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Pee on Me

A whole fucking week without me!  Oh lord how you must have suffered :: stuck contemplating the trivialities of your own banal existence :: void of humor and style :: lost like an ugly child at the State Fair … wandering around in pig/chicken shit … crying out for your momma and licking the residue of liquid cheese from inside the ocean bound plastic that served up your SuperNachoCornDog™.  Whatever :: I’m back!  Shut up and do everything I tell you.

Speaking of finger food pig fuckers :: Ed Magedson.

Ed Magedson is the bloated sow responsible for the Rip-Off Report.  He’s an advocate for the consumer he is. According to several Ed Magedson tribute sites {registered by Ed Magedson} …

“If you are new to it is a consumer advocacy site where consumers who have been wronged can share their experience. Companies are encouraged to post a rebuttal and share their side, very similar to the Better Business Bureau, but our difference is that we do not remove the posts or make information go away if the business asks.”

“Ed Magedson created a great thing. He dedicated his life to it, and now gets threats every week. Why? Because he is not afraid to stand up to corruption, he fights for his rights and ours to freedom of speech.”

He fights for freedom!  How nice …

Of course :: the “great thing” that he dedicated his life to is a total fucking sham … and he a sham of a man. But oh well :: you win some … you lose some.

The idea behind Rip-Off Report sounds simple and good.  People can post complaints about companies who have screwed them over :: and those companies can reply … or go and suck it.  Presumably :: credible sounding reports that are informational and get talked about and linked to will rank well in the search engines … exposing shenanigans.  And false accusations about Vicious Garden Gnomes paying nude oiled midgets to tickle them until they pass out sink into Internet obscurity along with CraigsList ads for Jehovah’s Wittness teaching socials.  If a company sees its soiled delicates displayed on page one of their Google results … they are going to do some laundry.

Or so the story goes … but the reality is much more festering.

Starting with the obvious … RipOff Report is a SUCK site.  It’s put together like crap … it NEVER loads … it’s wicked ugly and lame … and it’s written like a pair of dirty socks circa 1999.  And that’s the good news.  The bad news is that Ed Magedson TAKES MONEY to help make your problems with Ed Magedson go away.  He takes money!

Because he’s imbecilic he calls it the Corporate Advocacy Program.  It works like this …

  • you see some dumb pseudo-gibberish RipOff report ranking for your company {or personal escorting services}
  • you pay Ed a huge sum of cash {plus a monthly protection fee}
  • fat daddy Ed adds an editors note to the offending page contradicting the original report and saying that you are :: in fact :: the capital of awesometown … and are most def not a RipOff.
  • then {maybe?} he’ll keep future reports from posting … or reflecting poorly upon you or your noble services

Yikes! That is ridiculously unethical … at best.  At worst :: it’s an old school extortion racket whose sloppy cottage cheese loving SlobFather should be immediately arrested and jailed.

In this local news story victims of the RipOff Report claim that Magedson wouldn’t even allow them to respond to bogus claims unless they paid up …

In 2007 a reporter from the Phoenix New Times wrote a detailed article about Magedson’s RipOff.  It starts off in classic form with the d-bag being overly particular about pointless details … and …

Yes, he parks in the handicapped spot. And, no, he’s not disabled. He has a handicapped sticker, but it belonged to his late father. “I’m not perfect,” he says.

He intentionally schedules his meeting with a newspaper reporter in a place where she can watch him park in the handicap spot?  Smooth … like the grossly hairy chest of a balding mid-fifties dirtbag.

Talking about his work, he tends to slip into the third person, as if he’s dreaming aloud about how his story should be told.

“Ed knows it’s sweeps week when he gets calls from reporters around the country looking for scams,” he says, then repeats it later for good measure. Or, “Ed was formulating what he wanted to do . . .”

Ed “FreeSpeech” Magedson sued the Phoenix New Times and attorney Christopher Sharp for the inclusion of this quote in the article …

“If it was just a bulletin board where he’s posting complaints without editing or embellishing them, then he’d have a defense,” says Christopher Sharp, a Florida-based attorney who is suing Magedson’s company on behalf of a Colorado company that provides training courses in finance, real estate, and the stock market. (Sharp’s claim recently survived Magedson’s attempt at dismissal thanks to an appeals-court decision based on the Communications Decency Act.)

