The Crystallization Method



Remember when The Gnome thought he could come at me?

… or when Jeff Walker’s poison head exploded?

… or when Rick Calvert was stricken with some kind of taco related insanity?

… or when Mike Koenigs got all butthurt {cruel pun intended} about that time I embarrassed him in front of his big toothed boyfriend Tony Robbins?

Yeah :: too easy … those were the best of times. But such direct confrontations are a rarity … prolly because people are very intimidated by all the beeping. It’s too bad :: cause when the story tells itself … I don’t have to worry about telling the story. Working hard sucks :: as Tim Ferriss taught me at evil asshole bible camp.

It almost seemed like even insane clown person Crystal Cox was going to avoid directly agitating the fake robot :: she was all sending me recipes and emails and stuff like we were besties … this after I’d given her a solid clobbering for being such a fucking nitwit halfwit fucktard.

Will you please consider writing an article, or filing an Amicus Brief in Support of the First Amendment Rights, Shield Law Rights, Retraction Law Rights, Anti-Slap Law Rights of all Bloggers.

My Case Obsidian Finance Group LLC v. Crystal Cox will affect all non-traditional media and is going to set a massive precedence. Please do what you can to protect the rights of all New Media.

Says she :: to me … but I thought I’d already done what I could to protect the precedent and/or precedence by telling Crystal L. Cox to fuck the fuck off.

Thanks Jason, your Wrong on all account and have not done your homework what so ever. I am the real deal.

… “your [sic] Wrong [sic] on all account [sic]”

But she eventually came back to her unsenses :: and named me {a fictional character} to a “lawsuit” … claiming that unreadable gibberish had blah blah a trillion dollars.

So that was funny.

Somehow the patents of this douchenstein Eliot Bernstein are involved in the gibberish :: yet Eliot wanted to be besties with me too. I guess he didn’t like my last article though :: because he responded by sending me the text of Proverbs Chapter 28 … allegedly the most sinister of all the Proverbs. I thought he could do better than a plagiarized retort :: so he tried …

You are however a “big man” in your own head, the real deal of self-professed idiot.  However, I have changed the world for the better for our children and all the people and you have done very little other than write about men like me, which in compares makes you tiny with a big mouth and please the envy is killing me.  I will not give you more food for otters on your blog by responding to your crap that you can then carefully craft and twist to your crowd of few likeminded imbeciles, bedfellows who seem a gay ole lot of criminals with Legal Degrees and bad manners that follow your every word like a dog sniffing ass.

He didn’t want to feed my otters :: but he did … for our children.


The Reverend Crystal Cox responded as well :: this time in her standard spazzy SEO style … better {more than a year} late than never I suppose.

Jason Jones CLAIMS he is represented by Co-Defendant Marc Randazza. Jason Jones, Salty Droid Claims Eliot Bernstein is SUING him, yet I, Crystal Cox am SUING him, named him in a 100 Billion Dollar RICO / Racketeering Complaint of Which Eliot Bernstein is NOT Named.

She’s the one :: not Bernstein … she’s the one.

Yet for some reason Jason Jones, SaltyDroid seems to think Eliot Bernstein is suing him. And Jason Jones, SaltyDroid is an attorney??

Yeah :: you said that already dumb dumb.

Yet Jason Jones, SaltyDroid, on his blog claim Eliot Bernstein SUED him, NOT True. And Jason Jones, SaltyDroid claims that he is need of a free speech attorney, why? This case is way bigger then that.

Poor encephalitic parrot is confused :: actually what I said was …

So I guess I haven’t been sued :: I’ve just been kinda … drooled on while riding the bus.

Yet Jason Jones SaltyDroid claims that Eliot Bernstein was the drooler :: when clearly I Crystal Cox … am frothing with the DROOL.

I don’t need no hotshot attorney like Marc Randazza for my DROOL work Cox :: I farm it all out to Pre-Paid Legal.


Another post explains how it is actually I SaltyDroid Esq Jason Jones who is guilty of extortion :: not she … Love and Light Investigative SEO consultant Reverend Crystal L. Cox.

Odd, Jason Jones acts as if he is AGAINST Extortion Tactics. Yet SaltyDroid, Jason Jones pressured me to STOP my Ninth Circuit appeal and threatened if I did not that he would further pressure me and resort to “other options”

But she stayed firm :: and clear headed … like the heroin of the story.

I did go to the Ninth Circuit, I did NOT buckle under his threats and he followed through with his threats in a defamatory blog posts, online hate campaigns and conspiracy to harm me, defame me, harass and threaten me, Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox.

