GIN on TV & Lawyer HouseCalls


Kevin Trudeau’s Global Information Network is a scam :: a big fat ugly scam … or to translate that into the language of local television news …

“Is Kevin Trudeau’s Global Information Network a scam?”

Kansas City’s NBC affiliate :: Action 41 … is on the case.

“Is Action 41 on the case?”

Stop doing that now.

“Will I stop doing this now? Some say yes, while others, say no.”

Oh local news … god you’re stupid and useless.

“Will a local television affiliate start off a story about an infomercial scammer by disclosing how dependent their own business model is on selling television viewers to infomercial scammers?”

No … no they won’t.

But seriously :: this story by Ryan Kath was pretty okay … so I’ve embeded it on my super hip www dot Action SaltyDroid dot worldwideweb dot site.

According to GIN dupe Abe Husein :: who is featured in the story … GIN dupe Abe Husein was the dopey spearhead behind getting this story in the news. For weeks Husein was parading around dancing on KT’s still vacant grave as though a local news story was the crime fighting equivalent of a full congressional investigation. During his parade of grave dance he aligned himself with shit eating losers like Leonard Coldwell and Peter Wink … who both had nothing but love for Trudeau as long as the scam money kept flowing their way.

After the television story ran :: Abe reported that his GINtruth site had received 200,000 hits in a single day … a very silly thing to say.

“Was Abe Husein lying about his hits because he’s a sad desperate little fool?”

A few days later Abe announced that he’d be going into bizness selling some lame “cleanse” with Coldwell {cleansing not included} :: and now he’s tagged on The Salty Droid … congrats douche!

Stories about MLM scams are hard to tell because the “victims” most likely to speak out about an imploding MLM are the hyenas putting on anti-guru face paint in hopes of picking over the corpse for loose meat to devour :: it’s not pretty … and it happens 100% of the time.

Check out Abe Husein’s comments on the Action 41 website :: and around the webz and facebooks … anyone who’s still under KT’s spell is an “idiot” or a “kool-aid drinker” who needs to rid themselves of their silly childish delusions. Abe’s almost as vile as Leonard in his bile for people still believing what he was still pretending to believe just a couple months ago.

GIN doesn’t exist :: it’s the lipstick on the pig … after you wash it off with a hose that whore pig is going to tart right back up. It’s the pigs involved that need to be stopped if anything is going to be stopped … not the shell corporate entities organized in the name of young Ukrainian wives. Fucked up useless pigs like Peter Wink :: Kevin Trudeau … and Leonard Coldwell.

I guess I’m the “marinated Troll” :: I don’t really know what that’s supposed to mean … but hopefully it’s got something to do with teriyaki.

Leonard Coldwell likes to talk shit about the world as he wishes it was :: rather than as he knows it is … and that’s catching up with him right about now.

I cold called Lenny’s attorney Bill Hanahan :: at home … because cold calling lawyers is the sort of shit I do. Bill and I had a nice talk. I warned him that NotDoctor Coldwell :: Bord Certificated PHD … was going around claiming all sorts of crazy stuff in his name {see supra}.

Was he planning to sue everyone in sight to try and silence the long overdue pubic discussion of Leonard Coldwell’s dubious practices? Nah :: not really … he sounded very unenthusiastic about that. It also sounded like I was the least likely person to be sued {natch!} :: and that Leonard was hoping per his usual … to react by attacking women.

“Why not sue me instead of the ladies?” I asked Bill. No answer really.

Bill was skeptical that a person could allow themselves to be serially victimized :: but I explained that that is the whole history of victimization … dark loops feeding dark loops. He seemed persuaded :: like most old-school lawyers I’ve talked to are … by the story of  U.S. Marine Colonel Frank Schwable. Col. Schwable :: an unquestionable patriot … was induced into treason {like dozens of other soldiers} by a series of manipulation techniques that have become the standard M.O. of the non-patriots who make up the self-help guru industry. I told Bill I’d email him a link to my stories about the science of manipuation :: but then I realized I didn’t have his email … so here you go Bill … my sheeple series.

Mr. Hanahan has put in a Freedom of Information Act request with Det. Willis at the Mt. Pleasant Police Department in an effort to see the full notes of the investigation which I’ve written about but refuse to publish. I asked him to take some time after reading that report to seriously consider the moral advisability of his continued representation of Mr. Coldwell in any non-criminal capacity … and most especially in any capacity that would do further damage to victims. We’ve agreed to speak again once he’s read the report {where he’ll find himself already mentioned as part of Leonard’s shenanigans}.

“Is Leonard Coldwell totally shitting in his criminal old-man pants?”

Tonight at 11.

>> bleep bloop

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  1. It’s incredible that a dark lord like Leonard Coldwell still walking freely while his victims struggles with his atrocities.

    He incessantly talks about legal actions he intends to take but even a delusional dimwit like him knows that every piece of content on the web smearing him, is probably true.

    Coldwell will be stopped. If not by the legal authorities than by publicly pushing him back to the dim hole he crawled out from.

    Good to have you back, Salty. It’s been too long.

    1. @Omri Shabat, on your website there are a number of Ads with the beardy mug of Irwin Kern featuring, with a link to this page: with the affilliate ID: fkuni1

      But people need to be divereted to this page:

      In order to avoid being ripped off.

      In Google AdWords, there is the option to exclude ‘get rich scheme’ ads – there is an actual AdWords category believe it. Or there is the option not to use Google AdWords – until Google cleans up it’s scam love act.

      1. @Random stuff, a quick probe reveals that somehow AdSense hasn’t categorized this ad as “get rich scheme” and therefore it’s not appearing on my account (supposedly there weren’t other get rich ads on my site).

        I contacted AdSense and reported this mishap. Hopefully, they’ll remove the ad from other sites too because I already saw it in many other unknowing websites.

        Thanks for the tip!

      1. @Random stuff, thanks!

        It looks totally lame that I’m writing about the misdeeds of Kevin Trudeau and there’s an ad of Irwin Kern on the page…

        Anyways, I had to block this Kajabi BS manually because the “get rich scheme” doesn’t appear on my AdSense account.

