The IttyBiz Spider

... frank with frank with breasts

The IttyBizzy spider climbed up the water spout :: where she churned a blackened web and waited {festering in her own goo} to suck the life from anything plump that crossed her sticky path.

Down came the rain :: but it didn’t do shit to the IttyBizzy spider :: it just evaporated around her in a screaming steam. All things natural and good are repulsed by her gooey darkness.

Oh look :: the spider bitch is having a sale on “consulting” :: it’s a surprise :: for her family … she’s a family spider you understand …

“Second, the secret part. (I’m very serious about this being a secret, by the way. A lot of you know him, so please don’t tell him, OK?) Jamie’s birthday is on Saturday and I’m doing a surprise. (It should be noted that the REASON for this is that we’ve been so busy with IttyBiz and Jack being preemie that we haven’t done anything for his birthday in FOUR YEARS.)

I want to take him on a big night out to a hockey game and an uberfancy dinner and a hotel and everything. Much excitement.

The problem is that as a modern and forward thinking couple, we share finances. And to pull this off, I’m going to need secret money. That’s where you come in.

I’ve cleared some space in the November calendar for 5 consulting slots. And instead of doing what we’d normally do and putting your payment through our main Canadian PayPal account, I’ve set up a way you can buy through our old English account. Which he thinks we don’t use anymore. :)

The point of all of this is that if you’ve ever wanted consulting but wanted to wait for a sale, it would really help me out if you chose THIS sale. Regular price is $500, you can get it for $200. First five people get it, and the instructions are here:”

She needs secret monies to a foreign account for birthday parties … dot dot dot … her baby was a preemie … birthdays!! … babies!! … preemies!!

Gosh that’s really fucking disgusting though … and someone on Naomi {IttyBiz Spider Bitch} Dunford’s mailing list told her so …

“This is so scuzzy and disingenuous. You make up a birthday event for your husband and bring your premature baby into the scam? This is just beyond the pale. You must really think your readers are idiots. If they fall for this manipulation, I guess they are. I’ve been reading for a while hoping to see you reach out honestly, but it’s just manipulation to you.

This email really turns my stomach. You need “secret’ money? Good grief. I’ve never heard anything so lame. You should market on the merits of your product – not this kind of made up manipulative drivel.

Take me off your list! I’ve seen enough.”

Oh snap! Finally something on Naomi’s blog that’s actually edgy.

Naomi no is happy …

Ahh, where do I begin?

I’ve been accused of a lot of things…

You can call me vulgar. You can call me uneducated. You can call me rude. You can call me unprofessional. You can call me unqualified.

Naomi Dunford is vulgar :: uneducated :: rude :: unprofessional :: and unqualified.

But lying? Seriously? And about this?

Of all the things I could lie about, my husband’s birthday (shockingly, the one I lied about on the exact same date last year) and the fact that my son was premature, RIGHT BEFORE MY HUSBAND’S BIRTHDAY? For reals?

What kind of a life must she have?

What kind of a life must a person have if they think that doing something nice for their husband simply HAS to be a lie?

What kind of a relationship must a person have if they think that a couple can’t be so close that they always share their finances?

What kind of fucked up fears must a person have to think that I can’t have the kind of relationship with my customers that they’d actually like to hear what I’ve got going on in my personal life?

(And what kind of shitty ass business must a person have if they think I’d need to lie in order to make sales?)

Why are you asking me so many questions?

Is it freaking me out?

Are you fucking serious right now?

This email bothered me. A lot. All hate mail bothers me. But not for the reasons you’d think. I was talking to Jamie (my fake husband with the fake birthday) about this yesterday, and here’s what I realized.

I have never, ever, ever received mail like this from a man. In the history of this blog, I’ve received some mighty fine Fuck You Mail. But never from a man. And I got to wondering… why?

Yada yada yada … everything bad ever :: like this insult to Naomi’s lies :: has been caused by other women. Other women is also why Naomi can’t lose weight :: and can’t stop being poor :: and has no lasting relationships :: etc …

When I talk to female clients, they ask, “Is this going to work?”

When I talk to male clients, they ask, “How can I make this work?”

That’s the fucking difference between men and women in business.

Attacking ALL of the world’s women because ONE of the world’s women noticed that you were a scuzzy liar? That’s unreasonable … even for a vulgar :: uneducated :: rude :: unprofessional :: and unqualified ShitSpider. Obviously Naomi Dunford should read my self-helpful post :: 7 Ways to Respond Maturely to Criticism

Speaking of Brian Clark :: it’s a Copyblogger interview with a slime covered spider :: and it ends like this …

Sonia: Is it true people have started calling you “Frank Kern with breasts”?

Naomi: (laughing) Yes, God help us, yes they do. But considering I wear a 36A, I think Frank might fill out his bra better than I do.




Hi Frank Kern with breasts :: I’m the Salty Droid  …

… we just started a game that you’re going to lose … so badly.

>> bleep bloop

230 thoughts on “The IttyBiz Spider”

    1. That would be Dave Navarro, WonderSpunk who abandoned his family of 5 for the IttyBiz Spider, that “Loving wife of a husband and once-preemie”. She didn’t mention *that* little bit of trivia did she?

      Droid referenced this sad state of affairs in a recent article pointing to his demise at

      Dave Navarro, creator of and, has fallen deep into her web.

      Rather than a spider, It looks like she’s more a praying mantis, screwing her men (literally, figuratively, and financially) biting their heads off and moving on to the next mark. Or john. Or dick and harry.

      I think they’ve both soiled the sheets of their reputations to such a point now that it leads to the type of desperate letter Naomi just sent out. Very sad for both their families.

      1. @Not a Fake Blogger,

        And I found it sad in skimming through a few of the comments there how so many innocent followers are totally believing in her and her crap! Hopefully, they will somehow get redirected here and find out the truth.

          1. @anonone, I went ahead to read the letters to dave site and then the ittybiz one and it made me think about that it’s the best case ever in my life of seeing the idea of truth is stranger than fiction.

      2. @Not a Fake Blogger,

        Let me see if I’ve got this straight.

        Dave Navarro left his wife and family for Itty Bizzy Spider?

        Or am I totally misunderstanding this?

        1. @mirele,

          and if I am following this story right … “Jamie” is the husband she left for Dave Navarro … and she is having a sale to celebrate the birthday of the husband she left?

          Screw the details just make up a fake bullshit reason for a sale and it’s all good?

          1. @RT,
            Don’t forget about ‘Jack The Preemie.” I believe he was part of the promotion too.
            Maybe she has a disabled in-law who was part of the 1-click upsell….?

          2. @RT,

            Ah…that explains the sekrit bank account that she was asking suckers to send their payments to. She REALLY didn’t want the hubby to know she had some aditional cash flow!

        2. @mirele,

          She left her husband and kid(s), then he left his wife and kids. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, especially since the two of them have been seen everywhere together ever since BlogWorld back in October.

  1. I love how ruthless the droid is. Maybe the droid should have a Tony Montana voice instead of a robot one, it seems a little more fitting.

  2. I’ve gotten SO many of those “special case” sales from various “experts” in something or other while really knowing nothing special except how to con people out of money, and even “oops, sent you the wrong link” just so that they can send out another email — I mean, for sure — do they really think we’re all idiots? Or yes, the ones who are falling for all this BS certainly can be, or at least, very gullible and lonely, thinking if they just send their hard earned money, they will at least “belong”. Sad. Very sad. And the crooks selling nothing of value absolutely know this.

    1. @Bonnie,

      While I agree with what you’re saying, please don’t include all online marketers in your comments.

      Every so often (when his “owner” is out of town or sleeping soundly), I get the cutest email from Marlon’s mouse!! He is always SO mischievious, sneaking around behind Marlon’s back, typing those emails with his little feet, and giving me fantastic deals that (for some reason) Marlon’s staff never notices when they process the orders at such obscenely low prices!

      I can understand slimy marketers lying about birthdays for husband’s they’ve left…but nobody would lie about a mouse!

  3. I must be missing something:

    How can she be running a secret campaign to raise money without telling her husband, and when she gets a nasty email about it she goes and discusses it with her husband?

    What happened to the secret?

  4. Not sure how this one popped onto your radar … never heard of her … but I am sure she is sorry that she did.

    Will anyone ever challenge you and drag this into the legal arena?

    We could get the play by play right here of Droid v. Douchebag.

    Injun Samurai pointed out a few months ago that a court case would essentially be a redefining of morality which would certainly be interesting.

    Clearly something like this could set legal precedent and clarify and redefine the legal limits of our first amendment rights and free speech on the internet. Possibly setting up a scenario where folks who want to express some sort of dissent don’t have to fear retaliation and legal ramifications as much.

  5. Got this really odd feeling, I haven’t have since I saw
    “hackers” for the first time, starring Angelina Jolie..

    This cyber war thing… get me really exited

    SD: “… we just started a game that you’re going to lose … so badly.”

    I volunteer on your team Salty :)

  6. she must be runnin scared all her comments are turned off on her blog

    boo hoo did you try to play the big boys scam game and get caught


    1. She turned off comments to her blog a long time ago because everyone was calling her on her shit. She only blogs when she has something to sell and you’re only allowed to spend money. Not comment. Thank you Droid for talking about this when no one else would.

  7. Brazen, then mad, finally scared.

    Love to see how she makes out on this one. She’s giving Days of Our Lives a run for their money.

    She has it all… 2 ruined marriages, kids left behind, and greed.

    Never ends well.

  8. Man, her writing is beyond revolting. At least some scammers have a modicum of talent when putting word on the screen.

    ShIttyBiz’s writing could be used to torture prisoners.

  9. Finally you’ve desegregated this blog and have a real woman on here! Or was Sandy Jenkins already the pioneer? lol

    1. @422 ::

      Yep! It was long overdue for sure … but I think I picked a “winner” here … so it was worth the wait.

      Oh and also … some other “real women” should be thinking hard right now about their actions. Because I really like to give group discounts … because of how fond I am of people working in groups.

      French for trade union …

      1. @SD,

        I used to think you were amusing – but now I see you’re just sad. You think you have the right to threaten women? Why, because we show you up as the untalented prick you are? Let me tell you, little boy, you don’t have the balls for a real woman – especially without your little friends to back you up.

        If only you realised how insecure all these dumb threats make you look …

        1. @desantis ::

          Oh they’re not threats … it’s foreshadowing. Not of violence … but of exposure.

          And it’s going happen … cause I wouldn’t want to disappoint my cult mob of haters and grandmas.

            1. @wow, But HE is worth the wait, especially to you, and the anticipation is driving you…well, not nuts, you’ve already passed that exit. Next stop: Realityville. Enjoy the ride!

  10. Really? All “modern forward thinking couples” share finances? We have mine, his and ours. And we trust each other not to do stupid shit with any of the money. For around a decade. But then, we take it for granted that we’ll go out and eat fancy, expensive dinner for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. We don’t need “secret money” for extravagant surprises. But then sharing short and long term goals and working toward them does provide satisfaction. We don’t need to get rich quick. And we’re not hurting anyone. Perhaps we’re boring. It works for us. Much better than being the cat crap described here.

  11. A 36A??!!

    Dream on you obese slug. That’s at least a size 44 band to go around your massive barrel chest. You see, we bitchy women know these things. Jack may have been a preemie but you’re still clearly eating for two (dozen).

