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Infomastery :: Legends of American business!  They’ve retained Fulbright & Jaworski to silence my speech :: So they must truly “have it goin’ on” :: Let’s inspectify their Texas Tax Franchise Public Information Report to find out more about them :: and let’s add some fucking profanity to this fucking post so that people won’t die of mind numbing boredom ::

Picture 3

Thank you for that fine Information Texas Secretary of State.  I should get myself a secretary as well :: I have my fake secretary Debbie :: But she’s terrible …

:: Shut up Debbie! Stop contradicting me in public! ::

Ryan PatsyBoy Deiss is listed as the sole managing member of Infomastery.  That’s sad for Perry Belcher :: If you look at this charming list of Infomastery “products” you’ll see that half of them are the brain farts of poor overlooked Evil Jowls {link}.  When will he get the credit that he deserves?

Fortunately for Perry :: Infomastery is just the puppet of Touchstone LLC :: Which owns a 100% interest. Maybe Fat Perry will get his props on the Touchstone documentation. Sexy Texas Secretary :: Show us what you got!

Can't Touch This

Ah, that’s a shame :: Still just Ryan.  But look how big and important Touchstone is … oo la la!  Along with owning 100% of Infomastery :: Its also owns half of Sharptrade, Commonwealth, and Mail Sonar.  Mail Sonar doesn’t seem to actually exist {making it Ryan’s BEST company by far} :: But our new favorite Secretary has boring documentation for the other two {No Debbie :: I wasn’t talking about you … and that is the SECOND time you’ve interrupted me}.

Still PoorSharpie

Commonwealth lists Ryan PatsyBoy Deiss and Nathan Hopkins as the managing members.  Commonwealth’s primary “product” is a rarely visited website called the 3xMethod which Ryan hypes as a success story on some of his other scam pages.  It’s some kind of weight loss / fitness program that Nathan is qualified to teach and sell by virtue of the fact that he used to be fat {and will be again}.  Nathan is standing to Belcher’s right in this promotional video for Social Media Money System {link} :: A screen shot from that bizarre video already appeared on this blog.  Hopkins is described as Belcher’s “Affiliate Manager” :: So I guess Commonwealth and 3xMethod have yet to produce Six, Seven, or even Eight figure incomes even though Nathan has access to some of the “top minds” in Internet Marketing.

for the boysNate is Fat

Maybe Perry can have just a tiny little taste of official membership in Sharptrade :: It’s his last chance :: Nope!  It’s PatsyBoy and Jason Fielder.  After attending Harvard, Yale, then back to Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and finally a triple PhD in Smartness Studies from Oxford :: Jason Fielder created Triad Trading ::

Jason Claims

Hmmmm :: Those kind of sound like lies :: I don’t want to take too bold a stand here for fear of stepping on toes :: But yeah … I’m pretty sure those are obvious fucking lies to anyone who can count to ten with less than three hints from Mom.

So far these all seem like scam companies :: But Touchstone is the MotherShip :: She must sell something useful like tires or organic eggs.

:: TouchStone Sites ::

Internet Cash Machines :: Just turn it on for riches :: Duh!

Ultimate List Building Bootcamp :: Act Now! This $2000 offer has only been available for three years :: It could sell out at any moment!

And personal favorite of The Droid :: ScamsNet — “Protecting YOU by exposing the worst of the web” :: Wow Ryan … I had no idea you were such a fucking humanitarian :: Only a true hero would dare battle the scammers to help people he doesn’t know :: I apologize to your honor.

Conclusion :: Touchstone Publishing is 100% BullShit Scam. It’s owner Ryan PatsyBoy Deiss is 100% BullShit Scammer ::  Its “Marketing Director” Perry Belcher is a convicted FELON, disgusting exploiter of the sick, and 100% BullShit Scammer.

Still not convinced? Well how about if I throw in this Better Business Bureau F RATING for Touchstone Publishing FREE of charge?