        But you can be sure I’ll get to the bottom of that.

        1. @Omri Shabat,

          Good luck with AdSense. On some of the skeptic sites I occasionally visit, they’ve pretty much given up on AdSense. It kept showing ads for the very things they were writing skeptically about. And no amount of blocking, manual or otherwise, was ever enough to stop the flow.

          But then that was a couple years ago that I heard that. Maybe it’s changed since then. *shrug*

        2. @Omri Shabat, Thanks – agreed that it is not always easy. I just re-logged into AdSense (rather than AdWords – shows the pro I am!) – Under ‘Allow and Block ads’ there is this section called ‘sensitive’ categories.

          Google – ‘sensitive’ – must be something to do with their ‘do no evil’ mantra.

          Anywayz – under ‘sensitive’ Google have conveniently entered all the scam focused business sectors, including ‘Drugs and Supplements’ which they were fined $500m for their part in distributing non legal drugs, weight loss, dating… and ‘Get Rich Quick’, plus others, including Religion, under which they happily used to run Scientology ads (I wonder how much money Google made from Scientology?).

          However – it might be that you can ban ‘Get Rich Quick’ and the ads still appear, because the wretched Kajabi ads have been entered under a ‘legitimate’ business category… who knows.

          The only thing that one can say with some certainty is that Google is making too much money from the IM scam industry to really up the ante, i.e. to start getting on board to ban ads from sleazy operations that prey on the vulnerable.

          However, *maybe* Google can re-visit its ‘Do no evil’ mantra a little more? One can hope.

          1. @Random stuff, I actually know that Google did make an attempt to reduce scam ads couple of years ago as it mostly cracked down on Clickbank advertisers.

            I guess they didn’t pushed it all the way through…

            Anyways, I’m not seeing any “Get Rich Quick” category under the sensitive section, but according to AdSense help center it might be because those sort of ads never got featured on the site.

            That’s what led me to believe that Mr. Kern squeezed into another category. I really hope Google would eventually ban him entirely.

            1. @Omri Shabat ::

              Google only pretended to make an effort :: if they really wanted to do it … then it would be done.

              I tried to get the Kern ad served to me on your site … but it kept giving me BlogWorld / NMX. I guess the AdSense bot doesn’t know that Rick and I are fighting about tacos.

    2. @Omri Shabat,

      You can always remove Google Ads. It is very beneficial for a clean consciousness and a clear layout.

  2. Unbelieveable, yet true, + truly droidal insights. Very funny – and humour is to IM fraudsters what garlic and stakes are to vampires: just what is needed. SD rocks!

  3. Well this will be interesting. So, either Bernd is right and Droid will be sued and disbarred by Mr Hanahan and will have to eat dog droppings in the present perfect tense; …..or Bernd is lying.

  4. Interesting / funny stuff at the bottom of

    ” The Dr Leonard Coldwell Foundation e V is responsible for the content of this website, all legal issues have to be addressed to Dr Leonard Coldwell Foundation e V Germany. Due to a hack on our sites we cannot retrieve the origin of some articles used on this website. We apologize for that. Articles are also from our friends, colleagues and fellow freedom fighters like:,,,,,,,, We appreciate the great work and research of Jeff Rense, Kevin Trudeau, Dr Rima E. Laibow, Dr Betty Martini, Dr Thomas Hohn, Jeffrey Smith, Dr Mercola, Mike Adams – The Health Ranger, Alex Jones, and others. ”

    …in particular still being loved up by Kevin Trudeau. And the other people / sites named look very much the same category as Coldwell – apart from Dr Thomas Hohn, who Dr Coldwell pretends to be sometimes.

    Plus “Due to a hack on our sites we cannot retrieve the origin of some articles used on this website. We apologize for that.” is fantastic nonsense.

    1. @Random stuff,

      Yep, and “Dr Leonard Coldwell Foundation e.V.” doesn’t seem to be registered anywhere in Germany either. The guy certainly recognizes a loophole when he sees one.

  5. Well, maybe this is still supposed to be Salty on semi-Hiatus, but I think this is a great post.

    Stories about MLM scams are hard to tell because the “victims” most likely to speak out about an imploding MLM are the hyenas putting on anti-guru face paint in hopes of picking over the corpse for loose meat to devour :: it’s not pretty … and it happens 100% of the time.

    This is something new to me that I didn’t already know. (Specifically that this happens every time.) I see your point though. I have been observing the Abe Husein situation on Facebook in a circumspect way and I have been noticing the way he keeps playing up his role and his pseudo-awesomeness (i.e. kinda narcissistic) to anyone that will listen.

    Check out Abe Husein’s comments on the Action 41 website :: and around the webz and facebooks … anyone who’s still under KT’s spell is an “idiot” or a “kool-aid drinker” who needs to rid themselves of their silly childish delusions. Abe’s almost as vile as Leonard in his bile for people still believing what he was still pretending to believe just a couple months ago.

    Yeah, I responded to a post he wrote on Facebook where he was victim blaming. I tried to make the case that victim blaming is a Bad Thing(tm) and counter-productive. Naturally he said was wrong, etc.

    However, more recently I’ve seen posts of his where he talks about people leaving GIN doing charge-backs. Of course he talks about it as if it’s the most original and unheard of idea in all of creation… And I really doubt that there’s ever going to be anywhere near enough charge-backs to make any kind of serious impact on KT. But it’s still nice to see.

    I haven’t actually “friended” Abe because that would just feel creepy. So this might explain why most of the Abe Husein posts that are more directly tied to not-dr. Coldwell don’t generally pop up in my feed. If I wanted to go comment my very unflattering opinion of Coldwell or of Abe’s , I’d have to explicitly seek out those posts, and I haven’t felt like doing that.

    It seems easier just to hang back and monitor. But I’m kind of waiting for if-or-when Abe decides to switch into full-on New Guru mode and (presumably) starts really heavily promoting Coldwell in true B-team fashion.

