Sheeple Part 1 :: Obedience

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Why didn’t James Arthur Ray’s Death Lodge victims get up and leave before their internal organs shut down?  It was hot as hell in there :: and it must’ve stunk of sweaty white people.  And why would anyone pay 10K for that crap-fest in the first place?

Why would otherwise smart people give Not-Doctor Kilstein $2,000 per month for Not-Coaching?

Why did Colleen jump?

Why did people pay $800 per month for BullShit StomperNet?

Why are Sheeple so fucking gullible?

Why? :: Why? :: Why? :: blah :: blah :: blah.

Why are we still asking such a stupid question?  We KNOW the answer … and we’ve KNOWN it for decades.  But we’re afraid of what the answer says about us :: so we look away like the useless little FrenchPussies that we are.

The Salty Droid Presents :: A three part weekend mini-series {maybe I can trick you into clicking on a Saturday … you lazy bastards} …

Why We’z So Eff’n Stupid

Part 1 – The Milgram Experiment

so stanley

In 1961 Stanley Milgram and his funky hippie beard did a series of now famous social psychology experiments. Test subjects were told they were participating in a study on the effects of punishment on learning.  They sat in front of a large “shock box” and asked a series of questions to a “learner” who they have just met.  When the learner gets a question wrong :: the test subject is instructed to administer an electrical shock from the box.  The shocks start off small … but end at Holy Shit 450 volts.  No shocks are actually administered :: and the fake screams of the victim {which are pretty awful} are prerecorded for consistency.

The totally frightening result :: 2/3 of people will give the FULL series of shocks :: all the way up to the life threatening 450 volts :: simply because some asshole in a lab coat was telling them to do so in a gentle voice.  No Nazi bayonets at their throats :: no threats to murder their families or burn down their barns :: just an emotionless “please continue with the experiment” is enough.

450 Volts :: Screams of pain :: 2/3 of people continue the sadism to the end.

Two later iterations of experiment were even more revealing.

— If the subject first sees another Sheep go all the way to the end without complaint :: Then 90% of people will go all way to 450.

— If the subject first sees a rebel who refuses to continue :: Then only 5% of people will go all the way to 450.

The following three videos are a modern recreation of the experiment done by the BBC this year.  Neither time :: nor British sophistication :: kept the same ol’ results from repeating themselves.

Same shit :: Different day.

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  1. On the other hand, if all the “learners” in the project had been internet marketers, I think 100% of the “educators” would have gone all the way with the experiment. And even slept well at night. In fact, they would have been complaining about the limited voltage available.

    1. Idaho Spud Boy wouldn’t be complaining about the limited voltage. He’d be creating a micro-continuity program out of it that would shock the sheep for 12vmonths and bill them for it…while his boilerroom called to pitch coaching on how to scream your way to millions.

  2. I taught a class on ethical behaviour a little while ago, which also covered the Milgram experiment. There have been several experiments which showed that generally, humans do not tend to act ethically if they can do as they please without having to fear reprisals. The norms of society keep us in check. Homo homini lupus.
    Oh, and I always click you on Saturdays.

  3. Wow, gravatar letting me post. Two weeks of intensely staring at the screen (and a little finger healing… good for everything) finally pays off.
    Froylein, my memory of the Milgram experiment is a little unreliable (not bad, considering it was 27 years before I was born), but weren’t the true subjects/torturers left very distressed by the ordeal? If it were to show that humans ‘default’ to unethical behaviour, the scientist could have left the room and they’d still have went all the way up to 450 volts. But they didn’t want to – it was the presence of an authority figure that, worryingly, overcame their own sense of right/wrong/cruelty. They weren’t doing as they pleased.
    The scariest part, I think, was that participants objected directly to the scientist in some cases, asking to be allowed to stop. The scientist would simply say ‘Continue with the experiment’ and in almost all cases, although obviously being aware that it was wrong, participants obeyed the instruction.
    There was a lot of wishful thinking afterwards about the sample group being unethical psychopathic wankers (I paraphrase), but the evidence of this experiment is ‘normal people’ would do unethical things, knowing they are wrong, under fear of reprisal or authority.
    Obviously, other experiments may have found the opposite – but I don’t know to which you refer.

    1. The experiment was repeated worldwide, and for the most part, participants showed no qualms, no matter what their ethnicity, educational background, sex, location etc. were. What disturbed people afterwards was the revelation that they, too, would have had what it took to kill people in the concentration camps. So it wasn’t the actual experiment that put most participants off but the analysis, so to speak.

