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A message from Gary McCaffrey, Idiot


Gary Galling McCaffery // aka bananafish // aka >> error >> new spiteful nickname required >> Gary “Instant Star Cunt”/?/?  >> negative :: anti-misogyny filter :: >> sake of irony override/?/? >> NEGATIVE :: LET IT GO.

Gary “Instant Star >>no!<<” has some prepared remarks for you. He’s asked me to read them because, as you know, he’s blindingly stupid.

Dear suckers,

  1. If you’re a doubter .. if you doubt the beauty of spam marketing .. you’re “jealous fuckers!” BAMM >> Exclamation Point! >> In your face DOUBTERS!! >> You wish it was you pissing off 98% of the nodes on the network. YOU wish YOU were the one STEALING $40 from some unlucky bastards on the “backend.” Morals, integrity, conscience … FUCK UM! Who needs um?? … those are for people who **don’t **have Chain Letters!

  2. Thanks to the ‘elite’ twitter crew! Thanks for not calling The Gary out … a couple of ya even gave old Instant Star a stroke or two … you know who you are! Gary really appreciates it.

  3. And to the “tonnes of cunts blogging” …. woot! Gotta be a good thing, right? Nothing ever goes wrong when “tonnes of cunts” start blogging about you. Ever, never, NOTHING! Genius! I’m the fucking best!

The preceding message brought to you by Gary McCaffrey, full time idiot.