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Someone told Leonard Coldwell’s Facebooks about my article about how Leonard Coldwell is the fucking worst. He left it up most of the weekend while he was busy bootcamping his champions™ :: because along with being an idiot … he’s basically a computer illiterate.

But Mr. Shorty McPervyPants finally figured it out :: and replaced the truths with a totally sensible FAPB {facebook all peeps bulletin} …

“$ 500 reward for the first one that gives me the real full name ( identity ) and address of this Salty Droid loser. Plus $100 dollars extra for a recent recognizable picture if that guy.”

The first “who is the salty droid” reward was only $75 :: great to know that the price has continued to rise even as “the secret” information has become available to the point of comedy … the market has spoken!

Speaking of markets :: I need me that $600 {because … you can’t make money online} … so I claimed it … and simul-fucking-taneous gave Bernd his chance to comment … like a good little reporter would …

Leonard/Bernd ::

I see you have offered a $500 dollar reward for the address and identity of The Salty Droid :: wow … big spender.

I would like to claim that reward {not that it’s any of your business … but I plan to spend all the money buying tacos for Rick Calvert}.

The Salty Droid loser is …

Jason Michael Jones
1250 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60605

That info was already available all over the web … too bad you’re too stupid to complete even the most basic research. It’s also in a file that some of the other scammer d-bags have compiled about me and my friends and family using various lame investigators … too bad you don’t have any friends or someone may have sent that little item to you. No brains :: no friends … what do you have going for you? That’s my question … well it’s one of my questions.

Also :: there was the matter of the additional 100 big ones for a current photo of the above mentioned Jason Jones? I’m sure you could only want that for the purest of reasons {like masturbation} … so I would also like to claim that money for my own self and my newly forming Rick Calvert taco charity. Will you accept one of these recent media appearances?

Phone Predators


The latter link includes HD video of Jason inside 1250 South Michigan Avenue … so that should most def qualify me for the bonus benjamin.

Should we do this by paypal or check?

Lowest Regards ::


PS :: Would you care to answer to the charge that you are sexually abusive towards women … too include very young women? Would you care to show me some proof that you’ve ever received any degree :: from any college … ever? Would you care to comment on your comments labeling Kevin Trudeau a “cult” leader? Have you ever used the threat of violence in an attempt to repress the exposure of information about your sexual misdeeds? Do you think such threats will be effective against The Salty Droid … or do you think maybe Jason Michael Jones of 1250 South Michigan Avenue would rather die in the fucking streets than back down to a waste of human skin like yourself?


No response so far :: hang in there Rick Calvert … make some frozen burritos or something.

>> bleep bloop 

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  1. Score one for “this Salty Droid loser” and zero for Bernd. I nearly ruined another keyboard when I saw the Facebook “Wanted” poster last night. It seems to be long gone from Lenny’s Timeline, but apparently it got captured for posterity.

    For the record, @SD, I believe that the link to your post was up on Lenny’s Timeline from Thursday evening (Sept. 6) through some time Tuesday, Sept. 11. And the Charlatan Boot Camp had ended Sunday evening, Sept. 9. I’m amazed that none of Lenny’s friends told him any sooner. I am even more amazed that the person who put it up there was apparently one of Lenny’s friends. It sure wasn’t anyone I know.

    1. @Cosmic Connie, Almost ruined my keyboard too, after reading your response! LOL “Charlatan Boot Camp” is a particular winner!

  2. That was some FAST thinking, Droid. I was thinking as I read this — “it would be great if Jason himself claimed the prize before the idiot realizes it’s right out there in the open and you don’t care who knows.”

    So much for idiot schoolyard bully tactic #1. Can’t wait to watch this guy go through the whole arsenal of usual tactics before he catches on it’s been done before.

    Who knows? He could be the one. The first guy truly stupid enough to sue or try something even stupider.

    VERY nice.

    1. @Jack, They misspelled Hungryneck on that one. I’ve seen numerous other listings for various failed businesses and foundations and patents and such for Coldwell. Some as recent as 2002 or 2003 listed him as a citizen of the Republic of Germany, but reportedly he has since become a naturalized New-nited States citizen. In any case, perhaps he can also add to his accomplishments the title of “serial entrepreneur.”

