Naomi Dunford’s Death Threats and Hate Crimes

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“I’m going to tell you a story and it’s very, very important. Please read it, all the way through. Women’s lives are at stake.”

One of my posts could start like that :: if I were a shit-trite writer … cause women’s lives are at stake. The after effects of protracted manipulation are regularly deadly … as Kirby :: Liz :: and Colleen might tell you if they weren’t already dead. And it’s not hard to imagine how often something like this …

… leads to a nice old{ish} lady deciding to drive her car into the river … ashamed of making her biggest big mistake.

But instead that’s the insane beginning of an insane post by chubby-spider Naomi Dunford. It would have been much more accurate for her to say :: “A woman’s lies are at stake” :: but she’s not so much about the accuracy.

I’ll paraphrase the first part of the post …

MeanSite1 doesn’t like Naomi Dunford because she’s a successful women … which is “hardly surprising” … and the mean people of MeanSite1 start right in on successful Naomi’s “suitability for sexual intercourse.” It’s quite rude.

Then someone at MeanSite1 says they should get a hold of MeanSite2 cause the MeanSite2 guy really loves to talk about “the suitability for sexual intercourse” of successful women … it’s like one of his main things and stuff.

MeanSite1 thought MeanSite2 was “the best thing since toast” … and the “hate blogger” at MeanSite2 did a guest post on MeanSite1. That was so much fun that MeanSite2 decided to start his own hate campaign.

Are you with me so far?  Or let me put it in a slightly less confusing way …

Dave Navarro walked out on his wife and three kids to go live the Internet lifestyle with fat turd Naomi Dunford. For MONTHS his family had no idea where he was. In desperation :: Dave’s older brother Anthony put up a plea for some communication … and MeanSite1 aka Letters to Dave Navarro was born. Some balls on this Naomi Dunford to even mention that site … but to call it “mean site” … “mean site” … really?

You know what’s mean?


So why don’t you shut your cow mouth?

Anywayz :: MeanSite2 is me {fair enough} … but all the stuff about Mean1 and Mean2 and toast is just confusing to me. I saw Letters to Dave Navarro on the Internet … it’s an “open letter” type site so I left a snarky letter that mentioned Brian Clark. A month later I linked to that letter in a post about Brian Clark being a bully to women.

An unusually high number of you people clicked through on Letters to Dave Navarro … and an equally unusual number of you expressed your distress about what was contained there. So I started snooping around :: and I found stuff … natch!

But Naomi Dunford doesn’t want me telling this story :: so she’s decided to try and hide behind some quite extraordinary lies.  Here’s the first one …

“In an act of startling coincidence, my site got hacked. Google “ittybiz” around that time and you wouldn’t get me. You would, interestingly, get Mean Website 2. Funny how that works.”

Her site was hacked :: I noticed it weeks ago even though I’m not a web guru charging people big monies for my web expertise. She abandoned her Itty Biz site for around six months :: then popped up trying to sell some high priced e-crap … but all her Google traffic was getting redirected to this site …

… don’t click on that link unless you know what you’re doing {I couldn’t figure it out}. She could have called it MeanSite3 :: but instead she went with a blatant lie … funny how that works.

While this is a tragedy against womens’ rights, this is pretty normal stuff online. You should have seen what happened when I made the front page of Digg, back when people used Digg. Owwie.

I just didn’t expect the death threats.

Wait a second. Death threats?

They decided I had to die.

I got a death threat.

I got another death threat.

And then I got one telling me that if I went to a popular blogger’s conference in November, they would find me, they would kill me, and they would kill everyone around me.

I then found out that the website owner had sent me a harassing email a few days earlier, ending it with “I guess I’ll see you around”.

Here’s the one and only email Naomi Dunford has ever received from the fake robot at MeanSite2 …

Date :: August 17th 5:25pm
To :: {the email listed on her contact page}
Subject :: Love ur stuffs

Naomi ::

I really love everything you’re doing … with the possible exception of everything you’re doing.

It’s too bad that you get “WHOA” amounts of email and won’t be able to respond to me personally. It’s odd cause I’m orders of magnitude more popular than you … yet I have no problem keeping up on my email.

Anywayz :: I guess I’ll see you around the cyberspaces!

To our fake success,

So … so … scary.

“As a reasonably prominent female face on the internet, I always knew the day would come when it would get very, very ugly.”

Your face has always been very ugly … personally I think it’s the soulless eyes.

As the comments started to escalate on Mean Website 2, one reader expressed pleasure that the website owner was attacking a woman, inferring he hoped there would be more. The owner’s response:

“Oh and also … some other “real women” should be thinking hard right now about their actions. Because I really like to give group discounts … because of how fond I am of people working in groups.”

So here’s that then …

@422 :: Finally you’ve desegregated this blog and have a real woman on here! Or was Sandy Jenkins already the pioneer? lol

@SD :: Yep! It was long overdue for sure … but I think I picked a “winner” here … so it was worth the wait.

Oh and also … some other “real women” should be thinking hard right now about their actions. Because I really like to give group discounts … because of how fond I am of people working in groups.

French for trade union …

It’s kinda hard to find lady scammers at the top cause boy scammers are such sexist bastards … but the pro bloggers seem to be an exception. Other “real women” :: such as James Chartrand :: Laura Roeder :: and Sonia Simone were all just mentioned … and will be again. Equality is important.

A few days went by, and the death threats started coming. Working in groups, indeed. And in his next post, about professional bloggers in general, the owner wrote:

“Everyone hates you! They’re coming for you … and this time they’re serious.”

Step 9 in the 10 Easy Steps to Professional Blogging is Developing a Personality Disorder :: here’s my impression of a narcissist’s soliloquy to a hotel mirror …

Everyone hates you!

They’re coming for you … and this time they’re serious.

But it’s fine because everyone adores you. You are heroic … even for hero. In many ways you are Jesus Christ himself … if you think about it. Perfect in all things …

Oh shit :: what was that?? Did you see that?

Anyway :: rules don’t apply to you … you’re different. Like Napoleon :: but taller …

Gosh … context is such a bitch.

Did Naomi Dunford really just reference a fictionalized reference to paranoia in her totally paranoid “Death Threats Against Women” diatribe?

Yes … yes she did!  It’s almost too good to be true … but it totally just fucking happened.

This is being planned, and planned thoroughly.

These people are escalating, and they’re looking for a success. Hate bloggers claim innocence because they are acting within their First Amendment rights. But their mobs look up to them, and the mob mentality that they are stoking is escalating.

I am being stalked. People want to kill me. They want me to be afraid.

These people are planning a hate crime, and they are relying on me hiding in silence to succeed.

What an idiot.

I have devoted my life to making sure you can bring your kids to Disney World and send them to college and pay for their overpriced weddings, and hell if I’m going to stop now.

She did it all for you … and now she’s being victimized by people with facts and opinions and such.

Because this isn’t about me. I have the resources to protect myself. I have the support of a strong community with loud voices and far reaches. I have a contact list full of experienced friends who can give me crash course media training at 11 o’clock on a Sunday night.

This is about innocent women bloggers getting attacked for trying to make a go of it online. This is about all the people who are petrified when they get hate mail and don’t know who to ask for help. This is about smaller bloggers, and newbies, and women just finding their voice.


This is about Naomi Dunford being a ruinous liar who is part of a circle of ruinous liars. This is about how Naomi Dunford takes advantage of n00bs and women just finding their voice. This is about the desperation of Naomi Dunford to keep hold of things that never belonged to her.

This is about what your heroes are really about.

>> bleep bloop


260 thoughts on “Naomi Dunford’s Death Threats and Hate Crimes”

  1. This is the part where I’m embarrassed by my fellow women. They’re buying into Naomi’s story hook, line and sinker. You’re such a…a…a cyber bully, SD! Shame on you!!!

    At this moment women all over the web are discussing how outrageous and mean you are to pick on sweet, innocent, “what have I ever done to anyone” Naomi Dunford. You and Anthony Navarro are just the worst of the worst.

    Playing the woman card, Naomi. Nice. Shame you can’t play the family card anymore. Why is that??? Oh yeah, because you abandoned your family.

  2. Wow, so I did decide to stick around. Crazy shit right here. I don’t understand why they handled it so badly, especially when they both had so much on the line both personal and professional. And now, it’s just too late for either of them.

  3. This blog reminds of the good old days when a public shaming meant something.

    It’s the online equivalent of putting the putzette in stocks in the town square so the villagers can throw rotten vegetables at her.

    Playing the victim just doesn’t cut it when caught lying, cheating, etc. Makes you want to look for the cyber version of tar and feathers.

  4. I found this site when I was doing some research to see if I would work with Ms. Dunford. (I guess I won’t)

    Ok. So I understand that you’re doing something noble by weeding out scams. I am one of those people who thought THE CONTENT on ittybiz was really good. I never bought anything though. I can’t bring myself to pay 15 bucks for a paperback, let alone hundreds for a freaking e-book.
    But THE CONTENT was/is good. I found an old copy of her Marketing School and I found it quite fun and her concepts were pretty useful.

    However, there has been a gigantic wave of blogs such as this one, some of them are worthwhile (although I just can’t understand the greediness of some, selling e-books at 70 dollars a pop), at least the authors are also doing stuff offline to support their online business. But for every single one that has content worthwhile, there come a hundred more using the word “Revolution”. And it is feels like an Amway mentality, it is really scary.

    Some you can see that they read two books in their life: the 4HWW and ejem.. the 4HB and they thought they were set. Others are really hard working people. And some of the hard working ones were at one point Ms. Dunford’s clients.

    So by you weeding out the bad you’re doing something important. However, I’m confused as why the Perez Hilton and TMZ approach of your blog. Of being utterly mean, making fun of people’s physical appearance (I mean, if you yourself look like a Calvin Klein model, then you might have a bit of a right but I doubt it.) You could do this without the ridiculing, the name calling, the truly evil streak. I mean if Dunford is so evil, you don’t need to be so evil yourself.

    About the the letters to dave navarro.. I have one thing to say: the internet is going down. I’m just waiting for the day they start asking for donations from previous Dave Navarro’s clients to help support the abandoned children. Totally a good business idea.

    So yea, this showdown is a good online spectacle. I had my RSS feed to ittybiz and when I read her death threats post the first question that popped into my head was: ok, why the hell doesn’t she set the record straight instead of responding and hiding posts?

    1. @very very confused,

      Greetings… this is Anthony Navarro, Dave’s brother.

      Just wanted to let you know, to “unconfuse you”… there is *no* expectation from anyone to “ask donations from Dave’s previous clients to support the children.” I can’t necessarily agree with you on it being “a good business idea”, but indeed, it’s probably not a good business decision for anyone to take financial advantage of a situation like this, though it would not be as bad as Ms. Dunford’s fictionalized account behind her latest product promotion.

      However, there may indeed be a business idea in what you mention – to create a site that helps support the plight of wives and children whose fathers and husbands abandon them… maybe even setup a role-model network of men who will teach these young men how to be men, and not walk in their father’s footsteps and to break the chain of brokenness.

      If anyone is inspired at the local level, however, do consider being a role model to a broken family in your circle of influence. I’m sure we all know someone in our church, our workplace, or neighborhood, where a single mother could use the help of an honorable individual who can show their young man or woman how “real men” and “real women” behave. Time is the greatest gift we can give someone, and it lets them know *they* are valuable, and *what* is valuable.

      Be that person. Let your life be an example of how great we can be, unlike others, whose life serves as a warning as how low one can fall.


      1. @Anthony Navarro,

        An excellent comment, Anthony. My only quibble would be what I see as the other side of the gender-card coin, in characterizing men as the only ones who abandon their families. I know your own painful experience with your brother has you focused on a particular instance, but just as I find the argument of “you must support me simply because I’m a fellow woman” repugnant, I also don’t care to see men needlessly or excessively tarred. You assumed a more gender-neutral stance toward the end of your comment, but I would like to reiterate that there are many single *fathers* out there who could likewise benefit from your suggestion.

        It’s been my experience that being a selfish jerk knows no bounds when it comes to gender, ethnicity, or any other division you care to make about the human race. But kindness and decency likewise abide all over the spectrum, and (again, in my experience) in much, much greater abundance than the jerkiness. Problem is, sometimes jerkiness comes wrapped in a mantle of pretend kindness and decency, and it takes a while for the jerk part to wear through to the surface. And sometimes kindness and decency comes wrapped in a most unexpected package–like, umm, say, perhaps the most foul-mouthed fictional robot since Bender…

        1. @mojo,

          Thanks for the reminder – you are right … this is not just a “male problem” but as I was writing about my brother, I definitely wrote it from the perspective of men. I do know from experience this fact as well, as my wife’s sister did exactly the same thing, walking out on her two boys and husband… just gone… Husband came home to an empty house and a note as to where the kids were. And in David & my case, indeed, when I was 13 our mother felt her “needs” were more important than raising her family and she too left us children to fend for ourselves, as I helped raise my brother for several years alongside my father until I went off to college.

          In the Bible, we hear of the “sins of the father” being passed from generation to generation, but indeed, this damage, and perpetuating cycle of sin, does indeed perpetuate from both genders.

          In this whole tale, the most heart-wrenching for me was that David was well on the way of breaking our generational curse, back to my great grandfather, where Dave was in the process of leading 3 young men into a true understanding of fatherhood and manhood. But he turned out to be another domino.

          And what did he think he would gain? I would love to know how his life has become “better” in all of this… as one better than I had put it, he gave up a 7-course meal for mud pies.

          Dave, I’m still willing to help you. If you will only call.


          1. @Anthony Navarro, I am so sorry for you and the rest of David’s family — sorry that all of you had to suffer because of someone else’s selfishness. When reading Salty’s blog posts about this situation, as well as your Letters to Dave site and your comments here, I kept getting a feeling of deja vu. Then I realized that your story reminded me of some of the “collateral damage” tales that Steve Salerno shared on SHAMblog a few years back — in particular, the one he revisits in this post…

            I hope all of you find peace at some point.

            And @mojo, Amen about the basic kindness and decency of our favorite little foul-mouthed robot.