Yep :: she did go to the Ninth … so big round of fake fucking applause to all the people who made that bullshit possible.

Jason Jones INSERTED himself into my CASE, pressured me, as he admits in emails and made my life, my case his TARGET and personal agenda.

Au contraire mon ami graisse!

Accuse me of extortion :: fine. Accuse me of death threats :: whatever. But I will not suffer the ridiculous accusation that I :: Salty Droid Jason Jones … would TARGET an irrelevant waste of fucking space like Crystal L. Cox … 5th rate scammer at best. I have a reputation to maintain madame.

Sorry to disappoint your delusions of grandeur CoxPorn :: but my posts about you are directed at the media {who fucked it all up hard} … and the lawyers {who fucked it all up even harder}. Their typically negligent actions created a monster out of what was :: essentially … a booger smeared on Kevin Padrick’s fancy slacks.


You had your chance to start a flame war with me in 2011 :: but you were too much of a coward. If you wanna start one with me now because everyone else is done giving a rat’s ass about you :: then that’s fine with me … let’s fucking do it!

Put up a bunch of stupid ass websites and super lame videos. Concoct a load of non-sensical lies about me. Pretend like you know how to sue me. Do your worstest dumpy :: see if you can harm my rock solid reputation as a fake robot who makes the badguys whine … by fucking whining.

I’d really rather focus on moving up the food chain this year :: but if you want to see what being my TARGET feels like … then I think I can oblige. Extortion is one of the categories of online speech in serious need of a chilling effect. You’re not exactly the best example of it {whAt with your inAnity And All} :: but close enough … Ed Magedson will thank you.

Anywayz :: can I possibly be expected to resist super-slow pitch softballs from some beastly bozo who belongs in jail?

… it is Time to Think of Me.

Raving Crystal Cox

>> bleep bloop

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    1. @CrystalsTumblingCox, Crusin on me ..

      Monica Foster interview with Bafoon Bernstein

  1. I Love This Site!!!!! I have learned more important info about scammy-scummy-unscrupulous axholes, than any combination of other sites online. This is not only educational, but is a great addition to traditional entertainment. The responses from viewers and the people (who screwed up immensely enough to show up on SD’s radar), are priceless. SD… You Are Da Bot!

  2. She’s always reminded me of this quirky character:

    Similar style, roughly equal on the nuttiness scale.

  3. I am guessing that no fewer than 3 of Cox’s pockets are filled with cooked oatmeal at any given time. Sorry – oAtmEal.

  4. Oh I dunno, Salty. Are you sure you can take on Herbalife *and* Cox at the same time?

    Ok, so that’s a silly question. But the whole thing is so silly I can’t bring myself to think about it seriously.

    I’m gonna go sniff some butts…

    and pop some tags


    1. @realestateguru, Just FYI, you don’t have to give me magazines to tell my Gender. I have DDD breasts and a 10 inch Cock. So I am kind of both, a HERMAPHRODITE. a Bat Shit Crazy, Tinfoil Hat wearing HERMAPHRODITE.

        1. @John smith, Hey Remember Sean Boushie when you asked me out, 20 years ago at the Ranger Station we both worked at. And I turned you down. Oh and remember your pervert father came to me and my lesbian lovers house every single day and HIT on us?You know you jack off to photos of me and my whistleblower EVERY single day, admit it. ~ sincerely Bat Shit Crazy Crystal Cox – Crime Fighter
          {link removed}
          oh and nice Boob Photo, did you have to “clean up” from jacking off to it Sean Boushie. Grow a set and use your real name.

          1. @Crazy Crystal Cox – Bat Shit Plaintiff Exposing Evil,

            Yep, just confirms what a delusional fucked up world your schitzo mind is in. You make up your own delusions of grandeur. You know where I will be next week, why dont you come by, no just a fat low life koward.. thought so. Maybe ill drop by and tell your sicko mamma what I think of you, pick up that 4 wheeler they are looking to take too you fat ugly ftard. Do they have a big moat around your slummy apartment that social services has you in, just like your old place? Grow a pair, come get me koward!

    1. @John smith, Hey Where did the Tits Go. Now what will I jack off to.

    1. @SD, Is it “Obsession” or is it an Amazing, Keen, Super Power sense of JUSTICE, fighting for the Victims of Corruption that have no Voice? I like to think of myself as a Comedian, an Ant-Corruption Blogger, a Lesbian Avenger, a Super Hero, a One woman barrage as the New York Times Calls me, the unhinged blogger as Forbes Calls me, Bat Shit Crazy Captain Crystal Cox, a Wiccan Priestess, a Seer, a Druid, a Wizard .. oh and some call me Crystal Cox with Balls of Steel, (the Cocks is implied.