  3. Slapping the living shit out of another slime-encrusted scammer is a wonder to behold! Salty I hope you spendz that lawfully gotten reeward on more loser lessons:) The world needs many more losers a la the Droid !! :)

  4. Nice to see you’re reading the blog, Herr Klein.

    Here’s another question for you. On some of your sites you provide the following disclaimer: The Dr Leonard Coldwell Foundation e V is responsible for the content of this website, all legal issues have to be addressed to Dr Leonard Coldwell Foundation e V Germany.

    I’ve been looking for for your “eingetragenen Verein” (e. V./association) but I can’t find it. At least this registry of all the e. V.’s in Germany doesn’t show it

    and I can’t find any other mention of it anywhere except on your disclaimers. So how about a contact address (please, not just “care of” your mother this time!) and the registry details?

    It’s kind of important, because legal disclaimers generally should not also need disclaimers attached to them. (Like, for example, “The Dr Leonard Coldwell Foundation e V Germany does not need an address because it doesn’t exist.”)

  5. P.S. Bernd, I notice you now also have a “Phd” as well as four PHD’s. Keep trying. Sooner or later you’ll strike it rich and get yourself a PhD. I know, it’s no easy matter getting the right qualifications, is it.

    1. Huh.

      So I guess not-Dr.^4 “Dr. C.” Creepy Coldwell/Bernd spent exactly zero seconds thinking or attempting to google search or on-this-site-search before he started typing his RealDumb ™ “I want his name!” message.

      I am missing a step somewhere though. (Which happens to me sometimes.) When/how did Rick Calvert, BlogWorld New Media Expo Cofounder & CEO, become connected to not-Dr.^4 “Dr. C.” Creepy Coldwell/Bernd? (I mean, not counting the current article itself that is.)

      Is this something in store for later?

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

        1. @Wyrd & @Lanna ::

          Rick Calvert accused me of randomly associating names together willy-nilly as a malicious SEO strategy :: but he couldn’t think of any specific examples … so I thought I’d help him make his point.

          Now maybe he’ll call me?

          Additionally :: hopefully this will help Dave Copeland write his anti-droid anti-verge piece for ReadWriteWeb. Oh I’m sorry … did I say ReadWriteWeb? Because that was lie … what I meant was hopefully this will help Dave Copeland write his anti-droid anti-verge piece for the blogworld blog. I guess I just got confused by Dave Copeland’s lies.

          1. @SD,

            That’s cool. And funny.

            I’m suddenly tempted to start a taco fund for Rick Calvert, BlogWorld New Media Expo Cofounder & CEO.

    2. @Yakaru,

      Ah, my bad. My previous comment was intended to be a general site comment not a reply. Originally I was going to reply to you with a long pointless post about the intricacies of case sensitivity or something. But then I deleted it to save the Universe. I could’ve sworn I refreshed the page to look for new comments and to cancel the reply setting, but Realty says I did not.

  6. If he ever coughs up, you could offer him the chance to win it back by offering the money up as a reward for verifiable evidence of the degrees he claims to have.

    Heck, you could go ahead and offer the $500 reward now . . . it’s not like anybody’s in a position to collect on it.

    1. @Holy Sh-, Not a bad idea! It’d be a great “double-or-nothing” deal. And double @SD’s take in the end…in an alternate universe where the good Dr. Flakeass actually pays for shit. He most likely won’t. I’m certain @SD’s still gonna have sandwiches covered. If not…one or two words and a storm of sandwiches would flood Chicago.

      1. @Head Honcho,

        And double @SD’s take in the end…in an alternate universe where the good Dr. Flakeass actually pays for shit.

        Some alternate universes are more plausible than others.

        Consider: you’re talking about an alternate Earth timeline where
        * on the one hand, not-Dr.^4 “Dr. C.” Creepy Coldwell is so upstanding and honest that he actually pays @SD the fee for revealing himself
        * but yet on the other hand, Creepy Coldwell is still so much of a total scamming loser that he earns Salty’s ire in the first place

        Those two notions are so at odds with each other that any such universe where they exist together would be inherently highly unstable. I doubt it could exist for more than a few nanoseconds before suffering recursive occlusion and collapsing to a singularity.