Maybe Ryan PatsyBoy Deiss should wave a couple more bucks under the nose of Fulbright & Jaworski Partner Paul Trahan :: Perhaps he could be convinced to file some false DMCA claims against the BBB :: Those bastards have it coming!

>> bleep bleep

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  1. Go here–exciting NEW product! Ooooh!

    Scroll down to the comments. Particularly the one dated 8:37pm on Monday, August 24th, 2009:

    “I’m actually looking forward to the Tribal Formula! The only other marketing products I REALLY look forward to without question is ANYTHING by Eben Pagan. The free MindMap looks better than anything I saw in “The Continuity Blueprint” by Ryan Deiss, which for almost $2,000 was just garbage.”


  2. That picture of Ryan Deiss is startling. If you look at it from the right angle, the red arrows appear to be horns and a flaming goatee, and combined with those ominous glowing red eyes, you might almost swear he looks just like the devil. Or if not the devil, then possibly Satan. Uncanny!

  3. It's interesting looking at why they got an "F" rating (copied from the BBB's explanation):

    "Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of F.
    Reasons for this rating include:

    * BBB concerns with the industry in which this business operates.
    * Advertising issue(s) found by BBB."

    It also says that:

    "BBB processed a total of 0 complaints about this company in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period."

    Additionally, InfoMastery LLC is not an accredited (i.e., paying) BBB member. Did a little searching, and wanted to see how firms with a BBB accredidation stacked up.

    Turns out, NetFlix ™ gets an A+ rating – with 653 complaints in the last 36 months –

    So – I wonder what Info Mastery LLC's rating would be if they decided to pay the BBB $2K a year for "membership"?

  4. Lol – I just looked at my post, and I totally missed the fact that to get into the BBB's good graces, it requires you pay them annually each year to maintain the status – almost…like…a…continuity…program…

  5. Aside from just complaint numbers, the BBB doesn't list specific details of why any particular business gets a failing grade. They obviously have a system in place; after all, their job is to protect and serve the public. Since the BBB is a long-established, non-profit consumer organization, I would certainly trust it over the comments of a for-profit business or what an unknown person (with their own agenda) says on a message board. If Deiss' company received an "F" from the BBB (and that's no doubt a terrible score), there has to be a reason(s). That should be a big red flag for any intelligent person.

    The reason a HUGE company like Netflix can have 653 complaints and still get a high grade is very simple. They have MILLIONS of customers. That makes the complaint number a very TINY percentage, and can even be attributed to the old adage, "you can't please all of the people…"

    I'd do business with Netflix any day before I gave a dime to that Deiss outfit.

    1. Linda,

      That’s not the point. Nobody cares about Ryan Deiss. The point is that for many of us who’ve owned real businesses, the BBB is as much a mafia-scam as any of these internet scam artists.

      If you think non-profit businesses can’t be criminal, you haven’t walked up and down K Street in Washington DC with all the “non-profit” lobbying firms and Non-governmental organizations.

      Go back and re-read the points made by Bob.

  6. That's not true at all. BBB membership is strictly voluntary. You don't have to belong to the BBB to get a passing grade. Anyone can verify this by checking the BBB web site or by calling their local branch and simply asking. Getting a passing grade is actually very simple. You just have to operate an honest business, deliver what you promise, and treat your customers right.

    1. Linda – the BBB has done a phenomenal job of convincing us poor, feeble consumers that they are some angelic outfit, perfect arbiters of justice, etc. The truth is that yes, they have a “system”, but it is based on their sole judgment in many areas.

      You could read for days about how the BBB is “associated” with bank and credit card companies and how bank-unfriendly companies (mortgage loan auditing firms, debt settlement, business debt negotiation) seem to always get bad grades even if they’ve been in business for years and have no complaints.

      A BBB letter slipped out last year or maybe in 2008 from the BBB about how any debt-related company (regardless of what they did in terms of debt) should be started at a D-, and they would have to earn their way up from there. Does that seem fair?

      For the most part, is the BBB good? I say probably so. But just be careful putting all your chips on an organization where you don’t know exactly how they work.

