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Ryan Deiss :: Liar vs Numbers

Ryan Deiss’ Perpetual Traffic Formula :: just take a moment to savor the name :: Google that is … I’m talking to you Google GOD DAMN IT. Savor the fucking name!!

“What name?” asks the spirit of Google via a Lily Dale medium.

Great question spirit of Google :: Ryan Deiss’ Perpetual Traffic Formula …

{savoring} {… still savoring} {… savoring dash of smoldering} {and done.}

Ryan Deiss Perpetual Traffic Formula RipOff

{and done for realz.}

Perpetual Traffic Formula REFUNDS

{… resavoring}


“They” say that 80% of SEO is negging on Google :: keeping her interested but insecure …

Yo Google :: Python’s a cool programming language … open and sophisticated … yet simple and reliable. It’s too bad it makes your ass look so fat in those jeans.

Oh snap! Google blushes … and then … who knows? I don’t kiss and tell {binary style!}.

Okay maybe “they” don’t say that about SEO.  It’s pretty stupid actually. I confess to making it all up just now to fill space. Which reminds me of Ryan Deiss and his Perpetual Traffic Formula.

Just a couple of months ago Ryan was talking about how SEO was worthless … and about how badly he sucked at it. He couldn’t keep from getting ripped off three consecutive times …

… and now … oh heavenly wonders … he’s a mother fucking expert.

Or not.

A recent post illustrated :: with graphs and giraffes :: that Ryan wasn’t practicing what he was charging $2000 to preach. The people started talking … mostly about Justin Bieber … but also a little bit about Droid v. Deiss.

Like Mikael at Danish site AntPhilosophy who said …

“Læser du videre på bloggen, så vil du se, at stort set alle indlæg er mere eller mindre negative kommentarer og flere at de meget kendte og populære ”IM guruer” som Frank Kern, Brad Fallon, Tellman Knudson m.fl.”

Exactly! Oh and Mikael :: Jeg er ked af, at Grønland smelter.

Aaron Wall at SEOBook wrote a Ryan Deiss Perpetual Traffic Formula Review

If you want to buy from a person who *always* has another new product with a secret short cut to sell, Ryan is THE guy.

A ringing endorsement! Who doesn’t love short cuts … especially secret ones? In fact :: I’ll give you my secret short cut for getting ass loads of free traffic … ready?  It’s gonna totally blow your mind and change the way Internet Marketing is done FOREVER.  The Secret … get a link from Aaron Wall at SEOBook!

It works like this … Aaron links to your blog.  Boom! You have way more traffic than normal. Now just do that every day … forever … success!! Incidentally :: read this post of Aaron’s about Internet Marketing more generally :: it’s a classic :: and it has lots of pictures for you lame brains.

To be fair :: some people with a financial interest in the success of this frauduct say that I’m not being fair. How dare I judge Ryan’s marketing capabilities based only on his own words :: and the objective record of his last four product launches. It’s just graphs and videos :: where’s the proof? Maybe Ryan’s the King of perpetual SEO traffic in all his other niches.

“Look before you judge Droid” :: says countless hopeless souls who’ve never bothered to look.

Shut up stupid people! Did you hear me ask for your worthless opinions? Do you see me ending posts with open ended calls to action?

“So what do you guys think of the new iPad? Let me know in the comments below.”

No! GayTastic! Fuck that. If you are going to come in here and shoot your mouth off … make sure that you’re at least half-cocked. But anywayz :: I love being right :: so let’s do look a little deeper into Ryan Deiss’ perpetual free traffic generating prowess. Okay half-cocked dummies?

Ryan’s main site is DrivingScammyTraffic dot com :: he uses it as a hub to push all his other crap. Currently the site’s sidebar pushes the four frauducts discussed in the last Ryan Deiss post. DrivingTraffic gets less than 10% of its total traffic from search.  What search traffic there is … comes in from these hot hot keywords …

Of the small percentage of traffic Ryan “drives” to his site with search :: the vast majority is on his name … or on the name of his site. That’s not SEO … that’s easy.  Unless your name is “Cheap Digital Camera” … ranking in Google shouldn’t take more than a WordPress site … and a week. And remember that people are searching for “Ryan Deiss” … not because of anything he’s accomplished … but because he is PAYING to get his name out there. Seminars :: JV’s :: email blasts :: ads on every known medium.  It’s not free traffic.

What about “make money with social media”? Seems like that could be a valuable term even though it’s driving an inconsequential amount of traffic. But that’s not “free” traffic either.  That term is a remnant of Perry and Ryan’s nose-dive of a launch for the Social Media Money System … which was heavily promoted via paid mechanisms.  SMMS was another of Ryan’s blatant frauds. “The Secret” unicorn of that $3000 frauduct was supposed to be Twitter follow spamming … as outlined months earlier by red neck woman hater :: and convicted felon :: Perry Belcher in this email to fellow assholes.

Ryan’s site gets top spot in Google for “make money with social media” :: but the hit is to this ancient post of Evil Jowls talking about how he makes money from social media {which he doesn’t!}. The sales funnel for that particular lie has been shut down … so the {minimal} traffic from the search is rendered useless.

Speaking of the infamous Social Media Money System …

Well hello again my little giraffe friend :: fancy meeting you here.

Of course :: Ryan’s also made trillions of dollars in the Forex “business”. Right?

First :: the “traffic” …

… “impressive”. Only 10% from search … and here are the keywords …

Again :: only branded keywords. Nothing general :: free :: perpetual :: or useful.

The hot dog cash market?

Okay :: Next!

Ice cream truck secrets? In it to SEO win it?

That’s a shame.

Maybe Fat Nathan’s 3XMethod can be the savior … as some genius over at the Warrior Forum suggested without looking.

Non-perpetual non-traffic …

… and the useless keywords that your dead grandma could rank for …

… and how!

Look Mom :: I rank #1 in Google for “Evil Jowls” :: a keyword phrase that I myself made up. I’m prolly gonna win an SEO Emmy for it or something.  Here comez them Internet monies!

Facts :: try sucking on the them … they’re delicious.

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129 thoughts on “Ryan Deiss Scam Ryan Diess Scams Ryan Deiss Scammer … SEO”

    1. @SyndicateExposed, Shouldn’t you be cramming right now to actually learn SEO, Ryan? Don’t you want to appear to know what you are talking about for your next “class?” You need to stay ahead of your “students,” so they don’t realize they already know as much as you.

  1. Here is a typical Deiss staff meeting featuring Ryan Deiss, Nathan Hopkins, Richard Lindner, and (operating the camera) convicted felon/internet fraudster Perry Belcher (aka Ryan’s puppetmaster and proctologist).


    Tags: Ryan Deiss, Perry Belcher, Spending Your Money On Beer, Pulling The Wool Over Your Eyes, Douchebags, Shirtless Assholes, Get A Refund While You Still Can.

    1. @Hurl, lovely man boobies on Ms. Belcher

      Where’s Craig Perrine? Fathead O’Bryan? Davey Gonzales? Mr. Fire? It’s not a true scamfest outing without the rest of the scam notaries floating in the sewage with them.

    2. @Hurl, Sorry for jumping in so late but i had to add my 2 cents…

      Perry Belcher is an annoying fat cunt – simple
      He reminds me of some kind of mutated afterbirth that has been left to fester for a few years. whilst watching the video it was hard to decide if i was looking at his face or if his neck was sick

      He should have been put down at birth..


