Make Money Online Hotdogs

HOT DOGS! ... for dummies


Perry Belcher made millions of dollars online by lying to sick people :: selling them fake medicines … and making criminal coconspirators of his affiliates {before ripping them off}.

It’s called fraud :: it’s super easy … and you don’t even need a high school diploma {just ask Perry}.

Evil Jowls was convicted of felony computer crimes :: lost all his super lame possessions … and was sentenced to ten years of probation with special conditions barring his participation in misleading sales {among other things}.

Fuck that though :: what’s a fat stupid bastard supposed to do … get a real job? No way :: jobs are for people who don’t understand that it’s okay to lie as long as you’re gettin’ yours … cause then later you can trickle down on honest people and stuff. Not pee or anything :: but maybe … let’s see how it goes.


But it wasn’t all fake claims by fake doctors about fake cures for bladder infections which untreated may lead to total kidney failure :: it was also the magic unicorn power of … wait for it …


Who’s got the patience for believing in the children … hot dogs are the fucking future!

Perry “the hot dog guy” Marks {which according to Belcher wasn’t him using a probation violating pseudonym because his middle name is Mark} has twenty years experience in fraud :: er :: um :: I mean hot dogs …

“For the first time ever I’ve decided to share everything that I’ve learned over the last 20 years in the hot dog cart business with you.”

He’s been shoving tubes of dubious meat down his fat lined throat for decades … and you can too!

“…This Is The Easiest Way I Know To Make an Average $576 a Day Without Any Formal Education -or Business Experience Like Me”.

Remember My Motto: Nobody Has EVER Went Broke Selling Hotdogs!”

You can’t went broke on hotdogs :: if’n you don’t believe me … you can ask science.

According to anonymous sources close to the story {ones who have huge fat necks :: felony convictions :: terrible taste in shirts :: a super fake twang :: and a hate filled vendetta against a fictional robot} … ownership of The Legend of HotDogs site was transfered to Ryan Deiss during Perry “the hot dog guy” Marks’ medical fraud related criminal problems.


Naturally :: I signed up to receive all the lastest tips and tricks regarding selling my meat on the streets … great stuff like …

“Jayson claims his fantastic success is due to two things: his proximity to BYU campus, which helped fuel Provo’s hunger for hot dogs, and the superior quality of his products. “We bake all of our buns fresh, and we use bigger and higher quality dogs than our competitors.

His spicy, sweet special sauce doesn’t hurt either.”

So I guess the tip is move to Utah … and don’t serve painful sauce.

Dear Hot Dogger,

I’ll bet your eyes were really opened to how much money you can make with your own hot dog cart.

All that you really need is the information in my course and just a few dollars to get started.

It’s only $297 … so buy it now with your monies and soon you will be rich.


Here are just a few absolute winners…

Would you like a second dog for just .99?

Do you want the combo? Hot dog, chips and a soda only $3.95?

Oh but [sic] the way did you want a cookie for desert [sic], their [sic] only a dollar?

Just these few could instantly double or triple your daily profits and it cost you NOTHING to try.

We have over 10 up sells that work like a charm boosting your average profit per customer to $3.50 each NET! So the same 75 customers earns you a cool $262 a day or about $90K a year.

Tip –> Ask people if they want even more hotdogs :: or a drink … omg success!

Jesus in the morning these are some sweet tips … which is why I have been such a longtime subscriber to The Secret of Hotdogs of Attraction mailing list.


And then this month something changed :: suddenly and without notice …

Justin Christianson here (Perry’s Business Partner) – hope you’re having a great week.

I’m sending this e-mail out to our entire subscribership of hot dog cart enthusiasts.

Why am I sending this to every single person? Very simple: You’ve all been asking for this for a long time – and I’m finally delivering it. Let me explain.

Over the past handful of months I’ve been getting a lot of feedback about the impact of the “make money” industry. Many of you have shared stories about feeling taken advantage of, misled and generally abused.

While a number of folks are flourishing in your businesses, I’ve connected with a lot of you who are confused, stuck and majorly struggling to build the business you really want. Many of you aren’t even sure you’re in the right business.

By far the biggest question that has come in from the largest number of people is this:

“In today’s economy, what business can I build that will generate the income I need to FINALLY attain true financial fre.edom?”

May the god of hotdogs forgive them for what they’ve done.

Justin has way good business ideas because he’s a multiple figures per time period internets multiple millionaire :: and if you want to talk to him about it you can forget it because over on About Justin he tells us …

Justin has a knack for solving problems and figuring out exactly where companies pain points, often having companies pay him upwards of $60,000 to share his wisdom.

Totally true :: companies are desperate for people with wisdumb and knacks and sentence fragments … they’ll pay upwards of almost anything.

Says the imaginary CompanyMan :: “Please sit down Mr. Christianson and share with us all the important things you learned in high school … oh wait … here’s your $75,000 upfront fee. We’re really impressed here at The Company by the way you’ve been able to grow so many necks at such an early age … leverage … action taker!”

Here’s Justin Christianson telling the sad people at the No Excuses MLM-4eva Summit about how he’s a rich and smart celebrity authority who’s already made a huge success of himself …

So interwebs successful is Justin Christianson that he’s mailing a felon’s hot dog list about making massive money online with two other chubby dumb dumbs :: Jeff Vacek and Ken Preuss …

Justin says Jeff and Ken each have 7-figure Internet business :: so they don’t need any help getting leads … but you know this hot dog list transformation opportunity was just too perfect to pass up. It’s not desperate :: it’s visionary … and Ryan Deiss is in all the right syndicates so he must know the what what.

But I wanted millionaire hot dog tips like :: “don’t forget about the ketchup” :: not millionaire make money online tips like :: “don’t forget about twitter.” Which is why Justin Christianson :: Jeff Vacek :: and Ken Preuss have just earned highly coveted {by no one} tags on

Do you want a bag of chips with that?

>> bleep bloop

137 thoughts on “Make Money Online Hotdogs”

  1. Ridiculous, just like the crap being peddled by small timers pretending to be big time at the Warriors forum. They are ripping off folks every minute there.

    You should take a look at them

    1. @Jay,

      I think the gullibility factor of people going to that forum has actually multiplied rather than died down. It’s amazing. And sad.

