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Spider Shit Storm

Dave Navarro and Naomi Dunford are having an affair … they’re shagging … they both betrayed their families for a bunch of shagging …

… or something.

I guess :: that’s what everyone tells me … but thankfully I didn’t witness it myself. Oh and also … I don’t give a shit.

Every person I asked about this situation immediately started in on the shagging. Haven’t you people ever noticed how I write about fraud rings?

I told Dave Navarro that I was coming to his cybertown :: and asked him if he’d like to talk about it first. Not something I usually do :: but I am of the opinion that Dave isn’t qualified to be a heartless bastard … still being in possession of a heart.

Dave told me that he’s a Salty Droid reader … and that he would have something to say. He then proceeded to offer up his whole :: I’m not having an affair … Anthony is a crazy fundamentalist Christian … blah blah blah

dot dot dot


Once I made it clear that my questions would not be about Jesus :: or whose bed he wants to sleep in … the conversation ended.

How can you possibly be selling that which you are not capable of doing?

That question can’t be answered :: and no one ever tries.

The article series was planned to go …

Hello Naomi

Hello Dave

– ShitStorm

But > Naomi Dunford went fucking insane after Hello Naomi and accused me of conspiracy to incite and commit mass misogynistic murder :: so a few detour posts had to be written. Now the Spider ShitStorm is presented to the most readers ever assembled at the fake robot blog {which is really saying something}.

I’ll hold most of my analysis until next week after we’ve had our discussion :: but here’s a couple of things to notice as you read this conversation between Dave and Naomi …

  • Dave doesn’t quite understand how things work yet :: Naomi does.

  • Naomi never stops lying

  • Naomi is playing Dave :: Dave is a typical B-team n00b

  • Naomi knows Dave’s not qualified :: Dave knows Naomi’s not qualified :: everyone knows everyone’s not qualified.

  • Naomi is a horrible person :: a fraud :: and a criminal.

  • Naomi is A-team :: known {now and forever} as NotPretty Frank Kern

Ms. Dunford and her trolls have been demanding “evidence” :: so I hope they enjoy this as much as I’m gonna …

Naomi Dunford :: Hey. You there?

Dave Navarro :: here! just got on the computer

Naomi Dunford :: Did you get my email?

Dave Navarro :: just now I did. I was busy watching tv and derinking generously. what can I do fo ryou? (excuse my typing)

Naomi Dunford :: Are you sober? There’s no wrong answer, but I need to know. Oh, never mind. You said you were derinking.

Dave Navarro :: Oh, yeah, just a little relaxed. 2 beers LOL

Naomi Dunford :: Could you talk seriously for a bit?

Dave Navarro :: Yes. 100%. What can I do for my favorite Canadian?

Naomi Dunford :: There’s no way to say this without you screaming WTF, so try not to scream WTF, OK?

Dave Navarro :: Ok

Naomi Dunford :: Do you want IttyBiz?

Dave Navarro :: O_o What precisely do you mean?

Naomi Dunford :: It’s a long story.

Dave Navarro :: I feel myself sobering very rapidly. Is everything ok?

Naomi Dunford :: I want out, but I want to keep the platform and some money. I’ve been wanting to sell forever, but haven’t wanted to go through the hassle of prettying it up. Plus, I don’t really want to sell it, because I want to keep the platform. So I was thinking, “I wish I could just give it to someone and keep half the product sales or something.” 6 months of thinking ensued, and tonight I said, “Could I just give it to Dave?” Jamie looked at me like I wasn’t insane for the first time in a year, and we realized we were on to something. /over

Dave Navarro :: Oh, wow. Spiraling a little bit here, because this is insane and cool and wow and … ok, let me think :-)

Naomi Dunford :: Think away.

Dave Navarro :: Ok, first off, let me ask you … what are you planning to do without Ittybiz (I mean, what exactly are you trying to change?) (my typing is a little slow now since I’m trying to get it all right. Typing is the first thing to go after beer hits me)

Naomi Dunford :: I want to stop being in charge. I want to stop the emails coming to my inbox, I want to stop having the hiring of VA’s being my issue, etc. I can still post and show up for the Speak calls and stuff. Also, confidentially, I’m not looking forward to paying my taxes this year. This would deal with that nicely. /over

Also, confidentially, I’m not looking forward to paying my taxes this year.