  2. yeah…. fuck!

    Next thing you know they will be banging your wife because they make more money than you…

    Watch them scam your wife’s pussy for themselves.hahahahahahahahahaa

    I’m sure Eben Pagan will scam your wife’s pussy for his pleasure…. ahahahahah yeah fuckk… I’m a rich snob…. I’m better than you

    1. @SyndicateExposed,

      What a joke. Eben Pagan would still be getting rejected by fat girls if not for his money and status in the info frauduct community.

      Talk to some of the guys who buy and preach the products of David DeAngelo. They couldn’t get laid with a roll of hundreds in a whore house… but they can tell you all about evolutionary psychology.

  3. SD’s jealous and he KNOWS it…

    Rich people will always be better…. no matter what or how they get their wealth… so fuck off… They are all elite and you are just the dirty smelly peasant destined to a life of pathetic slavery

    1. @SyndicateExposed, Umm. What do you, or any of us for that matter actually know of Salty’s economic circumstances? All I know is he has some nice computers and a really cute dog.

    2. @SyndicateExposed, “SD’s jealous and he KNOWS it…

      Rich people will always be better…. no matter what or how they get their wealth… so fuck off… They are all elite and you are just the dirty smelly peasant destined to a life of pathetic slavery”

      You are a slave to your ego and money. How exactly does money increase a person’s worthiness? Is the value of a person based on how much they can buy? You can only wear one set of clothes at a time, you can only drive one car at a time, you can only live in one home at a time … after a certain point, it all just becomes things and stuff that clutter your life.

      You’re afraid to let go of all those things that money can buy, so you are trapped in a vicious cycle of getting more and more. The more you get the more you want. You’ll steal from poor old ladies, from kids, from your own mother. You’ll sell your first born for just a little more. You’re a true junky and you’re trapped.

      You are truly enslaved, and you know it.

    1. @SyndicateExposed, I find this person absolutely appalling. If you are so up your own ass that you cant understand why people dont like what you do then you are a very sad case and your language tells us so too. If that is you RD then what a sad sack you are.

  4. I don’t understand you SD …

    Become one of us man….

    Become a rich scum like those wallstreet CEO… Come and join us already… Leave behind this peasant life…

    1. @SyndicateExposed, if you’re so rich and happy shouldn’t you either be working on your billion dollar businesses or out vacationing on the beach, shopping on Rodeo Dr. or out driving your Bentley? Why on earth would you be regressing to the state of a 2-year-old on this blog, spouting off perverted hallucinations? If you’re so rich and powerful, this “negative” blog would not even put a dent into your life.

      Hey, I for one am willing to entertain the idea that you could be insanely rich and happy, but those who are rich & happy, never feel the need to preach or try to convince others of that. You just know who and what you are and that’s enough in life, you simply go and enjoy the truth. No need to tell anyone.

      While your retorts are stylistically impressive “Next thing you know they will be banging your wife because they make more money than you…” – you have not added anything of value or intelligence in your contributions.

      You are indeed having a nervous break down and coming apart. Now go take a ride in your “Ferrari” and curse us poor peasants while you go shop for the most expensive gadget in the store, re-assuring yourself that you are indeed worthy. Measure your IQ by the number of features and buttons that new 3D flat screen TV remote and gauge your self-worth by the digit behind your bank statement, all the while feeling angry that people are starting to question your validity.

      Look at all the things you’ve managed to get by deceiving “stupid” and “naive” people. Don’t you feel proud of yourself? Yea, see, now you feel all better. But wait, what if…what if… something were to happen and you lose everything?

      Better go figure out how to get more and more of those shiny, cool things that only money can buy, so you can start the cycle of re-assurance all over again. Rats!

      No matter how much money a person may have, it still can’t buy inner peace and happiness.

      If in your posts, you were attempting to show how wonderful your life style is and how we should all follow your example, you’ve done yourself and your message a great dis-service. If anything, you’ve shown that the obsessive pursuit of money at the expense of integrity can cause mental problems.

  5. Ryan’s traffic looks worse than mine at my non-money making wordpress blog which is publicly available, but obscure enough to be pretty much invite only.

  6. Hmm… where did that Greenland statement come from? :) Seriously, I was very surprised to be quoted even though it was out of context.

    Thanks for keeping us alert,

    1. @Mikael Rieck, I saw this comment on your site: “Salty Droid er rasende underholdende.” Google translates this as: Salty Droid is furiously entertaining. I like the way you guys think over there!

    2. @Mikael Rieck, it’s put up to make a point that the exposure and awareness of this blog is spreading. Sometimes it’s hard for humans to get the droid’s way of thinking, you have read with an open mind.

    3. @Mikael Rieck, The Greenland remark was simply tongue-in-cheek humor. It was really for the benefit of those who don’t speak your language. Such that, if one were to look up the translation, they would be surprised to find it an oddly funny aside. This advanced technique is actually rated 98.9 out of 100.0 in “Richenbach’s Humor Technique Compendium” (see chapter 26, section 38, under “Nonconventional Asides, the Cross-Cultural Shoutout”). The fact that it was deployed by a self-taught robot makes it even more astonishing, if not amazing, if not both of these superlatives. Well done, SD, well done.

  7. This has to be one of the most embarrassing smackdowns of a fake guru that I’ve seen.

    1. @Mack the Knife,

      What’s even more embarrassing are those “bonus” videos. Terrible wannabe salesman. Especially Bill McRea makes me puke with his patronizing tone.

      “I’m not gonna talk about myself, but I have this great program with 1000
      people paying me a thousand bucks monthly…”


      Yeah that’s why your vid has 200 views jackass.

      Everyone else has 50 or less.

      Sso not only are they sucking up and lying about the program that isn’t making them money… but they’re dog and pony show is really embarrassing.

  8. What will some people tell you in order to get a whopping $1,000 of your money (their COMMISSION for EACH sale)? And, what kind of “bonus” will they slap together to get you to take out that credit card? Behold…here is just a small sampling from that money-grabbing circus:







    1. @Who Can You Trust?, what a collection of d-bags!! Never heard of any of them.

      I actually feel sorry for Dice if these are his “friends”.

    2. Yeah. If anyone wants to know how Deiss really gets HIS traffic, just look at the “bonus boy” affiliate videos above. And that’s just a very few of all the people who lip-synched for Deiss just to make a quick dollar.

      Deiss is now suddenly telling everyone ELSE the opposite, that SEO traffic is where it’s at, but truth be told, he makes most of his money by paying affiliates big cash commissions and lavish prizes. Hypocrisy, maybe?

      Run, don’t walk, to get your refund if you fell for this.

    3. OMG…this is hysterical!

      There is not a chance I would want to emulate any of these jokers.

      Although I would love to “implementate” Ryan “Deuce’s” knowledge, I just can’t decide which bonus offer to accept. One of these guys is offering a bonus more valuable than a $47 million dollar package”, while another is providing a bonus “worth more than all the $13,000 bonuses in the WORLD!”. I wish he’d tell me how many $13,000 bonuses there are in the world, so I could see if they equal more or less than $47 million. Sigh.

      I do have a few questions if someone can help me:

      1. These people pretend they provide personal coaching (if you can even get in!) at $500-$2500 an hour. So why would they include 5 hours, along with their other bonuses, to earn a $1000 commission?