“But it’s pretty clear that he writes posts himself,” Sharp says, a point Magedson denies. “And if you ask him to take them down, he says, ‘Just join my corporate advocacy program.’

“I have to tip my hat to him,” Sharp says. “He knows how to run an extortion scheme.”

The borderline between unethical and criminal runs through content creation.  If Magedson {or one of his dirty little minions} … has created ANY of the defamatory content for which third parties have paid him to mitigate … he’s in big fat trouble.

Section 230 of the now erroneously named Communications Decency Act protects website owners from liability for the things that psycho trolls say in the comments.  It helps keep the Internet nice and crazy :: like real life.  That protection would seem to extend to blatant profiteering from the defamation of others {an unfortunate result}.  Many lawsuits filed against RipOff Report’s mother company Xcentric have been tossed because of CDA protection. More recent cases {as outlined by Sarah Bird} have tended to emphasize the RICO/extortion angle where the CDA protection doesn’t come into play.

Whether or not Mr. Ed’s tawdry behavior rises to the level of criminality remains an open question.  But the question of his d-bageyness has long been well and truly answered.  Ed Magedson thinks of himself as an important person :: as an outsider :: and as an advocate for the little guy.  But in reality he is just a poser :: a sad baboon :: and a remnant of the Internet’s early growing pains that must be routed around if justice is to prevail.

Many critics of RipOff Report focus on the harm that the false reports can cause to legit businesses.  This is no doubt a huge problem :: but the scummy shadiness of Magedson’s “corporate advocacy” program also serves {perversely} to prop up scammers and assholes who more than deserved to be called out for their shenanigans.  To the extent that the site has any real value :: that value is created by the users who generate genuine complaints and reports.  But if the scammer is willing to pay :: fat fucking turd ball Ed Magedson is ready to play.  Fuck the user :: fuck the consumer :: fuck the truth.  Ed’s got to get his … that’s what matters to Ed.

Case in point … long time not-friend {and first official target} of The Droid Matt Bacak had a problem with the RipOff Report.  There are eleven total reports created for BallSack :: including this one which ranks on the first page of Google.  Most of the complaints {when they actually load} tell the same story.

  • his products are bullshit
  • the bullshit is way over priced
  • the “techniques” he “teaches” don’t actually work
  • every bullshit ripoff he sells comes with an attached forced continuity program
  • he’s impossible to reach about cancellations or refunds for his useless LIE products

Yep yep!  Sounds like Matt Bacak to me.  It’s called being a scammer … and he is one.  But BallSack must have paid up :: because now all eleven of the reports start with the glowing results of a “Rip-off Report Investigation”  which includes the following statements of lunacy …

Rip-off Report’s investigation of Matt Bacak uncovers an ongoing commitment to total client satisfaction.

Positive Rating and Recognition has been given to Matt Bacak for his Commitment to Excellence in customer service.

Rip-off Report has confirmed that Matt Bacak takes customer support seriously.

For instance, he learned it was necessary to remove certain employees because of their inability to follow new policies. “I hate having to fire people, but the fact is my customers are my #1 business priority,” Matt told Rip-off Report.

Consumer advocates don’t prop up scamming d-bags in exchange for cashola. That’s a job for cowardly :: rat face :: sell out :: self important :: wind bag fucks like Ed Magedson.

“I know when people stop suing me, and stop talking about me, and stop threatening me, that’s when I’ll have to worry,” Ed told Sarah Fenske of the Phoenix New Times {four times!} before suing her for talking about him.

Well good news you sweaty beast :: I just started talking about you :: and I have a very long attention span :: so I guess you’ve got nothing to worry about.

>> bleep bloop

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  1. I’ve always kind of wondered about this guy. Good to see you posting again and shining some light on this, Salty. Must have been a bit of a challenge to choose after a whole week of your time occupied by the move. Probably worse than the week you were using the “dreaded Netbook”.

  2. Percy is glad to see you back dishing the dirt, but I do have a slight grievance with the post – there’s nothing at all wrong with cottage cheese, especially when mixed with pineapple chunks and served on a delicious bagel.

    1. @PercyPennyWhistle, And nothing wrong with going bald! I mean, it sucks. Just not an indicator of turpitude.

  3. Amen, Salty!
    I recently posted about how most of these “critique sites” suck.

    Ripoff Report is one of them–not to mention those sites that claim to be honest purveyors of information but lo and behold at the end of their critique is that little “I have researched thousands of products but only one made me here to find out more.”

