he never mentions anything about $300K…so she can’t rely on that as evidence..butt you honor…he said he made $75K using my program…how was I to know he lied to me….oh he has a recording of us conspiring to commit fraud by stating false income claims….I didn’t know….my bad}…
    her other testimonials are the same ones she used for her first launch….interestingly enough….none of her new “students” (I say students again…because that is what she calls Williams in this video) presented anything in the way of success stories…not even a video saying…wow what content…..”200″ “students” and not a fricken bizarre….her course is a “video” “marketing” course…is it not?
    Salty…I think this launch deserves it’s own entry…I mean $7K and $15K….this is just too classic…okay…granted she is giving Over $46,594.00 in what a deal…and why does she make it “extremely affordable”…because of the economy being so bad..and she wants to give back…and help as many people as she can (no I am not kidding….Andros states this verBATEthem….).
    …No REFUNDS….you can quit at any time….and if you QUIT, you can NEVER get back in….
    ohh the threats….that will teach anyone who tries to quit on her….listen to the tone when she says that….the Bimbecile is angry…things aren’t as rosy as her rose colored glasses would have you believe….
    “It’s almost like a have a celery like following of raving fans” – Maria Andros
    More like idiots…if they can’t see what a fraud you are….

    1. Was Maria split testing earlier when she launched? 

      When I clicked on her Twitter link earlier this afternoon, her launch landing page featured Kilstein among the others as success stories.

      I just clicked a minute ago and on her Twitter link and also the link from her email and looks like the same page minus Kilstein’s testimonial – unless I’m missing something here.

      Oh my, and now the singer Christel Hughes is a celebrity life coach?  Hmmm…she probably can’t get a gig with her Norah Jones repertoire…she was pretty good.  Guess coaching scamming with Maria pays better than the lounge circuit singing gig.

      1. Nice catch… are right…. he is gone….this is what the page was like before she made the changes (other then the prices). She got rid of Kilstein and rachel capil also….balance…

        She just made further changes to the original page… more showing the 7 payments in the order section…it just says 1997 (monthly payment plan) and 997 (monthly payment plan)…
        The Bimbecile is probably wondering why no-one is ordering….in a dazed and confused kind of way…..butt they liked my free videos and were praizing me….why aren’t they giving me $15K…I don’t get it….quick…emergency call to Tom McCarthy…. no Maria…too much money….show them the one payment….do the foolies to them….write somewhere in the script in 12 point type so it is lost on them… the grumps….bonk…bonk….

        Is it her?…it looks like her…but the site shows the person is from the Netherlands….if it isn’t her…it’s an uncanny resemblance

        1. Hey thanks for saving that for me Cartman!  Once again, I can always count on you for A++ Maria coverage.   She’s more polished – her delivery –  in this video IMO.  Result of new coach perhaps.  Umm…like Traffic Geyser is a big secret?  How about viewing source code to see analytics installed?  She’s giving more specific details in this video than others I think.

          OMG, you’re right….it does look like the same girl.  I bet this is another Rich Schefron product like Maria.   Check out her YouTube video channel.  
          Awful.  She does Norah better.   
          Christel Peters christel3’s Channel

  18. “Oh, but society will be getting the last laugh on this asshole…”
    that should really read:
    all including the madoffs, the kilsteins, the belchers, the schirmers, the brunsons, the rays and all other people who are deliberately crafting their business to suck people in, offer crap for gold and blaming the victims as soon as they complain.  none of them understand any natural laws even though to claim to be experts.

  19. _cartman_
    I fail to see the bright side…
    does that mean I fail? : P
    oy vey say it isn’t so…
    I would hope people would just simply ask me who, what, where I recommend…and why…or if at all…
    Cause’ I do tell people…truthfully…I do…

    1. hmmm….yeah….I don’t see the bright side myself….I guess I was just trying to see things as the eternal optometrist …I guess that’s because I see her crass as awlful(okay; yeah; that’s bad… :))

      Any luck on the CCP (carbon crappy pro) front?….Were you able to get through to anyone to ask those boneheads to stop using your name…..Yeah….they say they won’t take just anyone…but they will take everyone they can….

  20. Russell Brunson has one incredibly annoying tic. Whenever he gives a speach, he frequently says, “‘Kay?” as in “O’kay.”

    Check out Brunson the wizard’s “Secret Magic Box.” ‘Kay?


  21. kay doin.  another one is the stuttering geek and you know they have no confidence in what they are saying so why the hell should you.

