Conspiracy to Destroy



After a lifetime of epic grift :: serial huckster Kevin Trudeau is finally in jail … rotting like he always was. KT got ten years for failing to comply with some government paperworks he signed ten years ago as a punishment for the bullshit he’d been pulling the ten years previous to that. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been brutally sucked from the sad in the meantime :: and basically … nobody gives a fuck.

It wouldn’t be surprising to learn that the total revenues from Trudeau’s life of scamjobery had topped a billion dollars. This book :: that book … whatever … the books don’t matter. It’s about cartels of badguys buying {preselected for sadness} people in bulk from media/info companies :: and then trading those people around until they become empty vessels … robbed of their money … and often of their sense of self.

The media :: the government :: and the courts … will all tell you a different story though. A much less complicated story :: disconnected from the hard problems of reality …

“He is a habitual liar and a fraudster,” Assistant U.S. Attorney April Perry said.

As a result of the size of the fraud and Trudeau’s two previous felony convictions, federal sentencing guidelines called for 20 to 25 years in prison, a range that Guzman said he thought was “appropriate.” However, he eventually agreed with prosecutors who said a 10-year term was sufficient since — unlike in many fraud cases — no one who bought Trudeau’s book was financially ruined.

Just a little bit :: totally …wrong.


Anywayz :: according to Leonard Coldwell :: one of Trudeau’s most pathetic and debauched former minions … it is I the fake robot :: rather than he the fake doctor … who will be following KT to the slammer. “Conspiracy to destroy the grounds of a business” is a federal crime :: the NotDoctor keeps telling me by pseudo-proxy … having not yet developed sufficient man-sack to speak to me directly.

“Conspiracy to destroy the grounds of a business” is not a crime of course :: or a real thing even … it’s just creepy old man babbling. And what business? Is swimming in Kevin Trudeau’s wake with your mouth wide open a business?

But still :: Lenny’s got his tiny little mind set on it … so off he goes!

Step one in Leonard Coldwell’s “The Only Answer to SaltyDroid Goes 2 Jail” :: is using a personal injury attorney to bring a defamation case against me for some shit that someone else said … in a state where I no longer live … well after the statute of limitations has run {you’ve only got one year to bring a suit in most states}. As opening moves go :: it ranks right up there with trading your queen for a bag of Skittles … and replacing all your pawns with hand carved cat turds.

The not doctor and his hack lawyer were not able to properly locate and serve me with the required paperwork :: so our @Anna went to the courthouse and fetched them for us … like the administrative hero she so often is.

Coldwell vs Droid

It’s pretty easy to tell that none of the posts attached to that suit are mine :: because …

a)  Omri wrote them … duh.

b)  There are ads for fucking scams on them :: which makes me want to furiously chew up rusty nails … and spit out molten shrapnel.

Lenny took immediately to the Facebooks to boast about his SaltyDroid suing bravery …

So funny he is begging my lawyer for mercy as I understand his email showing how scared he is.

Just a little bit :: totally … wrong.

I heard he is hiding at his cheap home sh..g his pants and biting his finger nails and wishes he would never messed with me.


I wish he’d never been born though. I wish I’d never seen a photo of his pervy mustache. I wish one of the bulging veins on his massive forehead would burst :: and an alien would slither out and chew his stupid face off. I wish the government would arrest groups of scammers in groups.

He also offered to talk to my lawyers and wanted to saddle this outside the courts and take his defamatory post down. LOL

I could give him the benefit of the doubt and call him delusional :: but I won’t … he’s just a big ol’ liar. In actual {fun} fact :: less than two weeks after my first highly prickly correspondence with Leonard Coldwell’s personal injury attorney Dennis J. Kellogg … Mr. Kellogg made a motion to withdraw from the case.

no more lawyer

LOL :: lol :: LOL

Suddenly :: Lenny’s boasting started to sound more like run-on sentence panicking …

Accusing someone of having committed a crime that he was never ever even officially accused of or stating in public that the greatest therapist of our times does not have a legitimate Doctor degree etc Oh honey puff – we and our lawyers will have such a field day with you in court.( and jail) Nothing will be left – Look at Trudeau he messed with us and see what happened?

I wouldn’t exactly say I’d accused Coldwell of having “committed a crime.” I’d say I’d carefully hedged and equivocated as to the criminality of his darkness :: but it seems he considers it a crime … which I think I’ll log as a confession.

Leonard Coldwell :: the greatest therapist of our times :: then instructed Dennis Kellogg :: the greatest attorney of our times … not to speak to me again. It would be fun to sue me while not having to speak to me :: because I really am intolerable … but you can’t. When you sue me :: you grant me all sorts of rights I wouldn’t normally have … like for instance … you have to stop ignoring me and answer my damn questions. So … thanks for that.

Oh yeah the loser has not even money for a lawyer and wants to represent himself. He says he is a lawyer and thinks he can represent himself in Federal Court? Hmmm let’s see how that works for him.

Hmmm :: yeah … let’s fucking see.

Leonard was never going to be able to find {and properly serve} me :: because one of the {too many} gaps in SaltyDroid 2013 … stemmed from Jason moving from Chicago to Columbus. It’s been pretty nice :: almost a full year totally off the creep radar … my address not spattered all over an Internet populated by d-bags who wish I was dead. But I didn’t want to see Lenny deprived of his big opportunity to pay someone to have a writing contest with me … so I voluntarily appeared and filed some motions of my own.dismissing coldwell

sanctioning coldwell

You know what’s fun about legal writing? You can’t be sued for anything you say :: so it’s much easier to say what you need to say. It’s the old fashioned way to do what I’ve been trying to do in the new fashioned way.

Six years ago Matt Bacak blocked me on Twitter because he couldn’t take a joke … and the idea for what this site was to become was flash born. Use the power :: the enormity :: the connectedness :: the simplicity :: and the lingo … of the Internet {plus jokes} … to fight back against serial victimizers. It’s a pretty great fucking idea if you ask me {or anyone else with any class} :: but as is so often the case with pretty great fucking ideas … it was well ahead of its time. The fake robot is all but banned from the American Internet :: currently hanging on by a single disintegrating thread … while Matt Bacak tweets/scams on unabated … and Jason becomes increasingly despondent about the implacability of evil.

