Conspiracy to Destroy


fter a lifetime of epic grift :: serial huckster Kevin Trudeau is finally in jail … rotting like he always was. KT got ten years for failing to comply with some government paperworks he signed ten years ago as a punishment for the bullshit he’d been pulling the ten years previous to that. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been brutally sucked from the sad in the meantime :: and basically …

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RipOff Report Report

A whole fucking week without me!  Oh lord how you must have suffered :: stuck contemplating the trivialities of your own banal existence :: void of humor and style :: lost like an ugly child at the State Fair … wandering around in pig/chicken shit … crying out for your momma and licking the residue of liquid cheese from inside the ocean bound plastic that served up your SuperNachoCornDog™.  Whatever :: I’m back! 

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Matt and His Mommy


Did you know that Matt BallSack Bacak had a mother?  That’s right!! He’s not one of these motherless scammers you read so much about in the fake paper.  He wasn’t hand crafted by some Dark Overlord using only rotting garbage and viscous back fat.  Nope … he just popped out of a lady like everybody else.  He’s posted a letter of recommendation from that very lady just to prove it to you …

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Two Tubbies in a Tub


The bastard on the left is convicted felon Perry {Evil Jowls} Belcher >> The bastard on the right is Matt {BallSack} Bacak!!  I’m writing about each of their EVIL individually >> and here I find them :: TOGETHER :: IN A FUCKING TUB!!!
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How to value a turd!

My best friend forever Matt “the Ballsack” Bacak knows how to value things.  He’s the world’s foremost expert in pulling shit from his ass >> calling it cookies >> and then ramming it down YOUR throat!!  A few CAN’T LOSE tips from The Salty Droid for valuing things the Matt Bacak way >> a $4 trillion dollar value >> FREE OF FUCKING CHARGE!!

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