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Tim Brownson :: Life Coaching in His Own Words

Life coaching is not a unicorn :: it’s fucking real. Just ask life coach Tim Brownson. You can even say fuck when you ask him :: because as Tim tells us in his twitter profile

I’m not your average Life Coach. I swear, I’m occasionally grumpy and I don’t take life too seriously. I’m highly experienced and very good at what I do though.

He swears :: all the big boys are doing it now. Dad says he shouldn’t :: but he does it anyway … fuck you dad!

Tim Brownson’s buy my life coaching now website lists some of Tim’s other non-profanity related qualifications

Prior to becoming a full-time professional Life Coach in 2005, I spent 20 years in sales and sales management and by and large it sucked!

Despite being good at it and seemingly “successful”, I felt totally stressed out, unfulfilled and plain stuck in life.

To handle my disillusionment I bought lots of nice things, took exotic vacations and drank lots of beer and wine!

Rather unsurprisingly that didn’t alter a thing.

Tim had a job that he didn’t like :: and even with the money required to buy nice things {and the security that comes with it} … he wasn’t able to healthfully cope. So he ditched his job so that he could be happy and fulfilled coaching you to do that which he was never capable of doing. It’s like the old saying :: if at first you don’t succeed … teach someone else to succeed.

But don’t get Tim wrong :: life coaching still has its problems :: as he explained on this very site :: commenting anonymously as @Life Coaching At Best?

The sad fact is though, that there are thousands of incompetent coaches that never bother to learn the basics or have any ongoing training and they screw with the entire industry. And they can do so because it’s not regulated, which is a shame imho, but it is what it is.

So yeh the industry is in a flux and at the moment I don’t see any way of remedying the situations as Life Coach training companies market it as an easy way to make money and the fastest growing industry in the US.

What they really mean by that is that it’s growing because of more coaches and not because of more clients wanting coaching. Most every coach I ever talk to is really struggling and so did I for the first 3 years or so.

Everyone wants in on the “make money online with imaginary skill set” “industry” :: but no one wants to purchase the imaginary skills … which prolly explains Tim’s recent move into the coaching life coaches coaching business {for serious} …

I’m considering putting together a package purely and simply designed for other Life Coaches. I’m not just talking about newbie or wannabe coaches either, although they may find it the most useful.

Tim Brownson’s life coaching for life coaches can help almost any coach achieve the great heights that Tim Brownson has achieved in his own life coaching life coaches business

I don’t own my own home, I have no 401k or savings, we live hand to mouth …

… and you can too!!

Why is a poser asshole like Tim Brownson :: life coach of failing at life and life coaching :: leaving non-anonymous comments on The Salty Droid? Why did he leave anonymous and non-anonymous comments from the same IP address? Why did he send me idiotic emails full of harmful details when I was exhibiting nothing but antipathy towards him?

These :: and other questions :: won’t be answered as I tell you about what happened.

Tim started his SaltyDroid adventures commenting as @Bunny Badger

@SD, I can’t argue with that, but when I offered some proof that Jonathan Fields isn’t like that and somebody else backs me up, that’s still not enough.

Tar them all with the same brush by all means, but in my opinion that undermines your credibility, because in my mind he’s a good guy doing good work and doesn’t deserve to be lumped with the likes of Dave Navarro because they do a vaguely similar job online.

He’s just worried about my credibilities :: like any good concern troll would be. Let’s not lump everyone in a lump together just because they’re all lumped up … that could mean anything.

More Tim on Jonathan

@Slowly Waking, Well I had already quit my job when I ‘hired’ him 3 years ago, and I’m still going strong and in business. In fact this has been my best year ever, and I’m not into marketing before you ask.

It was his best year ever … of living hand to mouth.

If ND has genuinely ripped people off, expose her. If any of the others have, expose them too! But for fucks sake keep it balanced and real and not resort to abuse.

My first visit here was the Perry Belcher thing. Now that was fucking cool, that bastard had been ripping off old folk with fake meds.

This? Well it appears some woman may have had an affair, may be late paying her affiliates (although we’re not sure on the last bit) and maybe used dubious marketing tactics to get people to buy from her.

I presume you realize every business you ever buy from does exactly the same, right?

This is no big whoop :: not like that whole Perry Belcher thing … let’s talk about that some more.