    That’s the fucking difference between men and women in the bra fitting business.

    1. @Barbara, Well, actually before Spider Woman here, there was:

      Maria Andros

      And let us not forget this character, who is also quite spider-like in that she mates and she steals:

      Aloha Arlene

      Arlene has the dubious distinction of being perhaps the only person in the U.S. to have been convicted of stealing money from the Special Olympics, among a laundry list of revolting things.

      1. @Bullshit Detector,

        Stealing from Special Olympics just takes my breath away. Dante doesn’t have a ring of hell low enough for Arlene. I know the eigth ring is fraud but after viewing Aloha Arleen’s shower stall…that’s good nightmare fuel, that’s what that is.

      2. @Bullshit Detector,

        Stealing from the Special Olympics … that takes a special type of sociopath. :-(

  12. Spiders… Looks like she has a lot in common with a black widow, but at least she’s not killing them. As far as we know.

    The first sign that a missive has landed very near the truth is when the targeted scumbag exhibits such righteous indignation. “Me? A Liar? Why I nevah!” Yeah, right. It was adorable when Jodie Foster did it. With this woman, not so much.

  13. I went to her site but now feel physically ill after seeing the logo she has, and then the picture of her and her fake husband at the top.

    Has she no morals?

    The biggest problem is that she actually believes the shite she is writing and so do many of her “followers”

    1. @I feel sick, Your screen name pretty much nails it with this one. I’ve been reading her site and her grammar, her thought processes, her self-satisfaction in her faux-edginess all make me sick. What I read tonight was her “profiles” of the 5 customers and how to sell to “Amy”. Ick. Ick. Ick. Must shower now.

  14. hater…

    That’s the term immediately used to describe anyone who calls these people out on their bullshit

    Myth #1 Perpetrated by Guru’s – anyone who calls attention to any so called ‘marketing’ (actually it’s FRAUD) attempt is immediately labeled a HATER. This is their #1 tactic to deflect from the fraud they’re actively perpetrating

    Fact: You are called out on your lie because your arrogance is impossible to stomach. Your total disregard for your fellow human being requires people who know better to SPEAK UP. To stay silent when you know better makes us an accomplice

    An accomplice is a person who actively participates in the commission of a crime, even though they take no part in the actual criminal offense.

    Staying silent while others commit fraud is not how people of conscience behave

    Myth #2 Perpetrated by Guru’s – anyone who doesn’t agree with their so called ‘marketing’ (actually it’s FRAUD) is just an abject failure online who is jealous

    Fact: I do VERY well online (and offline) as do many others on this board. Ive been in business for 20+ years and have studied a great deal of experts in that time to better myself and grow my business…as have MANY others on this board.

    Your being called out because you’re Lying to line your pockets and that is immoral. To stand by and watch and do nothing is not in our DNA

    I know how hard it is to make a living in your own business. How difficult it is to build wealth. I know how much time it takes. How many sacrifices need to be made. How painful one simple mistake can set you back years. How hard you have to work to get better.

    I’ve read bad books, gotten bad advice and purchased bad courses…it happens to the best of us.

    You’re being called out NOT just because your courses misrepresent the facts…and in many case flat out lie. Frankly that’s the least of your sins

    Scammers are called out on your fraud because they PREY on fellow human beings. they prey on they’re desire for a better life

    People whose sole goal is to better their plight in life…help their families. Improve their station in life.

    You see entrepreneurs are killers…they kill all objections, all hurdles that get in the way of their dreams. They focus on that dream and they play that dream again and again in their head and in their heart.

    It’s what gets us through the hard times…over the hurdles every business person incurs

    These scammers prey on that desire. They use it against the dreamer who only wants to make a better life

    We speak out because they’re predators. We speak out because we’re successful in business and no BULLSHIT and fraud when we hear and see it.

    We speak out because we respect our fellow man

    Myth #3 – Guru’s are dumb, not bright and don’t know anything about business

    Fact: Quite the opposite..they’re very smart…and well read

    Kern is very well read, Pagen is very well read. there are THOUSANDS of books on building a business, marketing, sales, persuasion, manipulation, cults…you name it

    Scammers use this info to wrap they’re lies in a coating of intelligence

    Let me give you an example…the scammer in this post uses the words:

    “(It should be noted that the REASON for this is that we’ve been so busy with IttyBiz and Jack being preemie that we haven’t done anything for his birthday in FOUR YEARS.)”

    I won’t disect every aspect of this but please note the word REASON…and also note it’s capitalized.

    A very famous marketer by the name of John E. Kennedy wrote a very famous marketing that championed a concept called Reason why advertising

    In short – you must give prospects a reason why people should want your product or service.

    Now here’s the rub

    Scammers use REAL marketing tactics in all that they do…trust me they’re not idiots

    What they do is use those legal and very productive tactics with a lie

    Is it good marketing if the tactic is a world beater but the words are a lie

    a LIE is a LIE

    Scammers know exactly what they’re doing, they know a great deal about business, marketing, sales…and manipulation (Kern reads a great deal on this topic)

    The bisggest scammers wrap the best marketing tactics around their FRAUD

    You can quote the Bible and do so while committing fraud

    So this begs the question…if scammers are so well versed in business and marketing and such…why do they commit Fraud?


    It’s MUCH easier to steal than it is to build a business…it’s quick and because of the internet VERY easy…and because not enough people are taking a stand…and VERY EASY TO REPEAT AGAIN AND AGAIN

    Read that again

    they do it because it pays BIG DOLLARS…and they get to do it again and again

    We speak up not because we haters…not because we are failures…not because we’re jealous

    WE SPEAK UP because what scammers are doing is morally, ethically and LEGALLY wrong…and we KNOW BETTER

    make no mistake…they lie and commit fraud…and they do it because they ‘re greedy

    They keep doing it because they can…nobody has stopped them yet

    That’s the last fact…and not a knock on anyone here or this site

    Fact: They have not been stopped yet.

    We need to recruit more people to this fight. We need to be even more diligent with the authorities.

    I write, I call the authorities and I post this sites link everywhere…I encourage you to do as much as humanly possible

    Listen to that Dean Grazioso tape of the UTAH boiler room and ask if that were your Mom or Dad…the syndicate is doing more than you know..more than even Salty posts here

    1. @Shit Storm,

      It’s 4 am…sorry for the poor grammar and mangled use of the English language in certain spots

      I just read what I wrote and wish there was and edit feature…but I think my point is clear despite the errors

    2. @Shit Storm ::

      loved it!

      some of them are idiots though … and you really only need an IQ of like 101 to execute advanced manipulation tactics … and some things that happen behind the scenes around here are laugh out loud idiotic. but the machine was not built :: and isn’t dominated :: by idiots … that’s true.

      1. @Shit Storm,

        Excellent rave. I agree with Salty, though, on the point that some of these scammers really are a bit dumb. Or rather, the system that’s evolved and been refined over the years is itself much smarter than some of them.

        1. @Yakaru,

          There are many who are dumb but the leaders are very well read.

          The syndicate has brought on another problem…wannabes

          the b team and C Team as the droid calls them play two roles

          They glorify the A team and explain away the Fraudulent behavior and shout down the objectors

          They aspire to be on the top of the Ponzi scheme

          Many on this level are very weak and yes even DUMB.

          …and worse they disguise themselves as users to perpetrate their participation in the fraud

          they claim success with the products/services but step away to ‘sell’ the frauduct because they believe in it so much

          The industry is overrun with these 2nd level scammers…they know their role and play it well…but their still scammers and accomplices and should take a good har look at their sole and change their ways

    3. @Shit Storm, et al.: Excellent analysis. However, while “contacting the authorities” has its place when laws are being violated, I do not think it is the ultimate answer. I know I harp on this a lot and I apologize in advance to anyone who is sick of hearing about it, but “the authorities” have not been able to stop the likes of Kevin Trudeau, who is not a member of The Syndicate that I know of, but who is arguably a “syndicate” unto himself (and whom many of The Syndicate members and their ilk must surely envy). He fully exploits his troubles with the authorities to make himself into a hero and to persuade people to contribute to his legal defense fund. Meanwhile, he continues with his various MLM schemes, socking most of the money away in shelters such as Nevis/St. Kitts.

      I’m not suggesting that Syndicate members and boiler-room operators will necessarily be as successful as KT should they decide to start “legal defense funds” of their own when the authorities come knocking. I imagine that most of these people don’t have the longevity, nor do they have the large platform, that KT has. But KT is definitely an example of the limits of what “the authorities” can or are willing to do.

      Or maybe he’s just the exception to the rule — too big to fail, as it were.

      1. I meant to add to my comment above that I still think one of the most powerful tools in the fight against scamming is education, including the free exchange of ideas on blogs such as this one. Of course I do realize that sometimes harsher steps need to be taken to prevent the Debbies of the world from being bilked out of their life savings, or to punish those who do the bilking. But I do not have faith that the FTC can do very much. They seem kind of swamped already.

        1. @Cosmic Connie,

          With all due respect…you couldn’t be MORE wrong.

          All it will take is One BIG name to get indicted and the rest will run like cockroaches when the lights come on

          Debbie is real…she’s your Mom, she’s My Mom, your sister, my sister, your daughter and she’s my daughter.

          Debbie is REAL

          …and she deserves better…from them and us

          Connie here’s why your wrong: pretend that Debbie is getting raped. Would your advice be to arrest the people DIRECTLY responsible or to advise educating the Debbie’s of the world to get educated so they can avoid getting raped

          Everyone please stop for two minutes and go listen to that recording…it’s heart wrenching to hear her taken for all she’s worth

          This is happening everyday in the internet marketing world.

          the authorities aren’t taking this fraud seriously…That’s where we come in

          Call the following:

          The FTC, The states attorney general, your local, state and federal government representatives, the local paper, the TV stations

          Don’t stop

          Education is worthwhile but it’s not going to stop this.

          Here’s another Myth perpetrated by the Guru’s: If they were doing something wrong don’t you think they would have been STOPPED by now?

          Fact: Bernie Madoff stole into the Tens of BILLIONS in an industry that has pretty string regulation and enforcement and TONS of educated participants

          They get away with it…they get away with defrauding people out of their hard earned life savings

          That’s not the same as it not being illegal

          Connie I have no issue with you so please take this response with love…You have a voice and I know you use it…we need more

          We need to be louder…we need to be in the face of every authority and media outlet pointing out the obvious

          Everyone needs to do more

          Our goal is simple…indictments

          Nothing less is acceptable

          This is a criminal behavior…these are thieves who steal from unsuspecting neighbors and family members using the oldest con in the book…get rich quick

          They don’t use guns, they use sales pages and the internet. the results of their actions cause great harm financially

          Anyone want to dissect these products with me line by line I will be glad to show you the sleight of hand, the misleading, the outright lies.

          What many of you are not realizing is they KNOW their doing this…this is all premeditated

          All it will take is 1 member of the syndicate to get indicted, to get fined for every instance and decalare bankruptcy.

          KT is a slick shark. want to know why he survives. He takes a very large portion of his profits and he hires lawyers.

          Yesterday Google paid 500 million in fines for selling Canadian pharmaceuticals…they also avoided criminal charges with this settlement

          Doesn’t mean they weren’t guilty

          Education is fine but jail time is really the knife in the heart of these predators

          1. @Shit Storm ::

            Agreed. Indictments is the only satisfactory outcome.