      2. Mr. University of IM Success is including a two day training where “me and my close friends will teach you”. By the looks of this guy, I’m not sure I want to meet his close friends unless I’m in desperate need of a beer run.

      3. When I look at Mr. Integrity’s video, why is that the last thing that comes to mind?

      4. Do you think Obama knows that Alex Arthur stole the TOTUS?

      5. I’ve heard of these gurus renting houses, boats, and cars for their videos, but I am confused by the number of trophies these guys have in the background. Is that the new symbol of the rich and famous??

      1. @Rafael Marquez,

        hahaha…that’s true….

        BTW, I noticed your comment was approved on Andros Braveheart ‘interview’ video. I guess they have more integrity then Andros in not suppressing (or deleting) honest comments….I also added my support, by adding how she hid total views so no-one could see her BS and what her view count was before she hid it…

        Just an FYI; Andros doesn’t direct anyone to that video anymore (as a direct result of your comment)….she now sends them to the copy on Vimeo (or one of those other video sites anyways)….where there are no “negative” comments…I guess the truth scares her….

    4. @Sue J, LOL, Your observations would make a great first five of a Salty Droid top ten list ala David Letterman. :)

  9. I hope more honest marketers show some backbone, take a stand, and blog about this ridiculous waste of $2,000. I’ve just subscribed to 3 new blogs where people actually had the integrity to state an opinion about this junk. More should do the same. When all the smoke clears, those honest bloggers are going to be the only ones people follow and respect.

  10. @Integrity Anyone…

    Despite my recent nasty comments (I was having fun… ok? I don’t really think rich people are better)

    Let me tell you – I agree 110% with you.

    I myself am a online businessmen & I can NOT stand when these people try to sell people something for $2000 fucking dollars….

    Just a bunch stupid video clips, a manual, some crappy software & some dumb bonus with inflated worth @ a cost of $2000 bucks… NONSENSE….

    I am noticing these trends a lot – every week, every month – some idiot comes up with some new garbage program who wants a couple thousands bucks for it.

    You will NEVER EVER get rich buying this stuff.

    Instead you need to focus on SELLING stuff which is valuable and quality… Stop buying this stuff and start working on your business. Ignore these gimmicks.

  11. When Ryan Deiss isn’t busy either bashing and/or promoting SEO, he’s on the road promoting Foam Rolls. Yes, Foam Rolls. The economical alternative to human growth hormone! Take it away, Ryan…


    1. @Jimmo, I’m disappointed to see Mike Young giving a testiMOANial for this stupid foam gimmick. $247 for a foam tube, give me a break. As usual, all the circle jerks are giving their MOANING testiMOANials of how great this foam tube is. It’s so obvious that they were at some kind of money making seminar and the owner of this foam tube “business” was going from jerk to jerk to get his testimonials. “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”.
      Why on earth Mike Young would attach himself to the likes of Ryan Deiss, Matt Bacak, Bill Glazer ….is beyond me, unless of course it could slighlty, maybe, possibly, “allegedly” (hah!) have to do with MONEY! Ding! Ding! LOL. I now no longer take attorney Mike Young serious anymore.

      I’m sure “someone” will come and post an explanation and try to “fix” things to make it look all innocent or like the foam tube really has saved the day, but it’s way too obvious to hide.

      1. @disappointed, the foam roll thing is actually used by a lot of physiotherapists, athletic therapists and other rehab specialists for various things such as stretching and teaching certain types of self massage for some injuries. Not a gimmick at all, it is an actual tool used by educated professionals.

        1. @J, the foam tube thingie may very well be something that is used by physical therapy professionals, but the fact remains that there are much less costly foam tubes of equal or greater quality available online AND the site owner has chosen a large number of scammers to vouch for his/her product. But don’t let that stop you from ordering it if you so desire. The worst that can happen is that it’ll end up sitting somewhere collecting dust after a few initial enthusiastic uses.

          My issue is not with the foam thing itself.

      2. @disappointed,

        I gave a testimonial because I own, regularly use, and like the product’s results. It is more than a foam roll. It includes two instructional DVDs showing how to use it in a variety of exercises.

        If Deiss also promotes it, so what? Doesn’t make us BFFs.

        As for your accusation that my testimonial is tied to money, that is absolutely false. I was not compensated for the testimonial and my back was not “scratched” for giving it either.

        As a final note, I recommend many products and services when they deliver value. You can find some of them at
        They are NOT affiliate links.

        1. @Mike Young, Esq., thank you for taking the time to explain. I have no doubt that you have used the foam thingie and that it really works great for you, but the fact remains that the person who is selling it, is using shady techniques to promote it and they’ve got you front and center on the first page.

          What I mean by “shady” is that while the method is probably legal, it’s clear that s/he just tried to get as many IM gurus together to vouch for that foam thing as possible at a seminar. You can’t tell me otherwise.

          They’ve got your sincere testimonial tagged with a load of shit turds’ fake testiMOANials. It just doesn’t sit right with me, and I’m betting I’m not the only one who thinks that.

          So while you may have given an honest review of the product, and the product may work wonders and miracles, it’s been smeared through virtual feces, so to speak.

          If the foam thing was really so good and great, why not put ordinary people on the testimonials?

          Why does the owner have to pick out known names in the IM industry to vouch for this, including you Mike Young? Hmm…???

          We all know the routine, someone launches a new gimmick product and they go to their buddies for testimonials to slap on their site, so it will look like all these people absolutely love this foam tube. “Social proof” is what they call it, and the more “social proof” you can conjure up the more convincing you can be in order to get people to buy the foam thing.

          What do the best scammers always brag about? “I can sell ice to an eskimo”.

          While it’s most likely within the law, and very legal, it’s still a gimmick scam in my book, because it’s based on slick trickery.

          Whenever I see sites that have a bunch of testimonials from the same gurus I immediately click away. If the business has that little faith in it’s products or services that they can’t put every-day, ordinary folks to give testimonials then I don’t want anything to do with them or their product and I bet I’m not the only one who think that too.

          No matter which way you swing that Mr. Mike Young, it still smells fishy, but hey, good luck with that. I’m glad you’re able to find a measure of physical comfort with the foam tube thingie. As for me, I’d rather get my wife to massage me and take that $247 and treat her out to a nice dinner and a movie. Peace.

          1. @disappointed,

            Your posting here gives credibility to every single person who has ever come to the site and accused someone of “guru bashing”.

            There is nothing wrong with testimonials, getting affiliates, or promoting things to earn a commission. At this point though, your posting suggests that you are so jaded that anyone who either gets an endorsement, promotes products as an affiliate, or has an affiliate link is a “dirt bag” which just isn’t true.

    2. I certainly wouldn’t lump Mike Young in with those guys. Mike may very well believe in or use that product. He’s older and in the right demo.

      Kid Ryan, on the other hand, seems quite a stretch, and in fact, Ryan looks totally uncomfortable and ill at ease, yet he still hawked that anyway, just like his magic free perpetual traffic turdware.

      BTW, Mike Young had a well publicized run-in with Deiss and his clown club which he alluded to on his blog. Apparently Deiss and gang attempted to silence Young (and interfere with his business in an under-the-table fashion) after Young posted commentary on his blog about Deiss teaming up with that scammer/felon Perry Belcher. Those goons learned the hard way that you don’t mess with a well-connected attorney who is way sharper than you are.