Life coach Tim Brownson leaves this comment as @I’m Perry Belcher and I’m Back

@MM, Well, I’m not really, but the fucker is back on Twitter too!/perrybelcher He’s already got 8,000 sheep following him.

People who are confused by “fucker” Perry Belcher’s professional lies and obfuscations are “sheep” according to Tim Brownson … so that’s nice.

Often the family and friends of people {sheep} whose lives have been effected {or ruined} by cultish scams leave comments on this site. It happens a lot :: as anyone who’s been a reader since Perry Belcher knows. So Tim shouldn’t have been surprised to read this very personal comment left by @FormerFriend in defense of the Navarros that Dave left behind

-His sister, with EMT training, who has seen her fair share of psychological and drug-related breakdowns, thought he was spiraling out of control.

-His brother, who was converted by Dave, was reeling from what he perceived as a mental break similar to what their dad had. (Keep quoting what Anthony said about Roseanne’s affair if you want, but trust me, you have no idea how the Navarros perceive their dad.)

There are other things you don’t know, observations by friends and family, that factored into the choice to have Dave evaluated. It wasn’t a light decision made to control someone, but an attempt to help someone who was clearly off the rails.

SD knows who I am and I’ve given him the info about this particular part of the story, so if you trust him, trust that he has his reasons for being slightly biased. It’s not about Anthony being a fundamentalist wacko or whatever – it’s about family and friends being worried sick over someone suddenly having a break from reality brought on by stress, drugs, or cult-like conditioning.

But this firsthand personal knowledge of a highly personal situation wasn’t enough to dissuade anonymous troll Tim Brownson from his previously scheduled agenda …

@FormerFriend, EMF training costs about 100 bucks, takes 2 days for Level One and has never been proven scientifically any more than Reiki, Homeopathy or Healing Touch.

So whereas I really get your point, and I’m not disagreeing, that in and of itself is a irrelevant.

I’m curious to know what other training she has had, because I suspect that normally her ‘training’ would be ridiculed here if she were defending the case for the accused.

Tim would be curious to see a copy of Christine’s full resume :: so that he could assure himself that she does indeed have the proper certifications to show concern for her mostly missing brother.

Maybe God will forgive life coach Tim Brownson for that obviously hurtful and disingenuous comment … but I never fucking will.

13 anonymous comments … thirteen!

Tim Brownson looks like a shetland-guttersnipe-troll :: and that’s exactly how he behaves. Don’t judge a book by its cover :: unless the cover is fucking ridiculous!

Tim Brownson as @Tim Brownson after I welcomed him to the blog by questioning his questionable associations

I had no idea that ND was doing what she was doing. I have no idea wtf happens in the 3rd Tribe as I’ve never been a member. I don’t know Chris Brogan, Brian Clark or Darren Rowse although Sonia Simone does occasionally say hi on Twitter so I guess I’m culpable there even though I don’t really know the woman …

You’re lumping way too many people together here and you’re presuming everybody is guilty until they prove themselves innocent. Is that how US justice works?

He had NO idea

Who was this raging psycho stood next to me? I have NEVER met any of these people.

I’m a Life Coach not a fucking mind reader, how do you expect I spot these ‘psychos’?

Do you know the BEST body language/lie spotting ‘gurus’ in the world barely get to a 60% success rate? In fact 60% os considered brilliant – you must know this being an attorney.

But you expect me to spot every bullshitter under the sun through occasional twitter interactions and a handful of phone calls?

Seriously :: no idea …

I know most of these people through casual Twitter conversations and some chats via phone. I have not met in person ONE SINGLE person mentioned in this. They are not close friends they are casual acquaintances you muppet.

But Tim Brownson was Naomi Dunford’s life coach :: and until just recently :: he had her testimoanial prominently placed above the fold of his coaching for coaches sales site

Here’s a good illustration of just how casual is Tim Brownson’s association to “persons mentioned” here. A Copyblogger guest post {Jan 2011} about not making excuses lists a bunch of famous type people who had to really struggle at success. Mark Twain didn’t make excuses :: so why should you? Tolstoy was a 19th century Russian :: that couldn’t have been easy :: yet he still managed to be one of the all-time greatest. Why can’t you do the same from your 3 bed / 2 bath mortgaged spec home in the suburbs?

Tim Brownson leaves this totally neutral and natural comment

I really get this post, enjoyed it and agree wholeheartedly with the premise. However, I think it would have been way more powerful to have used examples that people can relate to really easily.