    2. @very very confused,

      It’s not confusing.

      Naomi Dunford’s days of playing the “sell schtuph on the Internet” game are over, that’s all.

    3. @very very confused ::

      This blog has been here a long time in Internet time … so I’ve pretty much stopped answering the “why u so mean” question … but there are lots of new people here … and I was just accused of a conspiracy to plot a mass assassination … so I’ll answer.

      That personal cruelty is me speaking narcissist … it’s a key feature. It feels petty because it is petty … hit them where they’re at.

      I mean, if you yourself look like a Calvin Klein model, then you might have a bit of a right but I doubt it.

      Really? So it’s okay to call people ugly as long as you’re beautiful? I think not.

      I care about the fraud … but a fattie like Naomi Dunford only cares about Naomi Dunford.

      1. @SD,

        I commend you for not being discriminatory on the basis of gender. Female scammers have exactly the same right to classical Salty Droid aversion therapy as the male ones have.

        Of course it’s unsettling to read such unrestrained insults being unleashed on a fellow human, but that’s the whole point. It provides a good measure for exactly how much more unsettling the rest of the story is.

        I think you have hit exactly the right tone for dealing with these rats, and you are making them pay in a manner they never expected.

  5. I’ve read most of your entries, SD, but this is the first one where I’ve wanted to stand up and cheer at the end.

    Calling this woman a spider might be giving her too much credit. Spiders at least serve a purpose in the circle of life. Then again, maybe her purpose is to serve as a warning to others about the mistakes inherent in thinking you can get away with anything just because you have a “loyal following” and play the woman card.

    Gosh, I sure hope that’s not construed as a death threat!

  6. Naomi Dunford, after finding herself trapped in her own cesspools of lies and suspicious activity, played the victim and acted as if all this is coming down upon her because she’s a woman. No other reason beyond Naomi is a woman. Wait. This sounds kind of familiar. I feel as if I heard this story before. Oh yes, I remember. Naomi Dunford must have gone to the James Chartrand (real name Louise Edgerton)school of crisis management.

    These women didn’t make things better for women, they made it worse. They’re making it harder for the women with real stories of abuse or oppression to be taken seriously. That’s what pisses me off the most.

    Screw you Naomi, screw you Louise and especially screw all of you if you’re buying into this garbage. If you cared about women you’d take some time to research what really happened before you started passing around Naomis story. Naomi was gone for six months only to show up to sell something. That’s how much she cares about you. She’s using you and you can’t see past your shock and outrage to take the time to learn the truth. You played right into her hands. Screw you.

    1. @GeezeLouise ::

      “They’re making it harder for the women with real stories of abuse or oppression to be taken seriously.”

      Yeah … great point! I should have made that point … consider it incorporated by reference.

      Lawyer jokes FTW!!

    2. @GeezeLouise, Bravo! You nailed that one on the head. Don’t forget that whole thing started with her accusing (and wrongfully so) her ex-business partner for blackmail. Deb (aka Harry) left to move on to bigger and better things and Louise made a spectacle of herself saying she was in fear from being exposed to the world.

      As what? She’d like to say as female, but I’d say a fraud.

      No doubt her and Naomi went to the same school of marketing. Imaginary death threats and blackmail…desperation will make a person do amazing things for attention.

  7. Why would anyone ever believe anything out of the virtual mouth of someone who is insane enough to post something this spittle-flecked?

  8. Naomi calling “Mean Site 1” is a gross mischaracterization.

    The site is mostly about Dave’s brother imploring Dave to come home to his family… to reunite with his wife… and be a father to his kids.

    That’s hardly mean.

    More like love.

    Sometimes love (and the truth) hurts.


    1. @Ryan Healy,

      Ryan is right.

      I also like how Ryan is one of the only true Internet Marketers to come here and post openly and not anonymously.

      He’s got some big balls. Salty scares me. I need one of the voice changer things.

  9. Since I started reading the comments on this blog, it always struck me how so many comments question the tone of the articles and the tone of the conversations. And others question why would SD do this? Or why does SD have to do it like “this” (meaning the tone, language, etc).

    Then it hit me. There’s a television show called “What Would You Do?” The producer sets up a camera somewhere public. Then two actors enact a scenario. The “victim” leaves their wallet and the “bad guy” takes it. Or the “victim” is getting harassed by the “mean lady.”

    And most people don’t do anything about it. Then they interview people who didn’t do anything about it, and the few who acted out to help the “victim.”

    It reminds me of the IM world, where most people don’t want to engage in the conversation at SD. Probably because they’ve fed into the guru’s bullshit about “negativity.” And probably because if you start listening … and thinking … it starts getting hard to sustain the belief in unicorns and the interwebs.

    Oh, and people complain quite a bit about the “personal” attacks, the language etc. But one of the most difficult things to accomplish today in the communication arena is … being heard in the midst of all the noise.

    So hat’s off to SD for two things that are just brilliant. For one, SD is brilliant character creation. Think of your favorite fictional character… I bet you could describe him or her in a couple of words. I bet that you could describe what the character stood for in a couple of words. Superman anyone? Same here! So much more effective than a boring lawyer or a lame guru or something. Even the SD name itself invokes imagery and emotion.

    Second, the beliefs of SD are brilliantly positioned. In order for SD to be heard, he adopted beliefs and attitudes that necessarily draw a line in the sand. Beliefs and attitudes that reduce a gray world to black and white. But he would be much less effective if he did not do so.

    Its a bit much to ask people with very emotional unicorn laden baggage to “get” it at first. But some, hopefully many, will. After a while….I “got it” too! Took me a while, but golly gee willickers…I got it too!

    Thanks SD and godspeed!

    1. @What Would You Do, You are so right. Salty is a rare voice of truth in a world full of lies and people who can’t even cook meatloaf. Why, even old farts love Salty. I’ve asked them! God Bless the Salty Droid, and the good people who support him.

    2. @What Would You Do,

      Great observation

      SD simplified it…

      It’s either Right or wrong

      Those that get squeamish with this site usually find they lack all the facts and come around if they keep reading

      or they’re squeamish because they’re part of the problem…typically a low level affiliate whose stock and trade is peddling frauducts

      they wrongly believe they’re not an accomplice…but they are

  10. Where is @wow?

    Can’t play the victim card anymore … this post kind of crushed that position.

    Can’t play the female card anymore … the picture in this post also makes that a questionable position (not 100% certain of the sex of the 2 people pictured).

    Should I be going back to twitter to “Check It”?

  11. Hello Salty Droid.

    I think I missed something. Not the main point of your article, but you wrote:

    “a nice old{ish} lady deciding to drive her car into the river”

    Did something happen to young 56 year old real Debbie? Is she okay?

    1. @KG,

      I sure hope not, but I took at as a “possibility”, and what, in fact, “has” happened to many, many people (women and men alike) when they realize they’ve been had and all their hard earned money and savings is gone and they have no way of getting it back, nor earning it back either. And I thought Salty just used that as a “suppose”, but it could be any way or manner of ending one’s life — like jumping off a high balcony at a mall during a seminar, for example.

      And it’s not hard to imagine how often something like this …
      … leads to a nice old{ish} lady deciding to drive her car into the river … ashamed of making her biggest big mistake.
      End Quote

      That’s the way I took it, anyway — correct me if I’m wrong, Salty — and oh, how I hope and pray I’m right!

      1. @Bonnie ::

        That’s right.

        I think this particular Debbie is okay … I was unable to get a hold of her … but I did hear her voice on the voice mail.

  12. This is my favorite part of Ms. Dumpford’s post…

    “What you can do:

    Today, I’d like to ask you to do a few things for me.

    First, please share this. You know how.

    Second, do something amazing today – write, create, share – and do it as loud as you can.
    WE know we can never be silenced. Now it’s time to show THEM.

    They will not stop me. Don’t let them stop you.”

    However, you can NOT do that here via the comments section of this blog. Sometimes comments get filled up with truth and opinions that counter the arc of my false narratives not to mention the meanness. Oh that darn meanness.

    Plus, let’s face it. Comments are basically just blog clutter. You can read about it in my forth coming eBook. ‘Blog Fresh: Comments & Community Are Really Just Clutter. Earn Six Figure By Just Spouting Off In A One Way Conversation.’

    Go forth women express yourselves… elsewhere!!!

    1. @Oh No She Dit Int, Naomi is good at using her readers. She preys on their insecurities while taking what she needs from them.

      She didn’t post for six months until she had something to sell. Am I the only one who noticed “the hacker” ruined it so she had to take down every post except the ones where she was selling or playing the victim? Look at her blog now and tell me it all isn’t contrived and convenient.

      Naomi uses her readers. She used them when she disappeared without explanation only to come back with sales pitches and she’s using them now so that her message is louder than yours. It’s a shame they can’t see the forest from the trees. She knew just which card to play, too. Sad for her sheep. Poor things don’t even know they’ve been had.

    2. @Oh No She Dit Int ::

      Now it’s blogging without comments :: or posts …

      The IttyBiz Vault

      Hi there.

      I’m Naomi.

      I probably wrote the article you’re looking for, but it’s not here right now.

      See, our site got hacked (which tends to happen sometimes) but we got wind that the Very Mean But Admittedly Industrious Hackers found a way to get in and change the actual stuff on the site. (Not your average college hack job.) It looks like they were starting to rewrite some things, and not in very nice ways.

      In the meantime, we’ve temporarily taken down the archives until we can get all this hackery sorted out.

      Also in the meantime, we’ve left one very important post up.

      As far as I’m concerned, it’s pretty much the most important. You can read it here.

  13. This Syndicate is just as dirty as the other expect with really crappy marketing. At least the other Syndicate could use some old school direct response style marketing properly.

    These new folks, “the hipster syndicate”

    “we like money, but we don’t really… and don’t care if we make it, but sell overpriced expensive shit. Why? Because the Internet rocks our day and we’re starting a revolution. We’re minimalists and all that too.”

    Chris Brogan – The Trust Agent that looks like a child molester
    Chris Guillebeau
    Dave Navarro
    Naomi Dunford
    Danielle LaPorte
    Johnny B. Truant
    Darren Rowse
    Jonathan Fields

    The list goes on and on and on….all in the fat-dave circle jerk.

    I can hope they all start contributing to Dave’s wife and kids, after all, that’s how you live a joyous and rocking day. You don’t leave your wife and kids for a fat spider.

    I’m not sure which syndicate I hate more anymore.

    1. @FatDave, Speaking of rocking days, etc., I was just Googling Dave Navarro and found his “Rock Your Day” blog ( ) — I’m assuming this is the Dave Navarro we’re talking about, anyway — which has this slogan on the banner: “Stop settling for less. Start Changing your life.”

      I read this on the “About” page:

      “…I’m a different kind of rockstar, the kind who sweats behind the scenes rather than on stage, kicking successful people’s asses so that they become even more successful. I’m a personal productivity coach who gets deep into the minds of people who have everything going for them but are hitting some speedbumps and roadblocks – and I pull no punches until they break past the limiting beliefs that are holding them back.

      “I help entrepreneurs get ‘unstuck.’ I push people past what they think they are capable of. I find solutions to their problems that they had never even considered, and I get them to think bigger, work smarter and believe in themselves more. I take their psychological baggage and help make sure it gets lost at the airport. I kick their asses, and then I teach them to start kicking their own so I can move on to the next rockstar-to-be.

      “I’m not saying this to impress you, because I’m not looking for new coaching clients. My dance card’s full…”

      I guess his dance card got really full after December 2010, because there don’t seem to be any more blog entries after that.

      And it would appear that some of his own lost baggage got found at the airport and was turned in at Fake Robot HQ.

      1. @Cosmic Connie,

        Speaking of limiting beliefs… how about breaking past the limiting belief in unicorns and the internets.

        Cuz those beliefs are limiting the size of our bank accounts.

        And chasing unicorns and internets takes up so much energy and the most valuable commodity of all :: :: :: :: time

    2. @FatDave, I know Jonathan Fields fairly well. In fact I know 3 of the people on your list fairly well. JF is about as good a guy as you could meet and in no way shape or form belongs on that list just because he’s a fucking online marketeer.

      I booked some consulting when I started and he refused to charge me for it afterwards. He also sent me some free stuff and has been incredibly supportive when he had no need to be.

      1. @Bunny Badger,

        He seems like a decent guy.

        I have to wonder though. With all the harmonious; life loving; spiting lifting; uncertainty,; life-is-good mojo,that the hipster marketing third tribe has, how the following happened?

        How well they (everyone on the list above) all supported and uplifted Dave’s rise. Were they that blind to what he was up to? If I’m that spiritual and enlightened about doing good and helping people , it amazes me to know end that they couldnt see just how much bad he was up to. I would not be surprised if Navarro is crashing on his couch.

        Don’t buy into the “not in it for the money” routine.

        1. @FatDave, That’s bullshit, they didn’t all support him at all, in fact some of them barely know him and those that did thought he was losing the fucking plot in Vegas.

          1. @Bunny Badger ::

            It’s not about what they knew :: or thought :: or said … it’s about what they did … and what they do.

            1. @SD, I can’t argue with that, but when I offered some proof that Jonathan Fields isn’t like that and somebody else backs me up, that’s still not enough.

              Tar them all with the same brush by all means, but in my opinion that undermines your credibility, because in my mind he’s a good guy doing good work and doesn’t deserve to be lumped with the likes of Dave Navarro because they do a vaguely similar job online.

              The guy teaches Yoga ffs, can you imagine any of the others doing that?

            2. @Bunny, but you offered no real proof?

              Being supportive, not charging once, throwing in free stuff… just good business. I get nice postcards from my dentis and a free toothbrush when I go.

              & the yoga thing… yoga & self-help/personal development scams go way about. Remember the Secret? A lot of New Wage thinking overlaps with yoga-y stuff. Deepak Chopra etc.

              All these people seem nice. It’s how they make a living. And “nice” is not proof against running scams. Or giving bad business advice.