      1. It looks like Mike Young’s testimonial was made in a totally different venue, like in his home. He also gives a credible explanation for using it, while Deiss sounds like he’s repeating what he just read off a flyer.

        The Deiss testiMOANial looks just like what “disappointed” described, which is one of those insincere, parade-style testiMOANial roundups (scratch my back and I scratch yours).

        So my opinion, Mike Young=credible; Ryan Deiss=NOT credible.

        1. @bob, & @J The foam thing may very well be useful and Mike Young may very well be truthful in his testimonial. Those are not my issue.

          My issue is the way this product is being promoted. It’s so damn obvious.

          I don’t get why no one else sees the BIG JOKE! I’m like HELLO don’t you see it’s nothing but MARKETERS giving testimonials!??!?!?! THEY’RE MARKETERS!! They are SUPPOSED to SELL you on something…ANYTHING. That’s what they DO.

          These people don’t stop being marketers after 5 o’clock. Just like a hooker, they’ve always got their eye out for another money making “opportunity” wink wink.

          To go along with that, you’ve got bunch of scamsters that are chosen to give testomonials on it (Matt Bacak Ryan Deiss ..need I go on??)
          Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Ryan Deiss ACTIVELY WORKING WITH a convicted FELON aka Perry Belcher, who’s known scamming sick elderly people out of their last dime in order to pay for his toys and gadgets?

          So you expect me to say “oh well all those guys are untrustworthy but Mike Young is ok and to be trusted” ??

          “birds of a feather flock together”
          “bad association spoils useful habits”

          Hey, I could be completely wrong about Mike Young (I hope I am, because I actually enjoyed blog in the past) , but the fact remains that red flags have been raised.

          I certainly am not taking a risk in finding out. I’d just rather avoid anything having to do with people who are linked to these scammers in any way. But you’re more than welcome to purchase from them and enjoy whatever it is they are selling.

          1. I have one more thing to say about the issue I’ve raised with Mike Young and money. Mike Young is an attorney and his business involves internet marketing.

            “Attorney Mike Young focuses on Internet business law and marketing. He shows successful entrepreneurs how to protect and grow their businesses online” – Mike Young, Esq. http://mikeyounglaw.com/

            Therefore there is implied benefit by having his testimonial on the front page of that site for both the site owner and Mr. Mike Young. He may not have directly gotten paid for it, but there is definitely a financial interest being served, whether directly or indirectly.

            1. @disappointed,

              You add 2+2 and come up with 5 conspiracies. The testimonial was not provided in exchange for anything of value (financial or otherwise). I did not request the link to my site.

              To the extent it provides any financial benefit to have the link, there are plenty of easier ways to get links from high traffic sites. For example, one plug-in on my blogs creates more than a dozen better links automatically every time I (or someone who works for me) posts content.

              Better Posture Guaranteed is not a new product. I’ve been using it for about 3 years now. The testimonial was recorded more then two years ago but I stand by it because the product works.

              As for the inference that being an Internet marketing attorney somehow means I benefit from the testimonial, that’s crazy talk.

              The IM arena generates around 5% of my annual income. If every “Syndicate” member, the “West Coast Mafia,” and Austin tech chimp blackballed me, I wouldn’t lose an ounce of sleep over it.

              I’m not sure why you keep trying to smear me by innuendo while hiding in anonymity. Says more about you than me.

          2. @disappointed, I agree the recruiting of a bunch of testimonials at that internet marketing conference looks kind of questionable.

            I’m no Ryan Deiss fan because of all the stuff outlined on this site. So it’s easy for me to think he’s just doing a reach around.

            On the other hand, Mike Young has taken a stand about bad marketers on his blog, and over time I have come to believe he tells it straight. Now, Mike does provide services to internet marketers, but that does not make him a mirror image of any of them. I mean, if a doctor bandages a crook, does that make the doctor just like the crook? Nope. Nor would that be the case even if the doctor specialized in bandaging crooks. You have to look a little deeper than just how close someone is standing to someone.

            Just because one or more DBs have touched or endorsed this, there is no reason to associate Mike with it negatively, given that he happens to sincerely believe in and recommend it. I believe him.

            1. @Mike Young, I have no intention of smearing anyone’s name, let alone some attorney I don’t know who could probably take it upon himself to make my life very difficult if he chose to.

              I’m just someone who’s raised their own concern. If by voicing my concerns and opinion, you feel I am smearing your name then I will cease to voice them. But twisting my words to “smearing” you still won’t change my mind.

              “A man who’s opinion is changed against his will is of the same opinion still”

              Good luck and best wishes to you :)

            2. @bob, I don’t quite share @disappointed’s take on this, but, were I an internet/marketing lawyer who

              “has taken a stand about bad marketers on his blog,”

              I’d be more than a little disappointed that my name is linked (via a slew of positive endorsements) with those same “bad marketers”.

              I might even say to the person who I testified for, “Hey person. What the …?”

              And …

              Wouldn’t it suck if,

              I was not an internet/marketing lawyer and …

              while researching to find someone to handle a plagiarism case …

              or to help with a theft of branding complaint …

              or to get me a refund for Perpetual Traffic Formula …

              I came across Mike Young Esq. and was all like “Hells yeah! I’m hirin’ dis dude.” and then …

              during further diligently done due diligence, I saw that Mike young Esq and Ryan both pimping the same product. looking all happy and stuffs, and then …

              I was all like “Oh hells no. Ain’t hirin’ dis dude. He gots his toes in the potty water.”

              Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

              As you carefully read every word of my post you can clearly see that point. Right?

              Stay Freaky,

            3. @spoonfaceboy, There you go playing devil’s advocate again, darn you. Food for thought, sure. I’m not saying there is no risk of perceived negative association, because obviously there is.

              I’m just pointing out that from my own observations of Mike over the last couple of years (both from his blog and across on the internet) he has shown consistent integrity. He’s also publicly battled some of the bad apples himself, which tells me he’s his own guy and hasn’t been assimilated.

              On another note, while you are here, what do you think of Ryan Deiss’ Perpetual Traffic crap? And thanks for not resurrecting that annoyingly un-cute trigger word, “Frosty.”

            4. @bob, I read through the Warrior Forum PTF review thread. I can’t believe people paid $2k for content that can be found right at their own fingertips and digested with just a little bit of brain juice.

              (Can’t people do no reading and thinkin’ on they own no more these days? What is they … illiterate?)

              It’s funny that most posters in that thread don’t seem to care about the (verifiable) proof that Ryan doesn’t practice what he teaches.

              It’s funny that no one seems to care that Ryan is taking advantage of them.

              It’s sad that some of those same dolts will do mid six figures this year.

              Fools and their monies …

              They think Salty is a bitter IMer. I’m glad that Salty is around. And, if he is bitter, all the better. Bitter is funny. Funny is truth. Truth will set you …

              on fire — for doing the right thing.