            KT isn’t still scamming because the government can’t do anything … he’s still scamming because they won’t.

            Start at the top … with civil AND criminal enforcement … use the RICO statutes for what their meant for … take down one full ring. Greet the second tier that rises up behind them with the same. Make sure there’s no cooperation in the shark pool.

            There’s long time precedents in law enforcement for the effectiveness of that strategy against cartel power.

            Instead the government goes for the same strategy as YouTube … limp and random.

            1. @SD, Thanks for your added perspective, which came in while my response to @Shit Storm was still in draft (I got sidetracked for an hour or so and just came back to it). You and SS are giving me hope again that something can actually be done. You might even cure me of some of my cynicism.

            2. Wouldn’t it be cool to see a press release from the FBI accompanied by mug shots of every douchebag referenced on this blog?

          2. @Shit Storm, I hope you are right about the power of the authorities to stop the illegal activity of the Syndicate, boiler rooms, etc.

            I did suggest that KT might be the exception to the rule and I acknowledged that he is not part of “The Syndicate.” He of course has already *been* in prison, where he met up with more crooks and cooked up more schemes. He has also paid millions of dollars in fines and settlements in the years since he has been out of prison. He’s been fighting the latest fines for years and has said he will refuse to pay them (instead he calls upon his followers to contribute to his defense fund). He has also been exposed as a fraud by the mainstream media (ABC in particular) numerous times. And yet, like the Energizer bunny…

            It seems that if someone has enough money to afford the best lawyers — as well as the marketing skills to win thousands of loyal suckers/defenders — that person can continue to get away with just about anything. I guess I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.

            I have listened to most of the recording Salty provided, and I am very aware that Debbie is real, and I know that the same scams are perpetrated many times over every day.

            In any case I do appreciate your perspective, and I think you made valid points, though I have a feeling that Utah residents won’t have much luck fighting the scourge by contacting *their* state’s AG. :-)

            1. @Cosmic Connie,

              I got cynical myself and felt nothing was going to stop them.

              This is too important to let up. They’re counting on us going away

              They’re counting on us not taking a proactive approach

              They’re counting on us just sitting on this blog and writing nasty posts

              What they’re not counting on each one of us staying in this fight till they are all indicted

              Take the Salty Pledge:

              United we stand, indicted they fall

              Anything less than an indictment is unacceptable

              Anyone who thinks they can explain there way out of this is SADLY mistaken

            1. @PercyPennyWhistle,

              great post. I will copy these links and forward them all over the net and post here as needed

              thanks for the contribution

              Nothing less than an indictment

  15. That whole “Professional Blogging” space has as many scumbags, if not more than the internet marketing niche. You meet Kern, Walker, Johnson, Pagan, Koenigs or any of those guys and they look you right in the eye and tell you that 95% of people who buy their products don’t succeed and that they sell them for stupidly high prices because they can.

    This professional blogging crowd, man, they are a dysfunctional bunch of misfits. They all have some hideous person trauma or problem that makes them unable to deal with real life. They exploit even stupider people than Kern and his crowd – at least in the IM niche people understand you have to sell stuff to make money, in the “Pro Blogging” niche these idiots are told “producing good content” is all you need to do.

    Then the “up and comers” get on the “guest posting” merry-go-round where they suck the ass of someone with more followers and readership to deliver free content for them and drive up their PageRank for a small bump in readers for a day or two. I use original content loosely, there really isn’t anything original being said by any of these people.

    I mean look at Navarro – this jack ass bought Product Launch Formula, thought it was all too hard so he dumbed it down and stole the content to create his own cheaper frauduct. And Naomi Dunford is just a cow – she’s rude and nasty.

    Glad to see the Droid has found a new group of scum to expose.

    1. @CrazyGuy,

      “And Naomi Dunford is just a cow – she’s rude and nasty.”

      Perfectly to the point, and impossible to argue!

      Look at her language…she’s presenting herself as a “business authority” and “teacher,” and it’s “fuck this” and “fuck that.”

      There’s no hypocrisy here, either…SD has a permit…he’s not selling anything…his mission is built on strategic use of “fuck,” and it’s fully expected.

      And in keeping with that…

      FUCK Naomi Dumsford!

    1. @Jonnyfiasco ::

      Yeah I noticed that.

      To what end I wonder? Couldn’t figure out what that redirect was doing.

      Let’s talk about this without talking about this so we don’t help out any “web gurus” with their funny problems.

      1. @SD, I didn’t want to help the web gurus, but more want to help people who visit their sites and also maybe regular-community-people here with wordpress who can get attacked, too,, because what I found out about was this:

        It’s one that seems really bad to me because of about being able to do the remote script running which can make too many kinds of bad things happen to innocent people so I am going to apologize for this, but here is a fix:

        1. @Jack, I don’t understand about the thumbs-down, because how can I get the message to people here since millions of blogs were affected who could have their own blog destroyed? But OK, no more posting about it and I guess delete the info about it, too.

        2. @Jack, OK, probably not good to have video for showing how to do the attack, but thought people would take it more seriously than just going thumbs-down crazy rather than wondering if they themselves should fix it, so might be better then to get rid of that video then. Sorry about it.

    1. @I feel sick,

      That is hilarious. Worth taking a look at the post to see the stupid mistake the tattoo artist made.

      1. @RT,

        I like how in the comments section someone points out that it was such a bad tattoo job that it translates as something like, “upside-down mother, crooked woman, daughter, blarghiful”. I think he’s got her nailed, at least with the “crooked woman” part.

          1. @SD, I’m seriously late on this but the Japanese character for ‘woman’ – 女 – is something I once considered getting as a tattoo myself (I was nineteen, end of story). The one on Naomi’s back? It’s very definitely crooked.

  16. She’s part of the third tribe. Brian Clark’s spam happy collective of liars and con men and cheats. Looking forward to this game very much indeed!

    1. @Malcolm,

      Don’t forget James Chartrand who made and profited from a cockamamie story about pretending to be a man to get ahead. Naomi hangs with a tribe of liars and scumbags. Steer clear of the crowd.

    1. @Aristoletes Italia,

      Your boy Irwin is the inventor of the syndicate, the ring leader. He is also the slickest scammer the Internet has ever seen.

      Don’t kid yourself Irwin is running this show. I have it on a very reliable basis that Frank Kern calls all the shots.

      He dictates what happens and what doesn’t.

      He runs the trade union…and he is a slimy guy.

      So of course his name will come up when Internet marketing scams are discussed

      Why does that surprise you?

      kern is the standard for scammers…he is the best one at it. They all admire his level of deception and aspire to be KERN like

  17. I’ve received some mighty fine Fuck You Mail. … why?


    …me vulgar….me uneducated… rude….me unprofessional….me unqualified.

    Me make easy for you….me help you see….me say you welcome….me think you lack fundermental intellergenticalism…

    When I talk to female clients, they ask, “Is this going to work?”
    When I talk to male clients, they ask, “How can I make this work?”

    Your women cut to chase…your men not so bright….but both questions dumb….what they expect you say…”NO”….or….”you can’t”….

    that’s like asking Mike Fleeceme; “Is this used car you sell me good?”…[[hell yeah…IMtrustworthy…what’s the sand in the ashtray…ohhh….that’s what high end hotels use to butt out cigarettes…and no, it wasn’t at the bottom of Chesapeake Bay..did I mention that if you buy today, I include my $3,995 “how to make $10K+ per month with your new used car” program for absolutely half price]]….

    or asking Andros; “Can a make-up artist really help me succeed in business?”….[[I’m not just a make-up artist…I’ve been interviewed on all the shows….but never mind that…I’m modest…I made up to $4,800 in one month in Ebay…I mean I made nearly 100K in Ebay in a year…I mean I made $100K in Ebay in 10 months…I made almost 6 figures investing in real estate online…I mean…I made my first million investing in real estate…I made $12,987 in my first two months online….I mean I made $500K in my first two weeks online..I mean I made $250K in my first two weeks online…yeah that’s it…why do my statements contradict?….I already told you…I’m a make up artist]]

    sigh….I think I may have to rethink my strategy…maybe I shouldn’t be going to my garbage man for stock tips…maybe nutritional advice should come from a dietician rather then my holistic life coach…and maybe I shouldn’t have planned my 24 hour pizza and lube business [[reusing the used motor oil on pizza sounded so…environmentally right]] on the advice of my celebrity numerologist…It seemed like a good idea….sigh…well you know what they say….hindsight is 20/20….

  18. Reading through all the comments, I find it curious that the only ones I see are the ones agreeing with what you’ve said… Where are the voices of dissent? Anyone on Earth can find a reason to pick apart IttyBitz’s business tactics – whether they’re truthful, a lie, a scam, a marketing ploy – and use it for their own gain, as you’re doing. They can do so for almost anyone in any arena. Your whole schtick is finding all these so-called scammers and doing us all a biiiiig favor by calling them out and letting us know not to fall for their tactics. If we’re stupid enough to pay them money then that’s on us.

    What makes YOU any better than any other scammer?

    Seems to me like you’re getting a lot of traffic. What do YOU have to gain?

    You put up your little post and heave your chest at a woman who is trying to make her way in business online, however she is doing so, and you point your finger at her relationship(s) and child(ren) with your holier-than-thou attitude – because, really, she must be a cheating, scamming lying bitch to be running a successful online business, correct? (Yes, that IS sarcasm, should you ask.(

    Were you in their marriages? Do you *really* know what caused either one of their relationships to end? No – you don’t. Only they know.

    You are certainly welcome to your opinion about anyone – as we all are – yay Consitution! And the beauty of our freedom of speech rights give you the ability to say what you want and market it to the hilt, just as you’re doing.

    However, it’s disgusting to see what you’ve written along with the responses calling her every name in the book, mocking her weight, mocking her breast size, calling her a bad mother, a cheat in her marriage, a liar, etc., etc., ad nauseum.

    Is that all the ammo you have?

    You want to call her out, call her out with some FACTS. Show us EVIDENCE that she’s lying. Show us EVIDENCE of her so-called fraudulent bank account or request for money. Show us EVIDENCE that her consulting services are incorrect or that she’s performing services illegally.

    Knock off your name-calling, he-man, character assissination against “facts” you only can speculate against and try to have some character OF YOUR OWN.

    Bottom line, it’s people like you who make people feel like it’s OK to hurl abusive language at other people, whether it’s a woman or man – or gorilla like you appear to be. If you want to perform a real service then use your voice in a way that might even possibly generate some level of respect rather than illiciting a militant air of response from people. Then, maybe your waste-of-blogosphere opine might hold some water.

    1. @I Don’t Buy It ::

      “You want to call her out, call her out with some FACTS. Show us EVIDENCE that she’s lying. Show us EVIDENCE of her so-called fraudulent bank account or request for money. Show us EVIDENCE that her consulting services are incorrect or that she’s performing services illegally.”

      Oh … okay … good idea.

      Don’t forget to come back and apologize.

      1. @SD,

        Apologize for what? I’m only seeing a lot of finger-pointing, not anything that anyone can form an opinion about other than a gut reaction. Seems to me she’s only guilty of marketing – which, let’s be honest here, it’s all pretty much dicey, regardless of how you do it – not anything illegal.