            3. @Bunny, I’m sure your intentions are good, but something I learned long ago was that nobody can absolutely vouch for someone based on their own limited exposure and relationship. Many people compartmentalize their lives and relate to different people in different ways depending on the context. Things do change, temptations arise, and circumstances vary.

              As a totally separate individual, it’s simply impossible for you to guarantee that others will have the same experience with someone as you did, or that they will never veer off course. It’s really going out on a limb to try to “guarantee” the behavior of another person who makes their own choices. It’s a lot like co-signing on a loan.

          2. @Bunny Badger,

            You’re right. Johnathan seems like a really good guy getting caught up in a bad storm. A lot of people associated with these folks and well, sometimes you need to be more careful who you associate with.

            However, I would just love to see one of those people in the list above set the story straight about Navarro and Dunford. They all sure did a lot of hobnobbing with them and promoting each other’s crap. Did they not even know them? Was it just more harmonious and easy-going, yoga-style, than the way our Syndicate friends do it?






      2. @Bunny Badger,

        I happen to know a few scammy folks IRL too (not friends, but friends of friends seen socially). A common pattern they have is to do things that give them the appearance of being “good people”…i.e. volunteering, donating to charities, going to church, etc. When it comes to business though, they will fast talk you out of your last dollar if they can. One guy my husband worked with justified it by saying, “Hey, I just charge what I think I’m worth.” And that guy goes to church every day. For realz.

        1. @Shorty, Jonathan Fields didn’t charge me when he could have, surely that takes him out of taking my last dollar camp, right?

          @Slowly Waking Your proof is above, but when did we start to need prove to clear somebody’s name in this country? Where the fuck is your proof that he’s a douchebag in the first place?

          1. @Bunny Badger, Fields could be a genuinely great person. Why does he work in a genuinely poisonous field? If Mother Teresa sold subprime mortgages, I’d tar her too.

            I’ll gladly change my opinion when shown ample, verifiable proof that he consistently teaches people to build businesses that pay out equal to his claims. You hired him. You making any money? Quit your job yet? Because I got $15 stuck in an Adsense account and I’d love help getting more clicks for the payout.

            As to the fuck is my douche-proof, as you sort of put it, I don’t want to live in a country (or world) of distrust. But when the Internet made it so easy for biz-op scammers to seem like our “tribe” waiting for us at the coffee shop, like every Midwestern town is a Silicon Valley waiting to happen, and once MMO blogs metastasized when the recession caused massive unemployment, that’s when & why Mr. Fields should bend over backwards to prove he’s not like the others.

            My point is that you’re asking for a dangerously low level of proof. Only the naive would accept what you offer as proof. I’m guessing most people (myself included) would hold potential plumbers; landlords; dates; banks; and just about everyone else online to MUCH higher standards of proof than we did/do our IM guru pals. Yet we believe their promises and fork over our savings.

            How strange!

            Like who you want. You can shrug me off as a stereotype: “oh, he’s just an angry failure. Lives with momma, got no honey.” Just remember that online? You get no body language, no voice inflections, no other subtle cues somebody’s a damn liar. DUE DILIGENCE. Even now, I have a couple IM folk I really want to like, who treated me square, who seem to have good intentions. But one associates with Dunford, and neither gave me any real help to speak of. Neither one can help you get a business going. “The road to hell” and all that.

            1. @Slowly Waking, Well I had already quit my job when I ‘hired’ him 3 years ago, and I’m still going strong and in business. In fact this has been my best year ever, and I’m not into marketing before you ask.

              And no, he doesn’t need to bend over backwards at all. Because there will always be some sad malcontent asking him to bend a bit farther and then a bit farther. And now please jump through this hoop, and now show me your fucking bank balance you bastard!

              And that still won’t be enough, because it never is.

              If ND has genuinely ripped people off, expose her. If any of the others have, expose them too! But for fucks sake keep it balanced and real and not resort to abuse.

              My first visit here was the Perry Belcher thing. Now that was fucking cool, that bastard had been ripping off old folk with fake meds.

              This? Well it appears some woman may have had an affair, may be late paying her affiliates (although we’re not sure on the last bit) and maybe used dubious marketing tactics to get people to buy from her.

              I presume you realize every business you ever buy from does exactly the same, right? Maybe it’s time to take down Google for not releasing cash from Adsense accounts until they hit $100. How many millions do you think they have tied up in that little racket?

            2. @Bunny, congratulations on your business. And yes, I mean that. I’m glad you respect work enough to do well at it. And I hope you have higher standards for your self and your customers than ND, or Rowse, or Kern, Pagan, or any other featured here.

              “If ND has genuinely ripped people off, expose her.”

              Stick around. I would have suggested to anyone, three weeks ago, not to read her blog or buy her stuff. Checking SD’s site after some months away, I was not surprised to see her featured, based on my previous experience of her “product.” I expect SD has detailed evidence based on his past track record of exposing frauds.

              “And no, he doesn’t need to bend over backwards at all.”

              Not for you. Again, low standards. I hope anyone else reading this, especially if you’re on the fence about giving money to an IM guru, thinks twice. I don’t care about his bank account. I just want proof he can deliver the results he promises. Am I the stereotypical sad malcontent? Nah. I just want to get what I pay for.

              Finally: “I presume you realize every business you ever buy from does exactly the same, right?”

              This is both cynical and incorrect, though I can see why you throw it in there. I do agree that Google’s “Don’t be evil” is a joke. They data-mine email; the Streetview car’s harvesting wifi data, as it was caught doing in Europe; and eventually I hope for an antitrust investigation, or at least some respite for the media industries suffering from Google’s love of aggregation and piracy. And Facebook’s evil on privacy, Apple’s evil on working conditions… It never surprises me when a large organization, full of people who can disclaim responsibility, gets caught doing wrong. Whether it’s a corporation or government.

              But! Many small, local businesses, and even many large ones, have standards they pride themselves on. We’re not in hell yet. Besides, faced with evil, the correct response is not excusing it like you did, saying “everyone does it.” No, you can’t police every business practice of every business. You do the best you can with the information you have, and aspire to do better.

              And when new information comes out…

      1. @Lanna, I went onto Tribal Author go get more about “The Pulse Of Bookmarketing”, but when it told me to Click here now to learn more for to find out more than what I just found out, I found out about the page telling me:

        “Not Found, Error 404
        The page you are looking for no longer exists. Perhaps you can return back to the site’s homepage and see if you can find what you are looking for. Or, you can try finding it with the information below.”

        which made me loopy, because I just came from the home page and also the information below only tells me:

        “Powered by WishList Member – Membership Site Software

        I’m supposing for crediting him with truth I can say that he did say “perhaps” I can see if I can find what I’m looking for…and I can “try” finding it with the information below.

        I’m putting the ticket into WishLishMember support right now to get them to help me find a Pulse.

        1. @Jack,

          The Tribal Author Camp was also Not Found. I hope they are OK. Maybe somebody who knows where they were could call the sheriff to go look for them.

          I’m definitely not going to the Skype event now that I read it’s all Tribal and also about Killer Book Marketing. (I’m afraid maybe the Killer Books got to the people at the Tribal Author Camp. [shudder]) It says there will be a live Tweet Chat, though, so those of us who haven’t been banned from Twitter for excessive truth-telling can tweet @jonathanfields to ask him about walking out of a meeting with Internet Marketers and being defended by Naomi Dunford’s life coach.

  14. All are good leaders… who should I follow?

    I want to follow someone!

    That blog makes me I`m confus.

  15. “Because this isn’t about me. I have the resources to protect myself. I have the support of a strong community with loud voices and far reaches. I have a contact list full of experienced friends who can give me crash course media training at 11 o’clock on a Sunday night.”

    Oh, come on, Naomi! It’s all about you! All of the time!

    And didn’t you forget something important in your latest screed? Jack’s a PREEMIE!!!! Oh my fucking god…she must be Mother Teresa with a bad haircut because she gave birth to a premature child.

    “I have devoted my life to making sure you can bring your kids to Disney World and send them to college and pay for their overpriced weddings, and hell if I’m going to stop now.”

    So self-sacrificing she is! Brings tears to my eyes…solidarity with all women, that’s what Naomi’s mission in life is. And if she picks up a thousand here and there, how can you begrudge her? PREEMIES eat a lot!

    1. @Barbara,

      “Because this isn’t about me”

      I think she was watching too much Luis Li in the James Arthur Ray trial — I wonder if she’s got her eyes set on him next — hopefully he’s got a wife and kids because she doesn’t seem to like relationships where she can’t destroy the lives of spouses and children.

      1. @SD, Thanks for reminding me. “I’ve got pages of this stuff!” “Don’t take my transfats away! They taste good!” I froze my face off on a mountain and Truc won’t let me show you the pictures!” But his most revolting comment of all had to be “folks who have passed away”.

        That’s right. Just plain folk, who happened to “pass”, nobody’s fault. Fuck you, Louie Louie. These people were murdered. Murdered by your client.

        I wish Naomi was on trial. By the way, if you google “fat turd Naomi” it brings you right to this blog. Convenient!

  16. And what of Naomi’s family?

    Two families wrecked by selfishness and infidelity. Perhaps the Navarro family efforts to speak to Dave’s conscience will help. I’m with Ryan Healy, tough love still saves many people…and heals many families. It’s hard work. Ask Dave’s family. I’m betting it’s currently the hardest work they’ve ever done.

  17. I just have to say something about your list up there, but before I go further, I want to say that Naomi and Dave suck. Anyone who leaves their family for what they presume to be “greener pastures” is a big, fat, sucky blowhole. What’s best, is when what they’ve done bites them so hard in the ass that what they thought was going to be the two of them taking on the world together has turned into nothing but a popcorn-grabbing, sadly entertaining spectacle for the rest of us.

    Hell, I’m a chick who once had a very prominent developer lie his way into getting his drones to make actual violent threats against me in the comments of his blog. No, not euphemisms, but rather things like “I’m gonna find her and smash her kneecaps in with a crowbar” type stuff. I didn’t freak out about it being a “credible threat” and start writing blog posts and calling on my friends to back me up – I was more worried about how many people would see this horseshit lie of his and actually believe it. (Had I truly been worried about a credible threat of violence, the first place I’d have gone to is the police station and/or my lawyer – not the interwebz!) Fortunately, my reputation for being a hard working, honest, caring person held up stronger and longer than his stupid lies did. I only had to wait it out, other commenters had come in and suggested that a few thoughts were over the line, and then it all died.

    ANYWAY – What I really wanted to do was talk about your list of people to hate on here. I can totally understand most of them (Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Jeff Walker, Naomi and Dave of course), yet there are a few there that don’t deserve to be lumped in. Darren, for one. He’s been doing this blogging jag for like 7 or 8 years now, and with the exception of the paperback, really only made money off advertising spots and product reviews (Amazon mostly, on DPS – and of course, aff links with reviews of products and ebooks of others online). It was only recently (past year or two) that he really started hammering out his own ebooks and products, but they’re based on the knowledge he grew out of having *actually done the work himself*.

    This is where I tend to agree with you, SD, about online business models. I think no one should be claiming to be a pro enough to coach or consult you until they’ve actually done the work themselves. Darren’s doing that… using DPS as his own learning tool, and then sharing that info and expertise on PB. I mean, you can’t tell me that someone who’s actually got first hand knowledge and experience doesn’t deserve to be paid to take the time to teach it, right? By that account, college professors should work for free and free alone. Store managers should work for free. The US President and all of Congress should work for free. Well, okay, maybe some of them should, but that’s besides the point. ;)

    So back to this Naomi and Dave bullshit. Neither one of them did anything. Naomi had an email course that went out to various niches and you know what? It was ALL THE SAME EMAIL, just with the niche words replaced. I’m talking carbon copied, and I know because I signed up for them all just to see what kind of bullshit she was starting up. It made me ill. What also makes me ill is the fact that Naomi’s supposedly trying to earn money to pay for a birthday for the husband she’s no longer with, when she can’t even pay her affiliates what she’s owed them for 6 months. That kind of shit disgusts the hell out of me.

    Oh, and don’t get me started on the sheeple she’s got under her wool. Even @thatkevinsmith tweeted about her post, defending her. Really, Silent Bob? Didja have to go there? Ugh. I wonder if she went to bat for him with the airline and that’s why he’s defending her.

    So I guess what my long winded comment is here to say is, kudos to SD for being here. I think there are far too many who have drank the koolaid that comes from the saggy teets of Naomi and clan, and for those of us who have seen through her shenanigans and run far and fast from her, we’re all glad you’re here. But please, don’t just lump people in by the company they keep or have kept. Take the time to look at individuals and the details in depth before assuming they’re all bad. Darren’s not the only one who actually teaches by true knowledge, and it’s a shame that he and those like him, who actually have good intentions, are shadowed by so many frauds and fakers.

    1. @Homewrecking Naomi Dunford Sucks, much agreed about Naomi & Dave.


      You wrote: “This is where I tend to agree with you, SD, about online business models. … no one should be claiming to be a pro enough to coach or consult you until they’ve actually done the work themselves. Darren’s doing that… using DPS as his own learning tool, and then sharing that info and expertise on PB. I mean, you can’t tell me that someone who’s actually got first hand knowledge and experience doesn’t deserve to be paid to take the time to teach it, right?”

      So, yes, Darren is a pro, at teaching people how to set up affiliate blogs on digital photography. (Making the HUGE assumption that his dubious, unverifiable income claims are true.) Therefore, this qualifies him to teach people how to set up affiliate blogs on digital photography…

      …if he has actually devoted some time to learning the deceptively hard craft of teaching. The world is full of jackasses who think their success qualifies them to shower the world in shitty keynotes, books, and training courses.

      …if his experience can reliably take his targeted audience of newbies from 0 to Cash (ahem) consistent with the six-figure income claims he makes on the cover of his book.

      …if and only if his experiences are replicable.

      They’re not. His book’s “secrets” are common knowledge. And he got his prominence because he started when Internet real estate was cheap. His was an early photo blog, then an early make-money-blogging blog. You start a couple of blogs in 2002, then again in 2011, and tell me which start’s easier.

      It’s like having bought and held Apple stock back when it was $20/share: that success doesn’t make you a financial advisor.

