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Gary McCaffrey: A Deep Probe

The Droid has posted many canary laden screen captures of scam-man D-Bag Gary McCaffrey (aka bananafish) making an ass of himself on the Shine Forums. Gary was singing his own praises >> strokin his own man pipe >> and generally acting as though he’d just conquered all of fucking Europe with his mighty Chain Letter. Once The Droid linked to the shenanigans, it was removed >> so I reposted >> because I’m an asshole.

Now I haz an account on the Shine Forum. I’ve sifted out all of D-Bag Gary’s “contributions” over the last couple of months and BANKED them in the National Bank of Spite. God you’re STUPID Gary! Haven’t you ever been STALKED before? It’s going to get worse before it gets better. HUNKER DOWN MAN!! Stop making it so god damn easy.

Topic: Suspected Bank Robber Goes Free


Translation: D-Bag McCaffrey has the childish opinion that no one gets hurt when “only” money is stolen. The “my da” sentimentalism is fucking SAD AND LAME! It’s transparently false and not in keeping with Gary’s overall prickish tone on the forum.

**Topic: **Another forum poster saw some dude stealing multiple items at a clothing store and reluctantly decided to inform store security on his way out.


Yeah Gary, that’s right >> The guy who showed some moral courage is the TWAT!! How dare he make a minimal effort to uphold the social standards we all claim to live by?!? And fair play to you for calling him out on it. YOU’RE a thief, so why shouldn’t EVERYONE be expected to live by the thief’s code. Right D-Bag??

Topic: Political Intrigue


Yeah >> well :: bleep >> This one is kinda taken out of context. But I’m trying to smear this mother-fucker … and spent all day reading mostly boring-ass-shit … so do me a favor and IMAGINE THE WORST!!

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