It’s time for a change.

It’s time :: I think {after much thinking} … to surrender the new in favor of doing the old {in a new way}.

{Not} Doctor Doctor Doctor Doctor Lenny Coldwell PHD-bag :: short :: bald :: and stinking of hilarious desperation … is trying to fucking pretend at intimidating me.

#nothappening #areyouhighrightnow #oops #honeypuff

But all he’s done :: other than completely embarrass himself … is give us this tiny timely preview of the near future.

Scamworld wouldn’t sue me … so I’m gonna sue Scamworld.



Mr. Coldwell has until April 17th to find a new lawyer for me to slap around :: or he’ll have to reply to my “fake wanna be lawyer” motions himself … “let’s see how that works for him.”

>> bleep bloop

103 thoughts on “Conspiracy to Destroy”

  1. Jason, you just brought Christmas to my house!!
    I had expected something like this from you in response to Mocktor Coldwell, but didn’t expect it to be THIS good!!
    Both you and Omri have the full support of myself, Connie, and a whole host of others who hate these lying douchebag scammers. Check out the audio of coldwilly saying how he’s as famous as Chuck Frickin’ Norris, on my blog!

    Coldwell threatened to sue me too, but his rent-a-lawyer, Kellog, before he saw the light and told Coldwank to basically go jump off a cliff (we can live in hope), pointed out the fact that Federal law doesn’t extend to Japan. Although Coldballs did, at one time, think I was Alex Jones!

    Anyways, can’t wait to see the end result!

    1. @Gary


      Where r u from, bro? Go check like the whole history of this site.

      Salty has been calling these guys out and effectively daring them to sue for six years. And why didn’t they? Because they can’t win a defamation suit against him if the things he are saying are factually accurate that’s why.

      And The Droid just said he’s “gonna sue Scamworld.” So what of it if he makes a broad claim about Matt’s Twitter account?

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

    2. Hi Gary,

      I like the way you share the secrets of your success!

      ….. wait for it guys….

      People define thier success, they get a burning desire for its achievement. They want to climb the steps of success, but before they can, they need to see where they are before they even decide in what direction they need to go before putting one foot in front of the other.

      The ladder of success:

      6th rung – Other people’s money.

      5th rung – Your Money

      4th rung – Other peoples assets/tools.

      3rd rung – Your assets/tools.

      2nd rung – Other people’s Labour.

      1st rung – Your Labor.

      If you don’t learn how to spell, you might only get to the 5th rung – oh no – tell me, you are already at the 6th rung, and all your ‘friends’ are at the 5th rung, giving you all their hard earned cash?

      Your honesty is brutal; your powers of analysis might be somewhat lacking?

  2. No Gary, it isn’t. It’s just maritime law and we are on land so we don’t need to register our cars or pay taxes.

  3. Congratulations, Jason; a very well done post. Your legal writing and researching skills are extraordinary and your case is presented beautifully. I am more than sure that all of LC / BK’s victims are eternally grateful that you had the courage to stand up to this sad pathetic sub-human freak.

    As a side note, I am wondering why you didn’t make mention of his obvious disrepect for law and authority, given his many stupid videos that actively and literally show his disdain for the law and constitution.

    Congratulations once again, I have really enjoyed reading your posts over the years. You are someone I look up to.


  4. And I agree with Bernie, this blog brought as much happiness as Santa Claus. As the current most important legal scholar in the United States, who has embarrassed over 30,000 scumbags with Europe’s most well known blog, we can now promote your 92.3% effective rate. It is safe now to say, we are all pretty sure that you could take Chuck Norris.

    There are hundreds of happy internet time wasters who would gladly step up to support any efforts to further discredit Coldwell and his legal threats. He has a history of e-mailing hilarious threats to detractors, We pass them around for a laugh.

  5. @Salty/Jason

    I think those are the first legal documents. I actually enjoyed reading.

    I see also that no matter the eventual court decision that you’ve sort of got locked as a win already — since now there’s some articles that have been submitted as exhibits. :-)

    A nice touche to not-doctor Lenny’s very lazy/lame inclusion of various scam ads on his site.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

  6. So many things to laugh about on this. One of them is that Plaintiff Leonard Coldwell’s address was being withheld from the documents “due to the sensitive nature of the case.” Yeah, Coldwell doesn’t mind plastering his critics’ addresses all over the place (even if they happen to be the wrong address). He has actually done this before, implying that he hoped that some of his more rabid fans would go after the critics. He did that with the “marinated Droid” a few times and even with the “cosmic slut.”

    But HIS address cannot be published. Actually it seems they could have published that Hungryneck Boulevard address which is on all of his sites and has been for years. That’s a business address (well, actually it is a mailbox), but at least it is consistent. Or does the court not allow mail box addresses?

    Anyway, good to see you back, little robot.

  7. I don’t about if I want to live in the world where now we can’t even count on the personal injury attorneys to represent our right not to get defamed by things somebody didn’t say.

  8. I bet Salty has his address. And once the festivities start, his address can be entered into the record. I’m not sure anyone cares what his address is, but if HE wants to keep it a secret, I want to see it plastered on billboards.

  9. If Lenny refuses to answer this motion for sanctions, would that be grounds for a contempt charge? If he does answer and pretends that he is a real doctor would the court follow up with perjury charges?

  10. I am behind you all the way. The not a Doctor needed exposed. It is beyond me how he gets any followers, ever.
    :) Thank you for everything you have done.

  11. You show em, Salty! It’s been a long time since I saw a good fireworks show. Me and Mr. Crikey are gonna put out our lawn chairs, open up a bucket of fried chicken, and enjoy the spectacle!

  12. “Have you visited the home of a friend only to suffer injury while enjoying a swim in their pool or walking on their patio?”

    Attorney Dennis J. Kellogg wants to help you SUE your friend! What a guy, huh?!!

    1. I wonder if that attorney Mr. Dennis J. Kellogg is banned from his neighbors swimming pools and patios. I guess we have him to thank now that we need to have all our friends stay outside on the public sidewalk. I do not want to risk having my best friends sue me because they slipped on a pickle.

