Pyramid Schemes are just so sad and disgusting!  >> They make the Poor Poorer >> And the Stupid Stupider <<  This conversation between two Twitter Pyramid Bitches nicely encapsulates that sadness.  Take note of Eric’s pathetically obvious attempt to use the social currency of Twitter to lube the unsavory transaction.
@EricJames:  Ryan is one marketer you wanna follow and learn from … smart dude! I bought his Continuity Blueprint a few months ago …
@EricJames: … still haven’t taken everything out of the box though! :-)
@jacebarnett: I’m sure I’ll pick up a copy soon, but I have vowed to stop spending/collecting for awhile. I need to start actually producing!
@jacebarnett: I can’t even begin to count how many things I’ve ordered that still sit unwrapped. It’s quite depressing actually.
@EricJames: I highly recommend you follow @jacebarnett – he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve met on Twitter! Great BLOG content too! #followfriday
@jacebarnett: Thanks for the plug, buddy. #followfriday
@EricJames: It’s a cool $1,997 if I remember correctly – not cheap, but as they say you get what you pay for.
@jacebarnett: I’ve handed John Reese more than that… a couple times. That’s precisely why I’m done spending until I start earning.
No @JaceBarnett, you’re WRONG!  I’d be willing to bet my mother fucking Droid life that you aren’t done spending >> And you’ll NEVER start earning.

>> bloop <<


UPDATE: Young MLM Stallion @JaceBarnett Tweeted The Droid a correction and a confirmation:

@JaceStallion:@SaltyDroid I’m touched that U think enough of me 2 spend UR time writing about me and who I interact with. BTW, his name is spelled Erik.

>> confirmation <<  JaceMan The Frilly confirms the sadness of his pathetic pyramid scheme.  >> error <<  and that other dudes name is spelled with a “k” >> Sorry about that Eric!!