Dr. Leonard Coldwell’s HandsOn Healing

Youngevity's Leonard Coldwell presents ... his balls

Lying is how assholes get sex. Most people won’t have sex with an asshole on purpose :: so assholes have evolved various guises and disguises to cloak their wretched stink from nice people for just long enough to steal a one night stand … or a short and ill-fated marriage that your mother totally tried to warn you against but you wouldn’t listen because he said he wanted to start an orphanage someplace fucking awful … like New Jersey.

It’s not cool {or okay even} to lie someone out of their pants :: but the whole pick-up artist “industry” is basically built on it … and in most states and countries it’s not a crime to check your decency at the door of the club and transform yourself into Art Vandelay … successful plastics professional.

Rape statutes in America tend to require both a lack of consent … and old-school force. Rape by fraud or manipulation :: while clearly a real thing that’s happening all the time … isn’t seen as a real thing by governments wary of regulating messy interpersonal complexities.

In this new century information is power :: and words are force more often than force is force … but most of our laws were written for a less complex world that no longer exists. In the absence of responsive and adaptive government :: and partially consequent of our continued societal refusal to admit that manipulation is possible {/easy} … exists a festering black hole of unchecked darkness.

“Leonard never held me down, but he made me think I had to do what he said.”

… reported one of the victims of “Dr.” Leonard Coldwell to South Carolina’s Mount Pleasant Police Department.

In 2007 :: after two women came into the police station complaining about suffering strikingly similar sexual abuse at the not clean hands of NotDoctor Coldwell … Mt. Pleasant’s Detective Willis opened an investigation into Coldwell’s dubiousness … and found it.

This is the initial incident report …

… written up by the patrolman under “forcible fondling.” Extensive notes and details from the investigation followed :: which I’m going to discuss but not post … for obvious reasons. And I’ve started my own investigation :: which I’m going to discuss but not reference in specific … for obvious reasons.

Doctor Doctor Doctor Doctor Coldwell :: who’s totally not a doctor … had some super-duper audio tapes that could help cure you of whatever ailment you happened to have … or even the ones you didn’t happen to have. On the tapes a creepy German douche tells you to relax over the relaxing sounds of the beach :: or the wind … or the sitar … or something else not distracting enough to distract you from the sound of a creepy German douche telling you to relax.

For a time pervy Lenny had a “treatment room” as part of a hippie alt-med type shop outside of Charleston :: but he later moved it to the upstairs bedroom of a condo he shared with his former {much exploited} girlfriend and business partner … because he’s classy like that.

It wasn’t just customers of Coldwell’s fake services that had their lives totally changed by a series of visits to the treatment room :: it was employees … friends … commercial contacts … people from local shops … part-time contractors. Any lady/girl who got close to Leonard seemed to be a potential target.

The following horror story is Leonard Coldwell’s basic M.O. :: compiled from the statements of more victims than you can count on your fingers :: the details are merged to protect the innocent …

“I had been told by people who I trusted that Dr. Coldwell was a world-renowned expert on cancer, and on the other diseases caused by stress — which according to Dr. Coldwell is most diseases. Dr. Coldwell rarely has time to see patients and do treatments what with all his important speaking engagements and book writing.

I was flattered that an expert like Leonard had offered to give me personal treatments, but something about it didn’t feel quite right and I declined the initial offer. During later discussions with Dr. Coldwell that I felt obligated to have … I disclosed some things about my personal life and health that I wish now I hadn’t. Dr. Coldwell had a way about him that made you want to tell him things … but then he used those things against you.

As the offers for treatment became more persistent, my resistance weakened. I did have serious problems with my health/mind and I wanted to believe in healing. I wanted Dr. Coldwell to like me, his public displays of affection were quite flattering, and perhaps useful to my career in the self-help industry. He seemed to be very financially successful, so he must be doing something right, and I was frightened by some of the things he told me about my health. I didn’t even know I had cancer … but Dr. Coldwell is an expert so he must know.

When we went into the treatment room he told me to take off all my clothes. This made me very uncomfortable and I protested, but Dr. Coldwell insisted that it was necessary for my healing. If I wanted to get better I’d need to let go of my hang ups and trust him. He’s a doctor … so I took off my clothes and got on the treatment table as instructed.

Dr. Coldwell proceded to massage my lymph nodes to drain them of their acidity and renew my energy levels. Most of my problem lymphs seemed to be in the breast and pelvic regions. I think he could tell that the genital massage was making me very uncomfortable and he stopped. He said he was surprised by my stress levels. My treatment had really drained him energetically and he’d need to rest before the next treatment. But I absolutely would need another treatment because Dr. Coldwell had sensed very bad things about my health … even worse than he had anticipated.

I was afraid … and so I agreed.

The second session was much worse. I was again asked to undress … and this time Dr. Coldwell told me to close my eyes and visualize myself on the beach … having amazing sex. He put my hands on myself and had me masturbate for him … this was necessary he said. While I masturbated he inserted one finger into my vagina, and one into my mouth, he said this was to help him pass the energy needed for my healing. It felt wrong, it seemed wrong, looking back I can’t imagine why I allowed it to happen.

I should have known better. I did know better. But I went back for a third session … and it was one of the worst things that’s ever happened to me. This time while I was masturbating with my eyes closed … Dr. Coldwell removed all of his own clothes. While he had his fingers inside me … he placed his penis into my hand. He made it clear that if I wanted his expert energetic healing … I would need to give him a hand job.

“I’m going to give you something that has more energy than you can imagine,” is what he said. It sounds stupid now, but at the time, I don’t know.

I gave him the hand job … and he released his energy onto my naked stomach.

From some of the things he told me about his unhappy sex life, and his unmet desires, I think I may have gotten off lucky. Surely some of his “treatments” involved full on sexual contact. I just wanted to get the hell out of there … I just wanted to forget.

Dr. Coldwell told me that I must never tell anyone about what happened, which is fine by me, because it wasn’t exactly my finest hour. We never talked about it much afterward, but I feel on the couple of occasions we’ve had interactions over the years, he’s made sure to remind me by implication that I’d be even more embarrassed than he if what I’d let him do to me ever came to light.

I’ve never talked about this before with anyone. It’s making me very upset just thinking about it. I’d love to help bring Leonard Coldwell to justice, but not all by myself. I’ve already suffered plenty … and I fear that Leonard is a vindictive and dangerous man capable of anything. I don’t want myself, or my family, to become the focal point of his cruel rage. But please, someone needs to do something to stop Leonard Coldwell.”

One of the victims of Leonard’s “treatments” was just sixteen years old at the time :: let’s call her the babysitter … because that’s what she was when Coldwell first met her at an even younger age. The babysitter’s five days of unimaginable Leonard energies ended badly :: as you’d expect … but worse. She talked with a friend about what had happened to her a week later …

“… she really didn’t seem to understand what she was doing. she also told me about her visions and about seeing a little girl and described her to me and the dress she was wearing. she was happy about this.

[she] didn’t understand that she had been violated. i had to tell her. she felt extremely stupid and dirty. she was confused. she finally realized it wasn’t her fault.”

Maybe she realized it wasn’t her fault :: I’d really like to believe that … but we’ll never know because shortly after her fake lymph-node treatments she was murdered in a seemingly unrelated {but equally horrible} incident. Bernd Klein aka Leonard Coldwell changed the arc of the babysitter’s life :: and that new arc ended before it started … thanks Bernd … youth destroyed … but at least we still have you and your cancer curing old-man testicles.

Are we fucking sad yet?


All this awful :: so many years … and nothing was done. Old fashioned laws :: old-fashioned courts :: intimidation :: fear :: embarrassment :: and greed … conspire together to keep everything as it always was regards Leonard Coldwell. The prosecutor didn’t think rape charges would stick without clear “nos” :: most of the victims were wary of participating … and had no interest in participating if the charges were going to be anything less than a serious felony.

Who can blame them for wanting to move on … for not wanting to relive the whole thing repeatedly in vivid detail? Leonard Coldwell is a sick bastard :: with a reputation for fighting dirty dirty … not trying to battle him alone was the right move for seemingly isolated damsels in distress.

But something just changed :: just now … did you feel it?

This shit is out there now like 10,000 tons of elephants :: and it’s not coming back in … you’re not isolated … you’re not alone. It wasn’t your fault :: and this tiny stupid fucking idiot is no longer a person to fear … he’s a person to mock for being nothing but a nothing. If you’ve ever wanted to go out to the barricades :: to stand on the rubble of the parts of your life that Leonard Coldwell destroyed and demand that he be brought to some justice … then now is your moment.

Cause I’ll tell you who’s out there on that barricade :: already screaming … me.

Cause I’ll tell you who’s got your back now :: ’til the end … me.

This particular police report details only a tiny time period in The Life of Leonard. But because of leopards :: and their spots … the rest of his time on Earth has prolly been filled by more of the same. You can talk about it here anonymously :: you can talk to me … I can help you decide what to do … and I’ll keep your secrets if you decide you want to do nothing. There are more of you than you think … and just talking about it is one of the most important things we can do.

This has to be stopped … whatever it takes.

NotDoctor Leonard Coldwell’s only source of meager power and income is :: like all scammers … rooted in his connection to Scamworld insiders. Without those connections he’s just a dirty old man with no job :: no skillz … and no life. Scamworld insiders don’t give a shit who you rape or murder … as long as you can build a downline. Previous rumors :: and totally credible reports … of misdeeds weren’t enough to deter people inside scamworld from doing business with Coldwell.

How about now?

Cause I’ll tell you who’s going to be calling any operations or opportunities that put this piece of shit on stage :: wait for it … ME!

If Doctor Doctor Doctor Doctor Coldwell PHD wants to have a dirty dirty fight :: then that’s totally fucking fine with me … fighting is kinda like my main thing and stuff.

Go ahead Leonard :: put your tiny dirty dick in my hand and let’s see who gets healed … I fucking dare you.

>> bleep bloop

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  1. So that’s the advantage of not being a doctor while working as a doctor. You can’t be struck off or prosecuted for malpractice. But there’s also no malpractice insurance either. A good solid dose internet justice can lead to some interesting places, not-DrDrDrDr Coldwell, and boy have you got it coming.

    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland.

  2. Whoa. I knew there was more to this than just your basic garden-variety scamming and “taking all their money.” As one of my more scatological friends would say, “This guy needs to eat a bowl of dicks.” Me, I’d just toss him into my metaphorical** duck pit and let the ducks deal with him.

    Reading this post made me sick to my stomach. If you’re reading this, Leonard Coldwell, I am not thanking you for this feeling. I’m cussing you out in my mind.

    **(read: non-existent, it’s a construct of my mind, why would I have a bunch of ducks in real life, they’re mean as hell.)

  3. random tragic victim said

    As the offers for treatment became more persistent, my resistance weakened. I did have serious problems with my health/mind and I wanted to believe in healing. I wanted Dr. Coldwell to like me, his public displays of affection were quite flattering, and perhaps useful to my career in the self-help industry. He seemed to be very financially successful, so he must be doing something right, and I was frightened by some of the things he told me about my health. I didn’t even know I had cancer … but Dr. Coldwell is an expert so he must know.

    [emphasis added]

    Mount Pleasant PD’s initial incident report regarding two tragic victims reads

    [redacted] stated that Mr. Coldwell, the suspect, is claiming to be a doctor and told her that she had cancer. . . . During one of the sessions in which he was treating her he touched her breasts inappropriately and then placed his penis in her had. [sic] He then warned her not to tell her husband.

    [emphasis added]

    SD wrote

    This particular police report details only a tiny time period in The Life of Leonard. But because of leopards :: and their spots … the rest of his time on Earth has prolly been filled by more of the same.

    Creepy Coldwell sez he’s “cured over 35,000 cancer patients”. I wonder how many were female. And Creepy Coldwell also said he cured his own mother.

    1. @Wyrd,

      “[sic] He then warned her not to tell her husband.”

      It seems almost like the standard pedophile-method of using real or unspoken threats to control the children they rape. Or might I actually say it’s EXACTLY like that.

      1. @Jack, And of course not to forget this S.O.P. for pedophiles & rapists:

        “he’s made sure to remind me by implication that I’d be even more embarrassed than he if what I’d let him do to me ever came to light.”

        Embarrasment – even without the reminder it’s so big the reason victims don’t come forward in rape…or fraud. But for anybody else who got healed such in this post from Creepy Coldwell:


  4. This is awfully sad, horrifying, and so typical of religious or self-help gurus who get away with proverbial murder by insisting they know what’s best for others.

    Your gut instinct is the best guru! One of the most interesting books I’ve ever read is The Gift of Fear and Other Survival Signals that Protect Us from Violence. It addresses avoiding predatory behavior in the most scientific, factual terms.

