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The DMCA and the Damned

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As you probably didn’t notice :: The Droid’s old home on was recently taken down completely by a series of Not-Doctor Kilstein attacks. Ye Ol’ Home {as I’m going to call it never again} :: ranks 1st or 2nd for a Google search of Harlan Kilstein :: Harlan is desperate to do something about it. And by “something” :: of course I mean ineffectively dig himself deeper into a hole that he’ll NEVER get out of.

The Post is humiliating :: disastrous for his relationships with non-animals :: and it does little for his claims to “dominate choice key words” with his SEO unicorn powers :: Your own mo-fucking name isn’t “choice” enough fat boy? That one didn’t come up when you and Maria Andros were StoryBoarding your DreamScapes?

The good people at were kind enough to send me the attacks {and they put my blog right back up!} ::

WARNING :: Read no further if you are allergic to the smell of desperation.

Attack 1 :: The DMCA Claim :: In three part disharmony

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Harlan Kilstein and I am registering a DMCA violation regarding copyright infringement.

On each of the pages below, my image has been taken and used without my permission.

He has stolen pictures from and

He has pictures taken from a video on .

He has also stolen and used without permission, material from .

On the page cited above, the picture was stolen from my Twit pic account. Incidentally the picture had a copyright notice.

I believe, in good faith that the use of the identified material, which appears on the aforementioned, offending web site, is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or in accordance with copyright law.

I swear that all of the information contained in this notification is accurate and true. As such, I declare that I am the copyright owner of the aforementioned material or an authorized party so designated to act on the behapf of said copyright owner.

Please advise me, as soon as possible, as to the action (if any) that will be taken, within what time frame, and to what extent said action may be taken. I appreciate your audience and cooperation in this matter.

Harlan D. Kilstein - Electronic Signature

That succeeded in getting the posts taken down. I took down the art {something I would NOT do here} :: and put the posts right back up. So Doofstein takes a new “tactic” :: this one less lucid …

Pages are back up and are now violating the Terms of Service. He is mocking your terms of service by labeling one of the pages doctor defamation. He admits to trying to defame my character and that is the only reason the blog is still up.

Trying to avoid having to take legal action. Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Harlan Kilstein

What a huge pile of epic fucking stupid :: I’m “mocking their terms of service!” That one’s a keeper. Expect to hear it again! This “Please, Mommy, Please!” letter didn’t manage to get any reaction at all from Probably because it’s pointless and doesn’t make any sense. I hope he’s able to avoid taking legal action :: that sounds serious.

Attack 3 :: Desperation Level - Maximum

Kilstein uses a series of spam accounts to report my blog as spam :: Oh the irony! {partial list}

Type: report-spam
Message: the spammer uses this blog as a landing page tto spa mwit hwhic hreally redirects to his own adress =======================

The blog at is using highly profane language and spreading claims that are mostly fabricated… just don’t want to see you guys get sued for allowing this to happen on your system. =======================

Type: report-spam

Message: my forum was very spammed today with links to advertise this page


Type: report-spam
Message: Comment spamer!


Type: report-spam
Message: Spaming comments


That gets the whole blog shut down {very sad robot!} … for a few hours. Then it comes back up :: wordpress sends me the hilarious evidence :: more obvious torts have been committed {which reinforces the tortiousness of the previous torts} :: Kilstein once again looks like an imbecile with something to hide …

… and when the smoke clears … The Droid is still fucking winning for reasons that Kilstein can not even begin to understand …

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