    Or… maybe he’s already doing this and just haven’t seen it because it’s “friends” only? I’ve seen him talk of newage-style cleansings, but I haven’t remarked on it because I didn’t realize it was specifically Coldwell linked.
    On another note, I also detest the local TV news and have done so for many, many years now. It’s like an ocean of dreck with the occasional little oddment of actual content.

    And… y kant Coldwel spel? I mean everyone makes occasional typos (e.g. s/tart/start/), and I know my grammar’s not up to par for the hard-core grammar enthusiasts out there. (E.g. I don’t care if I use a lot of parentheticals and I barely remember what a preposition is much less care if I end my sentence in one.) But damn not-Dr^4. “Dr. C” Creepy Coldwell’s is kinda like the worst grammar and spelling I’ve seen ever in the sense that it is consistently, not just occasionally, awful.

    I wonder if there’s another one of those Fractured Coldwell Master Plans in there somewhere. Like maybe he thinks he can use his poor grammar try and get out of a defamation suit saying “Wel, what u thougt I wrote? I didnt relly mean to say tat. U just misunstood m.”

    The underpants gnomes’ business model was more developed than not-Dr. Coldwell’s. Oh, but of course that’s just my opinion.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

    1. @Wyrd, LOL about Coldwell’s English-challenged writings. Some of his defenders have said that the really awful stuff (the actionable lies about his critics, for example) were not written by him but by that darned “personal assistant” of his who keeps writing unauthorized posts on his Facebook Timeline. Coldwell himself often claims that his various sites and accounts are being hacked. He’s like that evil little creature Gollum in the Lord of the Rings movies — doing evil, hateful things until he is cornered and about to be throttled, and then blaming “the fat Hobbit” for all of it.

      1. @Cosmic Connie,

        Yes, agreed–Coldwell is like Gollum. Except that Gollum had some redeeming qualities and was deemed worthy of pity.

        If we were in the Made Up Fictional World, I’d leave Coldwell to the mercy of the Daleks.

  6. I’m still trying to figure out that “marinated troll” thing myself, but apparently the consensus, among both Lenny supporters and detractors on Facebook, is that Lenny was indeed referring to Salty. It is possible that the Not-Doctor momentarily got Salty confused with another one of Lenny’s harsh critics, a guy who frequently posts on Facebook (unlike Salty, who is not on Facebook). This other guy’s posts might be viewed as “trolling” by fans of Lenny and other targets of his posts.

    However, this guy posts under his real name, and surely Bernd should know Salty’s real name by now.
    He should know that it is not the same name as this other Facebook poster. But maybe the “elixir of life” is confusing his mind a little bit.

    I also suspect that I am the “playmate” to whom Lenny is referring, since I have come out in defense of both @SD and that other guy. In a previous Facebook post, just a few days earlier, Lenny had written something about the “cosmic slut and her buddy, the marinated troll,” and he speculated that the “troll” might be one of my “customers” (because you know that we ex-hookers use Facebook to solicit customers. That’s what Lenny had said on yet another FB rant.).

    I do happen to be Facebook “friends” with Abe Husein, and have been since this past May, when I first became aware that the GIN sh-t was hitting the fan. I have remained on civil terms with him despite our clear disagreement about the wisdom of his alliance with Coldwell. I private-messaged him after that latest little rant about the marinated troll and his playmate, because Abe indicated he “liked” that remark. I wrote:

    “I saw you ‘liked’ Coldwell’s post about his alleged pending lawsuits. You are seriously supporting Coldwell in his threats to sue people who criticize him? And, assuming that he is referring to me as one of those people whom he is supposedly suing on criminal and civil grounds, do you seriously support the idea of me never having another dime in my life and eating dog droppings? Seriously? What about your buddy’s lying about my being a former hooker and being on drugs and having given someone a bad STD? Those are LIES. You seriously support that? I would like to believe you are better than that.”

    But so far Abe has not replied, even though he never hesitated to respond to any of my other PMs.

    I wasn’t really aware of the Bepure cleanse/Coldwell connection myself when Abe first started posting about it on Facebook, and I didn’t bother to research it because I was distracted with other things. But once again my Facebook buddy — the one I mentioned above who is NOT @SD — outlined the Coldwell connection on one of the ex-GIN Facebook forums. There was quite a bit of back and forth about it, with the people who do not like Coldwell, but do like Abe, defending Abe and saying Bepure is not a Coldwell thing. They also insisted it is not an MLM, even though my other buddy was saying it prolly was.

    Finally Abe came out on his own Timeline and said that yes, he had indeed gone into business with Coldwell to sell Bepure. Abe mentioned that this other person was spreading “rumors” (which turned out not to be rumors), and he wanted to come clean about it. (He didn’t mention that Peter Wink is also selling Bepure, under a different affiliate code from Abe’s.)

    Later Abe wrote a FB post saying Coldwell is really a good guy because he paid him early for Abe’s first Bepure sales, AND Coldwell bought him a microphone for his computer so Abe could make better quality videos. He said that even though sometimes Coldwell says some crazy things on Facebook, he really has a big heart and is a good guy. Abe got some critical responses to that post and soon took it down.

    I have been supportive of Abe — perhaps unreasonably so — for months, despite his clear alliance with the little twerp who has been threatening me (and numerous other people). I have supported Abe in his efforts to take his GIN story to the media (I am still hoping the Kansas City story is just the beginning), and in his efforts to get people to demand chargebacks, and even in his efforts to get ex-GIN folks to write to the judge who is currently handling Kevin Trudeau’s FTC civil case. But I suspect @SD is right: GIN is just the lipstick on the pig (no offense to pigs).

    And I am even willing to give Abe the benefit of the doubt about that “200,000 hits in one night” claim re is not actually Abe’s site (it is run by Bernie O’Mahony, who is definitely no longer a Coldwell fan). Abe himself apparently doesn’t know much about web sites and stats. It’s possible Bernie told him that the cumulative count had reached 200,000 at some point after the news story broke, and Abe simply misunderstood. Or maybe not. I don’t know the whole story. I do know that GINtruth is a fairly new site, having been in operation only since May. I imagine it is possible it could have had 200,000-ish hits by now. Just not all in one night.