        Furry cows oom and implode.

        1. @Wyrd,Thanks a LOT. Reading your reply I WENT there. It was brief, as you described. And completely unnerving. I have a headache now that I’m back. Whew!

  7. I’m just wondering if Lenny really will award actual money to the first person who responded to his offer. My guess is that he’ll offer a $500 (or $600) discount on his next Boot Camp, or perhaps he’ll send the person $500 (or $600) worth of his books or other info-frauducts… or maybe he will award a $500 (or $600) gift certificate for a lymphatic massage and cancer treatment.

    1. @Cosmic Connie,

      Can he still get away with charging people for raping them? I mean now, after his pay per rape business has been exposed as a scam.

      1. @Tom banjo, Well, according to what I have read, he didn’t actually charge for some of those (mis)treatments, because he knew he was not a licensed doctor. He apparently figured that allegedly violating the “patients” gratis would protect him from charges of practicing medicine without a license, which seemed to be the charge he feared the most. And perhaps he further assumed that his crude intimidation tactics would keep the alleged victims from telling their loved ones or anyone else about the “sessions.” So I am guessing he figured that he had quite the wall of protection around him. That is just my opinion, but I might be right.™

    2. @Cosmic Connie,

      Yep, Other Peoples Money goes in only one direction with these guys–and it ain’t back into circulation.

  8. Just when I think I can’t love you more, you go and do something like this! God, Bernd is a fucking idiot. I only expect this to get more entertaining (no offense to the victims) since I don’t think he’s seen the light yet.

  9. I saw where that Doctor Cordwall specializes in “instinct based medicine.” I guess a person has to go to medical college and get one of those fancy instinct degrees to be doing that. But how do you get the instinct to get that instinct degree? It sounds like one of those chicken and egg kind of problems. That’s why I mostly eat pancakes.

    1. @Luther, what don’t you get about “instinct based medic”

      Victim: “I’ve been diagnosed with cancer”

      Dr.Slimball: “My instincts tell me you’re scared and concerned about your health and will believe just about anything I say…sooooo….take your clothes off and let me molest you so my magic jizz can do it’s cancer curing miracles.”

      The US debt could be completely wiped out if they would take assholes like this and auction off “1 free shot tickets” to give your best shot to this guy’s worthless body. The cheaper bids get the less critical areas…while the biggest bids get to choose.

    2. @Luther,

      Yeah, “Instinct Based Medicine”… currently topping my mental list of “dumbest phrases I’ve ever heard”. Might as well just change it to Ignorance Based Medicine

      Apologies (sort of) to those touting the importance of instinct. Oh, I agree–instinct is important. But then again, so are the gag reflex and the functions of breathing and food digestion. Instinct is like that. It’s very basic and low-level. All animals have instincts. Do you think racoons or or polar bears or chihuahuas have some seekrit special instinct based medical care that they’re not sharing with us?

      Not-Dr.^4 “Dr. C.” Creepy Coldwell might have gotten the idea for the name “Instinct Based Medicine” by corrupting the term “Evidence Based Medicine“.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

  10. That Dotcor Cordwall sure does like to have different names. It says here that he was born with the name Bernd Klein but the name on his passport was Bernd Witchner. Since Halloween is next month I think he should go back to that name Witchner. I bet he would get more candy.

    It was real nice of his mom, Gerda Raudszus, and his dad, Julius Klein, to help their son change his name. I guess maybe they wanted him to be their little secret, maybe.

    1. @Luther, Bernd doesn’t like you to talk about his name change. Ever since this past May, he has been blocking people on Facebook for asking about that (and about his phony degrees). Those German documents are interesting. Yakaru helped us figure out exactly what they were saying (the Googlish translation is kind of murky, and Yak, who lives in Germany, understands more than most of us about the subtlety of German law). At any rate, these subjects have been discussed at length on Salty’s “Darker Than the Dark Side” post and on some other blog, but of course it is always good to bring them up again for the convenience of new readers.

      1. @Cosmic Connie, Maybe the kids at instinct school teased Bernd about only having one vowel in his name. I might have changed my name too if it was spelled Luthr.