        She got your attention, didn’t she? Goes to the old adage, “All press is good press.” You’re just giving her a whole lot more, no?

        I’m not a raving feminist who is going to scream and cry that you’re perpetrating abuse toward women but you kinda are… I mean, come on, calling names just takes you back to the playground when you’re a kid and just learned how to call a girl a bitch for the first time. Makes you a child, not a man, and it certainly doesn’t make you a credible source.

        I don’t know this woman and really don’t care what she’s doing, truth be told. I don’t know if she’s legit or if she’s a scammer. It’s not really my issue with what you’ve written.

        Show me some real evidence, stop with the name-calling and grow some balls-with-a-fraction-of-a-modicum of respect toward another human being and then I’ll apologize. :)

        1. @I Don’t Buy It ::

          Oh but you do know her … and you’re a terrible liar.

          I hope you’re at least convincing to yourself … but I doubt it.

          “All press is good press” … never heard that before. Ask Frank Kern without breasts about that … not that he’d answer you since you’re perpetual B-team.

          And I called her a SpiderBitch … which I intended to be much more insulting than just regular bitch … which could mean dog … and I loves dogs.

          1. @SD, 

            I actually don’t know her, not that it really matters. First time I ever heard about her was when googling about tattoos & came across the semicolon. I know very little about the woman. 

            My argument here really has nothing to do with HER per se. Like I said before, she very well could be a scammer, doing illegal stuff, etc. I’m fairly certain I’ve been clear about that.

            My issue is with how you’re going about things. If you want to expose people and hold them accountable, great, fine, go for it, but do it in a manner that doesn’t promote violent language toward women. I highly doubt that anyone is going to give you any real credibility by delivering your message with comments about her tits. 

            I’m taking issue with the quality of your message, not the person it’s about. In fact, you’re kind of making my point for me… 

            If it turns out that she’s screwing people & gets busted then that’s great. I’m all about people getting what’s due them. If she gets exposed because of your post – also good, but the people who would actually DO something about people like that aren’t going to read your site and think, “Wow, that guy might be onto something.” They’re going to say, “He sounds like a douche,” because the name calling becomes a catalyst for tuning-out. Know what I mean?

            I just want to perhaps make you stop and think – even if it’s one time – that maybe the delivery could be done in a more effective way. It just gets really old to see dick measuring contests. I’d rather be presented with facts than nanner-nanner-nanner, you suck-type journalism. 

            1. @I Don’t Buy It ::

              Who cares about me? Fuck me. I’m the worst.

              So now that’s done … back to Naomi … and you … and how the hurting people is going to end.

            2. @I Don’t Buy It,

              Speaking as a woman, I don’t find it offensive that SD is targeting a woman marketer for her scams or the way in which he’s doing it. If he didn’t have proof of what she was doing, he’d hardly be calling her out publicly like this. That’s not how he operates – take a look at his site if you don’t know that.

              If you’re following at all, there are tons of women out there that he’s doing a favor for by posting what he’s posting now. Women like Naomi Dunford give the rest of us a bad name. She’s a scammer, a user, and a home-wrecker – and this isn’t the first time she’s done it.

              If you’re worried about people talking about her breasts, then maybe you should recognize that Dunford opened the door on that herself. Not one thing said here is out of line considering the manner in which she comports herself, frankly. It’s all in line with her behavior, language, and public persona.

              Let SD present his info in his usual way and see where it goes from there. And like others, if you can’t handle the heat, recognize the fact that you’re standing not in the kitchen, but in the oven – and MOVE.

        2. @I Don’t Buy It,

          And (he) said, You ain’t seen nothin’ yet
          B-B-B-Baby, you just ain’t seen n-n-n-nothin’ yet
          Here’s something that you’re never gonna forget
          B-B-B-Baby, you just ain’t seen n-n-n-nothin’ yet
          And you’re thinkin’ you ain’t been around, that’s right
          (Cause you just ain’t seen nothin’ yet!)

        3. @I Don’t Buy It,

          She got your attention, didn’t she? Goes to the old adage, “All press is good press.” You’re just giving her a whole lot more, no?

          That’s great….then she should appreciate the press….so what are you going on about? Let her revel in the “press” which will make her grater then she is….

          I’m not a raving feminist who is going to scream and cry that you’re perpetrating abuse toward women

          No…you’re a human being who puts illegal “marketing” tactics above people [[an it’s “business” so it’s all good]]…and in most cases [[outlined here]] it’s outright fraud…so yeah it is illegal, regardless of the lack of PUBLIC action.

          Show me some real evidence, stop with the name-calling and grow some balls-with-a-fraction-of-a-modicum of respect toward another human being and then I’ll apologize. :)

          Does the “smiley face” make things alright with you…something tells me based on your statements about “dicey” and “not anything illegal” I can tell where this is going…that said…Respect isn’t’s fucking earned…

          1. @_cartman_,

            You said” No…you’re a human being who puts illegal “marketing” tactics above people [[an it’s “business” so it’s all good]]…and in most cases [[outlined here]] it’s outright fraud…so yeah it is illegal, regardless of the lack of PUBLIC action.”

            I’m not an Internet marketer. I’m not a person doing anything illegal. I think I’ve been pretty clear that my issue isn’t with who this is about but rather how the message was given. If she’s using illegal marketing tactics then I’m all for her being exposed, busted, whatever. I just posted a comment because the whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth. If a person has the power to reach a large audience then I’d rather see someone use their voice in a way that’s less disrespectful to women.

            I’m not

            1. @ I Don’t Buy It,

              “I’d rather see someone use their voice in a way that’s less disrespectful to women”

              Personally, I don’t think any woman who is supposed to be in marketing and teaching people something of value and uses the “F” word so freely is very worthy of being respected… but that’s just me. She’s certainly no lady!

            2. @I Don’t Buy It,

              I’m not an Internet marketer. I’m not a person doing anything illegal. I think I’ve been pretty clear that my issue isn’t with who this is about but rather how the message was given.

              you said….

              she’s only guilty of marketing – which, let’s be honest here, it’s all pretty much dicey, regardless of how you do it


              I don’t know if she’s legit or if she’s a scammer. It’s not really my issue


              Your whole schtick is finding all these so-called scammers [[sneep]]… If we’re stupid enough to pay them money then that’s on us.

              So…what’s the problem with what I wrote?…you implied [[almost stated]]…”if their stupid enough to pay them money”…[[paraphrasing]]it’s their fault…but don’t go calling Dunford names…cuz that’s bad [[/paraphrasing]]….

            3. @I Don’t Buy It, Really, you first came across Naomi Dunford googling about tattoos? I bet her post ranked really, um, high. Yeah, right. Anyhoo, Cartman’s analysis is generally dead on and he fucking rocks! Why don’t you shut up?

            4. @I Don’t Buy It,

              “If a person has the power to reach a large audience then I’d rather see someone use their voice in a way that’s less disrespectful to women.”

              If you actually cared about women being treated respectfully, you would have posted a long rant calling Ms. Dunford on her incredibly sexist remarks generalizing women as weaker than men (women ask will it work, men ask how do I make it work, that’s the dif between men and women) and meaner than men (only women send ever send her hate mail). Your bitch-dar should be going off! I bet she also says things like, “Women don’t like me…all my best friends are men…women are intimidated by me…blah, blah, blah.” Women who say such things always turn out to be f-ed up in the head. They treat other women disrespectfully and then blame them for taking offense. And as Ms. Dunford demonstrates, they often can’t be trusted…I bet hating on all other women makes it a lot easier to justify scamming them out of their money and their men.

          2. @_cartman_,

            HEY don’t lump me in with her – I ain’t no Internet marketer! ;)

            Seriously, I agree about the scammers needing to be exposed, to be fined, jailed, hanged & quartered, all of it. I’m with ya in that regard.

            And if I see evidence about her that convinces me then I’ll jump on the bandwagon to help expose her, too. What I WON’T do is talk about her hoo-hahs in the process – that’s all I’m sayin’.

            Carry on…

            1. @ I Don’t Buy It,

              You won’t talk about her hoo-hahs? I think you just did!

              (gee whiz, never in all my days have I ever heard them called hoo-hahs! Well, you learn something new every day — most of it not worth learning, just like what all these crook internet marketers are selling and blabbing about!)

            2. @Bonnie

              Well, I guess I DID talk about her hoo-hahs, didn’t I? I just didn’t make fun of them. Dang…

              You’re right about the f-word & being a credible Internet marketer/respect thing. I have to admit, I have only read the tattoo post so I didn’t even realize she was a marketer for hire! I just thought she was some silly blogger with an unfortunate tattoo…

            3. @Bonnie,

              My intent with anything I’ve said isnt to defend this woman. I truly do NOT know her. The stuff I’m saying is about people & the power of words. I just want to see a little less woman useless name-calling & boob-bashing and a little more fact, that’s all. I wanted SD to take a step back and hear his voice & hopefully hear the way it sounded to a reader who popped onto his site for the first time today.

        4. @I Don’t Buy It,

          I find this argument even funnier:

          curse words bother you and insults bother you but stealing from innocent victims doesn’t?

          But I love this line you use, tells me everything I need to know about you:

          ‘Seems to me she’s only guilty of marketing – which, let’s be honest here, it’s all pretty much dicey, regardless of how you do it – not anything illegal.’

          Honest marketing isn’t dicey. Honest marketing is honest

          lying marketing is lying

          In the REAL world you tell the truth. You can do that when you have a product or service that ACTUALLY delivers value

          The reason they lie is there’s no value to promote…so they resort to fraud in order to close a sale

          she’s not guilty of marketing, she’s guilty of lying

          1. @Shit Storm, 

            You said, “curse words bother you and insults bother you but stealing from innocent victims doesn’t?”

            Not what I said – not even close. I am a huge advocate of curse words. In fact, I curse like a fucking sailor on a regular basis ;). 

            Stop for one minute & think about what I’ve said. Don’t come at it from an argumentative state because that’s not how I’m trying to approach this. I’ve said a few times that if she’s doing illegal stuff then bust her. 

            This ISN’T ABOUT HER. 

            Let’s pretend Norma or Naomi or whatever her name is doesn’t even exist. (I’m sure you’d gladly do that ;)) I’m coming at this as a woman who is interested in blogging…and tattoos. I have no affiliation with what’s-her-face. I am a woman who clicked a link today on a blog post I subscribed to, what, a year ago? I see a site for the first time and found it pretty crappy what was going on. Not because of her, but because I saw a man who obviously has a voice, or presence, on the Web who was using his voice in a way that pissed me off. Maybe that’s your intent, maybe that’s how you got your “voice”….I don’t know, but it struck a cord in me, a woman who has suffered abuse at the hands of a man. Like I said before, I’m not this major feminist or anything, but I see this site where the post & all the comments reeked of abusive language toward this woman who no one on the site really knows personally and it was really uncool. 

            If you have that voice, if you have that large audience, then respect it. Respect the power you have because you never know what kind of energy you’re bringing back to yourself. What was put into the ether today was pretty nasty in A LOT of ways. 

            If you end up getting a crook busted then, great, but I just think you could have done it better. In the end that energy has to come back around to you full circle. Don’t you want to do it “right”?

