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Who do I like?

Happy Thanksgiving.

Not really.

Some of you aren’t even Americans … so whatever. Don’t go celebrating American holidays if you ain’t got the right. We’re the ones who exploited the lands and peoples of the New {to us} World … not you. So keep your damn foreign hands off our meat based holidays. Especially you Canada … I better not smell any god damn turkey up there! And no watching NFL football either {you can watch Rangers v. Man United on DVR like I’m about to do}.

“But Droids can’t be Americans” :: says a Nazi zombie … nobody ever listens to them.

But seriously {not really} :: who do I like out there? Who is good? Who knows the real deal about makin’ them Internet monies? It can’t be all scammers right? Who are the good coaches who are actually helping people? When will I start accentuating the positives? Who do I like?


Who do I like?

That question is in the comments of every other post :: and in my inbox … always and forever. I used to try and answer the emails :: and I still try :: but much less hard because I’m so bored of the answer. So now I’m going to start sending a link to this post instead.

Hi person who just asked me who I like … this post is for you. Sorry about the whole Thanksgiving situation … and how that doesn’t relate to the question you just asked me … but let that be a lesson to you for asking me a stupid question.

Not really.

There are no stupid questions.

Not really.

Anywayz :: who do I like?

I can’t :: and won’t :: answer that question. I am criticizing :: to put it mildly :: people’s products :: tactics :: and services. It wouldn’t be appropriate for me to start recommending people :: tying my interests to theirs :: jeopardizing my future objectivity :: and taking the first step towards the trap that they have laid for anyone not being mindful … a trap baited with easy monies.

I can recommend awesome indie rock :: or ladies shoes :: or Arizona Tourism {visit Arizona … it’s mind fuckingly beautiful} :: or cookies :: or post-transgender pants :: or whatevs {write me a huge check and I’ll make your whatever seem like the coolest whatever that ever was}. But I won’t be recommending any products or services that are even tangentially related the topic of discussion. Ever.

The fact that you asked ME :: of all the fake robots you could have asked :: means you kinda know the answer already. The thing you seek that you fear might not actually exist … doesn’t exist. Sorry about that … for realz I am. But it’s so hard to make money online … just as hard or harder than in the real world. IMO :: the vast majority of ‘make money online’ products are a complete and total waste of time and money {or worse}.

If you want to try and make a go of it on the web … then learn by doing … starting NOW. Doing is the only way to learn on a fast moving medium. And “doing” doesn’t mean selling an e-book about how to sell e-books {although that’s still better than buying one}. Go free/cheap until you’ve built something that’s worthy of financial investment. That’s the cool thing about the Internet :: that’s the fucking miracle :: you can try and fail for free.

NO ONE can tell you how to succeed on the Internet :: because no one knows.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way :: I’ll answer the question as it wasn’t intended …

Who do I like?

I like the people around here who help me keep the trolls :: asshole sympathizers :: nutjobs :: and propagandists under control. I’m a badass and everything :: but I’d never be able to do it on my own.

I like people who help me understand what’s going on :: so I can be more betterer at my job.

I like turtles.

I like our friend @_cartman_’s videos about sub-moron Maria A. Andros … here’s a new one!

I like people who care about other people … and how many of them seem to be gathering here.

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!


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