    I frickin’ hate those.

    1. @Carlon,

      That B.S. about creating a “X is not a scam” site is a specific technique taught to affiliate marketers by many of the folks criticized here. It’s disinformation 101.

  4. Good to have you back Droid!
    On behalf of all freedom loving, anti-bullshit scammers, we welcome you back with a big Fuck You!

    With Love,

  5. Dude — when did Ron Jeremy get into the consumer and corporate advocacy biz?

    (“Pee on me” – it’s the little things that brighten my day.)

    1. @spoonfaceboy, Y’sure it’s not Carl from Aquateen Hunger Force? Those hairy shoulders look familiar.

    1. @TimeManager,

      Regrettably the BBB refuses to see Tellman for what he is – his business ‘Overcome Everything Inc’ is in fact an accredited BBB business, and there are only 4 complaints listed on their site. Everyone knows that doesn’t tally up with reality, but as long as people keep their mouths shut about their experiences he can legitimately continue to plaster that badge around on all his websites.

      Funnily enough, this sales letter would be of irrestible appeal to…Ed Magedson! Ed is another faux-charity-case with a penchant for bleeding gullible consumers of all their cash. If you think Ed’s sales/ad-views will take a hit after Salty’s article, don’t just stand by – do something to help. Visit today!!

  6. Ugh! I remember being offline for 2 weeks during my last move…it was horrible!

    Glad you have it behind you…now there is just the staring at the fucking boxes everywhere!

    Anyway, Enjoy the newfound peace and freedom…get some cops as neighbors…and just relax and enjoy the new digs now…

    Glad you are back online…it is surreal being unplugged for so long…

    Glad I didn’t discover this site during the move, I’d have been worried!

    So, Fuck You, and glad you’re getting settled in…now go unplug and enjoy life a little, will ya’! Do something nice with your woman…or naughty…or, better yet, Both! ;D


  7. Man alive, you’re offline for a week and then I check my emails & 3 of your favourite people are emailing me selling me something.

    I have James Arther Ray asking me to “Check this out”

    Hello Subscriber,

    Well we’re coming close to the end of the free video series on Seven Factors for a Fulfilling Life. I trust you’re using and applying them.

    Take a moment and watch session number #6 on the importance of a high-powered group of people around you. This single factor has impacted my life in profound ways.

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    Then I have David Schirmer with “The 5 Word Success Plan”

    This email says:

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    If you are not getting the results in your life that you desire then you don’t know or do the practical steps to getting rich. Wallace D Wattles said that EVERY person who follows the formula of the Science of Getting Rich MUST get rich. Sometimes we don’t know; sometime we know and don’t do; and sometimes we stop doing what we know … and they all give the same result!

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    Pretty simple!! So simple most will not do it.

    If you want a more detailed description go to my blog:

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    Have an awesome week.

    And then I have Joe Vitale who loves me so much he’s emailed me twice – once to “Attract a new car – for $19”, and then “What’s in your driveway”

    The main email is quite funny – I’ll bold the bit that’s amusing me for ease of reading. Guess Joe doesn’t think so much of David S’ magical genie find-me-a-parking-space powers…

    For the last five years I’ve been offering a complete downloadable course on how to attract a new car — a course that reveals how to attract *anything* you want by using a new car as an example. I and hundreds of others have used the course to attract everything from exotics to boats to motorcycles to houses to cash. After selling the course for $97 for the last five years, I’ve decided to lower it dramatically– for a short time — so you can get it today for only $19.95. This is my way of helping you when times appear to be rocky and you need a break. This is an incredible price cut – and I won’t leave it that way forever. Some people learn the kindergarten level basics of manifesting and use it to attract a parking place. That’s nice, but wouldn’t you rather manifest an actual car to park in the parking place? Once you learn how to attract something concrete — like a new car — what else will you want to manifest? Think about it. When you are ready to learn the practical steps behind the Law of Attraction, go see — (You’ll see the lower price when you hit the order button.) Love, joe
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    Anyway, I know, not completely relevant to this post. Although as we’re talking about d-bags and promising one thing while doing another, I feel I can be excused. My magic unicorn says so.

    *pokes tongue out*

    1. @Nikki,

      “After selling the course for $97 for the last five years, I’ve decided to lower it dramatically– for a short time — so you can get it today for only $19.95.”

