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Salty Droid

Perry Belcher: Convicted Asshole


Introducing Perry Belcher >> Evil Idiot >> and new enemy of The Droid.

Perry {aka Evil Jowls} Belcher is a convicted felon. He pled guilty-like-a-bitch to 12 counts of fraud and computer crime. He was selling NOTHING PILLS as remedies for serious diseases! He made-up false testimonials. He made-up “Harvard” medical experts, and their statements. Then he sold his BS at disgustingly high prices using pressure sales tactics and Multi-Level Marketing Cat Crap. Once he had people’s credit card numbers, he started stealing from them directly.

He fucked over SICK PEOPLE!! SICK PEOPLE!! The universe has already cursed them with suffering, but Perry Evil Jowls needed to pour on a little extra salt >> Quite Literally >> salt, oregano, cayenne pepper, sugar << NONE of which are effective against ::

  • bladder infections

  • headaches

  • depression

  • small penises

  • fatness

  • anxiety

  • cancer

This is the sort of scam that 1000’s of “marketers” are running all across the world. It’s almost impossible to bring these small-time skank assholes to justice. But my new enemy Perry Evil Jowls was so >> Idiotic >> Flagrant >> Block Fucking Stupid >> that he actually got caught! Now he’s on parole for TEN years >> as a condition of that parole @perrybelcher is forbidden to participate in “misleading sales and marketing.” Hmmm >>

Perry Evil Jowls started his Twitter account on September 18th 2008 >> He’s acquired 50,000 followers by SPAM following 50,000 users >> He adds thousands of new followers each day with this method >> He is finding new {not very tricky} ways to manipulate and steal from them. He has no REAL skillz >> So it’s RIGHT BACK to scamming … probation be damned!

Perry Belcher {aka Evil Jowls}, just as you will always be a short, fat, stupid, evil douche bag >> I will always be watching you! And unlike your parole officer … I know your hood, I know your crew, and I know all of your BS sociopath moves. I wonder if you are already in violation of your parole?? Let’s take a journey of discovery together and find out!!

>> bleep bloop