Dave Navarro :: Oh, wow. Um, let me let this sink in … because this is a bit huge …

Naomi Dunford :: Yeah, well. I’m not a fan of small measures. Do you want me to ramble inanely while you think, or do you want to just think?

Dave Navarro :: Please ramble. I want to hear the internal conversations that are bringing you to this offer

Naomi Dunford :: Sure. First, I don’t know how much money we make. Between $100K and $200k I think. Not sure, though, because when PayPal went batshit on me, I lost access to one account. Although that account was mostly consulting. I just don’t want to do it anymore. I want to speak, and maybe do calls, and JVs. But I don’t want this big THING hanging over me. Ironically enough, I don’t want a business. It’s the business part I hate. I want to be able to make my decisions based on something other than, well, business. (In case you were wondering, I am not under the influence of intoxicants of any kind.) My thinking – and I’m not a detail person, so this would need to be worked out – is that we create a separate PayPal or something and start funnelling shit into there. Then you can just pay me out the way you’ve been doing with HtL, etc. Publicly, for the first while, it will look like nothing changed except you came on board with IttyBiz. Then we can transition into either it just being you or a “team” of which I am publicly a part. /over Basically, I want to get on with saving the world, and this is holding me back.

Dave Navarro :: Whew. Don’t take my silence the wrong way, I’m just wrapping my brain around this.

Naomi Dunford :: No worries. Just, does it sound like something you might be interested in at least?

Dave Navarro :: Oh, it does. It does.

Naomi Dunford :: OK. (getting smokes, brb) back

Dave Navarro :: So … let me think here … so what you’re saying is that a) you are looking for someone to take over the technical stuff and all the day-to-day business stuff, so you can just focus on being Naomi Dunford :: b) you are committed to showing up for SpeakEasy calls and keeping content flowing into it c) you just want to be you, do stuff, and get payments? d) Without all the VAs and support desks and whatnots

Naomi Dunford :: Pretty much, yeah. And not have the tax liability. If I get rid of it now, I can probably get away with pretending like it never happened. (IttyBiz) My payments from you would be more than enough to satisfy their anticipation of my personal income.

Dave Navarro :: Ah. So receiving payments from me would make everything easier from an accounting perspective.

Naomi Dunford :: Yup. And since you’re in the US, there won’t be any historical receipt drama/sale of biz shit. Because technically, it’s not a business. It’s a website.

Dave Navarro :: Ok, I’m a bit confused on the tax liability part. Where’s the issue there?

Naomi Dunford :: I made a fuck ton of money and don’t want to pay tax on it.

Dave Navarro :: You just need purchases to funnel through U.S. first? But wouldn’t the $ you get be the same regardless? Sorry, I’m a bit fuzzy

Naomi Dunford :: I don’t mind paying tax as of today. I don’t want to pay back taxes. OBS alone would be 25K. Like, from the fucking launch month alone. As far as the Canadian government is concerned, I am a moron who will only make $25K a year. If I declare $45k this year, they’ll be delighted. Does that make any sense or should I start at the beginning?

Dave Navarro :: Yeah, please start at the beginning because from this end it soundd like “Hey Dave Navarro ::, take half of my money and this is lopsided in Dave Navarro’s favor” So I am a bit confused :-)

Naomi Dunford :: OK. In 2007 I start a website but do not register a business. I make a fuck ton of money under the table and have never once issued a receipt. In 2007 my income is negligible 00 maybe $5K from working with Men With Pens, then JCME. That’s a nonissue. Then, in 2008, I make big money. I still don’t declare it. I’m still fine, because Jamie was officially getting student loans at the time and as far as the gov’t is concerned, we’re just another set of young parents, struggling to make it on student loans. 2009 is now and I still haven’t declared anything. If I get out now, IttyBiz never had to have been my business in the first place. I declare my $5k from 2007, I declare my student loan money from 2008, I declare what you pay me for the remainder of 2009. You get IttyBiz, I get half of the sales of my products and stuff, I save about $150k in tax. /over

Dave Navarro :: Ah, now much becomes clearer

Naomi Dunford :: Everybody wins. Except Stephen Harper, Canada’s esteemed leader. I get to go build schools in Cambodia and maybe your wife stops hating you so damn much.

