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Leonard Coldwell … again?

put a ring on it

I just love to look at this picture and go :: wow … dumb.

It’s Leonard Coldwell and Peter Wink :: “Real Champion” castaways of Kevin Trudeau … showing off their suckcessfulness by modeling their matching IBMS Masters Society wedding rings. This must be the engagement photo …

leonard coldwell preggers

… I’d hate to presume :: but it sure looks like Lenny is already between 8 and 28 months pregnant. Here’s wishing the happy couple up to 18 carrots worth of happiness.

In case you’re new to the story :: IBMS stands for … uhm … something … and you should give Leonard Coldwell your money for it. He has four doctor degrees and can cure any cancer within weeks {he says so himself!} … give him your monies.

I want to be done writing about Leonard Coldwell … I wanted to be done writing about Leonard Coldwell before I started writing about Leonard Coldwell. He’s not fun :: he totally grosses me/everyone out … and he’s not really a big enough scamworld deal to deserve me. Kevin Trudeau had the mad sick scammer skillz :: I’ll never stop being interested in that fucking freak … but I’m very uninterested in has-been hangers-on like Coldwell.

But I guess he loves me or something :: because he keeps semi-suing me with softball lawyers … years after the deed which I have done.

Last time Leonard sued me :: he failed highlariously miserably … so natch he wants another taste. Here’s all the beef from his latest gem of a suit …

Defendant Jason Michael Jones, and his internet presence [sic] caused to be published on the internet at [sic] a police report and other commentary which falsely accuse Plaintiff of having forced a person or persons to have sex.

Police reports and commentary huh? Sorta sounds like the opposite of libel … but maybe I’m just saying that because I don’t have the powerful strong book learnin’ of Lenny Coldwell and his cracked legal team.

So yeah :: this is happening … again.


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