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DMCA Claims – Part 2

Pro Bono Leaders?

Should I do what I’m about to do? Probably not :: but I’ve already paddled this rowboat into the ocean :: I might as well just drown.

Here is one of the DMCA claims filed by the representatives of Infomastery {aka Perry Belcher & Ryan Deiss} against The Salty Droid :: {click on the image below to download the full pdf}

Fulbright Betrayal

If the sight of a Top 50 Law Firm’s letterhead makes you GASP for breath and rethink your world view :: Then you must have gone to law school. You must have developed this naive notion that lawyering was a profession … and that the TOP RUNG of that profession did not represent petty criminals in trivial matters … especially when a VITAL interest like speech was at stake. Top law firms can’t be retained to protect the scamming interests of convicted felons on parole! It just doesn’t happen {says me :: to myself :: like a naive idiot}.

But here it is :: in pdf black and white :: One of the biggest law firms in the world has been engaged to silence my speech. It’s not clear to me whether I should laugh :: cry :: or vomit blood.

Now, to the words and music of Paul Trahan :: Partner at Fulbright & Jaworski :: Open and proud opponent of free speech.

“Infomastery registered and operates a website at, where consumers can purchase online downloadable software in which Infomastery owns the copyrights.”

Nope, nope, and nope.

Nope 1 – The site is registered to Ryan Deiss personally. {link}

Nope 2 – There is absolutely no “software” involved! That fact is made perfectly clear from the “evidence” attached to the notice. 100% of the links were to audio/video files. “Software” is a strange way to describe video of Perry Belcher’s desktop as he stammers uselessly into a cheap mic. I think “Fraudulent Horse Shit” is much more apt.

Nope 3 – Does Infomastery own the copyright? I doubt it’s actually taken the time and expense to register with the copyright office … so who owns it? The product itself is Perry Belcher :: It’s his list :: It’s his “ideas” :: It’s his voice :: It’s his demonic cult of personality that’s selling it. If you look a bit closer Paul Trahan {Partner at Fulbright & Jaworski} :: You’ll see that the ownership rights are murky. Is Belcher an employee of Infomastery {properly reporting and paying taxes}? Or is he an independent contractor {properly prepaying his self employment taxes} … and thus obscuring ownership? Or, and I’m just throwing this out there, is he** not a part** of the company at all on paper … because that would be a violation of his parole? Maybe that’s something Paul Trahan should look into before he goes further trampling on my rights in exchange for dollars.

The links are not publically available, and their posting on the websites is without permission and constitutes copyright infringement.

Um … nope. They absolutely WERE publicly available. People on the Internet, let’s call those people “the public” just because that’s what they are, had been downloading those files {and talking about how they were doing so} for weeks. Someone I know :: also from this mystical “public” :: saw these public conversations and pointed me to the links.

{Oh and Top 50 Law Firm Partner Paul Trahan :: “publically” = not-a-word :: I hate to be a stickler … but you are repressing my speech and all … would be kinda nice if you’d at least use real words}

“The blog on also indicates that the blogger plans to continue his attempts to locate the software and again make it available for public download.”

WTF?? That’s just a LIE. I said no such thing :: Nor would I :: Obviously. I loath everything about that pile of garbage. What I am “making available” for the public is the bold truth about open exploitation :: Too bad that Fulbright & Jaworski is trying to stop me.

btw :: You misspelled the name of my site :: and it’s .info NOT .com because your prestigious clients registered all of my other domain names earlier this year {link}. Maybe they did it because they sensed I might violate their “copyrights” in the future :: Or maybe {just maybe} it was because I’m exposing them as the villains they are :: You choose Paul Trahan … but make sure to think about it first {obviously not your normal practice}.

Based on the above, we ask that immediately disable all hosting services for the website and provide us with the name and contact information for the registrant of the domain name so that we may contact him or her directly regarding this matter.

MY WHOLE SITE! Paul Trahan, Partner at Fulbright & Jaworski, demands that my whole site be taken down. As he signs this letter, NOTHING on my site is infringing on the copyrights of his fraudulent clients :: All the links are dead :: Yet he demands a full take down.

Not satisfied with just silencing me :: Paul Trahan, Partner at Fulbright & Jaworski :: Demands my identity so that he may reveal it to the scammers who have been desperately seeking that information for months. To what end do you think they seek my identity Paul? So that they may “contact me directly” is disingenuous to the point of farce. My comments are open, my email address is listed, I’m active on five different social networks. I frequently email your clients to remind them that I’m going to put a STOP to this horrible charade. They know exactly how to “contact me directly” {something they’ve NEVER had the balls to do}. Me thinks they seek my identity for another {no good} reason :: A reason that puts my person and my family in danger. That’s why I paid extra for the privacy protections in the contract that you just finished interfering with.

You’ve just been flat USED Paul Trahan. These scamming chuckle heads to whom you’ve sold yourself intended to use the power of the establishment to scare me off once and for all. It obviously succeeded in scaring all the web companies :: But it’s done NOTHING but strengthen my resolve to fight.

Perhaps the Attorneys at Fulbright & Jaworski don’t care about the 1st Amendment :: Perhaps they don’t care about the bulk exploitation of a vulnerable population :: But The Salty Droid DOES CARE :: And fights on :: Dragons be damned.

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