Ryan Deiss :: Perpetual Traffic Accident

perpetual prevarication

The interwebs keeps askin’ me …

… is Ryan Deiss a scam?

I feel like I should answer them …

… yes :: yes ma’am.

Done and done.

Okay … maybe just a little more … while we’re already on the subject …

Ryan :: and his gay little cartel of co-conspirators :: are fake-scarcity launching another frauduct destined to enrich a few assholes at the expensive of heaping suffering on the many.  It’s how Ryan helps to make the world a better place. His own version of What Would Jesus Do? :: only in this version Jesus is a hypocritical narcissistic sociopath who thrills on the suffering of others :: blessed be his name.

The current scam is about pretend telling people how they can get “Perpetual Traffic” utilizing only Google organic results.  You’ll be rich :: Rich I tells ya! :: RICH … biatch!

High level robot investigations {lasting up to 10 minutes} have discovered “The Secret” to this perpetual organic traffic system. These investigations led to multiple penetrations … of the data … and the numbers could be heard screaming far into the hypotenuse. And to take that argument one step further … rhombus.

Oh yeah :: anywayz “the secret” to organic perpetual unicorns :: it’s link building.  Ooh là fucking là!  Duh like ten years ago! The idea is to build up links around targeted keywords and then generate traffic from Google searches for those keywords. Fine. I’m sure if Ryan is qualified to sell a $2000 frauduct on the subject :: then he’s putting it into practice himself in his main businesses. Because while we may fight and secretly hate each other :: I think we can all agree that free traffic is the best traffic.

The traffic for Ryan’s visionary “run ads in gmail” frauduct ….

… well I’ll be a poked pig in a blanket! That doesn’t look very “perpetual” … and only two percent of traffic came from organic search.

The pageviews for Ryan’s “become a social media manager by paying me for nothing” frauduct …

What a pretty spike that is Mommy … and less than two percent of traffic via organic search. Learn another one of Ryan’s $2000 social media strategies right here on this blog :: for free!  Just get in on my “list control bonus” … which coincidentally is a keyword phrase that Ryan tried to rank for :: but he lost badly to me … not trying.

And who could forget about Ryan’s legendary “run Facebook ads” non-idea?

… well now I’m starting to notice a pattern.  And guess what?  Yep :: less than 2% from organic search. Ryan does run some remarkable Facebook ads though … like these fraudulent ads his company ran for convicted felon :: and long time Internet scammer :: Perry Belcher.

Well at least the “Perpetual Traffic Formula” product is going to use perpetual organic search engine traffic techniques … right?

What a shocking shocker of a shock! And … wait for it … only 2% from search.

Huge fucking spikes of traffic spread over tiny time periods … almost NONE of it from organic search. Ryan wants to charge you $2000 to “teach” you how to do something that Ryan himself can’t seem to do.

Is Ryan Deiss a scam?

Yep Yep!

>> bleep bloop

UPDATE :: Pulled from the comments … courtesy of @_cartman_ … via the horse’s mouth …

381 thoughts on “Ryan Deiss :: Perpetual Traffic Accident”

  1. Ive actually read nearly all the posts here an im really glad Ryan has been exposed. In fact im still receiving emails from him AND from a number of other affiliates promoting his service.
    He mustve invested alot of time to launch the product and all the marketing at the same time and at first I was intrigued then as you start reading the ‘positive reviews’ that appeared within 24hours thhey were so spammy it became obvious the whole thing was a sham.
    This blog post and the reviews really sum up what Ryan is doing. Conning people out of money for something they can get for free. Ok hes dressed it up in a presentation and a print out, but seriously $2000 your having a laugh!!

  2. Ok several things today; One so far from this very active site I have concluded that Most of you guys don’t like Ryan and you are of the mindset that he has ripped these people off terribly. Now they have the Red Pill that they did a webinar on last night that is suppose to really create success by creating good mental health and destroying old destructive mindset that are counter productive to success.

    I don’t know because I came late into the picture, and am not aware of all that is going on or all the details of how this got started. I am familiar with his stuff and appreciate the free info I got that I didn’t know before like the Authority Codes, which got me some good .gov and .edu links to one of my sites. The cherry picker is quite useful as well. I haven’t paid a dime, but did gain a couple of useful things from following the affiliate links.

    I have a couple of questions for anyone that would care to reply.

    Henry Ford invented the Model T and the first massed produced car. Since then numerous auto makers have copied his invention and improved upon it. So were they scam artists, and did they rehash the automobile? Has Ryan Deiss improved upon, and upgraded any information that hs is selling? Are people actually seeing results and benefiting from his very expensive training course?

    Is anyone here actually teaching, creating software, educational materials that are new and improved, or helping anyone out there that needs to learn really good SEO techniques so that they can improve their quality of life for themselves, and their families by generating either a very good online income or at least good extra income?

    I just want to learn some really useful stuff that I don’t already know, find good software to automate and increase productivity of submissions…stuff that is really user friendly, high in quality, and is not a rip off that I can both use and feel comfortable promoting to others.

    Everybody is cracking on Ryan (amd maybe with very good cause) and somewhat assualting the people who have fallen for the SEO course but I would love to expend some of this energy in a way that would be beneficial to us all…but what do I know…that’s my two cents which is probably only worth a penny..lol.

  3. Also Droid if read correctly on the Operator page, you are a COD player? Is that COD 1 without the patch? Because if you are and you play online you may recognize me as StoneWall….and I am one Scary S.O.B. on there….you need your game face to see me…LOL…I am the shiznits!

  4. Please help me over the hump…I have a website http://www.internationalwaterfrom air.com that sells atmospheric water generators. At this time I have done the SEO myself. I am a PR3 and am trying to page one for water purification systems and water filtration systems. I am on pg3 #28 for water purification systems out of 6.5 million results and pg 7 #69 for water filtration systems…anybody that would give me a link to help move me up I would be eternally grateful…i am up against the BIG DOGS now Like Brita, Aquasana, etc. But the little guy one man operation is giving them a run.


    1. @Greatdomainnow, I don’t understand what that site is trying to do.