      And the final point you make about college professors/store managers/etc is just an odd comparison. If Rowse gets paid, I hope it’s far less than store managers, who work harder at a harder, more important job than “problogging” about MMO or digital cameras. I would love to have a good camera store with a 20-years expert close by… instead I’ve got Darren Rowse on my iPhone. Well, shit!

      Besides, these scammers often trade on NOT being experts. They try to look like “regular folk” just like you and me. It’s positioning. They use it to make our normal folk aspirations seem doable. They also love to trot out the same college comparison you did, only they use it to dubiously compare expensive tuition to their own outrageous prices. But college– other than giving you a strong, lifelong network of friends and contacts, other than reliably increasing the incomes & opportunities of people with degrees compared to those without– offers a chance to learn from highly-trained experts in a controlled environment. Entrepreneurs have valuable experiences, sure, but the PhD you need to teach college means you have real-world experience doing research. Sometimes it means 7+ years experience just working in physics, or ethics, or cutting people open to put in a new liver, or materials science, or investigative journalism so you can root out the internet scam artists. Darren Rowse could maybe teach a course in business and entrepreneurship, except that his painfully limited experience is closer to getting elected to student council in middle school than actually, you know, taking an idea from concept to prototype to product and THEN building a real business with employees and investors and infrastructure and all that.

      The dude’s a hack. He’s not your friend. Don’t defend him.

      1. @Slowly Waking, While I do believe Darren rehashes a lot of his stuff as of late, will you ever give a guy credit?

        The fact that he DID start his internet empire in 2002 should be worth something. Of course it’s much more difficult to start now then it was back then. That’s stating the obvious.

        I recall several times where he hosted a webinar for his readers just to hang out. No pitches no nothing. Whether or not he had alternative motives is up for debate, but I remember him being a pretty genuine guy, answering any and all questions that was thrown his way.

        While the majority of the internet marketing world is a fraud, there are some people out there who provide a great service and value.

        1. @Bud, hey.

          Stick around, she what Salty unveils. Based on his record, I doubt he’d mention Rowse casually.

          And your defense of Rowse sounds like his advertising copy. But you have to write what you know.

          If you are like I was, you’re pursuing the digital lifestyle/MMO model, doing everything right. Which explains why your PD blog looks just like the dozens of copycat PD blogs that the Probloggers tell you to make. But none of the copycats ever makes it up to the next level. They just spin their wheels.

          I mean, how many of your Twitter followers are actual friends? How many are other aspiring probloggers kissing up to the A- and B-team players? Do any of you have any paying clients? Billing forms? Bank accounts?

          How much of the time you spend Tweeting with life coaches and copybloggers could you have spent loving your family, taking a road trip with your lover, working with kids, forwarding your career, improving your community?

          You get to spend your life however you want. Doing a Darren Rowse webinar just to hang out sets the value bar criminally low. Unless Rowse and his pals set the bar.

          Even his photo stuff. If Digital Photography School were DP Review or Luminous Landscape, I would rave about it.

          When faced with ludicrous claims– like Gary Vee’s notion that OCD passion + online ubiquity = success, or the Problogger claims of six-figure income based on non-experts writing blogs– we have to be very exacting in our judgement. We have to research the claims. We have to be skeptics until we are bowled over with ample, verifiable evidence. Like with Gary Vee, his book tells you more about HarperCollins cashing in on the publicity cycle than anything applicable to promoting a business. You might learn to sell by watching Wine TV. You won’t learn a thing from his book. There’s a reason most business books can be boiled down into executive summaries.

          Self-deception makes these people a lot of money. But you get to spend your life how you want. I think you’re sincere and mean well. Apply the same standards of proof to SD that I mention here. Compare them to the proof offered by the problogger crowd. Then listen to your gut.

          1. @Slowly Waking, that was a great comment. Please remember to schedule your vacations with SD’s secretary so there won’t be any editorial gaps.

          2. @Slowly Waking, thank you thank you thank you…..

            FINALLY, someone had the balls to throw Gary V’s name in the ring. He may not scam scam, but he DEFINITELY sells the dream and sells it hard.

            Come on, let’s be honest. Seth Godin does it too (sells the dream).


            “You might learn to sell by watching Wine TV. You won’t learn a thing from his book.”



            1. @BloggyBloggerton, haha I’m not sure what Godin’s selling, his books are light & airy as a dream!

              Business books… I like Peter Senge a lot. But he’s not a marketer. All marketing books come down to telling people what they want to hear. But people are people. They want to hear their dreams can be made real, even the silly ones, so you have to ask whether you’re telling them the truth.

    2. @Homewrecking Naomi Dunford Sucks,

      The only thing Darren Rowse can teach is how to get a ton of page views even though ProBlogger is nothing but guest blogging landfill. How often does he post? Once a year? Twice? He’s another one who all of sudden cares about his community when he has to sell something. I wrote to him twice and he didn’t even have the decency to respond but you can bet he contacted me when he had a product to sell. He’s a user just like the rest of them. People trust him because he looks like a nice guy and used to be a minister.

    3. @Homewrecking Naomi Dunford Sucks ::

      And just to add to @SlowlyWaking’s point :: did Darren not promote … affiliate … and profit from Naomi Dunford?

      And if he’s got nothing to hide … why not print my comment …

      … which actually contained no dissent at all?

      And all this stuff with Dunford went down more than a year ago … hows come he never said anything about it?

      Questions without answers.

      1. @SD, It’s a real testament to the cult-like suppressed dissent in the online marketing community that this didn’t come out sooner

  18. “In an act of startling coincidence, my site got hacked. Google “ittybiz” around that time and you wouldn’t get me. You would, interestingly, get Mean Website 2. Funny how that works.”

    It would be “interesting”, IF only it could be something that would be interestingly TRUE, which seems not possible coming from her, becuase what is proven as the internals of that hack is the conditional redirect from the search engines which can be known to be this:

    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteOptions inherit
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} .**$ [NC,OR]
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} .*google.*$ [NC,OR]
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} .**$ [NC,OR]
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} .**$ [NC,OR]
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} .**$ [NC,OR]
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} .**$ [NC,OR]
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} .**$ [NC,OR]
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} .**$ [NC,OR]
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} .**$ [NC]
    RewriteRule .* http : // sokoloperkovuskeci . com / in . php ? g = 56 [R,L]

    N. Dumbford, get your fhackts straight, OK?

    1. @Jack, Not to mention about the fact that SD would have to control the domain situated in Latvia:

      But that one probably makes some sense, because of my idea that one day SD would cash in big time, so probably this whole site has been waiting for the big day for the 40 million wordpress-blog vulnerability so he could funnel the money to his cohorts in Latvia?

      Oh my yes, what such a “coincidence”.

  19. “Your face has always been very ugly … personally I think it’s the soulless eyes.”

    I thought it was because she looks like a bloated KD Lang (or a thin Sandy Jenkins).

    How Navarro could leave his kids for any woman much less this train wreck troll is mind boggling to me.

    Dave if you happen to read this, man up, kick this fugly bag to the curb and go back to your kids.

  20. Ironically, early on in the Droid’s history (before a lot of you young ‘uns came on board) he won my stony, shriveled, hate-calcified heart when he chivalrously defended an early female commenter from a nasty, nasty troll-like person. (Seriously bad stuff, none of this “I guess I’ll see you around the cyberspaces” but reeeeeeally evil.) We had a pleasant email exchange. At one point I offered to send him cookies. He politely declined. I’m not sure if it was his smart policy of not accepting gifts, or a generally wise decision to not eat food sent by a total stranger from the innertubes, or if he had just heard all those TOTALLY UNTRUE RUMORS about my lack of mad cooking skillz, but the wisdom of his refusal just endeared him further to me.

    I *am* a fan of spiders, however. Cosmic Connie can attest I do not approve when people cast them in a negative light. While she gamely accepted the full brunt of my gruesome spider-defending wrath a few months ago, I acknowledge getting most people to appreciate spiders is an uphill battle, and today I am just too tired to say much more than “Awww. Poor spiders.” And suggest a more loathsome type of critter in their stead. Like tapeworms. Or ticks. Now THERE’s an arachnid I can hate. Yes, blood-sucking, engorged ticks, dangling like grapes from the internet’s nether regions. C’mon, guys, that’s MUCH worse than spiders….

    1. “I have a contact list full of experienced friends who can give me crash course media training at 11 o’clock on a Sunday night.”

      LOL When I read this I couldn’t help but laugh. Naomi is trying to really scare people isn’t she? LMAO.

      Naomi Dumbf&(k should be ashamed trying to use the women’s lib card to further promote her maggotry. Naomi you’re a home wrecking Jezebel. You’ve caused small children to suffer excruciating emotional pain and you will be part of the blame when those children grow up with all kinds of psychological issues due to their father having abandoned them. You are a disgrace to all women, in fact you are a disgrace to all human beings.

      The only woman you have believing your maggotry is Dave.

    2. @mojo ::

      I agree about the spiders … it’s unfair. They eat mosquitos … enough said.

      But the BlackWidow illusion was just irresistible to me … sorry spiders.

  21. “Because this isn’t about me”

    I find it very difficult to hear that statement spoken by anyone anymore, without laughing. First it was Luis Li, then this woman.

    Too funny.

  22. Salty, you’re an asshole. I mostly read to see how high you raise your jerk flag. You let me down today.

    Her “hate crime” propaganda was disgusting. This had nothing to do with her being a woman. Your post gave her a reason to rally people who stopped paying attention. They think she’s in danger. They have no idea she’s so fucking crazy, she probably wrote those death threats to herself.

    She has no business comparing herself to Kathy Sierra. If she was getting death threats, why hasn’t she gotten the authorities involved? If she really had a lawyer, they’d tell her to shut the fuck up about this — no comments. Anyone with a brain can see it’s all lies, lies, lies.

    Instead of blowing her bullshit to pieces, all you say is that the truth is out there? Thanks, Mulder. Let us know if you find any aliens while you’re tracking down something with more teeth than a quote-by-line defense post.

    If you’re going to do this, don’t puss out. We’re waiting to see how far you go.

    With my ungrateful two cents thrown, I’ll go fuck myself now. Thanks.

    1. @Got DEET? ::

      I think maybe when you’re accused of plotting some murders because you hate women … that seems like a good time to under-react. Maybe someone not accused of planning murders can react more vociferously … cause I agree that it’s some epic bullshit.

      This story is complicated and important … I already have it story boarded so to speak. I won’t let these shenanigans keep me from telling it in the way I need to. Naomi’s little stunt diverted me for exactly one post …

      “Thanks, Mulder” is pretty funny.

  23. Yo, I was starting to lose faith SD, but after some thought and reading of stuffs I’ve decided this bizness interwebs shit is beyond fucked up. And I’m still an SD fan.

  24. Wow. I have to say that I’ve not read such trollish, mean-spirited writing in a long time. But what am I thinking? This is the internet.

    Your anger and (potentially justified) sleeze writing have as much validity as the woman’s. Both of you are not speaking with kindness and forgiveness. And both of you need to shut up. Now. Yes, I know you have free speech. But “it is better to be presumed to be an idiot than to speak and remove all doubt.”

    There’s enough smearing and nastiness to go around. Please. Stop.

    1. @Wow,

      Too late now Naomi! — you should have thought of all that long before you got yourself into this mess!

      1. @Bonnie @SD

        “Please Stop” – CLASSIC!

        As a side note that is sort of irrelevant but funny at the same time: I think Dave Navarro is competing with Perry for the biggest “moobs” in internet marketing :-)

    2. Um.. I’m not Naomi. I actually was going to offer a supportive post. But nasty doesn’t make for a good argument. It just means there’s a lot of anger. Did this woman (whom I do not know, have never met anyone involved) screw up? I would say yes. (Sounds like “Magic Eight Ball” – “all signs point to yes” LOL.

      I never really found that angry posts on the internet solved anything. Except maybe help someone’s blood pressure. Life is too short to sit and piss and moan. Moving on – peace out and go smell the flowers.

      I’m laughing that I’m a “loser” best compliment I’ve had all day.


      1. @Wow,

        Who’s angry?

        And if anger helps blood pressure, I’m sure glad you’re not my doctor. And I hope you don’t play one on the net either — Naomi.

    3. @Wow ::

      Come on, I miss you @Wow … where’s your impassioned defense of everybody’s favorite Blogger-Douche mascot? Only 2 comments on this post?


      Your contributions & the local rebuttals are some of the funniest shizzle wrapped up in this whole diatribe.

      Come on @Wow! You better bring your A-game … cuz this Dumbford SpiderBitch Shit Storm is gonna be HUHLARIOUS!!!!

      @NaomiDumbford … Oh man, you are so awesome. I know it’s really Frankie-boy who wants us to name his next frauduct — but maybe you are open to suggestions too?

      How about:

      10 Easy Steps to Self-Promote Your {Fake} Business Downfall Using Twitterz :: And You Can Too!

      Btw … How’s that ;; tattoo ;; looking on your ;; rotund ;; rear ;; regions ;; Dumbford?

      @Everyone Else … Sorry for making you picture the SpiderBitch’s rotund rear regions.

  25. I saw Naomi’s garbage being spread around twitter last night. I knew a couple of the people who retweeted it, so I contacted them privately. They had no idea who she was or anything about her. They just saw “women bloggers”, “death threats”, and “please retweet”. So, they did.

    Bringing all of this attention to herself, especially when it is based on lies, was a supremely stupid move. She has succeeded in moving a lot of people from neutral (because they had never even heard of her)…to curious and looking for more information…to disgusted and angry when they find it.

    Even spiders must be smarter than that.

    1. @what?? ::

      Thing is … it really is a pretty good thing to retweet {or whatever} without thinking much about it. The accusations she’s making are of seriously criminal and horrible behaviors. The idea that someone would flat lie about such things … I think that’s a pretty cynical baseline state to be in. Only drunken poets think like that.

      So it is spreading … and a huge number of people are coming here … and I was right in the middle of a teaser sequence … which all our regular peeps know … and which she knows cause she reads this site.