            And I find it interesting that this comment string is hidden, btw… In the end I don’t care. I’m not looking to help her in any way, I just hope to maybe make you stop & think. 

            1. @I Don’t Buy It ::

              THIS ISN’T ABOUT HER???

              Huh. News to me … I sooooo thought it was.

              {keep it coming … I can literally do this forever}

            2. @ I Don’t Buy It,

              So you’re a woman and you “curse like a f—ing sailor on a regular basis”? Well, you’re no lady either dearie! And yes, I may be old enough to be your grandmother and grew up in another era, but I also know when someone deserves respect and when they don’t! I also know what honesty and decency and integrity is and when it isn’t.

            3. @ I Don’t Buy It,

              Oh, and “Norma or Naomi or whatever her name is” — that’s pretty much proof right there that you know her personally. What do you think, we were all born yesterday???

            4. @SD

              “THIS ISN’T ABOUT HER??? Huh. News to me … I sooooo thought it was.”

              Nope, but I think you probably get my point and if you don’t by now it’s just a lose-lose, I guess. 

              “{keep it coming … I can literally do this forever}”

              OMG I totally get it now! You’re one of those guys who would continue an argument, literally forever just so you could get the last word, right? Did you do the bleep::bloop thing at your mom when she told you to not say another word, young man? Maybe even with little fingers?

              Maybe that’s why I’m so ON this thing. You’re reminding me of my 9 year old who will NEVER stop to listen to anyone. She will literally tap her foot on something just to make a noise rather than listen to what actually being said. 

              That’s kinda what you’re doing here. You’re deflecting off of everything important and only replying to the things that are of no consequence. 

              Come on, just once, can you see, even just a little, what I’m saying here? 

              I’d just like to know what your REAL intent is. Are you here for your own marketing purposes or are you REALLY here for exposing the bad guy? 

            5. @I Don’t Buy It,

              Why dont you freaking read a couple posts here before you start questioning motives and intent?

            6. @I Don’t Buy It,

              “but it struck a cord in me, a woman who has suffered…”

              Oh dear! It struck a “cord”, did it? You suffer from either bad spelling or general lack of knowledge.

    2. @I Don’t Buy It,

      You put up your little post and heave your chest at a woman who is trying to make her way in business online, however she is doing so

      “however she is doing so”….so if anything goes…then you have nothing to complain about…

      1. @I Don’t Buy It :: Hmmm :: very suspicious behavior …

        Evidence, you say?

        I would think anyone who feels “the scammers needing to be exposed, to be fined, jailed, hanged & quartered, all of it” … and yet excuses the dishonest marketing tactics of ItzyTitzies, profiled & exposed here (aka “Evidence”) … as well as excusing the known association with proven (aka “been convicted of the crime”) frauds … must be having some kind of personality split / schizoid break.

        Doctor Mario Thinks :: (aka Professional Diagnosis) ::

        @I Don’t Buy It = Gotcha 2.0 (w/ ItzyBitzyTitzies)

        Another episode of PR 101 Failure.

        Anyone else feel this way? Or just me?

        @Naomi Dumbford :: How :: you :: feel :: about :: them :: semi :: colons :: SpiderBitch?

          1. @SD, The insination now is that you’re issuing death threats against Naomi. It’s good planning on her part because now all her sheeple who read her blog can write you off as some threatening, bullying, misogynist. Dave Navarro’s brother mentioned on his site once how he is also being accused of threatening them with bodily harm and death. My guess is it’s all a smokescreen to cover up why they emptied their bank accounts and went into hiding. It’s not because they don’t want Dave’s family to have the money. It’s because there’s a conspiracy and everyone is out to kill them.

            1. @memyselfI, Remember, if you can figure it out as an observer, so can others. Nobody likes being played for a chump, and she’s going around pinning “chump” name badges on everyone she knows. Those people are eventually going to notice the spelling on those badges.

    3. @I Don’t Buy It: What’s that fragrance you’re wearing? Could it be “Spin?” You know what else is really good at spinning? Spiders.

    4. @I Don’t Buy It,

      “and use it for their own gain, as you’re doing.”

      It’s a good one I hadn’t thought about, because what SD probably didn’t tell us about is one day he will make 301 redirect from his whole site to go to the Robert Allen Home Wealth Package offer to make $115 for the lead put out. It has to be his plan because I can’t find another explanation for what he’s doing here, so probably he’s been setting us all up for the big switch-over-link from day one I think.

      My other idea I thought about after your “use-it-for-gain” commen was the idea about that maybe he was trying to get many people to file lawsuits at him, but I can’t figure out the money angle on that one up til now, yet.

      Thank you for opening me up to the scam we can all now call the Salty Droid. Oh how clever really he is. Even moreso than we have been led to imagine.

      1. @Jack,

        I had an issue with that comment from her as well

        I guess now that all the other fraud deflection tactics have FAILED you just say shit that has no truth to it as if it’s fact

        I Don’t Buy It,

        If your curious as to how salty profits from all this?

        It’s the satisfaction one gets from doing THE RIGHT FUCKING THING

        United we stand, indicted they fall

        1. @Shit Storm,

          OK – so if that’s the case then I stand corrected. I have never claimed to be a reader of this site – or IttyBitz for that matter. My gut reaction came from the responses I was reading, and I’ve said that a few times.

          I DO have a problem with internet marketers that are scamming people. I DO want to see them punished and I think it’s shitty that it happens every day, all day long. It this site is dedicated solely to seeing them put down then bravo for that.

          And @SD – yes, I am a first time reader, and I said as much in an earlier post. My whole point was that reading what I did yesterday didn’t make me want to go any further, which may end up being a shame if what you’re doing is actually for good. It made me suspicious of you and your intentions, just like people are suspicious of Itty and whatever she’s doing over there. Which is why I asked the question – what do you have to gain from all of this?

          Perhaps the whole internet marketing thing is a no-win situation because one bad apple gives the whole thing a bad name….

          So, once again, please hear the message I’m trying to send. If your intent with this site is to bring down the bad guy then BRAVO to that. But think a little bit about the air and atmosphere you create with your words – that’s all. You presented a lot of compelling facts against that woman that probably would have normally made me stand up and listen, but then I completely shut down when I heard all the bitches and tit-slamming (and, yeah, I realize she brought that on herself as well).

          For the last time, I in NO WAY support her or what she’s doing. Never have, never will, and especially now that there’s doubt. But I probably won’t see a lot of what’s said here as anything other than chest thumping either which is probably also a shame in the long run.

          1. @I Don’t Buy It, I’ve been where you’re at now. Had similar reactions and knee-jerkedness from me as a result until I started seeing what Salty’s up to with the approach.

            Got the t-shirt, with bullet holes still smoking.

            Keep reading. I was at first afraid this robot with the brash voice would just get shut down and the good would stop. He’s got it under control. Really.

          2. @I Don’t Buy It, It’s OK, because sometimes it takes some of the people to get through to about the 1337th fhact in order to understand about what’s the real power and long-plan behind and powering the “set up” here.

            1. @Jack & @Poop Chute,

              Gotcha. I’m actually really interested in the concept behind this site. I guess I’m just as bull-headed as @SD is because I WANT to believe in what he’s doing, just am too stubborn to let go of why I was mad in the first place. Jack, I actually say “Bravo to that” in real life a lot. I tend to write how I speak. I wasn’t actually aware that it’s a marketing technique. How is that, actually? I’m curious. Is it a search engine thing or just “good” language to use?

              @Sundog & @Doctor Mario,

              I wish like hell I WAS someone that I could “admit” to being! I don’t have a website or anything…well, an old blog that I haven’t updated in, like, a year. I’d point you to that but I’m scared like hell to do so LOL. It’s just a regular old blog, nothing to do with anything other than talking about bad relationships. I haven’t done anything in the internet marketing world other than be interested in it. Hell, the only reason why I even got so caught up in all of this is because I was procrastinating at work. And my IP will absolutely track me back to TN. Well, it should… I’m at work so I’ll probably end up getting Dooce’d or something. I would honestly put all of the “lie” talk to bed if I had the ability to. My name is Kim. I’m a nobody – well, at least a “nobody” in the sense that I’m nobody that has anything to gain by keeping a dog in this hunt.

              And, seriously, if I had something to lose or a reputation to protect, don’t you think I would have run for the hills a helluva long time ago given the whole atmosphere behind this site?? I’d have to be a complete idiot to keep talking about this if I was afraid to be called out!

              What would you guys like to know? I guess I don’t understand why it’s so hard to believe that I’m not anyone other than someone who got her back up about the topic…

            2. @I Don’t Buy It: Think of it like this: what you’re asking of Salty Droid is like asking Andrew Dice Clay to calm down and drop all the nastiness. It’s his schtick. It’s how he presents and it’s why he’s SD. That’s what I finally “got” and, when it sunk into my thick head a bit, I was able to go with it.

              I admire — even relate to — your spunk, but don’t resist the light just because it makes you squint.

            3. @Poop Chute, Dude, “I Don’t Buy It” is blowing smoke here. As in, connected to the spider. There is no point in explaining something to someone who is bullshitting you. Reading all the comments before replying to an earlier one would have spared you from wasting effort.

          3. @I Don’t Buy It, the phrase “BRAVO to that” is what sometimes people call a “tell”, but you probably will keep posting like it, because the teller can’t tell about the telling.

            1. @Jack,

              Huh? I thought “tells” were in poker? Or do you mean it’s a “tell” in that if you hear that phrase it means the person is an Internet Marketer? That seems pretty black & white. I’m a writer (NOT online for all of you who like to pounce on every little thing) so I tend to use phrases like that. I have been accused more than once of sounding snooty in the way I form sentences. *shrug* Lesson learned. Are there any other tells I should stay away from?

              Damn, it feels like y’all are so entrenched in the marketing world that a regular person can no longer be a regular person… (general comment, not at you specifically)

              @Scruffy the Wonder Dog,

              Seriously? If I was blowing smoke then I wouldn’t have conceded to some of the points being made here. It’s like bringing a rubber chicken to a cock fight (literally). I AM NOT CONNECTED TO THE SPIDER. I don’t know her, have agreed she and her dude are slimeballs. Have you not read anything I’ve said?

              Disagreeing with methods on this side does NOT equate being connected with her. Again – very black & white, which is a problem here.

              Every, single person who has disagreed with me has automatically just thrown out that card. It’s idiodic and short-sighted, as are many people here. I’m talking about a global picture – and I have all along. Please try to keep up.

              @Poop Chute,

              Agreed. And I said I would consider doing some more reading on the site. For the moment I’m fairly turned off, mainly by some of the fan base that’s here, truth be told. My issue all along was how things are said and the spirit and attitudes it envokes. I LOVE the idea of what he’s doing and hope it does expose some of the bad guys/girls. Maybe it’s just the bad energy surrounding it that makes me want to not get further involved…? But it does keep me coming back to fight the good fight, I guess, so something is being done right.

              And, yes, I’m very spunky. :) I have a REALLY hard time keeping my mouth shut and it has gotten me into trouble more than once!

  19. This chick seems pretty small-time compared to some of the bigger fish that have yet to be fried on here. I love the site though, so I’ll go fuck myself in advance.

    1. @Blah,

      No need…it’s a good honest observation.