      I get this message when I go to it:

      “Network – DNS Lookup Error
      The address http://www.internationalwaterfrom cannot be found.

      We suggest you try again, edit the address, or click on one of the links below.”

      Wouldn’t it be better if your friend set it up in a way so people could just go directly to his site?

        1. @Greatdomainnow, Why don’t you just use the linkbuilding service your advertising on the bottom of that page? It says they will build you links for your site.

          Also, I don’t understand the part of your site that says “Humans Need Water”. I think most people would see that and wonder why they need your site, since they probably already know that they need water. I mean if they need it I assume they would always be using water, so they couldn’t be at your site if they didn’t need water because I guess they’d be sick or dead or something. I’ve never really tried to not drink water so I don’t really know I guess.

  5. A friend of mine told me that some stock-trading friends of his said FaceBook was starting to do more of some sort of traffic than Google but I can’t remember what it was.

    Does that mean that we can expect this Ryan Deiss guy to do a product about why we should all forget SEO and focus on FaceBook?

    Sounds like that should be coming next month based on what I’m reading here.

    1. @Jack, he already did that. In February.

      Warning: Do Not Watch. Mind Control In Action.


      If you do watch it, don’t forget to laugh about 30 seconds in when he tells you the video you’re watching will be taken down very soon. Because it’s been up for over six months and counting.

  6. Here are some buyer comments from the Warrior Forum:

    “Did you guys notice that Ryan doesn’t really know what he’s talking about when it comes to Keyword Research?”

    “I will definitely ask for a refund”

    “I’m very disappointed”

    “Seriously, pretty basic and I must say that I was more than a little bit disappointed.”

    “He needs to kick it up a few notches if he doesn’t want a massive refund rate.”

    “Yes, I’m one of the buyers. I’m not satisfied with the product”

    “As I’ve already got a somewhat deep level of SEO understanding, I have already noticed some of the stuff he has taught is somewhat innacurate”



      The caps lock key is on the left side of the keyboard.

      1. @Unicorn Army, Relax.

        One can make do with the info on that page and leave it at that, thus saving 2 grand.

        Or, better yet, go to SeoBook.com and get the real goods.

    1. @Bob R., Unfortunately for Ryan Deiss, thousands of people already saw that video on Ryan’s own site when he was using it to promote his previous crap. So no, it’s too late to pretend he didn’t say it. Good try though. LOL!

  7. Look…I like to come here for a laugh occasionally at the fact that people actually take the time to take somebody and verbally abuse and bash them with some sort of wikid random vendetta. I don’t know why anybody would spend their free time being hateful and mean to somebody. I simply don’t get it. Is it to fuck with his cash flow? Make business hard for the guy?

    Let me tell you guys something…it’s not working :P It will never work. I know Ryan and Perry both personally, and I have for some time. You’re not hurting their wallets. And none of your are stupid enough to just keep trying something over and over again in the same way with it not showing any results…at least I hope.

    So what is it then? Some sort of a “greater good” – “he’s scamming so let’s bring him down” sort of thing? You guys may be a bit off on that one too…

    We’re all smart people. We all know that information is free in today’s world. You can NOT come out with something super Earth-Shattering in anything online anymore without the entire world knowing about it freely in less than an hour. Hell, Microsoft can’t even make a piece of software without me being able to pirate it 1/2 a day later.

    So, with that in mind, everybody here KNOWS that what he’s got to sell isn’t really above and beyond anything anybody’s ever seen. But, Ryan has continued to be successful time and time again to spite all of you people who are jumping down his throat without ever even knowing the guy. Why? Because…drum roll…he’s GOOD AT MARKETING. He sells thousands of copies of this because he’s good at getting people worked up and wanting to buy something. Wouldn’t you want to learn ANYTHING from a guy like that? Especially if you have a 45 day period to get your fucking money back?

    He’s not tricking people. He’s not scamming. What happens is that you guys, obviously all smart people, get his course (which I’m sure 80% of your haven’t even seen yet…) and immediately go “well fuck this is crap. 2k for this?”. When somebody else, who is a BEGINNER and NEEDS TO LEARN THIS SHIT to get started gets all the information in the world out of it, and comes back claiming they would have paid double for the information.

    He’s not marketing to you fucks lol. Believe it or not, he’s got a target audience. It’s people who don’t know all of the stuff he has to teach. And believe it or not yet again, a good half the people I run into even today don’t know how to properly search Google, or know what SEO is from their asshole…but they want to do what Ryan does.

    So to me, it seems that all of this “free” information on the Internet is definitely free for all those who know where to find it, who know how to start, who have a firm grasp of where to look (and don’t come back and say “oh its easy a dumb fuck could find this”…trust me….alot of people have NO idea, I swear to you). But for the rest of us, Ryan will consolidate it all for you, show you what you need to know, walk you through the information, and at least get you started.

    Let’s not forget…after a couple weeks if you think it’s horse shit..you can GET YOUR FUCKING MONEY BACK

    It seems that horse shit is in the eye of the beholder ;)

    And enough with this “felon” shit about Perry. I don’t give a rats ass if he is a felon. Fuck, I’m a felon. But if a guy can make millions, lose it, make it back, lose it again, and MAKE IT BACK AGAIN…I don’t care at all what kind of person he is…I want to learn from that guy!!! (and trust me, he really is one of the nicest, kindest people you’ll ever meet. It was a fuckin mistake guys, let it go).

    I would say cut it and move the fuck on..but we all know that’s impossible. You guys have way too much shit to talk, just has Ryan and Perry have way too much money to make. To me, you guys are waaaaay worse than they are. Keep on keepin on SD, we all know that you’ll never give up…it’s just a weird thing to “hang on to”. More power to you though…you’re making NO difference <3


    1. @k3vin, You might want to submit that to free-press-release.com.

      I think you summed it up perfectly right here:

      “And enough with this “felon” shit about Perry. I don’t give a rats ass if he is a felon. Fuck, I’m a felon. But if a guy can make millions, lose it, make it back, lose it again, and MAKE IT BACK AGAIN…I don’t care at all what kind of person he is…”

      I doubt anyone could have put it any better than that.