  13. Yeah, why does Omri Shebat’s site have scam ads all over it, when he’s acting like a scam hunter?

    1. @Mike,

      Well, at the moment, glancingweb appears to be down.. so Omri’s got no ads at all just now. But from the exhibits on Lenny’s inane court filing, I see not a lot of ads. And it looks like Omri’s using AdWords, and that’s the rub.

      It goes like this: for most people that aren’t Salty Droid, they might like to be able to bring in a bit of revenue from their website–if nothing else, just to help offset the cost of running the thing.

      So one way to do that is AdWords… but trying to have AdWords be on your site and not have scam ads come through it is a near impossibility. Or at least that’s my understanding.

      I know some skeptic sites from back in the day that started with AdWords, but then dumped it because when AdWords,crawled the skeptic web page and tried to match it to ads, the only thing it could come up with were all things that the skeptic site was in direct opposition to; like:
      psychics, homeopathic “remedies”, vitamin megadoses, astrologers, and probably even KT’s Natural Cures.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

      1. @Wyrd Just to Clarify. Adsense is google’s program for publishers to attempt to make revenue from traffic to a website.

        It is done using a piece of Javascript code that only specifies the size of the ad. There are ways to block certain advertisers, however, trying to block all of the scammers would be impossible (Wyrd is 100% correct).

        Adwords is Google’s system for advertisers that accesses Google’s search as well as their “Publisher Network”. The “Publisher Network” is a network of a massive amount of sites like Glancingweb that try to squeeze a few pennies out of clicks on these ads.

        The Fact that Jason has never allowed advertising or asked for donations should be commended. You can never say he has been “Bought” by anyone or anything. If only our political system ran with the same level of integrity and similar motive of doing the public good, this country would be a much better place.

        1. “It is done using a piece of Javascript code that only specifies the size of the ad.”

          Oh, I guess it’s why I never made money from the Adsense on my website. I thought it was just that I had to sign up and then I’d make money.

    2. Well, I do hope Omri gets his situation and the inconsistencies straightened out. I would hate to see Glancing Web go away for good because if it does, the little lunatic will be crowing that he “won.” But I see Jason’s point too, of course. Not that my own hands are totally clean. A few years ago I signed up for the default freebie version of AdSense in hopes of monetizing my own efforts a little bit without actually having to do any extra work (the blog is enough work and I was thinking that it really needed to start earning its keep).

      So I have one banner ad on top of my blog and pretty much zero control over what appears up there. Sometimes it advertises Law of Attraction crap and sometimes degree mills or rip-off “schools” like ITT Tech, but sometimes it advertises less loathsome stuff. So far I’ve yet to make more than about $105. But yes, it’s dirty money. Maybe I should just sell Cosmic Connie coffee mugs or something. :-)

  14. Thank You , Jason.
    Scammers everywhere should realize they cannot do the thing they used to do and
    they cannot manipulate the legal system to their advantage.
    The number of scam busters is growing,
    people are getting sick of these rip offs and fighting back
    and the scammers will only see jail as the TOP achievement of their career.

    1. @Johnny ::

      Why do you comment with a “fake name” while cowering behind a “proxy server” … my idiot not-friend?

    2. @Johnny – I’d like to draw attention back to who this post is about.

      It’s about a man who swans around with fake degrees, claiming to be a doctor who has cured 20,000 people of cancer. He refuses to provide any evidence of his claims. He does this in order to PROFIT FROM PEOPLE WHO ARE DYING OF CANCER.

      The terms and conditions on his website state that his cure is FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.

      There is no way to defend this act, it is literally the lowest of the low.

      The anti/pro scamworld debate has been waged time and time again on this site. If you’re pro, or simply don’t care then fine. If you’re anti, then fine.


      1. @Pete, Hi Pete, I think maybe Johnny would argue that the dying people get a 30 day money back guarantee if they are not satisfied. But I think I would rather have a better cure for entertainment myself. Even if the dying is a free bonus.

    1. So as Loony Lenny Coldwell tells it, Angelina Jolie is one of the stupidest humans on the face of the earth, allowing her breasts to be “sliced off” just so Big Pharma (and she too, presumably) could make billions. Lenny says she deliberately destroyed her immune system because the immune system is in the lymph nodes and there are lots of those nodes in the breasts. I guess Lenny should know all about lymph nodes; he reportedly has a history of “hands-on healing” that includes “massaging the lymph nodes.”

      He is utterly disgusting.

      I don’t know about the dramatic chipmunk, but Lenny does seem like an evil little cartoon character. He would be merely droll were it not for the real harm he has done.

  15. I think it’s a legitimate question @troll alert, why don’t these “d-bags” live in fear then considering how many people they supposedly “messed over.” Wouldn’t one of these “d-bags” have to move as well? With all their thousands of followers on Facebook and posting pictures of their kids? How come the only one out of everyone who has to move away Jason.. lol I’ll answer that for you, because these d-bags sell books for $19.95. No one gets killed. However there is plenty of evidence not only in the articles here but throughout the comments of a conspiracy to hurt someone. Selling intellectual property doesn’t constitute hurting someone. Get a chargeback if you are unhappy with a purchase or do not sign some ridiculous contract for something you do not need. Do not lease a Bentley either if you cannot afford it. This kid needs to get out and experience the real world obviously. Try having kids, try paying taxes. Try owning a company. Being sued by individuals for slander is a definite fail, not the other way around and it looks like this is way overdue, probably because you can’t take down a fan base, it’s probably 20,000 to one. I do see though how dissenters of this micro-phenominon of the “droid” are perceived as “scammers” themselves, and customers that are happy with services are labeled “brainwashed.” You are all extremely broken people and I wish the best for you. But understand this is a very sad, sick 6 years for this kid.

    1. @Johnny ::

      Good speech :: except …

      a) my moving to Columbus had nothing to do with this site
      b) I have given my address to the court {and once again to the internets} :: while the d-bag in this instance has not … due to a claimed sensitivity

      … so maybe not such a good speech.

    2. Johnny – one sad point is that you miss the entire point. If you have been reading this site for six whole years, and still don’t get it – well, there is no helping you. The other sad point is that Matt Bacak has 100,000+ followers on Twitter. Are you one of them?