      The fact that “The Happiest Place On Earth” (Disneyland) had a D grade – or maybe even F grade if I remember correctly – kind of blew any credibility the BBB had with me to be honest. Could be because Disney is so new? Or maybe it is a bad industry? Or because they treat people so horribly and have only had 500 million customers or so in the past ~ 50 years.

      Yeah, I know this post wasn’t about the BBB, but I hate non-profits that take advantage of their position just as bad as I hate gurus who screw people.


      1. “us poor, feeble consumers”

        Why Scott, you’re not a “poor, feeble consumer,” at least not according to your other egotistical comment elsewhere on this blog, indicating you are just another p.o.s. internet marketer that likes to worship convicted felons.

        That pretty much makes your opinions and comment here worthless, scammer.

        1. You guys are awesome. Like most idiots, you choose to ignore most of anybody’s comment so that you can instead jump all over one little piece of it to release your venom. Just makes me laugh.

          I can tell by your comments that you are one of those liberal aholes that thinks that everything should be free, how dare people try to make money on “the people’s” Internet, etc.

          I only promoted legit products, after much research, building quality websites with a substantial amount of work, giving away plenty of solid information for free, etc.

          I never jumped on the IM bandwagon with all the people making tons of money by selling products that were deceptive and took advantage of people like ringtones and the “we’ll bill you a ton of money unless you cancel your ‘free’ trial crap”.

          I did it that way, happy to feed my family with my income that I could feel good about, but not feeling like I needed to make obscene amounts of money by taking advantage of people because I have integrity. But I’m just a scammer – you pegged me.

          By the way, I built a computer computer company in the 90s that had nothing to do with the Internet after 8 years of hard work and sacrifice, giving 10 people a good job with great benefits. Oh wait, I’m just being egotistical and talking about how wonderful I am again – I should just roll over when you pass judgment about me when you know NOTHING about me.

          Oh, and as I already stated, I don’t worship him, I just bought a product that did what was promised, and worked for me, which was my only point in the first place.

          I’m done wasting my time here – what a negative place and bunch of people you all are.


        2. Correction, Scott: you’re not just wasting your time here. You’re wasting OUR time. But you already knew that, because you’re just a poser. Now go back to your broken mirror, narcissist.

  7. Hi Linda,

    The BBB is listed as a 501(c)(6) non profit business (not charity). And while voluntary, they charge for accreditation –

    I never said membership wasn't voluntary – it is – just like purchasing a product online is voluntary. Even if it is a non-profit, they still charge a fee, and it's still an annual renewal.

    In addition, you might find interesting the following conversations regarding the BBB:

    Also, I can't seem to locate their financial filings that are mandatory for public inspection:

    As you seem to have an inside track – maybe you could help us out?

    I can appreciate the fact that you would rather do business with NetFlix over Info Mastery LLC – different strokes for different folks.

    My point was that using a BBB rating as the deciding factor is naive (at best), as they run a continuity program (that generates fees for "services", non-profit or not).

    It also stands to reason that they would give preferential treatment to those that are paying its bills. Regardless of their entity structure, and even if "their job is to protect and serve the public", they aren't in business to lose money.

    But don't take my word for it –

  8. You are mixing up "accreditation" with a "passing grade." No business has to be accredited (that is, join) to get a passing grade. The BBB makes that very clear.

    Your comment of "it stands to reason that they would give preferential treatment to those that are paying its bills" is absurd. That assumes that the BBB's fund-raising department and its consumer protection departments are one and the same. Of course they are not. No large, functional organization operates that way. Obviously, they do have to pay their bills to offer free services to consumers, and there is certainly nothing wrong with fund raising that supports that.

    Why do you say I have an "inside track" just because I use common sense and question you? What exactly is your agenda, "Bob?" You are obviously either connected to Ryan Deiss/Infomastery or are a friend/supporter of that operation. No unbiased person would be so aggressive in attempting to notch down a long established, trusted consumer advocate like the Better Business Bureau.