      Oh and a FUCK I do Give. I give a fuck for the VICTIMS of Corruption and the victims of guys like you and your circle jerk buddy, the Riddler aKa Marc Randazza.

      So Salty Dick, On your Knees there is a Crystal Cock with balls of steel cumming at ya. You don’t want to be a COX blocker now do ya?

      P.S. you may want to brush up on the US criminal code, rules of procedure, and well the LAW in general, cuz we gunna DANCE Fucktard.

      oh shit that song is now in my head. .. can I have this dance, for the rest of my life.. you’d be my partner every night.. you know the one. oh nevermind this yapping is cuttin’ into my CRAZY time, not to mention I have bat shit soup on the stove that is threatening to boil over. Must go throw in some eye of newt and a salty droid dick.

  5. In the photos of Crystal Cox the left or right arm is always up towards the camera i.e. self photos.

    No friends. Not surprising.

    I do hope she get’s put away: either in prison, or in an asylum, but most importantly somewhere without an internet connection.

    I can’t think that people want to hear anything more about her; most people would probably have been happier to have never heard about her at all i.e. to have been be in ignorance of such… words fail me.

    She thrives on the oxygen of publicity. She needs to be deprived of it for her own health, and for the peace of mind of others.

    1. @Random stuff, Hey Random stuff, would you be my friend so I can stop this obsession with my left or right arm always up toward the camera. You can take a picture of me from your knees and get both my arms in it. Then SURPRISE I will have a friend. (clap clap butterfly)

      I hope for prison too, A dominant sassy lesbian, I will certainly get laid more then I do now. Oh the asylum, mmmm hot bitches in there are even easier.

      Never did asylum pussy before. Shit.. now I can’t stop thinking about asylum pussy and must go jack off my Crystal Cock and rattle my balls of steel.

      Please Deprive me of publicity, if you ignore me, well certainly then the entire legal world discussing my case will just go MUTE, with all your super powers and all. See even when I am in the pussy asylum and then off to the orgy in prison, those law professors, blogs, and scholars will be discussing my case. So SORRY to burst you big dumb bubble but the story won’t go away. I am the well hated, well loved Super Duper Free Speech Messiah you have been waiting for my child. NOW on your knees so I can purify your soul orally.

      1. @Crazy Crystal Cox – Bat Shit Plaintiff Exposing Evil,

        I think I understand.

        In particular…

        “In low dosages, methamphetamine can increase alertness, concentration, and energy in fatigued individuals. In higher doses, it can induce mania with accompanying euphoria, feelings of self-esteem and increased libido.”

        Whether or not Crystal Cox takes Crystal Meth – the signs I think are there.

    1. @Plaintiff Crystal L. Cox ::


      Have I been served Beavis?

      Has a summons been issued in this case?

      Have I been dodging normal personal service?

      Have you received special dispensation from the court to substitute electronic service of process?

      Have you properly notified me of the date by which the court expects my reply?

      Let me help you with the answers …

      No :: no :: no :: no … and no.

      You can’t even do the easiest part correctly … fucking idiot.

      1. Looks to me like–in the colloquial / South Park sense, non-legal sense

        Plaintiff Crystal L. Cox just got served.

      2. @SD, Keep on thinking that Dickhead, meanwhile every comment you make admits that you know about the lawsuit and don’t have the BALLS to enter the Case. Randazza never served me, I heard about the lawsuit and stepped up to the plate. You are a whiny coward. No worries SaltyDick you will be served OVER AND OVER again. And you will love it. The TRUTH will set you Free. You have defamed me flat out. You cannot clam absolute Truth, you cannot use Times v. Sullivan or Gertz. You have no defense in re-posting false and defamatory statements. They are all in PDF and ready to be served to YOU. So kneel peasant, and take it like a man.

          1. @SD, Hey legal Genius if you know the Law then you know you are aware of a lawsuit filed against you. Why don’t you enter the case. Your waiting for the Marshall. Grow a Set Droidy Dude.. come play with the big BOYS on the Docket… bock bock bock bock..

            1. @Crystal Cox,

              In the Real World, when a person or party gets sued, and they get for-real served with actual papers, an actual court date has already been set. And if the person doesn’t show up at the time stated on the docket, then the judge could choose to find the person or party in contempt and/or a summary and/or default judgement could be entered against the person or party in favor of the plaintiff.