    3. Some of these d-bags don’t live in fear because fear is not an emotion that psychopaths are capable of feeling. According to psychopath-expert Dr. Robert Hare’s checklist they don’t accept responsibility for their actions, nor do they experience remorse or guilt, so they don’t fear any external or emotional consequences of their actions.

      On the other hand, the non-psychopaths who are their victims do accept responsibility for their actions and feel guilt and remorse, and therefore they are unlikely to commit the retaliatory violent crimes that would cause scamming d-bags to live in fear.

      Nonetheless, many d-bags avoid the tedium of interacting with unhappy scam victims {and fake robots} by using mailbox-service addresses, ignoring customer-service requests, and hiring assistants (virtual or in-person) as buffers between themselves and complaints. As Connie points out, some (perhaps because of their grandiose sense of self-worth) do live in irrational, paranoid fear.

      Generally, when scamming d-bags move, it’s to avoid the authorities, not individual victims. Remember Jeremy Johnson was trying to abscond to Costa Rica when he was arrested. Kevin Trudeau was living in Switzerland and bought an apartment for his wife in Ukraine, and the couple held companies in St. Kitts and Nevis and Belize, an overseas bookie’s account in Swiss francs, and an Australian bank account.

      Some of the psychopaths of Scamworld promote moving from country to country to stay one step ahead of the authorities as an enviable lifestyle. David Wood considers himself one of “The New Homeless Rich,” and Natalie Sisson calls herself a “Suitcase Entrepreneur.”

      As Connie says, they have to keep up their facades with “social proof.” Facebook follower counts can be boosted with fake accounts. Many of the people promoting gurus are receiving affiliate income for doing so. For many others, their decisions to quit their jobs, end their marriages, and abandon their children are tied up in their belief in the guru. They have to reaffirm their faith, or else they’ll have to confront the fact they gave up everything good in their lives to follow a lying con artist. Critics are silenced and blocked.

      If you’ve been reading this site for six years – or read The Verge’s “Scamworld” – you already know that the $19.95 books are just lead-generation tools to feed into Prosper and PMI to scam people like Debbie out of nearly half their annual salary in one go.

      If you’ve been reading this site for six years, you know that people do get killed because of Scamworld. Four people died because of James Arthur Ray. Scammer Don Lapre killed himself. Victims are left without the means to survive and mention suicidal thoughts in the comments.

      Victims are hurt in other ways. Leonard Coldwell has raped “more victims than you can count on your fingers.” Impotent wannabe rapist Lloyd Irvin uses Scamworld’s SEO trickery to lure women to his self-defense classes. John Paul Raygoza kidnapped someone and evidently beat up a cop. Not to mention countless victims who’ve plunged into life-altering debt or, as Rev Ron mentions, avoided life-saving medical treatments.

      If you’ve been reading this site, you know that chargebacks are declined. Banks, credit card companies, and payment processors side with the scammers. Victims are told they “can’t afford not to invest” in the latest scam, and then they’re told they didn’t “work hard enough” to make it work.

      If you actually read the lawsuit, you will find that it’s not a “definite fail” – it’s fairly surreal.

    4. @Johnny – Confused about your, “no one got killed” argument.

      No one got killed when a thief stole my car, but a crime was still committed.

      Using a fabric of lies in order to sell a useless information product (who’s terms and conditions state is for entertainment purposes in order to avoid having to back up the marketing claims) is somehow alright because nobody died?

      Perhaps Bernie Madoff should be let back out onto the streets to perpetrate more pyramid schemes; I mean, no one died right?

      Or perhaps we shouldn’t be worried about Lenny’s molestation of vulnerable people. You’re right, let’s chill out man, after all – no one died.

      The Caldwell is impersonating a doctor, in order to sell a product called “The Only Answer to Cancer” to people who are dying. When you say no one died, I sincerely hope not, but if a cancer sufferer swayed by the lies in his marketing decides to base their recovery on his information, then I rather suspect that someone may well die.

  16. Well, I was referring to “It’s been pretty nice :: almost a full year totally off the creep radar … my address not spattered all over an Internet populated by d-bags who wish I was dead.” If customers of these d-bags wanted them dead too I do not think they would do events with them. I think 6 years ago you may have had a purpose but in 2014 we have something called social media and those who harm their customers wouldn’t be chatting with them on their Facebook pages. Case closed. I hope for your own sake you move on before this thing eats up any of your time and now since the flood gates are opening.. your money as well. God bless.

    1. If you would like to see a case closed for people chatting with their customers on Facebook please visit

      ….othwise, I wonder how many scammers sign off their emails or posts with a ‘God Bless’ – rather a lot, me thinks.

      BTW Johnny, you are on one of the finest websites on the internet. The topic it addresses is a complex one – but with the US of A always having love ins with the likes of Herbalife, Scientology, and umpteen of the latest brainwashing cult event organisers, and truly useless $19 wealth generating, health creating, and weight lossing ‘books’ – it would always be fighting a tough battle.

      Heres hoping that one day you get the point. One day.

    2. @Johnny, maybe you don’t realize how many of the d-bags do live in fear. At the same time, however, their scams depend upon their maintenance of a public facade. Their fawning fans and their own arrogance provide them with the strength to party on on Facebook as if they had nothing to hide.

      As it happens, Leonard Coldwell is one of the most fearful of the d-bags, to the point of being paranoid. He takes enormous pains to keep his current home address private; as noted here previously, he wouldn’t even allow it on the court docs. I do know that he has moved at least a dozen times since arriving in Mt. Pleasant SC in about 2000. Previously he lived in Virginia for a few years and before that, under the name Bernd Klein, he lived in his homeland of Germany.

      He is constantly using proxies to stalk and spy on his critics. He has been doing this at least since the late 1990s.

      He does not allow comments or even votes on most of his YouTube videos. And he has said that he takes a bodyguard with him everywhere he goes, particularly to his live events.

      On Facebook, Coldwell has also blocked virtually everyone who has ever criticized him, questioned him (even politely), or “liked” a comment by a critic. I would say that is pretty lame for a “popular public figure” and the “greatest therapist of our times.”