    It will be interesting to see how quickly you reappear back here to yet again defend your "friends."

  9. If the company gets an "F" grade without Perry Belcher owning any of it, what type of grade would it get if he did have a piece of the action? Is there a lower grade?

  10. Hey Linda,

    Thanks for your response – your point is well taken.

    As far as "being aggressive", I'm simply questioning a few of the assumptions about this article. I haven't defended Deiss, any of his companies, or anyone at all.

    Please re-read the article that I linked to above – that's not me calling out the BBB – it's the L.A. Times, and (ironically, another consumer-protection entity). I doubt either the L.A. Times or ROR are a part of Deiss's crew, and they certainly aren't a part of mine.

    In fact – you're the one calling my comments "absurd", accusing me of being an associate of Deiss and co, and demanding my agenda.

    Surprisingly, your writing style and vocabulary is similar to that of Salty Droid (or Jason, or whatever it is). I would postulate that no random commenter would post such a vitriolic reply to a simple comment questioning the weight of the ratings scale of the BBB – unless, of course, the commenter had a deeply-personal interest in this article.

    Interesting that you've never posted a single comment here before (at least as "Linda Smith").

    I'm not friends with Deiss, Belcher, you, or the BBB. I'm friends with good logic, reason, and emotional rationalism. And as this blog has claimed to be a proponent of free speech and wishes to champion 1st amendment rights, maybe you can stop reacting emotionally and accusing me of having a subversive agenda, and simply look at the facts for what they appear to be:

    Business pays for accreditation – higher rating.

    Business doesn't pay for accreditation – lower rating.

    If you disagree, that's fine. Feel free to post back some actual evidence to support your argument (as I have).

    To boot – I don't even think the way the BBB runs their show is a bad thing. It's just the nature of how big-ass operations run their programs. But your delusional perspective that the BBB is operating itself immune to the nature of a profit-motive is what is truly absurd.

    I suggested that you had an "inside track" because you seemed less than emotionally-removed from comments made about the BBB, and I thought you may have (literally) an inside track. Maybe you have no such access or knowledge – just giving you an opportunity to give something back that doesn't include paranoia or accusations of sedition lol.

  11. Ok let me jump in here. Seems like this Bob is going kinda overboard and being defensive if you ask me. Also since he mentioned the Rip Off Report site, if you search for Selmedica or Perry Belcher there are tons of complaints there. Selmedica was that scam that Belcher got his felony conviction because of. Perry Belcher works with Ryan Deiss for anyone who doesn't know. But sorry Bob, you are supporting them on here and you know it. Your just trying to backtrack with your b.s. logic but, a phoney is a phoney. And you sound just plain phoney.
    Why would you even show up on here and write all this non stop defensive stuff? Its just over the top dude. Looks fishy. No way you don't have some connection.

    Now go ask Belcher and Deiss for a pat on the head. Or whatever floats your boat.

  12. This is so fucking funny. Little Jason, Perry and Ryan want to talk to you. Come on little boy. Sue them like you said. Remember? They took your little domain name from you. Poor baby. Now Little Jason, Perry and Ryan have their legal team on your ass. Do you really think they are done? Oh no Little Jason. Bleep Bleep Your Ass. So when are you gonna post your lawsuit? Little Jason, when are you going to tell the big boys your full name?

  13. This BBB BS is just a distraction. Ryan is a scamming D-Bag. The BBB link is just one of 50 links on this site that prove beyond any doubt that Ryan is a parasite :: And a disgusting drain on human society. The BBB saw fit to give him an "F" based on 0.05% of the information I have gathered.

    @Linda :: I recommend taking that comparison to my writing style as a HUGE fucking compliment.

    @Belcher Rules :: Please keep it up. You do me a great service.

    1. @SaltyDroid,

      Perhaps, at the time that this article was written, the BBB stuff was just a distraction.

      And even now, I can see that maybe going after the BBB isn’t exactly a primary goal for But, FWIW, I’m glad Bob and Scott (whoever they are) pointed out those negative things about the BBB because otherwise I might’ve put more trust into that org than it deserves.