    2. @k3vin,

      And enough with this “felon” shit about Perry. I don’t give a rats ass if he is a felon. Fuck, I’m a felon. But if a guy can make millions, lose it, make it back, lose it again, and MAKE IT BACK AGAIN…I don’t care at all what kind of person he is…I want to learn from that guy!!!

      Perry made money in a felonious way (no need to use the quotes)….he is a felon, and made his money directly by committing that felony….it’s not that he was making money and just happened to commit a felony….

      A bank robber makes money…want to learn from him?
      Madoff made a fucking fortune….wnat to learn from him?

      Or do you draw the line at learning from someone ripping off the sick and desperate….you fucking humanitarian you….

      1. @_cartman_,

        FYI..Perry didn’t lose and make his money over and over again by committing that one felony. That was…well..ONE felony. It was a mistake, just like I said, and just like he said as well.

        And yes, if a bank robber was caught, thrown in jail, did his time, got out of jail, and made millions by NOT robbing banks, all the while apologizing for robbing the bank…for sure. I would want to learn from that guy. I can’t believe you wouldn’t. Nobody ever said that I wanted to learn how to commit felonys online like Perry. I want to learn what you guys seem to LOVE to leave off about him, is that he’s moved on since his mistake and has been very successfully on the straight and narrow.

        He’s done his time, and gave up what was asked for. I don’t see why he should still be rammed for it.

        ..but, like I said before, all this really is is for a good laugh. My give-a-fucks are pretty much non existent here. Just giving my 2 cents, even tho I know that since they are on the opposite end of the spectrum from you strange fucks, they’ll never be taken seriously :P

        Thanks anyways…and good luck in your..hahahaHAHA..mission? I guess you can call it? Whatever it is :P You’re doing wonderful!


        Let's count how many names I get called in the next post. We have an office pool :D Fingers crossed!!! Wait…gotta egg them on a bit…"fingers crossed, you predictable fucks!".

        1. @k3vin,

          I know what Perry says happened, even to his “friends”. And if that’s the story you’ve heard and believe, you’re not in his actual inner circle of real friends – they know exactly what happened and sit around and laugh about it with things like “aw that sucks man, you’ll get back on top” etc etc. This was back when it actually happened.

          I can also say with confidence you have not independently looked into what happened. Which means you’re just taking him at his word, just like a sales page.

          I could tell you exactly what happened and prove why Perry was knowingly at fault, but you wouldn’t believe it anyways. So I simply encourage you to read the official reports and charges filed against him. They spell it out pretty well. It wasn’t an “oops”.

          Also, Perry’s follow-up launches touted his money-making ability FROM the felony. Remember his Social Media Blueprint? All his earnings claims were from money he had taken away from him. All his proof was fraudulent. But people continue to take him at his word, because he’s promoted by other “good guys”.

          You have too much trust.

          Don’t reply until you read up on this and we’ll talk more.

          1. @Felony Shmelony,

            Don’t reply until you read up more :P I know everything there is to know about it. It’s just plain strange to me that you would think that I have no idea, when you have absolutely no idea who I am, or what I know….so…yeah, very strange? Still though..

            Please don’t get me wrong here. I’m not condoning what he did. When I said “I’m a felon”, it’s to do with some stupid traffic law thing I unintentionally broke, completely by accident. It snowballed pretty quick..yay for our traffic system (lol)! In that regard, I’m nowhere near Perry in terms of “I know what I did before I did it”…so yeah, horrible in terms of comparison, him and I, and I’ll admit that one.

            But, going back to the bank robber, the same guy would know what he’s doing is wrong. He knows it’s illegal. And yes, when he gets caught he goes to jail just the same. But you’ve seen that show “Mastermind” (actually I’m not sure that you have, that would put me in the same boat as you in terms of assuming what you do and do not know). Basically, it’s these guys who do these crazy things (bank robberies, check fraud, smuggling drugs, etc.) and then come on the show and talk about it AFTER they did their time, and paid their debt to society. Hell, some of them write books about it and end up making a pretty decent haul.

            Here’s my point…Perry knew what he was doing. In that regard, there was no “oops”. But, after the fact, it doesn’t mean he can’t feel sorry for what he did and change his ways. Which…I’ve talked to him about it before (not in an attempt to wow or shut anybody up, you guys could probably care less). He didn’t try to hide what happened, but he told me that he no longer conducts business like that, and should never have in the first place.

            All I’m saying is that maybe it’s you guys who don’t know the whole truth, or your facts are a bit skewed. He’s such a nice guy, I’d really like to change your minds about him.

            But as I said before…stubborn will be stubborn, and I’ll never be able to (nor will anybody else) clear his name to YOU guys…even though the state of Texas (and our country) has forgiven him.

            I don’t care too much though. And apparently, you guys don’t either :)


            1. @k3vin ::

              It’s the State of Tennessee actually … oh lover of facts … and he’s not been “forgiven” … he’s on parole. “Paying his debt” to society meant honoring the terms of that agreement for the entirety … but before the ink was dry on his settlement {negotiated by a fancy lawyer retained with loot monies} he was working with The Syndicate … which in my opinion is a much :: much :: more serious violation than Selmedica ever was. I started writing about Perry because of his Syndicate frauducts … not because of Selmedica … just like I wouldn’t have started on James Ray if he’d fallen into silence and contrition after the sweat lodge deaths. You really have to beg for it to be featured here.

              I know everyone likes Perry. Fine. I write about actions not people … and Perry’s actions are disgusting. If there is a genuinely nice guy lurking inside of him … then that makes his actions even more abominable.

              The facts aren’t “skewed” here guy … the facts are the facts. Corrections to substantive factual errors are always welcomed and carefully considered.

            2. @k3vin, Here’s a recap on felon Perry Belcher from the pages of reality:

              1. Perry Belcher didn’t commit his felony in one brief moment, or over a weekend. He did it over many years. That is NOT a casual criminal or a mistake. He is hard core and knew exactly what he was doing. That’s the worst kind of criminal.