    Glad you got out the bolt cutters, Salty. I think it’s time the “doctor” got a treatment.

    1. @Lori,

      Your gut instinct is the best guru! One of the most interesting books I’ve ever read is The Gift of Fear and Other Survival Signals that Protect Us from Violence

      I’ll try to check out that book sometime. I agree at least insofar as I don’t think people should ignore their instincts.

      But, personally, I really think that instincts alone might not always be sufficient to keep oneself from harm.

      There was a House episode where they had a sociopath and one of the doctors’ instinct gave the clue. But I’m skeptical of one’s ability to have that trick work reliably.

      It’s like–ok, maybe you’re instincts can keep you out of trouble. But your ability to detect someone else’s ulterior evil motives is in direct conflict with that other person’s ability to fool you on every level, even and particularly an instinctive level.

      And who better to pull off an instinctive level fake-out than a fucking cold-hearted, dead-souled sociopath? It’s like they were made for it or something. That’s their evolutionary niche.

      search “sociopath” on saltydroid

      Listen to your instincts. Yeah. But don’t always trust your instincts. They can be mislead.

      At least that’s what I believe. Right, Creepy Coldwell?

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

      1. @Lori,

        (just to clarify, at the end of my post, I did not mean to imply that I think you’re Coldwell or something messed up like that. I was just throwing an open zinger out at him.)

        1. @Wyrd,

          LOL! Of course you were taking a swipe at the soon-to-be-nad-less Coldwell! :)

          I actually did a lot of summer reading about psychopaths, since I was researching scam related stuff (and how not to do it) for my book.

          Psychopaths are indeed a different human animal entirely. Able to charm and con with an amazing skill, since they aren’t hindered by stuff like – oh, I don’t know – conscience! They can spot and exploit insecurities, which are different from a true, gut level intuition.

          But do check out the book. The author served on the President’s Advisory Board at the U.S. Dept. of Justice. Smart stuff!

          1. @Lori,

            It’s true, and you can see it in the account, that often conned people and victims “felt” something wasn’t right all along, even though they could not explain it.

            That’s the reason why an effect of falling too deep into self-help bullshit is to become somehow oblivious to yourself, and have that weird gaze all the time. Kinda looks like people disconnected from themselves, you know what I mean?

            1. @max,

              It seems that’s a staple in IM/MMO and (to steal @Cosmic Connie’s phrase) selfish-help gurus. They train you to believe that your instincts, that feeling that “somethings not right” is really just your fear or resistance to playing “full on” or some other such nonsense. It can get to the point where you don’t trust your own feelings anymore.

      2. @Wyrd,

        I was abducted,raped and nearly killed by a stranger, but it wasn’t all screaming and dying – that bit only came at the end. It was mostly me desperately believing what he was telling me because the alternative was too horrible to even contemplate.

        I understood and empathised immediately with what this woman was saying. You dare not break out and start thinking this is going terribly wrong, because that is a reality you do not want at all (and maybe this is a dream, or someone will save you before it goes too far, or you deserve it, or you are going insane)

        1. @Naked Chicken,

          I’d like to echo @Wyrd. And to thank you for speaking out in such a fashion. Your bravery will help others who find this who have been in similar situations realise they’re not alone and it’s not their fault.

          1. @Dr Geek, Wyrd

            Thanks. I am fine and I wouldn’t be the person I am without that event. These women though, they are not fine.

            The feeling of complicity a woman feels after sexual abuse is, in my opinion, the most damaging part of the abuse. You can hear it in the “not my finest hour” statements. It will take a lot of work to get anywhere near past the feelings of fault, years of work.

            I hope people focus on helping the victims as much as punishing the perpetrator, more actually. Once he is stopped the work is not finished even if we all feel elation that another predator is put away.

  5. So basically here’s the Coldwell method:

    -Diagnose cancer yourself by guessing even though no real doctor sees it.

    -Have coerced sex with patient, claiming that it cures it.

    Tada! No cancer shows on radio. It worked!

    Sheds a whole other light on those 35 000 cancer patients, doesn’t it?

    1. Damn that’s actually sick: the guy terrifies you by convincing you that you have cancer, then has sex with you under fear of death, and then, since no cancer shows on exams, and there was never a cancer to begin with, he claims that he cured them. It’s interesting to see that his failure rate is close to the proportion of people who actually get cancer: meaning his failure only occur when a real cancer is here. The rest of the time, his rape therapy just heales an imaginary disease he himself convinced his victims they had.

      That’s fucking beyond what I can express.

      The question is: is he aware of that or just nuts?

      1. @max, you’ve got his Method of Operation in one. He is one evil bastard: (a) creates stress and anxiety where there was none (b) exploiting that stress and anxiety to abuse / rape the victims: SD is spot on. Sex gained by lies is a form of rape, and by using hypnosis, even more so. Pschologically, the violation is there, just as it is with physical rape. Effectively his victims are ‘drugged’ in the same way as rape victims who were made compliant / comatose by date rape drugs.

        1. @Just Thinking, “form of rape” is one of those weasel terms that has sneaked into the world. Along with “rape rape” and “forcible rape” and others that I can’t think of at 2:30am. Rape is a binary term, like pregnant. Either it is or it isn’t. No rape is better or worse than another.

          Compliance does not mean consent.

          Lack of consent is rape.

          I feel this should be pointed out.

          1. @Naked Chicken,

            Lack of consent is rape.

            I agree. Makes sense to me.

            I don’t think Todd Akin agrees though.

            This is from a campaigning email I received from info@clairemccaskill.com

            A few days ago, Todd Akin’s campaign announced that they raised over $400,000 in the last 20 days — immediately following his controversial remarks about “legitimate rape”.

  6. Hopefully the near future sees the not-Dr. restricted to practising his curative techniques on the other felons in whatever slam becomes his home … though he may find himself becoming the “energized” rather than “energizer”.

  7. This blog took my breath away. Excruciatingly and gut-wrenchingly sad.

    Like Kirby Brown, James Shore and Liz Neuman, these young women started out with the hope that their lives would be better in someway – better health, or more happiness, or increased motivation, or whatever.

    And in their courage to be vulnerable, to open up to what they desired most in life, their lives were destroyed by people who abused the trust given to them.

    To be present when people confide to you their most inner and deepest hurtful experiences, is a position of incredible privilege. To betray that honour like what is written in this blog, is more than vile.

    Some people should be shot. (At the very least, metaphorically speaking).

  8. God damnit! This is so incredibly sad. My heart goes out the women and girls who suffered because of that disgusting pig.

    I can’t even imagine what it must be like to have gone through what they did, then find the courage to talk about what happened and report it to the police only to be told that there was nothing that could be done. Coldwell would get away with what he did. He violated them and then when they sought help and justice were told there would be none. Such an environment only makes it safe for the predator/abuser to operate.

    Based on the account of his MO he is clearly grooming his victims. Start small. Something that she might find uncomfortable or strange but that he can explain away to her or others more easily if she kicks up a fuss (i.e., gaslighting). She may even try to talk herself out of the fact that she was sexually assaulted (unwanted sexual touching) because it feels awful to think of it as what it is. If she comes back, then he can push it a little farther.

    It’s even worse to hear that one woman saying, “I should have known better. I did know better.” It sucks seeing her blame herself. It would seem this guy has been doing this for some time. He’s created an environment where he’s adored and admired by sychophants and likely to be believed within that (largish?) group. And he’s practiced his “technique” over time.

    I am glad that, at least, there is a spotlight on this $%#@*%$!$ (fill in with worst possible expletive — I couldn’t think of one that was sufficiently bad enough). It makes it “uncomfortable” for him to operate it a lot of people are paying attention to what he is doing. If the justice system can’t help the victims of his sexual assault, we as the neighbors, friends and relatives of victims and potential victims have a lot of power by saying “this is unacceptable and we will not let you harm anyone else”.

    Again, my heart goes out to these women. And I’m grateful to them that they spoke out. So far it seems they haven’t been able to find any justice here but by telling their story it might keep someone else safe.

  9. I was wrong in the last post – angry as I was at the “anti-cancer quackery” perpetuated by this fetid stain on the carpet of humanity, I was nowhere near maximum rage altitude.

    There are no words. The abuse of privilege, the abject betrayal and the wanton destruction of people’s lives is nothing short of horrific.

    I have a daughter.

    Destroy him Salty. If there’s any way in which I can help, let me know.

    1. @Dr Geek, oh, you were at maximum rage all right. I read those comments and the first post was deserving of your rage. Now, we’ve learned something not just crooked, but icky in a whole different way and we’ve all turned it up to 11. I have another comment for this post for when I have a little more time. I first read this post of Salty’s this morning and I almost cried. More than definitely, destroy him Salty.

    2. What I find particularly repulsive is that his supporters are so sure that all of these women are lying, and that even if they aren’t, they are just stupid. Having been the victim of rape as a teen and telling family members who did absolutely nothing to support me, I can understand why some women don’t go through the painful process of pressing charges (especially when the perp claims to be the world’s leading authority on cancer).

      I’m glad these women are getting a voice, and I really would like to see him answer to the charges in court. Maybe then he would be forced to prove he was ever a medical doctor, too.

      1. @anon,

        The reason his supporters are so keen to dismiss these allegations may lie in something @NakedChicken says – they may not want to break out and think something has gone horribly wrong, because that is a reality they just don’t want to face.

        Except their indifference doesn’t put them at risk, it puts others at risk.
        (with victims, such a reaction is a wholly understandable attempt to protect their psyche from the horror of what is happening. There is no blame or shame in this, of course.

        But onlookers who don’t want to see what might be happening just want to avoid any disruption encroaching on their comfortable lives. While wanting to avoid these horrible allegations is understandable, it is inexcusable

        If you’re a Coldwell supporter and are reading this: At the very least, entertain the possibility these allegations could be true. Be vigilant. Ask. Think about any instances which might fit the pattern of abuse – were there any women who were close to Coldwell who suddenly disappeared from the scene, or who went through an obvious but poorly explained change in personality, mood or character?

        Is it that you can’t believe these allegations, or is it that you don’t want to?

        If it’s the latter, you’re part of the problem unless you open your eyes

        1. @Dr Geek,

          1. Cognitive Dissonance [skepdic.com]

          2. We’ve Always Been at War With Eurasia [wikipedia.org]

          3. Sixty-two thousand four hundred repetitions make one truth. [wikiquote.org]

          4. and The Holocaust never happened doncha know? [wikipedia.org]

          To be clear: I agree with you, @Dr Geek. Supporters of Mr. Not-Dr.^4 Creepy Coldwell should seriously consider re-evaluating their positions right about now.

          But that might be really hard for some of them. He has been telling them what they want to hear for quite some time now. That can be a great way to get people to trust you if they’re not cynical enough to realize that, that’s what you’re doing to them.

          Once the trust is established, and belief in the person/idea has taken root, it is not so easy to change one’s mind. It’s very scary and very hard. For some, it would be analogous to losing one’s faith in God. That’s a big deal.

          Furry cows moo and decompress.

          1. @Wyrd,

            I know, I know…but if there’s any chance of someone who is perhaps a little ways don that road reading this, I’m hoping we can give them a little nudge to mov on further.

      2. @anon,

        I am not surprised to hear that his supporters think that way…but I really do hate it. I wish we, as a society, could just dispel this myth that false rape allegations are some rampant phenomenon. The American Prosecutors Research Institute reports that, in studies conducted both in the US and internationally only 2-8% of reported rapes are determined to be false. In other words, they are far, far, far more rare than the general public seems to believe.

        It would seem Not Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Coldwell’s followers, who are already believing a heap of pretty wild claims from him would be even more disposed to believing in him and refuse to accept the possibility that he is not the man they believe him to be. (That sentence is strangely worded but I can’t quite get the right words in the right order. I hope it makes sense).

        I am sorry that your family didn’t believe you @anon. Someone very dear to me was raped as a teen and she has only told one person in the family. I suspect that (among other things) because of who her rapist was (family member) she doesn’t expect to be believed.

        I for one would really like it if we could get more education for everyone on this issue and more support and justice for more survivors of rape and assault.

  10. I’ve been witness to some truly messed up and disturbing situations.

    Just one case:

    My close friend’s wife was always fairly introverted. We knew her a few years. Went camping together, had dinners together, etc.

    She had grown up with her mom and stepfather. She loved horses. Her stepfather had horses. He also bought her a pickup truck for her 16th birthday.

    Anyway, this friend (I’ll call her “T”) began acting strange. She would go to her stepfather’s barn, stay late, get drunk, and my friend would have to go pick up his wife at 2 a.m. in the morning.

    Why all of a sudden was she getting drunk and acting so weird?

    Turns out, her stepfather had raped her repeatedly as a child in a basement filled with guns. T’s mother had even been warned that the man she was marrying was a pedophile. She married him anyway.