Dave Navarro :: So … what you’re saying is that what happens technically now is that new Ittybiz payments go to my US PayPal account, and then I pay you and you cheerfully declare the new income

Naomi Dunford :: Pretty much, yeah. Any new stuff on IB is yours, so you can do what you want with it, although I’d rather you didn’t sell it for a few years at least.

Dave Navarro :: Um … how much in monthly Ittybiz product sales are we talking here right now? Just to wrap my brain around?

Naomi Dunford :: I seriously have no idea. Speak makes between 6-8k. (We bled a LOT when I fell off the earth.) Advertising makes 900. That could be doubled in a heart beat, if I got of my ass. Advertising would be yours. Affiliate stuff, if we allow for peaks and valleys, maybe1-2k, although a lot of that comes when I promote your stuff. Naomi did a new design (I’ll get you the link) which is already paid for and could be about a week from going live. It has a much sexier store, which is nice. (Naomi Niles, from Intuitive Designs) You could have the list, as long as I could use it when I needed it. That’s about 8 or 9k, although a lot of that is people on like, 5 lists. (That’s the new site, before tweaking.)

Dave Navarro :: (holy fuck that’s hot)

Naomi Dunford :: (I KNOW!) Oh, and we have Megan Morris on a 6 month contract to improve everything and make it not suck so much from a user standpoint. We’ll be adding upsells to the free marketing courses, lacing back posts with affiliate links, stuff like that. /over

Dave Navarro :: Ok, clear me up on what work stuff you would need me to take over to make this happen. Like day-to-day stuff that you’re trying to escape from. Because this still feels scarily skewed in my favor. brb, bathrom break

Naomi Dunford :: Sure. It probably is scarily skewed in your favor, from a long term perspective. My biggest problem is that I simply do not have the capacity to split my focus. Never have. And now I’m totally bored of it. I want a reasonable salary, I want to still be able to do JV shit with you/Sonia/Brian/Charlie to keep things interesting, but I just don’t want to think about it, you know? So I’d want you helping me through the quagmire that is my inbox, even if simply from a motivational standpoint. I’d want you to create a system so that shit is not coming into my inbox and is going into yours instead. I’d need help with random SpeakEasy admin (“Help! My profile says I’m married but I just got divorced! How do I fix it?!”) I’d need you to take over all the little things like getting the Speak audio up, getting the emails out saying “there’s a Speak call this week”, I’d need you to make a coherent posting schedule if that’s what you were into. That sorta thing. I’ll stop babbling till I know you’re back. Oh, and stats: feeds: 5400 alexa 58k

Dave Navarro :: ok, here but thinking - Alison just asked my why my face turned white all of a sudden. brb

Naomi Dunford :: kk. Take your time.

I make a fuck ton of money under the table and have never once issued a receipt.

Dave Navarro :: ok, I’m back

Naomi Dunford :: hey

Dave Navarro :: So, this sounds pretty damn incredible and I’m skewing to yes but I need to let it all sink in

Naomi Dunford :: Sure. Take your time.

Dave Navarro :: Let me ask you this

Naomi Dunford :: Well, not too much time or I’ll give it to Johnny Truant. Shoot. (Kidding, btw.)

Dave Navarro :: Could you write all this down - the very specifics of what you would do and what I would do, so that there’s no assumptions, no confusion, and no drama and get this to me via email, so I could look over it tomorrow when I’m 100% clear headed? Because to a degree, taking this on may be a quit-my-job-ASAP type of thing to support and I need to make sure I’m 100% on top of being capable to support things the way that you need them supported This offer sounds very amazing to me but it seriously is a game-changer thing for me it’s not something I can just take on the side on account of me struggling to balance Launch Coach and Lockheed at the same time

Naomi Dunford :: Understood. And yes, I can do that, but I have to be honest. I don’t know the details because I haven’t thought about them. I haven’t thought about them because I don’t care about them. And I’m not likely to start caring about them any time soon.