  22. Buried Comment: Show

    I did not hear back…YET…
    Wonder if I will, or they will simply read this and delete the crap-
    see the thing is- in that description, they had made the words “online business” into a clickable link to their page…
    yes, I am sure this is some kind of  “pulled content” thingy…but, adding a clickable link as if I were endorsing it…is just…well…OH SO WRONG!
    I know its not the worst thing out there…
    the worst thing is still Harlan Kilstein’s Fake Karin Hiebert Blog THAT HE PUT up!
    hmmmm…wondering what step is next?
    @SaltyDroid – thanks for calling today- I can always depend on you for an immediate reply!
    (Cartman- didn’t reply in the “reply” section cause it would have meant I log into Explorer…)

    1. yeah…I would threaten them with the FTC …consumer protection … could file the complaint for  “identity theft” if they don’t take it down….as they are linking to your personal accounts using your name….

      the alternative (a better alternative)….since it appears to be an endorsement (which is what it appeared to me)…you can file a complaint for deceptive advertising practise…since you did/do not endorse the product and they definitely appear to be using your name as an implied endorsement….they’d be hard pressed to prove why they are using the link to a name or trademark they do not own…or why they are similarly linking to your accounts to make it appear like you made the endorsement.
      While a name is not usually registered as a trademark…it is a trademark if used in commerce…and is protected under “first use” provisions  (since you do use your name  to market online)…so unless they can come up with a corporate entity…or registered your name as a trademark… it would serve them better to take it down…

      I don’t see them being stupid enough to leave it up (if you warn them to take it down)…especially now when no-one wants unnecessary attention from the FTC … each time a complaint is filed it is entered into the consumer sentinel…and that database is used by civil and criminal enforcement authorities around the globe…

      Trademark: A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol or design, or a combination of them, that identifies and distinguishes the source of a trademark. Names of people and companies, business logos and symbols, and particular sounds can all be trademarked. Everything from Julia Roberts’ name, the Nike “swoosh,” and the NBC chimes are registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Trademarks identify a product, service, person, or thing from others in the same field, and trademark infringement has, and always will be, a serious offense.


  23. Hey, say what you want about russel, but if i hadn’t heard of him, I’d still be working a J.O.B..
    Now, I’ll admit that internet marketing “gurus” can get a little cocky when they grow, but jeez, do you have to attack an entire religion to get some fans buzzing?
    Hell, I’m not mormon nor will I ever be, but I’ll be damned if the mormon church hasn’t contributed more CHARITABLE donations to needy people than this lawyer has.
    I mean, fuck! We’re talking about a lawyer! Don’t people still think lawyers are bloodsuckers?
    Oh, wait, maybe we’re just attacking other organizations to deflect our morally corrupt nature. Wow, that makes alot more sense than bashing brunsen for DONATING 50k to a CHARITY.
    Thank God you’re not a professional journalist. Maybe you’re not “winning” like the “dick-heads” because you’re too cocky to accept that you’re one of them.

    1. Mormons :: plural :: aren’t being attacked Mr. Wizard. Just the one Mormon. The puffy headed … slimy … lie selling … wanna be … poser … Doctrine and Covenants defying … milk drinking … hypocrite mother fucker Russell Brunson.

      He better SEO his little heart out lest some of the church elders {some of who probably have iPhones and read hip profanity blogs} see what he’s been up to and he finds himself immediately excommunicated. Mormons are hardcore like that.

      It would be a real shame … because then his Temple Marriage would not be valid in the eyes of God … thus ruling out the possibility of The Celestial Kingdom … and eventual Godhood for himself. It’s rumored {by scripture} that gods populate their worlds via copulation with inordinate amounts of totally hot heaven wives … so it’s a real tragic loss.

      Okay … now just there I was more picking on Mormons :: plural :: Do you see the difference?


    2. “Donating” 50k to charity?? People can also do that anonymously, right? You don’t have to do it in a spectacular, publicity-driven way and have an AIRPLANE named after your “charitable” self, do you? Sorry! That’s called one over-the-top TAX DEDUCTION with PERKS. Yeah, some totally selfless “donation” that was.

      It’s interesting that you loosely pretend to be defending a religion (which was just added description and never attacked in the first place) and AT THE SAME TIME the web site you specified behind your “name” is “” You have no business even typing the word, “religion.”

      Your comment (and total net worth on the planet) have been nullified. Loser.