      1. @Jaime,

        True and in the past year, the amount of trashy WSO’s that promise Gold but give stomach curdling trash have greatly increased. Some of them churn out WSO’s daily to their list, how can you claim to be helping your subscribers but you are asking them to buy a new product every day? What time would they ever use to test out one thing? The hypocrisy is unbelievable.

    2. @Jay,

      The WF is nothing more than a den of snake oil salesmen selling shit products to people with shit-for-brains. Still, I get a lot of pleasure haranguing the sellers of these amazing products in the War Room, and the idiots that buy the fuckwittery they are selling.

      Amazingly I haven’t been able to get banned yet!

      1. @doublep, while I agree with you that there are a lot of ‘snake oil’ salesmen on the Warrior Forum – not all product creators or ‘list owners’ are like that :)

    3. Belcher is rearing his ugly head yet again I keep getting emails about how he is speaking at this event of that event and now I am seeing him appear in promos for products. Shouldnt this guy be in Jail?

    4. @Jay, so your saying the ebooks that Jeff Vacek and Ken if you follow them won’t make you tons of money ? do you where i can get the info for free to check it over ? thanks

      1. @dianna,

        Bunny says:

        For a website that is suppose to produce $30,000 a month in income, you would think the traffic stats would be pretty high. However, data shows that in a 3 month time they had less than 100,000 visitors. I’m not sure how you can make $30,000 with less than 100,000 page views in 3 months.

        An anonymous poster on Scambook writes:

        When I put my credit card details in they say stop you have not finished and have to pay another $2000.00. Unfortunately I paid $1000.00 and I spent weeks trying to get my money back.

        Warrior frickin’ Forum “Senior Warrior Member” Black Hat Cat wrote:

        I’m listening to one right now by Jeff Vacek and Ken Preuss. It’s the same “live” and “exclusive” webinar I’ve heard 2-3 different times now.

        And folks….if you believe is making $30,000 per month like they claim, I have a bridge in NY you can buy cheap.

        Black Hat Cat posted that 3-31-2011. If a cesspool like Warrior Forum dislikes Vacek and Preuss enough to leave that up, run away. Flee! Quickly.


    I remember Perry shilling that f’ing hot dog site as an example to follow at Krank Fern’s Underachiever Seminar – while sitting next to John Reese, Fern, Dale and others.

  3. Why would anyone pay $297 for Perry Belcher’s three CDs when they can get hands-on, one-on-one training at Hot Dog University for $298? I guess that is why you can now get the instant download version of Hot Dog Secrets for $7. (If you can make your way past the �s.)

    1. @Lanna�,

      And if you can’t figure out what to do with a hotdog, you can always get a job a Wienerschnitzel. And get paid for your training!

    1. @RunBrunsonRun,

      OK, I didn’t get too riled up by his 99 cent ebook on importing ’cause I thought it might actually contain 99 cents worth of information, such as “Use” But what’s in the $97 course that’s not in the ebook?

      I like where he says, on both the Hot Dog and Importing sites:

      A digital copy of my FAVORITE book of all time “Think and Grow Rich” I have just acquired the rights to this classic and it’s my gift to you

      That sounds much more impressive than the truth, which is that they were so busy cranking out new editions that they failed to renew the copyright on the 1937 edition only, causing it to fall into the public domain, and the PDF version can be downloaded without buying anything.

      1. @Lanna, For years I imported very large quantities of goods, and someone once showed me Belcher’s bullshit China importing “product” to get my opinion. At that time, Belcher hustled it as a CD set, with a “manual” that was nothing more than a poor transcription of the audio.

        No meat, and loaded with Belcher beating his fat chest/manboobs. As per his usual, it oozed with feel good hype, peppered with less substance than you could get from spending a few minutes on Alibaba or cruising a public forum (and those are free).

        Belcher is all about spending as little effort as humanly possible to get into people’s wallets. He is one habitually lying, lazy sociopath. He is a career scammer who will NEVER change, period.

        It’s outrageous that Belcher’s numerous probation violations have gone unaddressed for so long. Truly outrageous. He absolutely needs to be incarcerated.

        1. @Oldtimer,

          Wow, good to have an expert opinion on this. I flipped through the Look Inside pages on the ebook, he’s got this disclaimer:

          Before we go any further, I want to make a couple of quick disclaimers. First of all, I am not an attorney and am not able to give any sort of legal advice. If I describe past personal experiences, don’t take these as legal advice. . . . Secondly, I am not an accountant or tax professional, so if I mention taxes or tariffs or anything like that as far as goods coming in, those laws and things change regularly.

          Now, aren’t the legal issues, customs fees, taxes and tariffs where a profitable-looking import venture can go into the red?

          1. @Lanna, That particular aspect doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re sensible, you use a freight agent/broker that coordinates the shipping on your behalf, doing what they do best and allowing you to do what you do best. They are better able to stay on top of the requirements.

            Duties and such are going to be assessed on valuation, published goods classification, quotas, and the occasional Uncle Sam punitive commerce measures against other countries. That sounds complicated, but it’s just basic “lookups” for freight brokers. You are more likely to have problems by being a dishonest schemer and trying to claim (to get lower fees) that your container of back braces is just a shipment of children’s toys. (Customs has sophisticated gear that x-rays entire shipping containers, and they also do random physical inspections so committing such fraud is beyond stupid, yet people try.)

            The risks of importing are not so much the peripheral issues of getting the goods from point A to point B and filing paperwork. The risks are your suppliers! I’m speaking primarily of China here. Almost always – no, make that always – they will lie to you at some point, ship you goods made below agreed spec, or pull your chain in some significant, costly way. Oh, the stories I could tell. Importing is not for the weak of heart. Imagine having a $350,000 shipment of defective product clog up your established business pipeline, especially after you have shipped it to YOUR customers. The additional time and costs to remedy problems like can be huge.

            No matter how long the relationship you’ve had with your supplier (even years), and despite their having sold you millions of dollars worth of goods in that time, they will throw you under the bus if opportunity favors their doing so. It’s ingrained in the culture and business climate.

            My reference point is large factory runs, where the goods are unique to you. Exclusive, custom goods are the only way to survive in importing, and even then, the risks are enormous and never subside. The other end of the spectrum is people buying smaller quantities of generic goods that everyone else has access to – those quickly become commodities and thus don’t scale – a terrible, low margin way to torture yourself.

