Goodbye SaltyDroid :: Hello Boring

Do u love this blog?

Well then fuck you :: cause this ain’t no blog … and if you really loved it you’d’ve already known that.

Here’s how to blog :: in five easy steps …

1)  write an opening sentence that attempts to be quippy … and fails

2) add a couple of lines about this or that problem … or this or that cat

3) talk briefly {or ad nauseam} about something you read in some other publication somewhere


3) talk briefly {or ad nauseam} about someone else’s blogish opinion about something they read in some other publication somewhere


3) just talk shit ad nauseam about whatever :: nobody fucking cares anyway …

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Minion Uprising 2.0

Are you with me … or are you with me?

Or wait … are you against me?

WTF!  You’re against me? What did I ever do to you?

Oh I ruined your life? Okay … that makes sense. But the rest of you have no excuse.

This fake robot site is tough to read :: and understand … because it’s fucking awesome and it takes hard work to be in on the jokes.

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Make Money Online Hotdogs


Perry Belcher made millions of dollars online by lying to sick people :: selling them fake medicines … and making criminal coconspirators of his affiliates {before ripping them off}.

It’s called fraud :: it’s super easy … and you don’t even need a high school diploma {just ask Perry}.

Evil Jowls was convicted of felony computer crimes :: lost all his super lame possessions …

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DMCA Claims – Part 1

justice kitty

Justice has demanded that I attain all DMCA claims filed against The Droid and publish them on this blog.  Seriously! :: Justice took the form of a masked baby kitten and started barking orders at me.  It kind of freaked me out :: So I’ve decided to comply.  Relax you silly kitty :: relax.

One of the super cool things about the DMCA is how none of the caving web companies will hand over the complaints that led to your no-process muzzling.

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CopyWrong Chris


Via the colorful InBox of The Salty Droid ::

Date: Aug 12, 2009
From: “Lara Townsend”

To the owner of

It has come to my attention that you are illegally using a picture from my blog on your site:

It appears on this page:

The graphic was stolen from this original web page,

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