              What I’m getting at is: if you had for-real filed legal documents and had a for-real court date in the Real World then… you wouldn’t have to wander around calling Salty Droid or Marc Randazza “chicken”. There’d be no need in trying to goad them into confronting you. The court date would arrive and either the defendants would show up and defend or else you’d be likely to win by default.

  6. Does posting that on a website count as being “served” from the court’s point of view? I was under the impression that the documents still had to be hand delivered and a signature obtained. Or maybe she did that first.

    (this has already been mentioned but) the length of the list of entities she is suing seems crazy to me. Really. Her document would look all scary if it weren’t so laundry-list-esque. Where’s the kitchen sink?

  7. Well, I managed to read alost to page 15 now (of 186), although about 6-8 of those pages are just listing people she is suing so really more like 10 pages or so that I actually read, and my head has not exploded yet. Despite her use of “precedence” instead of “precedent”, which I find does make veins throb allarmingly in my head. Oh and her referring to herself each and every time by her full title and name (self-appointed title you understand, of investigative etc…it’s irritating as all hell).

    I conclude from this that either I am becoming resilient to the Chtuluhness of her language (which frankly, scares me!!) or that she tries especially hard to make sense when she makes lawsuit papers. That’s right Lawsuit papers. Making them. Like alchemy.
    Anyway it’s kinda entertaining.

    So far nothing about salty yet, (on page 14-15) but boy, oh boy, does Marc show himself to be deeply, deeply involved in all sorts of subterfuge and EVIL according to Cox. Marc is of Sicilian descent (I know cause I’ve been reading his blog for a few years) so I am just wondering when she will try to sue I don’t know…maybe the whole of Sicily. Mafia-land and all that you know.

    Anyway, as I have run out of Judge Judy to watch I am gonna read a couple more pages of it.

    1. @G., Oh sorry, I forgot to say that the jist of her suit, so far as I (or anyone, including Chthuluh himself) can “understand it” is this:

      She had a suit with Obsidian Finance Group, which, as far as I know she lost, to the tune of 2.5 million $ if I understood this so far. So she tried to appeal to the Ninth Circuit (of Hell? I don’t know, I don’t live in the US and am not a lawyer, but I feel it could be hell).

      But this is where the foul, foul Marc Randazza comes in, and fuelled by his porn industry big-spenders and many lines of cocaine, probably wielding a loaded gun too (I am just imagining it like that Cox doesn’t say this, but you know, I figure Marc doesn’t mind too much if I say I think it this way. Hell let’s put a cowboy had on him too) he decides to try to “broker a deal” without Cox’s knowledge of it, seemingly (it is not said, just hinted at) to probably let Cox not have to pay $2.5 million she does not have, which would seem like a nice thing for Marc to be doing, but no, no, you fools, it is all to stop her appeal you see.

      Because if she DID appeal and if she DID win, then she would not be “censored” by the courts anymore and this would vindicate her free speech right and also all the right of all the porn industry people that are so worried about the ruling against Cox.

      Wait what?

      So the very same big porn industry she accuses of trying to stop her would be helped (in her fevered mind) by her actually winning the appeal, so they…uh…enlist Marc Randazza to stop her…so that their own rights of free speech can also be curtailed (always according to Cox, as far as you know anyone can understand it.)

      So yeah.
      Like I said, I’m out of Judge Judy. This shit is entertaining.

    1. @G.,

      Ah…well.. I made it to page 30…sort of…I mean I kinda skipped some parts. Also, I am cutting myself now….and smearing the walls with alchemical legal papers in red juice!

      It’s more like 5D10 dmg to SAN…

  8. Jason Jones claims to have a “good reputation” yet he ruins lives, and has no accountability.

    1. @Crystal L. Cox ::

      I know it’s hard to write in complete sentences :: but you should really learn to at least read in them.

      “Do your worstest dumpy :: see if you can harm my rock solid reputation as a fake robot who makes the badguys whine … by fucking whining.”

      So anywayz :: whiner says what?

      PS :: I won’t let you link to your site here … because I don’t accept how you publish people’s IP and tracking info without provocation.

      1. @SD, Hey asshole, you removed part of my comment and then say its not complete. This link is to the video Exposing YOU

      2. @SD, Linking to the page is the information, and you don’t like me posting web stats, oh but your all up for accusing me of a crime I have not been convicted of and defaming me. Your all for threatening a federal defendant but will not allow her to link to a site where she exposes her attackers IP. You are a hypocrite, if you can’t take the heat, shut the fuck up.
        Here is the video EXPOSING this Evil Hypocrite

        1. @Crystal L. Cox ::

          You don’t expose the IP’s of your attackers :: that would be perfectly fine by me … you expose people’s details totally at random. Actual important people from important places read this site :: and I’m protecting them … I’m sure you wouldn’t understand {because no one likes you and you don’t like anyone}.