            Anyone without access to large capital, and plenty of solid long-term experience in all facets of hard goods marketing – including channel sales and fulfillment operations – are just plying a hobby or playing the lottery. It can be very alluring in the (simpler) beginning, but as things grow, your capital outlay, risk factors, and supply problems all soar exponentially. Can you make money doing this? Certainly, some (few) will, but it can STILL easily implode at any time, even when things are looking their best. Many will discover heart problems they never knew ran in their family.

            Perhaps that’s why, when I see hucksters like Perry Belcher fueling the “you can do it” fantasy, it absolutely disgusts me.

            Here is a FAR more accurate counter reality to Belcher’s “you can do it” hot air:


            THIS book is spot-on.

            1. @Oldtimer,

              I always like to hear from people who actually have experience, unlike the poseurs featured here on the Salty Droid. You know, the ones who sell you their “System” [TM] and then you find out it’s really “System of the Week” [TM]. The info about importing is fascinating.

              I’d like to hear from a hot dog stand entrepreneur–if one is actually reading this site. I suspect most of them are too busy busting their butts working to actually cruise the interwebs.

            2. @Oldtimer,

              Aren’t there services like to stay on top of quality control during manufacturing?

            3. @Lanna, It’s just one more expense, and there is no guarantee. “Sampling” output is no absolute assurance, nor will a third party ever be as diligent (or as knowledgeable) as you would be with your own money involved. There are many, many ways you can be deceived in the production process.

              I haven’t even touched on deceptive production scheduling practices, “constructive delays,” questionable negotiating tactics, secret night production runs where they manufacture extra quantities of YOUR protected product and sell it on the cheap to others, etc.

              If you are Apple, with massive margins and an ongoing subscription model, you can throw money at each problem, although they will still relentlessly come up with new ways to squeeze money from you, even down to thinning the instruction booklet ink between pages 4-7 in order to score even a few hundred dollars extra per run.

              For anyone casually buying “off the shelf” goods that are not made to your own well-vetted specs, you also risk the surprise of a patent infringement action or trademark related seizure when your purchase reaches port. I’m not evening talking about obvious brand knoff-offs; it can be subtle, unintentional infringement.

              This is a redress forum, so I don’t want to create a FAQ page here on importing. If you want to know more about the real risks, get and read the book I linked to.

              I simply want to underscore that this is a high risk proposition and should NEVER be presented as a paint-by-number “you can too.”

  4. What sickens me.. literary to the point of vomiting..

    Is that, around 75% of all Internet seminars, meetings, sessions, boot camps, what ever the fuck these idiots call it to make it ‘feel’ special..

    The majority of the attendees are elders.

    Now, Idk if elders like the Internet marketing careers considering baby boomers + are, in the masses, technologically illiterate.

    It’s all a bunch of low time morons selling to sheep.

    I live in Vegas, so as the old saying goes.. “Do you really think these large multi-billion dollar casinos are made out of winners?”

    Do you really think this info product world is made out of winners? Wait.. no because then it would be dead because everyone is sooooo damn successful.

    And it makes me even more sick knowing these “summits” happen a few blocks down from where I live.

    1. @Erik, I had an idea that I think might really put a dent in this crime spree if enough of us can get behind it. Since you live close to where some of these seminars take place maybe you could be the start of it?

      What if we printed up simple fliers telling people that the MMO business is a scam and telling them to do their research on Salty Droid before attending and then handed out those fliers in front of the venues for these scams?

      We could hand them out in front of the hotels (or even in front of the actual entrances to the events before we got kicked out), we could put them under the doors of the hotel guest rooms, we could post them inside bathroom stalls close to the event. And because the dbs will try to stop us we can give people instructions for printing and distributing more of the fliers so attendees could share them amongst themselves.

      On the fliers we could include of course the link to this site, the link to where to send complaints, and how to get a refund for the event.

      If we act quickly we can do this for Yanik Silver’s next Underground event. Would you believe Mike Filsaime is making a cameo there? And he just released a video for his new frauduct that lists MCNBC and Fox as credentials (how do we warn the networks of this association – can they injunct Filsaime from using their names?).

      And in what is perhaps the most ironic moment in the history of frauduct launch videos Filsaime’s narrator asks people to google “mike filsaime” to see the “half a million pages” of people talking about Mike and that “you have to earn that kind of goodwill.”

      These guys are laughing in our faces and I’m starting to get really tired of it.

      1. @Franks and Schemes,

        I like this idea. If I’m not mistaken, we’re free to exercise our free speech in the public way – i.e., public sidewalks – so it may be best to stay there. It’s tricky in places like Vegas where everybody drives and parks on public property, but it should be easy to reach some people in denser cities.

        I’m concerned about libel. Can the fliers just direct them here and we’ll let Fake Robot handle the threats?

        Also, it looks like we just missed Yanik’s thing. The website says it was the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of this month:

      2. @Franks and Schemes, I like the idea of handing out flyers at events but I’m not sure if the Droid should necessarily be saddled with the task of providing More Information. As you pointed out, these people tend to be older, a little less Internet savvy and might not know what to do with the salty language contained here.

        Two possible solutions – one is to set up a simple site to direct people to that lays out what to watch out for in a scam like this. The other is to condense as much useful how-to-spot-a-scam info into a one sheet and pass them out. (Better still if the flyer doesn’t reference a SPECIFIC scam–then the scammers can’t complain that they’re being ‘targeted’ and the fact that their modus operandi is so depressingly similar means you could reuse the flyers at all kinds of different events.)

        1. @Holy Sh-,

          M’kay, let’s make this super simple:

          “You can use this site to order bulk quantities of free FTC education materials.”

          1. Community member suggests target event at least 6 weeks in advance.
          2. Community members respond if they can pass out materials at the event.
          3. One or more people who can go order appropriate materials from the FTC at least 4 weeks in advance.
          4. People show up at event. Those with materials bring them; those who don’t have them meet up with those who do.

          I keep myself off these douchebags email lists, so somebody else pick an event. Please let it be around Chicago!

          1. @Lanna ::

            SOBCon … I just heard a rumor that it’s just like heaven …


            The problem with using FTC materials is that then everyone will feel all defensive and hate you … and no one will read the stuff cause it’s lame and boring.

            The pamphlets or whatever should be intriguing enough to get people interested without containing any real information. People love a mystery more than a missionary.