              2. Belcher did not stop until AFTER he was caught. Don’t confuse criminal apprehension with “change of heart.”

              3. Even after his felony conviction, Belcher immediately resumed using fraudulent claims to sell products while ON 10 years of supervised probation. He *admitted* to it right here on this blog. His social media frauduct was promoted using the sales figures from his prior illegal drug business. That means people would have had to break the law to achieve what he himself claimed. In other words, his product claims were based on a huge lie.

              4. Belcher has various get rich quick frauducts, including one where he claims he is the successful operator of ice cream trucks. However, there is a recording floating around in which it states he knew NOTHING about that business and just got the info second hand from someone who did. Now, to any customer who buys such a product on the expectation of receiving promised first hand experience, but who actually receives second hand theory, that’s a misleading ripoff any way you look at it. Oh, and don’t forget his “hot dog cart” business, which you might think has made him a bunch of money and that he is currently operating. I’ll take my lies with mustard, Perry.

              5. Belcher has NEVER publicly admitted the seriousness of his conviction and taken full responsibility. He had one spin video where he said, “I did some things the government didn’t like.” How is that a confession? That’s a total denial. He was convicted of a serious felony. He ripped sick people off for YEARS and then tries to make HIMSELF out as a “victim?” That’s more than shameful.

              Behind all the fake “flip a switch” charm and the “trust me” smile is a real sociopath.

            3. @k3vin,

              First you said

              “..but, like I said before, all this really is is for a good laugh. My give-a-fucks are pretty much non existent here. Just giving my 2 cents, even tho I know that since they are on the opposite end of the spectrum from you strange fucks, they’ll never be taken seriously”


              “Let’s count how many names I get called in the next post. We have an office pool :D Fingers crossed!!! Wait…gotta egg them on a bit…”fingers crossed, you predictable fucks!”.”-K3vin

              Then you said

              “He’s such a nice guy, I’d really like to change your minds about him.”-K3vin

              hmmm…..it’s an interesting approach you use to “change” minds….do you retarded fucks actually speak truthfully in any regards…or do you become so fucking stupid by writing your BS copy, that you carry it over and make it part of your daily lies (I mean lives).

        2. @k3vin,

          “FYI..Perry didn’t lose and make his money over and over again by committing that one felony. That was…well..ONE felony.”-K3vin

          Try learning to differentiate what you fucking said…I never mentioned losing money over and over again I didn’t mention losing money at all (in my response)…that was your quote I “included” in my response…you fucking half wit r-tard….are your “colleagues” still laughing @K3vin [who’s post was “deleted” and brought to another thread by “aliens”], who can’t seem to figure out what he said, or where he said it…

          “It was a mistake, just like I said, and just like he said as well.”-K3vin

          I see….so Perry Belcher accidentally pretended to be fake Doctors…he accidentally misrepresented his product…he accidentally kept billing people without authorization….that’s such an innocent oops; Not (and FYI, that charge is a class B felony (only something like murder would classify as worse)…it’s not like a class B MisterMeaner (yes K3vin it was misspelled for dramatics…sorry Rainman…my bad)

          “He’s done his time” -K3vin

          Wrong again Rainman…he is still doing his time….his time is 10years (suspended sentence/probation) until 2018, and if US law is like Cambodian law…”suspended” means that his sentence has been “set-aside”, to give him a chance to abide by his probational order….that means if he breaks the terms of his probation order (like he did in his 2009 social media promotional video, where there was a deliberate misrepesentation of certain facts), he will spend that 10 years (well probably 6 with good behavior) in prison (I believe I have that launch video), and his own CONfession of his misrepresentation is on this blog….nice..nice

          “and gave up what was asked for.” -K3vin the RPFM

          He “forfeited” (because of the “oops”) to get the plea bargain…he didn’t “give up” anything…since you do not have the “color of” right to “give up” what is legally not yours (ie: if you take something under false pretense, you don’t have legal ownership even if you maintain physical “control”….are the other imbeciles (your colleagues) still clapping and laughing as they stand behind you like a bunch of Arnie Grapes pointing at the fucking screen (oohhh look guys he’s calling us fucking r-tards cuz we misrepresented facts…we’re winning)…winning?…get fucking real..

          [Forfeit: to lose or lose the right to especially by some error, offense, or crime]

          “Thanks anyways…and good luck in your..hahahaHAHA..mission?” -K3vin (aka arnie grape)

          A challenge?…okay…so be it…the nice thing…I don’t have to be ripped off by Belcher’s lies….so I can still present evidence of probation violations….

          “We have an office pool :D Fingers crossed!!! Wait…gotta egg them on a bit”

          My pleasure…

  8. Maybe Ryan Deiss is starting to see his refunds really begin to pile up right about now. If the shill activity here is any benchmark.

  9. @Felony Shmelony,

    You know, the state? Texas? Big piece of land in the far south. Borders Mexico, right next to Louisiana. Where Perry is located…Austin, which is the capital of said plot of land. Cowboys, oil rigs, hot weather, worse humidity, fuckin’ Texas.


    1. @k3vin, But Texas is not where Perry was convicted. Perry was convicted in Tennessee.

      You’d know that if you were aware of the facts in Perry’s case.

      1. @Anthony Mahavick, Of course, k3vin isn’t really interested in “facts.” He just “wants to learn from that guy” since he “don’t give a rats ass if he is a felon.”

  10. Thanks for exposing this. I thought something was wrong with this guy and his product. I have no idea why the latest trend is to sell a $2000 coaching program to people.

    1. @Vince, because there are less people buying. Two reasons – A. the economy, people just don’t have the liberty of maxing out credit cards like crazy anymore and they don’t have as much money. B. the exposure of groups of gurus in IM and the revelation that they are using deceit to promote their products.

      It’s happening in many industries and bleeds over, people are more skeptical, they are demanding answers to harder questions and they are being less obedient.

      It’s harder than ever to get those same amount of sales as yester-year. They are desperately trying to make adjustments, but like inbred hicks with their frontal lobes missing, they do not have good sense to jump from a sinking ship.

      1. @Christian blowjobs with Jewish Finger Healing,

        You have a good point.

        Personally, I think their way of creating scarcity is very fake. They pull off everything and say doors are closed after a few days of the launch.

