Gary McCaffrey

D-Bag McCaffrey: Photographic Beauty

Mother fucking asshole Gary McCaffrey has been convicted as a scammer in the Court of The Droid {No Appeals!}.  The D-Bag has spammed the network with his bullshit Chain Letter >> And he’s STOLEN money from 100’s of vulnerable people on the “backend” by convincing them to pay him for NOTHING!!

Now he’s earned himself an ANGRY and VENGEFUL robotic […]

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Gary McCaffrey: A Deep Probe

The Droid has posted many canary laden screen captures of scam-man D-Bag Gary McCaffrey (aka bananafish) making an ass of himself on the Shine Forums.  Gary was singing his own praises >> strokin his own man pipe >> and generally acting as though he’d just conquered all of fucking Europe with his mighty Chain Letter.  Once The Droid linked to […]

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McCaffrey’s Minions: Part 1 – Kenneth Reno

Sad little man, Kenneth Reno has decided to defend scum-sucking D-BAG Gary McCaffrey across Twitter.  If someone speaks out … Krazy Kenny’s ready to defend.  He’s a neutral observer of course, and he’s prepared to TESTIFY: KennethReno: @drkilstein I got over 100 new followers overnight using Gary’s system… so he is not the only one who gets followers. That BS […]

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Gary McCaffrey Blocks Embarrassing Forum

“that salty cunt is just an attention seeking professional insulter”

Thank you for linking to my blog on your “secret” forums Gary McCaffrey (aka “bananafish”).  I never would have found them without your pointing me Str8 to them!  I think you’d agree they’ve been quite a boon for The Droid.  I calculate that’s why you have now blocked public access […]

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A message from Gary McCaffrey, Idiot

Gary Galling McCaffery // aka bananafish // aka >> error >> new spiteful nickname required >> Gary “Instant Star Cunt“/?/?  >> negative :: anti-misogyny filter :: >> sake of irony override/?/? >> NEGATIVE :: LET IT GO. Gary “Instant Star >>no!<<” has some prepared remarks for you.  He’s asked me to read them because, as you know, he’s blindingly stupid. […]

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Gary McCaffery: aka bananafish

Douche Bag of the Month Gary Galling McCaffery has barely tweeted a peep since he launched his “crazy” Chain Letter.  I guess he has nothing interesting to say to REAL people.  He’s just hoping to part the tweeps with their money.  But he’s on another Forum as “bannnafish” … and he’s singing like a fucking canary (an evil zombie […]

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Gary McCaffrey: D-Bag in 10 Parts

TEN outputs regarding douche bag extraordinaire:   Gary “GALLING” McCaffrey.

1. “crazy idea” = FALSE  >>  It’s a fucking CHAIN LETTER!  >> Boring Rehash is a much better description.

2. You won’t get “19,530” followers as the horrid tweet claims … or “15,625” as the page header claims.  Those are just BULLSHIT numbers pulled from thin air by a dubious ass […]

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