      The point is this: no amount of BS is going to pass anymore
      It doesnt matter if your b team like this woman is…she is imitating kern

      …and only small time today…trust me if SHE COULD scam larger she will

      The syndicate is spawning copycats and that means more people are gonna gethurt

    2. @Blah ::

      … you are right actually … so no need to go fuck yourself.

      But as I may have mentioned 1 or 3 times previously :: no one works alone … and if anyone should know how important french for trade unions are … it’d be Frank Kern with breasts.

      1. Blah,

        It’s good to fry the little fish, too, because these people position themselves as being “real,” “authentic,” and not like the big bad internet marketers who sell magic pills. And there are plenty of people who fall for it. They sell their stuff at lower price points, so they don’t get as much flack, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re cheating honest people out of their money… and that they’re growing an army of ass kissers who will lynch you if you dare criticize them. I’m glad SD is taking these bloggers down because they’re selling a lie.

        1. @Plop – The Sound that Terds Make,

          Great point. stealing is stealing regardless of the size.

  20. Isn’t the post including said scam by ND from September? Meaning…? This was last year’s scam? Far as I know she hasn’t been very active until very recently, and the only reason I know that is because of your blog (which I love). I’ve never quite chimed in with her whole schtick of shit. I can smell tainted manure from a few hundred miles away.

    1. @Confused ::

      This post isn’t about this scam … cause like you noticed … this scam is old news.

      Think of this post as though it were titled …

      Chapter 1 — Hello Namoi

      … the other chapters will get better :: because I wouldn’t want to disappoint @I Don’t Buy It

      1. @SD,

        :) I’m actually curious now, so I guess you did your job. I say bring her down if you have more to get her with. I have NO investment (literally, figuratively or emotionally) with her so go for it!

        1. @I Don’t Buy It,

          Cracking up more from the comments on this post than anything. Great writing and all Salty – but these comments are the tits.

          I also believe that “I don’t Buy It” isn’t quite telling the truth.

          If I were the spider bitch – I would probably come and put posts here just like the ones you did. Maybe you’re not lying. Maybe spider bitches tits are really that size. Maybe Marlon really does have a mouse that infiltrated his office to offer deals.

          1. @Deuce Monkey,

            What could I possibly gain by lying? For that matter, what do I have to gain from speaking my mind? I get that if she wanted to put posts on a website slamming her that might deflect off it, that would be a normal response by a desperate woman, but it’s too easy to track IP addresses and site hits these days to *really* think that she’d be stupid enough to try it, especially if a website was out to expose her. That would be the easiest ammo in the world to expose. I work in IT. I’m sure @SD would have done that LONG ago if he really thought I was her or had any affiliation. I think I might have commented on that tattoo post once. That’s about as far as it goes.

            I am just a woman who didn’t like what she read yesterday. I live in Nashville and have no affiliation with anything that could benefit from posting what I have. I don’t do marketing. I don’t have my own business. I don’t even blog anymore. Nothing at all to gain other than people too quick to judge my words, too quick to send a nasty response rather than actually open their minds a little (not necessarily you, just in general), or too quick to lump me in with that woman

            Who, now that I’ve read more about her and Navarro…EWW. Please don’t associate me with either one of them! But that site is a little creepy. I wouldn’t want that loser back given all he’s done to them. He sounds like a real tool. But, damn, now I want to know what happened in Vegas!

            Seriously, though, I’m not here to bash, just wanted to hopefully give another perspective. Guess that went sour…

            1. @I Don’t Buy It ::

              You lie … and you’ve convinced nobody.

              Incidentally :: if you were just passer by interested in Norma’s semi-colon tattoos and my meanness … you’d have disappeared after we scalded you. But instead you made 15 emotional defenses of your supposed neutrality.

              It’s comically stupid … please don’t stop.

            2. @I Don’t Buy It,

              You can call me a liar all you want – it doesn’t affect me because I know I haven’t been disingenuous in any way, shape or form. I would like to know, however, what it is I’m lying about. I’ve told you the reasons I posted. None of them claimed to be anything or to be promoting anything, just sending an opinion. How is an opinion a lie?

              As I have stated before, I subscribed to the comments on the tattoo post many moons ago because I was googling tattoos. To be honest, I thought her site was one of those contributor-type sites where people send stories because the only part of it I ever read was one or two Moral of the Story items. She didn’t interest me enough to go any further but I thought the tattoo post was funny. I wanted to hear what other people had to say afterward so I subscribed to follow up comments. I get emails when people send follow-up comments, similar to your own site. YOU posted a comment yesterday on that particular post and it caused me to jump over here because I was curious about what you said in your comment. At that point, then I saw your post here, saw all the comments, had my gut reaction and decided to leave my own comment. That brings us up to present.

              Why is that so hard to believe? Because the truth is harder to believe than fiction?

              Why is that so implausible? Is everyone here so cynical that someone who doesn’t wholly agree with your methods might be up to no good?

              The reason why I didn’t disappear is because I’m misguidlingly hoping that something of what I’ve said a zillion times might get through. Since yesterday I have done my own research on Naomi and Dave and I think they’re shits – NOW.

              And I don’t think I’ve ever said anything about being neutral 15 times… (are you counting?) I said I don’t care about HER or what she does, which is exactly what I’ve said all along, and remains true. My original post probably sounded like I was defending her. Maybe it was a little bit, but not in a way that I wanted you to get off her, just in a woman toward woman kind of general way because, as a rule, woman a lot of times come to each other’s defense when men are talking about other ones the way you were. At that point, I knew zip about her other than the bad tattoo and what you wrote.

              I just want you to use your power in a way that will get you a little more respect. I would think, since your goal is to get more followers, to be successful with your goal of nailing the bad guy, you might take a little bit of constructive criticism and perhaps open your mind a little bit. Instead, you just keep proving my point by showing that you’re not capable of that. It’s actually getting a bit tedious. I had hoped for a dialogue. Instead, it’s just more of the kind of behavior that caused me to post in the first place. You have yet to actually respond to the heart of the matter behind all of this.

              IRL, I am an optimist and like to think that people have good intentions at heart. I’m always surprised when they don’t. I hope never to lose that. When I see people who aren’t like me, there’s a part of me that wants to reach out and get through to them. I thought that you might have an element of that, too, given that your site is dedicated to fighting the bad guy. I thought you might actually be able get off your high horse and consider another point of view. Now, I fully realize that you’re not that kind of person, so it’s been a giant waste of my time. I can still hope, though, that it wasn’t, but I doubt there will be any more “dialogue” since it’s so one-sided.

              1. You’re a liar.

                And we are having a dialoge … I’m saying Naomi is shit rotting at the bottom of the shit pond … and you’re saying over and over and over that you don’t know her after defending her like only a scammer who knows her would.

                I think it’s going quite well.

                I would answer your criticism of me if I thought that’s what it was … but it isn’t … so I won’t. You were trying to run a concern-troll deflection pattern to change the subject from Naomi to Me … and you lost. Now you’re embarrassed even though you’re anonymous … which is pretty effing funny.

            3. @SD,

              You’re wrong. On so many levels. And you still haven’t told me what I’m lying about. You’re so big on evidence, what’s the evidence that I’m lying? You’re like the little boy on the playground who hits all the girls and runs away crying.

              Is this all the argument you have? Calling me a liar? I think deep down you know I’m right. You keep going back to saying I’m trying to deflect off of her, which would be plausible if it were true but it ISN’T. You can’t take responsibility for your own words or the fact that someone thinks you could have done it better so you just keep trying to make ME out to be the bad guy. In the end, it really doesn’t make a bit of difference. We can keep playing the he said-she said game or you could man-up and admit that maybe I have a point. And you’re doing to me exactly what I called you out for doing in my original comment. Calling names with little evidence.

              And I’m not embarassed, not in the least. I have nothing to be embarassed about. The only people who should be embarassed in this scenario are Naomi & her man, the other scammers and maybe even you. Your credibility continues to plummet.

            4. @I Don’t Buy It,

              I suspect for Salty to call you a liar with that much certainty, he might have noticed something about your IP address. Maybe you’re not from Nashville. Maybe youve posted contradictory things here or elsewhere. Maybe you’re not who you say you are.

            5. @I Don’t Buy It,

              Like I said, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you really were googling “semicolon tattoo.” Maybe you did really subscribe to a post a long time ago and have no idea who any of this is about. Maybe you aren’t using a public IP address or open VPN. Maybe you’re just an innocent lady looking out for a scammer. Maybe my cat shoots fire out of his ass.


              maybe not.

            6. @I Don’t Buy It,

              Please ignore these guys. You are awesome!

              Since SD is hiding all your messages, I’m taking the liberty of printing off this whole thread.

              It will come in handy and I can’t thank you enough!

              Now that football season is starting again, my husband will be complaining because he thinks I ask too many questions during the game. (How many more innings? Why does the quarterback touch the center’s bottom? You get the drift…)

              Well, THIS weekend, when he starts bitching because I don’t know when to STFU, I’m handing him your 15 posts (which, I believe, use every word in the English language at least twice). You, my dear, simply don’t know when to quit and make me look like a lightweight in comparison.

              Relatively speaking, hubby should leave me alone until the second game in Sunday’s double header at least! ;-)

            7. @A Woman of Few Words/I Don’t Buy It/Spiderbitch/Naomi,

              What the hell was that? That was straight out of bizarro-world!

              All those unconvincing, convoluted b.s. diatribes, and the funky icing on the cake…you actually responded to yourself with another one.

            8. @A Bullshitter of Many Words:

              SD didn’t “hide” ANY of your comments. They were summarily VOTED down. Why? Because EVERYONE ELSE also sees through your absolute bullshit.

              Interesting “name” you picked for your latest personality, by the way. “Few Words?” Funny. Sounds a lot like Spiderbitch, who says so very little in so many words.

              1. @Carl ::

                Actually :: I thought @A Woman of Few Words was saying she might use the text of @I Don’t Buy It’s insanity to overcome her more human-like limits for the production of belligerent stupidity.

            9. @SD, In that case, whoops. My apologies to @A Woman of Few Words. Where is Jack? We need him on the job, so he can post his famous SNARK ALERTS…

          2. O – M – G

            @I Don’t Buy It ::

            Pllllllleeeeeeeeease admit your real Identity so we can actually have this awesome Gotcha 2.0 moment.

            This is going to be so funny, and it will make you look like the hero here! Trust me!

            PLEASE … You know you want to set the record straight.

            Or … maybe you could “email” Naomi and she could “come here for the first time” and “post under her real name” and then all wrongs will be righted & our glory can be restored!

            Please please please please please Naomi / Norma / Spiderbitch / Whatever her name is … You know you want to!

            1. @Doctor Mario,

              Why would I want to be a hero? Good God… You people are the most cynical bunch I’ve EVER seen!!!! I’ve said more than once that I would post who I was if I had the ability to do so. I don’t have anything to post other than my LinkedIn page which, for obvious reasons, I wouldn’t give to you vultures. I would love more than ANYTHING to be able to prove that I’m not associated with that woman – believe me!

              I only have an old wordpress blog (of personal rants) that I haven’t updated in well over a year and it scares me to death to even consider giving it to you people because I don’t know what you would do with it. I’m posting from work so it probably shows up in my IP as a corporation but we have nothing in Canada so @SD would easily be able to prove that – oh, and my iPhone which probably shows as Indiana due to my phone number.

