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D-Bag McCaffrey: Photographic Beauty


Mother fucking asshole Gary McCaffrey has been convicted as a scammer in the Court of The Droid {No Appeals!}. The D-Bag has spammed the network with his bullshit Chain Letter >> And he’s STOLEN money from 100’s of vulnerable people on the “backend” by convincing them to pay him for NOTHING!!

Now he’s earned himself an ANGRY and VENGEFUL robotic stalker. Do you recognize that picture Gary?? Yep, that’s right!  >>::>> I won’t fucking GO AWAY until YOU DO!!

What sinister activity is consuming Gary in the above photo? I’d rather speculate than know:

  1. Raping an Angel.
  2. Shitting a possum.
  3. Stomping a kitten to death with shoplifted combat boots.
  4. Calling out to the Eye of Sauron for guidance.
  5. Trying to channel Hitler and Stalin at a D-Bag seance.
  6. Having what remains of his conscience ripped through his asshole.
  7. Contemplating the horrors of getting a REAL job.
  8. Finally remembering that it was HIM that killed dear old Mum.
  9. Celebrating the birth of Rosemary’s Baby.
  10. Thinking of ways to heap misery on those already suffering.

If you want to do your part for Lady JUSTICE {of course you do} >> Please add your own vengeful speculation to the comments!