    That’s when T’s hell began. She never told anybody. Not even her husband.

    So why did T began to “crack” nearly 10 years after the abuse ended?

    Two reasons:

    She saw that her stepfather was grooming another young girl to be his next victim.

    And the statute of limitations was running out to bring a case against her stepfather.

    The emotional distress of the situation — being forced to finally speak out — drove her to begin drinking heavily.

    Anyway, she finally did come forward and testified against her stepfather. I’m not sure the outcome because T and her husband got divorced and I haven’t heard from T since. (My wife wrote her a letter, never heard back.)

    Side note:

    T’s stepfather gave horse riding lessons to attract young girls. He would choose some to “groom,” which usually involves building trust and giving lavish (expensive) gifts to create obligation.

    In this one particular situation, the mother of the daughter was trying to have an affair with T’s stepfather. And the stepfather was grooming the mother’s daughter to be his next victim. Truly F-ed up.

    And my friend (the one once married to T) turned out to be a serial adulterer with a sex addiction. He’s had three failed marriages. During the 3rd one alone he had 40+ affairs in a span of 2 years. I talk to him less than once a year. He’s too embarrassed to speak with me.

    Anyway, all that is to say…

    Sexual addiction / sexual abuse are extremely destructive forces.

    Stepfathers have a higher-than-average rate of pedophilia. They often marry women who have young daughters from a previous marriage.

    Pedophiles also gravitate toward the business of giving horse riding lessons because young girls like to ride horses. This also gives them a lot of one-on-one time — without the parents around — to groom the victim for sexual abuse.

    So: A stepfather who gives horse-riding lessons? Watch out. Almost definitely a paedo.

    With all this as background:

    When I watched that video of Rachele Brooke Smith talking about Coldwell as her “father,” I was REALLY creeped out. Somethin’ ain’t right…

    1. @Ryan Healy, Which reminds me, I wrote a poem for T six years ago when I learned what had happened to her.

      I share it here because it seems appropriate.

      “Tears for T____” – written 08/11/2006
      by Ryan Healy

      Shotguns on the walls
      A shotgun in your ass
      Blows your childhood away
      Horse trainer
      Child fucker
      Even now, years later
      I am sad for you
      Not even he can unravel your life
      To remove the sinister threads
      Or give you back
      Your innocence

      1. @Ryan Healy,
        Creepy poem man.
        I don’t know you or T but your putting this up in public with a line like “a shotgun in your ass” makes me think there is something seriously wrong with you.
        And if you ever gave her that poem, again…seriously fucked up from my point of view.

        1. @G,

          At first I was pretty uncomfortable reading that poem too. Then I started wondering why I was so concerned with the words he chose. No doubt, that phrase is pretty horrific…then again, so is the act of rape. If we take @Ryan Healy at his word (which I do b/c I don’t have any reason not to) then the poem is an expression of how he experienced The situation and how he felt about it. We don’t know his friend. We don’t know how she responded to any of it. He does.

          I can see if someone who is a rape survivor saying the graphic imagery bothered him or her. I could even understand that person saying that s/he felt s/he couldn’t participate in a discussion here where things like that we’re said. But his poem certainly did get me to question whether we should sanitize a conversation of the repercussions of rape and sexual assault. It is horrific and it is gruesome. And people do need to understand how horrific and gruesome it is. I don’t think we should necessarily hide how truly awful it is in order to protect people’s sensibilities.

          To me he was saying that the rapist used his body like a weapon and the act was the equivalent of shooting or trying to kill her inside (I.e., her heart and soul). I’m not 100% decided on whether or not I feel it’s appropriate because I do tend to be pretty sensitive…but I wouldn’t go so far as to accuse him, out of hand, of there being something seriously wrong with him. At worst I might say that it could use a warning for being graphic (i.e., “trigger warning” so people who have experienced assault and suffer PTSD from it could skip it) or that if it was preventing survivors who wanted to participate in a discussion here but felt they couldn’t because of graphic conversation then perhaps that’s something to discuss and for those who post here to take under advisement. Just my 2 cents.

          1. @What the what, G, I’m somewhat getting confused about this whole subconversation because of the fact that didn’t we just read through an PTSD-trigger-laden article from the top of this page with creepy-reality situations within it?

            1. @Jack,

              For sure this entire post could be considered triggering. I might have ended up posting word salad above because on the one hand I was originally offended by what was written because it was so graphic and even now it leaves me somewhat squeamish. (note: just b/c it makes me squeamishndoesnt mean I think it’s wrong or improper.) But on the other hand it really did lead me to think hard about why I responded the way I did and why I would want to avoid reading such things. I was more concerned with my own sensibilities than I was with an honest description of someone’s emotional response. And I dont think we have to force others to make this conversation palatable for us. In other words, my main point was that we shouldn’t sanitize conversation or the emotional responses of people who have been raped or have someone close to them who has been raped just so it’s easier for us to read or hear. And moreover, someone who does describe the aftermath or the rape in a graphic or violent way isn’t somehow “messed up” or has “something wrong” with them.

              I guess my point about how survivors may be affected was a poorly worded distinction from the situation I describe in the paragraph above. I was trying to say that although I don’t think we should make the conversation easier on people in general, I do make a distinction from survivors who would request that the conversation be less graphic. (since this hasnt happened it’s really just a hypothetical). By no means am I trying to police the conversation or tell people how they are supposed to have a discussion about this topic. But I do think I have a bit of a bossy personality and if I’m not careful I will tend to write my thoughts as if all should abide by them. Which is completely my bad.

          2. @What the what, Much better said:

            “Her words fall like snow
            So you do not hear their screams
            a tree makes no sound at all when it falls in a forest of memory
            and this forest is tangled so thick with words that the branches bow and touch the earth
            and when children scream their voices turn to leaves
            and scatter across the ground until all you can hear is green”

            From “The Six O’clock News” by Emily Monroe

            full poem at:

          3. @What the what

            Your analysis is fairly accurate.


            The “Shotguns” in line 1 are literal.

            The “Shotgun” in Line 2 is figurative. Starting around age 12, T was sodomized by her stepfather repeatedly in a basement full of guns.

            The poem is raw. It expresses the emotion I was feeling after learning about the situation. I was angry.

            I never gave the poem to T. And chances are she will never read it. Haven’t had any contact with her in 6+ years.

            1. @Ryan Healy, Hi Ryan. I was thinking maybe it might be better if you didn’t use a person’s actual initial. So maybe you could change it to a fake initial, and just say “R. (not her real initial).” If you don’t like “R,” there are 24 other ones you can use in instead of that T. I would rather you not use L though, so nobody thinks it’s me.

    2. @Ryan Healy,

      The horrific thing is most of us know someone like this…even if we don’t know it. This sort of abuse is horribly prevalent, and I fear the cases we hear about are the minority.

  11. All I can say is … WHAT THE HELL!!

    What is wrong with people?

    I hope this effectively ends this guys “career” … I also hope he spends the rest of his life staring out between metal bars.

    Way to go Salty for picking up this story. I hope it brings justice to some of the victims ans prevents others from falling prey to this lunatic.

  12. Meanwhile, the devotees are gathering this weekend at the Charleston Marriott in Charleston, South Carolina, for Coldwell’s “Success Boot Camp,” which officially kicks off tonight at 7:00 PM EDT and runs through Sunday afternoon. There will, no doubt, be drinking and dancing and drinking and singing and drinking and lots of hugs and drinking, and then perhaps more drinking, and people will be made to feel good about themselves, to the point that they would never, ever believe that such a nice, kind, inspiring little man could ever have done any of the things written about here.

    The snow must go on!


    1. @Cosmic Connie,

      When I read this statement written for his up-coming lecture/workshop:

      “What to do to have a sizzling, hot, SEXY relationship with your significant other”,

      I just about cried.

      If only he had concentrated on that from the get-go, then perhaps the young women that he had violated would not have had to experience the trauma inflicted upon them.

    2. @Cosmic Connie, According to our friend Google, Coldwell’s “suite” is located within the confines of a U.P.S. store. Must be cramped in there.

  13. Wow Salty, thank you so much for sharing this news about Coldwell. I hope the scum bag is exposed and put behind bars. However, I wonder if you could curb your foul language next time. Seems like you use the F-bomb quite a bit. For this reason, I felt like I could not post this article on my facebook wall. Please Salty in your next blog post please watch your language, Just saying!

    1. @Sarah Smith, Much of the time when I post a Salty link on my own Facebook page, I write “Language advisory.” But sometimes I forget. I understand your own reservations about the language, but it is Salty’s style. He is not the Refined Droid. In any case I also find it interesting that some of “Dr” Coldwell’s most passionate defenders love dropping the “F” bomb all over the place — it’s their weapon of last resort before they block you on Facebook — and the little man himself seems to have quite the foul mouth when speaking to crowds, or so I have heard. But the people love him anyway.

    2. @Sarah Smith,

      The way SD uses the word “fuck” is ingenious. He inserts it into his humour, not like many people do, who are just saying it for the sake of saying it, or trying to be cool, or as a vehicle for ranting.

      In using it this way, his voice has an edge where people take more notice.

      I personally would not want to see him “curb” his language. But I guess, each to his/her own.

      While I get bored, irritated or repulsed when reading some author’s use of foul-language, IMHO, it’s always spot on with SD. Just my 2 cents.

      1. @KG, Watch your language there, KG. You never know when some impressionable youngster might just happen across this blog, and then they’d end up reading that shit.

  14. Our not-friend @SarahBarendse is done shrew-screeching on this site :: thank the gods … but here’s what she’s got to say on this sensitive subject on The Facebooks … brace yourselves …

    While clearly, I wasnt there and only the people involved know what really happened, but Salty Droids blog is badly written, doesnt make much sense, and the account that was posted…., some of you may slam me for this as its coming from a woman but honestly, i dont really care.. its my opinion – what kind of weak minded moron goes back to someone 2 more times when they feel “abused” or “violated”. As for the next “victim” the “babysitter” as Salty Droid refers to her – it doesnt even say what supposedly happened? Yet he goes so far as to hint at the idea that there may have been foul play and murder? And to top that off she herself didnt even think anything was wrong till someone else told her she should be ashamed of herself? This isnt adding up for me…. Yet i see a string of comments with everyone flying off the hook and condemning Dr. Coldwell.

    Some of you will counter – that there is evidence. The posted PDF police report. Ok, yes. Clearly there is that. You can go to the police and report anything you like. Doesn’t mean it has been proven as anything other than an accusation.

    That’s my take on it. Not really much else to say other than SD, Connie and gang? Lawyer up! LOL”

    Gosh Sarah :: I don’t need to lawyer up because I’m a fucking demon genius … ask anyone … LOL.


    You’d think that someone with so many choirs on her resume would be better at singing …


    Hey Sarah Barendse :: let me hear of you making another comment like that ANYWHERE on the Internet … please … I’m begging you … open your stupid mouth one more fucking time.

    1. @SD, I’d already experienced a few Facebook discussions with Sarah, which inspired me to block her. After clicking on the link to her “performance,” I must admit that her singing is as melodic and pleasing as are her contributions to those discussions.

      I’ll second her advice that you “lawyer up,” because linking to her recordings must surely constitute complicity in the commission of aural abuse. :-)

      1. @Yowza, But Sarah (despite her February 2011 declaration that she was a GIN member for life) did rebut herself on Wednesday, June 20, 2012. She changed her mind, in other words, when it became evident to her that GIN is a scam and Trudeau a scammer. By the time I “met” Sarah on Facebook she was a member of a couple of anti-GIN forums. However, from what I understand (though I can no longer see her comments, being blocked and all), she is still sticking by Lenny’s side, and she firmly supports him in whatever retribution he is planning for his critics.

        1. I should clarify about Sarah’s rebuttal on RipOff Report. She wrote (as she often did on the FB forums) that she still believes GIN was a good idea but that greed got the better of Trudeau. My view is that GIN was never a good idea because it was planned from the beginning to be a cash cow for Trudeau. Greed didn’t just suddenly get the better of Trudeau during the short lifetime of GIN; it has been one of his chief motivations since at least the 1980s. But that kind of information is cleverly concealed on the Internet, and maybe those GIN cruise ships don’t have such a good Internet connection.

          1. @Cosmic Connie, Precisely. The hole in Sarah’s fabric is the staunch initial support she gave to Trudeau, and how resolutely righteous she was one year before changing her tune about him.

            You would think she might have gotten a clue about her own fallibility from that.

            Maybe, just maybe, she could be wrong about the Not-Doctor…

            Her being closed to that possibility – in the face of obvious lies and deception, such as his education and credentials – means that she won’t be entitled to any “free pass” when the shit hits the fan.