      Naomi has the singular distinction of bringing a swarm of traffic here BEFORE her ShitStorm.

      Well done Madame … well done.

      1. @SD,

        bring it, Salty!

        i’m on the edge of my seat… i can’t wait to see what you have in store for the Turd Tribe.

        i’ve checked back over the course of a few days to see the comments going completely apeshit. you’ve struck a chord. too many people selling the dream of magical unicorn writing (and you can too!).

        it’s old… ugly… and tired… (like Seth Godin.)

    2. @what??,

      I also saw the post on twitter. I had no idea what it was about but got pissed off (as many do) and went and read. Because of my own situation something about it struck me weird. Honestly I think it was the “mean site 1” and “mean site 2” that did it. So I RESEARCHED before I shared it on twitter.

      Yeah, now I tweeted this morning to tell those that posted it yesterday that it’s BULLSHIT.

      This whole thing made me so mad I could scream.

      I really don’t give a shit if Dave left his family for this chick. Their personal life makes NO difference in my world. BUT her tactics for attention and business are something else altogether. I’m not a marketer or a professional blogger so the chance of me getting ripped off by her are nil but that shit about her husbands birthday is the grossest manipulation I’ve encountered in a long long time.

      This woman is an absolute embarrassment to females everywhere and she should be ashamed. She should also be run off the interwebz because they don’t need her.

  26. And for the new people :: making up spastic lies as a “defense” to serious truths has precedent here …

    Perry Belcher’s goodbye Internet Marketing BS post … negotiated by me with mercy he in no way deserved …

    “While I can take reasonable criticism, today I have concerns for my safety and the safety of family.”

    Harlan Kilstein upon receipt of a Droid backed refund request {never collected btw} …

    “I think it’s pretty pathetic that some schizo is encouraging people to email me calling me “Nigger”. Makes you wonder wonder who they are.”

    Let the good times roll …

  27. But Naomi, I thought you said fear was a good thing. Remember? Last November? Here’s what you said on IttyBiz:

    “I’m afraid people will decide that given my background (see: pregnant teenager, college dropout) I have no business calling myself an authority on anything.

    I’m afraid my oldest son will stay a Mormon, serve a mission, and be brainwashed to hate me.

    I’m afraid if I rest, I will fail.

    Guess what, folks. Fear is normal.
    As a bloggers, artists, writers, business owners, we are afraid. Trying to avoid fear, circumvent fear, or remove fear is an act of futility. Fear will not go away.

    Live with fear, do your thing anyway.”

    What’s this talk of her oldest son? Did she have another child before Jack the PREEMIE? Did she have to abandon him because he wasn’t premature?

    And why am I not surprised to read she’s a college dropout?

    1. @Barbara, Yes. Naomi left another husband and son before she left the present husband and son. Poor stupid Dave Navarro.

    2. @Barbara, Finally, there is one thing that Naomi said that we can all agree on:

      “I have no business calling myself an authority on anything.”

  28. Dear Naomi,

    Since you’re not opening your blog to comments I hope you wont mind if I ask my questions here. Its for the safety of women everywhere and we know you’re down with that message.

    1. Why did you disappear for so long?
    2. Why don’t you ever let anyone comment on your blog?
    3. did you call the authorities? how silly, of course you did. To not do so would be a disservice to abused women everywhere.

    Congratulations on the Kevin Smith tweet. That one’s a keeper!

  29. Wow. Whatever relevant points you might have made were entirely obscured by the sheer amount that you write like a misogynistic dickhead. Congratulations! I might have agreed with you if you hadn’t peppered every fucking paragraph with shit about how ugly you think Dunford is. Peace.

    1. @Anonymous ::

      Agreed with what? I haven’t even made my point yet … I didn’t threaten kill to Naomi … neither did anyone in Dave Navarros family … neither did any readers of this site.

      Facts can’t really be agreed upon or not … they’re just facts.

    2. @Anonymous, It really makes me feel badly when I have to look up words used on this blog. Tone it down a little bit, will ya?

  30. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
    Grew to really hate these people.
    I was a Copyflogger, before SD showed me why that was kind of limited thinking…something I regret, and appreciate at the same time. I can say he cured me too; I literally never go there any more, and it used to be a common stopping point on the reading grid.

    But God, I don’t want to know anything about them, personally.
    Knowing Navarro ditched his family or the spider-woman is a soul-less cretin does not help anything, ever – just increases the number of assholes I know about.

    I will say though, you made me think. You made me visit – you made me look deeper.
    Not a goddamn blogpost they share, idolize or link to has ever done the same…thinking is not the mission plan.

    I am sorry I know more about these damaged people than I ever wanted to know. Sorrier still, that it keeps on going.

    I know this is not the blog to stop it – this is the opposite. But I can’t help throwing up in my mouth now, every time you sing this sirens’ song.
    I don’t want to get petty, but fuck you, stupid simple manipulating spider bitch. You SUCK. Life called – wants their pulse back. Troll.
    Eat her up, droid…please.
    She is roadkill.

    1. Why is it that whenever a fake robot has even a shred of success online :: the haters start right in on his suitability for sexual intercourse?

      You know?

      I thought we’d moved passed shit like that …

      1. @SD,

        I don’t know, Bender seems to have a pretty robust sex life. And there’s Roxxxy, the first robot girlfriend. Roxxxy’s creator says:

        “Douglas Hines, founder of Lincoln Park, N.J.-based True Companion LLC, said Roxxxy can carry on simple conversations. The real aim, he said, is to make the doll someone the owner can talk to and relate to.

        “Sex only goes so far – then you want to be able to talk to the person,” Hines said.”

        “Since Hines is a soccer fan, it can already discuss Manchester United, he said. It snores, too.”

        A Man U fan. Doesn’t that tempt you at all?

      2. @SD,

        dude….you know…haters…they probably think your motivator is not up to the task…afraid of a malfunction…you know…nowadays…they all want to do D2….

      1. @Homewrecking Naomi Dunford Sucks, Someone should send Silent Bob a dictionary with the phrase “due diligence” underlined.

  31. And by the way, I think I speak for almost everyone else here when I say I can’t wait for tomorrow.

    1. @memyselfandi, do you think another post in this saga will be up today? I keep refreshing the site like a maniac. Apparently I have no life.

    1. @memyselfandi,

      That’s interesting, as Jade Craven is Dave Navarro’s “Official Media Girl”. The picture posted above of Dunford, Fields, and Navarro seems to link to her account as well.

      1. @Anon,

        I was his media girl. That working arrangement ended shortly after blogworld.

        I did take that photo, after the internet marketing meetup that Fields walked out from.

        That post was a public statement as there were a lot of rumours circulating, and I was tired of being caught up in drama assocatiated with other peoples actions.

        If you want other ‘dirt’ on me:
        – I write the list of bloggers to watch each year on Problogger
        – I’ve barely made any money since all of this went down.
        – My ‘brand’ is about networking and connecting.

        I’d like to ask that anyone who talks about me be respectful of the fact that this has caused me so much stress and that I suffer from a severe anxiety disorder.

        This is not a plea for sympathy, rather just stating what it is.

        I’m willing to answer any questions providing they don’t break any confidences. I can’t directly talk about any of the people mentioned but I believe that pretending this site doesn’t exist won’t help anyone.

        1. @Jade Craven,

          I wasn’t seeking dirt, simply responding with what I knew.

          Kudos to you for standing by your friend as long as you did. While I do believe that people’s morality can’t help but bleed into their business ethics, I am certainly not going to attack your stand.

          1. @Anon,

            Thank you. I appreciate it. And, I’d rather people bring in anything I’ve said or non in a non accusatory way.

            There is no guidebook for when things happen and the advice from several people who have no idea what I do on the internet was to shut up.

            I’d also like to say that Dave is in no way responsible for my sucking as a business owner. I just suck. I’m a writer, and implementer, not a sales person.

            1. @Jade Craven, Dammit Jim, we need more time! (sorry – your last line brought out my vintage trekkie)
              Jade, I hate it for you, but truly love your steel. Taking it on the chin, hurts. You do it gracefully and though it means little, I offer my support and respect. No good way to handle any of this – no precedents. It is shameful, how they act – that they take good people down with them is why Salty gives a shit. You’ll be fine, no doubt,and outlive them all – just keep on standing up.

        2. @Jade Craven ::

          Thank you Jade Craven :: the way you just handled that is basically the only way to handle it … we see it here rarely.

          I’m quite sure you will be respected … by me not least.

          1. @SD,

            Did the robot mean “by me at least”??

            I totally respect what Jade Craven has said here. It’s too bad to read what stress and anxiety this has caused here.

          1. @Anonymous,

            It’s actually far more common then you think. It wasn’t so much official media. It was:

            – liasing with affiliates
            – Talking to customers about what they liked and getting their feedback
            – Doing research on what other launchers are doing and finding potential stories to write about
            – working with people who wanted to interview him.

            It was more relationship managing and I was rather effective at it. It saved time.

            The ‘media girl’ title was chosen because the OMG abbreviation made us laugh.

            It wasn’t about getting big so much as outsourcing a part of his workload to someone who knew what was going on.

            1. @Jade Craven ::

              Clearly you are much better at managing relationships than Navarro & Dunford et al.

              Your article “How To Screw Up Your Brand in 6 Months or Less” is very close to my suggested title for SpiderBitch’s next post (“10 Easy Steps to Self-Promote Your {Fake} Business Downfall Using Twitterz :: And You Can Too!”)

              Particularly your “How could they have handled it differently?” advice is spot on …

              But I’m glad that Naomi & Friends didn’t follow it — or we wouldn’t be enjoying this hilariously cathartic exposé of their outrageous antics!

              Thanks a lot for posting so openly & truthfully.

              You’re already an instant hit in my book … and get 5x points for the courage it took to do this :-D

            2. @Jade Craven, I have to say, you not only have guts, but you handled this interaction very well. To point out just a few of the things you did right: you consistently maintained a non-defensive tone, you addressed the questions head-on, you were non-evasive, and you didn’t blow smoke.

              You were also smart enough to know that one’s own blog and social circle can never be a bunker, and you were willing to step outside of that and go to where the conversation was.

              I can think of a lot of prominent “internet darlings” who pale by comparison. This should be a lesson to others.

        3. @Jade Craven, I don’t envy you for being in such an uncomfortable position. I reckon you handled it the best you could. Huge respect for how you’re handling yourself here. Just sayin’.. Tia

        4. @Jade Craven, Well done Jade. I thought you handled things beautifully when you first addressed things, and you continue to do so now.

          Also, frankly I’m thrilled that things are heating up a bit now because all this silence about it has been a bit stifling.

      1. @Frank,

        Naomi has talked about manipulation in her interview as part of the 2010 More Buyers Mastermind.

        I will hunt down a transcript of the recording to find the correct context.

  32. Jeez, Salty, with you distracting Naomi and making her address “Mean Websites 1 & 2” and all the “threats” and crap (without links to “substantiate” her claims, no less), how will I ever learn to sell to “Carol”, “Daniel” and “Angry Old Auntie Vera”? Sure Naomi’s ethics are crap and her “content” is crap, but I’m still finding her feigned hipness amusing.

  33. Ugh! This is really gross. I was perusing and came across a November 10, 2010 letter from Anthony stating “Naomi at IttyBiz, posted an article on how your business is not supposed to grow at the expense of your relationships.” There was a link, but of course the post at ittybiz was taken down. So I couldn’t read what it was about or see the date of the post.

    Did she know Navarro at the time she wrote that post? (Or is it just some crazy coincidence?) Regardless, the stench of hypocrisy is overwhelming.

    I hate to dwell too much on her personal life since this site is really about uncovering internet scams, but I can’t help see a correlation with the very messy personal backstories in these scammers’ lives and the terrible, terrible scamming they do. This is turning out to be a really twisted story! At this point I’m watching this story unfold covering my face with my hands but peeking between my fingers. I’m afraid to hear anymore but…can’t….look….away.

          1. @_cartman_ :: Nice one!

            This whole SpiderBitch Shit Storm is hard to believe already. The amount of glaring hypocrisy is going to explode my brain!!!

            Dumbford … How do you even wake up in the morning / sleep at night / look at yourself in the mirror / sit down to type these never-ending self indulgent lies????

            While local Not-friend @I Don’t Buy it may have been a bit of an intuitive :: what with knowing about those secret bank accounts & all :: this Naomi Dumbford SpiderBitch character is a freaking prophet!!!

            From the post {aka :: Evidence} rescued by @_cartman_’s Google cache ninjitsu:

            {Warning … if you have read much at the site … this may sicken you}

            “A lot of fallout happens when we live out of congruence…

            So if things in your ittybiz are rocking and home isn’t, perhaps there is a bit of aligning needed. Just saying.

            But what about the other side of this? You’re doing exactly what you want to be doing, and loving every minute of it yet the other half is making waves or has turned into a life sucking killjoy.

            Fact is – life is filled with many things that compete for your attention. The way you navigate this is by prioritizing everything in life…

            But it doesn’t end here! Thanks, Dumbford, for being such a mind-exploding hypocrite in public record {pwnd by Google cache} … Now, why don’t you regale us with more of your prophetic visions from the past, Dumbford?

            An ittybiz can be similar to raising a child. It takes a lot of work and sacrifice from both parents, especially in the beginning. But this sacrifice changes as the child grows and stands on their own – same with your ittybiz.

            Maybe your relationship would benefit from a conversation about minimally acceptable standards. Things like when the computer will be turned off each night. Or which day(s) of the week are devoted to family or the marriage.

            Sometimes, even a small standard being set provides enough of a tipping point for the relationship to flourish.

            Those we share life with often just want us to be present… {Naomi’s REAL emphasis!} Not distracted with work while sharing a meal together, or working on your laptop while the family plays together in front of you, or constantly checking your iPhone or stats or email or Twitter every time something beeps.

            They want you.

            100% of you.

            Even if it’s only for 5 or 10 minutes at at time. Being 100% present goes along way.

            Seriously??? I almost get tears in my eyes reading those last few lines … if it wasn’t for the palpable turning of my stomach, I probably would. But seriously Naomi???