And I’m being serious when I say bloggers like Baker at ManvDebt, Johnny Truant and Naomi Dunford who have overcome lots of their own crap and are highly visible doing what a lot of the readers here would like to do.

Inspiring stories are cool in all shapes and sizes, but they are uber cool when we ‘know’ the people involved and can relate exactly to them.

Replies James Chartrand :: who wants to charge you $1600 to teach you to write with Damn Fine Words

I agree with you, Tim. When you have to go look up who ee cummings is (I know that makes me a total ignorant heathen) or have never read Tolstoy (sounds painful)… It’s easier to relate to immediate situations we live in now and people we see every day.

She can teach you to writes :: but if you need to learn to read you’re on your own … it’s too painful.

Tim making excuses

I worked with her over 2 years ago. We didn’t work on her business, it was personal stuff and nothing I am prepared to talk about here.

Tim making more excuses

She hired me 2 and a half years ago, I haven’t worked with her in over 2 years and we had no business dealings, I’m not a business coach, we didn’t discuss her business.

It’s nothing to do with relevance and everything to do with client confidentiality.

Yet more Tim excuses

Fuck me, seriously? I worked about 4 sessions with the woman about 2 and a half years ago and not in any way shape or form about her business.

Then this shit all blows up.

So I remove the testimonial because I don’t want to be associated with some of the people involved.

And you’re shocked, seriously?

I know therapists that have worked for months with people that went on to commit murder. Perhaps they should be tried too. Seems fair as they were part of their ring.

Yet still more fucking excuses

It was obvious when I refused to comment on ND at the beginning of this entire exchange why. If that is anybody had been smart enough to ask themselves the question of “Why won’t he comment on her, but he will on all the others?”

It’s all about confidentiality and ethics with life coach Tim Brownson :: as he further explained to me via unsolicited email …

She came to me for coaching about 2.5 years ago. As you can imagine she didn’t come to me because her life was great. However, I’m not going to talk about what we worked on and what her issues were because it is confidential, but I will say it was not business.

When I read the transcript I was like “Fuck me that sounds just like Naomi” and I was appalled. But get this, I am never ever going to rip a client or an ex-client in public no matter how big an asshole they have been.

If the geniuses that used the Way back machine had scrolled a little further they would also have seen a testimonial from Johnny B Truant.

I coached him pro bono when he first launched online (it feels like about 2 years ago, but it may be longer). He had financial issues (that he blogged about so no confidentiality issues there) and applied for PB coaching and I took him on. Again we did nothing on business because I’m not a biz coach and can’t advise on US stuff anyway.

Here’s the big difference.

Naomi I wasn’t surprised. I didn’t misjudge her, I just wont comment on the judgment I placed on her in public.

“Fuck me that sounds just like Naomi.” He knew she was crap :: but he choose to publicly associate with her anyway.

I asked life coach Tim Brownson if he’d ever purchased any of Naomi’s consulting services. The short answer {which Tim seems incapable of giving} :: was yes …

Nothing really came from it because she wanted me to do stuff I didn’t want to do. I don’t even know what it was now, but I don’t ‘think’ it was an ethical issue, just a difference of opinion. I’m not 100% sure though, because I hate long letter sales pages and squeeze pages, so it could possible have been that type of thing.

Then a 6 or 12 months later she contacted me about her hiring me and also then about guest posting on her blog, which I did. I could check if I went in to my archived files, but I think I had about 4 sessions with her, and then another 4 with Jamie her husband. As I said before, I cannot comment on what we worked on, but I’m sure you can join the dots.

Confidentiality FTW!

Some trolls want external verification that the Spider Shit Storm transcript is genuine. I can’t do that :: because I actually honor my pledges of confidentiality :: but maybe you can accept these assessments made by one of your fellow guttersnipes :: and Naomi Dunford’s experienced life coach :: Tim Brownson …

And as for the death threats. Yeh I think Naomi made them up and that is beyond despicable.


My first inkling didn’t arrive until she told me MM was a sleazy bastard. That was a bit of a giveaway when I read the transcript cuz I know she genuinely thinks that. Which is weird cuz he aint, but she is.

Thank you life coach Tim Brownson :: your panicked attempts at self-preservation have been quite useful to me.

French for trade union …

Happy families are all alike … every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

{look it up Chartrand!}

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