Crystal Cox :: iS nOt a BLOgGER

Crystal Cox is Not

Crystal Cox isn’t in the porno business :: allegedly/hopefully :: even though she clearly has a porno name. Crystal PornoName is an “investigative blogger” :: a title that only a very serious person would grant unto herself.

Crystal was sued by some mean lawyers for defaming some other mean lawyers and a Federal judge ruled that …

  • she wasn’t a journalist so shield and retraction laws don’t apply
  • she couldn’t Anti-SLAPP him
  • the mean lawyer wasn’t a public figure under NYT v. Sullivan or a limited public figure under Gertz
  • the matter :: a big fat bankruptcy :: wasn’t an “issue of public concern”


OMG OMG … wait for it … OMFG!

That’s like basically ALL of America’s special protections for speech :: shot down in a blaze of holy crap I can’t believe I just read that!

In fake robot terms :: here’s how America’s defamation laws work …

… then prove that it’s untrue … and that I knew it was untrue {unpossible!}.

If I were an English fake robot :: then I’d need to prove that those things were true {easy cause I already did} … which isn’t the same. But I ain’t English :: even though I know deep down in my heart type area that Wayne Rooney is the greatest :: I’m American … and I expect my special fucking protections. Crystal PornName just got all of her American rights stripped and it’s the worst kind of bullshit!

1500 of you told me about Mike Koenigs’ ridiculous “Cross Channel Mojo” launch :: but nobody wants to mention a poor blogger losing a defamation suit to a rich lawyer? You minions are dead to me :: except @RT. Because of your failures I’ve fired my fake secretary Debbie :: and I’m going to claim that she was stealing from the company and sue her into poverty :: and I smacked her :: and I cut her brake lines just a little bit so that later she might die and no one will suspect anything in an awesome homage to the young Jim Jones as he was chronicled in Raven by a journalist who the old Jim Jones had shot. Good times!

I hope you’re all happy about the suffering you’ve brought on Debbie.

Anywayz :: I’m about to unload on Mr. MeanLawyer Kevin Padrick for whatever cat crap he’s been up to with his rich self. Like for instance :: his Obsidian Finance bio says this bozo has four degrees and went to the Air Force Academy. What kind of loser has so many degrees and gets into a school that requires a congressional recommendation?

Wait … that sounds pretty awesome actually.

I email Crystal Cox for the deets :: webstar to wannabe-webstar. Wannabe-webstar writes me back with no useful info :: here’s her signature block I shit you not …

“Investigative Blogger” & “Search Engine Reputation Manager” … gosh those two sure do sound criminal when you put them close together and in bold like that.

Good Life International is an MLM :: unicorns be praised! :: it’s your opportunity to have everything forever right now …

As you can probably tell by now, at Good Life we don’t cater to the get-rich-quick scam artists who take advantage of people. Rather, Good Life International provides a home for caring fulltime and part-time networkers who dream of financial freedom.

Totally not scammy … exactly what I was thinking when they told me it wasn’t scammy.

Forbes published this email that Crystal Meth sent to the mean lawyer’s mean lawyer …

… and Well I don’t think that Kevin acted with the Highest of Integrity.. however at this Point in my Life it is Time to Think of Me.

So I want to Let you know and Obsidian Finance that I am now offering PR Services and Search Engine Management Services starting at $2500 a month to promote Law Firms…

It’s $1K eXtra if you Want your.. Law Firms promoted with Complete sentences.. $5K if U want Complete thoughtS {the generation of which Crystal outsources to India}.

it is Time to Think of Me.. and How hard writing IS … and just QUOTE David Carr at the NYTimes instead

Kevin D. Padrick, a lawyer in Oregon, was appointed as trustee in the case after the company entered bankruptcy. Prompted by the postings of someone whom Mr. Padrick was going after to recover assets — the daughter of one of the men who was indicted — Ms. Cox began suggesting in her blog posts that Mr. Padrick had used inside information and illegal measures to take control of the remaining assets and enrich himself.

In a long-running series of hyperbolic posts, she wrote that Mr. Padrick and his company, the Obsidian Finance Group, had engaged in bribery, tax fraud, money laundering, payoffs and theft, among other things. Her one-woman barrage did not alter the resolution of the Summit affair, but it was effective in ruining Mr. Padrick.

Bankruptcy is complicated :: but the trustee is generally a neutral party that the court appoints to help oversee the dissolution of a broken company. When a reasonable person says we should do something about “bankruptcy corruption” … they are in no way referring to trustees {because that doesn’t even make sense} … but Crystal Cox is in no way a reasonable person.