    2. @208-577-6210, Yes, weak, gutless people. Most people are weak and gutless. Certain people in a population are strong, warrior, sentinel types with greater strength, speed, intelligence, empathy and survival instinct. Their role is to protect the tribe and keep the weak and sociopathic from wreaking havoc. Unfortunately in today’s socio-political structures such people are relatively powerless against the organised globalist, weak sociopaths that lust after authority and attain it. Such is the scope, organisation and technological resources at their disposal that the weak, evil and gutless can thrive. They’re ruining the gene pool, as they see the strong and intelligent as a threat and thus are eliminating or subjugating them.


    It seems that reports of Belcher’s IM “death” were greatly exagerated.

    This product is on one of the rip site, and it’s definitely a Belcher product, although the sales page (lame squeeze page) makes no mention of his name (other than an unreadable signature).  The audio is his, but it’s some cheezy animated cartoon video, not Belcher’s usual fat mug.

    And yeah, the product looks like a typical Belcher rainbow chaser special…

    1. New Belcher video:

      “How to import anything from China risk-free using other people’s money.”


      1. Importing from China is FULL of risks (scammers, liars, defective products, breakage, etc.). Lots of horror stories!

      2. Other people’s money? Yeah, right. Good luck with that.

      3. “Risk-free?” You can’t even hope for that when you are dealing with LOCAL businesses that are bound by YOUR laws. There is ALWAYS risk, and even MORE so in doing business in far-away China.

      These are some seriously outrageous claims!

      This convicted felon just can’t control himself. When is the government going to step in and intervene??

      1. OMG, just off the top of my head…his remarks re Wang International and candles are FALSE. 

        I’ll have to look into this and his claims tomorrow when I have more time.

  5. Oh, as an aside on the Belcher sales page, it does give a peak into what most sales pages will look like come Dec 1, thanks to the FTC regs.  Notice the absolute absence of any kind of income hype.  Same too, the absence of any “I made 100K importing plastic ashtrays” testimonials.

    It just comes across as a flaccid, “who the fuck cares about this” dry feature laden “sales” message.

    Good luck with that, Peary.

    1. Just on the surface, and for the benefit of casual observers, yes. But dig a little and you’ll see he’s still pushing the envelope. (See link above.)

  6. @Froylein  – I had no idea about that. My teacher at the time never made the distinction of at what point the participants felt bad. It’s a pretty crucial distinction too – really shows the findings in a totally different light. But maybe she was guilty of ‘wishful thinking’ too then.
    (It seems I’m still not able to reply directly to comments, so it’s had to go here)

    1. Do you use Firefox? If you do, first hit “Reply”, then refresh the page. If you then use the comment box wherever it may show up and hit “Submit comment”, your comment will usually appear as a reply.

  7. Sorry pal, but I used Perry and Ryan’s Social Media Money and it was one of the best investments I made. Within a few months I was making shit-wads of cash.

    I have bought just about every shit-bird course you can imagine (and based on your insider knowledge you have too) and they all have something of value.

    Maybe even something dickhead law snob do gooder wannabes like you could latch on to.

    What are you contributing to the world? You aren’t exposing anything. In fact you are basically helping these marketers by giving them publicity.

    But then you probably know that and are one yourself.

    Thanks for the fun. Dickwad.

    1. You’re right. I’m helping them … they love me. Ask around.

      Congratulations on making “shit-wads” of money from your Twitter follow spamming. I wish you and your sustainable business all the best of fake success.

    2. Oh, sure…”gay doug” is making “shitwads” of money. That’s why he has time to discover this blog and make a rambling, obviously full-o-shit comment.

      Uh, “doug,” what search words did you use to “find” this blog?

      I’d guess, “why am I not making any money in internet marketing?”

      Or, maybe your grandmother found the link and forwarded it to you in the hope you’d wise up, get a job, and move out of her basement.

  8. ya know it is weird about james ray and his staff , their tweets are weird, for example james ray had a tweet where he said he was having lunch with his dream while the CAW participants are having a life changing experience…at first I did not think anything of it because I figured he meant a woman he liked or maybe a movie director with a proposal , or whatever. Then, this greg hartle tweets about seeing a woman falling on concrete and all he thinks to do is to send her love?? most people would be shocked and try to see if there’s police or emergency help and then the james ray employees keep tweeting that they are sending their love to him , it’s like something very strange here

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