      He uses visionboreds….the noob…visionprops(TM) combined with futurereal(TM) is the only way to make things happen at 1000 times fold the speed….besides which….at 19.95…i’d expect a graty as well….


      1. @_cartman_,

        Martini, Bikini!

        I f’en love that commercial lol

        I actually turn that up, makes me lol all over the damn place.


  8. OMG I have powerful universal mine abilities…..less then four hours making a universal mine request….and boom…back on a high salt diet….

    I will use my power for good only (with great power, comes great responsibility)…The Pope has asked me to come to the Vatican to bring about world piece (hang on…my homophone is ringing)….while this hasn’t actually” happened yet it’s part of the futurereal(tm) program… My Puzz 3d of saint peter’s basilica & my Pope Bobblehead (visionprops(tm)) will make it happen at a rate 1000 times fold faster then visionboreds alone…thank you universal! Nice job on the speed, your fiber optic network rocks.

    Welcome back Salty….sorry for making the universal mine pull you back…

    As far as Ripoff reports “Corporate Advocacy Program”, I would think that their “investigative” claim of Bacak being a “safe business service, businesses can trust”, would allow anyone defrauded by Bacak, to successfully adjoin “ripoff report” as co-defendant in a civil action.

    Anyways…welcome back…and speaking about being “gone”

    tap…tap….excuse me tiga…this silent stocking is fucking SUPER HOT……I think of your past posts and all the big brain fun we shared….and it…well…it just drives me WILD….I guess that’s why I am so attracted to aliens (people not from planet dirt)….those big black eyes…those huge heads…that grayish skin….and that emaciated physique (without the distended belly)…..and that hi eye-Q…..and I just explode…Remember babe…i’m sumo cum loudly….keep on stocking!! (gotta run….the homophone is ringing off the hook…not to mention I want to seed my Chia Obama….these times are truly magical)

    1. With the new FTC rules, doesn’t Magedson have to disclose that he received payment in exchange for the “reviews” that he posts on his site?

  9. Are there any ethical people out there anymore? I have heard of this before, but did not believe it. Now I’m thinking that it is a very real possibility that the owner of Ripoff report takes bribes and is an extortionist. He deleted several of my posts about companies that are not related to any of the ones on this blog. One of the companies was the realty company that rented to us. After 3 weeks, my post had a rebuttal of complete horse shite and then after another week it was all completely removed.

  10. If you got your health… then fuck ’em my friends =0> the most precious thing you own is your time on earth and don’t you let the bastards waste it!!!

    Salts… fa to have you back and screw this sucka! =0>

    1. @Stealth Stinger, HUMMMMMMMMM!!! All my message got jumbled then!?!?!?!?!? At the end I said FAB to have you back… and also… I meant for … you… our very own saltstress =0> to go and screw this turd!!! infact don’t go screw him… ewwwww! =0> but go get him you superstar!!!

    1. @Shawn, it would go something like:

      “After an intensive investigation into the activities of Ron Jeremy’s smaller dicked cousin, we have come to the conclusion that despite the $50,000 we received from him, he’s still a fuckwit”

  11. Dearest Ed Magedson ::

    Please welcome me to the first page of your Google results! How does it feel bitch?

    And here’s the snippet the GoogleBot created …

    “Whatever :: I’m back! Shut up and do everything I tell you. Speaking of finger food pig fuckers :: Ed Magedson.”

    … who could resist clicking on that choice bit of nonsense?

    1. @SD,

      Google’s snippet captures the purest essence of the Salty Droid. It’s like a fuck-you haiku for ol’ Mr. Ed ;-)

  12. Kaplan University are ripoffs they have my loans for out of pocket.But will not give it too meall they do is lie to me help me.

  13. Ed didn’t start out with this model, it was something that developed as the result of his being sued repeatedly. He decided to adopt a business model that effectively allowed him to by-pass the legal system, which he saw as a mere extortion model.

    I don’t agree with Ed’s model, but it is similar to the BBB model.

    It also points to another problem, sites like the salty droid have no clear business model and while the traffic is nice, many of these sites will either be abandoned, turn into echo chambers, or be sold to the very scammers that were targeted in the first place.

    It will be interesting to see how this site develops over time.

    1. @michael webster ::

      1. Does the BBB do this?

      “Rip-off Report has confirmed that Matt Bacak takes customer support seriously.”