        I have always believed that there is a fine line between over-charging and being too cheap. I think it is important to find the right price to charge people for your products and services.

        $2000 for this? No way! I really think this “coaching” style is over hyped. How can they coach me properly if they aren’t showing me or communicating with me directly?

        I don’t consider a bunch of videos and PDFs to be classified as coaching. There are just educational material that I have to go through myself. Sometimes I feel they are insulting my intelligence.

        My Mum once told me, “Son, you’re too honest. Others will make $1 while you’re only going to make $0.50 by being so honest.”

        I could never live with myself if I were peddling crap that I know is over-priced and over-hyped.

        1. @Vince, that’s not always true. There are plenty of honest people that make plenty of money. The key to making an honest living with comfort and luxury is the same as the key to having good relationships ; the willingness to continually work at it, to give of yourself to others, and sincerity. It’s still people that are going to be giving you money for your services or goods. People have long memories and they don’t forget.

          Now that’s how a true business operates, by integrity and the sincere willingness to help and serve others, indulge in your own passion for the craft tempered with a wisdom for profit.

          Anyone can steal and lie to get money. Doesn’t take much of anything, even if the conman’s schemes are super elaborate and he is able to con many. It’s still no big accomplishment but rather it’s just a nasty addiction to the rush of having been able to cheat people out of a lot of money, even if those people are elderly or young people from a third world country. There is no honor in that and actually displays his stupidity. All that time and effort put into cheating people could have been put into doing it right the first time, except he now has the attention of law enforcement and people are actively working to make him go to jail.

          Vince, keep being honest, it’s gotten you this far in life, so you must be on the right track.

  11. Just a reminder if you or anyone you know spent $2,000.00 on Perpetual Traffic Formula, your refund DEADLINE is almost here. If you have any hope of ever seeing that huge amount of money again, the clock is ticking!

  12. You know that $2,000.00 “Perpetual Traffic Formula” you just bought from Ryan Deiss? The one where he said Google SEO was the HOT TICKET?

    Here, he’s saying something completely different. He’s saying forget Google! And he’s saying he isn’t any good at SEO. And that it’s NOT WORTH IT!

    How’s that make you feel after paying him $2,000.00?


    Don’t forget there’s a REFUND DEADLINE!

  13. Greetings and Salutations To All,

    It has been a while since I visited the Ryan Deiss Fan Club…lol. Thought I would take a few minutes and catch up on all the good news regarding our buddy.

    I watched video recently where he teamed up with somebody…didn’t much care to know his name and they are now selling the red pill. From what I could gather it is a formula to help you improve you mental, emotional and spiritual well being particularly to handle all the money he is going to help you make. Just 2k for the accident and 2k to help you psychologically after you realize you were in one for those that voluntarily took the ride.

    Anyway, I am not an SEO expert but I have certainly improved my SEO IQ over the years and am doing much better now.

    I decided to start a blog series for noobs that have very little to no understanding of what SEO is and hope that my blog series will give them a basic foundation from which to work from later on so that they can 1. do some SEO stuff on their own eventually, 2. make better decisions about whom to follow when looking for good SEO information, and 3. help them possibly make a better more informed decision as to whom they might want to purchase software, etc, from to increaset the speed and efficiency of their SEO efforts.

    But for many they get sucked in before they know what a one way text link is and I thought it would be nice to create a series of blogs (probably about 12 total) that would give them vocabulary and understanding of what SEO is.

    Here is my Blog site http://freeseotipandinformation.blogspot.com/
    Free SEO Info Blog

    Others can do better I am sure but I don’t see too many doing it so I thought maybe I could catch a few “new to the internet” or “new to SEO” folks and perhaps save them a buck or two and save them from being someone’s nect victim

    I would really appreciate it if you guys would help me help them by visiting periodically, making a post, etc, so that it will eventually be found by somebody that could really use the info that is on it.

    Thank you much, I would really appreciate your help, and I am sure that the few that don’t become victims from all the gurus would appreciate it too. Be well, and God bless..


  14. To whomever gave me the thumbs down?

    You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but I would imagine that you are probably the types of people that sit around all day complaining constantly about every little thing. You critisize and knock everything, but never take a proactive approach to anything.

    You give me two thumbs down for what I wrote or the blog i created trying to help new people on the internet 1. learn something that may help them, and 2. keep them from falling victim to everysoothsayer and guru that promises them the moon for $39.00 (or in some cases 2k)?

    If you can do better then by all means please do so but don’t knock my efforts to help some people by pressing a thumbs down button on me. Get your thumb out of your ass and put all of your energy and talent to some good rather than being an f***ing sideline quaterback that has never put on the pads and hit the field.

    To everyone else be well and be blessed!

    1. @Greatdomainnow, the first rule of SEO is to not spam other people’s blogs for your own gain. Looks like you need to go back to square one.

  15. @ Inbreeding should be illegal in GA

    Doesn’t sound like you know too much about SEO chief..I would rank my sites against yours anyday.

    Further making an attempt to put up geniune beginner stuff to try to help some beginners or noobs find there way there before they fall victim isn’t spammng Country boy. I haven’t tried to promote one product or myself in any way. Perhaps you might want to shut your slick little trap and give us all a lesson in how its done.

    Guys like you kill me. You always have the time and energy to put someone or something down but you never do anything constructive with your time…like maybe help somebody that might need it. Rule#1 don’t always try to look out for yourself, #2 make sure you look into what you’re commenting on before you open your slick little trap there cheep a roni…O’tay!

    1. @greatdomainnow, you’re pretty convinced of yourself. There’s no room for anything to improve. You’ve mastered yourself. Congrats.

    2. @greatdomainnow, there are thousands of blog posts out there with better advice for beginners. If you want to make a difference, link to them – not to your crappy GoDaddy websites.

      Here are some free tips for you:

      1) Submitting a web site to search engines is a total waste of time.
      2) Your bad advice doesn’t help anyone, it just drives them to the marketeers.
      3) This is not the best place to promote your garbage link bait.