              Stay Naked,

  12. Just by using Ryan Deiss’ special slim pickins software, you too could be getting free, perpetual traffic just like this for just $2,000.00:


  13. What will people do to win an over-hyped guru turd in a contrived, pre-launch “get the sheep worked up” contest?

    Sadly, this…


    And even more sadly, this. Notice how strongly she vouches for the “product” even though she has never seen it. Yes, an affiliate in the making…


  14. If Deiss really did “close down” his bullshit Perpetual Traffic Formula, why does he have this OTHER, second web site still actively taking email sign ups from affiliate referrals? Hmmm…


    Guess he’s hoping to empty some more newbie wallets after the door hits the first wave in its ass.

  15. Who runs this “promotedprofits.com” crap? It’s a guru scam blog circle jerk.

    “Although The Salty Droid questions the validity of Ryan Deiss’ company, InfoMastery LLC, our research indicates that Ryan Deiss is free from any involvement in scams. His methods and techniques appear to be solid and legal.”



    1. What an absolute crock that “promoted profits” site is. That site is registered to a “Bryan McConnahea” in Toledo, Ohio. No shame, Bryan?

  16. I’m tickled at all these people vouching for Perpetual Turds Formula or whatever it’s called. NONE of them have even gone through the whole course and they swear it is the one thing to get. How would you know??? You’ve never used the whole thing in its entirety!

  17. @Mike Young

    “If you lie down with dogs, you’ll rise with fleas.”

    I’d get my name and testimonial taken off that site ASAP, brother.


    1. @Watcher, @disappointed

      If you want to play the “guilt by association” game, let’s talk about your support of slave labor, murder of dissidents, organ theft from prisoners, pedophilia, beatings of Tibetan monks, and infanticide of baby girls.

      When you buy clothing and other goods that are made in China, your purchases support a regime that participates in all of these atrocities.

      If I catch fleas lying down with dogs, what do you catch lying down with the ChiComs? The urge to commit genocide?

      Absurd premise?

      No less so than your attacks on me for supporting a product I believe in simply because of others who endorse it.

      If you had a moral compass, you’d use your real names instead of flaming in anonymity. Cowards.

      1. @Mike Young, why should we put our real ID out, so you can bully us and make trouble? Of course you can put your ID out, you’re a highly intelligent and well connected lawyer. Get real. I may piss you off by questioning your integrity but I’m not stupid.

        Anybody can be big and bad and bully peeps who voice concerns, if they’re a well connected attorney, doesn’t take any courage to do that.

        Let me make it very clear ,I have no interest in “smearing” your name or trying to make you lose business, no matter how small or large a percentage of your income comes from online involvements. That’s not why I’m here.

        I used to like you and reading your blog was enjoyable, but with each increasing post you’ve made, the doubt has grown. Your personal attacks were quite unnecessary.

        I’ve seen a side of you come out that I didn’t expect.
        The very way that you responded to my opinion reinforces my doubts even more. If you’re really so honest and forthright, you would not have gotten personal to call us names.

        People who have nothing to worry about wouldn’t have cared, they know who and what they are doing and don’t have to attack anyone with name calling.

        FYI, I’m quite the opposite of a coward, because I’ve had the guts to put my view out here, and obviously others have it too. Think of the folks who don’t ever post, but have the same doubts and questions about you, and maybe more.

        Then, you try to spin everything said and twist it to mean something totally different. I’m not fooled by that. I’ve seen Pat O’Bryan do that on his blog, it doesn’t do anything but antagonize people.

        Nobody likes to be questioned, but if you’re so honest, then you would have been at least thankful someone talked about this out in the open. Obviously, you weren’t aware that there are people that could possibly be associating you with the very likes of this blog.

        The fact remains that your video on that site could negatively affect you in some way, even if you’re Jesus Christ with all the purity in the world. The possibility is not so far fetched.

        I put my opinion on this blog for others to see and think about. They have the liberty to ignore it or to take it and think about it. You’ve obviously gotten upset and stooped down to a level of name calling, all because someone has an unpopular opinion or concern. That says a lot about your character.

        Calling us cowards and getting personal still won’t change people’s opinions. Their opinion of you still dictates whether or not they do business with you on any level.

        1. @disappointed, No — it’s NOT brave to post your thoughts but not your name behind them.

          Fake-attorney-wannabe Salty or not.

          It takes GUTS to put your opinion up with your NAME on it.

          Funny — you all constantly deride marketers here, saying they wouldn’t DARE come face you with their REAL names — but there you are wearing a veil over your face throwing rocks.

          Then Mike Young comes on here with his REAL name and puts you in your place and you still can’t admit you were wrong.

          I’m posting with a pseudonym here because of YOU guys…not fear of retribution from some big marketer dude.

          They’re mostly all hot air anyway.

          But you guys mostly keep setting these stupid little hurdles they must jump but for some reason you don’t like — it’s illegal to trick people out of money but if you don’t like the guy robbing him of his intellectual property is ok.

          I’m now working with an FBI profiler who has really taken an interest in this site. She’s promised me a profile of Salty and some of the other more vocal “cowards” on this site soon.

          It should be interesting.

          Bet ya can’t take it.

          1. @poop chute, anonymity serves a great purpose.

            Using your logic, there would be only open-ballot voting. And no pen names. And no anonymous sources.

            Not sure why you need an FBI profiler for Salty. We all know who he is.

            1. @spoonfaceboy, Bzzzzt. Wrong again. As far as I’m concerned, anonymous opinions carry no weight whatsoever. Voting is not expressing an opinion. Look it up. The privacy is there for a reason. It’s to PROTECT the vote.

              Anonymous sources, when they go through bonafide JOURNALISTS who still check out the facts they were given by the source, and who occasionally still go to JAIL when a judge demands that a source be revealed and they refuse (hmmm…if anonymous is so good, why would they ever do THAT?).

              And pseudonyms for FICTION are one thing.

              Now — if you’re saying this entire Website is fiction…well then…I guess you’re all ok.

              But you’re stating things here as FACTS…you and you and you…that are NOT verified or proven or even facts half the time. All because you are anonymous.

              You said you post here anonymously so Mike Young won’t bully you if you say something bad. Define bullying. You’re telling Mike, because he gave a testimonial for a product that he likes and uses, that he must be part of the “scam” just because other people have also given testimonials that are either scams or, because the testimonial giver is apparently a scammer, fraud.

              Mike’s not a fraud. He’s here with his REAL name taking you on and you continue to hide and tremble behind your mask, accusing him of being a bully if you dare reveal yourself.

              Hey — it makes for a fun read. But all that “good” Salty says he’s doing with this blog? You ought to hear the bad guys laughing. They’re still pulling in the bank. They’re still doing their stuff and they’re finding Salty baby is having very little effect.

              It’s sad. It could be done better but Salty’s chosen his venue.

              You also asked why an FBI profiler would be interested int his blog? Because you DON’T know who Salty is. You only know who Salty has ANONYMOUSLY told you he is.

              You can “see” his law degree right here on this blog yet you also look at all the little PhotoShop mock-ups he puts together. Do you think someone could “doctor” a degree with PhotoShop?

              It’s not too hard at all.

              He SAYS he’s given you his name and he’s a bad-ass attorney but, oddly enough, no Bar association anywhere around where he SAYS he has operated knows anything about him or has any record.

              So — no — a profiler isn’t necessary. I didn’t actually “bring one in” I got in a conversation with one and asked if they could do their stuff (VERY amazing stuff by the way — gasp! even more amazing than ol’ Salty his imaginary self) by analyzing blog posts by one individual.