Crystal Cox is also not a blogger :: investigative or otherwise. She’s an Internet Marketer {boo hiss}. She swarmed Kevin Padrick’s search results with multitudinous :: mostly hollow :: KevinSucks sites and took over 8ish of his top ten search results … including spots one and two.

Big brands have no trouble protecting their reputations from Internet troll slime :: because Google is totally in love with them and their big monies … as Aaron Wall is always harping on about like a harpy …

… it’s super easy to smear the reputation of a little guy without a previously established online brand or presence. Kevin isn’t saying anything about Kevin on the web :: Crystal won’t shut up about Kevin on the web :: SEO victory for Crystal … by default.

But for a competitive keyword like “cancer” Crystal Cox’s crap sites won’t rank at all :: in spite of her obviously impressive mastery of the subject …

From the header of her site {solutions not included} …

If ONE person anywhere Can Cure Themself of Cancer than Why NOT You ?? There is a LOT of information on THIS site, dig dip – your Cancer Cure is HERE… In My Opinion – from my research and experience… Advanced Cancer, Reversing Cancer, or Preventing Cancer – DIG Deep … Knowledge is Seriously POWER.

Dig dip … it is Time to Think of Me.

Crystal Cox is an idiot :: and a bad person … and she should be discouraged from filing that appeal … because the facts of the case are horrible and she’ll lose again … setting a super bad legal precedent {trial court opinions don’t matter much for precedent} for non crazy people and actual bloggers.

Crystal PornName commented on the fake robot blog and told us all to “dig deep” into the whole “Kevin is the devil” situation :: says @Lanna


Last time we heard that one around here, it was followed by “facts” about imaginary death threats.

Let me know when it looks less like the corner of Scam Street and Crazy Crossing, and then I will take a look.

I told Crystal Cox via a nice {for me} email that now would be a good time to cease these shenanigans … that this could end with her in jail. I won’t publish my whole email because I don’t want to deny PornName the satisfaction :: but here were her last couple of responses to me …

I Take This as a Threat, Please Do NOT email me Again.

Reputation Manager is Legal, and I am very good at getting to top for the names of the bad guys and will continue to do so, if I offer a service that to is legal.. appreciate your perspective but your “death threat” is not appreciated.

It is Legal, I am posting your email, as saying so i will live is a threat. last email to you

May all you do be for the Greater Good

Ha! And also unto you …

I’ll see you around the cyberspaces Crystal Cox.

PS: Fake Debbie :: I was just kidding … I love you!

>> bleep bloop

116 thoughts on “Crystal Cox :: iS nOt a BLOgGER”

  1. Good for you for following up on this, @SD. While my initial comment on this matter (in another thread here, a few days ago) leaned towards sympathy for Ms. Cox, that was based on incomplete information, as well as a concern for critical bloggers in general. But the more stuff I read about — and by — Ms. Cox, the more I realized that my sympathies, such as they were, were probably misplaced.

    And it bears repeating, I think, that all that stuff from Ms. Cox about “the Greater Good” and “Love and Light” is pure New-Wage sig-file crapola.

    If Ms. Cox gets into any more legal trouble, perhaps she can turn to Kevin True-dough and his cancer-curing “doctor” sidekick, Leonard Coldwell.

    1. @Cosmic Connie ::

      I think that was the basic smart person reaction :: here’s David Carr …

      I went to work on a blog post, filled with filial umbrage, saddened that the Man once again had used a boot heel to crush truth and free speech. But after doing a little reporting, I began to think that what scanned as an example of a rich businessman using the power of the courts to silence his critic was actually something else: a case of a blogger using the Web in unaccountable ways to decimate the reputation of someone who didn’t seem to have it coming.

      If only approx 300 other reporters would have thought of that whole “doing a little reporting” thing before writing their stories.

      1. @SD, Also if they didn’t want to do the hard-reporting to be investigative-journalists, they could just go hop about Google for a few seconds.

        1. @Jack ::

          This is a good spot at the top of the thread to remind everyone that Crystal Cox looks through her IP logs and incoming search stats and then sometimes publishes them … especially when they come from big named networks.

          So like let’s say :: just as a for instance :: that you’re a fan of this site but you work for the government or at a big law firm … you should prolly not click through on any links to Crystal until you’re home on your residential IP.