  16. @Inbreeding should be illegal In GA

    Perhaps you should have taken a little closer look at the blog site. If you look at it carefully you won’t find one affiliate link or self promoting link on the site.

    I stumbled upon this blog a while back and decided to find out why there was such an attack on this guy and what he was doing so wrong that it angered this many people. And while I don’t profess to be the foremost expert in SEO I am certainly not a rookie. The only reason I have the banner link on my website http://www.internationalwaterfromair.com for WMHaven is because i have used their services on two separate occasions and they delivered what they said they would do….very surprising, and not at ridiculous prices. However, I got the idea to begin creating a series of blogs so that the beginners could go back to the first one if they happened to stumble on 2 or 3 first and get some geniune information that would help them increase their knowledge and vocabulary before they fell vicitm to one of the all knowing gurus that tries to pay his house note off of 2,000 people he can get to sign up.

    I also thought that since the people on here were angered enough that they may take a few moments check out the blog and help give it s jump start with a little traffic since Stevie Wonder could see that there was absolutely no self promoting or affiliate links, or false promises being made. My general purpose was to possibly get some of the energy being directed on this site at Ryan Deiss to maybe jumb start a blog series that may help beginners and new commers that had not yet fallen victim to his type a chance before they do.

    So sue me if I am wrong for trying to help a few folks out. I know I have made my fair share of mistakes and lost quite a few dollars before I started to get some things right.

    Asking for a little help from some of the people on this site to do does not make me public enemy number one or a bad guy. Just thought that a few might want to help somebody else too. Lets all spend countless energy bashing Ryan Deiss but how does that help anybody from falling vicitim to him?

    But this doesn’t violate any first rule of SEO my friend. And if you aren’t for that is fine, but when the “The Salty Droid” dresses me down for it then I will respect the wishes of the Blog creator and at that time discontinue any attempts to request the help of the people of this site to do something good to help someone else. Any help or advise that you would be willing to render would be most appreciated.


    1. @greatdomainnow, You’re a douchebag. What’s wrong with you? Are you DAFT, or just a snake? You’re on a freaking CONSUMER blog, a place victims can come to for info or help, and you’re playing the self promotion game. Nothing stealth about it, slick boy! STILL burying your damn magical water extractor toy link inside your rants! What a fwad.

      Oh, and I noticed you are NOW suddenly using some bullshit ‘green power’ link behind your name. You aren’t an altruist, you are a poser!

      Go shove your blatant spam links up your ass, douchebag!

    2. @greatdomainnow, all that typing and you haven’t told us a thing. Your insecurities are showing you up.

  17. Ok guys…I get the hint I will disappear….assholes like you are a dime a dozen in this world…sit around bash others…there’s not link bait on my you dumb shit…none of you read to well do you. So sit here and impress your selves about how talented each of you are…bash Ryan Deiss who cleaning house on these people while you’ll sit around patting yoursleves on the back and sroking each others cocks about how bad he is.

    You don’t do shit to solve any problem with your petty little insults on here. Ryan Deiss this…Ryan Deiss that….try focusing your euridite energies somewhere where they might actually do some good. Half of you sound like a bunch of whinning jealous little bitches that are envious of him because you don’t have the wits, brains, ane wherewithall to do what he’s done. So let’s talk shit…that’s a real problem solver. And now you have me to attack…fucking losers….lets find people to attack because it will make us feel better about our own pathetic little lives.

    Ryan Deiss doesn’t give a rats ass about this blog and what you guys write. He just keeps doing what he doing and this blog doesn’t change any of it. But you keep up the good work patting each other on the back seeing who can come up with the cutetest little bash today and impress each other with your quips and cliches….lol. Ryan runs to the bank and you run to this blog as if it will ever stop, hinder, or make a shitting bit of difference to anybody but the haters that plague this site and world.

    So carry on good people, and now you have someone else to attack too. Lucky you. But the sad thing is that not one of you whether you an do better than what I am doing or not will do shit….because misery loves company and you feed off of each other…so keep it up…as a matter of fact I am going to start a Ryan Deiss Fan Club Now….hate that too you buch of negative never do anything but run your fucking mouths and contribute shit to the world assholes that some of you are.

    Good day and I don’t give a rats ass what your resposes to this or anything else of mine you attack..So see how clever an attack on me you can launch now and stroke you little wheenies and finger bang your little VaJaJay’s…LOL.

    1. @greatdomainnow ::

      oh my goodness gracious … you should take three chill pills … or maybe two pills and one suppository.

      What gave you the impression that you weren’t gonna to get griefed down here. Internet much?

      You can promote your non sales stuff here … that’s fine with me {I didn’t click through}. But I think you kinda missed the point.

      1. We aren’t hanging around bashing Ryan … this is an old post … just one page in the story book. Fuck Ryan. Stupid little troll is just a small part of a big monster.

      2. I don’t know what the solution to this ginormous problem is … but I’m totally sure it’s not SEO.

      Just let it go … try again another day. It’s a fuckin jungle out here.

    1. @No Deiss,

      Bwha ha ha. “His new secret traffic source is FACEBOOK? The biggest website on the planet?…” Secrets out!

  18. I actually stumbled upon Ryan’s schtick today. I noticed his blog didn’t have a page rank.

    Things that make you go hmmmmm.

    I like his Cherry Picker software, though. anybody know how accurate it is in terms of calculating backlinks and indexed pages?

    1. @Eliza Day, Forget Ryan’s lame cherry picking software. That’s just a cobbled-together toy for newbies. You can bet he probably just paid someone somewhere to slap it together for him (outsourced). If you want REAL software, this is WAY better (and very inexpensive): http://www.marketsamurai.com. This is exactly what the pros use (and probably Ryan himself, lol).

  19. Great article and super funny as well! I love your smack down of Deiss. I almost felt sorry for him, but then I remembered that you are only exposing him and his dubious products. I almost dug deeper to buy his program thinking it would help me but thankfully I held off and boy I am glad I didn’t waste my money on yet another substandard IM product. I realise it is really about taking action and doing the hard yards even though my efforts haven’t paid off yet. Keep up the good work.

  20. Yes you are a scam. You tell us things that we already know. And then you say bad things about Google to try and lure us to purchasing your products.

