Goodbye SaltyDroid :: Hello Boring

Do u love this blog?

Well then fuck you :: cause this ain’t no blog … and if you really loved it you’d’ve already known that.

Here’s how to blog :: in five easy steps …
1)  write an opening sentence that attempts to be quippy … and fails
2) add a couple of lines about this or that problem … or this […]

Minion Uprising 2.0

Are you with me … or are you with me?

Or wait … are you against me?

WTF!  You’re against me? What did I ever do to you?

Oh I ruined your life? Okay … that makes sense. But the rest of you have no excuse.

This fake robot site is tough to read :: and understand … because it’s fucking awesome and […]

Make Money Online Hotdogs


Perry Belcher made millions of dollars online by lying to sick people :: selling them fake medicines … and making criminal coconspirators of his affiliates {before ripping them off}.

It’s called fraud :: it’s super easy … and you don’t even need a high school diploma {just ask Perry}.

Evil Jowls was convicted of felony computer crimes :: lost all […]

DMCA Claims – Part 1

Justice has demanded that I attain all DMCA claims filed against The Droid and publish them on this blog.  Seriously! :: Justice took the form of a masked baby kitten and started barking orders at me.  It kind of freaked me out :: So I’ve decided to comply.  Relax you silly kitty :: relax.

One of the super cool things […]

CopyWrong Chris

Via the colorful InBox of The Salty Droid ::

Date: Aug 12, 2009
From: “Lara Townsend”

To the owner of
It has come to my attention that you are illegally using a picture from my blog on your site:

It appears on this page:

The graphic was stolen from this original web page, owned by my company:
As you did […]

Twitter Tangles

Sometimes Twitter conversations between the “Brick Stupid” and the “Rock Stupid” can be hard to follow.  Let me act as your Stupidity Translator Droid and guide you through one such Twitter Tangle™.

Three days ago Tanya Chadwick sent this Tweet to my BFF Evil Jowls ::
TanyaChadwick:  @PerryBelcher you are the bomb Mr. Perry Belcher,who is this guy that keeps sending […]

Apologists to the Queen Mary

Not everyone is in love with The Salty Droid {inexplicable!} :: Apparently, some people would rather NOT be informed that their Prophet of False Hope is a scum sucking maggot.  In a darker age :: I’d have been burned as witch long ago.  But in the Information Age there has been a significant decrease in the deadliness of slings […]

Marky Mark and the Funky Funk

Meet Marky Mark. Mark is extremely rich … not literally of course … but that is his super-subtle Twitter handle.  I’m Extremely Rich Biatch!

Mark would love to sell you on a MLM Opportunity {opportunity not implied}. But how can he get his message of Extreme Richification out to the UnRichified?  Master plan required –> obviously.

:: Mark’s Master Plan ::

Phase […]

McCaffrey’s Minions Part 2: JaceMan the Gay

Australians:  Anglican Afterbirth {nice!} >> bleep But still, some of them are fine!  Like friend of The Droid Mike Fitz.  Mike postulates that tweetergetter is a password harvester >> I know McCaffrey is a D-Bag so it wouldn’t surprise >> If he has harvested passwords, then he can sell that list to spammers/hackers multiple times and add another stack of […]

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Pyramid Scheme = Sadness

Pyramid Schemes are just so sad and disgusting!  >> They make the Poor Poorer >> And the Stupid Stupider <<  This conversation between two Twitter Pyramid Bitches nicely encapsulates that sadness.  Take note of Eric’s pathetically obvious attempt to use the social currency of Twitter to lube the unsavory transaction. ::: @EricJames:  Ryan is one marketer you wanna follow and […]

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