            1. @SD,

              Defensive people hating me would not be, as Terry Starbucker says, “outside my comfort zone.” Do you really think they’d take more offense at FTC materials than at this site? I thought it would be the opposite. The FTC doesn’t name names or point out anybody’s moobs.

              I burrowed through the Bulk materials, and they are indeed super llamé. “Fraud: An Inside Look” . . . DVD? So 12 years ago. But “Starting an Internet Business: Dream Job or Pipe Dream?”, available as a PDF for easy photocopying, would get my attention. It has good info, and it would make me wonder, “Why did I get this on my way into SOBCon?”

              I’m not the target audience, though, so I think you’re right about the mystery. How ’bout a 1/4 page handout that says, “The Secret to Making Money Online that They Don’t Want You to Know About” and a link back here? Can you do special Gary Vaynerchuk and Charlie Gilkey posts?

              (The secret is that you can’t make money online!)

            2. @Lanna ::

              No it’s cool if they take offense or hate you … it’s just that you want that to happen after they’ve been exposed to the message.

              Sending people here wouldn’t do either … too complicated. We could build a special page though.

              The Prophets come to Chicago …


              … I guess Schaumburg is Chicago … a bit lame if you ask me.

              Maybe I should get a mailing list going and start organizing you cats into a justice machine?

            3. @SD, That’s a fine idea.

              Perhaps set up a “Take Action” or “Current Actions” page, and highlight it prominently on the blog. You could use it to mobilize people to respond to whatever is currently happening.

              Ideally, you’d recommend specific instructions or steps that readers could take to put a dent in a given situation: email a particular official, comment on forums, etc. Whatever would generate the most impact.

              Now that you do in fact have a substantial army – it’s time to mobilize ’em.

          2. @Jack,

            I know, right? The FTC are so focused on maintaining their buttoned-up government branding that their site doesn’t serve their ultimate clientele – individuals.


            Yes to mailing list and justice machine. If I don’t get to use my talents, sooner or later I get bored and move on. And I don’t know how to mirror sites, sorry.

            Internet Prophets has the speaker list I’d like to target, but I don’t know if it’s going to be as effective standing on Thoreau Drive with a big sign once I’m escorted off Renaissance property.

            I’m not familiar with all the speakers, but SOBCon and The Art of Marketing seem to have legit-ish speaker lists overall, but they have the benefit that people will be crossing public sidewalks to get there.

  5. Oh Scam I am, oh Scam I am, oh do you love green eggs and scams?

    Boy oh boy. Let me shell out the essential $297 before I purchase my cart for $2000 to $4000, and mebbe at least $4000 for a used truck to haul my cart and my ass around.

    I’d better shell out that $297 before I purchase business insurance and truck insurance and form an LLC. And I’d better get his program before I pay for and attend a food handling course just sos I know the regs and can get a permit from the health department.

    Oh yeah, this is the guy who’s not supposed to be doing biz online, who officially played the peanut gallery to Deiss’ recent Digital Marketing pitch. From the peanut gallery we hear how Mr. Dog has sold tens of millions of dollars of products, hence he must knowz what he be talking about.

    I’m listening to the fool in the first video as I write this. He’s giving legal advice and tax advice.

    How does Belcher get away with it? There’s got to be a money trail that proves he’s paying a front man – no one is dumb enough to declare income that belongs to someone else.

    Or are they?

      1. @I wantz 2B rich, “Perry Perry Sauce” perhaps. Full of chilli pepper and basically revolting.

  6. Belcher, ( what an apt name for him), should be tarred and feathered for his butchering of the English language.

    “Remember My Motto: Nobody Has EVER Went Broke Selling Hotdogs!”

    “Went” broke Perry? Really? And you with a degree from the University of Kentucky…or so you claimed. Research from a Droid reader proved that to be your 1,000,000th lie. (number is approximate) It was actually half a semester at Rabbit Hash Community College and they are deeply ashamed of their brief association with this fraud. (name of actual college changed to protect the innocent)

    I’d like to see Perry Mark jailed and fed a diet of nothing but cayenne and ash. If it was good enough to put in capsules and sell it to sick and suffering people it should be good enough for Perrymark. (it’s like Suellen, you run the names together when you pronounce it, it’s a Southern thing.)

  7. I guess when Mr. Belcher was spending 20 years in the hotdog business, his identical twin brother (also named Perry) was spending 20 years in the ice cream truck business.

    “I started my first ice cream truck business over 20 years ago in Orlando, Florida.

    Over the years I’ve operated, owned, bought and sold several of ice cream trucks and many other businesses. I’ve become the one of the “top dogs” in the industry, as a matter of fact.”

    It even looks like Mr. Belcher must also have one more (third) brother also named Perry, who ran the drug scamming business while his other brothers named Perry were selling hotdogs and becoming a “top dog” in the ice cream truck industry.

    I also noticed Mr. Belcher still has another (fourth) brother, also named Perry, who made lots of money painting people’s house numbers on street curbs.

    “I’ve made a pretty decent living in the curb painting business”

    “I promise you, you can make money your very first day. I’ve never started a curb painting business anywhere that didn’t make sales the very first day I was opened.”

    Mr. Belcher’s store receipt on that page is from the Bartlett Tennessee Lowe’s hardware store, which is right next to Memphis, where Mr. Belcher was arrested for selling sick people the fake pills. I know Mr. Belcher covered up the address on the receipt, but the number on the receipt turned out to be the store number and my friend Mr. Google told me the address part Mr. Belcher covered up.

    So all these Perry Belchers sure have lots of experience all at the same time making money from hotdogs, ice cream trucks, miracle drugs, and painting numbers on your curb.

    Those will be good skills probably for working in the prison kitchen.

    1. @Luther, OMG. I thought you were joking. It’s true! The man with the pork belly jowls really is trolling the internet trying to sell people instructions on how to spray paint through a stencil. Pond scum. Low life, bottom feeding pond scum. I’d better be careful, cuz sum-un might getz mad and hire a private detective to fine outz who I amz because I amz talkin’ so bad about um. Ooooooh. I better go look for a report on the interwebs on how not to let Perry Belcher find you.

    2. @Luther, Don’t forget the other one who’s been running an import business for the last 20 years.

      1. @Luther, Then after everyone gets rich with their doggy day care business, it will be time to start their petting zoo business to get even more richerer.