            I’m not sure if this was some ironic unconscious twist on the LetterstoDoucheNavarro site you wrote … but wow. I am scared. Of you. For your family. For your customers.

            My heart really goes out to the Navarro family.

            @Anthony Navarro … I wish you the best of luck. I hope this tough love will help to snap your brother out of his horrible trance.

            Thanks for coming here to comment so thoughtfully & articulately.

            1. @Doctor Mario, but, not diminishing the shittiness here but just for clarity, this is a guest post, doc:
              I asked one of my personal heroes, Dr. Corey Allen, to write this for you in the hopes that it ends up in the hands of those who need it.
              No less revolting for her to publish it, but for the record, seemingly not her words – directly attributed to that guy. Nope – won’t link it.

            2. @Doctor Mario,

              Personally, I think Naomi’s husband is better off without her, no matter who wrote that post on her blog. And since I don’t know Dave or much about him, the jury is out for me on whether or not he deserves her or not — apart from what his family thinks about him, he “is” an adult, and is making his own adult decisions. However immature and selfish they may be. And maybe his family never knew the real Dave Navarro in the first place. Who knows. And who knows anyone, except themselves.

          2. @Martypants :: You’re right … sorry, maybe I should have mentioned that.

            Naomi didn’t personally WRITE the above quote I posted from her blog above – it was a guest post (other than a short crappy snippet by Dumbford).

            I just meant it was prophetic that she printed a total exposé of her own shenanigans.

            Thanks for clarification though.

  34. @Naomi Whateveryounameis

    Have you ever received a death threat in real life? I have. From a man who carried a gun professionally.

    Let’s just say. I know, and you know, that you’re lying.

    1. @MrGray, why would anyone even think of killing this dumb Naomi Dumbf*(k and letting her get off easy? Get real…I personally like having a nasty scamming mascot to make fun of…she deserves every bit, but death threats?? LOL People would rather see you in jail, knowing you’re suffering for all the suffering you’ve inflicted on others, especially the kids.

      But you know, Dave and Naomi look happy together, in fact they look like twins to me, can’t really tell which one’s Dave in the pic above. One thing for sure, though, one of them has a pair of moobs that would make Perry Belcher turn green with envy!

    2. Get ready for it…..’cause it’s gonna happen. Can I get an update? What’s the word on where Naomi is posting from now? Baltimore? Cleveland? Chicago? Who’s IP address is she using now? It just goes to show how shallow your thought processes run when everyone who comes here defending the people you attack are attacked themselves and accused of being the person you really hate (for no reason other than they are successful at what they do and you are not). When, the reality is, every single one of you COULD BE and probably are Salty Droid himself, pretending to have fans who have a slightly higher IQ than that ignorant hate-monger. Curious question… why haven’t any of you matured past the fifth grade? Do you really think this side of you, this perpetual desire to smear people and ruin their lives, is remotely attractive? Don’t you realize the vast amounts of people who pity you for not having a life? Naomi’s blog does have incredibly useful information on it (unlike the garbage on this site that you all accept as if it is the gospel of Christ himself) AND her information on her blog is free, so if she wants to charge for something, why shouldn’t she be allowed to do so? Do you know anything about economics? Because it is obvious none of you know a thing about Marketing principles and I’m wondering, do you get this angry at retailers, drug stores, and big chain supermarkets? Because what they do is no different. If you would come down off your self-built tower, off the high you get from provoking people, and spend some time in a class room, you’d know this.

      And you want to talk about taking things out of context? Salty Droid is the king of this! Do you realize he misled you about the birthday party for her husband? None of you were smart enough to read between the lines. He led you there and you drank the water. You idiots! Do your research and see when she posted that idea of the birthday party and see if it coincides with his accusation that she did this while sleeping with another man.

      1. @Your Gonna Say I am Naomi,

        Oh Naomi, you just accused us all of being everything that you yourself are and do — ever heard of projecting? Like I said in another post, who knows anyone, except themselves.

        When I was young (and yes, I’m an old fart), we had a saying, don’t know if it’s still used today — “don’t go away mad, just go away!” ‘Cept I can’t wait to see you (and all the other scammers) get yours for fleecing the truly innocent and hopeful and vulnerable. You may have dedicated followers now, but they won’t be once they find out the truth. And they will.

          1. @People Are So Stupid,

            lol, I don’t remember it being in a song from the 80’s, or at least, I don’t ever remember hearing it, but if it was, it was taken from a saying we used to say when I was young, and that was “decades” before the 80’s ;)

          1. @Your Gonna Say I am Naomi,

            Glad to know I amuse someone else besides myself — I guess I’ve finally found “the meaning of life”.

          1. @Your Gonna Say I am Naomi, I just want to be the first one to take notice of the fact that you’re so stupid you don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re” or “you are” so nothing you have to say ever will mean anything. Thankyouverymuchbuhbye.

            1. @People Are So Stupid, OMG, are you serious, really? More fifth grade crap? Even sixth graders could eat your lunch! You have nothing to attack me with except my use of the word “your”? (Read this in a sarcastic voice) That’ll teach me….nothing like a well placed “buhbye” to make a point. (end sarcastic voice here) BTW, still waiting on something of substance. Anyone??????

            2. @People Are So Stupid,

              Sorry sweetie, but on this one I’m going to disagree — we “all” use the incorrect spelling, synonym, word version, etc. every once in a while in our automatic writing conversations — I think it’s pretty normal. However, if it was a professional published copy, such as a book, or professional blog, etc, well, then I would say yeah. Not sticking up for anyone, just sayin’ ;)

        1. @Your Gonna Say I am Naomi,

          Everyone is blasting you here and voting down your comments (and deservedly so since your an idiot) but I actually want to thank you.

          You have raised the entertainment value of these last few posts by at least ten fold.

          Stick around and keep it interesting.

          1. @RT, woops!! You also misused the word “your”. Ordinarily, *I* wouldn’t bring that up, but I thought it might be a good idea to warn you so that it doesn’t happen again. And, yes, my comments get voted down by all EIGHT of you, the same eight that have been hanging out here for, I don’t know, how long now? Days, weeks, more? Could there really be that many of you who don’t have jobs that care so passionately about this? What is all of this worth to you? Obviously, you have something invested in the Salty Droid’s business or you wouldn’t be so obsessed. Unless of course, it’s a mental problem.

            1. @Your Gonna Say I am Naomi,

              … your seem to be hanging out here yourself … what are you implying?

              I will admit that I am fully invested in the entertainment at hand and again you are part of it so thanks :)

              Who doesn’t like to see a story where the good guy takes down the bad guys?

              Salty is kicking ass and taking names and it is all unfolding in real time.

              @SD – What is your business other than taking down bad guys? This crazy chick (clearly a female) thinks I might have invested in “your business” and I want to make sure I get my return :)

              … guess I will have to wait for the next post for that. (Not bitching about the wait or anything).

            2. @Your Gonna Say I am Naomi,

              Before you brake your keyboard typing I see the “your” at the beginning of the post but there is no edit function so save yourself the time.

            3. @RT, If I were so inclined, I’d also say that brake = break, but no more calling you (or anyone else) out on spelling or usage, I promise.

      2. @Your Gonna Say I am Naomi ::

        And you want to talk about taking things out of context? Salty Droid is the king of this! Do you realize he misled you about the birthday party for her husband? None of you were smart enough to read between the lines. He led you there and you drank the water. You idiots! Do your research and see when she posted that idea of the birthday party and see if it coincides with his accusation that she did this while sleeping with another man.

        Oh I think you might be confused there NotNaomi. The point of the article was that only a horrible person would write such horrible and obviously exploitative things.

        Naomi Dunford :: the person who you are not :: freaked out before I even started. So just keep your pants on {literally!} … these things don’t write themselves you know.

        1. @SD and @You’re Gonna Say I’m Naomi (I spelled you’re properly though : )

          I had already pointed out that the birthday scam post mentioned in the first expose style post on Naomi Dunford was old.

          Not everybody that reads this blog is a complete, full on hot fudge fuckwit.

          1. @Confused, sorry, I didn’t take you for a regular visitor. My apologies if I offended you.

  35. @SD. Love the way you edited the initial picture. How much time did it take you to androgenize not one but both of these “people”?  

    Also, I’m not certain, I guess my eyes are going on me, but doesn’t the “person” on the right have a ring on it’s left hand ring-finger indicating marriage?  

    Isn’t that DN?  

    Didn’t DN leave a family behind?  

    If DN left a family behind wouldn’t DN take the ring off?  

    Oh… Hold on… I bet DN listened to an 8 track tape from David DeAngelo in which he learned he could Sarge a lot more wominz wearing one of those. 

      1. @People Are So Stupid, Not for nothing… You gotta admit the 8 track David DeAngelo reference was great. If you won’t then I will. It was great.

    1. @Gv ::

      I think there is a song that comes down strongly on the side of putting a ring on it … maybe he just likes that song.

  36. Is anyone tweeting out these posts, to the extent that Naomi and her drones are tweeting out hers? I’m half-tempted to create an anonymous account and @reply all these stupid, stupid people. Especially Kevin Smith. Geezus, how did she get to him? SD – Don’t you tweet?

    I want all these feminist lemmings to see that none of this has to do with Naomi being (supposedly) female. Nor does it have to do with just the fact that she and Douchebag Dave sit there raping people’s wallets for bullshit info that would be fine on their blog, but not so fine when it’s carbon copied into 5-week newsletters just so they could build their lists.

    I’m pissed that neither of them have any good moral ground, both personally and professionally. That’s it. They’re not paying affiliates, they’re not keeping appointments, they’re not communicating with anyone whether they were “friends” or not.

    I watched an episode of “Hardcore Pawn” last night, where this dude came in and wanted to sell a laptop. Said he really needed the money. The guy asked him what he needed the money for and the dude told him he needed to support his cocaine addiction. Dude at the counter said, “No deal. Have a good day.”

    Guy came back with some jewelry and approached other salespeople. First sales guy saw, went over, told them all what he was doing, and again, Mr. Cokehead was turned away. “We’re not going to give you money to support your bad habits.”

    Yet my fear is that people are going to keep supporting Naomi and Dave and their bad habits. I’ve ended friendships with people “IRL” who don’t display the same basic moral values I have. Why on earth would I support and encourage others to support people who lie, steal, cheat, and lie some more? Why would anyone?

    I’m so glad this is coming out – but I fear it’s not going to matter unless people actually see sites like SD and – we need to get this info out there!

      1. @Memyselfandi,

        Yeah, but I think what they don’t realize is that he probably meant she had a fat HEAD! (as do all narcissists) :)

        The truth will come out soon enough and all will understand.

        1. @Bonnie, Everyone is so into the outrage of it all no one stopped to think about what is really going on. I will lay it all out for the mom blogger(s) so they can see past the word “fat” and read the word “fraud.”. There’s a bigger picture than Naomi’s weight and Dave’s moobs.

          4 Ways to Use Death Threats to Get Out of Paying Your Affiliates and Taking Care of Your Family

          1. Naomi didn’t go on the run because of death threats. Naomi and Dave went on the run because Dave cleared out the bank accounts and left his family. Lawyers were looking for Dave and Naomi. Dave and Naomi ignored them all. Now that they want to sell something they need a good excuse for disappearing for six months. I know! Death Threat!!! Death threats work for alibis at divorce hearings too. Right, Dave?
          2. Dave and Naomi owe affiliates they haven’t paid in six months. How will they get out of this one? I know!!! Death Threats!!!

          3. Naomi’s site was hacked. The hacker had the nerve to remove every single blog post except the death threat post and the sales posts. Bad Hacker!!Thanks for leaving up the selling posts so we can pay for the preemie we abandoned and tell everyone about our death threats!!!

          4. Salty Droid was about to expose Naomi for the fraud she was. Naomi needed to deflect attention and get her friends in high places involved. Death threat retweetathon!! Thanks, Kevin Smith!!! Now everyone is outraged over poor Naomi’s plight they’re not even going to learn about the unpaid affiliates or Daves family left with nothing. Nice work Naomi and Dave!!!

      2. @Memyselfandi,

        And geez, that picture of her looks more like a hooker sitting in a brothel livingroom in Nevada than any kind of a businesswoman of any integrity and morals. Who takes a professional picture like that with lips pierced
        and that “come hither” look?

    1. @People Are So Stupid,

      Just wondering why you are linking your username to Dave Navarro’s site — I’m not judging, just wondering.

    2. @People Are So Stupid,

      Is anyone tweeting out these posts, to the extent that Naomi and her drones are tweeting out hers? I’m half-tempted to create an anonymous account and @reply all these stupid, stupid people.

      you mean this post

      Death Threats and Hate Crimes, Attacks On Women Bloggers Escalating

      unfortunately it won’t work….however as I mentioned before….If anyone fears going to that November conference because of the “mass murder” that is supposed to happen at that conference, those individuals should contact the FBI to investigate that terrorist threat [[it’s one’s duty to protect the people]]…one can inform twitter that their platform is being used to transmit information of a PUBLIC terrorist type threat…and inquire if the FBI was contacted in regards to the article’s “mass murder” component which they are propagating…

      I’m sure the pro Naomi people who believed it, and retweeted it, were intelligent enough to contact authorities before aiding Naomi [[if it is untrue]] in the possible commission of a felony….

      wasn’t there another story that happened involving a publicity stunt and false evidence…oh yeah “balloon boy” and it wasn’t even considered an act of terrorism…

  37. So strange I haven’t been contacted by law enforcement yet. I talk to them a lot lately … and it seems to me they’re quite a question asking bunch. My name :: number :: and website are on file with the FBI … so I’m really disappointed that it’s taking them so long.

    I sure hope Naomi didn’t forget to report all her very serious misogynistic death threats.

    Also … I know Naomi was concerned about me needing a lawyer … so I feel obligated to offer her that same concern.

    1. @Your Gonna Say I am Naomi, That picture you see in the blog post above is one of a distraught Dave Navarro. He’s so broken. So shaken. So clearly afraid and on the run.