Dave Navarro :: LOL, yeah, I was thinking that as I typed

Naomi Dunford :: This means that I can give you something to give you an idea of what I’m thinking of, but I can’t go into too much detail because I don’t know it. Obviously I’ll have to get you more detailed information about income and stuff, but part of this is going to be not really knowing what the fuck has been going on so far. If you take over, I can give you whatever support you need, but under the assumption that there might be shit I don’t know. One thing I’d love it if you’d start thinking about right away… I (read: maybe we) have an ad running on Zen Habits in three days and I don’t know what the fuck I’m advertising. Since HtL is the most saleable product at this point, we might want to use that. Or we might want to just build a list. So maybe you can start thinking about that.

Dave Navarro :: (still here, jsut talking to Alison brb)

Naomi Dunford :: HI ALISON!

I get to go build schools in Cambodia and maybe your wife stops hating you so damn much.

Dave Navarro :: (LOL - she was like “isn’t this the person who had her PayPal acct shut down because they thought she was laundering money?” ) (trying to explain all of that to her)

Naomi Dunford :: (Ahh. OK. For the record, they were proven to be wrong. If it helps.)

Dave Navarro :: (Yeah, she was just like, “well, if you’re sending her all this money from here sales, won’t that raise a red flag?” and I’m trying to explain how everything’s trackable via PayPal)

Naomi Dunford :: Best of luck with that. Not a conversation I’d be very good at having. Explaining isn’t my strong suit. :-D

Dave Navarro :: So earlier, when I was talking details, it was mainly details of stuff you already have to juggle (and hate) for Speak and such that you want to hand off.

Naomi Dunford :: I guess, yeah. Plus future direction.

Dave Navarro :: So that you’re not “Dave, I thought you were going to handle X and Y and Z” and I’m not like “Y and Z?? I didn’t know”

Naomi Dunford :: We’d probably need to discuss the details of it, but it’s not like there’s that much admin. It’s just that I suck at admin. What would probably make the most sense from a timeline perspective is this… I send you an email with the concepts, probably fuzzy on the tactics and strategies. You ask me a bunch of invasive questions which I answer to the best of my ability. We create a document ironing out the details as best as we can.

Dave Navarro :: Yeah, that sounds good

Naomi Dunford ::OK.

Dave Navarro :: Can I say? WOW.

Naomi Dunford :: I’m thinking you’re probably a little overwhelmed, yes?

Dave Navarro :: Yes

Naomi Dunford :: :-D I don’t know if I’m more excited about this, or about imagining the look on your face. Tough call.

Dave Navarro :: LOL

Naomi Dunford :: Is A still there?

Dave Navarro :: Yes

Naomi Dunford :: Cool. Apologize to her from me for hijacking her night.

Dave Navarro :: She said “Tell her that’s ok, Dave would have spent the evening talking to somebody about business anyway”

Naomi Dunford :: Yeah. Jamie’d say the same thing. Now, I know fuck about the bureaucratic side of biz, but based on my very limited knowledge, this would mean you would own and all of it’s assets, and they payments you’d be sending me would be royalties, very similar to affiliate payments. Should be relatively painless. OK, I’ll let you get on with your night. We should probably talk soon, though, if about nothing else than the Leo ad.

Dave Navarro :: I guess I need to actually get a business checking account now. I’ve been using my personal :-p

Naomi Dunford :: :)

Dave Navarro :: Though I now have an officlal LLC

Naomi Dunford :: Congrats!

Dave Navarro :: so it’s just a matter of filing for my damn tax ID number Yeah, I think we can iron this out very soon

Naomi Dunford :: Sweet.

Dave Navarro :: So 3 days on the Leo ad?

Naomi Dunford :: One of the benefits is that people are used to getting shit service, so it’s not like you’d need to walk out of Lockheed on Monday.

Dave Navarro :: Worse comes to worst we can give him a HTL banner

Naomi Dunford :: Sweet. I’m pretty sure he’d be cool with changing it if we felt like it.