          Pretty good idea to remember that anyway … many such employees don’t know that their server has the same name as their place of business. Like this time when I emailed the name partners of a law firm from whence came some comments that were super annoying me …

  2. After reading her emails, I believe the only logical explanation for Crystal Cox’s otherworldy (its a word) skills in writing and critical thinkering is that she is the lovechild of an early Dan Kennedy and a hippy he NLP’d into submission. Of course Dan didn’t stick around (mustaches don’t groom themselves ya know) and since those Sedona Vortex Crystals don’t just sell themselves (you know, cause they’re rocks) poor Crystal Cox was left being raised -and taught english- by some helpful Nigerian Phishermen.

    It’s the only logical conclusion I can come to, to explain her emails and email signature… It’s the only way.

  3. Ok, I read that email like 5 times: does she offer her PR services to the same company she just defamed AND the lawyer who represented the company during the trial?

    English, do you speak it?

    1. @Glad I Was Broke ::

      Yep! That’s exactly what she does. You could maybe consider it a bold move … if it wasn’t so fucking crazy.

    2. What Crystal is doing is a clear conflict of interest…

      “Here, let me destroy your reputation… then you can pay me to repair it! We’ll be BFFs forever! Peace, love and light, namaste, etc.”

  4. Gosh, SD. Maybe you should lay off all the death-threatening! All these poor women on the nets have to hide now… Almost like they actually have something to hide.

  5. I didn’t realize you can cure cancer with peroxide, as she’s discovered. Maybe I’ll build a nuclear bomb using a few atoms and some fertilizer I’ve got in the basement and scare the FDA into allowing her to say the Truth and attain financial freedom.

    Then they can admit the same for the 73 million other “natural cancer cures” google finds without even visiting CancerSolutions.

    1. @Yakaru,

      The nonsense she’s spouting is just plain dangerous. I shudder to think of the people she’s “facilitated” into a needlessly early death because it was their choice, not their partner’s.


      Once again, one in the eye for those who seek to minimise your impact by characterising you as a “hate blogger”. You’d better be careful – you wouldn’t want to damage your hate-blogger cred by getting a reputation for thoughtful and reasoned posts…would you? ;-)

    2. @Yakaru,

      When the cells in your body produce hydrogen peroxide through the dismutation of superoxide, that can be viewed as cancer-preventative at the molecular level, because superoxide causes more oxidative damage than hydrogen peroxide. However, hydrogen peroxide and any other oxides all slowly cause oxidative damage to cells. Sometimes the cells die from oxidative damage, and slowly the organ fails as it runs out of functioning cells. Sometimes the cells can’t repair themselves properly and mutate into cancer cells. The nitric oxide that Crystal’s arginine drink will help produce is particularly bad, because it reacts with superoxide to form peroxynitrite, which is even more damaging than the original superoxide.

      If you couldn’t follow all that, the simple version is that both Crystal’s “cancer cure” peroxide and “cardio paradise” arginine lead to wear-and-tear on the cells that can lead to both cancer and failure of organs like the heart.

  6. I would love to see the faggots sue you.

    I wonder how many witnesses you could call to the stand vs how many they could?

      1. @Shit Storm,

        He said Frank and Perry and all them want to sue him.

        Im saying Id love to see them try, and get ripped apart in court.

    1. @Syndicater H8r, Apparently not only the Syndicate you hate. Only thing I could go admire her for myself was her being openly gay.

      1. @Jack, Maybe one day, society will even admire and accept someone for being openly heterosexual, even if it’s now taboo.

            1. @SD,

              I was wondering about that, too. I thought she was gone for a week and then made a couple comments, then disappeared again. But it may have been @Bonnie I saw commenting.

              In the spirit of @Barbara’s editrix skills, it’s *bestiality,* even though it’s with beasts. Barbara might have a, hmm, nicer, mnemonic device for it, but I’ve heard “bestiality is best” too many times to think of a better one.

          1. @Jack,

            Penn and Teller demonstrate the absurdity of trying to hold non-human animals to human standards of conduct. How do you get informed consent from an ostrich or a cockatoo?

            Overall, I agree we should treat non-human animals well. But I like to eat meat. And then there’s the part where some non-human organs or tissues can save human lives. And whenever it’s a situation that comes down to an “us vs. them” thing, I’m going to choose to be a little bit species-ist and choose “us”.

            Of course I don’t think it’s right for companies to use animals to test cosmetics. But are they actually still doing that?

