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The Sometimes Useful FTC

Hey look! The FTC made a video about bizop scams :: And it doesn’t totally suck. In fact, it’s actually pretty KickAss and informative. They even had the audacity to create a fully functioning embed link :: I’m shocked … and strangely pleased. Perhaps the Executive Branch has actually emerged from the DARK AGES.

Please take note that brave citizen admitting to being swindled for $25,000 was a police officer when he got hustled. There seems to be a prevailing attitude that people who are taken in by the hustler’s unrealistic claims “have it coming” for wanting the impossible to be true. But that is :: without a doubt :: supremely unfair. ConMen are professional exploiters of human weakness … if you are human … you are susceptible.

It’s not fellow scammers that Perry Belcher {and the other D-Bags on this site} are taking money from … it’s regular folk who just want to believe things could get better. The less we pin blame on the victims :: The easier it will be to stick it to the perpetrators.

If you’ve been conned :: Don’t feel stupid. Report it to The Droid {because I’m far more hilarious than the FTC} :: And then report the bastards to the FTC :: It sounds like they are hatching a plan to actually do something about it.

Hey FTC :: Call me! {I know stuff}

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