Dave Navarro :: Yeah, the thing about my schedule is I’m really under the gun for the next 2 weeks, I have 2 mdules to finish up, and I’m trying to get all these people scheduled for the teleseminar. Sonia said yes

Naomi Dunford :: Gotcha.

Dave Navarro :: And since Sonia AND Chris Garrett said yes, I’m going to make a power play for Brian Clark monday

Naomi Dunford :: Ni-ice.

Dave Navarro :: I just sent him a Copyblogger guest post and he was all appreciative

Naomi Dunford :: I think he’s dying. Or having a mid life crisis. Hey, how old are you?

Dave Navarro :: Dude, Sonia MENTIONED the HTL book & it’s driven $8500 in sales. I HAVE to get him on this shit Turned 33 in June

Naomi Dunford :: So you’re not due for yours for a while.

Dave Navarro :: I’m OLD in this space

Naomi Dunford :: :D

Dave Navarro :: So BTW< right now here’s the roster Me You Martine Sonia Chris Garrett Charlie Gilkie Laura Roeder

Naomi Dunford :: Sweet. Does MM have to go right after me?

Dave Navarro :: If I can get Clark in, I’m going to make an end run fr Chris Brogan (oh, any order you want)

Naomi Dunford :: :)

Dave Navarro :: (I know I should put distance between you two)

Naomi Dunford :: I can’t stand the sleazy bastard.

Dave Navarro :: (I know Martine rubs the wrng way sometimes, but for the time being he’s got just a little more pull than me and I want to leverage that) (yeah, he smacks of desperation marketing at times)

Naomi Dunford :: Hey, man. Whatever it takes. He sold 11 OBS in a day and I happily took the money.

Dave Navarro :: Yeah Once this teleseminar is over, I hope I’ll have a shitload more influence

Naomi Dunford :: Anyway, timing wise, I don’t need immediate takeover, and I realize that as it stands, if I were to sell IB, it would be worthless without me backing it up. So the public wouldn’t even know for several months.

Dave Navarro :: OK, so going back to your earlier convo

Naomi Dunford :: We’d definitely ease you in so you could tie up whatever loose ends.

Dave Navarro :: You said “don’t sell IttyBiz for a few years”

Naomi Dunford :: Mm hmm.

Dave Navarro :: Honestly, I don’t see why I’d want to do something like that, it’s a valuable proplerty *property And with you backing it up - by dropping in and being seen there, it can be a huge springboard for other things

Naomi Dunford :: It’s just in case you sexed it up and could score big money for it. I’m not opposed to that in theory, but I’d like to keep it so that I can use it as a platform when I need to.

Dave Navarro :: Oh, shit, platform is EVERYTHING there’s no amount of money that could make having to start a new platform worth it

Naomi Dunford :: The book deal, the press surrounding the non-profit, all of it can be massively improved by spinning it around the blog.

Dave Navarro :: besides, you and me together are good stuff. We can spin this shit for years

Naomi Dunford :: Exactly. Assuming all went well, could you give me a ballpark timeframe for full takeover? a day? a month? a year?

Dave Navarro :: Platform makes making all future money easier oh, let me think … ok, I have like, a month of money in the bank

Naomi Dunford :: More than I got. :)

Dave Navarro :: yeah, would have been more, but Alison’s widom teeth / my wisdom teeth / crown sucks up 3K

Naomi Dunford :: Motherfuckers.

Dave Navarro :: Well, my own damned fault. Should have had it done earlier anyway, ballpark I need 45 days to get through these last 2 mdules and the teleseminar If all goes well with the teleseminar, I’m hoping to make $5-$20K if I can play a really big game so I kind of need to be truly invested in that

Naomi Dunford :: Sure.

Dave Navarro :: because this is the window to make my reputation - i fuck this up and I start back at square one So, 30-45 days from now, when the modules are done and I’m in launch mode, and I have scads of money coming in, I can see giving my notice (holy shit, this is scary, I keep wanting to say “maybe I can give my notice, but I need to show some balls and be straight up and do it)

Naomi Dunford :: How long is your notice?