            At some point, the enablers become complicit, and her behavior indicates she’s reached that point.

          1. @Jack, From all indications — including that original “Ripoff Report” remark she made — Sarah used to seriously admire Trudeau. In a fairly recent Facebook conversation, which I can no longer access because I have been blocked by her, she said that at one of the events she saw Kevin’s aura, and it was white.

            However, after learning what a con artist Trudeau really is, and how driven by greed he is, she was apparently perplexed by the white aura because white is supposed to indicate spiritual purity or some such thing. But then she found something on the Internet from a guy who calls himself the Hooded Sage, and the Hooded Sage ‘splained how a white aura can also indicate elitism.

            So all was right with the world again, or at least with her world view.

            She also apparently prides herself on being one of the first of the GIN members to see that something was not quite right with GIN. Too bad she can’t see that something is not quite right with Lenny. (To my knowledge she has never claimed to see Lenny’s aura.) Actually I think that by now she really can see that all is not quite right with Lenny, but she is choosing not to look. But I guess that falls under the category of stuff that is not my problem.

  15. Shame on Sarah Barendse! She clams to be “empathic” but cannot empathsize with the victims. Sarah has more in common with the victims than she realizes. She too has fallen prey to Coldwell’s spell. Coldwell has worked his magic on Sarah. Now Sarah is brainwashed into thinking that Coldwell is not capable of doing anything wrong. Why, Sarah even thinks that Coldwell was her little brother in a past life. Gimme a break!

    One of these days, something will happen to snap Sarah out of that hypnotic trance. Then she’ll realize that she’s wasted the best years of her life on a complete phoney.

    By the way, Coldwell is a former hypnotist– or at least he claimed to be in his books. Coldwell says that he practiced hypnotism for years. But then he realized that hypnosis was “evil and manipulative”… so he stopped hypnotisizing with a pendulum. Yes, he used to use a pendulum to put people into a trance, and convince them that they were on fire, literally burning. (He thought this was funny, I guess)

    Coldwell says those days are behind him, but are still remanents of hypnosis in his current act. His U-Cure cds are a form of auto-suggestion, which is really self-hypnosis. If you read the police report, Coldwell uses hypnotic words, even a hypnotic sequence to break down his clients defenses, and make them believe they desperately need his attention. Anyone who has ever been hypnotized or practices hypnosis will recognize the misuse of hypnotic techniques in Coldwell’s ill-fated health exams. Coldwell hypnotizes the victims for one reason: To get into their pants.

  16. Good for you Salty for exposing this degenerate. Ten years ago he called himself The World’s Best Life Coach. Now he’s the worlds best cancer expert! This creep must be STOPPED! I understand he’s business partners with the convicted felon Kevin Trudeau. How fitting that these two would be in bed with each other.

    I’ve been repeatedly called names like “a filthy whore and big pharma shill” by his defenders when I’ve spoken out against him in the comments section of his YouTube videos. He’s defiantly got his acolytes who believe every lie that comes out of his nasty mouth. I wonder how many cancer patients who could have been helped, have delayed or abandoned real medical treatment for his quackery?

    I wish there was something I could do to help in this effort to bring this piece of shit down for good. Let me know if there is anything I CAN do.


  17. Where are all the detractors? The defenders?


    Does no one in the coldhell camp have anything to say in his defense?

    Aside from sarah bernde, who is obviously still in his victimization loop, that is

    1. @So…, If you go to YouTube you’ll find dozens of Coldwell’s videos. In the comments section there are hundreds singing his praises. People making comments like “they wish ALL doctors told the truth like he does” choke, gag! It’s beyond nauseating.

      I know his credentials are phoney and his cures for diseases are mostly bull shit. But his claim that he’s cured 35,000 cancer patients is so preposterous that it defies all logic. I don’t understand how anyone could believe one single word that comes out of his mouth after a claim like that.

      As I said before, I wonder how many cancer sufferers put their faith in his snake oil and paid the ultimate price for doing so. I’d call him a predatory,lowlife, snake in the grass, but that would be an insult to all snakes.


  18. He is still at it, it was well known in Gin that Coldwell was grooming female members to have sex with .

    I have witnessed texts he was sending one Gin member whom had already had sex with him . She told me the full story , and he had groomed her into feeling special and told her that he would help her get over her husbands death. She ended up needing counselling and help from a Gin speaker to get over Coldwell.

    Kevin and all the speakers knew about his womanising, this was one of the reasons he was asked to leave Gin . he even stood on stage and asked which one of you ladies did I fuck last night. before laughing and saying he was joking .

  19. Yes I must agree its time to lawyer up, but thats exactly what Lenny doesnt want. Because in a court of law he would be exposed, he would have to produce his Dr license, a real one not one he made up. He would have to produce actual patience hes cured, lets see 10 let alone over 30,000. Most of all more victims would come forward that hes molested with his fake Drs degree. I have met Lenny being a cancer survivor myself I asked him point blank have you ever cured anyone with eye cancer. He was drunk at the time but in his bold statements OF COURSE I HAVE! I asked him could you at a later time give me the name of these people as it has a 0.00% cure rate. IN addition only six in a million people get it, yet he has claimed to have cure Ocular melanoma patients. He then said he couldnt as he has to keep all his patients in the patient confidence. I knew then he was a bull shitter blow hard trying to sell books off fake claims. I do believe in natural cures and have spent 7 years learning about them. All the stuff in his book he stole from others, real healers, Gerson, Budwig, etc. Its all available for free online and at best even under the best condition no person on earth I have witnessed has a better then 20% cure rate. After reading the 50 page police report It became personal to me, this man needs to be confronted, LET JUSTICE BE SERVED!

    1. @Mike, ” All the stuff in his book he stole from others, real healers, Gerson, Budwig, etc.”

      Now there’s an original idea, a quack ripping off another quack. -)

      I was agreeing with everything you were saying until I got to the part about Gerson and Budwig. It’s been scientifically proven that those methods don’t work in treating cancer.

      I’m afraid until people stop putting their faith in pseudoscience and quackery, they will fall victim to the likes of Leonard Coldwell. As long as there are people who buy into anti-science there will be criminals like Coldwell who are only to sell it.

      1. @Susan,That should have said: As long as there are people who buy into anti-science there will be criminals like Coldwell who are only to willing sell it.

    2. @Mike, You’re right– Coldwell has used alot of informaiton from others. The problem is that Coldwell does not always reference his sources. That is the ethical thing to do. Give credit where it’s due. Coldwell’s stress reducton cds– this is basically progresisve relation techniques developed by American physician Edmund Jacobson in the early 1920s. Coldwell never mentions this– he simply says these are techniques he developed in his private practice.

      When you don’t reference your sources– when you take credit for them and call them your own– this is plagarism. It’s also a crying shame that Coldwell charges hundreds of dollars for this informaiton– it’s taking advantage of people who are desperate for answers.

  20. I am disgusted and nauseated. Reading the accounts of the victims is painful to me. I don’t understand why he’s not in jail. Just why?

    1. @Elaine B., There is a simple reason Coldwell is not in jail. I think Salty explained it pretty well in this post but sometimes his writing is a little cryptic so it may not have been clear to new readers. The reason Coldwell is not in jail is that no charges were ever filed in these matters. The women were apparently embarrassed and/or intimidated, and some said they were afraid for their safety if they pursued the matter. This is fairly common in situations where alleged sexual abuse is involved, particularly if it is not forcible sexual assault. There is only so much that law enforcement can do if there are no formal charges.

      Understand that I am not judging the alleged victims for their initial decisions to drop the matter. That is their personal choice. But if nothing else, the existence of this police report suggests that where there is smoke, there may be fire.

      1. @Cosmic Connie, Thank you Connie. I think that details grabbed my attention so hard, I barreled through the rest of the article.

  21. Thank you Droid for talking about this issue of adult sex abuse. Although, I’ve never heard of this quack doctor, I am outraged at what he has managed to get away with, up until now. Heart goes out to all the victims. This shit happens to guys too. Sugar Ray Leonard came out with his story on this topic.

  22. …really hoping that more victims will report their abuse, so that Coldwell can down for a very long time. Very sad and very disturbing. The other side of the IM coin is darker and filthier than I could have imagined.

  23. It’s my opinion that these allegations are the primary reason Lenny was removed from GIN. I think KT and others knew this information was about to come out and he had to go quick before it was released.
    Salty, how in the world were you able to get your hands on all this information including recounts from victims? Are we supposed to just take your word for it?
    I don’t doubt that it is basically true, but you haven’t given a lot of evidence to make it a real fact based article.
    Obviously you want to protect people but there is still an element that everything you post may not all be true.
    I do however appreciate that it is here for us to discern.

    1. @Eye-Wall,

      but there is still an element that everything you post may not all be true.

      Which element(s) specifically are you doubting the veracity of?

      1. The parts that follow this:
        The following horror story is Leonard Coldwell’s basic M.O. :: compiled from the statements of more victims than you can count on your fingers :: the details are merged to protect the innocent …
        and this part:
        One of the victims of Leonard’s “treatments” was just sixteen years old at the time . . .

        It is just written like it is fact, but how do we know?
        Anyone could say that. That’s why I asked: “How in the world did you get this information?”
        It could very well be true but then again, anyone could just write this and say it’s true. How are we to know for sure.
        SaltyDroid is not quoting his sources like a news reporter would.
        If you want to take down Dr.C. this is a good first step. But I can’t be the only person asking about the validity of this blog.
        How do we know this is a legit police report? How come only SaltyDroid can find this info? He’s now a close friend of Dr. C and now coming forward. He is a blogger.
        He could have found the mother load of great info. I’m only asking how do we know it’s true and not a bunch of bogus stuff to try to take Dr. C. down?
        I’m using Dr.C as it’s easier to type. I also doubt he’s a real Dr.

        I could start a blog and say basically the same about Ryan Seacrest and make up a police report and say all kinds of stuff.
        Why I picked Ryan Seacrest for that example, I have no idea . . .

        1. @Eye-Wall,

          This blog has been running for over three years and has countless unpaid hours poured into it. If Salty is making it up it would ruin his blog, his reputation, and cost him all that hard work as well as risking a very ugly defamation suit that would be cheered on by hundreds of internet marketing scammers.

          I’m sure you read the police document, and I’m sure you’re aware of the evils of the cancer quackery involved. Those things alone would have been more than enough for a story on not-Dr Bernd Klein aka Coldwell. There would be no reason at all to fabricate claims in the way you are speculating.

        2. @Eye-Wall,

          This blog will always protect the victims. If it is a choice between presenting the damning evidence and protecting the victims, the victims always come first. If the Droid could present every bit of damning evidence without exposing the victims to pain, he would.

          1. I’ll tell you what is concerning me about this police report now. It’s the fact that so many random people are now saying they have a copy in their possession and have read it. Among these people are some who are still fighting to defend Kevin Trudeau’s “honor” and are defending his apparent decision to jettison Coldwell from the GINtanic. That would just be amusing if we were just talking about GIN getting rid of some random loony with some magickal frauducts. But this is apparently much more serious than that.

            Some folks are saying the entire police report should be published. I think this is a horrid idea. And I worry that some dolt thinking that he or she has a big “scoop” – or even some well-meaning person thinking he or she is serving the dual causes of justice and freedom of speech – will indeed publish the whole thing. And that could very possibly compromise not only the alleged victims but also some of those who have been trying to help them. I think people should seriously consider these possibilities and they should resist the temptation to be the one to “expose” the matter in this way, no matter how heroic their intentions may be.

            In cases such as this, anger and the desire to do SOMETHING to help are certainly appropriate responses, but jumping the gun and spreading too much information indiscriminately could have the unintended consequences of endangering the alleged victims even further, while actually helping the perps and their enablers. I believe this is what Salty was trying to say in his post, though as I’ve noted before, his writing is sometimes a little cryptic and new readers might not be able to grasp what he is saying. So here it is in black and white, again: Publishing the entire police report is a horrid idea. I can’t put it any more plainly than that.

            1. @Cosmic Connie ::

              No “well meaning” person would publish that whole report … and I’ll echo your sentiment that it’s some serious bullshit that it’s getting sent around all willy-nilly.

              Anyone who does publish the whole thing can expect to NOT have my support in whatever backlash is to follow … because I don’t support things I don’t support.

          2. @Kerry,
            I still think something is very odd about this whole blog.
            You have a police report. Right there you’d think Coldwell would either be in jail or on trial.
            And people say this blog has been going on for 3 years!
            You have Coldwell involved with minors (girls under 18)
            You have so much stuff, calling it evidence but there has been no action to put Coldwell on trial.
            I can only think that everyone involved have dropped any and all charges. Or the case dismissed
            If that’s the case, than all this stuff is just hearsay and nothing that can incriminate Coldwell.
            What am I missing here?
            A lot of hard work on the blog; Lots of stuff that seems very damaging, it’s been going on for 3 years. There’s a police report. And even with all that, there has been no action taken to put Coldwell on trial?
            Just seem odd to me.
            My neighbor had his lawn mower stolen from his garage and within 1 month the guy was in jail. And that’s just for stealing a lawn mower. I think this is potentially a great blog, but the lack of action by law enforcement has me a little skeptical.