    But the point is that it seems Abe is definitely headed down the wrong road, as evidenced by his reasons for joining GIN in the first place (which I didn’t know until fairly recently, when he made a video about it), and most of all, as evidenced by his continued alliance with Leonard Coldwell.

    Regarding the lawyers and so forth: What’s really amusing to me is that Bernd made a big deal on Facebook about his lawyer talking to “the marinated troll,” the implication being that his lawyer had called Salty. No mention at all that it was Jason/Salty who called the lawyer. And what is also interesting (and amusing) is that, if I’m reading this post correctly, Bill Hanahan had not seen that 2007 police report on his client. That seems particularly strange since his name was mentioned in it, and he actually did speak with the Mount Pleasant, SC police department regarding some of the allegations against Lenny.

    1. @Cosmic Connie, so what you are trying to say (in a nice way) is that Abe is just a lying scumbag who was in GIN to rip people off until he got ripped off and is now trying to rip people off with one of the OTHER scumbags who helped rip him off the first time?

      I used to warn Abe because I didn’t want him getting robbed again, he is very stupid you see, but now I am rooting for Lenny to rip him off (providing he rips him off for a good reason, like needing the cash for a criminal defense lawyer)

      This friend of yours sounds like a brilliant wonderful person.

      1. @Tom Banjo,

        For my part, I’m not really rooting for anybody to rip anybody off. It would be nice if not so much of that happened.

        It would also be nice if the FTC would come in and fix everything. But I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

        1. @Wyrd, I’m with you. I would like it if people just stopped getting ripped off. However, I am becoming less inclined to be sympathetic to those who feel they have already been ripped off, and yet they end up trading one scammer/scam for another, even though they have been repeatedly warned that this is exactly what they are doing. But as long as Lenny continues to “edify” (and buy stuff for) his young friend, the latter will not see him for what he is.

          @Tom Banjo, my other pal does indeed seem to be a brilliant and wonderful person, as is @SD, but of course they are two separate people.

          1. @Cosmic Connie,

            I am becoming less inclined to be sympathetic to those who feel they have already been ripped off, and yet they end up trading one scammer/scam for another, even though they have been repeatedly warned that this is exactly what they are doing. But as long as Lenny continues to “edify” (and buy stuff for) his young friend [Abe Husein], the latter will not see him for what he is.

            It took me a while to fully grok this. This is the challenging problem of separating scammer from victim–or abuser from abused.

            For those that simply move on, sheeple fashion, from one guru to the next, I still have a kind of oblique/diffused/distant sort of sympathy–kinda in the same way I might feel sympathy for some woman that keeps kicking out one abusive boyfriend for another and yet another. It’s the same thing. The victim’s life-map thingie is so twisted around into a pretzel that they can’t see the larger cycle that they are locked into. “No, no.. this time! This guru really does have the answers! He/she won’t trick me like all those others did! This time for sure!”

            But for someone like Abe Husein who looks to be not just a simple victim, but rather appears to be attempting to emulate the “lessons” he thinks he’s learned from both KT and not-Dr. Coldwell… well that’s a little bit more complicated.

            I agree Abe Husein sure looks young. Yes he looks young, innocent, impressionable, and prone to make many mistakes because he’s really, really sure he’s got it all figured out already. But if he makes a play to become a guru himself, then I think he’s crossing a line. And Salty says this sort of thing happens every single time an MLM implodes. And he’s in a position to know this sort of thing. And Abe Husein was already lookin’ sketchy to me based on his affiliation to not-Dr. Coldwell and the bit where he managed to get himself kicked out of GIN! That’s just nuts.

            “You can’t be a successful criminal with a dishonest face.”

            1. @Wyrd, IMO, Abe crossed that line already. My initial impression of him was that he had tried to glom onto Trudeau’s scam, then got pissed off when he didn’t make the money he thought he would. (Forget the old bit about a woman scorned… hell hath no fury like a scammer, scammed). The more I read of Abe’s writings, the more certain I became of the accuracy of my first impression. His “quest” isn’t about getting justice and spreading truth; it’s about getting revenge on a scammer who was clearly smarter than him. And when it became obvious that Abe was in bed with Coldwell (even deleting any comments that are critical or even questioning) despite being informed of Coldwell’s past, well, credibility can only be stretched so thin.

              As to Wink, we’ve pretty well had his number for a long time. He jumps from scammer to scammer, each time claiming that he had no idea as to the bad things the previous scammer (and dear friend, according to him) was up to. Uh huh…

            2. @Wyrd, In the interest of accuracy, my understanding is that Abe did not get kicked out of GIN; he quit when it became apparent to him that the promised bonuses were not going to be paid, and he began noticing other things that were “off” about GIN/Kevin Trudeau’s promises.

              I had been aware for some time that there were issues with Abe’s method for achieving “Platinum” status in GIN (i.e., he reportedly sponsored/paid for other folks’ membership rather than having them pay for it themselves), but that didn’t really matter to me because I thought he was doing a good thing by helping to expose GIN from an “insider’s” perspective, whatever his motivations might have been. And I felt that the GIN system was also to blame for allowing such sponsorship… but then again, since GIN was apparently set up as a short-term money grab for Kevin, it was understandable.

              I have long thought Abe was/is being used by both Coldwell and his cronies, and that has made me feel sympathy for him. However, listening to Abe talk (on recent videos) about how aggressively he pushed GIN to so many people (though most said no), and seeing how aggressively he is pushing Bepure now, makes me realize that it’s pretty much all about the money for him. Sometimes I can’t see the forest for the trees.

              Not that there is anything intrinsically wrong with trying to develop multiple income streams. But if you are using a flawed business model, and are in bed with a predatory sociopath, there IS something grievously wrong.

              Anyway, it wasn’t Abe but Coldwell who got yanked off the GIN teat against his will. There have been contradictory stories about this. Coldwell has been telling the story that he became aware at some point that GIN is a scam and that greed had gotten the better of Trudeau (overlooking the fact that Trudeau has reportedly been greedy for most of his life). Sometimes Lenny will say that it was due to the efforts of people such as Abe that he became fully aware of how people were getting ripped off in GIN.