      The More You Know. (rainbow effect)

      So, @SD, thanks for being cool and actually having free speech and keeping the comments up even years later. It’s very helpful.

      Oh, and not surprising: in 2012? Touchstone Publishing LLC is still rated F.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

        1. @SD,

          It’s complicated. From what I’ve read, it’s the 116 local BBBs that set the ratings. One local BBB might be pay-for-play and another might be squeaky clean.

          Is there any evidence that businesses are unfairly given lower ratings? If the corruption only skews ratings up, then we can trust an F but we can’t trust an A.

          1. @Lanna,

            “Is there any evidence that businesses are unfairly given lower ratings?”

            Plenty, including in the video.

          2. @Lanna ::

            The most telling thing to me in the ABC story was the list of executive salaries at the main office … long list … all super high six figures.

            That’s fucked … and that can’t be trusted.

  14. @Barry,

    Thanks for your response too.

    This is great – I haven't defended Deiss or Belcher at all. And yet, "Linda", and now "Barry" want to address my motive instead of my logic.

    Are you unable to address a logical point, and answer it without getting overly emotional?

    I haven't defended Belercher's actions, and I don't pretend to know his motives. Or Deiss's. Or yours.

    But you (and "Linda") seem very comfortable pretending to know mine.

    If I want to show up here and have a conversation regarding the content, is there a problem with that? I enjoy reading this shtuff as much as you do. Anyone should be able to question the legitimacy of an argument or article, and have the freedom to raise a question or counter a point. Droid himself is a proponent of that concept (Or he was when HIS 1st amendment right was questioned).

    I'm not defending anyone but myself here Barry-boy. And I'm not backtracking – read my first post. I've been consistent with my assertion the entire time.

    Again – feel free to counter with some actual proof backing up your position. Or… resort to 3rd grade cut-downs because you can't. Whatever floats your boat :)

    @SatlyDroid – You didn't seem to think the BBB issues was B.S. three comments ago.

    Interesting how you have "IntsenseDebate" installed on this site (assumedly to encourage debate) , and the minute a debate actually gets going, it's dismissed as "just a distraction".

  15. You misunderstand me Sir. I welcome your comments :: but express my opinion that you are missing the point.

    I hope you are not misusing your intelligence to miss the point intentionally :: Because that would be lame.

    I never comment anonymously on this blog, or any other blog {except for the occasional slap down of a Nintendo fanboi on Joysiq}. If I were willing to participate in such shenanigans :: there would be at least 20 comments on each post :: and much more open dissent. The ball-less-ness of the bad guys makes it look like I censor their comments :: which I do not.

    Come on bad guys :: Man up!

  16. @Belcher Rules :: Please keep it up. You do me a great service.
    As close to Twitter as you’re gonna get. Little Jason, want to respond?
    Where’s the lawsuit for them taking “your” domain name.Or you just blowing smoke out your little hiney? Which will get wider for Perry.

    1. I do not understand why Belcher Rules keeps making repeated reference to homosexual rape of Salty Droid by Perry Belcher. This comment, combined with his prior reference to a prison rape scene between the two, means that he is either homophobic or a latent homosexual. If the former, Belcher Rules needs to live in the 21st Century. If the latter, Belcher Rules should come out of the closet and we will support his decision to do so if he quits describing his rape fantasies on this board. [youtube rTjBk6A_zfQ youtube]

  17. HA! Explore your link "marketing director" above further…it goes to the site :… Click on Belcher's Visual CV link – it's the third at the bottom. He has listed under education: University of Kentucky Lexington, KY, United States 1982!!!!!

    Now I could swear I've read or heard Belcher say that he dropped out of high school right before graduation and then started some type of wholesaling biz selling shirts or jewelry to Sears. I think I heard that on his big intro call pimping his social media system a few weeks ago. I actually listened to that garbage while working on a site. I'll bet UK couldn't confirm he graduated in 1982 or even attended. I'd bet that the closest Belcher has ever come UK might have been a class or two at a UK branch local community college. No way this loser ever matriculated there!!!