      1. SD:  Holy crap you really need a professional psychoanalyst. Your dad used to make fun of your little pecker, huh? It’s okay, friend. There are alot of people with insecurities just like yours and I’m sure there’s hope for you.

        Frank:  Dude, how many 50,000 dollar charity donations have you made in your lifetime? Probably 20 judging by your arrogance. Well, Frank, if only the world could be full of people who could give away 50k anonymously like you can. You can, can’t you? Or would you rather spend it on something else?

        1. Well, “Dom,” (I’m guessing your daddy misspelled that for the intended “Dumb” on your birth certificate), you seem to have a “pecker” fixation. Is it because you are emotionally stunted or because you prefer them to lollipops? Or both?

    3. A lot of people don’t steal, so they may not have OPM (other people’s money) to donate $50K to charity.

      Hey…looky here…I found  Bernie Madoff’s 2007 tax return, and it shows charitable contributions of $6.6Million (of OPM)….I guess based on your reasoning……Madoff is a real great guy…..

      Dom: butt your honor…..Madoff donated a lot of the money he stole to charity….he’s a real grate guy!

      The other thing pumpkin head……madoff had supporters when people were getting paid…and now?…..not so much…..that doesn’t mean that because he had supporters, he was a great guy…

      As to your question; “Are lawyers bloodsuckers?”

      Let me ask you this…when you go to court…would you rather have a “TOP” criminal lawyer that charges $400-$600 per hour, or are you going to hire Maria Andros at $2K per hour to mount your defense (she’s probably going to be busy teaching her block mates on social media)?

      andros: butt your honor… {strikeout} client {/strikeout} student, crossed his fingers when he wrote his copy…itso calypso was legally on a timeout….we are relying on caviar emperor…

      judge : you mean ipso facto and caveat emptor, don’t you miss Andros

      andros: I’m not mean you honor…I’m leaving….your not in my phone your honor….you are garbage people….goooooooodbye!

      Dom…what the fuck were you thinking by hiring Andros?

      BTW, I just took your statement, created a scenario and extrapolated an outcome (which may or may not be the average outcome), and presented it here as fact…..get it?

      Now go away little MANge

  24. Help me Peeps!

    I think the problem with the comments is related to some kind of corruption with the cache … or something.

    The source for every page on the site has this error as the last line

    <!– WP Super Cache is installed but broken. The path to wp-cache-phase1.php in wp-content/advanced-cache.php must be fixed! –>

    I get a similar error when I try to delete plugins … or try to do anything AJAX-ey.  And I think it’s messin with the SiteMap.

    WP Super Cache is not installed .. and hasn’t been for a long time.

    Any PHP nerds with advice? I’m out of ideas.

    1. no problem….but I am a fan of your stuff..i just wanted to know that you are against all marketing companies and marketing organizations…or just against people who have membership sites (i.e. game memberships, software trading memberships, forum memberships.) or just against certain marketers….I am learning as a lot here, but I want to make sure your format for this blog..should I be concerned if I ever create a program ( like a how to site or a social networking site ) that you will hate on me…..

  25. Hmm…I think he just has a slight vision problem at times.  You know these young’ ins are sometimes, Karin;-)

    Hey tell me, do you know why it’s so hard to find hair colorists who’ve actually passed the  American Board of Certified Haircolorists?

  26. Quite frankly, the Mormon religion is very weird and exploits innocent people, much like all organized religions and cults.  What’s with wearing the under garments 24/7 and never being able to take them off? And those weird temple rituals are quite weird. Wonder if Fattie McFat Brunson had to do those too.
    The key to becoming a god is not the amount of power or control you have over others, nor is it the amount of money or accomplishments you have, but it’s about love.
    Do any of these Christians like Brunson and Schirmer even open up their bible and actually read it?

    1. wow… if you can’t even get your facts about mormons straight, i have to wonder how much you have wrong about everything else… this is the biggest joke of a “review” site I’ve ever seen.

      1. And you’re an idiot, because you can’t differentiate between the site owner and a site commentor. But yeah (and I’m a “commenter” doofus) the other “commenter” is right. Oh, and what fact isn’t “straight” about mormons? Now, go get back to your wives. They have some wood for you to chop, loser.