              This profiler got REALLY interested in the challenge and, when I opened up the site and invited the profiler to start reading I got an INSTANT ok.

              She was REALLY excited about what she was reading. Said “wow. Clear as a bell. So many patterns. YUMMY!” and I practically had to snatch my laptop back out of her hands.

              Hey — she’s gonna do her thing one way or the other. It’s not essential to me either way.

              Like I said — it will be INTERESTING. I never said it would be NECESSARY.

              She also told me she’ll put together some profiles on the other prominent posters who are anonymous here as well.


            2. Poopshute:

              YOU are absolute, total FUCKWHIT. You totally live down to your handle.

              Seriously, are you as stupid as you are arrogant?

              SD’s real world credentials aren’t made up, because like all such things they can be easily verified, in minutes, even by lazy, screwed up idiots like yourself. In 3 minutes you could see that SD’s attorney status is public record. It’s currently listed as inactive. He’s real and who he claims to be, imagine that! But you’d rather be a fucking bastard, and spend FAR MORE TIME making up bullshit, rather than accepting the fact that you already have the verifiable truth. What does that say about you, asshole?

              You are pathetic.

            3. “Poop Chute” is just another off-kilter troll. His/her last comment really sealed it: juvenile, and speckled with obvious, grade school level manipulation. FBI profiler? Please. As if anyone would want to do more of the same AFTER work hours, and, be more interested in proponents of good than bad. Sorry – fail, “Poopshoot.” Be sure to ask your, ahem, ‘profiler’ to analyze your comments which also appear on this page, lol.

          2. @poop chute ::

            You post here under a fake name because you want to puff yourself up into a somebody … when in fact you are a nobody. It’s not working.

            You’ve said you were leaving multiple times … so why don’t you?

            Have your FBI profiler call my talking Unicorn … they can do lunch.

            1. @SD, Believe me I don’t need you to be important. I know my strengths and my limitations. I just think it’s sad. So many of these guys I know who I wish you would bring down hard, laughing at how easy you make it for them to dismiss all you’re doing and how little effect it’s having. All the while you trounce around here beating your chest and declaring yourself a bad-ass. And everyone imagines how they tremble while believe me — most haven’t slowed down at all.

              One you tried taking credit for “bringing down” left the industry because he’s a scumwad…but not because of you. Because of the new merchant rules from Visa and MasterCard that came down after the FTC released their new round of direct marketing rules.

              SD — these guys were worried about you for a while. Now they see where it’s all heading with so much to dismiss as pure fabricated hate speech that all the facts you might have get lost completely.

              I keep coming back because I’m an amateur student of human behavior and psychology. It helps my writing a lot.

              I’m here without an editor typing on a tiny keyboard so a lot of times my fingers slip and … it’s not what I’ve published in the past to be sure.


              I’m really rooting for ya, SD. The minions of yours who immediately jump in and label me “one of the scammers” are just such a perfect example of what makes this all so easy to dismiss as mob unreality unleashed.

              I should say I WAS rooting for ya. It’s definitely your blog to fuck up any way you wish. And the blog’s kind of interesting. But…hey…you’re too full of your own opinions to listen to mine so I’ll take your advice and depart for now.

              I’ll just tell the profiler to leave her results here when she gets them.

            2. @poop chute, I still don’t get the whole profiler thing. What is it supposed to accomplish again?

            3. Hi all,

              I just wanted to drop in here and give you the profile Poop Chute promised. After careful analysis, regression testing, aggression testing, and some ice mocha, I have determined that this blog is pure genius.

              Unfortunately, I have also determined that Poop Chute (his real name, by the way) would benefit from a vacation at one of our “vacation labs” in Quantico.

              Best to all,

              Poop Chute’s Profiler

          3. @poop chute,

            “I’m now working with an FBI profiler who has really taken an interest in this site. She’s promised me a profile of Salty and some of the other more vocal “cowards” on this site soon.”

            I bought soldiers to protect my futurereal(tm) assets, and bought a financial adviser (so I don’t squander the ritches)….butt….I have to call the shenanigans on ewe…I spoke with the little plastic people maker…..they don’t make FBI profilers and they never did…what a fucking BURN!!!!…wipe your mouth well…it looks like your talking out of your ass….

            Gotta run….going on a trip in my private jet….futurereal(tm) rocks……

        2. @disappointed – You said “FYI, I’m quite the opposite of a coward, because I’ve had the guts to put my view out here, and obviously others have it too. Think of the folks who don’t ever post, but have the same doubts and questions about you, and maybe more”

          Explain to me how it takes “guts” to post something anonymously on this site. You could say anything, and without revealing who you are there’s very little chance that there would be any kind of repercussions for you.

          I don’t know Mike Young and I assume I don’t know you (can’t say 100% since you’re *anonymous* here) but I’d say he’s the one with guts since everyone who reads his comments knows who he is. If they don’t like it, they can take it up with him. If they don’t like your comment, they can take it up with … umm … well, nobody I guess.

    2. @Watcher,

      Seriously, that is sheer stupidity.
      Mike likes the product, and has given his testimonial. The company is free to use it, or not use it. The company uses it because it helps their sales.
      There are idiots like Ryan who have also given testimonials. The company will eventually realize that there is a strong anti-IM guyes like Deiss and consider removing the testimonials.

      Just because you, or me, or some other person doesn’t like Deiss, why should Mike be put through the trouble for it? This isn’t even guilty by association!
      Heck, it’s like saying that because you pay taxes, and the US govt. gives it as aid to Pakistan, you’re associated with al-queda and help train terrorists.
      That’s just plain stupid.

      Mike liked a product, and gave his testimonial based on his usage. Now leave him alone. You have a problem with the other scammers, go send an email to the product company. Here, I’ll even give you a template:
      “to who it may concern,
      I can’t believe you’re allowing a scammer like Ryan Deiss to have any public association with your company. I would’ve considered your product at one point, but after seeing that you work with such scam artists, I cannot purchase your product and will look for a suitable foamy massage-thingy.

    3. 1. Mike Young is, and has always been, one of the good guys.

      2. Ryan Deiss is currently selling bullshit for $2,000, has previously sold bullshit, and has a staff felon on board calling shots.

      Let’s get the topic back on track here: Ryan Deiss.

      1. @T.J., @advancedNoob, while you both may personally know Mike very well and can honestly vouch for him, others don’t have any clue about him. It is, after all, the Internet, and you can’t be too cautious.

        I don’t doubt that the possibility could exist that he just happens to be the only honest testimonial on the site. There are a lot of good people unknowingly dragged into the mud by these dbags. I’ll even entertain the possibility that I could be 100% totally wrong about everything. It happens, no biggie, I’m not in love with my own beliefs, and certainly don’t feel the need to personally attack those who have different opinions.

        1. @disappointed, you said:

          “I’ll even entertain the possibility that I could be 100% totally wrong about everything”

          Like my grandfather always reminded me, “When in doubt, don’t shout it out.” He was a very wise man.

          1. @Kevin, while I’m sure your grandfather was indeed a wise man, if people have questions or doubts they are supposed to suppress? How very “scientologic” of you.

            1. @disappointed, You haven’t suppressed any doubts. You’ve repeated them over and over. You are relentlessly making negative inferences about Mike Young with no concrete evidence of any wrongdoing on his part whatsoever.

