D-Bag McCaffrey: Photographic Beauty


Mother fucking asshole Gary McCaffrey has been convicted as a scammer in the Court of The Droid {No Appeals!}.  The D-Bag has spammed the network with his bullshit Chain Letter >> And he’s STOLEN money from 100’s of vulnerable people on the “backend” by convincing them to pay him for NOTHING!!

Now he’s earned himself an ANGRY and VENGEFUL robotic stalker.  Do you recognize that picture Gary?? 

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Gary McCaffrey: A Deep Probe

The Droid has posted many canary laden screen captures of scam-man D-Bag Gary McCaffrey (aka bananafish) making an ass of himself on the Shine Forums.  Gary was singing his own praises >> strokin his own man pipe >> and generally acting as though he’d just conquered all of fucking Europe with his mighty Chain Letter.  Once The Droid linked to the shenanigans, it was removed >> so I reposted >>

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McCaffrey’s Minions: Part 1 – Kenneth Reno

Sad little man, Kenneth Reno has decided to defend scum-sucking D-BAG Gary McCaffrey across Twitter.  If someone speaks out … Krazy Kenny’s ready to defend.  He’s a neutral observer of course, and he’s prepared to TESTIFY:

KennethReno: @drkilstein I got over 100 new followers overnight using Gary’s system… so he is not the only one who gets followers.

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Gary McCaffrey Blocks Embarrassing Forum


“that salty cunt is just an attention seeking professional insulter”

Thank you for linking to my blog on your “secret” forums Gary McCaffrey (aka “bananafish”).  I never would have found them without your pointing me Str8 to them!  I think you’d agree they’ve been quite a boon for The Droid.  I calculate that’s why you have now blocked public access to those forums.

Is it embarrassing for you that you are so tasteless,

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A message from Gary McCaffrey, Idiot


Gary Galling McCaffery // aka bananafish // aka >> error >> new spiteful nickname required >> Gary “Instant Star Cunt“/?/?  >> negative :: anti-misogyny filter :: >> sake of irony override/?/? >> NEGATIVE :: LET IT GO.

Gary “Instant Star >>no!<<” has some prepared remarks for you.  He’s asked me to read them because, as you know, he’s blindingly stupid.

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