            Furry cows moo and decompress.

            1. @Now THIS is Yummy!!!

              You sick bastard. I hope Salty removes it AND you!

              And I’ll bet your real name is James Arthur Ray. Or Jon.

            2. @Bonnie, What about Harlan Kilstein? You didn’t mention that name.

              I take it showing a video of people gagging in a sweat lodge would also be a positive promotion for sweat lodges? Or have you not heard of taking on an opposing perspective to weaken it? Shock value has its merits, shockingly.

            3. @Now THIS is Yummy!!!

              You lost whatever “merits” the shock value “might” have had when you chose your posting name AND in your personal comment to Wyrd above the video. Personally, I didn’t even need to watch the video to know that it would be as sick as you.

            4. @Bonnie,

              In that case, go have a few beers and watch this if you feel any kind of fleeting sense of humor coming on:

  7. @SD,

    Thanks for following up on this. It sucks that it turned out so scammy. This probably explains my original question as to why she was sued for such a large amount. It would probably be because her actions have been so outrageous that there was some hope that suing her for a large amount would get her to stop. And/or because, if the guy’s reputation is totally ruined, then he might have trouble being employed. That has to suck.

    Maybe Ms. Cox would have more suckcess if she promoted her PR services mafia style. The following is made-up email that I imagine Ms. Cox sending to someone actually trying to start a legit online business:

    “Hey there! I was just checking out your site, http:/ . You sure have got a pretty online reputation growing. It’d be a real shame if something happened to it…

    See I know about some unscrupulous individuals [i.e. ME] on the Internet who like to destroy reputations for no good reason. Have you heard of Kevin Padrick?

    But that doesn’t have to happen to you. As long as you pay a monthly fee and promise to tell everyone else how awesome I am…

    @SD, I hope that you’re right about the preponderance of evidence thingie being strongly against Ms. Cox.

  8. Crystal is a bad person. And no sunshine, light or unicorns change that. I do not know if I am more appalled at the blackmailing she calls reputation management or the lying to cancer patients. Bad, bad, bad.

      1. @Alley-Cat,

        My guess is something along the lines of bi-polar disorder, but I might be wrong. Certainly seems like some kind of psychotic disorder. Running an IM/new age protection racket is a new one though.

        1. @Yakaru,

          My money is on low-grade schizophrenia. Bipolar is primarily an affective (mood) disorder. Low-grade, mostly-functional-in-society schizophrenia would explain the paranoia, “hyperbolic” thought patterns and repetitive, word-salad-esque language.

          1. @Lanna,

            Thanks. I guess that crazed writing stuff is more in the direction of schizophrenia than bi-polar. I was only looking more at the manic behavior, self-aggrandizement, and delusional version of reality that she’s trying to force on people.

            Always happy to hear speculations about what the headline acts here are suffering from. Most of them are essentially selling their “superior” behavior in one form or another, so I don’t mind speculating about what they are putting on display.

            If it wasn’t for the cancer quackery I might be a bit concerned that she gets help before she hurts herself. Instead if she gets locked up, there’s one less cancer quack for a while.

            1. @Yakaru,

              Wait, are we both supposed to be here? Is one of us supposed to be picking up @stoic’s shift?

              I was interpreting the mania, self-importance and delusions as outcomes of the paranoia. If I’m right about the schizophrenia, I would love for Crystal to get help, including anti-psychotic medication. I know that’s a lot to ask for, because the psychosis makes it impossible to trust “them” for help when your brain tells you “they” are “after you.” If she did get proper help, I think that could put an end to the “cancer cures ‘they’ don’t want you to know about,” too.

          2. @Lanna ::

            Maybe … but hows come she hasn’t posted about my “death threats” yet? And where is she on this thread?

            Huh Crystal? Get a move on moo cow!

            To put it not exactly str8 …

            Robotophobia is generally a disease rooted in a very specific co-pathology oft discussed here. If she clicks her heels together three times and pretends I’m not real :: while simultaneously trying to get protection money from a lawyer’s lawyer … then batshit she’s not.

            1. @Lanna

              Yes, I shouldn’t really be here – working Stoic’s late shift, though my time zone’s an hour later than his…

              Salty has a point – if she was really schizo she’s have filled up the comments by now with gibberish and called the cops about a fake robot with a deadly but non-corporeal laser. It could be schizo-robotophobia, in which case a delayed response might be expected.