            1. @Eye-Wall,

              1.) There are probably pertinent details left out by the Droid in order, as I said, protect the victims.

              2.) Rape and molestation are notoriously difficult to prosecute as a result of the nature of the crime and the vulnerability of the victims.

              3.) There is a statute of limitations for these crimes. It often takes victims years to come to terms with what happened, sometimes too late. Sometimes the vicitms would rather move on with their lives instead because. . .

              4.) The “best” and most common defense against rape and molestation is to accuse the accuser. (Cue an image of a “sympathetic” yet condescending defense lawyer trying to get a witness to “slip up” or twist their own words.

              5.) NONE of this means that nothings happened. Contary to popular belief, there is NOT an epidemic of false rape charges in our country.

              But it’s okay @Eye-Wall, I am sure you don’t believe that OJ did it either.

            2. @Eye-Wall,

              According to RAINN , out of every 100 rapes that occur, only 46 are reported to the police (Justice Dept, National Crime Victimization Survey: 2006-2010).

              12 lead to an arrest (FBI, Uniform Crime Reports: 2006-2010).

              9 get prosecuted (National Center for Policy Analysis, Crime and Punishment in America, 1999)

              5 lead to a felony conviction (Department of Justice, Felony Defendents in Large Urban Counties: average of 2002-2006

              5….out of 100.

              As @Kerry explained, the fact that more rapists are not in jail is a result of system being flawed resulting in a lack of justice. It is horribly unfair to hold up the broken system and its lack of prosecutions as evidence that the rape must not have happened.

              Also, in support of @Kerry’s statement that “false rape” claims are not nearly as common as the general public seems to believe, please see my comment above where I stated “The American Prosecutors Research Institute reports that, in studies conducted both in the US and internationally only 2-8% of reported rapes are determined to be false.” (In my above post I included a link).

              As a side note, in some of the studies that found a false report rape as high as 8%, there were some issues of the police departments failing to follow their own policies in diligently following up and investigating the claim. Instead, some officers didn’t believe the accuser and failed to appropriately investigate the claim.

            3. @Eye-Wall,

              The blog has been around for three years, but it didn’t start covering Coldwell until August 30, 2012. What kind of miracles of justice did you expect performed here in 13 days?

  24. You scare me, dude. I enjoy your writing. I smile at your wit. I respect the way you expose scumbags and scumbag tactics.

    You scare me because your implied solution to the scumbag problem appears to be state suppression of speech.

    Words can be used as deadly weapons, so let’s make words illegal.

    Isn’t it best to fight rhetoric with better rhetoric without resorting to censorship?

    “In this new century information is power :: and words are force more often than force is force … but most of our laws were written for a less complex world that no longer exists. In the absence of responsive and adaptive government :: and partially consequent of our continued societal refusal to admit that manipulation is possible {/easy} … exists a festering black hole of unchecked darkness.

    ‘Leonard never held me down, but he made me think I had to do what he said.’

    … reported one of the victims of “Dr.” Leonard Coldwell to South Carolina’s Mount Pleasant Police Department.”

    We should eradicate ignorance, not protect it. Coldwell deseves to be exposed. His victim deserves a figurative smack up the side of the head for being so damned gullible.

    If you want an “adaptive government,” maybe it should adapt itself to the teaching of crtical thinking in our schools.

    1. @Ken, Are you seriously blaming the victims here? Do you also believe women should be held responsible for enticing rapists when they wear anything more revealing than a burqa? Your critical thinking skills need some brushing up.

    2. @Ken,

      Isn’t it best to fight rhetoric with better rhetoric without resorting to censorship?

      Salty’s pretty big on the anti-censorship side of things. Not pro-.

      Coldwell deseves to be exposed.

      Agreed. And so here he is presently being exposed.

      His victim deserves a figurative smack up the side of the head for being so damned gullible.

      Blame the victim. huh. Such an original and nuanced thought process {/you don’t have}. Well yeah I guess if we just blame the victim all the time, then the problem is solved, right? I mean if it’s all the victim’s fault for being gullible, then there’s really no need to even expose Coldwell in the first place is there?

      You’d never be gullible would you? You’d always be smarter than to fall for a con, right? For ever and for ever for your entire life, never ever once have you in the past or will you in the future unwittingly fall for someone else’s concerted effort to trick you. And, if you do–that’s ok. It’s not their fault for intentionally trying to deceive you, instead it’s all your fault for daring to trust someone.

      This non-logic only ever even looks like reason if you live in a world full of abusers and those who have been abused. (Which we do.) Being abused, victims often tend towards self-blame. Which then creates and perpetuates the cycle of abuse. (Also–some folks are both abusers and abused. Actually probably many folks.)

      If you want an “adaptive government,” maybe it should adapt itself to the teaching of crtical thinking in our schools.

      I can’t quite tell what you’re saying here. I think you’re saying that critical thinking should be taught in schools. If so, I agree with that. Your certainty combined with your own hideous lack of critical thinking could serve as an example of our school’s dire lack of such teachings.

      We should eradicate ignorance, not protect it.

      Agreed. Now go away you ignorant, trolling d-bag. Blaming the victim is a very stupid and bad societal way to allow Bad People to continue to do Bad Things without having to suffer consequences. Go read and learn before you die of stupid.

      Like, duh, and stuff.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

      1. @Wyrd,

        To clarify: in the above angry rant, I am intentionally broadening the term “abuse” to refer not just to sexual abuse but verbal, physical, or even just some sort of general “trust abuse” as is the form that the standard con artist employees to get yer monies.

        I assert that this broadening of the term is justified because, while the actual amount of harm done by these abusive acts might vary greatly (i.e. sexual abuse is way worse than conning someone out of $50), the underlying mechanism is the same.

        They gain your trust. Then they fuck you over.

    3. @Ken,

      I’m sure you’re aware that there are already limits to free speech. Some of the least limiting restrictions refer to “time & place” (i.e., supporters of candidates have to be a certain distance from a polling place).

      Some limitations actually go to the content of speech. You don’t have the right to speech that incites a right or speech that rises to the level of calling upon people to commit criminal acts. You don’t have the right to speech that rises to the level of abuse (see cyber-bullying laws). You don’t have the right to speech that constitutes a credible threat.

      Your right to free speech doesn’t include the right to commit fraud. Your right to free speech doesn’t include the right to sexual harassment. Your right to free speech doesn’t include the right to intimidate someone into having sex against their will (i.e., threats against the victim).

      In this case, according the reports, the not-Dr Coldwell seems to have told women they had cancer (a claim which is dubious considering he can’t practice medicine and doesn’t have access to the proper diagnostic tools to make such a claim) and then told them they needed treatment which then turned out to not be treatment but rather him molesting and assaulting them.

      So…please tell me where the free speech would be in that scenario? Based on your comments above it seems that you believe the right to free speech trumps the victim’s right to their bodily integrity and their right to be free from unwanted sexual acts.

    4. @Ken ::

      Good points Ken :: for a turtle … if you were a fucking turtle I’d be so impressed right now. It’s like :: OMFG … that turtle can type!

      But as a person … you disappoint.

      “Salty Droid I’ve been molested …”


      “Bitch … maybe now you’ll learn.”


      Anywayz :: I’ll take your little self-indulgent speech about free speech as a signal that you want to be the sort of man who stands behind his words … and doesn’t go around talking about smacking sexual assault victims anonymously.


      Is that you all-star?

      Do you wish you were me?

      Because you aren’t … that must hurt.

      1. @SD,

        It looks like those Gunner Sykes articles were all from Sept-Oct 2008. I think those were better written than the @Ken comment here.

        If indeed it’s the same guy, then he should slow down and take more time when he writes. That way he has enough time to re-write his inane nonense into something that’s at least marginally amusing.

    5. @Ken, I didn’t see an implication in the post that “state suppression of free speech” might help resolve the “scumbag problem” you mention.

      I took the point of the passage you quoted as being that current “rape law” may not be sufficient to address certian predators who may, through one means or another, exert psychological, rather than physical, control over vulnerable people.

      This is an interesting report.


      As indicated in the report:

      “When a physician acts in a way which is not to the patient’s benefit, the
      relative position of the patient within the professional relationship is such that it is difficult for the patient to give meaningful consent to such behavior, including sexual contact or sexual relations.

      It is the lack of reliable or true consent on the part of the patient which has led researchers to compare physicianpatient sexual contact to other sexually exploitative situations such as sexual assault and incest.”

      1. Anon, good points. And the problem is, in my opinion, greatly compounded by the fact that Leonard Coldwell apparently is not and never has been able to prove that he is a legitimate physician, naturopathic or otherwise.

        1. @Cosmic Connie,

          I’ve been thinking about whether not-Dr. Coldwell’s professional status matters in all this. Salty gave us a chance to unbundle our feelings around CAM, and then he dropped this bombshell on us. And at first I thought, it doesn’t matter if he’s a real doctor or a fake doctor or an accountant or a park ranger: sexual assault is never OK. It’s never anything but awful. It was probably helpful to break out the discussion of not-Dr. Coldwell’s fake credentials so we could focus exclusively on this other awfulness here, but it doesn’t matter.

          Except it does. If Coldwell had real credentials in any popular CAM system, he would be governed, at least loosely, by the code of ethics of the CAM method’s professional organization and/or the school issuing the credentials, and, IMHE, those codes clearly list no sexual contact with clients. In South Carolina, if he was licensed to provide chiropractic, counseling, dietetic, dental, massage/bodywork therapy, medical, nursing, occupational therapy, optician, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy, podiatry, psychology, social work, speech pathology, or veterinary services, he would be governed by the state Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation.

          Both of these provide additional paths for victims to report and authorities to take action. And I think these authorities take action more swiftly and with greater protection of victims than in the court system. It might be a slap on the wrist, but perhaps a slap on the wrist that was picked up by the local media would’ve spared some victims.

          More victims than I can count on my fingers. That was the part that made me sick to my stomach.

          1. @Lanna ::


            He is perversely protected by the fact that he is unqualified to be doing what he’s doing.

            In many states this would be a very serious rape-type crime if he were an actual doctor … because manipulation of that power relationship is a well recognized voider of legitimate consent.

            The theme of that loophole is present throughout the stories of this blog :: “I wasn’t qualified to know they were not okay” … was JAR’s basic defense.

            It’s fucked. The fraud loophole.

            1. For me these points just raise more questions. JAR’s basic defense was that he didn’t have the medical training to know folks were not okay in that sweat lodge. But Coldwell was presumably pretending he did have medical training and WAS qualified — he was reportedly impersonating a physician, in other words (I am sure that isn’t the proper legal term but I hope my point is clear). It was this pretext that caused his alleged victims/patients/clients to trust him. Would that carry any extra weight, or would impersonating a physician/practicing medicine without a license be considered a separate issue (legally speaking) from any alleged sexual offenses? I’m sure it varies by state but it is an interesting issue.

          2. While I’m chasing down this rabbit hole …

            For Coldwell to legally provide lymph massage in South Carolina, he would need to take 500 hours of instruction at a state-approved massage school, pass a national exam, and complete 12 hours of state-approved continuing education every two years. The application also requires a high school diploma or GED; asks if you’ve had a professional license denied, revoked, or suspended; and asks about criminal charges against you. Your signature certifies you are of “good moral character,” which I think would be a lie for Coldwell.

            No one with the last name Coldwell is licensed to practice massage in South Carolina.

            Here’s how to file a complaint against an unlicensed person practicing massage therapy in South Carolina:

            1. @Lanna, Good on you for providing that info. And I may have mentioned this before, but FWIW, the South Carolina Association of Naturopathic Physicians in Charleston says Coldwell is not a member of their local association or their national governing body.

        2. @Cosmic Connie.

          According to the report, only 4 states currently have a law on the books that might view sexual misconduct by certain medical practitioners as being sexual assault.

          In this regard, I’d suggest the law should include a provision that covers situations where an individual misrepresents … or invents … their medical credentials and takes into consideration the nature of the relationship, i.e., doctor-patient, that the “patient” believed existed based on the misrepresented credentials.

          It boggles the mind that a sexual predator posing as a medical practitioner could evade the punishment an actual medical practitioner would receive for sexual misconduct with a patient solely on the basis of not actually being the “real” doctor they presented themselves as being.