  18. OH! Let's take a look at Perry's interests he has tagged: "National Craft Association, MENSA (Not) Austin Faceboog Group, Twitter Elite" Now who'd have ever thunk it —- Genius Belcher has listed MENSA and craft?

    Holy cow, I can just see ol' Perry sitting around knitting or making some nice craft projects to decorate his new pad in Austin since the govt seized his last house in TN. GENIUS MENSA member that he is or hopes to be!!!!!

    Why are Belcher and Deiss such short, dumpy looking out of shape porkers if they own a fitness site????

  19. Well, of course, Mr. Belcher must have completed his degree requirements in only a year since he's a MENSA Genius! Now just what did he major in…the art of scamming, how to be a con man, fiber arts and crafts, a BS degree in bullsh**?

    As I think of Perry, several photos posted somewhere here on this site or the old one come to mind. There's the one where's he's holding up a thong with a big grin on his face, the one of him with Chris Zavadoski with the ice bucket on his head, and the best one of all, the photo of Perry and Matt Bacak in a bathtub together that Salty titled "two tubbies in a tub."

    I bet the University of Ky is really proud of this alum, huh?

  20. Well, of course, Mr. Belcher must have completed his degree requirements in only a year since he's a MENSA Genius! Now just what did he major in…the art of scamming, how to be a con man, fiber arts and crafts, a BS degree in bullsh**?

    As I think of Perry, several photos posted somewhere here on this site or the old one come to mind. There's the one where's he's holding up a thong with a big grin on his face, the one of him with Chris Zavadoski with the ice bucket on his head, and the best one of all, the photo of Perry and Matt Bacak in a bathtub together that Salty titled "two tubbies in a tub."

    I bet the University of Ky is really proud of this alum, huh?

  21. Wow! Belcher is a member of the "Austing Faceboog Group." Not only is he illiterate, but he's also too lazy to even use a spell checker. And people are letting this guy charge their credit cards for thousands of dollars? Incredible!

  22. The comments on here are awesome.

    Bob, I understand where you're coming from and for what it's worth, I didn't think you were defending anyone. On the other hand, saltydroid is right about the distracting nature of the BBB comments.

  23. Exactly Rafael. The subject of this post is "PatsyBoy's Info-Masturbation." Not "Bobby's beef with the BBB."

    Let's hear some more about the subject at hand: Ryan Deiss.

    Question: does Deiss really have no personality or is that just an act? Trying to watch his videos is about as enjoyable as rubbing sandpaper on your privates.

  24. This handy list will certainly help the government save time and taxpayer dollars if it needs to compile an asset list for these guys. Uncle Sam surely thanks you!

  25. I would be careful about making assumptions:

    "They obviously have a system in place"
    "there has to be a reason(s)"

    I've gone into huge organizations, and I'm sure everyone has, that looked incredibly impressive on the outside, but were basically incompetent if you looked at how they ran things on the inside. The fact that BBB is non-profit means that they don't even NEED to be any good to stay open.

    So what were their reasons?
    * BBB concerns with the industry in which this business operates. (So some dude at BBB at his 9-5 desk job saw Deiss sold "make money on internet" products and didn't think it was possible.)
    * Advertising issue(s) found by BBB. (Probable because he uses direct response marketing. Not something bad all by itself.)

  26. What kind of a faggot shit page is Who needs to put up a page with a "hey, you probably saw a charge on your bill that you're not sure of" message? Unless of course, they are shadily, greasily, crimminally sneaking sales through. I've got pretty much everything Ryan has put out (without paying a cent for any of it, of course–this is, after all 2009 for Christ sakes…who the sweet fuck actually pays for stuff anymore???), and I have to say, it's helped me in my business (which is all NON make money internet marketing sewar market). But, the fact that he has hooked up with that slime stain Belcher makes me think twice about downloading his shit.