        “I consulted EVERYBODY that I knew who was a success at starting a petting zoo business read everything available on the subject of petting zoos and then added my own personal experiences to develop this system.

        Don’t let the size (Just 21 Pages) fool you. Over 200 hours of research went into this project.”

        Also there is this big WARNING that we should know about:

        “WARNING: You Will Likley Make Mistakes

        A man who represents himself in court has a FOOL for a lawyer and we all know that people who don’t read the instructions SCREW things up.

        Get help before you try to starting a petting zoo or you could screw up big time and when a full plan is only $7 Bucks, you would be pretty dumb not to grab it.

        Either give up on your idea, or get this report, otherwise your sure to make GIANT mistakes, in areas you haven’t even thought of yet.

        This TINY $7 report is the only thing standing between you and success as a petting zoo owner.”

        1. @Luther, Fake serial entrepreneuring is about the big rage these days it seems.

          Please check with physician before undertaking any sort of strenuous business or also you can get some other medical eBooks from me which should be OK for qualifying your health to do strenuous work.

          Also, apparently for having Painting Business Profits you have to become an Ice Cream Truck persona, too, because the order link for Painting Business Profits says:

          “Click Here To Claim Your Copy of Ice Cream Truck Secrets Now

          Luckily as soon as you become the Ice Cream Truck person from the Painting Business Profits page we get:

          “Every Form and Document You’ll Ever Need in The Painting Business”

          So apparently Perry Deiss and Ryan Belcher got confused by all the different fake people they put into all the different businesses.

          I think maybe they need to start a line of space exploration profits eBooks.

          1. @Jack, Hi Jack. Maybe Mr. Perry Belcher got confused about that serial part, because this other secret money system he had was probably more about CEREAL entrepreneuring:


            That website doesn’t seem to be up right now. I guess Mr. Belcher decided maybe hotdogs and ice cream and curb painting and house painting and importing and doggy day cares and petting zoos are easier to make people believe he is an expert.

            Or maybe all the potential customers just had a hard time believing they could just watch kids and earn more than rocket scientists.

            I wonder when Mr. Perry Belcher will just put up a web site that says, I am an expert at everything, just type in what you want to get rich doing and put in your credit card, and I will send you my system for it. But hurry, because supplies are running out.

            1. @Luther,

              That last paragraph is perfect. I bet companies would pay you upwards of a whole bunch of money for ideas like that.

          2. @Jack,

            Awesome link. I was just thinking about having a mobile petting zoo. Love the thought of cleaning petting zoo poo out of the minivan.

            1. @I wantz 2B rich, Don’t forget the liability insurance policy. One month’s premium will almost surely be more than one would earn in their entire petting zoo career.

              Actually, the price of the ebook is probably more than one would ever make in one’s entire petting zoo “career.”

              What absolute bollocks, huh?!

            2. @I wantz 2B rich,

              Follow Fairy Welcher’s directions and you’ll soon be scooping up petting zoo poo in your MANSION.

            3. @Head Honcho – yeah, and with such unlimited income potential, maybe I can buy a used Rolls Royce from Mr. Fire and use that to haul my miniature horse, pygmy goat, and pot belly pig around.

        2. @Luther,

          Petting Zoo Question #1: Why don’t I get a free copy of Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” with the petting zoo e-book?

          Petting Zoo Question #2: A freaking petting zoo? This isn’t like the stenciling numbers on curbs where you just visit Home Depot and you’re ready to ring doorbells. You need animals! Farm animals or exotic animals! No one (in the U.S. – probably in Japan, though) is gonna pay you to bring over your doggy daycare charges.

          If you get goats or ponies or whatever, then you need a farm to house them. You have to pay for food and veterinary care for those animals whether you’re earning petting zoo moniez or not. You’re gonna need a horse-type trailer, which means you’re gonna need a pickup or an SUV. I guess starting a petting zoo is a reasonable consideration for people who already have a farm’s worth of animals, but given these “chapters,” I don’t think those people are the target market:

          What are the BEST Petting Zoo Animals?
          What’s the best way to purchase animals?
          How should I care for the animals?

    3. @Luther et all,

      For more lists of Perry Belcher sites, refer to the “Frank Kern List Control Bonus” post on this site. Search for my user name on the page and you’ll find a running conversation about the various sites.

      Sickening isn’t it?

      Oh and SD, I’m sitting in a Starbucks reading your post and was just about laughing out loud when I read

      I signed up to receive all the lastest tips and tricks regarding selling my meat on the streets

    1. @Nikola, Nobody is watching someone “make” money. That implies honest exchange. Here, we observe people cheating and stealing, and THAT activity should not come easy.

  8. Ken Preuss? Hahahahaha! Haven’t heard that name in a while. Back in the day, he did a “reveal” about the only real way to make money online…

    Which was to do a “self-executing offer” to break even and build leads…

    And then refer the leads to a call center … for a high end coaching program….

    Exceeept …. most high end coaching programs suck balls….

    Lucky for us…. he knows the only two high end coaching programs that dont suck….

    And all he wanted us to do was to pay him up front and a percentage of the commission that the call center pays us when we refer customers to the call center.

    According to him, ALL the top gurus make their “real” money this way….

    Lol…good times….good times…

    He then had his sister qualify the leads.

    Maybe someone out there still has the pitch and the emails….

    It all sound soooo familiar to peeps who follow the droid.

    1. @Soulionaire_Boiler_Rooms,

      The stupid fuck can’t even get the terminology right. They are called ““self-liquidating offers” by anyone who know anything about direct marketing.

  9. But what I want to know is did he include the #1 solid gold take it to the bank every single day tip? Just in case he didn’t I’ll give it away here for FREE (really – honest – no upsell, no bs, 1000% free)


    “Do you want fries with that?”

    guaranteed to work every time!

    1. @Mobymom, Well, that sure worked on Belcher himself. It looks like his belly alone covered the construction costs for at least a few dozen golden arches.

  10. This guy clearly makes millions of dollars a year, as you can tell by the sweet studio this video was shot in:

      1. @Trogdor, I was fully expecting him to bust out crying. I also expected him to say something about how he’s living in a “tiny one bedroom apartment” and how the Rent-A-Center truck was outside about to take away the computer he was using so he had to finish up “quick like.”