        1. @Luther, Actually, my guess is that he was more uncomfortable about the name “Klein” than “Bernd.” Not so much because it was the last name of his reportedly abusive biological dad (though I had earlier speculated that this might be the case), but more significantly, because “Klein” in German means “little” or “small,” and let’s face it, he is…well… not tall.

          In fact one of those awful Googlish-translated documents listed him as “Coldwell, born small”… apparently a too-literal translation of the declaration, on the original, that his birth name was Klein. (Or perhaps it was just an attempt to state the obvious. Of *course* he was born small, like most of us, but some of us stay smaller than others.) In any case, it is possible that he felt that a motivational speaker of small stature who bore the name “Klein” might be a laughingstock (particularly in Germany).

          Alas, the name lives on even though he legally changed it in 1998, according to that 1999 Virginia document to which several people have now linked.

  11. $500 reward…WTF Droid?
    You’re head on a platter is worth waaayy more than $500…IMHO.

    Shit –
    I just had my garbage disposal unit replaced in my sink for $550 (bastards hit me for a one time trip fee of $75).

    This is an outrage.
    Are you sure this dick weed didn’t leave out a comma…or decimal point maybe?
    I don’t know dude….I feel horrible for you.
    Damn Droid – for what it’s worth – your work is priceless to me;)

    1. @Mr Ed,

      Are you kidding? I bought my own garbage disposal at Home Depot for about $150 and installed it myself in a couple of hours. And I’m an IDIOT when it comes to anything mechanical.

      You got raped.

      1. @Mad Max, no, he got ripped off. Please get your verbs straight. I’ve yet to know of anyone driven to PTSD flashbacks because they paid too much to have a garbage disposal installed.

  12. This reflects incredibly poorly on Leonard Coldwell, and not just because of the baldfaced thuggery.

    To illustrate: Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that we lived in some kind of Mirror Universe where the Droid was wrong and Leonard Coldwell was not sexually abusing his patients. In this alternate reality, Mirror Coldwell must dispel the allegations of sexual misconduct while maintaining his reputation and not looking like a wretched sexual predator.

    How could Mirror Coldwell do this? He has a lot of options.

    1. He can express a sincere emotional reaction to the allegations. If he was not in fact abusing his patience, he would most likely be shocked and angered at the allegations, and simultaneously concerned for the safety of his patients. He could promise to have the situation investigated in full, by individuals other than himself, in order to ensure that his patients were not being harmed. He could even plainfacedly deny the allegations, in such a way as to emphasize that he is completely morally opposed to such behavior.

    2. He can provide evidence that he did not sexually abuse his patients. He can provide diagrams of the area in which the alleged misconduct took place, and show that such misconduct is impossible in those settings or would at least be witnessed by a third party. He can divulge records, reviewed by a disinterested third party, illustrating that the individuals claiming abuse never visited his office and/or have an ulterior motive (personal grudge, bribery by a rival doctor, etc) to claim that he abused them. He can admit that it was a serious breach of his fact-and-appearance integrity to treat female patients in a setting where he had no oversight or supervision.

    3. He can provide evidence that his actions did not constitute sexual abuse. Perhaps his four PHDs included coursework and research concerning unusual cancers that express themselves in certain lymph nodes. Perhaps in the course of his treatment, he documented each patient’s diagnosis and the recommended treatment, and had the paperwork reviewed and approved by fellow professionals. Perhaps he advised female patients beforehand of the treatments that he was going to use, and had a female professional on staff to perform such sensitive work in his stead.

    As you can see, there’s a lot of ways that Mirror Coldwell could dispel the notion that he was sexually abusing his patients, if in fact he was not sexually abusing his patients. The worst thing that Mirror Coldwell could do in this instance is attack the whistleblower, trying to grub up as much personal information as possible, in a public manner, as if he intends to hire a fucking contract killer.

    Also, I’d feel uncomfortable about accepting Leonard Coldwell’s money in any instance. Not only because I don’t want to sell out The Droid, but because Leonard Coldwell may have received that money as payment for the sexually abusive “treatments” he performed. I don’t think I’d even like to touch those monies.