      “Similar” counts for shit. Things which cannot be defended should not be compared to things that can.

      2. “sites like the salty droid have no clear business model”

      You don’t consider philanthropy and activism a tested model? I guess we got Civil Rights because of Ford and Johnson & Johnson?

      3. “many of these sites will … be sold to the very scammers that were targeted in the first place.”

      OMG please! I don’t know what other “sites like this” you’re talking about … but this site will fall into the hands of the scammers over my dead fucking body … literally. And in fact … not even that.

      1. @SD,

        1. The US got civil rights because of dedicated harworking black church leaders and members, who regularly tithed themselves. Pretty sure a blog would not have cut it.

        2. Philanthropy is a business model – but I only see people here donating their time and not money. That isn’t a business model. Activism is not a business model.

        3. I have doubts that there are many deep pocket individuals that see this blog as a charity, but you could prove me wrong by highlighting your status as a registered charity.

        4. Don’t misunderstand, I think that these types of blogs are interesting, useful to law enforcement, but they have a shelf life because once popular they are forced to spend money defending specious lawsuits. I have just seen these movie before, especially when MLM was sucking in what is now the IM market.

        1. @michael webster ::

          1. “tithing” = not a business model. And that’s an unacceptable simplification anyway. The important thing provided by the churches … and the many many other organizations and groups involved … was leadership :: truth :: information :: community :: and moral support. Not money. And without a doubt … one of the key factors in the victory was charismatic leaders who kept people focused on non-violence … and working within the existing rules to effectuate a change that everyone knew needed to happen.

          And I’m pretty sure :: you condescending prick :: that while blogs may not have “cut it” … they would have shaved fucking YEARS off the fight. They would have kept some people alive who died viciously and horribly … some people who would still be alive today … and who would have been important in the happiness of tens or thousands of other people.

          But I guess you consider the Internet less a revolution … and more a series of tubes.

          2. “but I only see people here donating their time and not money”

          It’s my money asshole. This whole thing … with all of its huge inherent risks … all funded with my money … and my time … pretty fucking sure that’s philanthropy.

          3. I didn’t say it was a charity … people with deep pockets can keep their hands shoved in them.

          4. I’ve baited the worst of the worst for 24 months … and I’ve been “popular” for much of that time. So what’s the fucking hold up?

          a) this site doesn’t have a “business model” … it’s not a business … it’s 100% pure speech about a matter of great public concern. All of the various balancing tests in cases involving speech account for the character of the speech. So in this case … Marketing/Commercial Speech vs. Activist Speech. Good luck getting that case past the motions … and maybe a SLAPP as well! Smack!

          b) if you sue the robot … the suit becomes a key element in the fake robot story {a widely read story}. It’s not like suing fat disrespectable fucktard Ed Magedson … a side story that people on RipOff Report never hear … and wouldn’t care about. 100% of the weight of this site would suddenly be totally focused on the David v. Goliath legal battle … and I put on a suit and start fuckin’ people up. Let’s go right now! Who wants to be deposed on the record by Jason after four cups of coffee? Raise your guilty hands!

          My “model” might not be a “business model” … but much thought has gone into its structure. I seriously don’t appreciate your attempt to marginalize me using the same washed out “he’s nothing new” bullshit arguments that these fucking hucksters use to try and diminish and dismiss the impact and importance of this project.

          1. @SD, Beautifully and insightfully said.

            I’d add that “the guilty” also need to know that SD is NOT simply one person standing alone.

            Certainly, he’s sufficiently “badass” that anyone would be an absolute fool to egg him on directly.

            However, there is a HUGE number of active supporters in his corner (far more than would ever be in any antagonist’s), and that chorus will rally in a heartbeat if someone should be foolish enough to push the “exacerbate” button.

          2. @SD, Relax take a deep breath and relax.

            1. Tithing is a business model, but not yours.

            2. I entirely disagree with you about the importance of blogs in any serious fight with a meaningful enemy. The current crop of IM marketers are simply following in the steps of the Amway distributors, 30 years ago. I would encourage you to review that legislative history.(Nice reference to “tubes”, I liked it.)

            3. You appear to have misunderstood my intent. Your efforts have been heroic, and I do not intend to marginalize the information that you have uncovered – and presented in exactly the right way.