              You calling me out in the way you are is ridiculous. @SD would, in a second, publically call me out if he saw a connection between me and her that he could prove. You know it and I know it.

              I have set the record straight all along. There’s nothing left to set and never was.

              There is no Gotcha 2.0 here, dude. Move on.

  21. Thank you for saving me from fucking mysel…err. Awkward.

    I would write more, but Eben Pagan is about to tell me how he “literally” sold over $100 Million in ‘information products’ over 10 years.

    I’ll just assume he means ‘net’ and not ‘gross’ because it will get me more moist.

    Speaking of moist, Brendon Burchard is offering me free Experts Academy tickets if I sign up through Eben’s link!

    “Tickets for that went from $2,000 to $4,995”, but if I am one of the first 21 people who sign up through his link I get it for free.

    It’s like making $4,995 by clicking a mouse button! I pity those poor pre-experts that paid $4,995!!! ($4,995 ends in a 5, NOT a fucking 7 you bitches…it’s LEGIT!!!!!!!!)

    Expert Suckers!!! hahahahahahahaha. I’ll buy you a drink at the bar (at noon, when I skip out on the Day 1 afternoon sessions to get drunks!).

    WTF hotel bartender…it’s noon on a Thursday – don’t you fucking judge me. You’re no Expert, shithead…you’re a bartender dealing with my Anchor Steam head.

    PSSST – but for 5 easy payments of $397 I can make you one…

    1. @Blah, people are quietly begging to be led. – j. abraham

      most people live lives or quiet desperation. – h a thoreau

      1. @Aristoletes Italia, “A stitch in time is certainly a rhyme,” “If at first you don’t succeed, maybe it’s something you don’t really need.”

  22. BTW – I was the 100th comment on this post – which is good for 10 seconds of access to a previously recorded teleseminar by Salty himself – a $1,997 value.

  23. I got to say, I’ve always found that ittybitch to be one of the most annoying, fake, “hey i’m cool and i’m really not into that money thing” pseudo-gurus out there.

    But SD, only you could burry her like you did in this article, expressing in exquisite fashion, what a lot of people were thinking about that pathetic figure, trying to hide her greed behind a fake cool, detached, vulgar, “hey i’m just like you” tone.

    Well done

  24. Oh how the CopySyndicates have fallen. Looking forward to part 2 of the story SD.

    I really hope you can inform people that just because they ‘earned trust’, doesn’t mean you should shell out 1,500 bones for a course they are an affiliate for.

    Case in point:

    If you hover on the link for the ‘course’ you’ll see the word ‘affiliate’ in the link.

  25. @SD,

    Is it too early to nominate Itsy for an Anthony?
    When are the awards?
    Can I bring a guest?

    While 100’s of comments are flooding in on this post, someone has to keep the important stuff top of mind.

    PS I have a new tux. Cannot wait for the awards!

  26. @I Don’t Buy It ::

    My favorite part of your super impressive rant came in your first comment when you said …

    “Show us EVIDENCE of her so-called fraudulent bank account” … gosh how strange it is that you’d know a part of the story I haven’t told yet.

    I guess you’re an intuitive … we get that a lot around here.

    1. @SD,

      That’s hilarious. The anonymous, not really IttyBiz Naomi Dunford, knew elements and parts of her history and story you never even brought up.

      Crazy how that happens. Oops.

      Down came the rain and washed the spider out…

    2. @SD,

      Well gee whiz, just when I was about to say that maybe the woman is on the level after all. It just shows to go ya.

      1. @Bonnie ::

        One great way to spot a liar is to notice when someone offers unnecessarily specific data after they are called out in some way. People think something can’t be lie if it contains minutia … so minutia is often the fall back position of a flopping liar.

    3. @SD :: BOOM!

      roflmfao … insta-classic.

      I’ll never understand why dummies come trolling here to defend themselves under aliases while blatantly blowing their own cover {me talky 2 u Dumbford}.

      @I Don’t Buy It :: You still have a chance to set the record straight … You’re caught red-handed as at least complicit in the inner-workings of The SpiderBitch Plot.

      Your only hope now is to start commenting under your real identity, and setting the record straight about how your not-scams are totally legit & stuff (using your own “Evidence” :: for which you clearly have such a fondness).

      Of course, the smarter choice would have been (and is) to just STFU … which any truly neutral bystander would have done after the first (or MAYBE second) exchange w/ @SD.

      … But I know now that you can’t do that now, can you Naomi?

      You’re incapable of walking away … addicted to sucking at the burning hairy teet of the Internet Marketing Beast for its sweet & sour nectars of greed & self-disgust.

      Well … I guess I should be thanking you SpiderBitch … cuz this shit is huh-larious!!! Keep it coming!

    4. @SD – it could be she was referring to this:

      She needs secret monies to a foreign account for birthday parties … dot dot dot … her baby was a preemie … birthdays!! … babies!! … preemies!!

      So I wouldn’t say you haven’t told that part yet, if you count that remark.

      Beyond that, I don’t even care whether this gal’s concern trolling is accidental or targeted. It’s still pointless.

      1. @Sheila ::

        Nah. That says “foreign account” … and I’m just repeating what she said in her lame sales pitch.

        But other stuffs happened later :: and it’s an area of particular bother to the SpiderBitch …

        1. @SD, but what other stuff are you talking about? Wait, you AREN’T talking about it.

          Put up or shut up. Because if you have no proof, you’re the fraud.

    5. @SD, Oh shit has this gotten hilarious! If anyone needs a hole dug, at least they know what Spiderbitch to turn to. Priceless!

      Naomi: Have fun with the suspense of wondering when the next chapter will appear, and what it will have to say about you. You’ll probably want to check here at least in the morning and evening, and maybe a few or bunch of times in between. Don’t forget the weekend!

    6. @SD,

      Uhhh….no, I was asking for evidence. I’m not a psychic. Obviously I was asking you to prove something you had already mentioned.

      You said, “She needs secret monies to a foreign account for birthday parties”. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that’s where you were headed. To me, foreign account = fraudulent bank account.

      See? Proof that I was believing you and doing my own reading/research based upon what you had posted. Jesus, get it through your scull! I’m not “for” the woman!

      1. @I Don’t Buy It,

        Well, as I said in another post, I “was” beginning to think you were on the level — can’t wait to see Salty’s response to all this — cause he’s the only one who can see “behind the screen” on here. I’m giving you thumbs up for now anyway.

          1. @Your Gonna Say I am Naomi,

            Sorry, but I don’t think you’ve been around long enough to know that Salty is a very honorable man — who is not afraid to admit his mistakes. Not saying this is one, but if this woman is on the level, he will say something — unless he still can’t prove that she is one way or the other. But please give him credit for being fair and honest, because he is. I wouldn’t have stayed around here this long with all the filthy language that I’m not in favor of (and I don’t mean just from the robot, because I know that’s a false persona) if I didn’t believe in the man and his cause and the good work he is doing to save innocent people from being scammed and even losing their lives to these hypocritical money hungry psychopaths and sociopaths without conciences or concern for anyone but themselves.

        1. @Bonnie,

          Thank you! I’m actually considering meeting a stranger for coffee because I’m too stupid to give this up :). I don’t like what I’m seeing about that woman so I don’t want there to be ANYTHING on the net linking me to her given what I’m seeing… I actually am one of the few that are “on the level” so we’ll see what happens, I guess.

      2. @I Don’t Buy It / @Your Gonna Say I am Naomi ::

        Suffering from {yet another} schizoid break?

        Can’t say I didn’t call it … But, I am a Doctor after all.

        @I Don’t Buy It … You want to prove your independent identity so bad :: Email the Doctor here :: doctormario310 {at} gmail {dot} com [[Yes I live in Santa Monica]] …

        I’d be happy to take a look at your LinkedIn & Blog-of-rants so we can confirm or deny, once and for all, that you are{n’t} independent from Naomi.

        For some reason, I’m not holding my breath on receiving this email from you, though.

        Ironically, you say:

        I don’t like what I’m seeing about that woman so I don’t want there to be ANYTHING on the net linking me to her given what I’m seeing

        Yet you continue to maintain your impassioned defense of Naomi (and of your own neutrality) … for what 3 or 4 days now? Very neutral seeming, genius.

        I’m surprised that you’re fooling anyone here.

        So go ahead … email me … I’d love to know who you really are.

        LinkedIn & blog links to my email – and this all gets set to rest.

        1. @Doctor Mario, schizoid? is that the best you got? no death threats from salty droid peeps, you say? yet, two of you have done exactly what I said you would, proving my assertion that you have nothing more than school children mentalities, BUT the real alarms going off here (AND I HOPE PEOPLE ARE TAKING NOTES) is that two of you are now stalking “I Don’t Buy It”. And you expect us to believe that you wouldn’t dare send anyone a death threat?? puh-leeze… here’s a little more rope to hang yourself with.

        2. @Doctor Mario,

          Check your email, Doc.

          If you had paid attention AT ALL to what I’ve been saying you’d realize that I have never, not once, defended Naomi directly other than what was being said about her as a woman. I have only asked for more evidence and a better tone when talking about women. If you’re a doctor, I’d think you’d be better at taking history better than that. :)

          1. @SD, Congrats. Look at all you’ve created. You made it possible for two people to meet in order to defend themselves over the topic of misogynistic death threats. You must be proud. Your attempt to prevent it (what, was it, “Stop”, you said?) was feeble and disingenuous. BTW, do you know the definition of subtrefuge? Because it seems I Don’t Buy It’s posts could be called anything BUT subtrefuge. Don’t bother looking it up. I’ll give you the definition. “subtrefuge – deceit used in order to achieve one’s goal”. If you truly think I Don’t Buy It is deceiving these fine upstanding highly moral friends of yours, who by the way want nothing more than to help humanity and get no pleasure from your demeaning and demoralizing nature, then why not call her bluff? As one of your worker bees said, you can do it if you want to. But as I said, you wouldn’t dare do it if it makes you or your case or your livelihood any less credible. Typical.

            1. @Your Gonna Say I am Naomi ::

              No one is meeting anyone … and you need to get control of yourself. I don’t like you and everything … but still … I want you to get control of yourself.

            2. @Your Gonna Say I am Naomi, @I Don’t But It:

              Your comments, and the comments that you are obviously making under other identities, are clearly not those of someone who is in a normal, rational state of mind.

              Your behavior is absolutely, positively psychotic. I am not joking, I am not poking fun, I am not trying to insult, and I am not being facetious.

              You need to see a mental health professional right away. If you don’t have health insurance, go to public mental health clinic, or go to a hospital. But get treatment.

              You have really crossed a line, and are cause for concern for Salty’s safety. His valid criticisms are protected free speech, and you should keep that in mind if you have thoughts of harming him.

  27. I live in Middle Tennessee area, Nashville is only 25 minutes away. I have no problem meeting this person in a safe environment. As someone who has a simple email exchange with the droid previously, I would have no problem donating my services for verification purposes only.

    1. @destemper ::

      That’s a very kind offer :: but unlike your IP address which traces to Tennessee … @I Don’t Buy It’s traces to a non-residential IP in Birmingham Alabama.

      1. @SD, In that case, I offer to meet @i don’t buy it and buy her lunch. Groups are good, aren’t they?