    1. @somebody, Well, that is a fanciful Mirror Universe, but you made some very good and reasoned points. As I indicated above, it is very possible that Coldwell didn’t and doesn’t charge anyone whom he allegedly violated or violates under the guise of providing health “services.” But his money still comes from peddling his frauducts and flopportunities, and from manipulating good people into thinking that he is a grand humanitarian who knows the secrets to good health, happiness, and wealth that the bullies in the medical establishment and the government don’t want you to know.

      Regardless of how it was earned, I wouldn’t want to touch his money either, but I am guessing that somebody did, and I have to wonder who was really the first person to go off scuttling through the Interwebz to find the freely available information and take it back to Lenny — in hopes, perhaps, not just of money but more importantly of a pat on the head from the little big man himself. I imagine that to some, that pat on the head would be even more precious than a monetary reward.

      At this point, however, my opinion is that anyone who is more focused on discrediting Salty (or any of Lenny’s other critics) than on at least questioning her or his allegiance to Lenny is either (1) willfully blind; (2) under some Lenny trance; or (3) an idiot. In any case, such a person could very well be enabling some truly awful things, even if she or he is doing so unwittingly.

  13. Ironic that his witch hunt against you will only increase your popularity and decrease his…

    So much for those “Doctor Degrees”…

    1. @Syndicate H8r,
      His next actions will tell a lot. He’s already proved he’s not the ‘champion’ he promotes to be.
      Looking at his FaceBook Page: He sure has a lot of pictures of himself with attractive women. Very rare to see him photographed with a man in a similar way. It is creepy to see the proportion of pictures with women compared to with men.

        1. @SD,

          Correct me if Im wrong but I think he’s saying “My think the the lady doth protest too much”. i.e. if this guy was “legitimate” [AHAHAHAHA] perhaps he wouldnt get so worked up about someone crying shenanigans. But if he KNOWS hes walking on thin ice and you’re walking over with a Sledgehammer, well I think he’s going to look that much more desperate to his audience.

          This one will be fun to watch (lets hope he doesn’t go Jim Jones’ing on his next seminar tho!)

    1. @Jeff Walker’s Shadow,

      Jeff Walker? You mean this asshole?

      Jeff Walker is the one who was talking with Andy Jenkins about the dont-talk-about-blight-club Syndicate and PRICE FIXING…

      And also for that Forbes article, Big Time Evil Bastard Tony Robbins is the one in the picture presumably lending Jeff his credibility with and for the Forbes audience.

      So… has Forbes always been riddled with evil scam or is this new for them? I’m not generally a Forbes reader so I don’t know.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

    2. @Jeff Walker’s Shadow, Eric-the-infomercial replies to commenter Suzy:

      “Thanks Suzy. You’re definitely entitled to your opinions. Unfortunately I cannot seem to access the links you posted — but I’ve seen some of the stuff from Salty Droid before and quite frankly — it’s not my style of reading as it’s pretty hateful and vulgar.

      And from what I can discern, Jeff seems to have helped a ton of real people make real progress with their real businesses.

      If you look at the lessons I posted from my conversation with him; I think you’ll agree they are solid points to help any struggling entrepreneur — which is what I am here to do.”

    3. Forbes, meet ScamWorld. Scamworld, meet Forbes. Jeff Walker surely deserves a revisit on these pages.

      And Joe Flatley, if you’re still watching, this also illustrates your article to a “T.” Maybe you’d like to do a followup?

  14. WTF is the law for……..i’m sure just one victim in a court of law can put this quack behind bars……. in my country(india) a women’s word in such kind of cases carries a lot of weight……..more so when the judge is herself a women………anyway that’s one of his more abominable sins………fake treatment and that for a terminable disease like cancer should also be punishable in any court of law…… just one victim coming forward or a kin can put the brakes on his thuggery pending trial……….meantime respected fake robot ji keep up the cresendo……..your alien friend

    1. @hainji,

      We all wish it was so easy. Alas, this is not yet over, but we all wish that justice was more efficient. And that the court system more effectively contributed to justice.

  15. The German people must surely be hanging their heads in shame that they let such a national treasure as Lenny Coldwell go.