      Here is his main Facebook page:

      Coldwell’s big excuse for the secrecy and caution is that Big Pharma thugs are after him to try to kill him because his natural cures are cutting into their profits. He has even told the lie that I am an AIDS-infected ex-hooker (“the cosmic slut” or “the slut,” in Loony parlance) who is being paid by Big Pharma to ruin him.

      Other d-bags are similarly secretive or at least prone to blocking their critics. That seems to be why Salty is frequently blocked from social media sites and various forums.

      And though the d-bags are constantly boasting on social about their wonderful families and glorious lives, few of them publish their home addresses, nor would one expect them to do so. Public figures, particularly controversial ones, are generally pretty cautious. (I imagine that someone like Tony Robbins has a whole cadre of bodyguards.)

      Moreover, as Salty noted in one of his replies to you, he never actually said that he moved to Columbus specifically to escape any d-bags. He merely indicated that a year or so of not having his address known to them was a nice side effect. But I sense that he’s glad to come out of “hiding” for a good cause.

      BTW, the Salty Droid blog was initiated in 2009, and social media certainly existed then too. Early on, the little robot apparently got himself booted off of Twitter and then Facebook. But you say, @Johnny, that blogs such as his are now irrelevant due to the rise of social media. Nice try, but muckraking blogs are more important than ever. They have a permanence and substance that even the most widely followed Twitter or Facebook accounts don’t have. If someone tries to use Facebook to counter the scammers, some fan or other, or the scammer himself, will report it to Facebook in a heartbeat and the account will generally be suspended or even deactivated. It’s a little harder to fight a blog. (It is, however, very easy for Salty’s supporters to use social media to share links to his blog posts.:-))

      That said, I don’t blame Jason for getting frustrated at times, because it is so painfully obvious that one way or the other, the scammers will keep on scamming; they’re like antibiotic-resistant bacteria, always evolving. Even Kevin Trudeau continues to scam by proxy from his “official” Facebook page. The posts on those pages get hundreds of “likes” and supportive comments, and it seems obvious that many people still think Trudeau was a victim of government persecution rather than prosecution. Fake Kevin Trudeau Facebook pages are now springing up all over the place, and the fans are flocking to them and “liking” every utterance.

      However, the page that @random stuff linked to is the “official” fan page, and although the messages are mostly written in first person, most are actually being posted by Trudeau’s longtime friend, business partner, former co-defendant, and ex-girlfriend Janine Nubani Contursi. I don’t know how many of them were posted with KT’s approval (he only has limited email access at the MCC), but the posts serve to keep the “legend” of Saint Kevin alive and well. He’s apparently trying to position himself as a spiritual leader who allowed himself to be sacrificed for the greater good, and the fans are buying it hook, line, and sinker. One of many examples (this is from last December):

      So yeah, there is still a need for blogs like this. Long may you run, little fake robot.

    3. Some time ago, politely challenged Joe Vitale’s claims that the unending quest for ever-greater wealth were consistent with Buddha’s teachings. His response? Blocked. I asked Peter Wink how he could have worked as Joe Vitale’s PR Director for years, yet claim not to have known that Vitale was a huckster until he was terminated. His response? Blocked me. I asked Coldwell for the sources of his degrees and some evidence that he had cured anyone (much less, 35,000 people) of cancer. His response? Blocked. I asked Abe Husein (a Coldwell supporter) – respectfully – why he allowed Coldwell to spread egregious lies about my wife, yet deleted her very civil attempts to challenge those lies.. I asked him whether he was financially benefiting by supporting Coldwell, which he denied, only to admit to later on… AFTER he had blocked me.

      You tell ME who feels the need to hide…

    4. @Johnny,

      What do you think of Leonard Coldwell?

      What do think of @RevRon’s, @Cosmic Connie’s, and @random stuff’s comments?

      I can tell you, from personal experience, that it is pretty much business-as-usual for the scammers to just block dissenters.

      On @SD’s site the only thing that will happen is it gets hidden.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

  17. Jesus christ why in the FUCK are you guys even involved with these people. You act as if they are people of power, like they have any influence at all. And Rev, because you were blocked for being an asshole doesn’t mean Social Media isn’t the thorn in the machine’s side. You are just creepy as hell. This is how it works. The source of the problem with our society is not authors of books and “gurus”. You should have the choice what you want to do with your life and there are consequences for actions. You guys are in la la land. Look at the way you “feel like it’s christmas” because Jason here fought back. Its freaking crazy. IF you guys were right, you would have more fans. If you were right you would have been sued more. If you were right, Lanna and the other guy wouldn’t be the only ones fighting for Salty in the Verge Scamworld comments. These people are PEOPLE, not a “machine.” There is no demand for this. There is however demand for some of the BIG blogs that post about Machines. So this is probably why you feel like you will never win. If Coldwell does not keep coming I will be very surprised. Seems to me like Salty Droid stuck up for connie, had an artist design coldwell’s penis and now getting sued for it. You guys are spoiled Americans. Live in Nigeria for a year and then let’s see how important it is to spend time shit slinging with natural healing authors all day.

    1. So “Johnny,” were you in fact one of the “big shots” that Coldwell claimed, in some of his Facebook rants and in his Feb. 27 email to Jason, to have on board in his planned legal assault on Jason? And were you disappointed to learn how baseless that lawsuit is?

      On second thought… judging by your comment, perhaps you don’t know how baseless that lawsuit is. Maybe you have reading comprehension problems. So I will try to explain. I will type slowly.

      First off, the purpose of Salty Droid’s original posts about Coldwell was NOT to stick up for me, but rather to stick up for the people who were reportedly being truly victimized by Coldwell. And if Coldwell was offended by that artist’s drawing of the penis, it was nowhere indicated in his spurious lawsuit. The only thing Coldwell’s lawsuit did was to cite some blog posts by Omri Shabat on Glancing Web.

      Coldwell can sue whomever he wants, but it won’t change who and what he is.

      By the way, I’ll grant that blogging about scammers is an activity for the relatively privileged. But not all on this forum are Americans, and I daresay not all are spoiled. But speaking of Nigeria… yeah, land of scams. Is that where you live?

    2. Johnny – with your reading the Salty Droid – the expecation was not for you to break out into swearing. No – honestly – you were not supposed to pickup cussing from this site. That is really not the objective.

