ColdHearted HotHeads

Do you have a statistically significant shortage of grey matter in your anterior rostral prefrontal cortex?

That’s a shame.

You should seriously have that shit checked out … you might be a psychopath.

Vacation over :: I bailed my fake secretary Debbie out of debtors prison {which she’ll be repaying at a variable interest rate that I’ve pegged to Italian credit default swaps} …

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Sheeple Part 5 :: Mind Raping

Dr. Joost Meerloo was originally called Abraham Meerloo :: but Abraham was not a very trendy name to have during the Nazi occupation of Holland.

Dr. Meerloo was a practicing psychiatrist when the Nazis rolled into the Low Countries. He continued to see patients for nearly three years under the stress of the occupation until his own imprisonment necessitated an escape to England where he served as Chief of Psychiatric Type Stuff for the Dutch forces.

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Brian Clark :: A is for Asshole

Operation CRUSH the fucking boiler rooms has officially begun …

… but then we had to pause to talk about newts and Twitter spammers and such so I could mention that I was quoted in one of America’s original science magazines. Woot!  Nerd-gasm! Wanna talk some more about that?  Cause I will …


Okay fine :: but as long as we’re on the subject of stupid Twitter bullshit …

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Who do I like?

Happy Thanksgiving.

Not really.

Some of you aren’t even Americans … so whatever. Don’t go celebrating American holidays if you ain’t got the right. We’re the ones who exploited the lands and peoples of the New {to us} World … not you.  So keep your damn foreign hands off our meat based holidays. Especially you Canada … I better not smell any god damn turkey up there!  

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