  27. Buried Comment: Show

    re: Hair Colorists
    Passing any type of certification would mean that you would have to be knowledgeable in that area…or at least be good at faking it…
    Its pretty hard to fake chemistry and science when you enter into an industry that only requires a grade 9 education and the ability to hold a comb.
    Basics like primary or secondary colors are not understood by “colorists” …sad…many don’t even know what they are, or how important it is in knowing the very basics…
    …then comes the other very advanced and scientific information that one would NEED to know like color levels, lifting and depositing…including what happens in the cortex layer of the hair…
    …you might even need to know what H2O2 is… and when to use a higher volume than other times…specifically… you might need to actually take into consideration “how to achieve the end result” without damaging the integrity of the hair or damage to the cuticle layer…
    Confused? So are they- that is why they don’t get certified- in Canada we don’t have any type of certification except for your basic license…which many stylists don’t have either…
    And … I really don’t think it is mandatory or compulsory that you are BORED Certified in the U.S. either…but I could be wrong…often I am…
    …If you want to learn how to find a great hair colorist let me know…cause “you’re worth it”
    : )


  28. Check this out, peeps.

    There are tons of folks on ebay right now who are selling ENTIRE HARD DRIVES full of all these internet marketers’ bootlegged programs, for pennies on the dollar. Here’s an example of just ONE of many of them. This person is selling (quote) “$25,000” worth of programs copied onto a hard drive for under $500. And it’s ALL the pricey, big names. Just look at the long list in the ad.

    It looks like LOTS of regular people are buying that stuff, too. Look at the buyer list and their comments – this one seller seems to be making a fortune if you add up all his completed sales:

    There are LOTS of other sellers besides just this one. They are all having a field day on ebay with that stuff.

      1. Hmm. This is the second time in as many weeks that you’ve linked specifically to this seller of plagiarized and counterfeit goods on eBay, a seller who presumably has a target audience of people who are at least somewhat interested in the IM ‘gurus’ Salty discusses.

         What’s the matter, sales a little slow so you felt like you needed to drum up some business by using Salty’s site as a marketing channel for your thriving business selling counterfeit goods?

  29. Wrong, dumbkoff. I was pointing out the low commodity value of that crap in the real world. Those bootleggers are just as scummy as the crap they’re bootlegging. I’m not sure if it’s the same seller or not. But you can find plenty of those thieves if you search for the words Frank Kern on ebay, and you’ll see a variety of that stuff at any given time. For some reason the use of Kern’s name draws out a lot of these hucksters (sellers AND buyers). It’s really pretty dumb to buy that stuff, because ebay records and shows your identity right there for everyone to see.




  31. Sorry English is Second language…but I was messed up with Lawyers and these programs….but hey thanks for hating me this site is full of hateful people who all seem unsuccessful with me. So since we are all broke and pitiful..maybe we can start a business together everyone!!

  32. Hey William we don’t hate you. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the crazies from normal people..on behalf of everyone let me apologize to you ok? :) What is your first language?

  33. Pingback: » Giving It Up
  34. Urgent Spam from CornFed Brunson


    SaltyDroid – can you call this # asap? 1-218-486-3625 Ex 293594#

    At 11:06 last night I came up with an idea, and you NEED to know about it ASAP… THIS IS LIFE CHANGING!!!

    PLEASE DON’T HESITATE – CALL ASAP => 1-218-486-3625 Ex 293594#

    If you call, you’ll have a chance to get these things:

    – get a $25k day of consultation – for FRE.E!
    – get a $10k sales letter written – for FR.EE!
    – Get your site designed – for F.REE!
    – Use our $3k monthly traffic services – for FR.EE!

    AND – become a one of my business partners. This is only open for 10 people – so if you want in, call ASAP: 1-218-486-3625 Ex 293594#

    Russell Brunson

    1-218-486-3625 Ex 293594#


    … somebody do it and tell the rest of us what’s what!

        1. yeah…just a recording…found a site to host…should have just did a video like Uncle Roy said…made it more fun to listen too….

          “barefoot running” – BIG niche so says Tellman Knudson

          “hairbow niche..teaching mothers to do bows for daughters hairs” – 18K a month

          Trying to “sell” a “partnership” for only 10K (50/50 split)…but all the things you get for free….’impressive’

          like a 25,000 dollar day at his idaho potato store
          and a 10,000 dollar letter

          crap load of other stuff

          My head almost exploded by the end of the call…

        1. Brunson refers to looking for “action takers” on that recorded phone message. Shouldn’t that be “credit card holders?”