              And once Lenny became aware of these awful things (so his story goes), he heroically tried to warn others, and THAT is why GIN let him go, even though he was determined to work out his contract with them. He had been pulling in nearly $17k a month as a GIN speaker, and he also reportedly had quite a large downline in the MLM part of GIN. But all of that went away when Lenny got kicked out. Boo-hoo.

              Others, however, say that Lenny got kicked out of GIN because of his crass and boorish behavior at GIN events — drunken, ostentatious womanizing and the like. Apparently GIN has standards of conduct despite its being a scam that is owned by an amoral sociopath.

              Anyway, at some point not long after I became aware of Abe’s anti-GIN “revolution,” Lenny too began lambasting GIN and KT on Facebook. He was embraced by some (including Abe) as a hero in the fight for truth. But in my opinion, the only fight Lenny is involved in is the continued fight for as big a piece of the scam pie as he can get. Either Abe does not realize this or he simply does not care.

          2. @Cosmic Connie, Bear in mind that “codes of conduct” are typically drafted and insisted upon by legal counsel, rather than by senior management of an organization, with their primary purpose being to insulate the organization against litigation. As such, even an operation that is headed by a complete sociopath (such as Trudeau or Lenny) can and often will have a noble-sounding “code of conduct,” while still pursuing business in a less-than-ethical manner.

          3. @Cosmic Connie, Bear in mind that “codes of conduct” are typically drafted and insisted upon by legal counsel, rather than by senior management of an organization, with their primary purpose being to insulate the organization against litigation. As such, even an operation that is headed by a complete sociopath (such as Trudeau or Lenny) can and often will have a noble-sounding “code of conduct,” while still pursuing business in a less-than-ethical manner. Cohen probably wasn’t transgressing any supposed moral boundaries, but his (alleged) behavior could serve to place the profit center at risk, necessitating his removal.

  7. Info Products Plus MLM = Scam Every time.

    In my humble opinion, this is the most dangerous
    rip off of all.

    The problem with this model is that
    not only do people get screwed, They Con
    is propagated by the MLM model of
    telling other people about it.

    The worst of these currently is Empower Network.

    You only make commission on products that you
    purchase, with a stair stepped offering starting
    at $20 (So they can sell to the people who are
    really tight on cash) all the way up to $3000.

    If you haven’t purchased the bigger ticket items,
    the sale gets “Passed Up” to the upline person that

    I asked a person who is making money in this
    thing, “C’mon, what are you really getting if you
    give these guys $1000?” His response was classic:
    “I don’t know, I haven’t looked at it”

    In other words, the purchase is a classic pyramid scheme.
    Bullshit products that are only purchased as a front
    to somehow legitimize the fact that there is no product.

    Mike Dillard created a program
    that looks exactly like KT’s GIN and was a precursor to Empower Network
    called Magnetic Sponsoring.

    GIN = Empower Network = Magnetic Sponsoring = Biggest, most dangerous frauds in the info product business.

    FTC = Does Nothing

    My two cents.

    1. @realestateguru ::

      Good point about GIN :: Empower :: and Magnetic.

      Anyone who wants to rage about Magnetic Sponsoring :: now would be a good moment … as it is currently relevant to my interests.

      I’ve got a better plan than “Does Nothing.”

      1. @Glad I Was Broke, No, not a Guru of Real Estate at all… It’s sarcasm. Anyone that calls themselves a Guru of anything is usually full of shit and a Narcissist.. I pride myself on being neither of those things. I think my 1st comment was on the Dean Graziosi post, so that is where the real estate came from..

  8. Peter Wink just invited me (on Facebook) to join Lenny’s and his new “success club.”




    This is the only club of its kind. Here you will be personally trained how to properly set and attain your goals. Your success is assured IF you follow through. All members who do not follow through will be removed. Members will all work together to help one another. (This is the first ever club that actually makes attaining goals a requirement to retain membership!)

    There will also be monthly teleconferences where members will learn little-known secret information about health, wealth and sovereignty as well as get personal coaching from Dr. Leonard Coldwell and other hand-selected faculty. We will also hold two guarded, closed-door members-only meetings per year in remote locations. Details to come.

    If you are interested in joining THE IBMS MASTER’S SOCIETY, please send an email (with your name, address, phone number) to the honorable Amy Chappell at or call her at 1-843-609-5984.

    Special perks for founding members to be announced!

    My response:
    “LOL. This is like me inviting NOT-Doctor Lenny Coldwell to join the Salty Droid Fan Club. Oh, yes, of course I would LOVE to join a club where I had a chance to be ‘coached’ by, and be in ‘guarded, closed-door members-only meetings in remote locations’ with a ranting little twerp who has spread LIES about my being a former prostitute who gave her customers STDs. Oy. Somebody either has a sick sense of humor, or a new personal assistant who truly does not know the ropes yet. And… is Amy Chappell a high-ranking official of some sort? Why the ‘honorable’ title? If she is working for Coldwell she really can’t be all that honorable, IMO.”

      1. @Cosmic Connie,

        Amy Chappell’s official position?

        This video tells it all…

        Maybe Amy Chappell should ring Mr. Hanahan (“who has put in a Freedom of Information Act request with Det. Willis at the Mt. Pleasant Police Department in an effort to see the full notes of the investigation in to Coldwell”) for the slight chance of a wake up call.

        Or maybe not – being too hypnotised / brainwashed to understand any info to help her out.

        1. @ Random stuff: Yes, I had seen that video. I wonder if “honorable” is the new “legendary.” (For a while Peter Wink was using the word “legendary” to describe just about everyone he posted about, including me).

        2. @Cosmic Connie, I am not sure what is more painful.

          How Pathetic the video production is.. 1 Camera shoot with bouncy Zoom in and Zoom out.. Couldn’t afford the second camera, really bad for a “Whatever the fuck” this seminar is. (I couldn’t watch it anymore after two minutes and 43 seconds in)

          The Low Budget stage… lol enough said on that one.

          I have no idea who this two bit hustler is but I can say with certainty that he is not successful..