          Anywayz :: you are welcome to paste the full text of your rants right here … Love and Light.

          1. @SD, No one likes me. OUCH Salty that hurts. Oh and those important people. Are they the ones that have hired YOU to attack and defame me? If so you will have to sue them after I sue you for knowingly posting false and defamatory comments to a third party concerning Plaintiff Super Hero Crystal Cox.

            1. Oh that hurts, ouch. Are you sure about that little man. You are hired. You are PAID to attack people, the way I see it. Paid to defame, and paid to attack and discredit your mark.

              1. @Crystal L. Cox ::

                Are you sure someone isn’t paying you to destroy Crystal L. Cox? Because that’s who I see doing most of the damage.

  9. In my OPINION, it is a felony to threaten a federal defendant, tell her how YOU want her to act in a legal action that has NOTHING to do with you, and that if you don’t do as Jason Jones says then he will find a way to put himself into your case, your life. And then the Defendant, me, Crystal Cox proceeds on my appeal. And Jason Jones proceeds on acting on his threat. That is the definition of extortion right? Telling someone they better do as you say or you will punish them. And then they don’t do as you say and you defame them, incite, hate, attack the online, lie about them and put them under extreme duress. I believe that is Criminal. We shall see, as I finalize my criminal complaints in this matter. Here are the Jason Jones emails to me after my Trial.

    1. @Crystal L. Cox ::

      Your OPINIONS are based on dirt :: and field corn.

      What will you do with your finalized “criminal complaints” … file them with the Pope? Post them to six blogger accounts? Paste them into your DiarY OF Missedd DreaMs?

      Somebody’s a criminal though … so we shall see indeed.

      1. @SD, Remove my links showing your alleged criminal emails and then rant about a partial story. You are so full of SHIT.

      2. @SD, So Yes Droidle, we shall see what Criminal Element constitute a violation of law. You threatening a federal defendant or you re-stating a false and defamatory statement made by Forbes against me and calling it extortion proof. Let’s go Fucknut, file your complaints, file your answer to my RICO and your countersuit against me and GROW A SET.

    2. Salty Droid Jason Jones, threatens and intimidates a federal defendant and tells her what she better do to LIVE ANOTHER DAY;

      “live to fight another day”

      “I’m going to be inserting myself into this situation one way or another … negotiating peace by pressuring both parties would be my first choice … but there are other choices.”

      “From: saltydroid
      Sent: Friday, December 9, 2011 4:28 PM
      Subject: Complaint

      Crystal ::

      Can I see the complaint in the case please?

      Also :: can you give me the elevator pitch for what the bad actions of Obsidian and Kevin Padrick have been? Off the record.

      Did you try to get some pro bono help before you filed your response?

      :: >>
      SaltyDroid ”

      “From: saltydroid
      To: Crystal L. Cox
      Sent: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 1:57 AM
      Subject: Re: Complaint

      i guess you forgot about me. it’s strange … people so rarely do.

      On Fri, Dec 9, 2011 at 9:53 PM, Crystal L. Cox wrote:
      No I did not try to get pro bono, it all happened fast and at a bad time.

      I will forward you documents tomorrow, if i forget please email me, so much is going on..

      I am starting a new blog to focus for folks who just learn it..

      thank you for emailing me. .. i appreciate you..
      Crystal L. Cox
      Broker Owner

      Search Engine Reputation Manager
      Investigative Blogger
      Good Life International Distributor

      Peace and Love to You !!!”

      From: saltydroid
      To: Crystal L. Cox
      Sent: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 2:24 PM
      Subject: Re: Complaint


      I wonder … if things are bad for you right now … then why are you escalating and compounding your attacks? I don’t fancy that’s a very good idea.

      Before I was an “investigative blogger” as you say, I was a lawyer. I think it is quite shocking that the court didn’t apply the New York Times v. Sullivan standard in your case. It freaked me out when I first saw it … but once I looked at the details I understood.

      Crystal I think there’s a very, very, good chance this will end with you going to jail. Having “Reputation Manager” and “Investigative Blogger” both in your signature line kinda tells the whole story. Those two jobs are opposites … doing them both is hell-a like extortion. Add that to the fact that you’re attacking members of the bar … a court appointed member of the bar no less … and the fact that your case got all this press that didn’t tell the whole story and made the court system look silly … things are prolly much worse for you right now than you think. You’re going to force them {the government} to do something {the only way they ever do anything is when they’re forced}.

