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How to value a turd!

My best friend forever_ Matt “the Ballsack” Bacak_ knows how to value things. He’s the world’s foremost expert in pulling shit from his ass >> calling it cookies >> and then ramming it down YOUR throat!! A few CAN’T LOSE tips from The Salty Droid for valuing things the Matt Bacak way >> a $4 trillion dollar value >> FREE OF FUCKING CHARGE!!

<<  all screen caps from The BallSack’s Scam sites  >>

How to value your own time: Be Modest like Matt!


If you think it’s strange that The BallSack’s billing rate is higher than top doctors, lawyers, rocket scientists, Popes, etc. >> then you must be living in the REAL WORLD >> Matt asks you to please SOD OFF!


RENEGADE MARKETING! Fuck Yeah! That’s extreme-mach0-hardcore-extreme! >> In TWO Steps <<

  1. Don’t WASTE your money buying $500 e-books from dip shits!

  2. Just focus on step one until I tell you otherwise.


Wow! I’ll admit it >> bleep bleep << that’s an impressive fucking discount. I’ll take eleventy-million-trillion of them!!


Hard to decide which number is more unbelievably fucking ridiculous >> $91,294 or $5,500 >> Both of them are the reason that God has sent The Salty Droid calling upon Matt “the BallSack” Bacak.

Take a quiet moment before you leave to admire that last one >> It’s a kind of art >> The fine art of fucking people over!!