        3. @, Wow that ish was cray cray… Hope Amy didnt get the special treatments we read about on this site. I like how she was pissed at her mom for wondering how she planned on becoming a millionaire after she lobbed that crazy bomb towards her. Anyone rational becomes a downer after a person has been brainwashed. Lord, she made it sound like Leo was running for Jesus in 2016

    1. IBMS sounds like Irritable Bowel Movement Syndrome. Perhaps it’s a Freudian slip of some kind that they named their club like that.

      It’s almost like they were thinking “what can we name this big, stinking, pile of shit?” and they somehow came up with those initials.

      1. @Rafael Marquez, IBMS stands for Instinct Based Medicine System, Lenny’s own proprietary flopportunity. For about $20,000 you too can become a certified IBMS Coach, although Lenny does not guarantee that you will actually be able to legally use your training to make an actual living. At the same time, he also apparently promises his “students” that they have a guaranteed client base once they graduate. The session offered on this link is only the first part, the “Foundation Course”:

    2. @CC,

      You are SOOOOOO lucky! How could you pass up such an opportunity?

      I’ve finally had a chance to do some catching up on the SD site – but really only on this notDr^4 clown. What an asswipe!

      Hey notDr^4, want to pick on someone? Come after me, we could have fun! I can’t believe you live in such a nice town like Charleston. Maybe, just maybe, the next time I go down to visit my alma mater, I’ll stop ’round and say howdy. Better yet, maybe I’ll just forward some of your nefarious BS activities to some of my classmates who are in various positions within law enforcement around the area and let them stop by and say howdy. Either way, no biggie to me, you are just another fake and bully who needs to go to jail.

      1. @Dave Cook, And yet Lenny himself is always making a big deal about how his own life is continually being threatened — not just by Big Pharma and the medical profession, but also by the “tyrants” in the U.S. government. And apparently he thinks that his critics are part of the threat.

        He recently sent me a personal threat saying that my blog posts may very possibly have endangered his MOTHER, and he said that if she gets hurt because of me, there will be consequences. I felt concerned enough by this cyber-threat that I notified law enforcement.

        Lenny is apparently trying to set himself up to be a martyr; his efforts in that direction make Kevin Trudeau’s First Amendment Stuporhero efforts look downright sane by comparison. Here is one of Lenny’s recent Facebook rants about how threatened and endangered HE is:

        ==BEGIN LENNY RANT==
        In case you falsely arrest, detain or kidnap me — YOU will pay for it. I (and or my friends) I will find you and I will get even!
        In case you taser me — I will find you and I will get even. I hope you and the people you love like electricity.
        If you assault me you will face an act of self-defense you have never seen before.
        If you illegally attack, harass or harm me or any of my family members or friends — I will find you — and everything and everybody that is important to you and we will — “educate you and them about the law of the land”
        If I disappear or get illegally detained or arrested — you and one of yours will pay for it every single day until I am set free.
        I see people that have to die anyway based on illness or age — getting even with the tyrants to protect their children and grand children’s future before they die.
        If you try to illegally get my guns you may get my ammo first.
        If you make me commit suicide — there are measures in place to make sure you and everybody and everything you love, will get what you deserve.
        If you deal with one of us you better be prepared to deal with all of us.”

        == END LENNY RANT ==

        So THERE, Dave! You have been warned… :-)

        I have to wonder if Lenny and Peter’s IBMS Horsey Camp in Georgia this past weekend was actually the beginning of the formation of a militia.

        1. @Cosmic Connie,

          I have to wonder if Lenny and Peter’s IBMS Horsey Camp in Georgia this past weekend was actually the beginning of the formation of a militia.

          Well.. if it is, then it certainly could not be considered to be “well regulated”. Nothing Lenny’s in charge of could ever be.

          What gets me about all the threats is how the “if” clause in each postulates some circumstance where Lenny is made the ultimate victim of some bad thing. Then, in the “then” clause, Lenny or presumably one of his “agents” would enact some wickedly fierce retribution. He comes across as a very scared, borderline paranoid person.

          I wonder if that’s how he really feels.

          Regardless, I’m pretty sure his main goal in writing that manner is to appeal to his audience. But I, personally (whether I were a scammer or a politician or instead just some relatively honest person) I would never want to appeal to that crowd. Playing so directly to people’s very scared-scary fears is a Bad Plan. IMHO, people who are that fearful are much more likely than normal to do something unpredictable and dangerous. That’s a toxic mixture called Recipe for Disaster.

          Furry cows moo and decompress.

        2. I must clarify my comment above. Someone sent me a more complete screen shot of the little Lenny rant I quoted. The part that wasn’t visible in the screen shot from which I originally quoted was this:

          “I just got this: Repost: The Oath of a Champion (Author unknown)
          I will always get even! I do not forgive — I do not forget. I will get even 10 fold.”

          So Lenny is claiming not to have written that rant/threat himself. But it has his stench all over it nevertheless. At any rate, he wouldn’t have posted it if it didn’t reflect his beliefs and fears, and/or the beliefs he is trying to instill in his followers.

          And if it wasn’t written by him (or perhaps by Peter W), it was most likely written by one of those unpredictable and potentially dangerous types Wyrd referred to above — maybe someone who has been inspired and ignited by Lenny’s rants online and/or at one of his live “Champions” events. Lenny has told me and others that he has thousands of fans and followers who would be willing to die for him.

          1. @Cosmic Connie,

            It sounds like some movie hero’s monologue filtered through Lenny’s poor English and right-wing slant.

            @Lenny, you’re supposed to be afraid of Keyser Söze. You’re not supposed to try to become him. You can’t be a healer and a psychopath.

            1. @Lanna,

              @Lenny, you’re supposed to be afraid of Keyser Söze. You’re not supposed to try to become him. You can’t be a healer and a psychopath.

              Funny and tragically true at the same time. Do they have a word for that?

            1. @Cosmic Connie,

              Ugh, if ever there was a reason to indulge in the dark arts: Lenny.

              The nugget of truth here is that people get excited at seminars and then go home and don’t act on what they learned.

              At 5:02 Peter Wink says, “…the spouse that may not be that positive.” The first gentle step into the your family is poison” and maybe your wife stops hating you so damn much messaging.