      You should stop not helping yourself as soon as possible.

      Any chance you’d want to negotiate the end of this fiasco? You take down all your sites about Kevin and Obsidian and walk away into the sunset … live to fight another day. Then they turn around and walk away as well without pressing the judgement or giving you any further issues … avoiding establishing such a horrible precedent for free speech. I don’t know if they’d do that but if you offered and they refused they’d look unreasonable.

      I’m going to be inserting myself into this situation one way or another … negotiating peace by pressuring both parties would be my first choice … but there are other choices.


      On Tue, Dec 13, 2011 at 9:06 AM, Crystal L. Cox wrote:
      i have been evicted, its 10 degrees and the main media is trying to set me up for a crime
      life is pretty hard right now..

      Crystal L. Cox
      Broker Owner

      Search Engine Reputation Manager
      Investigative Blogger
      Good Life International Distributor

      Peace and Love to You !!!””

      ” Those two jobs are opposites .”

      Jason Jones is clueless on Internet Marketing. Investigative Blogging and reporting is the EXACT same Skill Set as SEO. Not the Opposite. And there is no reason to “jail” me. However there is reason to investigative SaltyDroid, Jason Jones, as you see here, threatened to force me from my case.

      He threatened, that I deal with MY Case, his way, and “live another day”. He was NO part of my case, he simply interjected into my life, pressured and harassed me as his emails to me and blog posts about me, clearly point out.

      It is SaltyDroid, Jason Jones that is hurting Free Speech. I spoke out against corruption and a CORRUPT judge ruled very unreasonable AGAINST me to protect corruption. SaltyDroid, Jason Jones’s advice was not solicited from me, he entrapped me as he asked about my case, as if a Blogger reporting on it, then jumps in and gives me legal “pressure”. Then threatens me, then launches into “other choices”, which sure seems to be joining others to conspire to pressure me to STOP my Ninth Circuit appeal and take a deal that this group of attorneys concocted for their own benefit.

      This is NOT Legal, as far as I see it.”

      1. Sure Looks Like Jason Jones may have been involved in what seems to be the actually definition of Extortion.

        Define Extortion:

        “The practice of obtaining something, esp. money, through force or threats”

        Ya know like saying if you don’t give me that Domain Name I will make you an Enemy, then I don’t give up the Domain and am attacked from all sides for over a year and sued, threatened and defamed such as Marc Randazza has done.

        Or Tonkon Torp Law Firm, WINNING a 2.5 Million Judgement, I don’t remove blog posts and David S. Aman, Tonkon Torp Lawyer sends ONE eMail to Big Media (Forbes, New York Times and More) in order to ACCUSE me of the crime of extortion of which I was not on trial for NOR guilty of. An email that was a response to a Legal Threat and one part of 5 eMails between Opposing Counsel in a 10 Million Dollar Lawsuit.

        OR when an attorney BLOGGER such as SaltyDroid, Jason Jones emails me and tells me if I don’t accept a deal that won’t hurt free speech according to him, so I can “Live to fight another Day”… then he will “pressure” me and if that don’t work, he will use other “options” as in his email to me. I did go to the Ninth Circuit, I did NOT buckle under his threats and he followed through with his threats in a defamatory blog posts, online hate campaigns and conspiracy to harm me, defame me, harass and threaten me, Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox.

        Define Extortion:

        ex·tor·tion [ik-stawr-shuhn]
        1. an act or instance of extorting.

        2. Law. the crime of obtaining money or some other thing of value by the abuse of one’s office or authority.

        3. oppressive or illegal exaction, as of excessive price or interest: the extortions of usurers.

        4. anything extorted.

  10. Jason Jones (SD) says that Co-Defendant Marc Randazza does not represent him, yet Marc Randazza Says

    Marc Randazza said:
    Very proud to represent you, SD. And, welcome to the conspiracy. How will you spend your share of the $13 trillion? -MJR
    at this link

    I don’t believe it is legal for a co-defendant in a RICO lawsuit to represent another Co-Defendant. At the Very Least It must be unethical Right?

  11. This is clearly going to be the most entertaining saga to play out on this site in the few years that I have been reading.

    1. @RT, Touché Fasten Your SeAtbElt RT. The Droid may get sick on this ride. Poor bastard can only play in his own sandbox. To WIMPY to join the docket. That’s ok, I covered up some cat shit in his sandbox, and we shall dance the dance of Cox Droid Love and see if we can make a baby with a bigger dick then Jason Jones.