    SEO is hard work and you need to have new changing content and lots of it. When you have good content and new stuff, people will start linking to you.

      1. @>basic computer training, dangit! That was supposed to include the /a in the triangular brackets you left out. Another failed joke…

  21. I agree with you that the gurus are over the top with their $2000. (I mean $1997. courses.) but they would not sell them if somebody was buying them. I see the top products on Clickbank in the IM niche are push button auto pilot, make money do nothing products. The rub is people just love that pitch. I try selling quality IM products that actually take work and thought to use and they are not such hot movers. I could do a mailing now for the push button auto pilot products and I am sure I’d sell a bunch.

    I have seen some brilliant marketers who started putting out great informative products for reasonable prices give up and start selling the B.S. because the good stuff just was not selling. People do not always want what is good for them.

    You could probably make a fortune just selling everything that is against Google’s terms of service. Guns, alcohol, firearms, porn, tobacco, prescription drugs.

    Actually you seem to be good at SEO. Do you have a $2000. course to sell us? Is there anything you actually like?

  22. Actually Ryan Deiss just came out with an interesting course on mobile local marketing. He formula is teaming up with someone who is an expert in the industry. The course seems to be quite extensive, includes weekly coaching calls and is just $97. This seems like quite a bit of value to me and a smart formula.

    There is something else. You do not always have to be a doer to be a teacher.
    The former kicking coach for the Miami Dolphins was a paraplegic who had never kicked a ball but he was an expert in teaching others how to. My uncle was a shooting instructor in the Marines. He was great at teaching people how to shoot but lousy at doing it himself!

    By the way you have done a great job of getting traffic to this blog. You should give a course.

  23. Never heard of Ryan Deiss before this blog, but he seems lame as ever. There must be a requirement to be mentally retarded to join the IM ranks, because seriously, the least he could have done is pretend to actually use his own methods. Guess he underestimated people going to actually check on his work. Muhuahahaha. Reminds me of Perry Belcher’s Twitter Rockstar crap and let’s not forget Maria Andros’ video views on Youtube. No matter how cool these dumbos try to make themselves look, they just don’t quite get there and end up looking confused. Wondering for who Ryan Deiss is puckering up his lips to suck for?

    1. @masters in education, Wow what a dumb spam comment.

      “Never heard of Ryan Deiss before this blog, but he seems lame as ever.”

      Do you realize how stupid that sounds?

      You never heard of Ryan Deiss before, but he seems lame as “EVER?”

      That’s like saying, “I’ve never seen someone before, but they look the same as they did last time I saw them.” Pathetic.

      And this gem:

      “Wondering for who Ryan Deiss is puckering up his lips to suck for?”

      What does that even MEAN?

      So after your last marathon spamathon here, you decided to come back here and read the bare minimum, for context, just so your spam comments don’t sound QUITE as spammy?

      Didn’t work. What are you thinking? Do you like playing with matches?

    2. @masters in webeducation ::


      Well that’s better than last time at least. Maybe you’re growing as a person.

      Let me give you some consulting …

      1. It’s not just the link that you want. You want to have links that people care about … and click on. Links that people are using … not just links.

      2. I already let you have one … that’s the important one … additional links are of diminishing marginal utility. But I wouldn’t expect you to understand that if the best you could do in life was an M.Ed.

      now you have no links … cause i broke all of um … something Eben Pagan could have done with his GED

  24. Hi, getting your money back is not the issue. Every time someone gets scammed, he, or she loses faith in the Net and someone else, who is actually selling something that works, pays the piper.
    I went online yesterday and invested in one of the $39.00 auto software schemes and was sent through four other pages where he tried to sell me items which would me, not the thousands he promised, but millions. I went “no thank-you” four times which directed me to the download page. It turned out to be the same page where I had started from. I am now trying to get the money back from Clickbank.
    People like this should be removed for fraud.

  25. Here is Ryan Deiss’s marketing secret. He is going offline to find buyers for his products because he said his SEO techniques and being google slapped is cutting into his profits! Instead he is on Nextmark.com and finding lists of buyers so he won’t lose his millions of dollars. That’s right. I’m talking about postcard marketing. That paper you get in your mailbox. I’m not talking about email. So just chuck his products into the garbage.

  26. This is the most pathetic blog on the net, I can’t believe I wasted my time reading these comments of people who probably can’t even set up a web site let alone bash people for making things happen. None of you will make it with these types of attitudes. I pity the blog owner and his followers.

    1. @tim,

      Absolutely right, none of us will ever make millions of dollars in “product” launches that involve selling overhyped IM-basics to desperate newbies.

      Y’know, cause we got hearts. And a moral attitude is a pretty big handicap for joining the good ol’ boys-club.

    2. @tim, Are you serious dude? You sound like an apologist for the scam bastards that operate with impunity. Thanks for showing whose side you are on.

  27. I was surprised when P-traffic was released. going from $97/197 products to $1997!

    It´s quite a jump. Been talking to much with Kerny:-)

    I think his products from 09/early 2010 actually are good consideering the $97 price points.

    Get one with your lives or quit please! :-)


    p.s. Look! a bunny rabbit!

    1. @Willando ::

      You don’t know what you’re talking about. Stop spending money until you do.

      There are no $97 products :: those are lead gen into upsells and boiler rooms.

      Welcome to the bottom feeding basement of life.

  28. “His own version of What Would Jesus Do? :: only in this version Jesus is a hypocritical narcissistic sociopath who thrills on the suffering of others :: blessed be his name”… NO! Dumbass, that’s god. But jc tried to make it sound all good, so you’ve got a point I suppose. Now back to real life, who is ryan deiss and jesus anyway?

  29. Organic SEO is effective for products or services that people are actively
    searching for online. But it’s useless for a new product launch, such as Ryan Deiss’s Perpetual Traffic Formula – because no one knows about it, so won’t be searching for it.

    Thus, Ryan Deiss is smart enough to have several other methods of generating traffic for his product. That doesn’t mean his product is B.S. You should assess that on the basis of what is actually in his product.

