Popular Robot Mechanics

Newt in 2012!!

Wait :: what did I just say?

What the fuck is a newt? Are they dangerous? Is this what the Mayan and their sadistic calendars were trying to warn us about?

OMG :: RUN!!

No stop running :: or stay not running if you were already a doubter.

It’s just Newt Gingrich and his marshmallow orgy jowl sacks.

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The Business Inside of Maria Andros

Maria Andros is a Powerhouse Leader of Leadership :: and other various things :: such as … etc.

You thought she was scum? Because of that thing where you know how to read and sometimes do?

Well that’s why you’re not a powerhouse {whatever the fuck that is} leader of leadership getting yourself quoted in Business Insider :: a big fancy pants respected website …

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Who do I like?

Happy Thanksgiving.

Not really.

Some of you aren’t even Americans … so whatever. Don’t go celebrating American holidays if you ain’t got the right. We’re the ones who exploited the lands and peoples of the New {to us} World … not you.  So keep your damn foreign hands off our meat based holidays. Especially you Canada … I better not smell any god damn turkey up there!  

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Maria Andros Phone Tags Matt Harward

The break up of Kim and Sandy was sad for everyone :: especially my fake secretary Debbie who has a soft spot for relationships based on androgynous lesbianism.

But good news :: it’s decorative gourd season motherfuckers :: and that means love is in the air{waves}.

Matt Harward’s iPhone has pretty much the lamest outgoing voice message ever recorded.

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