      There is humour, insight, horror, depression, wretched disbelief of how awful this sub set of humanity is to their fellows – and no, the readers of this site *hopefully*do not hang out with ‘these guys’ – and if they did, some insights have put off more than a few.

      By your reference to Nigeria – I guess you have lived there – and seen real physical suffering, and therefor believe that lying to people, brainwashing them, sucking them for income, and then leaving them abused, anguished, depressed – or dying or dead – some how does not matter.

      Johnny, your observation is irrelevant.

      Johnny, exactly what are you / were you doing in Nigeria?

      Here – can I recommend you visit another site? …..

  18. Nope, my last one was erased. If these people are “scammers” then you have no perspective. You are 3 years old.

    1. @Johnny ::

      Wrong :: it went to spam … like comments from proxy servers {about how scammers don’t hide} often do.

  19. @Johnny – I would have been disappointed if your response to my comment had been civil or had even made sense. Thank you for NOT disappointing.

    I would assume that you also favor freedom for pickpockets and hackers who steal and abuse others’ personal information, since they are neither better nor worse than the scammers who mislead, exploit, and harm others. You are, of course, within your rights to support whatever hucksters you choose, just as I am within my rights to be a “creepy asshole” in my dealings with people who feel the need to hide from the truth. Our actions – and our words – speak clearly to our individual levels of integrity, and I’m perfectly comfortable with mine. Infinitely more so than I would be if I had to lie to others to make my living. Your mileage may vary (and obviously does).

  20. SD, Thanks for your replies. RevRon, comparing pick pocketing to an author selling a book or program is ridiculous. I do not know if you are aware of this, but your position would favor freedom to shoplift, download illegally or chargeback for services rendered, which is criminal. We have laws that apply to consumers as well, and I speak from the viewpoint of a small business owner who has many more responsibilities than you do obviously. And for the concept of needing a “facade” to keep in business, as Connie suggested to do business with your real name without changing it every year like a real scammer, you need alot more than a facade, you need fans. To build real fans who have your back, you need to provide an amazing amount of value. The universe works. Learn to adopt the concept of nature and your hemorrhoids may shrink. SD, I take it you allow my comments as it is good for your blog considering the trouble. Cosmic Connie, I can see how your anger gets the best of you to entice your ad hominem at the end of each post. You are barely one to talk as you admit you have a personal issue with Coldwell. This is baby stuff. If these people were guilty of something more than working with Trudeau, it would not be parody or satire worthy, to satire true evil would be evil in itself.

    1. I can’t even begin to tell you how badly you’ve so obviously missed many clue buses. There just isn’t that much time, and nothing reasonable would have any chance of sinking in, anyway.

      I do have an issue with anyone who cheats other people, who lies about their qualifications, who gives people false hope (and advises them to avoid treatment that might well save their lives – something he certainly cannot offer them). And yes, I do have “issues” with a lying little twerp who spreads lives about my wife. If you were a man, in a relationship with an actual woman, you would understand.

      You make crystal clear your inability to comprehend what Salty and others are doing with your own words, “To build real fans who have your back, you need to provide an amazing amount of value.” What the hucksters like Trudeau and Coldwell provide is a promise of fairy tale wish fulfillment. Nothing more. When you can tell the difference between reality and hucksters’ lies, come back and we’ll talk. Until then, I might as well try to teach a pig to sing. And just for the record, idiotic little worms like Trudeau & Coldwell,- and even their sycophants such as yourself – don’t make me angry… well, no more than a pesky gnat buzzing about my face would. The only difference is that the gnats are close enough to swat. :-)

    2. Sorry about the “ad hominem” remark re Nigeria, “Johnny.” At least I think that’s what you were referring to when you accused me of “ad hominem” attacks. But it is curious that you would mention Nigeria. I certainly would not want to live in Nigeria.

      I don’t really have a “personal” issue with Coldwell and I am not angered at all by the little lunatic’s attacks on me; just amused. He was just another scammer and Trudeau buddy as far as I was concerned when I first wrote about his name changes and dodgy history (at that time I knew nothing of his alleged predation). Instead of responding to my valid questions about his credentials and mysterious past, he chose to begin spreading actionable lies about me, thus further eroding his own credibility.

      Coldwell does have his fans, though; he has spent most of his life trying to build a following. He wasn’t really successful till Trudeau picked him up. Trudeau’s big Ponzi-like seekrit club GIN was the high point of his career, and now that GIN is gone (well, he got kicked out of GIN long before it was gone), he is scrambling desperately through other schemes to maintain his standing in Scamworld.

      I, on the other hand, have never really tried to build a fan base and that isn’t important to me. Some people have indicated that I provide value through my blog, however.

    3. I can’t make any sense from what you go about saying and pretty much most of the time I think I can make sense out of anything that even doesn’t make sense.

  21. Long time lurker here. Salty Droid, I really respect and am genuinely glad that you are doing this. Do you happen to have a legal fund that I can kick a few dollars into? It won’t be much, but I’d like to help beyond simply stating my support.

  22. Sounds like Lenny used his $69.99 lawyer service to hire a PR person who isn’t as stupid as peter wink. I doubt “Johnny” cares one way or the other about Lenny, he is just hired to create the illusion of a debate on this topic. This is out of LRon’s playbook, Johnny will go away soon and come back as “Robby” with another odd nit to pick and expound on. His goal is not to convince but to create the appearance of another point of view. Scientology is nearly dead but the cottage industries around it are well represented in scamworld.

  23. Mark Hamilton is part of this also, so Johnny is likely a Neo-Nitwit. Just another layer to cover scientology but there is nothing new in brainwashing or scamworld

  24. Ultimately, “Johnny” is like all the other scammers who come here.

    Why do they come here? Usually, one of two reasons. Either they are specifically implicated on this blog or are attached to someone/some scam that is (or is destined to be) implicated here. Or, alternatively, they simply exist in that same, dark space, and thus feel compelled to try to extinguish any spotlight that exposes their lair.

    No matter how hard they try to blow smoke and excuse what is exposed here, they all, without exception, have failed to do so.

    Even you, “Johnny.”