          Of course, it might also boggle the mind that apparently only 4 states have any law at all in this regard … which ties back into my (anon) interpretation of the droid’s remarks.

          1. @DGR, Your comment came in to the blog just as I was publishing my latest one… and yeah. I agree with you. There should be more specific provisions about situations where an offense is committed by an individual who is misrepresenting or inventing credentials. Whether that person is pretending to be a doctor or a police officer or some other “authority figure,” the implied imbalance of power could make unsuspecting, trusting people more vulnerable than they ordinarily would be.

            1. Let’s not forget that Coldwell also apparently thinks he is protecting himself by his layers and layers of disclaimers.

              On @SD’s previous post about Lenny, we discussed the disclaimer he has at the bottom of every page on his main web site. He explains that his site has been “hacked” so, alas, he can’t provide sources for a lot of the information he shares. He also notes that any legal matters must be taken up with his apparently nonexistent “foundation” in Germany.

              But a fake foundation can only do so much. On several sites I have also seen him try to protect himself under the banner of freedom of religion, via “The Church of Inner Healing.” One example is this 2009 Trudeau newsletter:

              Versions of the disclaimer appearing on that newsletter have appeared in several places over the years.

              Here is a site for The Church of Inner Healing: http://www.churchofinnerhealing.com/

              Now, I am not a Christian, but if I were I would probably be a tad insulted by the picture of Coldwell standing proudly before the cross. He is reportedly not religious himself but does have some frauducts that pander to the Christian market.

              Further fake protection is evidenced in Coldwell’s apparent efforts to trademark the saying, “It is just my personal opinion but I may be right.”™

              As many may know, Coldwell’s most expensive flopportunity, now that he is out of GIN, is his Instinct Based Medicine (IBMS) course, which costs $20,000 to complete (including the test, which is $2,000).

              Travel expenses and lodging are not included, of course. (Hands-on healings may be included for nothing extra if you are the right demographic. But I think that is in the extra-extra-extra fine print.)

              For your $20k you can become an IBMS certified “coach”…well, maybe. Along with all of the wild promises about how this training will change your life and could help you make a great living while making a difference, there are these disclaimers:

              “Do [sic] to the preparation and cost to facilitate your IBMS™ training, there will be NO REFUNDS OR REIMBURSEMENTS. Therefore, you need to be very serious about your commitment to the IBMS™ Foundational Course. No sad story will be accepted to reimburse the money paid since this will only be a very small group and the space is very limited….”

              And this:
              “Neither myself (Dr. Leonard Coldwell) or the IBMS™ Quality of Life Publishing LLC or any employee or members of these entities are responsible for any physical, mental or emotional outcome of this or any other educational seminar. We also reserve the right to change (without any notice whatsoever), any content specifics. This course is not intended to and does not diagnose, treat, prevent, diagnose or cure any form of disease, illness or condition and does not enable anybody to do these things. You are personally responsible to research and confirm the laws in your state that are applicable for the work as an educational self help coach. These events are events organized and executed by Church of Inner Healing. You have no contractual relationship with Dr Leonard Coldwell or any other person or organization.”

              But all of those disclaimers only cover his info-frauducts and flopportunities. They do not really address any of the alleged hands-on not-healing (though he could, I suppose, always use the “I’m retired” explanation to deny any alleged wrongdoing under the guise of doctorin’). Even so, I find his disclaimers quite entertaining.

              Maybe if someone decides to really press charges for the hands-on stuff, he can claim the new-agey equivalent of his favorite excuse of hacking: “It was a walk-in who took over my body and made me do it!” Or he can go old-school and attribute it to demons, as his ex B-team buddy Fred Van Liew reportedly does. That really wouldn’t be consistent with Coldwell’s disavowal of mysticism and spiritualism, but then, Lenny has never been big on the consistency.

            2. @Cosmic Connie,

              So the coaching thing is new?

              IMO, the video would just be stupid were it not for the testimonials. That part is creepy, I agree.

              I wonder what a certified coach is actually certified to do…

              And I wonder if the hypnotizing/NLP “forcible fondling” training is a standard part of the package or if it’s an upsell…

              Furry cows moo and decompress.

            3. @Wyrd, the IBMS “coaching” is not real new; Lenny invented the “system” a few years back and has been offering the “coaching certification” for at least a couple of years. But that vid was just uploaded in June of this year.

  25. You’re sounding pretty gullible yourself there, bro.

    “His victim deserves a figurative smack up the side of the head for being so damned gullible.”

    Your entire comment reeks of hidden agenda. Someone’s been pissing in your pocket and you still haven’t woken up to it.

    1. @Yakaru,

      What agenda would that be? All I have on the calender for the day is a trip to the grocery store and editing a blog post.

      1. @Ken,

        I was trying to work out what motivated you to leave such an ignorant comment, to be honest. I can see three possibilities:

        1. You’re associated with Coldwell and/or Trudeau
        2. You’re a misogynist
        3. You’re a normal troll

        The other possibility, that you just happened to be passing, half read the post and decided to comment despite not having grasped any of the main issues, is also possible I guess, but highly unlikely.

        1. @Yakaru,

          …or 4, none of the above.

          Perhaps an educated populace is the best defense against people who take advantage of the ignorant and gullible.

          When you aren’t doing anything, look up false dilemma. It would be instructive.

          1. @Ken,

            We have been “educating” women on how “not to be raped” for years….don’t go out late at night alone, check under your car and in the back seat before you get in, don’t go anywhere alone with a man you don’t know (even though many rapists turn out to be men the victim knew), don’t go someplace where you are outnumbered by men, don’t get drunk, dress like a “nice girl”, don’t be sexually adventurous and get a bad reputation or you’ll make guys think you’re asking for it….and yet rape still occurs. People don’t get raped because they are stupid. People get raped because the rapists decides he is going to rape someone.

            The above situation occurs when society puts the entire burden on the potential victim pool to not be the victim of a crime.

            Granted, I do think we should be giving people all the tools necessary to protect themselves, but perhaps another alternative is to make it so costly and difficult to commit acts like sexual assault or fraud (such as in the MMO/IM space) since those are the people who are actually committing crimes. I don’t think this is an all or nothing type of thing. We can educate people and still go after people who commit fraud or commit rape or sexual assault. Why not focus on those who are committing the criminal act?

            I don’t understand…if we were talking about carjackers people wouldn’t come in here and say things like: “why didn’t you have bullet proof glass?” “What were you doing driving a car when you know there are carjackers arounds? You were just asking for it driving a BMW.” “If you are dumb enough to get carjacked then you deserve it.”

            Why is the type of fraud we talk about here in the MMO/IM space and rape and sexual assault like this? Why are these crimes where the burden is on the victim to not be a victim? I understand that there is still misogyny in the system and societal thinking when it comes to sexual assault, but it seems more than that alone.

          2. @Ken ::

            Tell us about your “education” Ken … I’m intrigued. To what grand institution of learning can we attribute your particular form of enlightened genius?

            San Dimas High School Football?

            Anywayz :: what can you tell me about differential calculus? And as a follow up question … did you learn that from Sean Hannity?

          3. @Ken,

            Perhaps an educated populace is the best defense against people who take advantage of the ignorant and gullible.

            If you dismiss things like Madoff, Enron, and a couple other etc’s (where educated individuals were duped by frauds), then yeah.

            When you aren’t doing anything, look up false dilemma. It would be instructive.

            I can sniff out the convoluted “reasoning” (and worn out insults) of a TTS a mile away. No grammar or age mocking? I’m very disappointed.

            1. @EthiopianCrackBaby,

              What is TTS in this context?

              What do you make of Kevin Trudeau’s involvement in all this? Part of me says it would be a win to actually get Trudeau on our side – the side where it’s not OK to sexually assault people -because he has reach (always in the top infomercials in “Response” magazine) and authority with his audience – the audience he introduced to Coldwell. He could warn a lot of potential victims. Some in the GIN circle would assume it was backlash for Coldwell bashing Trudeau, but I think he has a wider fan base who only know him for his natural cures books. Is a bargain with the devil never worth it, even if potential victims could be warned, or existing victims could be encouraged to report and press charges?

            2. @Lanna,
              I was also wondering about ‘TTS’.

              Regarding Trudeau, I personally just don’t see it happening ever.

              I mean I’d be happy to be proven wrong. I know there were those two kinda low level Utah scammers that were apparently freaked out by the assistant AG Swallow’s corruption.

              But I think morality and successful Big Time scamming are diametrically opposed.

              IMHO Trudeau doesn’t have a conscience or a sense of the greater good for you to appeal to.

            3. (Wyrd continued)
              (My phone thought I was done. Not quite.)

              It might be possible to get Trudeau to send a message if you could get him to see a totally selfish angle from which he could benefit. Like suppose he had a new lead Gen book about how you could avoid sexual abusers.

              But that might not go so well since he just spent so much time backing one up.

              Or Trudeau could go for ‘pity me’: saying “I just got messed over by this abuser so give your monies”.

              I know you were asking EthiopianCrackBaby not me.

              But for me, in this instance, it’s not so much that I’d be categorically against working with the devil for the greater good, it’s just I honestly don’t see how it could work.

            4. But that might not go so well since [Trudeau] just spent so much time backing [up a sexual predator].

              Yeah, not so sure about that one…

              … because if there IS one thing I am sure about, it is that scammer elite are quite adept at spinning potentially conscience-inducing traumas into an all-out, profit-producing positive PR sales event with the reciprocal, BS angle of “I’m going WAY out of my way to help you with this *secret* lesson I learned”.

              Take, for example, this lovely little bedtime parable inspired by real-life events.


              (Please note: the names have intentionally not been changed in order to implicate the guilty.)

            5. @Lanna,

              Trudeau is a consumate conman–that means that anything and everything will be turned to his own advantage to con more people out of more everything.
              So supping with this particular Satan is not a good move.
              Ends never justify means.

              Besides, Trudeau is smart if unremittingly sleazy–he already knows a lot more about Coldwell than we do.

              Conmen aquire power by spotting and playing upon the weaknesses of their fellows. Trudeau probably had C oldwell and his weaknesses pegged at first look–he wouldn’t be in business with him otherwise as Trudeau is in the business of controlling eveyone he comes into contact with.

              They are called confidence men because the mark puts their trust and confidence into the shyster who then takes advantage–which is what Trudeau will do in any situation, even if you think he is doing an altruistic favour.

            6. @Lanna,

              And about the potential gains of enlisting Trudeau’s help: currently only 6-7% of reported rapes make it into court for complicated reasons that have more to do with the general social and cultural biases than with lack of will to report.
              I don’t see that Trudeau and his current ‘reach’-which is only to an already confused and deluded audience that sees this shyster as an authority figure, will do much to help that apalling figure.

    1. @More scams, – off topic – partially. And then I had a look at the video here

      http://www.strategicprofits.com/profithacks/video-1/ and it was the BEST.

      I was impressed, and then depressed, as these scammers seem to get more professional and more deceptive and more brainwashing…

      But also I found some chinks of honesty –

      Here is Pete Williams with a picture of the business he created:


      …and it does’nt even look like real shit!!!!

      And then he gives this tip top advice:


      Alleluja – I am saved! Profit Hacks Hurrah!

      Never the less – the fact that he used an elderly gentleman in the video as an example of someone he felt sorry for – really angers me. Pete Williams is not just ‘the business’ i.e. the sort of thing most of us can create if we go to a particularily spicy indian restaurant – he is a really poisonous henious ‘business’ – and he is spreading – look at the 14,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook…. which starts to really like it is another ‘business’ all of its own – I am not quite elderly – but at the mid century – you would not imagine what sort of click*ank products to help me loose weight are being sold to me on Facebook.

      Just random stuff.

    2. @More scams, actually not so off topic. Pete William’s partner in crime learnt a bit of hypnotherapy before finding his IM niche.

      trying his hand as a hypnotherapist….

      “Success came at a price, however, the days were long and Schefren realised that the ‘rag trade’ wasn’t really what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. After rescuing the store from closure, and seeing it well into the black, Shefren returned to college to finish his degree before trying his hand as a hypnotherapist.

      Dynamic Changes Hypnosis Centers

      His hypnosis centers, jointly founded with his wife Deb followed the same path as the family clothing store. Using marketing strategies devised by the likes of Jay Abraham, and John Carlton. Schefren rapidly built a reputation, not as a hypnotist, but as someone able to market hypnosis. His chain of hypnosis centers was able to spend $ 3 million a year on advertising, which combined with some savvy marketing methods created a $7 million turnover in four years. Later he sold his marketing skills to other hypnosis vendors.”


      …hypnosis methods are so very useful in duping elderly people out of their cash.

      …and looking at the people he associates with – These include: Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, John Carlton, Alex Mandossian, Stephen Pierce, and Yanik Silver – I would say he is ‘A’ list ‘business’.