            2. @SD,

              Well, I am hedging my bets by saying it’s low-grade schizophrenia. I mean, she holds it together pretty well in the videos. She’s not rocking back and forth or darting her eyes around to check for “them” like some bus-stop dweller or over-caffeinated elf.

              I’m looking for explanations, not excuses. Nothing can excuse blackmail.

              Trying to get into the mind of crazy, she’s an investigative blogger, you’re an investigative blogger. Maybe “Please Do NOT email me Again” is code for “We cannot be publicly linked. I’ll contact you when the time is right from a secure email address ‘they’ don’t know about so we can work together to take ‘them’ down.”

            1. @Jack,

              That video’s wonderful and terrible all at once!

              I don’t think the government needs to do a better job tracking Crystal, though, because between her blog posts and her videos they know where she is most of the time.

              I mean, like M.I.A. says, the CIA owns the Google, and since Google acquired YouTube in 2006, surely the CIA is running facial recognition software on all her YouTube videos and cross-referencing it with the embedded GPS and IP address data. And don’t get me started on Go Daddy and their selective DNS blackout policies, aimed at keeping people in China from accessing information published by the free people of the West. If that’s not MSS colluding with the CIA, I don’t know what is. It probably goes all the way to the top, to Stevie and his Macau operations, but we’ll have to ask @stoic about that one.

              Anyway, if the government wanted to rifle through Crystal’s brain waves again, they could just have another one of their people like former Air Force officer, current CIA operative Kevin Padrick sue her in civil court – notice that’s civil court – but it still puts her in a government courthouse where they’ve installed all that technology that only Kevin Trudeau’s e-Pendant can protect against.

              Just kidding, but, seriously, Crystal, if you’re so paranoid why do you make it so easy to figure out who you are and where you are?

            2. @Jack,

              Personally, I think the only thing wrong with Crystal L. Cox (to distinguish her from any other Crystal Cox) is that she is a greedy little narcissistic get-rich-quick wannabe who has absolutely no qualms or conscience of who she has to run over, destroy, or bilk from in order to get there. Just my opinion, from an old lady who’s seen a lot.

            3. @Jack, @Lanna, @Bonnie,

              My bet’s on Paranoid Personality Disorder
              with just a hint of Schizoid here. Not exactly sick, but rather something fundamental wrong with her personality. Which is far worse – at least illness can be treated.

              @Bonnie Don’t worry: this isn’t an attempt to excuse her behaviour. Many people have these problems, yet don’t decide to run what amounts to an old-fashioned protection racket in new-fangled Cyberspace.

            4. @It could happen to anyone,

              All right, you’ve made a good case there. I’m switching my vote to Paranoid Personality Disorder.

            5. @Lanna,

              I can’t respond to any of that but can explain about Stevie, I undersatand his system from long immersion in that particular pond worldwide–a nasy place but instructive.
              As always I was one of the low level worker bees, got bored and started thinking stuff for myself.
              The paranoia I have only a glancing aquaintance with, thanks to earlier indoctrination.

              I just love ‘Ozzie in Moscow’ now–banging music, but look at the poor sod now, was it worth the wealth and fame?

    1. @Jack, Every time I try to read a post by Ms. Cox my eyes cross. It’s not just the garbled writing; the random CapitaliZation just drIVes Me craZy. I tried to make sense of the death threat story you linked to, but I got a bad headache halfway through and gave up.

      1. @Cosmic Connie, For me it was at first exciting to think of finding somebody with the logic I can understand, but sad piece is the ending, because I can’t make sense of any of it really, except for maybe why she would talk about Arginine with the big real estate sign behind her and start out by saying:

        “Hi guys, Cyrstal here. Real estate owner/broker 10 Lakes Realty – and I want to talk to you a little more about Arginine. Check out”

        Probably she means a subtle-connection like “paradise for the heart” is like a good house, maybe? Although when I write it down myself here it sort of just seems to be nonsense.

        1. @Jack, I suspect the owner/broker 10 Lakes Realty thing is her cover story/credential. She’s trying to appear honest by saying, “Look, I’m a real estate company owner, so you don’t have to worry that I’m trying to sell you something. I’m telling you this out of the goodness of my heart!”. But I bet it’s been years since she’s made any real $$ from real estate.