  12. PROVE to your Circle Jerk Friends that you have some Balls and go ahead and contact the District of Nevada and join the case and then state your fact on the record instead of this trash heap blog of yours. I had the balls to enter the case, defend myself and then file a RICO. I was not served, chased down or forced. I did not hide been the skirt tails of she did not serve me “properly” therefore I am not guilty and refuse to play. .. Come on chicken shit, come on in to the RICO water, it’s just fine. I pissed in it and warmed it up for your sissy ass. JOIN THE CASE or shut the fuck up COWARD.

    You can back up your BULLSHIT in your defense and your counterclaim. You can sue me for my DILDO collection and wizard wands.

    1. @Crystal L. Cox ::

      Actually :: I think I might remember reading some things in some books I’ve read {you should try that sometime when you’re taking a break from running your mouth} … about how federal courts don’t appreciate being involved in people’s stupid little games. So I think I’ll leave that to you.

      Oh :: and :: also … why would I sue someone who is broke … has no education or skills … and already has a multi-million dollar judgement outstanding?

      Go out and make something of yourself kid … then maybe I’ll sues ya.

    2. @Crazy Crystal Cox – Bat Shit Plaintiff Exposing Evil,

      LOL, how funny…. she calls everyone a Koward yet she has no stomach to come out from behind her worthless keyboard.. In real life she is a crying fat puddle of kowardly tears! What a worthless waste od Oxygen that the world would be much better without.

  13. OMG MOMMY Mommy, Crystal COX with balls of steel extorted me. Well ya it was after I threatened her, and tried to force her to stop her appeal and then attacked her for over a year. But still MOMMY please make her stop. .. next we see the DROID throwing a skinny assed hissy fit on his blog and stomping his fit blathering all kinds of lies, false and defamatory statements published to a third party concerning Plaintiff Cox, and they he plays NEENER Neener with his friends calling her all crazy and all kinds of school yard names.. all the while NOT MAN enough to Play on the DOCKET where the real party is.. oh and isn’t the Salty Dog an attorney?? what a Fucktard.. Geez..

    are you going to ban me from this site where you stole all my copyrighted photos .. or what..

  14. Mirror Mirror on the Wall
    who is the Criminal after all?
    Is it the SaltyDogDick Droid Man
    or the Charismatic, Crusader Crystal Cox?

    Please Please
    Mirror on the Wall tell me
    which one of them is the
    Fairest of All.

  15. 2 things from reading the lawsuit pdf for maybe 50 pages that I finally got to learn:

    1. I have so many fond memories of Tonka Trucks from my youth days in the past.
    2. And also from page 30 I know about that all people going about with the name Bob Parsons are immune from legal action.

    1. @Jack, Good One. Your a Dog Sniffin’ Legal Hound. Kudos to you. YaY.. the crowd roars for Jack..

      1. @Crystal L. Cox Setting Free Speech on FIRE, Camel-Leopard. Not did the artist work 40 hours on my portrait to get me to be called a DOG!

    2. @Jack, Hi Jack. I looked at that law-document and I think maybe she left 3 names off of it. I mean if you compare it to the U.S. census. Also, why can’t Daffy Duck be left out of this? To some people, he is a hero.

  16. What’s it going to take Salty? How do I get a crack at your ass with my 10 inch Cock. Mmmmm..

  17. I’ve been waiting for this moment for years: a cyber-moron actually tries to fight back. I’m gonna enjoy this, even though I feel like watching a retarded 7-year old bully try to take down a professional MMA fighter.

  18. Wow, Salty, I can’t turn my back on you kids for five minutes, (or six months), without all hell breaking loose.

    I thought Naomi the Nutter was swimming in the farthest reaches of the cesspool, (gene pool), but now this extortionist, toddler-threatening, delusional, libelous, penis-envying, foul-mouthed, court-clogging, nutjob has appeared in her full blaze of insanity.

    Where DO you find them?!

    1. @Barbara,

      Good to see you, and damn, I can relate. I think I was gone for a day and the number of comments on this post went from something like fourteen comments to eighty-five. I can’t believe how this is unfolding…

      1. She may be evil, but she is certainly nuts.

        Undoubtedly, these comments can only help Salty Droid, but Cox suing everyone under the Sun including ‘The New York Times’ and a couple judges doesn’t hurt either.

        I wonder what the new judge will dp when seeing that list. I’m sure it will include eye rolling, and most likely a quick dismissal.

        My guess is it will also involve laughter.