              Anyone would wonder, why the fixation. You made your initial point, which was really a “guilt by association” inference. If you are upset that YOU upset Mike and made him respond like he did, it still doesn’t justify your continuing to sling mud at him based only on inference. Put yourself in his shoes. You initiated this after all, and if you are wrong, like you admitted you could be, then that would make you a mud slinger. Who wouln’t be upset by that?

              Now, to use your own comment, I could be 100% wrong, and I hope I am, but you may just be a distractor here. Since you have been driving home the same point repeatedly, that’s the impression it gives.

              Do you not have more outrage over this crazy “Perpetual Traffic” carnival? If you do, let’s hear it. Apparently, a lot of people are on the hook for big money and have only a few weeks to make an informed decision about getting their money back. That seems like a really big deal and a topic worth staying focused on. Wouldn’t you agree?

        2. @disappointed, don’t let Mike Young get to you.

          He loves to use the Delphi Technique by calling people “conspiracy theorists” if they dare catch him in a bad position. Classic. Unfortunately, this tactic works on most but I see through it every time.

          Young is a pretty big player behind the scenes… including this site by the way. He’s a moderator at Tony Blake’s forum (more on that in a moment).

          This “busting guru blog” he has is merely professional wrestling… outing very low level perps to give us the IDEA that he’s on our side. He’s not.

          Here’s proof that Mike Young did something VERY unethical with the Stompernet mess (he’s the original poster in this thread… he admits this):


          Yep, Mike Young is username “StompedNet”. Notice his last sentence:

          “Just a public service to the online marketing community.”

          What a DB.

          Let’s see if this post doesn’t get deleted. Usually it does.

          1. This ongoing diversion and nuttiness from the topic of this post makes me think Ryan has made a generous contribution to some insane asylum.


            Now, what do you loons think of Ryan? I mean, aside from his generous subsidizing of pudding time?

          2. @2b1ask1 ::

            … fuck off looney tunes.

            StompedNet WAS a public service … a highlarious one.

            And give me a break “our side”. You sell scammy shit on the Internet … you want to be “them” … and you’re pissed that you’re not. You call people out when you yourself are lost in delusion. I’m certainly no part of any “our” that includes the likes of you.

    4. @Watcher, betcha he’d take his name off if James Arthur Ray’s testimonial was on that sales page. Hah!

      1. @disappointed, get off Mike’s nuts. He said he believes in the product, and stands behind it. If Deiss drives a Camry and Mike sends a testimonial in to Toyota, it doesn’t mean the product sucks or that Mike is guilty by association. No more than Salty’s name is hurt by your dumb assedness.

  18. anyone can buy the deiss crap traffic course irght now iwth this link:


    The launch false scarcity was a lie, you were to buy before the course starts or be locked out, well you can buy it now, that was a lie. What else is a lie with deiss? A LOT. Even Mikey thought Deiss was icky and wouldnl’t push him and that SAYS A LOT.

    You would have to be a complete idiot to buy this garbage.

    1. @mikefilsaimeinder, What a double speaking liar this Ryan Deiss is!

      He point blank said he was enforcing a hard deadline for “Perpetual Traffic Formula” because it wouldn’t be “fair” to the enrollees to let anyone come in late (check out Deiss’ own email in the comments of Salty’s first post about all this, where Deiss says that).

      Now it turns out he’s still trying to sell signups! Some “deadline.” There you have it. He’s an outright LIAR!

      Is there anyone left on this green earth stupid enough to trust Ryan Deiss and give him a dime ever again? I would hope not!


  19. What the fuck? I’m gone for 36 hours {seeing Arcade Fire FTW!} and I come back to a conversation about Mike Young of all fucking things? Sheesh!

    First :: Mike is an obvious friend of the blog. He linked to me way back when … for which there were consequences … and he’s been a key part of some of the most fun things around here. So even if he was up to no good … he’d get a pretty wide free pass from me. Anybody else want a free pass for yourself? Then jump in this foxhole and risk taking some {public} shrapnel in the neck. So far … I can count the number of people in here with me on one fucking hand.

    Second :: the foam pad thing looks stupid. Their website is suboptimal {to say the least} :: and that IS a pretty sad group of testimoanializers. But I really don’t give a shit about that. IMO :: almost all of marketing {and politics} is garbage :: using bullshit to sell bullshit. Giving less than genuine testimonials for a free pepsi and a bag of peanuts {or for millions and millions of endorsement dollars} is a cultural phenomenon gone wild. There is a place :: and a way :: to object to that practice … but this ain’t it.

    This conversation about testimoanials also got a little out of hand …


    … calling out Fortins for a really stupid {and prominent} testimonial that Graham was using.

    But this blog isn’t about calling people out {by name} based on mistakes or differences of opinion about what constitutes moral marketing. I’m calling out people who I believe … for a myriad of reasons in each case … are soul sucking destroyers of humanity … risking people’s lives and self worth to make a buck. In many other contexts :: I would consider my own behavior to be unhelpful and inappropriate.

    Third :: anonymity is powerful … and could be an important factor for changing society. Personally :: I think it’s a Constitutionally protected right … and the fact that I was unable to stay anonymous and remain effective says something very bad about the current state of affairs. However :: if you choose to make anonymous remarks … then you must also accept the inevitable “what’s your angle anonymous person” criticism … because it is a valid one.

    1. @R2Me2 ::

      wow the puffy get puffier!

      … I don’t see much buzz on the webz about this event … or the sales page.

      This dude is talking about it …


      I see Austin crew member Kate Buck. Hi Kate Buck. What a fun name that is too say … Kate Buck. Think of all the fun things that Kate Buck rhymes with. Kate Buck.

      … but I don’t see Evil Jowls … maybe he was one of the “surprise” speakers. Were you there @R2Me2? Anyone else want to give me the full report? How about you Mario Garcia? Did Belcher speak at this thing … or just attend … in a big fat gay suit?

      1. @SD, That’s Kate Buck, Jr. That’s right, Kate Buck Jr., or more formally, Kate Buck Junior. Not many women going by “Junior” these days. Could become a trend. Kate rhymes with truck, although Ryan may use a different rhyme.

        Looks like Belcher’s boldness is returning. Starting to operate in broad daylight again. And wearing pink ties. Both should be prohibited.

      2. @SD,

        No, I wasn’t there. That photo was courtesy of Coach Deb Micek who was a speaker at the event. The seminar was this past weekend and Belcher was a speaker at the event. Obviously he was going to tell everyone how he makes millions from social media like Twitter, Facebook, etc. Oh, wait, didn’t he quit all those social media sites and retire?

        1. @R2Me2, More like he was just putting on a show and “buying time” to retool his scamming strategies. Oh, and re-stringing his puppet, Ryan.

  20. I get Joel Bauer vibes from Poop Chute. I don’t think it’s actually him, but sounds a lot like someone who’s seen him up close for at least an hour or two. I know Joel’s take on Salty. And Poop Chute said exactly what Joel would say to you if you were struggling with economics vs. ethics. Bear in mind, the trickle-down effect from Joel is pretty solid, so it could be several degrees separated – just saying it’s very similar.

    The unfortunate truth is “they” laugh because they’ve used SD as leverage in their private-room sales pitches.

    “I’m still rich and he’s still not.”

    They’re not laughing at SD.

    They’re laughing at you because you’re still falling for it.