            4. The typical shelf life for such a blog as yours is about 3-4 years, because there is no associated viable business model. The one I had for depended upon more traffic, and ironically those involved in bizops didn’t make the transition to IM marketing fraud. But, the basic idea was to make fraudsters pay heavily for their marketing – encouraging everyone to click and report on what appeared to be bizop fraud ads – and slow their growth done. You have the traffic here and you could do that – might be a violation of the Google TOS.

            5. Finally, relax, just breath. I wouldn’t be here if I was only trying marginalize your efforts.

            1. @michael webster ::

              I am relaxed cheech. I bite back … never noticed?

              “typical shelf life for such a blog as yours is about 3-4 years”

              Yeah? Name one. And look at my stats first … and keep in mind that I’ve never paid for a single click. And search for Frank Kern … or search for anyone else on this blog followed by the word “scam”. Where are these “such as mine” blogs?

              The Internet completely transforms itself every two years … there is no “typical”. But I guess if you want to leave comments about the general viability of “blogging” as a social trend you could drop in over at Copyblogger. This blog isn’t about blogging.

              It’s like you walked into a market in Afghanistan … three Marines just died taking it … and you flip over a soapbox and say over a megaphone :: “Don’t support the Americans by using this market … they’ll be gone in a few years and then the Taliban will cut your heads off.”

              Even if it’s true … it’s a fucked up thing to say. If that’s the kind of “support” I can expect from you … then I’ll take a pass.

              And I have read your stuff … it’s good and I learned muchly from it.

  14. @SD who writes:

    “It’s like you walked into a market in Afghanistan … three Marines just died taking it … and you flip over a soapbox and say over a megaphone :: “Don’t support the Americans by using this market … they’ll be gone in a few years and then the Taliban will cut your heads off.”

    Even if it’s true … it’s a fucked up thing to say. If that’s the kind of “support” I can expect from you … then I’ll take a pass.

    And I have read your stuff … it’s good and I learned muchly from it.”

    1. Thank-you for the compliment about the material at I believe that the study of relatively simple telemarketing and bizop frauds can tell us much about more difficult topics such as financial regulation.

    2. The other blogs I was referring to were either about MLM scams, bizop or franchise fraud. If you look at this now very outdated list,, only quatloos has survived. (I think that IM is the natural successor to MLM.

    3. But it is true that your blog on IM fraud is clearly very popular. What I would encourage is to think now how you will get compensated for your investigative work. Otherwise, in a fit of desperation, some version of the Ripoff Report model will seem attractive. This is not slagging you, you get the benefit of my 11 years in this channel, and over 35 in decision theory proper.

    Keep up the hilarious knockdowns, you are making a difference.

    1. @Doug ::

      Yeah I knows :: facts are for the best …

      I’m sure Ed had nothing to do with this being written …

      And then I’m also sure that Ed had nothing to do with it get reconbobulated here …

      and here …

      … and in various other shadow web locations.

      Ed’s just an innocent hero to fat fucking slobs everywhere.

      I wonder if a smart lawyer could argue that the SEO manipulation of another’s false statements constitutes an actionable re-publishing not protected by the “someone else wrote it” excuse. {not referring to myself of course :: cause I couldn’t give less a shit}

      1. @SD,

        So far you’ve given three assumptions (I asked for facts) and managed to use recombobulated incorrectly.

        Are you going to give me something concrete or just your opinion?

            1. @Doug ::

              I don’t make things up @Doug :: that’s what happens on Ripoff Report … so why don’t you just tells us and then we’ll know.

              Although now that it looks to be not Google doing what Google should have done years ago :: I really don’t fucking care that much.

  15. Yo :: I was just looking for those links to “Jason is a Cult” … and I noticed that they aren’t ranking in Google anymore.

    Then I searched for “ripoff report” :: and RipOff Report doesn’t rank for that either.

    Am I missing something … or have they been de-indexed?

      1. It’s about time Google put that parasite out to pasture. Looks like Ed’s income is gonna go waaay down…

      1. @Doug, There’s no shame in positive wishful thinking for an outcome that would actually benefit humanity.

        What are the odds that a post made on the Ripoff Report website demonizing Ed Majerkson would last more than 24 hours?

        I’m guessing he’d just hit the advocacy/delete key.

        1. @Joe,

          How do you know unless you try?

          The site is for people who feel they’ve been ripped off. Did Ed Magedson rip you off or are you just here to gang up on a guy you don’t know?