Dave Navarro :: Well, 4 weeks is standard for a senior manager, but I really don’t want to give that long. But there’s a lot of people who could get pinched if I just up and walk out, since I’m a key player in getting paying deliveries out on time. I’m thinking maybe I could tak something like 2 weeks in office and then last 2 weeks at home, or they can suck it and take 2 weeks w/nothing

Naomi Dunford :: Cool. OK.

Dave Navarro :: And at the same time I have to figure out wat to DO about healthcare and shit I dont’ even know where to start but really, I’m expecting a nice payday from this teleseminar so that makes me breathe easier

Naomi Dunford :: What’s the offer? Do they buy all the pieces or individually? Thoughts on price?

Dave Navarro :: Well, I was thinking $47 for the calls/transcripts downloads, based on the survey. Then an upsell for a premium version, maybe they get the email course plus a physical CD and some bonuses, and that’s $127

Naomi Dunford :: When’s the launch scheduled?

Dave Navarro :: Well, I want to record all the calls by 3rd week of Sep, then do the launch first week of October

Naomi Dunford :: Are you going to cap the buyers?

Dave Navarro :: I have some good ideas for pre-launch content that will make it easy for people to promote

Naomi Dunford :: (The reason I’m asking i because it might be good for the ZH ad in Oct.)

Dave Navarro :: Ah. Wasn’t planning on capping, but using scarcity as in “this is $47 no, or $97 after it’s over” I’m not sure how many I can move because I’m not sure how much the plaers will promote

Naomi Dunford :: Do they get $ or just the ones they sell?

Dave Navarro :: I was thinking people could promote befor the launch, and then they have an excuse to mail again the day their session goes live

Naomi Dunford :: But they don’t get a cut of the base price?

Dave Navarro :: Um, everyone (speakers and regular affiliates) get $ based on their affilaite sales. No up front $

Naomi Dunford :: Sweet.

Dave Navarro :: They get what they promote Yeah I mean, this is a pretty sweet deal for them here’s how it goes 1) I look at their sites, and see what they’re selling the hardest 2) I arrange a 1-hour phone interview with them where I grill them on concepts of the product, so the listener is like “holy shit, I’m learning all this useful stuff” 3) Then, they can promote, saying “wow, there’s this great interview on X” 4) Then, the call goes into the membership site, where people can download … and lo and behold, there’s a link to that person’s product right there (my affiliate link) - so that these people who just got warmed up by the call can be more likely to buy, and everybody wins. The experts give 1 hour of their time, and I do the heavy lifting, And more importantly, all these people who don’t know me already, like Laura’s audience and Chris G’s audience … now they’re on my buyers list

Naomi Dunford :: Sweet.

Dave Navarro :: Yeah. And I do this … maybe every quarter moving forward The More Buyers Every Month Mastermind

Naomi Dunford :: Gotcha. Good setup.

Dave Navarro :: So like if you promoted, you’d get $23.50 per person and if they upsold, like $63.50 or whatever

Naomi Dunford :: It might be good for the ZH ad at an inflated price. It’s a good line-up. Have the ZH people pay $97 maybe, after their own autoresponder of launch content.

Dave Navarro :: You lost me - I’m currently having it go out at $47 - how would I get them to pay $97?

Naomi Dunford :: They go to a different page. Like if you were price testing.

Dave Navarro :: Wouldn’t they be pissed to see it at $47 from everyone else?

Naomi Dunford :: But they wouldn’t. Because they’re strangers. It would’ve already launched to everyone else.

Dave Navarro :: Oh, you mean after the event is over?

Naomi Dunford :: Sort of. I might be crazy, though. I just think, you’ve got 10 hours of expert interviews, you can probably get more than $97 if they hadn’t just been surveyed to give $47.

Dave Navarro :: Well, I do plan on jacking the prce to $97 immediately after the event, because it gives the experts that excuse to give one last mailing

Naomi Dunford :: Sweet. So you could get them into the autoresponder starting October 1st, and by the time they reach the end of the sequence, the price has already gone up everywhere. You’d only have to sell 20. Plus you keep the names.

Dave Navarro :: I’d only have to sell 20?