      1. So basically ::

        1. You have the idea.
        2. You do the social media and blogging.
        3. You build up your own affilate network.
        4. You pay him $10,000
        5. You get 40% of the money from your own business.

        What the fuck?? And as an added bonus … he manages a clickbank account in YOUR name. Gr8 idea … can’t see that going wrong.

        And it’s all based on a testimonial from this dude :: Zam Spencer? :: and how he’s built a $18,000 per month “How to tie a hair bow” site. And that site is where exactly?

        When the going gets tough … raise your prices.

      1. yeah…they first say 18K a month…then he states their best month is 18K….

        maybe they used Andros math….180 x 100fold…and a month could be a “plutonian” month….

      2. Let’s look at the math for that claimed $18,000 monthly.

        – She’d have to generate *666* sales to do that IF she received 100% of the proceeds. No way she gets it all.

        – But let’s split the difference and be very generous. Let’s say she received 75% commssion (20.25 per).

        – To achieve THAT figure, she’d have to move 888 units a month (after refunds).

        -If the refund rate is 10% (probably higher), she’d need to move closer to 1,000 units a month.

        – A 2% conversion rate would probably be incredibly generous. To achieve that, she’d need 44,444 visitors a month, or closer to 50,000 to also absorb a 10% refund rate.

        I’d bank on the tooth fairy first before I believed this scenario were possible.

        “Hair bows” may be “a” market, but it is not an “urgent” market. The estimates I’ve noted are probably incredibly generous and optimistic. In other words, nearly impossible to believe.

        1. @Grace, If true about them as legit, then it’s worse, because now they are throwing their credibility away onto mr. Brunson and sending people down into his lair.

  35. Help, please, anyone.

    It’s embarrassing to write this, but I did fall for a Brunson scam last summer to the tune of $5000 for coaching which is a fortune for me. I had been trying to do things on my own for so long and they had a great spiel that made me think if I just had someone to guide me and support me I could actually get something done.

    I work with dogs and thought I could make some kind of website devoted to all things dog-related.

    Anyway, I regretted it almost immediately. I really don’t have the money for something like this program, but they do run a good ‘boiler room’ scam. They talked me into it even while I knew what they were doing. Shame on me.

    I’ve had 3 sessions out of 8, with ‘unlimited’ calls and emails included for a year, which I’ve rarely used because they seldom get back to you. But, last month my father had a stroke after having a complicated surgery for a blood clot in his leg. Since my mother passed years ago, I’m needing to take on the responsibility of his care and not being able to work since he lives 2 hours away.

    My point is, I really am unable to continue with the program and tried talking to several people (I kept getting passed around) at Brunson’s coaching (boiler room) department. I pleaded with them to at least give me part of the money back. I’m truly in dire straits financially and, though I understand they have a no refund policy, I thought someone might care enough to just refund part of the fee, since it’s an unusual and hardship case.

    Does anyone have any suggestions, perhaps using the new FTC policies? They don’t sound like they apply precisely, but, damn, I’m in a lot of emotional pain and hate to sound like a whiner, but it just doesn’t seem fair that they can’t refund maybe half of a program that I barely used. There were many other ‘perks’ that were supposedly included that I never used also (seminars that never were offered–and part of the reason I signed up in the first place, etc.).

    I don’t even like bringing this up on Salty’s site because it makes me look like one of the dupes (well, I guess I am) that are always being talked about here.

    I sure would appreciate anyone’s help or suggestions. I actually started crying on the phone with the guy at Brunson’s coaching department and he was just so cold, talking about how the funds are immediately distributed and they weren’t just sitting in an account somewhere that he could pull from. He also said they don’t really make any money from the coaching division. Unbelievable. My dad is close to dying–feeding tube, can’t speak or walk, the whole thing, and this man could give a rat’s ass. Who the hell are these people?

    Thanks, Salty, for your site, where folks like me can have a say.


    1. Lynn, you definitely should email Salty directly ( or you can use the contact button at the top of the blog. He will help you.

    2. Lynn,

      A few years back I fell for a $10k mentoring program that
      promised the earth and delivered hardly any of their big
      mouth promises.

      In the end, I got a full refund – despite the vendor not
      wanting to do it.

      Here’s how I did it.

      I contacted my credit card company to do a chargeback
      because I told them that the vendor did not deliver what
      they promised.

      Normally, there’s a 120-day refund period between something
      going on your chargecard and getting a refund. However,
      because the mentoring program was ongoing, the credit card
      company agreed to dispute the charge on my behalf.