    From the archives… uploaded to YouTube in 2010, but featuring numerous shots of Lenny the Life Coach back in the Fatherland:

    1. @Cosmic Connie,

      I honestly couldn’t tell whether that video was a joke or not. Apparently… nah, I’ll let others find out for themselves. :)

    1. @Dude,
      It looks like Coldwell has not done anything towards paying Salty the ‘reward’ money.
      I would assume that Salty would post right away if Coldwell made any contact with Salty.
      Come on Coldwell!! You are so rich, and such a champion, live up to your honorable standards and pay Salty. It’s $600 and your honor.
      If you don’t pay, you are doing the exact same thing you accuse GIN of doing; never providing the payouts that are in writing.
      Coldwell, you lame-ass wimp, you are sending out emails to people encouraging them to go into business with you and you yourself suck at business, you can’t even pay a simple $600 reward.

      1. @Dr. Hotwell,
        I’m responding to myself here.
        I just checked out Dr. C’s Facebook page. He has a picture of Miss Australia in a micro mini skirt.
        Yes, she looks amazing, but when Dr. C. fills his Facebook page with hot girls on such a consistent basis it really kills his credibility as we know from Mr. Salty that it’s the girls that really interest him.
        With Coldwell, it’s just all about Girls, Girls, Girls.

  16. I’m having a hard time with you! All you do is concentrate on the negative…get over it!!!! Damn…provide us with some positive SHIT!!!! Who are you? Can’t do it..there’s a reason! Get over it! You’re untouchable?…think again! Just be f$$$$$ing real!!!! Yea let us all know!

    1. @, From my perspective, this site is one of the most positive on the internet. It’s about seeding a new ethical era (starting with a wretched sad corner of the internet). The commenters *excluding trolls* are intelligent, even handed, and very entertaining.

      SD the robot is
      * eye wateringly funny,
      * an inspiring role model.

      Pity about the swearing – but I am not sure that the concept would work as well without it – the swearing is understandable: the anger is palpable, and justifiable.

      I think you’re wasting your time on this site – unless you read into it a bit more: you could learn some postive, life affirming attitudes.

      …bottom line: the site is about uncovering scumbags. Sadly there is not a whole load of “positive SHIT” in a scumbag.

    2. @, I can’t understand about your comment, but for the positive side I got some good strong-password ideas from some of it.

    3. @,

      Oh…you’re right. We haven’t mentioned the positives of lying to people about your qualifications and cancer-fighting abilities. I’ll list them now:

      *cue the awkward crickets*

  17. I am a huge Dr Coldwell HATER!!My brother has treatable cancer all he has to do is have the tumor removed and have a little chemo and radiation.Unfortunately he found this scammer.They are telling him he has to drink there juices and eat vegan.Im not sure how much they got from him but im sure he’s broke.His “real” Doctor said if he doesn’t do the operation and treatments he will only live for 1 year and he allready pissed away 2 months.He is only 44.The “real” Doctor gave him a 75% survival rate even with treatment and Coldwell website gave him 97%.I called the number twice to talk to Matt.It’s very suspitious how matt is always the only one that answers and I asked a ton of questions and pretty much gave him a spanking on the phone.He was just silent and @ one point he asked me if I wanted to talk to his dad(really).What a piece of shit killer.If it takes me forever I will take him down for killing my only brother.I hope he dies of cancer and suffers.

    1. @melissa ::

      Stay calm … calm is how things get accomplished.

      Send your brother here :: not to see that Bernd doesn’t have the cure for cancer … but to see that he is a despicable and detestable half-man who treats other humans like less than dirt. Seeing the liar behind the curtain is often the important first step to seeing the lie itself.

  18. Thank you.I will try to stay calm but it’s very difficult,he’s my only brother.I had cancer and did radiation and chemo and 4 years later without Dr.Coldwell I am cancer free and I know 100’s of people just like me.That’s why Im frustrated.He’s very very gullable.And unfortunately he will not talk about this monster to us anymore.He believes he’s god or something.

  19. Forget about doctors vs Coldwell, if anyone wants to cure cancer then they should compare traditional treatments with natural treatments over multiple doctors and opinions. Saying “get radiation and chemo” is just as bad or worse than saying “eat vegan”.