  25. I do not mean to judge, but the things you both personally mention can be found in you as well. Connie, your obvious detraction of attention to my mention of Nigeria set the intellectual bar quite low, so I do not expect you to comprehend anyone else’s business let alone your own. But I can tell you this, to attack a man who “spent his whole life building a following” I would think this is unfair to continue to pressure Salty into this by supporting it. Rev, I understand your “hints” and “clues” as I am getting the watered down, watch your mouth, 6 years of blowback under the radar thing. There are probably things about both of you that are awful. You are human. You speak as if you are perfect human beings, but maybe your behavior is a result of you too being ridiculed, so you find the need to ridicule others. This would make for a great science experiment. Say if you, Connie, Salty, Wyrd and Rev were surveyed and all found to have been abused as children or raped in Catholic School. It’s got to be something like this. There are probably inefficiencies or neglect of your own self experience or work ethic as well, and when you see someone else that has achieved something your own reality will dictate your perspective. But whatever the case, you speak of people personally, and not professionally to concern the business, making the motive and premise obviously a reenactment of your high school experience. I do concede that it is a shame I am found in defense of this person in this particular debate but it is more than ever evident now after having this discussion that everything you say is bullshit. But I find myself pitying you, and starting to actually feel bad for you. You both should stop talking about it before the evidence that this is all a personally motivated instigation of a spoiled computer geek’s “hobby” and the infamous “a place for jokes,” finally comes out. I am glad Salty is back, I was getting bored. :)

    1. @Johnny ::

      Let’s review the evidence …
      — you’re using a proxy :: so you’ve been caught here before … or you think I’d know who you are
      — knowing how to use a public proxy pretty much rules out Coldwell and his pathetic cadre of chuckle heads
      — you’re not too stupid … but you’ve got a total disrespect for the truth … and exhibit intellectual laziness
      — you’re comfortable in your trolling … prolly do it a lot
      — you make reference to The Verge comments … like an obsessive who can’t let go of something
      — you wish you could hate me … but you wish you were me
      — you confuse attention for respect
      — there are basically never totally disinterested trolls here … this thing has touched you directly in some way

      Jamie Lewis?


    2. @Johnny -Jesus Christ on a bicycle! Do they teach little cultings the Pee Wee Herman Defense in cult kindergarten or something? Without fail, you cult apologists and scammer sycophants inevitably fall back on the “I know you are, but what am I?” line when you can’t come up with any viable way to defend the indefensible. So anyone who observes a scam is the product of a tortured youth? And because of this, everything that a critic says is bullshit? You expect that kind of desperate grasping to stick, or to even be taken seriously? Really?

      My tortured soul is laughing its ass off right now. Please continue. We deserve the entertainment.

    3. OMG, @Johnny… you’re right! Your very wise post jogged something… and all of those suppressed memories came flooding in. Oh, the horror, the horror. I remember now that I WAS raped and abused in Catholic School as a child and later on I got picked on and felt the need to spend the rest of my life picking on others. After I left the Catholic School it was all downhill. And oh, it pains me to confess, but… Coldwell and his “research team” were right all along. Due to the traumatic things that happened to me, I became a prostitute and infected my customers with bad STDs. That became my mission in life. Thank goodness Big Pharma came along to offer me drugs for the STDs (including the AIDS) as well as lots of money to write blog posts that nobody reads, in order to discredit wise natural healers like Dr. C. Oh, goodness, it’s all coming back to me. #sarcasm

      But seriously. I did not lower the intellectual bar here at all. The worst I did was succumb to the temptation to swat at the red herring you deliberately threw into the mix when you mentioned Nigeria, in a clear effort to trivialize the very real injustices that are routinely discussed on this blog. You came out swinging at the beginning with your own ad hominem attacks on Jason. I’d say the bar was already set pretty low once you entered the conversation. I would have had to work too hard to lower it further, and I’m kind of lazy in that regard. But as Ron said, you do add some entertainment. It would be boring if everyone here agreed with Jason.

      I do find it worthy of comment that even you, “Johnny,” seem to be slightly disgusted that by speaking up here, you seem to be defending “this person in particular” — meaning, I assume, Coldwell. If that is your meaning, don’t blame you for being disgusted at yourself.

      OMT: If the only people who spoke out about wrongdoing and injustice were “perfect human beings,” then nobody would ever speak out. I have no problem with people who “achieved something.” It’s people who “achieve” while obviously hurting so many others who prompt me to enter the fray, despite my own blatant imperfections.

  26. Awesome work as always, Salty! Thank you! Luckily I can still post your work to social media sites, except for “Official James Arthur Ray” on Facebook….I keep getting blocked from there, strangely.

  27. Johnny is obviously a keyboard warrior and quite frankly, stupid.

    If I had a buck for every time one of those scheisters blocked me, too, I could stay at a nice hotel for a night and pay for dinner. As Ron said, question the hucksters and their supporters and it’s an instant block!
    Hucksters can’t handle debate so they resort to insulting and ignorance. I’m sure Ron and others would agree with me, that had those in the Coldwell camp for example, kept things civil, there would have been a lot more positive results from debating our points. On both sides.
    They’re the ones that chose to show their true colours and get nasty – and people like Coldwell are merely scared that the truth will stop them making a profit.
    But we’ve been through all this before with other gullible idiots…Liz E being one, Ken T another, and so on…you’re not the first Johnny, and you certainly won’t be the last. But thanks for bringing your ignorance and stupidity to the table. It’s always good for a laugh after a hard day killing car engines.

  28. Omri Shebat rips off pretty much article for article from salty the only difference is his site has Adsense all over it. Definitely need to get him in check him trying to monetize the movement is opening a can of worms….

    1. It appears that the offending ads are gone now from Glancing Web (or maybe I am just not seeing them? I allowed all scripts, etc. and the site still looks cleaner than it previously did.).

      In Omri’s defense, Mike M, it also appears that while he has clearly been inspired by SD and has to some extent adopted his writing style, it would be unfair to claim that Omri is merely ripping off SD article for article. It appears to me that Omri has taken the initiative on several scams and scammers not necessarily covered in as much depth here.