          1. @Doug, it’s also for scammers to pay off Ed Madgieson to get a “all super clean now highly recommended by Ed” seal of approval. Just feckin’ google it dude.

  16. So, “Doug,” if you can’t believe what you read on the internet, maybe you can believe what you read in official police records, court records, etc.

    Nice police mugshot of Eddie on this page:

    Oh, and look, could these documents provide insight into his “character”:

    Wonder if Eddie has paid that $27,100,932.00 judgment against him?

    1. @Phillipe,

      I don’t understand your point here.

      And while I’m not a lawyer, I’m fairly certain the laws of the Eastern Caribbean don’t apply in the United States. Could be wrong, though.

      1. @Doug,

        I don’t understand YOUR point here.

        What exactly IS your point here? Devil’s advocate? Most people who come here aren’t pro-devil, so you aren’t likely to convert anyone to the dark side.

        And while I’m not a lawyer, I’m fairly certain the laws of the state of Florida DO apply in the state of Florida. Could be wrong, though.

  17. Damn, that’s sad. Is nothing sacred? (etc. etc.)

    But seriously, that is a bit depressing. If you can’t trust self-proclaimed consumer advocates, who can you trust? (I know, I know. Trust should be earned. You can’t ever trust anyone or anything based solely on what they claim to be, especially on the Internet.)

    I briefly stumbled on Rip Off Report sometime over the last year or so. I do remember something about the “Corporate Advocacy Program” but in my skimming I somehow missed the very obvious fact that it boils down to “you pay me, then I’ll tell folks you’re not so bad after all” extortion thing.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

    1. @Wyrd,

      (Amending my previous)
      Yeah, I see why I missed it now. It’s because on the landing page, he talks about the arbitration thing for a couple paragraphs.

      Meanwhile, the guts of the Corporate “Advocacy” (read: extortion) Program is strewn over many pages each of which require you to click to the next page to continue reading. It makes it feel very much like a sleazy sales pitch.

      And… of course… that’s because it is a sleazy sales/extortion pitch.

      So yeah, slime and sleaze, sleaze and slime.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

  18. Thank you!!! Ed Magedson is a fraud! He’s a wicked man who prospers by facilitating the slander of others. His site is filled with pure slander that people should be dealing with on a personal level but instead Ed gives them the “opportunity” to air it out to the whole world and MAKES MONEY DOING SO!!!!!

    1. @Jack, …I would say further supporting evidence for

      “Consumer advocates don’t prop up scamming d-bags in exchange for cashola. That’s a job for cowardly :: rat face :: sell out :: self important :: wind bag fucks like Ed Magedson.”

      Rip Off reports on Salty Droid…

      It is truly astonishing how criminals like Magedson manage still to jump around. The FTC is truly pathetic for not closing his site down.

      A positive is the negative reports appearing on Google search results for Magedson,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=549e1a09b78b4a57&bpcl=38625945&biw=1280&bih=898

      …good mug shots from earlier days.

  19. A Plus Action Leads Tony Hedrick has great leads etc..Anyways another crooked attorney put A Plus Action Leads and Tony Hedrick on the rip-off report even though they paid him and he never gave APlus Or Tony Hedrick a dime..He was acting like he needed help for all kinds of financial things such as debt settlement ,mortgage ,tax and list goes on .When people contact him to sell him on program he goes along with pitch and then finds out their address and then serves them with lawsuit for do not call list etc. Mostly trying to settle out of court and quick easy money for him. I paid him $1200 until the lawyer I found named him a Vexatious Litigant. Even though he says his privacy was invaded etc.. These were his only cases and he wants you to call so that every time someone calls he makes anywhere from between $1500 to $6000 more.. I got mad and investigated him etc..and met lots of people who he tried to sue and turned them over to my attorney..Anyways he put me on the Ripoff Report and we never did business together..Top it off the number companies call is listed in lawyer directories as his business number…So anyone can put any business on ripoff report for any reason and it will stay..I contacted ripoff report to get them to take A Plus off there and they said no..BAd enough the crooked attorney makes money on purpose everytime someone calls and then he puts me Tony Hedrick on there and A Plus Action Leads..Ripoff report is a joke …and not fair just like this crooked attorney waiting for phone calls to sue and handles no real cases..A Plus provides great marketing for lots of verticals and it stinks they lose clients because of false reports ..

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