        1. @wow,

          That’s probably because of the company I work for..although weird that it goes to Alabama. Funny, that when I route my IP at work it shows exactly the city I am posting from – which is in Middle Tennessee. It does show that it’s private, though, which would make sense given the industry I’m in. Now, my iPhone could be a whole other story, which I have posted comments from. That number is based in Indiana and living in Nashville…well, it’s hard telling what THAT does.

          Oh, and btw, I have never posted a comment from my home computer so there would never be a residential IP. See, @SD? There’s not always a black & white answer.


          Where would you like to meet? I work near Cool Springs in Franklin/Brentwood area. Noshville or even the Starbucks near Tin Roof? At this point it’s become personal. I’d be happy to have someone speak up on my behalf. Very frustrating. Not sure why I even care other than I can’t stand people who throw around accusations with no proof.

          1. @I Don’t Buy It, You continue to lie. Did you do a quick Google search to quote some local reference points? Yes, you did. Even the most casual observer can see through your obvious lies.

            So you “can’t stand people who throw around accusations with no proof?”

            Then you can’t stand yourself.

        1. @wow, You’re absolutely right–with the flood of concern trolls coming here to set the Droid straight on what a big meanie he’s being, I’m definitely going to need a bigger bingo card.

  28. What a nasty little stalker you are. What on earth did this person do to you, your family and the future of humanity itself that you should be pathologically obsessed with her?

    Get treatment for it.

    1. @LazyJay,

      You’re the one who needs treatment Naomi — hopefully they’ll offer it where you’re heading. But they’ve cut back so much on spending, so one can only hope.

    1. @Naomi’s swell!, Yuck. And filled with wonderful nuggets of information. At least the first couple of minutes, which is all I could stand.

      “Things sucked. Why? You’re not meeting your numbers. Your business is failing. You don’t have a business.”

      Wow. Really? But I should pay you $297 to make it un-suck? How does that work?

      Sorry Dave – I haz a hobby. That hobby is getting my chuckles by watching SD unravel the lies and scams of folks like you and the SpiderBitch. Now go home.

  29. Did you all see the shameless site published *just yesterday* asking affiliates of Naomi to come forward if they haven’t been paid in over six months? I think SD is scrambling desperately for any kind of dirt on her. He is trying to pull something from thin air to keep from looking like a total fraud himself.

    1. @Your Gonna Say I am Naomi, The more people who know the truth about Naomi, the better. And if SD wants to take out 20 websites to stop people from being scammed by this shyster I’ll support every single one.

    2. @Your Gonna Say I am Naomi ::

      What’s shameless is not paying affiliates … and not coming through on commitments that have been made to people in return for their monies.

    3. @Your Gonna Say I am Naomi, There is no shame in the truth…unless you are on the opposite side of it. You are pathetic.

  30. @I don’t buy it,

    Well I saw you replied via email alert. What day and time is good for you? Franklin, TN is pretty close to me, I go there once a week, Cool Springs is a nice mall. Wish there was a way to send my email to you privately.

    @SD Could you please do that for me? I really don’t want to post my email for everyone. Appreciate it.

    1. @destemper,

      I’m in – let’s do the Starbucks down the street from the mall, next to Tin Roof 2 (on Carothers). We could shoot for lunch time if that’s cool with you. And yes, Salty, you have my permission to send @destemper my email address PRIVATELY so that we can set it up for a day off the record. I may be an idiot for doing it but Starbucks is harmless enough… If you turn out to be a serial killer at least it’s recorded online! :)

      1. @I Don’t Buy It ::


        The only thing I’d send to meet you is the Sheriff.

        And also … who cares? You’re like the millionth poser troll … it’s just part of the motif here.

            1. @destemper,

              I’m confused at how a meeting would verify that she doesn’t know Naomi….

              Salty is stating that she isn’t just a passerby…he never stated that she was Naomi….

              I found it curious that a stranger [[that comes out of nowhere]] would state the following

              I don’t know if she’s legit or if she’s a scammer. It’s not really my issue


              she’s only guilty of marketing – which, let’s be honest here, it’s all pretty much dicey, regardless of how you do it

              How does a stranger who doesn’t know if she’s legit, happen to know that she is “only” guilty of marketing….

            2. @Cartman, Good points. How does someone prove they “don’t” know someone? They just say “I don’t know” for every question? Ridiculous beyond belief.

              Like SD said though, this manufactured smokescreen is pointless, and has no bearing on reality. It does not change the facts which he spelled out in his posts.

              Can’t wait to see the next post.

      2. @SD,

        OMG! Seriously?!? What the FUCK is your malfunction, son?  Are you that bull-headed that you can’t actually admit that you could possibly be wrong about me? 

        I’ve gone so far beyond the realm of “necessary” and have agreed to meet a total stranger just to clear your accusations that I’m associated with that woman, because you’re so hell-bent on tying me to her – unnecessarily, I might add.  I’ve emailed the “doctor” privately (with no response) to do the same. Also, ridiculous but I’m sick & tired of this ahit.  It honestly doesn’t matter because I have no Internet marketing business ties anyway so there’s no damage to be done to ME, but you’ve made this a matter of principal. 

        Do you really have any? Principals, that is. You claim to, but evidently if someone wants to try to make something right that isn’t up your alley, eh?

        If you are TRULY a person who wants to reveal what people are all about, if they’re not being genuine & telling the truth online then why don’t you follow your own guidelines? I’m going WAY above & beyond here & you’re just being an asshole now. Or do you just need to take down innocent people in your plot against others? You’re really reaching now.

        Subterfuge, indeed! 

        @destemper, email me at creativepathconsult [at] gmail. I’m still willing to meet for coffee, not because I give a flying fuck what @SD thinks anymore (any hope of that is now dead along with his credibility) but because I’d like to believe that maybe someone here might actually have a good intention. I was stupid/naive enough to think – even after everything that was said – that something good might have come out of this, that the person behind this whole mess might actually be a good person trying to do good things. Now, I see that it’s all just a grand lesson in Internet Marketing. Gotta give it to you, Salty; you’re certainly good at it. 

        In the end, karma always comes back around. The smoke screen always blows away at some point. My conscience is clear, Salty – is yours?

  31. @Louis,

    Whoa, whoa and WHOA. I’m getting really sick of this. What part of anything that I have said makes me psychotic or makes me a danger to Salty? I have never said anything about harming him (nor would I ever say to anyone, ever) nor have I said anything “crazy” in the truest sense of the word. Is it crazy for defending myself? Let’s see a bunch of people gang up on you and see how you respond. When that happens & you have a leg to stand on then you can get back to me. 

    I don’t have any affiliation with @Your Going to Say I’m Naomi and I don’t support threatening anyone although I appreciate being backed up for a change. 

    “Crazy” to me is a person who passes this kind of judgement against a person they don’t know. Until you have a conversation with me I’d recommend holding this type of talk because YOU have crossed a serious line. 

    What started as an attempt at having a mature debate/dialogue with someone has moved into one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen. 

    Good Lord, people, REALLY? Grow up!

    1. @I Don’t Buy It said:

      ““Crazy” to me is a person who passes this kind of judgement against a person they don’t know.”

      That’s funny. You don’t know Salty, and that is what you are doing. To an extreme, I might add. I guess even someone who is crazy (and you certainly are) can also be a hypocrite.

      You really should get help.

    2. @I Don’t Buy It, It is VERY telling that you did not choose to reply to my comment directly under my comment above, but instead chose to scroll all-the-way-down here to the very bottom of this long page to respond to my comment.

      It’s not like you don’t know how to reply to a comment by clicking “reply” on that comment, because you’ve already been doing that, psychotically.

      I think we all know exactly why you deliberately chose to do that.

      You are only here to grandstand.

      Case closed.

      Get help.

      1. @Louis,


        It’s very telling that it’s hard as hell to respond to much of anything while using an iPhone which is what I’ve been doing this evening. The comments don’t show well, you can’t really scroll in the window and I’ve been using the notepad to copy & paste them in. Excuse me for not replying to you in the proper format in which you expect because clearly I’m an insane person who isn’t smart enough to make a site work in an iPhone friendly manner when it isn’t designed to do so.

        You’re so quick to point fingers, perhaps methinks you do protest to much. It’s called projecting. Look in the mirror and leave me alone.

        I’m done responding to baseless insult hurling that I’m “insane” or “psychotic” simply because some people didn’t agree with my original statements and decided to start a flame war.

        For those who want to talk like a human being I’ll be more than happy to do so. I won’t respond any longer to those who choose to be childish and are clearly not intelligent enough to form a coherent thought other than waving their hands and calling names.

        I can’t even believe I got caught up in this childishness. I have online communities where debate, introspection, calling people on their BS and analytical thought are welcome & encouraged. This is CLEARLY not that kind of environment.

        1. @I Don’t Buy It,

          calling people on their BS and analytical thought are welcome & encouraged

          Analytical thought?…maybe I blinked when it occurred

          here’s your so called analytickle mind and opening statement[[and I won’t mention your handle which went hand in hand with the opening statement you made…I swear I won’t]]

          Your whole schtick is finding all these so-called scammers and doing us all a biiiiig favor by calling them out and letting us know not to fall for their tactics. If we’re stupid enough to pay them money then that’s on us.

          What makes YOU any better than any other scammer?

          Now you require analytical interaction….that’s fucking hilarious….

          1. @_cartman_,

            Dude. This conversation evolved a looooong way since that first post & I retracted some of what I originally said due to doing my own research on Naomi. I told Salty that I agreed with a lot of what he was saying about her because of that.

            The analytical thought & introspection comes in when you call people on their shit & then expect them to actually think about what THEY are saying & perhaps challenge themselves, then talk about it. I’ve admitted here when I was wrong. I’ve not seen much of that back.

            I’ve been pretty clear about that on a number of occasions. Please don’t forget that the overwhelming message I tried to send all along is that I thought Salty could do better by, yes, being his hard ass self, but doing it in a way that was less degrading to women. I’ve since been crucified for that. No worries – I’ll NEVER make that mistake again. Had I realized most of the fan base wasn’t capable of that I wouldn’t have bothered. I enjoy a healthy debate…but this… A whole other animal that I’m pretty much done with. It’s a lose-lose situation. I can’t say anything without it getting twisted around making me out to be everything I’m NOT. I’m a nice person. I’m not what all these people are making me out to be and it’s hurtful. It’s become personal & I’m still baffled why people made me a bigger target than who the real target should be, Naomi.

            1. @I Don’t Buy It, you commented:

              “I retracted some of what I originally said due to doing my own research on Naomi”

              Yes, but in the meantime, you relentlessly defended her (without presenting any new and confirmable facts or specifics).

              Do you not see what you have done here? How that kind of thinking only enables people who should not be enabled? Do you not realize why people would see that as wrong?

              Worse, you dismissed people here as a “fan base” when in fact they were calling YOU out for making all those fan-like, nonstop comments about Naomi Dunford.

              Feel free to introspect.

            2. @I Don’t Buy It, I’m back. I’ll gladly be their punching bag for a while.

              Have you noticed that the same handful of people have been here 24/7 for three days straight? Coincidentally, it is about the same number it takes to thumbs down a post enough to hide it. Pretty clear what their purpose here is. Question is, how much are they getting paid?

  32. Don’t you think you’re insulting spider race by associating them with that slut human ? Take that back.

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