Naomi Dunford :: To make back the ZH ad money.

Dave Navarro :: ZH ads are $2K?

Naomi Dunford :: Yup.

Dave Navarro :: Holy fuck!

Naomi Dunford :: He only takes one advertiser now.

Dave Navarro :: So wait … would it be wrong for me to ask if there was any way for you to get Leo into this program? Or is that not kosher with the connection you have with him now?

Naomi Dunford :: I thought about it, but I don’t know him at all. I mean, we’ve emailed a few times because when someone says, “ I want to send you two grand”, you listen. But I don’t know. I could always ask.

Dave Navarro :: (Sorry. Leaving no question unasked.)

Naomi Dunford :: Hell, we could let him use an aff link for the ad if he wanted. :)

Dave Navarro :: Because I think if I could get ONE big name - like a Brian, or a Leo or whatnot, this could take off like crazy

Naomi Dunford :: If we made it publicly JV between us, I could probably get Brian, Darren and Leo.

Dave Navarro :: Holy shit, can you offer me any more silver platter shit tonight?

Naomi Dunford :: I told you – I like doing the fun stuff. :)

Dave Navarro :: Because Darren/Leo/Yaro are on my “what would you attempt if you knew you could not fail” list

Naomi Dunford :: Let me think about this for tonight, because if I could get involved, then maybe I could tie my portion into the Cambodia thing. And that would get asses in the seats, too. Would have to think about feasibility on that, though.

Dave Navarro :: ok. because seriously, if you could help me get traction on getting these names in here, that makes quitting that much faster.

Naomi Dunford :: And if you had the charity angle, you could get away with no affiliate payout.

Dave Navarro :: Hmm … well, all the current speakers are expecting their payout

Naomi Dunford :: No worries. We’ll figure something out. I could give just my portion and it’d still be pretty hot. I’m not married to the Cambodia thing on this, though.

If we made it publicly JV between us, I could probably get Brian, Darren and Leo.

Dave Navarro :: Listen, you may already know how much I hate “The Secret”, but for real, I was sitting there 2 days ago saying “something is going to happen to let me quit my job fast and get the big players’ attention.”

Naomi Dunford :: And I’m not trying to steal it from you, either. Just so you know.

Dave Navarro :: So on one hand, I hate when this positive thinkign shit works, but then I love it

Naomi Dunford :: See? Shit will happen if you let it. :)

Dave Navarro :: no, I don’t care if you hijack for your Cambodia stuff - basically here’s the deal By myself, I have limited influence Anything that makes things bigger, I am 100% for

Naomi Dunford :: OK. I’ll see what I can think up.

Dave Navarro :: Anything that makes the angle bigger I still can’t wrap my brain around this

Naomi Dunford :: (Jamie just came in. He says if you think you’re really getting screwed, he’s not averse to small, unmarked bills in the mail.) Alright, I think I’m going to go to bed. Can we keep in touch?

Dave Navarro :: ok, me too. Feeling like magic has happened yeah - what’s the best way for you? You need to talk tomorrow? because shit, you’re already my biggest income surce right now anyway - you get my full attention

Naomi Dunford :: Ahh, yes. Speak sweet nothings to my ego. :) I don’t need to do tomorrow. Generally, nights are a whole lot better because we still have no child care.

Dave Navarro :: ok. I’ll try to keep the computer up and running - if you don’t see me, then can you send me a text message to make my phone ping me? then i’ll know to go to Google chat

Naomi Dunford :: Sure. And nothing’s that urgent. I just want to know that shit is happening so that I can focus on the Cambodia thing.

Dave Navarro :: ok, cool. And I’ll write up some questions to send to you too

Naomi Dunford :: Cool beans. Megan’s off in Pittsburgh (!) this week so I can’t use her for her admin prowess, but I can try and get you earnings data.

Dave Navarro :: ok. going to try and sleep, though I doubt that will happen tonight now this is just too crazy

Naomi Dunford :: OK, cool. Send questions. I’ll need hand holding on what information you’ll need. Go, feign sleep, we’ll talk soon.

Dave Navarro :: ok. rock on

>> bleep bloop