  21. Lord knows, shitshute, that I’ve ridden Salties ass hard (not in the way he likes and is accustomed too, though) for being such a laughable marxist freak. They guy obviously has a problem with people making money. Only a sycophant brown nosing lap dog salty groupie would deny that.

    But, his attacking Deiss is based on more than that. It takes a supreme ass fuck to one moment rant about not knowing shit about SEO, and than bingo bongo releasing a product touting himself as an SEO expert.

    Yeah, sure, Salty hates people making a buck almost as much as he does finding the glory hole at the bus station closed. To him, it’s like not getting the courtesy of a reach around. Just plaine wrong.

    But you’re wrong on this one. Diess is scum for a lot more than just having the audacity to participate in capitalism.

  22. Watch Ryan “Double Talk” Deiss spin a whole new load of bullshit and make up terminology in this hypey video. (Is he now drinking as much coffee as Matt Bacak??)


    1. @See Ryan Deiss Dance,

      Ryan is so full of BS I bet he has to clean out his ears every evening since it’s oozing right out.

      “White hat are the guys who we consider as the type to ‘create and pray’….”

      Really? seriously? You stupid moron, THIS SITE right here (yes, Salty Droid), that is KILLING it compared to you when it comes to ranking is completely 100% white hat. And no, white hat guys are not ‘create and pray’, they are ‘lets do what Google wants.’ – create good content, create relevant links, encourage relevant discussions. That’s it.

      You’re an idiot Ryan, the sooner you come to that realization, the sooner you can leave for the mountains and repent for the thousands you’ve scammed.

  23. ^ Hey dude…

    I notice that scammers, hustlers & downright sleazy people usually speak euphorically, fast, over-exaggerated, too excited & they speak like they know everything….

    So yeah – they need to back off the coffee, cocaine or whatever shit they are taking…

  24. Out on Squidoo, an affiliate had this in his pitch for a Ryan Deiss product. Eerily familiar concepts:

    “Most people would LOVE to have a membership site that spits out dollars like an ATM machine everyday but they say, “I am not an expert at anything so how could I put together a membership site?”

    OK, so you’re NOT AN EXPERT; neither is Ryan. Surprised?

    He tells you straight up, “The PUBLISHER MODEL is what allows me to go into multiple markets at the same time…even markets I know nothing about and have no business teaching!”

    To prove his point, Ryan has created several membership sites that provide him a HUGE recurring income month in and month out with niches that he knows NOTHING about!”

    While it is pretty entertaining that his salesmen pump him as the clueless marketer after first buying everything he sells them, it is sad at the same time. People so hungry for an easy answer, they’ll obviously eat anything. But nice foreshadow in there, I think.

    1. @Martypants, That is very revealing. They are very openly proclaiming bullshit to be an acceptable business model, and boasting about it. That calls into question EVERYTHING the guy says or does.

  25. LOL Droid!! Where’s my post?!

    I thought you were all about free speech and saying whatever the heck you wanted on the net, regardless of the names you tarnish? Am I not allowed that here too, or is this your private domain in which Salty is the only one with an opinion, unless OF COURSE my opinion aligns with yours? ;-)

    Interesting…lol I figured you’d at least have some intelligent response, rebuttal, or SOMETHING. Just having the comment removed..that’s pretty low tier. Even by your standards ;)

    BTW keep it up, we always have a real good laugh here in the office about it. I was reeeeeally hoping to have at least a day’s worth of back and forth with you…come on man. I don’t have all day to spend jerking it to new ideas on how to flame Ryan..just an hour or two. So do me a favor…at least give me the time of day! :D

    Beep :: Boop :: -choke-


    1. @k3vin, What were you accusing SD of again?

      Seriously, cut back on the drugs. Even the douchebags aren’t going to keep you around if you can’t remember what you’ve spammed the day before.

    2. @k3vin, care to join doodoo boo boo brown on the short bus to the lobotomy clinic?

      1. We tried to come aboard but it was already overflowing with Salty Dick and his nut swinging followers. Thanks for the offer though.

        1. @DooDoo Brown,

          “We tried to come aboard”

          At least you know you belong there…and that’s the first step…

          We?…you’re speaking first party plural….OMG…Is K3v your boyfriend…that’s nice…but can he speak for himself, or doo you pull his strings….

        1. @Frank Kern Free, That approach would turn a lot of people off, and it’s not something you could mention while reporting someone to a government agency for actual crimes THEY may have committed. Alerting their targets and carefully documenting their activies, in detail, is the best response.

  26. STOP JUST STOP…Cause Im chocking so hard from laughing I can´t breath. And to think I thought I was too BUSY TO WATCH those videos, glad I took a break cause I have NEVER Seen a more refined group of standup losers in my life.

    In video deuxe FatMan Without A Clue promises to help you with things he doesnt know about, that should be a gem plus you get 5 yes 5 hours with this turrtle talking twinkie success of an entrepenuer who keeps the fan running the backround to make sure your eye is contstantly distracted.

    Oh but if that were only the end… there is the Frank Kern WannaBe Crack Addict… ok thats wrong of me maybe he´s not a crack addict maybe he has a hyper aggressive metabolism or maybe he does heroin instead. But surely he will lead you to the best bonus…NOT!

    These are all great, get drunk, get stoned or simply sit back and laugh your buns off.


  27. There is no mention of salary amount. Unless the guaranteed salary is more than $200,000 with potential to earn over a $Million, why would anyone trade in entrepreneurship, using the available techniques to earn money online, just to become an underpaid slave to this guy, Ryan Deiss? Makes no sense whatsoever. And the last time I saw one of these so-called job offers before that he put out, it was paying something like $2000 per month. Isn’t this a total contradiction to a guy who is allegedly teaching people how to make Millions of Dollars online? None of what this guy teaches actually works. Yet, I am making $600-$900 per day ($20k-$30k monthly) using my own techniques that have been working for more than 6 years, using very simple techniques that I would never share with anyone. All of these guys simply jump on the latest scam that the other is putting out, and promote it to fill their own pockets knowing good and well that the crap doesn’t even work. You should be ashamed of yourself Ryan. Anyone who goes to work for this guy is an absolute idiot and a moron.

    1. @Roddy Piper, Exactly. Deiss himself didn’t build his “business” (pipe dream factory) on what he purports to “teach.” People should avoid him like the plague.

  28. Check this out -> Ryan Deiss is doing a launch….http://www.kdpchallenge.com

    Part of this launch is downloading his new “kindle” book.

    SO, if WE ALL download it, that means we can COMMENT on the BOOK in AMAZON. Imagine how we can ruin his launch by commenting all the lovely things we know and love about Deiss. How would that be for SEO? Remember he is doing this live as a part of the launch so other people will read our comments and it may kill his chances of making sales.

    Whatcha think? Help him fall on his face?

    1. @Smashing, It might be worth commenting that he is partnered with convicted felon and internet fraudster Perry Belcher, among other things.

      1. @Ray Ray, I think I will, but I think this would serve even better to have all of us go in there and do it – really drive his book ratings into the fucking dirt and his reputation too.

        Did you know that Amazon pages rank really well on Google with a little SEO thrown at them?

  29. Thanks for the tip, @SD… I’m changing my name to Cheap Digital Camera. Big-ass internet monies are a-coming!!!

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