  27. Updated mansion values for these guys:

    Deiss $769,633.00 – 12413 PRATOLINA DR – Austin, Tx
    Nate (Commonwealth) $342,991.00 – 11813 VIA GRANDE DR – Austin, Tx

    Proof that you actually CAN squeeze money from the ignorant masses today.

  28. Actually, that's the current valuation provided by the county assessor's office. If anything, they usually assess a little under market value. The link you found was just for a building permit, which almost surely doesn't include land value, and oftentimes even stated building permit amounts (that is, project costs) don't reflect the actual value of the final "improvements" for obvious tax reasons. That's an appr. 5,000 s.f. home, btw. I'd say the 769k total valuation is probably pretty accurate.

  29. Also funny :: is owned by someone else :: For some unimaginable reason they've felt it necessary to put up a stub page asking people disputing charges to please take it up with Ryan.

    It's probably necessary because Ryan is so honest and forthcoming with his refunds.

  30. It's strange that someone with such valuable assets would spend so much time thinking of stupid ways to tort an aggressive :: trouble making :: lawyer.

    Regret is a dish best served slow.

  31. I'm not a fan of Deiss or Belcher (Salty Droid can confirm this). However, posting home addresses does cross the line, particularly when there are families involved. There are too many perverts, stalkers, and robbers out there. Disagree about business…and even list house values as an example if relevant, but please delete the address in the interest of safety.

  32. Have to disagree. That kind of information is NOT at all private. ANYONE can look that up online, for free. It's easy to find, and a matter of public record. There are few, if any, secrets in cyberspace. Nice tie, by the way.

  33. Yes. Property records are public records. But posting the street address where family lives transforms business disputes into personal. You're stooping to the level of those you're attacking when you drag their family into it. To make a point about Deiss having a $750,000 house and where he got the money to buy it is one thing. To make it easier for the mentally disturbed to do something at that house that could hurt his wife and kids is different.

  34. I'd still disagree. It's actually much "easier" for literally anyone to find that very public information (in seconds) on a tax assessor's web site than to randomly happen upon a blog like this and even notice it buried here. Nonetheless, that information is already openly available to the public at large, and for the overly paranoid, one can always have their butler keep an eye out from the kitchen whilst making finger sandwiches. Unless of course one is preoccupied with twittering the intinerary for an upcoming seminar on twittering itineraries.

  35. Under 100K for the land and 300K to build the house, for a profit of ~300K (after commissions and fees)….not to shabby….but have to be careful with newly developed sub-divisions, market value is factored by previous sales (of the house and surrounding houses), and if is correct and the land was sold on March 26, 09 of this year, and the house newly built, it may have been developed and sold at an inflated price as a mortgage scam. Major factors for appraisals (at least here anyways) are sales in the area (to get a $/sq.ft) and price is adjusted further based on finishes.

    As much as I would love to believe it was possible to make that kind of money (just to build and flip it), I just don't see the market willing to pay $760K for a home which they could build for $400K. If that is truly the case, I will move to Austin next week, and become a real estate developer.. :)

  36. 1. I can indeed confirm that Mr. Smith is playing for the good guys :: I'll also point out that Homes&Gardens is fighting the good fight … and isn't some random guest.

    2. Privacy is dead :: Finding out where someone lives and valuing their home is one of the first things I do when I start snooping around. It's informative … and it's easy. I've also done full background checks on some of these D-bags and know every address they've ever had {something anyone with $60 can do}. I'm not sure it's legit to have a discussion about home values {obviously a relevant data point in this conversation} without linking to the addresses so that everyone can see for themselves.

    3. However :: I've hesitated to post such information myself. And I would tend to agree with Mr. Smith that it's a step too far. If you know how to mine the Internet for deep-data … then you haven't given your money to Ryan Deiss. Small {to tiny} percentage chance that someone stumbles upon this blog outrageously pissed and uses that info :: which they wouldn't have thought to look up for themselves because they're n00bs :: to do something stupid that I wouldn't approve of.