      I still think there is a place for all of the individual blogs and bloggers who criticize the scammers. It’s not as if this is a consolidated “movement,” anyway. It isn’t. Bloggers work on their own, choosing their topics for better or worse. Some are more effective at getting their message across than others. It’s up to the individual whether he or she wants to monetize his or her individual efforts, but obviously, it matters very much HOW that monetization is accomplished.

      My point is that there’s no movement per se, no coordinated effort at all — contrary to what some of the more daft and paranoid scammers might try to claim.

      In any case, if the ads really are gone from Omri’s blog now, I would say that is a good move on Omri’s part.

    2. @Mike,

      I gotta disagree about Omri. He’s doing his own thing, and I think he’s doing it well.

      And–even if he were just copycatting @SD- (which he’s not)–why would that matter? What @SD has done here is plenty important enough that it deserves to be spread. That was always part of the original point to spread the news that scammers proliferate the Internet like cockroaches and forewarned is forearmed, yes? Yes.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

  29. Omri has his own style and strong points. I have enjoyed reading his stuff, he wrote a very good blog about herbalife that stood on its own. At least from the viewpoint that he represented it, a unique and entertaining entry.
    There is room on the internet for everyone and their unique method of writing. Just as there are several books on plumbing, there is room for many more blogs on-line.
    Two restaurant’s in the same neighborhood, often help one another by bringing in a larger customer base. How much more true is this for blogs.
    I understand how all of this can feel horrible. Doctor Coldwell is a horrible person. I formed this opinion from what he has written and it has nothing to do with anyone’s blogs.
    I am very fond of both SD and Omri’s blogs. They bring me entertainment, and education.

    1. Hahaha, yeah ok. This guy Omri Shitbot creates linkbait articles with adsense ads hiding behind his computer in suicide bomberland. Someday someone is going to pull the plug on this urine colored internet tough guy. I will be will deserved. Like most journalists he is a broke loser commenting on people who actually do something.

      1. @Frank ::

        Is that you Hitler?

        It’s so brave of you to use a proxy server to complain about someone else “hiding.”

  30. :Loony Coldwell is going to teach you how to be rich, healthy, happy and so much more — all for only $199. And for only $199 more you get to have a special VIP dinner with him. It doesn’t say whether or not unwanted groping is included in the cost of the dinner. It all starts, appropriately enough, on a Friday the 13th (June, that is) and takes place at an exclusive hi-rise club in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina.

    You also have another chance to join Loony and Peter Wink’s seekrit klub, the IBMS Master’s Society: “If you are achiever, you will love the IBMS Master’s Society. Winners love it and losers can’t get in.” Loony and Wink are the Supreme Partners who founded this club.

  31. Any bets on when and how Coldwell and Kellogg will respond to Salty’s filings? I am betting that they just try to ignore it and hope Salty goes away. I also bet that Lenny just leaves his lawyer hanging if sanctions are imposed.

  32. pardon the ignorance, have not checked out this site in awhile; is jason..sorry sd still involved?..last i checked the sd was moving on?…thanks?

    1. You went to the effort of typing in a comment at the bottom of a post that answers your question loudly and clearly, right in the beginning – and, it is recently dated. Two words: scroll up.

  33. Hi Salty! It’s been while since I’ve posted…see you’re still at it. Have never heard of Coldwell before your posts here. So what happened 17. April? Did Coldwell’s 7-11-pre-paid-legal-personal-injury lawyer trade his Queen for some hand carved cat turds?

    1. I think that Coldwell simply made most of his more recent Facebook posts private, @Longdog. He continues to become more paranoid, and to block more and more people. I think that this kind of defeats the purpose of being a “public figure” who has a Facebook page, but logic has never been his strong suit.

      I personally have been blocked by him for well over a year, and in order to see his rants about me I have had to rely on screen shots taken by other people who haven’t yet been blocked. Also, FYI, he uses his little buddy Abe Husein’s Facebook page to post most of his rants about what he is going to do to all of us. So if you go to Abe Husein’s page you might be able to see more from Lenny, although he has blocked me completely so I cannot directly see his rants anywhere on Facebook. He tells the world what he is going to do to his perceived enemies, thinking that he is talking behind their backs somehow. But there’s always a way to see what the little maniac is spewing.

  34. How does it work as far as sanctions? If they don’t respond to the request to sanction them is it an automatic judgment against them or does the judge have discretion? Does the judge at least have to make a public decision or can they just decide to ignore it? It seems to me that a case for harassment was made pretty convincingly, I can’t see how the judge can ignore it.

  35. Latest development: After failing to bring Salty down, Coldwell has turned his attentions back to me, and on July 14, 2014 he publicly accused me of poisoning his pit bull Blue, posting my full name and address and insinuating that people should do something. The conspiracy nutcakes are coming out of the woodwork and coming after me with pitchforks — only virtual pitchforks so far, but they are saying some truly disturbing things.

      1. Thank you, Alex. You do know, though, that Coldwell thinks you and I are the same person? When he first discovered your blog he thought that you were Bernie O’Mahony in Japan, and claimed that Bernie had created the entire blog just to give me a forum on which to “defame” Coldwell. But now apparently he thinks you are Connie Schmidt. The accusations just get crazier.

        1. That post you linked is jaw-dropping. And I thought the little idiot couldn’t surprise me anymore.

          Seriously — what the hell is he going on about? (Rhetorical question. No need to try to figure out the completely psychotic.)

  36. I agree with Salty agreeing with longdog. Sue that loudmouth bastard! You know a mighty fine lawyer!

  37. I’ve just been looking at Not-A-Doctor Coldwelll’s new Facebook page and I’ve read his rambling, barely coherent, delusional, grandiose, paranoid and blatantly libelous comments posted on 17th July (all screen grabbed for future reference). There are many woods that spring to mind but perhaps the word that springs strongest is ‘desperate’.

    I’ve been watching Google quite closely since i first became interested in Peretends-To-Be-A-Doctor Clodwell about a year ago and I have to give the little creep his due on one thing he is quite adept at manipulating search engines but… It’s noticeable now that more and more results critical of the slimy arsehole are creeping further and further up the ratings.

    Bernd had a good run at inflicting his bullshit on the world but I rear (No I don’t… I’m happy) his days are seriously numbered.

    Perhaps it’s time for another name change

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