      Still waiting for the death threat proof.

    2. @Your Gonna Say I am Naomi,

      Oh puhleeeease … this is emotion driven bullshit, not proof of anything.

      1. @Jaime, it certainly answers a lot of questions and makes your judging ass look like a hypocrit.

        1. @Your Gonna Say I am Naomi,


          Hypocrite? You’re just as stupid as Naomi Dunford! The lack of logic, poor communication ability, and utter shallowness is beyond comprehension.

          How the hell did Naomi Dunford become so popular writing this crap? I mean, looking through some of the posts, especially those deleted (thanks _cartman_) simply depict a tremendous but unearned ego. Are other women online really this desperate for leadership?

          1. @Jaime, there’s that lack of spelling defense again, (I think I’ll start a new bingo game) the one that’s used when someone with logic makes a typo and although the logic can’t be debated, the typo can. Yep, can be recognized. At least you are no longer calling me Naomi. That game didn’t last long enough for the bingo cards to be printed. Maybe I am getting through to you guys, those of you devoted to a man who regularly uses misspellings as a trademark.

            1. @Your Gonna Say I am Naomi, How is “your” a typo?

              I mean, if I wanted to say:

              The quick, brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.”

              and instead said:

              The quicl, brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.”

              I would call that a typo.

              But forgetting an apostrophe and extra letter in an often misspelled and misunderstood grammatical situation is by far NOT a typo. It’s a lack of intelligence. It’s a lack of grammatical skill. One who lacks those things is likely to lack others. Like the ability to produce anything but defensive drivel that means nothing. Like, you’re doing.

              No one can take you seriously because you’ve proven you’re unintelligent enough to have a grasp on the English language. If it’s not your native tongue, then speak in your native tongue or use a translator. But don’t pretend it’s a typo, my dear… it’s not.

            2. @Your Gonna Say I am Naomi,

              I didn’t notice your spelling errors. You probably want to check on the definition of a hypocrite, though.

              Do you actually believe that SD set out to create a blog phenomenon to highlight Naomi Dunford and Dave Navarro’s relationship problems?

              My {pretty solid} guess is that it’s just a sideshow to the main attraction known as creating a “blogging about blogging” cartel to sell false hopes for big Internet monies.

    3. @Your Gonna Say I am Naomi,

      No, it is not a proof.

      If you want to prove anything, post full email messages without taking bits and pieces out of context.

    4. Naomi,

      I know you’re reading this, so I’m not going to pretend to talk to aliases.

      I can’t even begin to tell you how angry that last post makes me. The other fictionalized post disgusted me. People cheat all the time, they vilified the people they’ve wronged, and they try to justify their actions. They disgust me too.

      But trying to spin a story about “being threatened” and manipulating others to spread your lie for you is absolutely beyond the pale.

      How *dare* you. How DARE you trivialize a horrendous situation like that MANY women DO have to deal with? How DARE you try to manipulate people and try to play the girl card.

      You don’t get to play the girl card when your actions are destroying another woman and her family.

      Then to make a post maligning Dave’s family and trying to turn his brother into the bad guy, that is so DESPICABLE that you both are utterly beneath contempt.

      How DARE YOU! Hasn’t his family been hurt enough? How warped and twisted are you both that you would ever think this is a good idea.

      I have to assume that you called someone in to help write that, because while still deceptive, manipulative, and contemptible, it had much more finesse that your first pathetic attempt to neutralize the situation. That one was sheer lunacy.

      And Dave,

      What kind of cowardly putz are you that you would allow something like that to be published about your family, and your brother that is LOOKING AFTER YOUR FAMILY?

      Where are you? Hiding behind Naomi’s skirts letting her fight your battles for you? At least she’s fighting to try to save your career and reputation.

      You are both LIARS.

      Maybe you think that you are just so great at spin, or that everyone else is so stupid, but everything you two have done SCREAMS your guilt. There has been nothing posted here so far that wasn’t already out there for someone to find.

      So this is the story you are trying to push, that poor little Dave just *had* to leave his family, but he is SO scared his big bad scary brother.

      If you are going to make that kind of claim, you had BETTER have the proof to back it up because YOU, my oh-so-savvy-marketers, are venturing perilously close to defamation of character yourself. Combine that with what I am certain is false claims of terroristic threats, and you are well on the way to creating a bigger mess for yourself than you’re already in.

      Words matter.

      First, good guys don’t just run off and leave their families. Period. So you already lose credibility in the situation.

      And you’re not having an affair? Please. Are you trying to insult the intelligence of every rational person out there? Are you trying to make a liar of people who saw you and were associated with you?

      You are LYING.

      I saw one of the videos that you and Dave did. After I came across the Letters site, I went back and watched some of it again to try to figure out what bothered me so much about it. Even before I knew anything about the situation, I could tell there was something that wasn’t right. It made me uncomfortable just watching it.

      You are LYING.

      You know, if you had just come out and said, “Hey yeah, guess what . . . Dave and I are shacking up. Our love is just SO SPECIAL that we just HAD to be together.” . . . a lot of people would have bought that line of crap.

      Yes, a lot of people would have dropped you, but I remember you saying when you first started that you wanted to work with people with the same mindset, which is part of why you cursed in your posts. But there are also a lot of people that buy into the lie that what people do in their personal life doesn’t matter, as well as a lot of cheaters out there, and they would have back you up because in giving you a pass they excuse themselves as well.

      But no, you have to go out and make your lies bigger.

      But I’m done wasting my time on anything to do with you and your lapdog. I’m also done with anyone that has any association with you two. If they are part of your cabal, I’m not even interested in hearing what they have for lunch, let alone anything of a professional nature.

      Since you two don’t even have the SLIGHTEST concept of right from wrong, I’ll let my 10 year old explain it to you. This is an article she wrote:

      Number one: If you lie, it can put you in bad places. Think of it like this, life is a big game of chess and you’re the king. You need to move your pieces in the right place and you need to think carefully in order to win the game.

      But if you make the wrong move, you get caught in a situation and each time you make a mistake, you go deeper than you were before until you are trapped.

      Number two: Lying can make people dislike you if you lie about things like “taking the last cookie” or “lying about stealing things,” people get unhappy and they begin to dislike you.

      Number three, It just makes you unhappy. As you lie, you hide yourself until you get angry, sad, or unpleasant.

      Lying can be bad for health and just plain bad.

      Lying can hurt you and other people.

      Now you see why lying is wrong.

    5. @Your Gonna Say I am Naomi, She’s from Canada?Adds to the lies. We have no 1st ammendment here… And a Canadian wouldn’t need to hide in the deep South. I can drive 20 minutes and no one could find me.

    1. @Your Gonna Say I am Naomi,

      That was in your first link, above. No need to repeat the same things over and over …

    2. @Your Gonna Say I am Naomi, they all hate these people for other reasons, and don’t give a shit if they’re in actual danger from someone who might be interested in harming either of them.

      People, don’t assume just because you can stop your axe-grinding on the internet, that everyone can. Consider the history for a moment. Have issues with these people all you want but accept that there MAY be a risk here. The dude’s mother was shot to death by his dad. That’s something to be concerned about.

    3. @Your Gonna Say I am Naomi,

      No, it’s not relevant.

      Her invocation of this murder that took place over 20 years ago is absurd, to put it mildly. Because the guy has the same name as a totally different Anthony Navarro in California, that makes it relevant?

      Or do you think a teenaged Anthony Navarro was living in New York and hiring incompetent hitmen to chase down his wife of 14 years, back in 1984?

      They get married young in the Italian community, huh?

      I make no claims as to your identity, but if you think this is relevant, you’re likely to believe almost anything.

      1. @Grover Lembeck,

        I missed a paragraph there- so their father was a psycho, therefore anyone involved should be in fear for their life. I got it now- sorry.

        I still hold the same opinion, though, as to how relevant it is. It’s not, at all. The situation is fraught with drama all around, but pulling this out as a reason for a man to abandon his kids, and to try and tie it in with someone exposing worthless scammers, well….stop trying to change the subject, is what it comes down to.

      2. @Grover Lembeck,

        Grover, it’s supposedly Anthony and Dave’s father — not Anthony, Dave’s brother. I really am confused now. And I hope Salty has some answers soon. This is getting really wierd now.

        1. @Bonnie,

          There is no need for answers. What is going on with Navarro’s family is not really relevant here. It is not even relevant who left whom and for whom and why.

          The divorce/family abandonment situation is very sad in its own right, but has nothing to do with the original SD’s post.

          The point of the original SD’s post was to expose Dumford as yet another online scammer offering over-priced, worthless products to the masses.

          The way things seem to work on this blog, the original post named “The IttyBitty Spider” was a primer for much bigger revelations about Dumford’s scamming nature with, I assume, a proof of such.

          Dumford is attempting a damage control by turning herself into a martyr for women’s rights.

          The only real question here is whether or not there were credible death/violence threats issued by readers of this blog or other sources.

          At this point in time, Dumford failed to provide any credible truth of such threats.

          That is all.

          1. @Glad I Was Broke, because she would be jeopardizing her life by posting those emails, how can you not understand that?? Additionally, what attorney would encourage her to take actions just to satisfy your simple curious mind?

            1. @Your Going to Say I’m Naomi,

              Ok, this is how it is done in the real world. There are 2 way you can handle serious/real death threats.

              1) You don’t say anything in public. You go to authorities. Submit all the information you have and let them do the work which they can do better than civilians.
              If you choose this way, bad guys are not prepared when serious people with court orders come to their door.

              2)You make the whole thing public. You post un-edited emails, recordings of phone calls, scans of letters and pictures of cut off horse heads. Names are named, websites are listed. Your position is clearly stated. This serves as a deterrent to bad guys i.e. if they come after you, the whole world knows who did it including serious people with court order, etc.

              The way this situation is handled with ambigious mentions of some websites and some people posing some vague death threats DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE AT ALL.

              It is some pretty mind-fucking bullshit.

              P.S. If Naomi really has a cohort of friends who can give her advice on how to handle PR disasters and THIS is course of actions they advised her to take, then I’m glad I don’t have such friends.

      3. @Grover Lembeck, Grover is absolutely right.

        There are currently: 312,112,331 people in the U.S.

        In words, that’s three hundred, twelve million, one hundred twelve thousand, three hundred and thirty one people.

        To go back 27 years in history and to try to connect her totally unproven claims to an unrelated incident is beyond insane.

        The ONLY purpose of the baseless, deceptive comments is to attempt to distract and change the subject from Naomi’s own actions.

        Consider it a fail. People just are not as stupid as the small cult-of-the-spider thinks they are.

        I imagine there will be more posts, and they are bound to be eye opening.

  38. Hey SD and peeps… looks like top “Online Visibility Expert” Nancy Marmolejo is posting about this on her facebook page:

    It’s funny how experts are willing to promote a post that clearly DOES NOT accept comments AND doesn’t point out the blogs/domains they are talking about, so no way to check the discussions going on about her post… but these same experts will put up a link on Facebook with a plea to get the people to rise up.

    Online Visibility Expert?

    Someone needs to tell Nancy Marmolejo to wake the fuck up and smell the spidery coffee.


    1. @Matt Harward Scammee, Maybe Nancy Marmolejo can’t be bothered with “due diligence” and “getting the facts.”

  39. Hey – why is all this anonymous? Who owns this blog anyway?

    (I’m not Naomi Dunford – same name – different person.)

    1. @Naomi, You mean you can’t be bothered to read the blog yourself? That’s too bad. Go watch some tv then. It doesn’t require reading.

  40. Say what you will about Naomi Dunford, call her whatever name you wish, but obviously these tweets say something better, and there’s proof to back it up.

    @geeksdreamgirl @naomidunford Well I can tell you what I can do, I can tell the world that conspires with murderers.

    1. @Your Gonna Say I am Naomi,

      Wait, what? Who is the murderer? Who is conspiring?

      Who got killed here? Are you referring to the sad events in Florida in the late 80’s?

      Stop trying to change the subject.

    2. @Your Gonna Say I am Naomi,

      So, liar, name the guilty. Who are they? Show some proof. Links. Evidence you know? You have none? Nothing? That makes you a lying nutjob.

      Try as you might, the truth will NOT go away because of your lies. Bank on that.

  41. Naomi you weren’t at blogworld. You and David were in Las Vegas but never came to blogworld. No one could find either of you. Why is that?

  42. I gotta say, something about this one has really, really gotten under my skin. I can’t pinpoint any single aspect of this story that is particularly offensive (there are so many to choose from). I am very anxious to see the next article on this.

    Anyone who has listened to a woman (or girl) tell her story of abuse or threats that she received at the hands of a man SOLELY for the fact of being a woman, know that it leaves a distinct kind of sickening feeling in your stomach. On behalf of those women who have actually experienced that kind of terror and abuse (some people very near and dear to me included) all I can say is: shame on you Naomi. Shame on you.

  43. As a woman who recently started a blog (April) to take on a serious felon and prevent him from being able to fly in a local Air Show..or further scam people in the future I was initially disturbed when I read Naomi’s post. However, after reading more about this situation I’m just grossed out.

    My webhost gave my name to the person the site was about (without court order and violating my privacy) and I was scared. He is a convicted felon and I have documented proof (from the FBI) of him threatening the lives of others when he was in trouble so I still feel my fear was more than justified. But I NEVER said it was because I was a woman. It was because I was doing something he didn’t like. I was outing him for the con man he is.

    This chick is doing nothing but hurting the cause of women who do stand up against the REAL bad guys and she should be ashamed.

    Just sayin.

  44. Okay, Anthony, since you are obviously keeping tabs on comments here, I have a question for you: if your motives are so pure, why would you partner with a foul-mouthed hate site like this?

    SaltyDroid has come up on my radar once or twice. I’m not a follower nor a fan because this site is all about tearing other people down under the guise of helping people. Don’t like the price of something? SaltyDroid says it’s a scam! Don’t like the popularity of something else? Ooh, SaltyDroid says it’s a scam and the person running it is fat and ugly!