    2. @Jack,
      Hmm, is she alleging that someone subscribing to her Youtube channels and reading her blog all the time is “stalking” her because that is kind of the way it sounds…

      1. @Wow…, Yep, thats what she always says! She post crap online, monitors who looks at it thru some back alley stat counter then claims I am stalking her by looking at her crap. In reality she is paid to do online reputation destruction as well as “management”. want somebody ruined, just pay her. Ive never spoken to the woman, yet she has 15,000 pages of and about me, all lies. She contacts every law enforcement agency to attempt and have me arrested, complains to my employer, emails everyone I know, every public official, blah blah blah… She is soon to be arrested for violating that restraining order, adn faces serious jail time, hopefully.

        1. @crystal cox’s stalker, And now you’ve found yourself stalking all people in this discussion + the entire SD site so good news is finally you have upped your game.

        2. @crystal cox’s stalker, she wishes someone would stalk her manly self. She couldn’t pay anyone to stalk her.

          1. @, Anonymous… think i threw up a little there… yuk. though i can understand, i have lesbian tendencies myself…Being a straight normal male..

            yes I am the star victim of her( and Michael Spreadbury’s ) BS crapumentary Beneath The Beauty.

            Yes I had a restraining order against her, which she violated over and over again, but no LEO would arrest her because shes nucking futz!! She is 100% paranoid schitzo.

            On a great note, she was recently evicted from her crappy rental, is absolutely homeless, rumored to be living in Spokane.

            sad thing is, she actually has other nucking futz supporters taht actually believe her crap. they drive by my house and call my place of employement all the time, Sooner or later something is going to happen…

            1. @crystal cox’s stalker,

              The bad guys are always willing to put their heads together to come up with their evil plans.

              That’s what makes me the saddest about everyone written about here. They’re so good at working together and helping each other that the good guys don’t see the truth until something bad happens.

  9. Salty,

    Glad you looked into it. Obviously there are a lot of layers to this. She is clearly slime.

    I’ve been “bullied” in the past (not for 1st Amendment stuff) … and found out the deflating truth that in many civil matters that “he who has the most money wins”

    I admire what you do here because you actually have a legal background that allows you to basically tell these shit balls to F-OFF … whereas I feel that a lot of people don’t stand up for what they believe in matters like this because they may get buried in a legal process that they don’t have the cash or expertise to defend.

  10. Salty, I’ve had a really bad week, but this post and all the comments have really made me laugh tears lolz. Especially Bonnie’s last video post where Crystal Cox-breath elevates her status to Hilly Billy broker. OMFG {Oh My Fucking Grits!}

    As disgusting and sick as these turdz are, there is a hilariously comical side to this all, albeit a very dark comedy.

    I couldn’t make up this stuff in your wildest imagination

    1. @422,

      I like the light relief here, too. I’m not sure Crystal will ever cease being a plonker but there’s worse things to be, I guess.

  11. I can’t post this reply where it belongs — perhaps the universe is trying to tell me something. And if that is the case, the universe can just shut the hell up.

    One of Dan Kennedy’s fundamental teacherings is: Share intimate details of your life with the strangers who read your newsletters, sales pages, blog posts, etc …

    (Dan Kennedy, for instance, shared about divorcing and subsequently remarrying his ex-wife. He reports receiving a deluge of email, support and gifts after sharing the story.)

    Dan says that you know this influence strategy is working when people share their stories with you or reframe your stories to include themselves or their predicaments.

    What an awesome way to sell health remedies.

  12. Pingback: Crystal Cox…
  13. When I first read about this woman a few days ago I thought about the SaltyDroid and all the good work he does. At the time, the media wasn’t really covering the story in-depth and I was concerned about some blogger being hit with a million dollar judgment.

    Just wanted to say thanks for uncovering the truth here. I’m very sensitive to injustice that I read about in the news. I’m happy to now know the full truth behind this particular story.

    Have a Happy Christmas!

  14. Have been researching two terms that maybe of interest to people here, especially if you’ve been the target of these assholes.

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Psychopath. One of the things in common with individuals like these is that they have absolutely no ability to feel empathy or to put themselves in another person’s shoes emotionally.

    In short, the scammers and turdz here are emotional cripples. They put on a fake act of confidence, pride, and “success”, but deep down inside they have very deep self hatred and loathing.

    The classic signs are obvious, among which incidentally is child abuse,neglect,abandonment and inability to handle money very well. It is theorized that these people are created through severe childhood abuse and neglect, especially emotional abuse.

    Also, it seems that counseling and therapy is practically useless for these people since they cannot imagine a future for themselves, which would deter them from hurting others and breaking the law.