      Hell – a certain ‘Tom Beal’ who comments so positively and so freely ( http://www.strategicprofits.com/profithacks/video-1/ ) on the Profit Hacks website, also goes cruising with all the ‘A’ list ‘business’:


      What fun these people have…

    1. @Cosmic Connie,

      I see a lot of people wandering around in the background, kind of aimless. I also see a lot of empty chairs. Also, at this time, the video has 20 views, one like and one dislike (that was me).

      To me, that’s a hopeful sign.

      Of course the 10 minutes of testimonials (which is all this video is) are some-what disheartening. Still the time at which someone’s robot-parrot-no-free-will-ness will be at its apex is right there at the event while they’re being interviewed. So there’s the chance that once they’re back in their regular, daily lives, their fervor will die down.

      And all I heard in the testimonials is people gushing about “Dr. C.” All cult-of-personality and no actual content. And then some vaguely pseudo-science-y stuff about dendrites and neurotransmitters just thrown in there somewhere.

      Also, Not-Dr.^4 “Dr. C.” Creepy Coldwell’s websites look like crap. I wouldn’t hold that against him if he were just some random person. But instead, he’s an evil lying scammer that exploits people for sexual favors. (in my opinion) So yeah I’m gonna take the cheap shot and rip on the horrendous quality of his websites.

      … And why does he have two? Does he think that makes him look cool or something? He can’t even manage one website properly, why would he put up a second one?


      Furry cows moo and decompress.

      1. @Wyrd, I am not at all disheartened by the testimonials; I would expect them. Lenny made a small roomful of people feel good for a couple of days. Rah, rah. Besides, I noticed that several of the people are, by their own admission, repeat customers. There do not seem to be scads of newbies. One of the last people to give a testimonial is Dyane, the singer at several of his events. She looooooooves “Dr.” C.

        As for the web sites, Coldwell has many more than two web sites, not all of them in his own name.

        1. @Cosmic Connie, 2whit-afew:

          1. @Jack, Yep. He also has several personas, one of which is “Dr. Libertarian,” and as discussed in the previous Lenny post on this blog, he apparently impersonates his good friend Dr. Hohn when it suits him.

            On my “Bernd bridges” blog post I have some Wayback links to Lenny’s and/or Hohn’s Goodlife Foundation sites. Here’s one, circa 2002, when he had been in the US for a few years but was marketing himself mainly as a Leonard “The Coach” Coldwell and not so much calling himself Dr. C:

  26. Not a very impressive turnout.And the people giving testimonials ah…..well……some very strange affects on display there. Several were frequent fliers.

    Did anyone else notice the rather large pot belly on not-Dr.^4 “Dr. C.” Creepy Coldwell? When he put his arms around the woman he hugged, I cringed. Physically, he’s such an unattractive nasty little man.

    I’ve always wondered about the claim he makes that he “cured Ronald Regan of colon cancer”? I know this is just another one of his LIES, but you’ve got to marvel at the chutzpah of someone who would lie about something so easily verified to be untrue.

    1. @Susan, I’ve never been able to substantiate that Ronald Reagan cancer cure claim either — no big surprise there. The claim I saw was made by “Dr. Hohn,” who said he participated in Coldwell’s healing of Ronnie… but it was pretty obvious from context that the comment was made by Coldwell, pretending to be Dr. Hohn, as he has often done.

      I imagine Bernd has the pot belly because of the massive quantities of the “elixir of life” — bourbon — that he consumes. On stage he looks like a little wind-up doll, dancing stiffly around in his pink shirt and getting the peoples to dance along with him. It is really kind of a sad spectacle, despite also being funny.

      All things considered, Bernd/Lenny is pretty ridiculous, and this whole saga *would* just be funny… if not for all of that darker stuff.

      1. @Cosmic Connie,” On stage he looks like a little wind-up doll, dancing stiffly around in his pink shirt and getting the peoples to dance along with him. It is really kind of a sad spectacle,”

        LOL! I just watched the video again.And you’re right.That’s just what he looks like.I think sad spectacle sums it up about right. The people giving testimonials seemed sad also.For some of them it sounds like this event is their big socializing opportunity of the year.

  27. Salty, I just read the email you sent this guy! You are making some huge assumptions when you send people like that an email. The biggest one and probably your downfall in this respect is that you have assumed he can read!

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  29. Well this post certainly hit me harder than any other. While I’m not one of Leonard/Bernd’s victims, I was the victim of someone, who less well connected with the sick machine had a similar MO.

    I’d met him in a social situation. As to what happened, I didn’t really say yes, but I didn’t explicitly say no either, but I was sure glad when it was over. Very quickly, the sick pervert in my situation started talking about getting married (because that’s what I would have wanted to hear?) but quickly back-pedaled to “maybe a long engagement with children” because since he was divorced and paying child support 26% of my income would have gone to said child support (What?!?!?!?) Way to fast about thinking about a relationship moving that fast and oh, hell no! He was persistent though. Calling my cell phone when I was at my friends’ house getting their key and finding about the care and feeding of their cats when they were leaving on vacation… At which point my friend said, you should come with us. We’ll get xxxxx to take care of the cats. So there I was arranging my own cat care, getting time approved off work and booking Amtrak half way across the country to put some time and space between me and this creep. While I was gone, I mustered the strength to let him know not to contact me again. Later, I learned he’d had enough experience with restraining orders to take this seriously, and he probably moved on to what he perceived as easier targets.

    Later, I read that although this guy met some women (I’m sure like me) in social situations, he was also stupid/arrogant enough to molest/fondle patients in a hospital where he was a medical assistant. He’ll be a registered sex offender for life. I think he was convicted on enough counts that he will die in prison, no thanks to me. Still, I read in an article on the internet in a post by one of his defenders that his sentence was harsh for someone who had merely fondled people (which is not what happened to me) In my opinion, the things this man was convicted of are just the tip of the iceberg pertaining to the wrong he did. I thought about going to the sentencing hearing, but the date kept getting moved and I think it would have been really upsetting for me. I understand he had no insight into his crimes and no remorse. I’ve followed what I can online. It appears this asshole is continuously litiguous. He’s sued the warden where he is confined as well as the secretary of the state department of corrections and lost. I imagine Leonard/Bernd may be much the same. I’m glad even though I did nothing that this guy is off the street forever. I can only hope the same for not doctor-doctor-doctor-doctor Bernd/Leonard. I’m also glad that my last name and address have changed since all of this transpired for me. This was a difficult post for me to read and an even more difficult one for me to come back to, but more importantly sometimes, the good guys win and the bad guys go to prison. Hopefully South Carolina has a nice chilly cell waiting for Leonard Coldwell so that his victims don’t need to worry about running into him again and so that they don’t need to worry about him having more victims and that he won’t have more victims. Go Salty!

  30. I am very sorry to hear about these women and what they went through.
    For the record, Coldwell is no longer affiliated with GIN, so it is unfair to put GIN in the same basket as Coldwell.
    To paint all MLM organizations with the same ugly brush is ridiculous, misinformed, uneducated, and prejudiced.
    You don’t know what you don’t know.

    1. @Brenda ::

      You don’t know what I do know.

      There’s no such thing as GIN :: that’s the unicorn … there’s only Kevin Trudeau and Leonard Coldwell ripping you off … together in togetherness.

      To your success.

      1. @SD, You beat me to it in that response to Brenda. I was going to say something about turds of a feather. But hey, nice use of a GIN cult cliche, Brenda. I suppose you can go comfort yourself by asking, “Who do you listen to?” Or you can just decide to “care, but not that much.”

        But some of us care… a lot.

    2. @Brenda,

      To paint all MLM organizations with the same ugly brush is ridiculous, misinformed, uneducated, and prejudiced.

      No, I think the word you’re looking for is accurate. MLM schemes are nothing more than Ponzi schemes with a product. As soon as you hear the word “downline”, that’s your cue to bolt. There is no such thing as a legitimate MLM organization–barely legal isn’t legitimate, it’s just a sign that our laws are entirely too lax in that area.

    3. @Brenda,

      MLM is a fantasy as unreal as unicorns. Even if GIN were run by the most benevolent person in the world, as an MLM, still GIN could not/would not work.

      What’s Wrong With Multi Level Marketing?

      That article is more than a few years old I think. But I think it still does a great job tearing apart each pro-MLM argument.

      Nearly every line is a great line worth quoting. But I semi-randomly chose this:

      People can make money in an MLM, undeniably. The moral issue is: Where is the money coming from? Selling product? Then why not sell the same product in the “real world”?

      But everyone knows that the real incentive is the pyramid aspect, and the product just the excuse to make it legal, or at least the MLM promoter would like you to believe it is legal.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

          1. @Wyrd,

            Ok. I’ve mostly figured it–for an unknown reason, the link kept being pasted in without “http : / /” at the front. That caused it to be interpreted as a relative link somewhere on saltydroid.info instead of an absolute link somewhere else on the Internet.

            (sorry for spam)

            1. @Wyrd, I never trust myself when trying to do even the most basic HTML stuff manually, so I just copy URLs here and let people have at it, rather than trying to embed links. In any case, the URL you copied in one of your comments above worked just fine. Even though that article about MLMs is from 1990 (a few years before the Internet Marketing revolution), it is still basically valid, and the authors provide links at the end for more updated information.

              What makes the MLM arm of GIN even more iffy than most MLMs is the fact that the “product” sold is not something tangible such as a nutritional supplement or a piece of jewelry or a pair of shoes; rather, it is a Level 1 GIN membership. This is the big argument GIN apologists use to bolster their argument that GIN is not a Ponzi or illegal pyramid scheme.

              A Level 1 GIN membership costs $1,000 for the “initiation fee” and $150 a month as long as one is a member. Once a member, one presumably has access to tons of top-seekrit information, some of which does exist on physical products such as DVDs or CDs. There are also downloadable files and apparently some print newsletters and other publications. There are also chances to go to GIN and GIN-related seminars and events and cruises for “discounted” prices. But none of it is really free.

              And not surprisingly, the new member is bombarded with many more “opportunities” to feed the beast – most notably, to spend still more money to upgrade membership levels. I’ve seen different figures, but the most common one I’ve seen is that just to get to a Level 5 membership costs at least $17,500 (ultimately there are supposed to be 12 levels).

              But wait, there’s more! On a couple of occasions Trudeau has offered people a rare opportunity to become part of his “inner circle” for either $50,000 or $75,000. For that they apparently get a special Inner Circle DVD and a chance to grab an extra percentage of all the GIN moneys. Reportedly some people have sunk $100,000 or even much more into GIN for all of the membership levels, “tools,” events, cruises, and other flopportunities.

              But the basic MLM “product” that people are selling is that Level 1 membership. Any way you look at it, it’s a huge money grab for Trudeau and perhaps a few of his top people.

              Understand that the paid membership levels – as I noted, there are ultimately supposed to be twelve, but so far there are only six – are set up as a separate program from the MLM part. But they are of course all connected, since the MLM product itself is a membership.

              Many GIN apologists insist that the arguments about GIN being too expensive are invalid because, hey, guess what, you can be in the MLM program without being a paid GIN member yourself. But you are still strongly encouraged to invest in expensive GIN “tools” and go to endless seminars to help you become a more effective GIN pusher. And it seems to me that it would be an even harder sell to try to get people to become paying members if you’re not willing to be a paying member yourself.

              And, bringing it all back to Lenny Coldwell (seeing as how I may or may not be the character in that Hitler movie who says, “Stick to the script!”): Lenny almost certainly had a big GIN downline himself, and has said that he was responsible for getting thousands of people to join GIN. Take that downline away from him, as well as that nearly $17k a month he was pulling in as a GIN speaker, and you can see why the little man is miffed and is now calling Trudeau a “cult leader.”

              But no worries! Lenny has put out a call once again for a new GIN-like club for all of the disillusioned ex-GIN members. Only his club will be free, he says, except for the cost of events. As he so eloquently put it on Facebook the other day:
              “Lets have fun togehter
              learn the secrets of fun, happyness and succes and meet the champions you learned to love already and make new conections and contacts We see you there”

            2. @Cosmic Connie,

              re HTML: Well, up until now, I’d been doing pretty good. As I often indicate, I’m a geek. Being able to manually small pieces of hypertext markup into the text is, to me, a feature. And then when I had a problem with it not working, I got stuck in “must. fix. it.” mode.

              re the article’s age: Yeah I could tell it was old-ish. Often times, I feel that an old article is just old. But in a case like this with MLMs, I kind of feel that an older article that’s still totally relevant/accurate carries more weight. It’s like: this article was written maybe 15 years ago, and yet you can still quote from it directly and it can speak directly to the likes of GIN. That in itself is an additional message. It says: this idea is not new. It’s old. This old idea has already been discredited.