      2. @Trogdor,

        When I started watching, I didn’t realize it was Justin Christianson. I thought it was some hapless shill pitching Justin Christianson’s stuff, like that couple pitching, oh, who was it, Ed Dale? Anyway, I felt sorry for him until I learned he’s Justin Christianson.

        Anybody else try to spot his tell? I think it’s his right eyebrow (on your left) going up by itself or wiggling when both eyebrows are up. It seems to happen when he says:
        over ten years
        serious money
        all the tools

        Justin, your own web hosting provider charges $10.99 a year for domain registration and $5.99 to $14.99 for WordPress hosting. It’s not more than $25/month like you claim.

        Also, you get to keep 100% of your commissions? Do you mean sales? Profits? I’m pretty confused here. My commission is my commission. It might be 10 cents, but it’s mine and I get to keep it – until I’m taxed on it, of course.

        Finally, from your About page:

        Justin has a knack for . . . figuring out exactly where companies pain points.

        Where companies’ pain points? Pain doesn’t fuckin’ point you North Dakota hick! Companies have pain points. “Pain point” combines an adjective and a noun, not a noun and a verb. Maybe you can figure out where their pain points lie.

        1. @Lanna, Also the fake $10,000 bonus area can get us a “completely powerful system” instead of just the run-of-the mill just “powerful” ones.

          I like the ideas for the tells you give us, but my tell from the video is about when he said he can’t ever really believe in himself, because he said that for everything he believes in he stands behind it 110%, but it was sort of dreary-dark in the video so it could be I’m wrong about it.

        1. @Fubsy, Not me. If I were you, I’d figure he’ll just get crack with the money instead and skip sending it.

      3. @Trogdor, You all are just jellis over Justin Christianson’s riches. Can’t you see the Claude Monet in the background ??? And to the person who suggested sending him money for a comb, get real can’t you see this is the new hair style all the hollywood celebrities coming out of drug rehab are wearing???? You all are so jellis because we da gurus iz cashin’ in. The power of the network is networking our power marketing skills empowered riches. Just ask my mentor Harlan Shillstein.

      4. @Trogdor, No way did he just start out with “in my 10+ years making millions of dollars online…”!? What a pathetic, little (chubby) man. Someone needs to take a frozen hot dog and beat him upside the head for being such a soulless, lying fraud.

        This “fake it ’til you make it” phenomenon really has become an epidemic. It’s called hard work, people — try it sometime.

    1. @Clark, Yes and don’t forget Mr. Belcher ALSO had a big candle business too. He grew that to astronautical proportionistics from what they say. By they I mean Mr. Belcher.

  11. So it seems that Perrymark predated Naomi “Human Sausage” Dunford by several years in the unfounded claims of death threats. Here he is September 30 2009 crying wolf:

    “Secondly, while there are a great many people who have shown me a great deal of love, there are a few that have shown a heavy dose of hate and anger, partially because of my past. This group has unfortunately been much more vocal and harsh.

    While I can take reasonable criticism, today I have concerns for my safety and the safety of family.”

    Alright, time to ‘fess up, which one of you little scamps threatened Perrymark’s life? We are all going to sit in this classroom until I find out who made Perrymark cry.

    1. @Barbara, Mr. Belcher said “a few have shown a heavy dose of hate and anger partially because of my past.” I learned from Ms. Betty Crocker that if you fill a measuring cup partially, that means there is still some room left in that measuring cup. So I wonder what the partially is that Mr. Belcher left out. Maybe, it is because he is partially still a crook.

      I guess that is good enough for the government, since his probation officer doesn’t seem to mind. Or maybe Mr. Belcher gave him a hotdog ebook to keep quiet.

    1. @Jack, Hi Jack. Also I think maybe jail could hide them from their target market, but I have not looked into the science of it.

  12. The only reason they do this shit is because they aren’t clever enough to do anything meaningful.

    Don’t copy them, please.

  13. RE Perry Belcher: How the mighty hath fallen.



    @SD, when you first glanced at the page, was there a moment, maybe just a second where you were like, “no way… this can’t be real” ?

    Nah, probably not. It is clear the IM-MMO heavys really will do anything for a buck.

    I suppose, actually on balance, trying to convince people to get rich by selling hotdogs is practically super legit compared to selling fake medicine to sick people.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

  14. What goes around comes around – and even faster online.
    Most of these courses and products getting hacked, nulled and uploaded to sites like and and get distributed for free (or $5 bucks on fiverr).

    If anything does catch your interest, you can get it for free these days.
    I’ve downloaded a ton of Warrior Forum products over the last 7 months for free at the above sites. And it’s just the same old, sold old.

    The products are hardly ever updated. The support really sucks, etc., etc.

    Out of 100 products, I’ve found 2 that I use regularly. If you look up a product review, you usually have to dig about 5 pages to find an authentic review. The rest are usually from affiliates.

    Most people who are making money in a particular niche aren’t going to take the time to write about teaching you how to do it – because they’re too busy DOING IT. They write about it after they’ve retired. By that time, most of the big money is LONG GONE.

    If found buried treasure, would you be building mailing lists and selling maps so others could do the same? People would probably never see you. You’d be spending all your time digging!

    1. @ebenpagansfilthyundies,

      “In the author’s opinion, Ponerology reveals itself to be a new branch of science…”

      Here’s a more politically-neutral discourse on psychopathy instead:

      You are right about the “not changing” part. Better to cage them instead.

    2. @ebenpagansfilthyundies ::

      People are voting that suggestion down for some reason {the smell of your undies maybe?} :: but I think that book looks weird and fascinating … I’m gonna read it.

    3. @ebenpagansfilthyundies, I found this line from that page particularly apt:

      “Low intelligence: Psychopaths are slightly below average in intelligence, with no instances of the highest intelligence or creativity. While they can be skilled in certain sciences not requiring a humanistic world-view, according to Lobaczewski, they lack technical or craftsmanship skills. They also test low for “social wisdom” and “socio-moral imagination”. Academic or business success is often the result of fraud, coercion, or the use of others’ work.”

  15. One hand washes the other

    they are all scum

    I’m both humbled by and grateful for you. It was a close race, down to the wire,
    and with a rush at cart close, this was yet another multimillion dollar success for
    GKIC and for the incredible affiliates we have.