    1. @Chris, No, you should assess based on how he presents his product, because that is the basis on which people paid for it. Many are buying it to emulate him, which is impossible, because what he is selling people is not how he makes his money. It is pure bullshit.

    2. @Chris, Ryan only has “one” method of generating traffic for his products. He gets his affiliate/friends to send promotional emails to their mailing lists. This is also how “they” generate traffic for their products.

  30. Once again, another BUTPLUG comment from the Salty DICK Droid. Your a fucking legend……In your own mind. Too bad you still live in your mothers basement. Its also too bad that your website gets so much traffic and you cant monetize any of it. Know why? Cause you have no fucking clue how to market anything other then your bowlshit thoughts of others. What kind of a fuckbag goes out and tries to tear down every internet marketer who’s ever been successful. Your just a sore loser and a total faggot!! Fuck off beochhh! I know where you live and so does my columbian friends who wouldn’t think twice about dropping by and leaving you a present.

    1. @”Hero,” You must have thought real hard for hours (maybe days or weeks) to come up with your nickname, kind of like aspiring to be the opposite of what you really are. That said, welcome to the blog, asshole.

      Oh, and making an incoherent, lunatic, pro-scammer comment after 350+ comments confirming that your douchebag idols truly suck…well, that’s also a sign of serious mental deficiency. Get that checked, asshole.

  31. There’s a well-established circle-jerk consisting of about two dozen so-called gurus who make their money by hyping their so-called products, memberships, etc. to one another’s mailing lists and/or JV-ing with each other.

    Among this circle of over-promisers, over-chargers and under-deliverers who make their money almost exclusively by abusing the trust of their list members, Ryan Deiss has risen to the exalted position of head jerk(er).

  32. We all know that there’s a well-established circle-jerk consisting of about two dozen so-called gurus who make their money by hyping their so-called products, memberships, etc. to one another’s mailing lists and/or JV-ing with each other.

    Among this circle of over-promisers, over-chargers and under-deliverers who make their money almost exclusively by abusing the trust of their list members, Ryan Deiss has risen to the exalted position of head jerk(er).

  33. yeah ryan is a total phukbag kuntmuscle! i went out to an equity investors network meeting in san diego and tried talkig to him, even gave him a combat rescue coin and he just looked at it like it was no big deal! i was gonna bust his teeth out right then, but my partner and i just left and never looked back.

    1. @tony, Well, that’s certainly a unique term of disparagement, and you said it twice, in stereo. I’d always just thought of Deiss as a plain-vanilla psychopath, but your description adds just the right extra touch.

  34. I wish that I found this site soon. I just paid for his “Google Hack Report”. Only $7, then instead of taking me to the download page it goes straight to a video offering an upsell that cost $97 x 2 monthly payments to give you training ON THE EXACT TOPICS that he said were going to be in the “Google Hack Report”. Oh, and then my login for the Google Hack Report doesn’t even work.

    1. Well, find people who are passionate about what they do – those who talk the talk and walk the walk.
      Those people who will not insult your intelligence but rather take your hand, answer your questions in less than 24 hours, and open their books for you to see.

      I have stopped subscribing to Ryan’s product info and launches a couple of years ago. And that is the best decision I have made.

      Search for top caliber people who are true to their word – Jack Forde (or John Forde) of copywritersroundtable.com is one of my favorites in copywriting.
      Another one is Sean D’Souza of psychotactics.com

      Anything instant when you are starting is a red flag – instant traffic, instant money, instant riches – and you will see yourself going nowhere in an instant.

      Great article you have here. Kudos!

  35. Pingback: Salty Droid? Yep.
  36. Why hello little spambot!

    I see you have been commenting on this over-spun spam-comment honeypot about the “Isagenix scam,” right behind comments claiming to be from Shawn Dahl and frank kern blog. Shawn Dahl testimonializes from Leviticus 25:45 (MLM ed.): “Your company will carry logos of these bodies in their websites and brochures if they are members.” And frank kern blog reminds us of the PROFIT$ Frank Kern, Todd Falcone, Jonathan Budd, Mike Klingler, and Daegan Smith.

    I am glad you have looked into the Isagenix products and ingredients. Are they still using the potentially salmonella-contaminated peanuts in their Chocolate Dipped Honey Peanut IsaLean bars? Is that how they are certainly making PROFIT$?

    I was going to ask you whether Isagenix is a pyramid scheme, but this video on their website answered my question:


    Did you know that the founders of Isagenix are John Anderson, Jim Coover, and Kathy Coover? Jake Kevorkian, Ian Cordell, and Chris Kent are founders of NUMIS. I wanted to see if NUMIS had a video about being a pyramid scheme, but they’re too busy squirreling away silverware to replace this placeholder image on their Our Story page with an actual video:


    Do you know what MLMs Jim Coover, Jake Kevorkian, Ian Cordell, and Chris Kent were in before founding their own? Any Herbalife alumni here?

  37. I did it, it’s possible not to the likes of Frank Kern, but right here I
    am nonetheless functioning from the comfort and ease of residence and surrounded by the ones I maintain dear.
    Using the Frank Kern List Control program to produce
    a great list — while discussing affiliate marketing and the call to
    build a list of subscribers — may well be just
    the ticket to overcoming countless barriers when it comes to list-building activities.
    When you uncover exactly what your readers want,
    provide them info or access to the tools they need to take the first
    few steps towards a solution.

  38. Hey SD, luckily I never got sucked into this crappy course, however, like very SEO worth their salt, I’ve been suckered by a few. In fact scam SEO programs are pretty much par for the course until you decide to stop listening to so called gurus and start testing for yourself. I think you you should do more post like these to really help some of the newer guys in the industry avoid some of the pitfalls that most of us have had to deal with from products that over promise aHey SD, luckily I never got sucked into this crappy course, however, like very SEO worth their salt, I’ve been suckered by a few. In fact scam SEO programs are pretty much par for the course until you decide to stop listening to so called gurus and start testing for yourself. I think you you should do more post like these to really help some of the newer guys in the industry avoid some of the pitfalls that most of us have had to deal with from products that over promise and under deliver. Maybe you could review wake up now.

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