    4. If you are the aforementioned crazed psycho … STAY AWAY FROM RYAN. That won't do you any good. Tell me about your problems by email … maybe I can help you … or post it here. Right now you're only out money {and maybe some pride} … but just driving past his house puts you at risk of losing everything {including your freedom} … you can always get more money later.

    5. These bastards are aggressively repressive of speech and dissent … I'm forced to waste lots of my time just keeping my voice alive. So I'm holding this out as an open forum for others who don't have the time or desire to fight those fights. I participate in these comments as a commenter … not as a moderator.

  37. Have you seen his latest? Selling stuff Google teaches you for free. How to do adwords in gmail. OMG, earth shatering, Breaking news, the next big wave. LOL you have got to be kidding me.

    1. Here’s one of the emails ::

      I have uncovered one little sliver of
      Google I believe is at least 300X
      better than adwords.

      I’ll explain it on this 13 minute video

      Go watch it now while you can.

      When you see it you’ll realize why
      they will stop this video if they can


      P.S. This is a freaky mind trick NOT
      to be used black hat…Please?

      … desperate little chump.

  38. How funny. This was out back in November and Ryan Diess is just getting around to knocking it off. And you dont have to knock it off. It is there for free. Let’s see who all the sleaze bags are that advertise this product for Diess. Again the leaches will show their slime. So far it has been Frank Kern and Andy Jenkins. OH SURPRISE

  39. Deiss repackages a lot of his content. He just shaved a portion off something else he was selling and put a new face on it. If you buy this, you are the kind of person who will pay someone else to look something up in the dictionary for you. It’s not new, it’s not novel, and the details are already public knowledge.

  40. I see he’s still using the very distasteful ‘divorce’ example, presumably because it’s Perry & Ryan’s only successful use of the idea.

    Bid on a ‘thought string’ then use said thought string as the headline of your ad. Put in relevant copy.

    Bid on news headlines sent out in emails by nytimes etc, and type in a relevant ad.

    Bid on taglines and headlines, or any other constant text, in your competitor’s email. Provide relevant copy.

    You owe me $97. Really. I’ve just given away the farm.

    Disclaimer for the stupid: In the past some of my customers have had unreasonable (and stupid) expectations. Statements such as “brand new information”, “no one else is doing this”, and, er, “given away the farm” may have led customers to believe that I had given away the farm by providing them lots of brand new information that no one else was using.
    I would like to stress that there is not a jot or scintilla of truth in such a belief, and I regret I cannot offer refunds to customers who are stupid enough to hold on to it.

    Yours stupidly,


    1. I sure hope nobody bids on “one little sliver of Google” or “” and sends people over here. That would be appalling.

      1. He goes from selling a product on how to use google adwords to target gmail..

        and then opens a video with how much he hates google, and how he fired them by stumbling on a new tactic..

        He was probably able to fire them because he never used them in the first place… seeing how low his traffic stats are for all his products outside the Internet marketing world.

        1. It’s sad. Most of his “secrets” just explain how to do business with google or facebook or whatever. The thing is, those companies themselves publish TONS of completely free tutorials and information that is WAY more detailed and comprehensive. And of course there is lots of free info and forums already. It doesn’t make sense to pay for a little bit of information when you can easily get a lot more information totally free.

          “Secret honeyhole” are hypey words that might appeal to newbies who just bought their first computer.

  41. But its more than that. The lights and the flowers. Then she walked on evenly. It cost eight million dollars. Have you examined any data on Rearden Metal? I am not a technologist, Miss Taggart. Look at the greedy ruffians who run our industries. He stood at the window of his office.

  42. Ryan Deiss sites (with a hint o’ his buddy, Perry Belcher):

      1. @Yip, And another from Deiss:

  43. Man, that is a really bad situation. It reminds me of the front page article on the NYT business section a few weeks ago about guys who use bullying and bad publicity to get backlinks around the internet. Thanks for providing the public with some due diligence on these sites before unsuspecting marketers sign up for these affiliate programs.

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