              Then at 6:29 Lenny says, “Good intentions from a trainer do not produce good results for you.” Not “no necessarily” – just “not.” When a trainer’s intentions are to rape you repeatedly, does that help you, Lenny? Is that the point here?

              I am so over the Irritable Bowel Movement Shits.

            2. Hmmm…. it looks like the video to which I originally linked — and the one on which Lanna commented — has been replaced by an updated version of Lenny’s horribly cheesy “Dr. Leonard Coldwell! Dr. Leonard Coldwell! Dr. Leonard Coldwell!” promo vid. Isn’t that interesting? Also interesting: some of the typos and misspellings that some of us made fun of on the IBMS Master Baiter’s Society web site have now been corrected.

  9. Coldwell posted this on Abe Husein’s page around 8:00 AM Central Time (9:00 AM Eastern):

    “Hey Abe Husein I did an entire one hour TV interview in Denver last weekend about The Only Answer to Cancer. I will let you know when it will air. I also talked about the BePure 21 day whole body cleansing system. They all loved it. It is the only known cleansing system that cleanses all the cells in the entire body at the same time plus it includes a colon cleanse as well as a pre cleansing and post cleansing plus a restore system. It is color coded and comes with travel cards and boxes etc My lawyer will arrive in 15 minutes to finalize the end of one former prostitute and her lets call him ‘loser co conspirator’. Happy Holidays brother Dr C”

    So far three people have “liked” the post.

    1. @Cosmic Connie, I don’t keep up with this crap the way you do, but I was wondering; When did they start calling infomercials “interviews?”

      I also wonder if Bernd’s “15 minutes” is a measure that is scaled similarly to his promise *BEFORE the presidential election* to post videos of that slut on his blog “next Wednesday.” He’s obviously on a quantum level that isn’t bound by the same space/time continuum that rules the non-sociopathic inhabitants of the planet.

      1. @RevRonsRants, Good points. Actually, the fake interview is a common format for infomercials these days. KT has used it himself numerous times. And as you know, there’s a lot more pay-for-play/advertorial content on TV these days that isn’t in the infomercial format (e.g., just about every TV “interview” Mr. Fire has had in the past few years). In any case, your point is well taken. I seriously doubt that Bernd is in great demand among mainstream TV producers. Just about anybody can find a media outlet that will allow him or her — for a price — to hawk his or her products and “expertise.”

  10. Salty, love your site and posts but let me correct you on a couple of points.

    First of all, is MY site, not Abe’s. It was something I started last May in order to air my views and feelings on GIN and the scammer Kevin Trudeau. Since then, it has grown into a globally accessed site on a daily basis, with more than 20,000 hits a DAY!

    Secondly, in the 12 hours after Ryan Kath’s news story aired, saw more than 380,000 hits. The site went down twice the following day as a result and I was asked to upgrade to a larger server by the hosting company, which I have since done.

    I applaud your posts on Leonard Coldwell – the dumbest not-a-doctor that ever existed! I’m currently in a messaging war with the little bald one right now, asking him to back up his claims of writing “the best book on common law in history” (his words, not mine), amongst other bullshit claims he’s making.

    Keep up the good fight – you’ve got my support, especially against that little bald headed twerp!

    1. @Bernie, just out of curiosity, why is there still a link (under “Links”) on GINTruth to Lenny’s site?

      Also, I read a few posts on GINTruth and got the impression that your main problem with GIN was Trudeau’s “leadership” and that you still thought GIN would be viable with him gone. Am I mistaken in this regard?

      My own view, based on the info from the GIN site is that it has most of the characteristics of a pyramid scheme. The one thing that doesn’t fit in the pyramid scheme template is GIN allowing affiliates to earn money from recruiting new members without the affiliate having to be a paid member themself.

      Other than that, seems pyramidy as heck to me and would remain so … unless it ditched the compensation plan for paid members … even if Trudeau were gone.

      What is your opinion re: GIN appearing (to me) to be a pyramid scheme?

  11. Will GINTruth be airing any of this “Dr” C info? If you plan to I will gladly contribute a few hundred pages to help the cause.

    Can you explain how ex gin members reconcile Lenny’s past with GIN, his constant stream of lies with his current position as crimefighter Lenny?

    1. @Tom Banjo, my question was answered excellent blog at Plus it links back here so there is no extra typing

  12. People are afraid to stand up against this shit because standing up against it is labled as slander and they are afraid of being sued. But you should. In great enough numbers even an ant can kill a human.

  13. Reading Jason’s “sheeple series” might have been the most valuable hour I’ve spent on the Internet all year.
    It’s linked in the post for anybody interested in being horrified by a decent human beings capacity to perform gruesome acts under the right/wrong circumstances.

  14. Here’s Trudeau’s latest recycled crap that’s going around. Taking a well-thumbed page from the scamworld play book, he says this is the first time he’s ever revealed this secret, but – and I’m sure this will come as no great shock – he has actually been pushing a version of this scheme for years now. (And it was one of the come-ons for his “GIN Dream Weekend” in Vegas last April.) In this audio, which was very recently sent out to Natural Cures members, Kevin doesn’t ever reveal what the “secret” is, but (spoiler alert) it’s Baccarat (the card game, not the pricey crystal stuff).

    Kevin is actually expecting people to spend either $15,000 for his live seminar in Switzerland in March, or to send him $500 now for the “video tapes” (his term) of the seminar. They have to order by the end of this month in order to avoid paying the full price of $997 for the “tapes.” And apparently “tapes” purchasers and attendees alike also have to make a pledge that after they make their first $100 grand using this exclusive secret system (which up until now was only known by the rich and famous, of course), they will send Kevin an additional $30,000!

    Kevin says in the audio that he’s only offering this to Natural Cures members, but in truth he’s also offering it to GIN suckers and anyone else with an email address, apparently. Here’s the version marketed to GIN members and affiliates:

    Truly disgusting.

  15. Lenny and Petey are having a toy soldiers camp in May to teach people how to get rich and fire AK’s and eat right and use knives to defend themselves against Obama, and other important stuff like that. It’s a bargain at $199, but if you join the IBMS Master Baiter’s Society for $499 you can get in for free. Abe Husein gets in for free anyway. Lenny told him so on Facebook.