    “Emotional manipulators have no sense of accountability. They take no responsibility for themselves or their behavior – it is always about what everyone else has “done to them”. One of the easiest ways to spot an emotional manipulator is that they often attempt to establish intimacy through the early sharing of deeply personal information that is generally of the “hook-you-in-and-make-you-sorry-for-me” variety. Initially you may perceive this type of person as very sensitive, emotionally open and maybe a little vulnerable. Believe me when I say that an emotional manipulator is about as vulnerable as a rabid pit bull, and there will always be a problem or a crisis to overcome.” – another site I found insightful

    1. @422 ::

      except …

      ” It is theorized that these people are created through severe childhood abuse and neglect, especially emotional abuse.”

      … actually not.

      Childhood environment helps determine how the thing will express itself {scamming :: killing :: being a horrible mom :: being a horrible banker :: being a horrible crack dealer :: etc} … but doesn’t seem to be causative of the thing itself. Bloody childhood == bloody psychopath. Spoiled childhood == bad banker. Dubious religious childhood == self-help scammer.

      It’s actually quite hard to abuse a budding psychopathic child … the abuse usually runs the other way. Getting drunk and smacking around your psychopathic 6th grader is a good way to get yourself stabbed in the neck with a kitchen knife while you’re sleeping.

    2. @422,

      Interesting stuff. As I have more than a passing interest in such things, I was attempting to categorise a former colleague, who had returned causing quite a few difficulties for us. Chatting it over with another affected party, I explained I vacillated between thinking she had Asperger’s Syndrome, Narcisstic Personality Disorder or was a Sociopath. I received a pitying look and the following comment “I just go for the general classification of arsehole; I don’t think it matters that much exactly what type of arsehole they are”.

      I had to confess a certain sympathy with this position ;-)

    3. @422, I think it’s Martha Stout in Sociopath Next Door who draws a sharp distinction between narcissists and sociopaths/psychopaths. Narcissists are wounded creatures with self-loathing issues. Psychopaths have no self esteem issues at all and tend to like themselves quite a bit. People tend to think narcissists like themselves because they’re grandiose and self-absorbed but it’s actually overcompensation for the self-loathing.

      Some theorists distinguish between psychopaths and sociopaths like Lykken who claims that sociopaths are shaped by environment whereas psychopaths are born. But many theorists consider the terms interchangeable. Robert Hare who created the checklist does but chooses to use the term psychopath.

      None of these conditions respond well to therapy. They’re all personality disorders and psychologists consider the personality to be fairly fixed and unchangeable.

      I’ve had experience with both narcissists and psychopaths and my advice to anyone who realizes they’re dealing with either is simple. Run. Run far. Run fast. Just run. The damage they can do your life isn’t worth it.

      1. @LaVaughn,

        Surely it doesn’t matter what you call them–except as a signifier for discussion–the behaviour pattern is the identifier and recognising that is probably a good indicator to a sane person to back off.

        At least 4% of the population supposedly–so not all of them spree killers.

        1. @stoic, Not all psychopaths are violent. Many are petty criminals. Some never commit crimes at all, but having no ethical compass can cause a lot of damage that, while legal, is horrible.

          I think it matters to try to figure this stuff out just as a matter of self-defense and as a reality check. With psychopaths, the worst thing you can do is try to help them because you think they’re wounded souls. Psychopaths will leverage your normal human compassion. Sometimes you have to check your belief that there’s always hope for people at the door.

          1. @LaVaughn,

            ‘Sometimes you have to check your belief that there’s always hope for people at the door.’

            Which is probably why I have a residual fondness for Mr Pierrepoint and his unmatched skill at his chosen craft.
            He did have a knack for preventing too much prison overcrowding–though he undoubtedly topped a few innocents too.
            My god this stuff is difficult, these ethical dilemmas!

            Make haste slowly, maybe, while chewing on an occasional deep fried mars bar to help the thought process.

            1. @stoic,

              This is my last confession–not that I ever did much confessing as a cradle catholic.

              I have ascertained today that I have been an unwitting participant in a covert UK police sting designed to catch users of social networking who may be organising civil disobedience (remember our recent riots?) I live in, London, where at least one innocent bystander was killed.

              Whatever, that did not give the UK police the right to hack both my work and home computers, my phone line, set up a handy internet cafe round the corner and generally park on my doorstep to conduct their silly games of intimidation–all funded by tax payers money. In this economy!

              If I wrote it in a novel it would be too stupid to sell.