              The reason old discredited ideas come back is because they are usually very compelling–appealing to what we wish were true or what we fear is true. So the not-exciting part where it got discredited tends to be forgotten and a new batch of folks is ready to be taken in by the beautiful lie.

              re GIN specific stuff: I’m glad you are able to do that research and help with uncovering not-Dr.^4 “Dr. C.” Creepy Coldwell. Me personally, I don’t think I could stand to read that much about it. Although I’m thinking I might look up some of Trudeau’s scammy sales pitches on youtube sometime. Even though I feel I understand the MLM-meme fairly well, it’s still eerily fascinating that this scammer, who has been repeatedly bitch slapped for being a scammer, can convince so many people to part with so much money.

              I wonder if there’s a way to mathematically guesstimate the amount of money defrauded by any given scammer. If so, it could be used as a sort of scale of harm.

              Of course James A. Ray would have to go on a different scale…

              And then so would Coldwell…

              Yeah, it’s complicated.

            3. @Wyrd, I agree about the abiding relevance of that old MLM article. And it just floors me that new generations of people continue to be taken in by the same old scam.

              But GIN was cleverly marketed, and too many people were unwilling to do even the most rudimentary research about Trudeau. Even those who knew about his criminal history chose to buy into his martyr/hero tale of being unfairly oppressed by the big bad government.

              I really didn’t have to do much research to find out about GIN; I just looked at the web sites and comments on Facebook. A GIN apologist with whom I have been communicating filled me in about some of the stuff I didn’t understand about the MLM versus paid membership levels.

              As for Coldwell, he has revealed a heck of a lot about himself on his own web sites and Facebook pages.

              That scale of harm idea is interesting but… yeah. It’s complicated.

            4. @Cosmic Connie,

              Your pal Dr Joe, the internet buddha, got it right(quoting Barnum) about the new generations falling for this scam: ‘There’s a customer/sucker born every minute’

              The kind of knowledge needed to see and avoid this doesn’t get passed down the generations, although the means of pulling the scam do.
              It’s not really knowledge or information that helps either on a personal level, more a hard-won understanding that only comes with time and experience–so every generation will face similar scams.

              One of the reasons that we came up with a legal system was to ensure that we didn’t have to start from ground zero with every generation, although the current legal systems seem to be a bit blinded themselves by the supposed ‘wealth-creating’ potential of these scams–at least blinded enough to fudge the criminality inherent in them.

              Its a sort of systemic entropy–and unavoidable given that everything now is so profit-driven by bean counters.

    1. @Cosmic Connie,

      The linked page proclaims

      Be one of 20 people to go on a very intimate spiritual journey with
      Dr. Leonard Coldwell…

      eww!! I don’t wanna ever go on any kind of “intimate” journey with not-Dr.^4 “Dr. C” Creepy Coldwell, be it spiritual or otherwise.

      And here’s one of the reasons why I dunno that I would make a great researcher or journalist. To be a good researcher, I should carefully read Creepy Coldwell’s full sales letter. But just at the moment, I can’t bring myself to do it. My Eyes Glaze Over. I already understand the gist and I’m thoroughly not interesting and also disgusted. My brain keeps thinking of all the more useful and/or fun things I could be doing with my limited time on Earth–stuff like banging my head against a wall or just staring at the ceiling for hours at a time. Or maybe washing the dishes or something.

      But one question though: I didn’t see him refer to his-creepy-self as “Dr. C.” anywhere on the page. Is he moving away from that, do you think, or is this just a one-off?

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

      1. @Wyrd,

        Ah, there it is. I missed it, even though I tried doing an in-page search. At the very, very bottom right he signs “Thanks, Dr. Leonard Coldwell (Dr. C”.

        I can’t tell if leaving it with just an opening parenthesis is just a typo or if that’s some goofy formal signature technique I never heard of.

        Ok, and now as I said I was skimming, apparently the not-Dr.^4 “Dr. C” Creepy Coldwell wasn’t to generate $78,000.

        He says it’s exclusive to 20 people and the “discounted” value-less pretend valued event costs $3900.

  31. Trudeau used some good ideas to prey on people. I felt sorry for those who found his Natural Cures book to be anything new. I’m a health buff who bought Turdeau’s book when it came out because everyone was talking about it. I was quickly bored because I knew about everything except one of the things he talked about. I also noticed the scam way he was cashing in on his little gems of knowledge (all from the research of others).

    That made me look at his other books – to see what kind of guy he was. It was clear that he’s a money making kind of guy who writes books and creates programs to drain people’s pocket books without really giving them all of the facts.

    I figured that people who don’t do their homework and can’t think independently would worship him….the same crowd that can’t work out without a trainer or paint their own toenails – would worship the ground he walks on….because they always like guys like him.

    He is a scam artist extraordinaire!

    In Green Language, GIN is JIN. JIN is a term used for the beings the ruling class answers too. LOL. How appropriate. Tru-Dough is a wanna-be. He’ll lie, cheat and steal to get what he wants, it seems.

  32. IT’S VERY IMPORTANT TO CONSIDER THAT ALTHOUGH COMIC CONNIE HAS SOME GOOD POINTS ABOUT COACH LENNY COLDWELL, ANY COMMENTS SHE MAKES ABOUT GIN ARE DISCREDITED BECAUSE SHE HASN’T EVEN LISTENED TO THE BASIC YOUR WISH IS YOUR COMMAND AND NEVER WAS EVEN A FREE AFFILIATE. NOT WISE ENOUGH TO INVEST IN HERSELF. So how in the @#$% do you know about GIN except your opinion on KT from years ago and a few disgruntled weak Level I members who got in on a promotion or those who got caught cheating the system. I’d rather listen to someone who has what I want, is successful. And the thousands of strong successful memmbers. Sorry for my opinion. Write what you want, I won’t be back here to read it.

    1. @Mr. Hill, Now, isn’t it odd that you published your comment on a post that is specifically anti-Coldwell, rather than on Salty’s latest, which is pretty much anti-Trudeau? Y’know, you sound remarkably like the “Dick” I wrote about on this recent post (scroll down to “Convo with a GIN drinker”):

      My opinions about Trudeau are based on current as well as past activities. I got my information about GIN from the GIN web site and other GIN material, as well as from current and ex-members.

      Obviously, however, you’re still drinking the GIN Kool-Aid. But wait… I’m talking to no one, because you said you won’t be back here. (Like I believe that.)

      In any case, you really don’t need to apologize to me for your opinion. Eventually you may need to apologize to yourself, and perhaps to your family, for the time and possibly the money you have put into this foolish scheme.

    2. @Mr. Hill,

      I’d rather listen to someone who has what I want, is successful. And the thousands of strong successful memmbers.

      …. I’m sorry, who would that be exactly? You obviously don’t mean not-Dr.^4 “Dr. C.” Creepy Coldwell. … You surely can’t mean KT!?


      You and I apparently define “success” somewhat differently. Regardless of how much money KT might currently have, I could never consider a man “successful” when he’s engaged in silly, dumb shenanigans of EPIC proportions just to avoid paying a fine. Granted it’s a kinda large fine. But KT, the f*ckface, owes the money. (and then some) *shrug*

      As to GIN: if it looks like an MLM, swims like an MLM, quacks like an MLM, and has a compensation model based solely or primarily around convincing people to become part of your “downline”… then it’s always rigged game where the only winning move is not to play. Those kinds of ducks only ever reliably make money for one or two at the very, very top {of the Pyramid}. Of course none of that is terribly obvious when your caught up in the base of the thing. But that’s all part of the scam.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

    3. @Mr. Hill,

      I hope all the “thousands of strong successful members” of GIN realize that when this rather blatant (based on the info they provide on the site)pyramid scheme falls apart, a bankruptcy trustee or government agency may be coming after them to recover any money that they may have made as members of the scheme.

      They wouldn’t be the first to be “surprised” in this way.

      If you doubt what I’m saying, consult a lawyer.

  33. Well, it looks as if Lenny is having his horsey camp this weekend — the “spiritual retreat” on the Southern Cross Guest Ranch in Madison, Georgia, which he had advertised as being a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have some priceless one-on-one time with him.

    I seriously doubt he got 20 people to pay $3,900 a piece for the privilege, though. I imagine he had the place booked and just decided to take the “founding members” of his and Peter Wink’s nascent scam, the IBMS Master’s Society (a rip-off of GIN), for their first seekrit meeting.

    Apparently our friend Sarah J Barendse is there, as she wrote this on Facebook earlier this morning (Saturday Jan. 26)
    “Morning peoples! I am alive and well. I made it to GA and am having a ball out on the ranch with Dr. C, Peter and the whole crew. Phone does not work here…. so, I am not ignoring you… i just cant hear you calling or texting.”

    Since the weekend apparently involves horses (along with a few horses’ a$$e$, of course), I sure hope Peter W. has gotten over his fear of large animals by now. I believe he was traumatized by a hungry cow shortly after he went to work for Joe “Mr. Fire” Vitale in 2008. Good times!

    I suppose he can always stay indoors and get a pedicure while Lenny is taking the ladies for a ride.

  34. Have you heard the latest? Lenny is part of a new lead-gen “book” called “27 Flavors of Fulfillment.”

    The author/compiler of this book is a starry-eyed SNAG type (on the surface, anyway) named Nathan Crane, probably not to be confused with Jeremy Johnson’s court-appointed lawyer ( http://saltydroid.info/from-utah-to-texas-with-love/). THIS Nathan Crane says he felt an immediate brotherly connection with Lenny. As of now “27 Flavors” isn’t available as a Secret-style New-Wage moviemercial, but the author is posting a series of shoddily produced webcasts. Heeeeeere’s Lenny….

    1. @Cosmic Connie,

      …and Nathan Crane loves the book he compiled so much he reviewed it on Amazon:

      5.0 out of 5 stars It’s more than just a self help book!, May 8, 2013
      Nathan Crane “Nate” (San Diego, CA) – See all my reviews
      (REAL NAME)
      This review is from: 27 Flavors of Fulfillment: How to Live Life to the Fullest!: 27 Experts Show You How to Experience Lasting Happiness, Health, and Fulfillment (Volume 1) (Paperback)
      This book is not just any book, it’s a manual for life! I get “aha” moments every time I read it! (Have read it 3 times already) With the 27 different perspectives from many best selling authors on the topic of how to live a fulfilling life, I begin to notice patterns and themes throughout that all point to very helpful universal truths and principles. This is a “must-own” for anyone looking to live a more fulfilling life!

      Amazing! (or Amazoning?)

  35. Here’s his quote for his 1 hour consultation:

    (Actually copied and pasted email response). Note, they can’t even be bothered greeting me, nor addressing me. (For that kind of money you think they’d be building a rapport.

    Dr. Coldwell’s hourly rate is $35,000 for personal consultation/ coaching. For phone consultations I would have to double-check to see if there is a price difference. Please email his assistant at amy@drleonardcoldwell.com as she would know.

    If it’s not Dr Jim Humble selling the sick and vulnerable household bleach with his MMS (Miracle Miracle Supplement), you get shonky Dr’s like Dr Coldwell having the audacity to ask outrageous hourly fees for his consulttions.

    The best help I’m having right now, is the Body Ecology Book. It’s got good information on how to eat right, learning to make and eat fermented foods (which the body responds well to), and other good food combining. I don’t know Donna Gates at all, nor have I paid her for a consultation (it’s also a bit pricey at $500/2 hours, but not half as outrageous as this jokster (Dr Coldwell) Cold – well. Makes you wonder.

    1. @Brenda, That is truly disgusting. I’m curious: Did the email come from an @drleonardcoldwell.com address or from another one, perhaps with a .de extension? And Not-Doctor Coldwell’s assistant Amy is a piece of work herself. But don’t get me started on that.

      1. @Cosmic Connie,

        Hi Cosmic Connie

        It came from:

        Never mind.

        Thanks for letting me post.
        I hope some (very sick) people can get something out of the Body Ecology Diet principles at least.

        I noticed too, that the Raw Food Movement advocates, claim raw food cures cancer as well. But unless you have the luxury of being home all day, can afford all organic produce, then be in the kitchen continually preparing all your raw food – it’s a difficult diet to follow. Not saying this from a whinging perspective – but the raw food diet – didn’t work for me. Sometimes you have to cut out fruit (as hard as it is).

        I think we learn that those who are genuine healers, don’t make such outrageous claims like ‘I can cure cancer!’ That person is truly not balanced.

        Then again, say there was a typo ($35,000/hour) – say $3,500/hr – would someone who genuinely LOVES people honestly charge this?

        I’m a counsellor, and I literally guarantee my work. If the customer isn’t happy, they do not have to pay me.

        I would like to find someone who I can trust, that would offer the same integrity.

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