    I don’t know what Dave Navarro has or hasn’t done. I’m pretty sure 100% of the people here don’t know either. And here’s the thing: as a Christian, I’m taught not to judge. I’m taught to respect others’ right to choose, and that Satan is the one all about taking away choices. So I don’t know what Dave Navarro did, why he did it, or who he slept with…and I don’t care. But I for sure am not to allow my personal pride to convince me it’s okay to dictate life choices to anyone else, nor to endanger someone’s life (yeah, because SaltyDroid would never lie about anything) because of my selfish behavior. And yes, it is selfish, because if Dave really is the kind of person who would abandon his wife, she and her children would be better off with someone else.

    1. @Alethea,

      >>And here’s the thing: as a Christian, I’m taught not to judge.<<

      I think that you need to sit down with your pastor and have a discussion about what the instructions about judging are in the Bible.

      Nowhere does it say that you aren't to confront a Christian, which supposedly Dave is according to his brother. Quite the opposite. If someone offends you, you are supposed to go to them privately. If they still won't listen to you, you take someone with you as a witness. If they still continue, they are to be cast out from the congregation because someone in flagrant sin is a cancer that spreads.

      You've confused Christianity with New Age/New Thought/Universalism that says that there is no right or wrong and that whatever you *feel* like doing is okay.

  45. “@Alethea” said:

    “And here’s the thing: as a Christian, I’m taught not to judge.”

    “if your motives are so pure, why would you partner with a foul-mouthed hate site like this?”

    Missed your medication again, “Alethea?”

  46. I always thought of some kind of autonomaus mechanical ejaculating machine when i heard “Salty Droid”.

    1. @Felicity, mmmmm, me too, but say it slower. And misspell autonomous again – it makes me so hot that you are stupid.

  47. Hello,

    You may or may not be aware that this story has gotten some play over at reddit, here:

    More than anything, it seems like a very confusing story, but because naomi’s story frankly, seems more clear, she is getting the sympathy of viewers.

    This blog clearly has good points to make, but it’s nearly indecipherable to people unfamiliar with the people and topics. Would it be possible to have another blog just explain the whole situation, including naomi’s questionable promotion ethics, like we are five, in a clear, simple timeline?

    Right now the perception is that you’re a vicious misogynist bully and others are threatening her life, though no copies of the threats seem to be forthcoming, nor police reports filed. I don’t think that’s true, but some clarity for the laypeople here would help a lot, since Naomi seems determined to take this fight to the general populace. Write it like it was a Wikipedia entry!

    Apologies for any of my own errors, as I am on iPad.

    1. @VeryConfusedSpectator, Oh, dear. I feel another blog post coming from my Whirled. But first I’m going to stick around and see what Salty has to say tomorrow. After all, I do not have a complete understanding of the situation myself (I don’t think anyone really does). And I don’t have anywhere near the readership Salty does. But since I’m a woman and I don’t make fattie jokes, I might be able to summarize some of it in a way that is palatable to those who automatically think female accusers are always right and little fake robots are always wrong. Or maybe someone else is up to the task. I do think you have a good point, @VeryConfusedSpectator; at this point it’s easier to take Salty out of context than Naomi. People look at the fattie jokes and name-calling and they don’t see anything else. And that’s a shame.

      1. @Cosmic Connie,

        Thank you very much for any help! Any clarification would be helpful. I linked to a smaller sub-reddit in my previous post, but it has gotten many more comments/upvotes at the following threads:

        So there hundreds of people reading and commenting on the story, most of whom seem to have taken a clear side. (for Naomi.)

        I know nothing about internet marketing or the parties involved, just curious because of the hype this saga is getting. I figure it would be helpful if someone were to ask for a very simple timeline, as many people are confused by Naomi’s writing as well as the writing here.


        1. @, I’m thinking that after I get more information, I may blog about this stuff from my own p.o.v. as a female blogger who has received death threats for criticizing scammers, but who doesn’t see misogyny around every corner. However, I don’t think it will be a straightforward Wiki-like chronology. After all, as Salty noted in his recent comment, it’s not a simple story. And like you, there’s a lot I don’t know about Internet marketing and the parties involved. But a scam is a scam is a scam, and I think I understand that basic premise pretty well.

          The most I can hope to do is provide additional perspective without the drama that Naomi stirred up, and without making fun of her looks, though I cannot promise my post will be snark-free.

          Anyhow, I’m looking forward to Salty’s next installment, because I am firmly convinced that there’s a lot more truth here than we’ll find on any of Naomi’s posts.

    2. @VeryConfusedSpectator ::

      Thing is :: this blog isn’t for random passerbys. I don’t really care what people ignorant of the facts are saying :: or are going to say :: about me. It’s about to get more complicated … not less … because that’s what the people I’m writing it for need to hear.

      But this isn’t a story with two sides. I’m a fraud fighter :: Naomi is a fruadster. The death threats were lies … and many smart neutrals … like the peeps at Hacker News … had called bullshit on her idiotic article before I even saw it.

      You can’t convince a fool of a complicated truth.

      And as a side note :: yesterday’s server crushing traffic came from a post about fake robots on Metafilter …

      … which had nothing to do with this current idiocy.

      So there’s lots of people here right now going :: “what the hell is this place??” … and if form holds … about 40% of them will get addicted and will still be reading my “hateful” comments a year from now.

      1. @SD, I just took a look at the Meta-filter link, and I think your assessment is accurate, if the discussion that followed was any indication.

        While some of the participants were put off by your language, style, punctuation, etc., others mentioned just a few of the scummy stuff you’ve written about (corrupt AG’s; infomercial scammers connected to big selfish-help rockstars, etc.) — which led to others wondering why the mainstream media don’t seem interested in these things.

        Even though the odd punctuation and name-calling took some getting used to, I’ve been addicted to your “hateful” comments from the first time I visited.

        1. @Cosmic Connie,

          “Even though the odd punctuation and name-calling took some getting used to, I’ve been addicted to your “hateful” comments from the first time I visited”

          You took the words right out of my mouth, Connie! Except, I’d have to add that I wasn’t all that happy listening to all the foul language — I just wasn’t and am still not used to it — but it wasn’t just from Salty, as we can see (sometimes it’s from Salty “wannabes”, especially when they are the targets and trying to anonymously defend themselves, however failingly!). But I stayed because I saw the truth and the good that he is trying to do and is doing. And of course, I first found Salty with the James Arthur Ray sweat lodge horror, and I had known all along in my own little granny head that he was a sham and a huckster and a fraud all before that ever even happened — right from first seeing him in the secret that had no secret — so I knew Salty was and is on the right path. And I truly admire him for all he’s doing.

      2. @SD :: 40% !!! Dayum … good job bro. I’m with @Cosmic Connie … the “hateful” comments are highly addictive.

        If you don’t mind sharing … on a similar note, what is the Avg. Time on Site for us readers?

        I am always wondering about that :: esp. when hardcore trolls are trolling (i.e. @Your Gonna Say I’m Naomi) :: an occassional Unique Visitor’s first time on site = >38hrs???

        Talk about addictive! And this is the best Shit Storm a’brewin in a minit!

      3. @SD,

        I started reading nearly two years ago for the James Arthur Ray insights and connections. I have stayed because I enjoy reading justified (and sometimes foul-mouthed) outrage, and seeing people who would be happy to take your last dollar in the name of Teaching Business/Secret/Magical Thinking promotion get their comeuppance.

        Since I work in a place that makes the foul language here seem like a Royal Family Formal Tea Party in comparison, I don’t get offended. People should be offended that this crowd of grifters and ponzi scheme people are allowed to operate at all.

  48. This is trolling for the sake of trolling. I don’t care how any of you justify this – like you’re exposing lies and preventing innocent people from being preyed upon by money-grubbing theives – this is harassment. You are demeaning and attacking a woman.

    You’re all going to call me a “loser” and that’s fine – I don’t need your validation. I just want you all to take a step back and realize that what you’re doing helps nothing and no one. If you think Naomi Dunford is a liar, and I don’t know, maybe she is, but what you’re doing is cruel and callous that it trumps anything she has or could have done to anyone. Attacking her sexuality? And her weight? This is not responsible blogger behavior or Christian behavior for all of you in this comment section claiming to be devout Christians.

    “Salty Dog” – all this energy you are putting into attacking and berating one or two human beings – I just wonder what exactly these attacks are doing to improve anyone’s life? I just think about all this time being spent to do things that are helpful to the world and could improve the lives of others and I wish you would find a more positive outlet for all your efforts.

    Come on, guys. Cut this out. It’s unnecessary and cruel. Let people pay for Naomi’s services if they so choose… What does it do to you? And guess what – free country – you can choose NOT to buy her services or visit her blog. So don’t if you don’t like her.

    But the rest of this is immoral, you guys. I don’t care how you slice it or what jusitification you hide behind.

    Stop the bullying. You’re not helping anyone, least of all yourselves.

    1. @Al, Your ethically empty comment is an insult to anybody with a shred of ethics and morality.

      Attacking those who speak out as “immoral” for outing someone who lied to and deceived her customers, solicited help to engage in tax fraud, made totally unfounded claims of non-existent “threats” against her to create a smokescreen to distract from her own selfish deceptions…that’s about as low as you can get.

      Naomi, yourself, and her (small) tribe of junior deceivers are the biggest bullies of all.

      I’d question how you could sleep at night, but that’s undoubtedly when you are the busiest at contemplating how you can suck the life out of the trusting, decent people you exploit.

      1. @Chuck, You are a complete and total asshole and I’m sure a majority of the world would agree with me. Sadly, I’m stuck in a sea of idiocy with this site it seems. Oh well, the worlds gotta have its idiots I guess.

        1. @The Bends, Obviously, the numerous comments here overwhelmingly disagree with your pro-slime pukespeak. “Sea of idiocy” is a moronic cliche that delusional dumbasses use to try to convince themselves that they aren’t as stupid as they really are. Judging by the other idiotic comment you made, you are worse than stupid. You’re also a conscienceless gutter trash psychopath, and those are your “better” points.

    2. @Al,

      I am a woman so let me respond to your bs.

      This site is trying to alert people to more than a few people who have done nothing but attempt to con people and steal their money from them. They are preying on people who want nothing more than to make a better life. While I believe that anyone who believes in ANY get rich scheme has a few more problems than can be addressed on this site it doesn’t justify what these people do.

      I didn’t know about this site at all until Naomi started sending twitter posts out about getting death threats. Being a female who is running a blog to publicly out a criminal (quite successfully thank you very much) and finding myself in potential danger because of doing so it made me very curious when I started seeing multiple postings about a female blogger getting death threats. when I read her site and her postings I felt absolutely slimed.

      The Mean Site 1 and Mean Site 2 shit told me right off that she was full of it. Why? Well, feel free to take a look at my site when my identity was given to the bad guys. I made it VERY clear that I had notified law enforcement. When I received veiled threats through email I posted them, including the headers of the email. When they filed false DMCA claims to my webhost I posted those as well. Why? Because I wasn’t going to allow any room for anyone to say my claims were false. I didn’t hide behind Meany #1 and Meany #2. I made DAMN SURE that if something happened to me there was a trail for people (authorities) to follow.

      When I realized she was full of shit I started doing my own research (because I’m not a sheep and I don’t blindly follow just because some girl says she’s being hassled) and I found more than enough proof that what she said was NOT true.

      She wants to play with the big kids then she shouldn’t be surprised when the big kids play back. And when she cheats the big kids she shouldn’t be surprised that she gets called on it. Having a vagina does not give you free rein to be an asshat.

      So yeah. That.

    3. @Al,

      By your logic we should eliminate the FTC and let monopolies and cartels rule. Oh and if manufacturers want to cut corners by using leaded paint on kids toys or occasionally selling e coli tainted food well by all means! It would be un-Christian to harass companies with ethical rules and such. After all, this is a free country and we can choose not to buy their products as you say. But wait! When companies deceive customers (like with inaccurate marketing claims) or exercise monopoly control of a market, they TAKE AWAY our freedom and by Jove this is AMERICA, land of the free, and we will not tolerate this infringement! Go get ’em Salty!!

  49. Has anyone, like, read ? Who sets up a site to fight a divorce? Divorce is common. Setting up sites for a single divorce is kind of batshit crazy. What about the ambush mentioned here?

    Thats kind of batshit crazy. Someone else posts on their business blog? You mean they didnt go batshit and make up a whole new site? (Yeah, it’s easy to set up a site, but is it ever necessary? Not really).

    What about that fake twitter account of their son that never got posted on again? This is over a year old, the reality of divorce has settled in. Kids don’t just stop tweeting. Do teens just pop on facebook and pop right off after a few status updates?

    Yeah, do your research, quit blindly following. This site is awesome, don’t let it become a SCAM.

    1. @Joey ::

      Don’t tell me to do my research when you haven’t done any research.

      That was Jacob’s Twitter … know how I know … cause I asked.

      Did you?


      Fuck off then.

      1. @SD, Man, that’s irrefutable evidence.

        Hey guess what, I know you hired someone to murder someone else.

        Know how I know? Cause I asked the hitman.

        And this is 100% fact.

        So you fuck off.

        The original post is one of the few people interested in this case who isn’t brainwashed. Is it a good thing Dave left his family? No, but uninvolved family members are going way to far to ruin his life over a simple divorce.

        Oh, by the way, this is why I hate religious nuts.


  50. the sad thing is that people get divorces all the time -it sucks, but its not that big of a deal- BUT Dave Navarro just walked out on his family with NO warning! they thought foul play must have been involved! She had no idea they weren’t happily married!He completely pulled the rug out from under her world.

    He abandoned his family and began acting completely out of character. His wife and kids barely have enough $ to meet their expenses.
    He bailed on his businesses (which were really just puffed up bs- he had no idea what he was talking about!)and is hiding his assets from his wife’s lawyers.
    Dave may even be bi-polar…which would be preferable to his being a colossal ass. Naomi is no better- who’d she leave them with?(this time)

    1. @Anfisa,

      Maybe it’s just your sub-consciousness’s way of telling you something important.

      Anyway, that clip has been referenced here before, just not specifically with Naomi.

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