              I am attempting to clear up this mess–yeah, like I am going to my local cop shop to talk to the desk sergeant. Unlikely. I have written to my MP and will pursue this relentlessly because I am beyond angry.

              I just thought I would let you all know as my previous virtual presence on this site might compromise others–and I have no wish to do that beyond what has already happened. I don’t know who the good guys are in this, (are there any left?) but I sure know who the fucking useless game-playing wastrels are.

              You know who I’m talking to, London’s Metropolitan Police–you complete tossers.
              Get off your fat arses and do policing the old way–on the beat, then you might have a clue about what is going on in the street and not have a tired 58 year old woman figure out your ‘covert ops’ that would be laughable were they not so depressing.

              So anyway, I have so enjoyed this site–I will keep reading if it stays up and get my giggles elsewhere if it does not.

              It is clear to me now that as the USA has employed an ex-Stasi chief in Homeland Security, the UK have taken one of Kim Il Jong’s rejects.

              These wankers are supposed to be our public servants in a democracy, not servants of a Stalinist gulag system who try to drive tax-paying citizens insane if they do not ‘play the game’ the shitty, disgusting police way.

              So this will be the last time I will ever confess anything to anyone–a free West???
              They’re having a laugh. Its a massive pyramid scam–and probably always was.

  15. Pingback: » Serenity Now
  16. I think maybe we can still believe SD, because ms. Cox didn’t go to name him in her Ethics Complaint site.

    “Do Not Simply Believe the New York Times, David Carr and Forbes because they are bigger then me, and more Established. David Carr of the New York Times has an agenda to keep down New Media and David Carr of the New York Times has an Agenda to keep Woman in their place.”

    Mr. Carr probably should DIG DEEP into himself to find out about the agenda, because the writings he made don’t show it too well:
    Insulting Chuck Lorre, Not Abuse, Gets Sheen Sidelined

    1. @Jack ::

      DaVid CaRRs is MisogInist …

      Is Mr. Sheen excused because he manufactures laughs, not widgets, for a living? For years on the show, Mr. Sheen has been playing to type as a naughty boy in a man’s body: the result was often scabrous and funny and a hit in the ratings. It also fits another depressing pattern. From “Animal House” to Howard Stern, from “Pretty Woman” to “The Hangover,” Hollywood has long had a soft spot for male misbehavior and, in claiming to parody childish misogyny, it seems to provide an excuse to indulge in it further.

      Hollywood likes to pretend it has grown up and taken its seat in corporate America. But it hasn’t when it comes to violence toward women. Mr. Sheen may have gone off-script last week. But in his attitudes toward women both on and off screen, he’s right on message.

      … or maybe he’s a ballbusting hero. I guess it’s hard to tell … if you can’t read.

        1. @Jack, Maybe Crystal Cox SHOULD be accused of criminal behavior, not because she’s making that up for undeserved sympathy, but because she IS engaging in criminal behavior – extortion.

  17. On the “Google is totally in love with them and their big monies” front, hopeful news in a WSJ article about last summer’s Google settlement over fake pharmacy ads:

    In an important shift, the settlement “signals that, where evidence can be developed that a search engine knowingly and actively assisted advertisers to promote improper conduct, the search engine can be held accountable as an accomplice,” according to Peter Neronha, the lead prosecutor.

    That whole settlement thing never caught my attention last summer, but now I can see its importance.

    1. @Lanna, Idea of type of action starts here:
      Federal Trade Commission, Plaintiff, v. MoneyGram International, Inc., Defendant

      In its complaint, the FTC charged that between 2004 and 2008, MoneyGram agents helped wire at least $84 million to con artists within in the United States or Canada. During that time MoneyGram received more than 41,000 fraud complaints from customers in the U.S.

      “We allege they knew or consciously avoided knowing what was going on,” says Steven Baker, director of the FTC’s Midwest Regional Office, which prosecuted this case.

      Note, though lack of action against facilitators of obvious & massive fraud such as CPA Networks run by Ryan Eagle

    1. @SD, Oh, no. The EFF is wasting its defense muscles. How utterly depressing.

      Maybe they should read and ponder Alley-Cat’s comment from above:

      “She most certainly has all the hallmarks of being a bad person, but she is also bat-shit crazy.”

  18. This woman is stone cold crazy – in my opinion (hehe) – and I hope no one goes to her website or elsewhere and watches her videos and, even worse, takes her seriously. I haven’t read all the responses, but her video certainly speaks for itself.

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