    So thank you, and without further ado…

    The FINAL Renegade “Recession Made” Millionaire Leader Board

    1. Ryan Deiss (Wins it all, $10k and a coveted Titanium Mastermind spot)
    2. Greg Habstritt (Takes 2nd, $5k and an awesome Platinum Mastermind spot)
    3. Rich Schefren (Grabs 3rd, and a Power Day with 7 Figure Speaking Empire and $2k)
    4. Eben Pagan (Jumps into 4th, with a custom Product Launch trailer and $2k)
    5. Brian Tracy (Snags 5th and $1k cash and a loaded Macbook Air)
    6. Sean Greeley (First Launch and top 10, nice Sean!)
    7. Robert Skrob (Strong finish, thanks Robert)
    8. Ari Galper (Australia grabs #8, thanks Ari)
    9. Steve Sipress (Chicago’s own IBA holding down a top 10 finish)
    10. Dr. Erich Breitenmoser and Dave Lavinsky tied for 10th

    With Perry Marshall, Don Crowther, and Infusionsoft all one away from the 10th spot.

    Again, thank you for an incredible launch, and allowing us to carry Dan’s message of hope and opportunity to your people.

    Talk soon,

    1. @lilly,
      I’m sorry to see that Perry Marshall has joined this circus.
      He’s one of the people I regard as very credible in his field, and I was surprised to see his email flogging the GKIC stuff.

      1. @Anonymous, According to mr. Marshall’s own celebrity roundup:

        “If you’ve ever heard of people like Joe Polish (carpet cleaning genius), Craig Proctor (real estate coach and #1 ReMax agent) or Jeff Paul (now known for his TV infomercial but for years was a financial planning guru), all these guys earned millions using the JPDK model.”

        mr. Marshall forgot to include footed-notes, so here they are:
        FTC Vs. Jeff Paul

        Also, I think I saw somebody named Joe Polish mentioned about somewhere recently.

        but I think now we have to admit to the legitimacy of mr. Kennedy, mr. Paul, and mr. Polish, because about mr. Marshall’s books I found out about:

        “Perry Marshall’s books on Google AdWords are the most popular in the world. He’s referenced across the World Wide Web and by The Washington Post, USAToday, Entrepreneur, Chicago Tribune, & FastCompany”

        But maybe it didn’t bring the same sort of credibility mr. Marshall got (according to his celebrity round up) from sharing stages with:

        – Les Brown
        – Zig Ziglar
        – Dan Kennedy
        – Gary Halbert
        – Jay Abraham
        – John Reese
        – Alex Mandossian
        – Joe Vitale
        – Frank Kern
        – Yanik Silver
        – Bill Rancic of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice.

        1. @Jack, Perry Marshall’s books and courses on Google AdWords are ghost-written by the owner of a PPC management firm in Dallas, Texas. He doesn’t even know how to log into AdWords most likely, which would also explain that he doesn’t teach at his seminars, guest speakers do.

    2. @lilly,

      Halt. Is Sean Greely the owner of the Net Profit Explosions (NPE), a fitness professional marketing outfit?

      I hope not.

      Otherwise, someone please mail me a gun so I can shoot myself.

      1. @Glad I Was Broke, Yes. Yes he is. And Infusionsoft Loves him. He was the runner up in their ‘ultimate marketer competition’ a couple years back.

        1. @Yep, Since they provide the back end, Confusionsoft probably knows a lot about what’s really going on behind the “internet marketing” scene. Which of course makes them…contributors.

    3. @lilly,

      4. Eben Pagan (Jumps into 4th, with a custom Product Launch trailer and $2k)”

      Oy….oy….it’s gonna be his new “How To Marry Your Look-A-Like Sister And Find True Love” course.

  16. A week of great posts that is truly worth reading through. Can’t believe I missed them when you first posted them. I especially like the procrastination post. You make some valid points about prioritizing your tasks.

    I hope to see more posts like these soon. I am always up for some good advice even if it’s advice I already know… it’s good to refresh some things in my mind so I apply them.

    Take care,


      Do you like Green Eggs and Spam? I do not like them, Spam-I-am. I do NOT like green eggs and spam.
      So why not just run along, there’s a good spammer.

        1. @Jack,

          I do not like them with hot dogs, I would not like them in a bog, I’d even hate them on a log. I simply do not like green eggs and spam, I DO NOT LIKE THEM SPAM-I-AM.

          (right. That’s me at the limit of my rhyming ability…some might even say far beyond it;-)

          1. ….and with thanks to @I wants 2 B rich for the inspiration. Down with the Spam Javelins!


      I think you mean the procrasturbation post. Don’t you owe it to yourself to prioritize your wiener?

  17. STOP Perry Belcher, Career Criminal!

    ** Revoke Perry Belcher’s probation for blatant numerous, ongoing probation violations **

    “When a person is convicted of a crime, the trial judge may order probation. The Adult Probation Department (CSCD) is responsible for supervising adults on court-ordered probation and monitoring their compliance with the conditions set forth by the court.”

    EVERYONE reading this can help. Yes, YOU! Please, send a quick email or contact the following:

    – State of Tennessee Board of Probation and Parole
    (State in which Perry Belcher was convicted and sentenced to 10 years probation, subject to being sent to jail if he violated probation terms)

    – Shelby County District Attorney General’s Office
    AMY P. WEIRICH, Shelby County District Attorney General
    (Office that originally prosecuted Perry M. Belcher for felony)

    – Travis County Adult Probation Department (Austin, TX)
    (Belcher currently resides in Austin while being fronted by Ryan Deiss)

  18. I’m working on doing it in front of my mirror, but seems like no matter what I try to keep doing it doesn’t work out right for me for some reason.

    1. @Jack, My reply above was for your technique #1, but I’m thinking of saving up for The Lee Strasberg Institute to see about if your idea #2 might be workable.

  19. I still can’t get over the “fake serial entrepreneuring link”. If you haven’t checked it out, please do:

    These weenies are pure evil.

    If all Belcher made was one $7 sale a day on each of those 61 sites, that totals over $150K a year. I’ll never see that much in a year. Most people can’t be bothered to ask for a refund over such a small amount. I’m one of the duh-mees who made a couple of WSO purchases.