      Immediately, they did the chargeback and then the vendor
      had 45 days within which to dispute my chargeback claim. They

      I then had to send my credit card company proof that the
      vendor hadn’t delivered on their promises. (I sent them a
      copy of the sales letter, an outline of what was delivered
      on and what was not delivered).

      Eventually, I got the refund back and won the case :-)

      Had they not ruled in my favor, it’s possible to escalate the
      claim directly with VISA or Mastercard and that would have
      been my next step but luckily my card provider won the dispute.

      I was ready to escalate the claim but I think that the vendor
      saw sense in not disputing any further. Remember that they rely
      on their merchant accounts for payment processing and don’t want
      to have any black marks on it.

      So Lynn, in summary. Phone your credit card company and demand
      a chargeback because the vendor has not delivered on their
      promises. There’s no need to go through Brunson’s company – do
      it through your credit card company and then prove that he’s
      not delivered on his big promises.

      Do it now and don’t put it off.

      Good luck Lynn.

      1. That’s a good point. Because “mentoring” or “coaching” or “subscriptions” are ongoing, that means the “claim window” is probably based on the end date of the purchased service. Also, don’t forget to get in touch with Salty. He may have some additional avenues to suggest. You probably want to act quickly though to protect your rights.

    3. 1) Aside from a couple of nefarious, discredited commenters here, nobody discusses Brunson’s victims as ‘dupes.’ Don’t let the commenter ‘voice of reason’ give you a bad impression of the rest of us!

      2)”..they don’t really make any money from the coaching division” – As Brunson has no real success of his own, he makes all his money from these parasitic ‘coaching programs’; that and pushing the programs of others. I hope you can see through their statement for the bare-faced lie it surely is. Whether they make a profit should be irrelevant to a refund policy anyway.

      The particular FTC rules you mentioned don’t apply to what you’ve written. Nonetheless I’m sure that the FTC, Salty, and your credit card company would be interested in what you have to say. I hope you get your money back.

    4. @Lynn ::

      That makes me very sad.

      I agree with the others. Don’t delay … call your bank or credit card company. Tell them that you were defrauded by a bogus company. They haven’t delivered {nor can they} … and they used misleading and deceptive practices to make the sale. I’m pretty sure Russell is one of the many d-bags who just lost his merchant accounts … so they shouldn’t have a hard time believing you that he’s up to no good.

      And of course Russell already saw your comment here … so he could just do the right thing … the wise thing … and not provoke me.

  36. Thank you, everyone, for your suggestions. I’ll get to work on it. I had hesitated because I originally purchased the program in August and after all this illness stuff, just kept delaying doing anything about it. I thought it would be too late—they do make you sign an agreement to the effect that you have no recourse after a certain (tiny) period of time, but, I’ll attempt it and let you all know.

    Thanks again,

    1. Even if you sign something, they still must deliver. And you can say they failed to deliver. That should nullify such paperwork.

  37. I hate to admit it but i once worked at one of those broiler type pitch shit fest. I never made any money because I have a soul.

  38. Salty Droid,

    Hear anything good or bad about another guru: Anik Singal? I had signed up for some free stuff and internet marketing coaching course from him (dropped it after 3 months when they were re-hashing the same shit over and over again). I guess he dumped my # with Brunson’s Boiler Room. I started getting highly aggressive sales call from his people. Glad I didn’t fall for that crap. Funny though, I told them teach me for free and I will give you a percentage of my profits. Guess they didn’t like that. Probably weren’t sure anyone is ever gonna make any.

    Keep up the good work. You are funny as hell!


    1. Yeah, good call, K. Chang. Salty wrote about Anik’s fantasies of being a Bollywood star and participated in Anik’s testimonial video contest, but Omri at GlancingWeb has been persistent in writing about Omri’s latest scam, Inbox Blueprint, and his partnership with boiler room Prosper.

      DNice, according to Omri, Anik has worked with both Brunson’s boiler room and Prosper. Was there something about the calls that told you it was Brunson and not Prosper, PMI, or another outfit?

  39. For what it’s worth – as a lover of mysteries and student of all things spiritual, including good vs. evil, here is what came to me tonight to write about the Casey Anthony debacle —

    James Ray is also a “greater story” — IMHO

  40. you guys are a bunch of fucking losers hate on a guy bc he is rich. Enjoy your pathetic lives all nestled up in your trailer homes. Haters got to hate

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