  16. KSHB’s Ryan Kath has a brief update to that previous news-thing.

    It’s noteworthy, but only barely I think. It should be three times as long in full expose format, but with extra scathing-ness. Then at the end they should start saying True Bad Things about KT, but switch mid-sentence to saying True Bad Things about <insert-name-here scammer>.. ’cause it’s all the same over and over and over..

    Wouldn’t it be neat if, instead of cable having an average of three different religious channels, there were three different channels showing how people get scammed all the time everyday? You could have the “MLM is a fucking scam. Yes. Yes, that one too. Yes especially and particularly that “new” one that just sprang up that tantalizingly seems like an exception.” And the “Don’t ever trust `gurus'” channel and the “Life is pain, anyone that says different is selling something.” channel.

    I wonder what the commercials would look like.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

      1. Also, @Wyrd, I realize your main point was probably the dearth of scam coverage in the mainstream (or any) media. Ryan Kath has actually done pretty well within the constraints of a “local” TV news format (“local” in this case being Kansas City MO). So have a few of the Chicago reporters over the years (since Trudeau is in their back yard). Nationally, ABC has done a decent job of slamming Trudeau now and then over the years — most recently on the premiere episode of their summer series, “The Lookout” (May 29), and they’re doing a follow-up on Trudeau this Wednesday (Aug. 14).

        But in general, as we know, the media have been very lax in covering scams and scammers.

        I like your idea of alternative programming. The commercials could be for scam-busting organizations, or for skeptics’ orgs, or educational foundations. At least those that have a marketing budget. For those that don’t, maybe a few PSA’s (remember those?) would work.

  17. It’s official. Abe Hussein brought down Kevin Trudeau. He worked hard. And he succeeded.

    Too bad I can’t say the same for this digital cesspool.

    What was that SD referred to him as? A “Gin dupe?” lol

    I would love to see the retraction. What an idiot and government shill.

    1. @Bob Parker ::

      Abe Hussein brought down Kevin Trudeau.

      … stupider words were never spoken.

      Will that suffice as a retraction?

    2. @Bob Parker,

      Ok, “Bob”. Well first, the only people I see claiming that Abe Hussein was a big figure in this are Abe himself and lying, evil, sleazy, molest-y Coldwell. Oh and Coldwell’s other shill. I forget his name right now because his existence means less than nothing to me.

      Second–how you figure this is any sort of Win for Team Anti-GIN when the federal government shutdown has forced the FTC to say “sorry–we can’t actually appear and say the obvious stuff about Trudeau that’s so blatantly, obviously true. Instead, we’ll have to delay again. Is that ok with you, judge?”

      I understand, via @Cosmic Connie, that the criminal proceedings might be going on ahead. That’s great to hear. But it’s not the same as victory.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

    3. @Bob Parker, First of all, Abe’s last name only has one “s.” It’s “Husein.” Secondly, he has been bragging for a long time that he brought down Katie by himself (sometimes he makes a false-modest nod to a few others, such as fellow GIN rebels, reporters, judges, and so forth). And when Abe eases up on his own self-back-patting, his puppet masters Loony Leonard Coldwell and Peter Wink take up the slack. Recently Wink compared Abe to Gandhi.

      All of the Abe-as-hero stuff has provided countless hours of entertainment for those of us who are perhaps all too easily entertained. (I confess I was actually an Abe supporter for a while myself, until things just got too ridiculous.)

      Here’s the truth: Kevin Trudeau has been running scams since he was a teenager, years before Abe was even born. Trudeau was officially exposed as a fraudster when Abe was still a toddler. He was convicted of fraud and imprisoned. Trudeau got out of prison when Abe was a first-grader, and was immediately up and running more scams — which were exposed time and time and time again — all through Abe’s school years. By the time Abe signed on for GIN in 2011, Trudeau’s criminal history, and his history of deceptive practices and running businesses into the ground, were exceedingly well known — perhaps better known than any other infomercial or Internet fraudster.

      It is the FTC (and possibly a few other agencies) that are bringing Kevin down and have been trying to do so for many years. Ultimately it’s up to the courts to determine his fate. Even with the criminal contempt trial (set to begin November 4), the jury will decide guilt or innocence, but the judge will determine the sentence.

      There still may be IRS and SEC issues, but so far there have been no charges.

      Frankly, I think it would be a mistake to say Kevin’s career is over. After all, he isn’t dead yet, isn’t in jail yet, and most of all, he has more fans and followers — world wide — than Loony, Peter, and Abe collectively ever had and ever will have.

      Of course, Bob, all of this may be moot if you were being sarcastic, in which case… good one!

      1. @Cosmic Connie,

        Abe’s last name only has one “s.” It’s “Husein.

        Ah, dang it I forgot that. I was just copy-pasting “Bob”. I should’ve copied from TFA instead. I actually feel bad about that.

        Sorry about that Abe. Spelling peoples’ names correctly, or at least making every effort to try, is important to me.

        I’ll make sure to spell Abe’s last name correctly when trash talking about Abe or Coldwell in the future.

        1. @Wyrd, Hey, I didn’t mean to be critical of you for misspelling Abe’s name. It’s actually a common mistake. I was being pedantic. But you’d think someone like Bob Parker, who seems to really admire Abe and look up to him, would know how to spell his name. OTOH, Coldwell has misspelled it too on several occasions, so maybe it doesn’t matter.

      1. @Jack, News, schmews! Who needs the news, now that the big Hollywood producers have come calling? I don’t know if you’ve heard about this yet, but Abe got a call recently from a “film production company” in LA, and they apparently want to give Trudeau’s story the big-screen treatment. Abe says he is going to be a consultant for the movie and may even help write the screenplay! He just gave a lack-of-progress report on Facebook today, and Lenny C piped in with a capsule summary of Abe’s role in the Kevin Trudeau story. It’s an epic battle of good versus evil, and it’s bound to be a mega-million-dollar blockbuster. Take that, you haters.

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