Two Tubbies in a Tub



The bastard on the left is convicted felon Perry {Evil Jowls} Belcher >> The bastard on the right is Matt {BallSack} Bacak!!  I’m writing about each of their EVIL individually >> and here I find them :: TOGETHER :: IN A FUCKING TUB!!!
Evil Jowls got all tarted up for his special bath time meeting with The BallSack.  Fancy cowboy shirt, and the kiss-me boots to match!!  It’s a look that says, “Casual, yet ready for the Jr. High School Prom.”  On a count of three >> let’s see that big, “I can echo .. but I can’t feel .. sociopath smile.”  3 – 2 – 1 …  Ahh, cute!!!

Matt Bacak can’t be bothered with tarting it up.  He’s always the same blob-of-fraud wrapped in disheveled Old Navy.  In support of unending irony >> The BallSack actually seems to be making an effort to show us his ball sack.  No fucking thanks!!!

Droid Rule 7869.34 — When meeting a FELON for a Bath >> wear PANTS!!

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