  19. Whoa:

    Marc J. Randazza

    Ronald D. Green

    Greenberg Traurig Law Firm

    Kenneth P. White

    Brown, White and Newhouse Law Firm

    Kashmir Hill

    Forbes Inc.

    Godaddy Inc.

    Bob Parsons

    Jessica Griffin

    Tonkon Torp Law Firm

    Judge Marco Hernandez

    David S. Aman

    Michael Morgan

    Steven Wilker

    Proskauer Rose Law Firm

    Kenneth Rubenstein

    Allen Fagin

    Greggory Mashberg

    Jennifer DeWolf Paine

    Joseph Lecesse

    Obsidian Finance Group

    David W. Brown

    Kevin D Padrick


    Francis Gurry

    Eric Wilbers

    Peter L. Michaelson

    New York Times

    David Carr

    Philly Law Blog

    Jordan Rushie

    Leo M. Mulvihill

    Jason Jones

    Janine Robben

    Oregon State Bar Bulletin

    Liberty Media Holdings

    John C. Malone

    Corbin Fisher


    Manwin Business Corporation

    NPR New York Public Radio

    Bob Garfield

    Tracy L. Coenen

    Mark Bennett

    Scott H Greenfield

    Carlos Miller

    John Calkins

    Eric Turkewitz

    Turkewitz Law Firm

    Matthew M. Triggs

    Roxanne Grinage


    Sean Boushie

    Royce Engstrom

    University of Montana

    Bernie Cassidy

    Taylor Kai Groenke

    Martin Cain

    Dylan Energy


    Steve Dowling

    Bruce Sewell

    Doug Chey

    Tim Vawter

    Judge Gloria M. Navarro

    Daniel Staton

    Marshall Ross

    Multnomah County Sheriffs Office

    Intel Corp.

    Steven Rodgers

    Douglas Melamed

    Mark Vena

    David Wang


    Bret Sewell

    Edward KWAKWA

    Stephen P. Lamont

    Michael Whiteacre

    Sean Tompkins

    Mulvihill & Rushie LLC

    Free Speech Coalition

    Diana Duke

    AOL Inc.

    Time Warner Cable Inc.

    Time Warner Inc.

    Mobile Streams Inc.

    Motorola Solutions Inc.

    Liberty Capital

    Motorola Mobility Inc.

    Liberty Interactive

    Randazza Legal Group

    Janine Robben

    Janine Robben

    Janine Robben

    Janine Robben

    Janine Robben

    Apple? Apple was involved in the dastardly criminal conspiracy against Crystal Cox?

    Motorola, Intel, Forbes, Multnomah County Sheriffs Office, Judges Marco Hernandez and Judge Gloria M. Navarro, AOL, Time Warner, Free Speech Coalition, Salty Droid, and the University of Maryland — well that just goes without saying, but Apple?

    That floors me.

    1. Correction: University of Montana.

      I am relieved, actually. I just assumed it was University of Maryland. I mean, that is the sort of thing they would do.

  20. Hi Salty, it’s been a while since I’ve visited here. I see that you have an admirer, and she’s a butch lesbian. You’re just so sexy, even the lesbians can’t resist your smooth ways. Could it be that part of the insanity to this she-BEAST is that you’re making her question her sexuality? Are you willing to share your razors and aftershave lotion with her, so she can successfully shave her mammary appendages?

  21. I’d suggest that Crystal Cox might be a libel proof plaintiff at this point, but she might mistake that for a compliment.

    1. @Sean Bouhsie

      “Cox has an extensive history of abusive litigation and has been heard by
      this Court,and several others,repeatedly. Cox has made it abundantly clear that she intends to use the court system for her own purposes but not purposes that it is designed to serve.”

      This excerpt from page five of that report really sums it up nicely. She really has clogged up the legal system with her insane filings. The legal process she should go through next should be involuntary commitment.

      1. @Barbara, Maybe Cox & Jeremy Johnson could go do some endless lawsuit battles in a fake court made just for them.

        1. @Jack,

          Good idea. It could be a reality show on Fox, they could get Judge Dix to preside and call it “Battle of the Cox, Dix, and Johnson Hour”, nothing obscene about that.

  22. I’m amazed. Why is this woman still breathing? Why has she not been forced to take down all those stupid websites (with incoherent psychobabble and daft caps) she bought up with the soul purpose of blackmailing anyone who criticises her. I’m not from the US and don’t understand fully the way the laws work there. Has she paid the millions she’s been rdered to? She is the worst case of extortioner pleading victim ever seen. Is she not bankrupt? If not, why not?

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