    Maybe I’m being harsh but the traditional medical community kills vast numbers of patients heartlessly (especially cancer patients) and there are multiple answers and solutions. It is true that radiation, surgury and drugs save lives in specific cases, and sometimes they are the best treatment!

    They are all also very dangerous and deadly toxic poisons. Anyone who becomes blinded into following just Dr. Coldwell or anyone else or getting only radiation and chemotherapy without considering the risks has a lower chance of survival, in my opinion. There are many, many reports of natural healing of cancer through things such as eating vegan, juice fasting, water fasting, advocated by multiple experts and thousands of people who have cured themselves on the internet, that saying a blanket statement like “all natural cancer cures are a scam by dr. coldwell” is just incorrect and leads people away from the truth, which is that the healthcare system in this country is designed to make money and not cure people!

  20. for what it’s worth, I only recommend things I would do myself, and I would never ever get radiation or chemo. Maybe it’ll work for some people but I would never poison my body like that, causing more harm than the cancer itself. Before advocating traditional medical therapies as if they are a magic bullet cure-all, read some cancer stories and new scientific research articles on health websites. I mean, I’m not saying to not use “medicine”, just don’t trust anyone, not even doctors! You can’t trust MD’s anymore than you trust dr. Coldwell. Everyone may think we live in some futuristic age with magic doctors but we are in the dark ages with health still, and people need to get knowledge for themselves and make informed life choices.

    Now, perhaps this information is wrong! I would fucking hope so! I wish everyone could get chemo and surgery super easy and live to be 120 years old but the current medical system is causing people to die at epidemic rates and the only way to change it is to change the leadership of the government that runs scientific medical studies and decides what is “best for us”. Who decides what is best for you, yourself or someone who wants your money?????????????????? wake up!

  21. also it’s not like eating vegan will kill anyone, and while I am not a doctor, the safest advice I can give is to:

    1) find a GOOD doctor that will consider the negatives and dangers of “traditional therapies”

    2) also eat as healthy as possible (raw vegan if you really want to live)

    i mean, why choose one? although chemo killed my moms friend, she drank diet soda all day long and trusted everything the doctors told her, finally admitting they couldn’t do anything for her besides more chemo, which she lived through for like 5 years

  22. Not to mention all of the lawsuits in the past 2-3 years of drug companies fraudulently killing people with toxic chemicals that have not passed safety trials to be released to the popultion. You still trust these doctors and pharmaceutical giants?

    I mean, if this even made the news where I live I MIGHT trust the government a little… but they just hide everything up, being sued for 3 billion:

    1. @Jason Werrell, Yeah, but none of the points you make address the actual subject of this post, which is this: A deranged little twerp with serious anger management issues offered $600 US to anyone who could give him Salty Droid’s real name, address, etc. — and a recognizable photo — when this is information that was already freely available on the Internet.

      I’ve made this point so many times before in arguments with Kevin Trudeau fans and Coldwell fans as well, but here goes again: The sins of Big Pharma, the medical profession, and the government do not absolve the quacks and predators who have managed to make quite a handsome sum of money scaring people about Big Pharma, the medical profession, and the government.

      1. You are absolutely correct! I don’t care about the main point of the post. I am spamming and suggesting that any sick person take their health into their own hands with internet research about what every doctor is saying before they do anything (some doctors are very good and looking out for the well-being of others, instead of their own wallets). Of course, don’t trust anything I say, look it up for yourselves!

        I was just thinking that if the salty droid wants to talk about the dangers of natural cures then the salty droid might also consider mentioning the dangers of the ‘conventional’ treatments mentioned.

        1. @Jason Werrell ::

          Of course people should do their own research and get other opinions {duh!} :: but that research should not involve consulting with the professional liar industry … or listening to idiotic web commenters who know shit about shit … like you.

          The pharmaceutical industry does some really bad things sometimes :: no one reasonable would argue with that … but they also do some amazing things … no one reasonable would argue with that either.

          The people I write about only do bad things. Don’t come on a fucking crime blog talking about broccoli carrots and kale … oh my.

          If you want to alt-health spam :: do it to Mike Koenigs …

  23. Perhaps the “good doctor” could give himself a “black and decker” enema,you know with one of those circular saw bits on end. I’d pay $600 to see that:-)

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