    When both of my (non-Belcher) purchases turned out to be bullshit, I requested refunds. I contacted the first seller, some low-life woman and her male partner, at least 6 times – no response. I had to file a dispute with PayPal to get a refund. It was a low 2-figure ticket item, maybe $17, but it was crap – impossible to figure out. There was an upsell to have them install it on your website for you. I wouldn’t trust these people with access to my cats’ litter box, much less my hosting account.

    The second item was crap, too, from a guy that was selling something I already knew how to do – no secrets there. I told him his offer was meant for someone with no knowledge of the topic. I didn’t call him names or talk about his mother or anything. He got nasty with me, though he issued the refund, said he was blacklisting me. I laughed, emailed him back and told him he didn’t need to worry about me ever wanting to purchase anything from him in the future.

    2 WSOs were enough to teach me a lesson. I was still searching for something I could use to make money. I’m glad I didn’t find anything. I considered being an affiliate. This site put the kabosh on that. They treat their B listers as badly as – if not worse than – their customers.

    Sorry to get off on a tangent. The more I hang out here, the more I realize how many times I’ve been sucked in. I am so grateful for this site. The people who say we’re whiners, who don’t do anything, are either pimping frauducts for the IM predators, or they are the predators themselves. Every time I see a complaint along those lines, I have a laugh. We are doing something. The information we share here puts a dent in their sales

    1. @I wantz 2B rich,

      Oh this list is priceless! has to be my favorite. The top has a logo of a blue cat winking and it says “The ‘Original’ urine secret.” Accept no imitations.

      Later it asks, “Are you ready to eliminate Cat Urine Odor from your life?” How can I resist?!

      1. @LOLlerskater, It might appear to be that both hot dog and urine products were one big idea generated from Perry Deiss & Ryan Belcher’s Idea Incubator:

        See section:

        “Domains sharing name servers (35 items)”

        to find the MONEY MAKING Incube-list:

      2. @LOLlerskater, Ironically, any sucker buying that will need the Belcher Urine Secret ™ after Belcher urinates all over them.

      3. @LOLlerskater,

        What works to eliminate cat urine odor?

        Here’s a free tip that works every time.

        Put the little pisser outside.

    1. @Jack, Those are some stupid, dumb fucking idiots replying to that comment. And by stupid, dumb fucking idiots, I mean: moronic sycophants that would eat the fossilized shit of Charles Manson and shaft their own grandmothers if it would earn them a nickel.

    1. @Mike,

      All the same guy: Perry Mark Belcher. In the OP, SD indicates using a pseudonym would violate Perry Mark Belcher’s parole, but he’s trying to get away with calling himself Perry Marks.

  20. It seems like Scammer Perry Belcher is also an expert in importing-exporting… I mean he wrote a fucking ebook about it:

    All the “positive” are fake B.S. and the only negative comment is considered a personal attack.. yeah right the guy had no mercy to scam sick old people and now has an ebook in amazon. WTF amazon, where´s your quality control?

    How can you let a scammer like Perry Belcher sell his crap on your website?

    I really think that amazon should have some basic quality control policies, just to avoid scammers like him promote their frauducts on the internet…

  21. What really sickens me is that the federal government has not shut these folks down! And, the fact that so many people buy into this s==t that doesn’t work. None of you mentioned “Dr. Daigle”…well don’t forget about him as he works for them as well, is not a “Doctor” (yet thinks hes gods gift to the world) in any aspect, and is a lying son of a gon like the rest of them.
    Come on feds…step in on these folks!!!! They are ripping people off!

    1. @Penny, I believe his upsell was some generic bullshit “feelgood” business “club” with recurring charges. The “members” (aka suckers) most likely received virtually worthless junk content of the “copy and paste” variety.

      Perry Belcher is all about taking dog shit, spray painting it (using the least amount of time and effort possible) and selling it back to the owner of the dog it originally came fron, calling it something “new and different.”

      The word “huckster” in the dictionary should have his name as the definition.

  22. Justin Christianson said in the video that he charges $30,000 dollars to share his ides and this reminds me of a video that was recorded by someone of an internet marketer called Shaqir Hussyn and in that video Shaqir shares some strategies of how to calcualte income etc, and as a passing comment which maybe not alot of people payed attention to, he said that that’s what he teaches when people pay him $10,000 and honestly, it was hardly a strategy !!!!!

    Here’s the video : ( and NO this is not a tricky way of prmoting something, it’s NOT my video) –

    1. @James ::

      Speaking of Justin Christianson … I want to speak to you Justin Christianson. Don’t make me come find you … and I’ll be less irritated about having to speak with you.

  23. Nice site you have here, Droid. I’m enjoying the vibe already just from this one page. I might come back. :)

    The internet charlatans you speak about on your site really boil my piss.

    Justin Christianson video. *face-fucking-palm*

    The worst of it is seeing a room full of intelligent individuals listening to him belching and forcing that shite up and out of his goblet, instead of getting up and walking out with a ‘My fucking cat has a larger vocabulary than you, you fucking bland dead cunt’, look on their faces.

    He was in quite a mental battle with himself the whole time he was speaking, and I’m sure I seen his chin wobbling at one point. Was it a ‘I give up I’m ging to fucking cry in a minute’ look type vibe he was going for?

    Incoherant cunt he is.

    No offense to the people who joined his session, but how the fuck can you let someone like that slimey turd turn you into a bunch of sheeple? Those poor souls must have come down from the hype after a couple of days (or however long the little bullshitting troglodyte had them on his hook for) feeling like they just got dry fucked and even more confused.

    1. Sheeple! This is the place to learn about sheeple! Read these five posts in the Droid’s three-part series on sheeple:

      Sheeple Part 1 :: Obedience and the Milgram Experiment
      Sheeple Part 2 :: Conformity and the Asch Conformity Experiment
      Sheeple Part 3 :: Roles and Institutions and the Stanford Prison Experiment
      Sheeple Part 4 :: Your Fat Friends and the Framingham Heart Study
      Sheeple Part 5 :: Mind Raping and the Colonel Schwable Case Study

      P.S. I love how that first video (that’s still up!) says “Running It Like a Business” but then Christianson’s wearing a “No W2” button. Um, I do run my freelance business like a business, and part of that is having my tax preparer issue me a W2 for the wages I paid myself!

      P.P.S. I did eventually read “Poorly Made in China.” And now I check for the “Made in USA” label on every bottle of shower gel. [Shudders.]

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